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					State   City     Event     Participant     Number Spokesper Spokesper Phone           EXT.
                 Address   type            of kids to sons first sons last number
                                           be served name        name      before
NV      Fallon   1241      Multi-Dentist   100        George     Henderson 775-423-
                 South     Practice/Clinic                                 7400

NV      Reno     7000      Dental/Dental   25      Julie       Stage      775-331-
                 Dandini   Hygiene                                        7335
                 Blvd      School

NV      Las                Dental Society 450      Robert      Anderson   702-733-
        Vegas                                                             8700
NV   Las     1700 W. Dental Society 500   Dave   Tonelli   702-895-
     Vegas   Charlesto                                     3102
             n Ave.
Phone      EXT.   Comments
775-423-          We ask businesses in our community to donate
7400              gifts for the kids so each kid will leave with a goody
                  bag. We also purchase t-shirts for the kids and for
                  us to wear on GKAS day, so each kid will get a t-
                  shirt and a bag with movie, pizza and swim passes.
                  We have a great day and love helping the kids. We
                  have so much staff that we are pretty much able to
                  complete all the work that the kids need. We also
                  work closely with Northern Nevada Dental Society
                  to refer kids that we are not able to complete the
                  work on. They then get the kids scheduled with a
                  dentist to complete everything for them.

775-673-          We are a small dental hygiene program in northern
8279              Nevada, a state that ranks among the highest in
                  uninsured, and under-insured children. We have
                  had tremendous budget cuts within the college and
                  state so we must rely on the kindness of strangers
                  for donations in order to host a GKAS day and
                  provide FREE care to the uninsured children of
                  students attending the college. This is a
                  collaborative project between dental hygiene and
                  dental assisting programs, and will be our 3rd
                  annual event. We have had much success in the
                  past, and would like to continue providing these
                  services. Students and children will receive
                  cleanings, x-rays, exams, sealants, OHI and
                  fluoride varnish; we refer children in need of
                  restorative care to our local dental society. We also
                  have a Medicaid/SCHIP eligibility worker present at
                  the event to assist signing up those children who
                  qualify. GKAS is a fabulous learning opportunity
                  for DA and RDH students to work together to
                  provide care to children whose parents are also
                  students. Many of our graduates have taken the
                  idea of GKAS to the offices where they currently
702-338-          Children with no access to oral health will be
8276              screened and treated. The partnership for the
                  event includes the UNLV School of Dental
                  Medicine, dental industry, and community groups.
                  Due to scheduling issues, our event will be held on
                  Saturday, February 21, 2009.
702-203-   Southern Nevada Dental Society's Give Kids a
6348       Smile is a cooperative project with SNDS Member
           Dentists, UNLV School of Dental Medicine, local
           dental hygienists, local Henry Schein employees as
           well as community volunteers. Last year we saw
           200 children and performed more than $118,000
           worth of treatment. Children who are not
           completed on the Give Kids A Smile Day are
           referred to the Community Coalition for Oral
           Health's 1DAY Program which obtains care for the
           children from local dentists at no cost to the
           children. The children seen at the event have no
           insurance and are from low income schools.

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