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					Knebworth Neighbourhood Watch Committee

Minutes of meeting held in Trinity Church Hall
Tuesday 12 August 2008 at 20:00

Those Present:
Richard Haigh (Chair)                              John Catt
Keith Harding (Hertfordshire Constabulary)
Debbie Sinclair (Hertfordshire Constabulary)
Margaret Kirk
Iain Fairclough (Treasurer)
Paul Hook
Susan Hook
Livea Nation
Jean Leatherhead

Crime update & open forum
Debbie provided the group with the local crime report for the last period. Crime is up on last
month’s figures but down on last year’s. The majority of burglaries were commercial and Police
suspect that they are due to organised criminals moving through the area rather than a local

Metals and Tools have been heavily targeted. This is most likely due to the rise in their scrap
value. Catalytic convertors from cars are also being stolen – sometimes from people’s drives. An
organisation to look after buildings with metal roofing (churches etc) are being set up as thefts of
these materials is climbing rapidly.

Fuel and fuel oils are also being targeted. Police advice the public to be alert for any suspicious

Action: Richard to put crime details on the website

Cold Calling
Police and Trading Standards are looking at introducing ‘No Cold Calling’ zones around some of
Knebworth in response to distraction burglaries and following the success of the scheme in
Codicote. The Police will be talking to affected residents in the months to come. Meanwhile, if you
wish to exclude your home, you can contact Trading Standards for a sticker to place on your door
that should deter most callers.

If you get a caller please check they have a Pedlar’s Licence. These can often be in a poor state
of repair. You are advised to ring the 0845 Police number and enquire if the caller is genuine.
Most genuine callers (Red Cross, etc) register their activities with the Police prior to calling.

Action: Public to call Trading Standards if they want a sticker
Knebworth Neighbourhood Watch Committee
Future of KNW
We discussed the future of the KNW and its plans for action.

The idea of inclusion within a Community Association was raised. This seemed to be mostly
around the provision of enhanced communications. KNW asked to be kept informed of any
progress this Association makes.

It was decided that a 2 month meeting period is still ideal for the KNW.

Action: Next meeting 14th Oct

We have ample for the newsletter this month. We will include warning about metal/fuel thefts and
news that Cold Calling is to be addressed.

Action: Richard to create newsletter


Due to recent Arson crimes a Fire Awareness and Crime Prevention event it to be held around
Cherry Close on Mon 15th Sep from 18:45 – 21:00.

Date of next meeting
The next meeting will take place from 20:00 to 21:00 on Tuesday 14 October in Trinity Church Hall.

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