GILES HIGH SCHOOL Spartans Win Region Championship By by pengxiang


									     December 2004                                     GILES HIGH SCHOOL                                                            Volume Two

                          Spartans Win Region Championship                                               By Aislynn Ribbe
                                                              Thanksgiving weekend held more than just college football and turkey. The
                                                          Spartans, after winning the first round of playoffs against Floyd on November 19th,
                                                          advanced to the Region C, Division 2 playoffs against the Lebanon Pioneers on No-
                                                          vember 27th. Hundreds of Spartan fans made the two-hour drive to Lebanon to fill
                                                          the bleachers with red,
                                                          white, and blue Spartan
                                                          Spirit. A 1:30 pm kickoff
                                                          began a tense game between
                                                          two excellent teams. At
                                                          halftime the scoreboard
                                                          showed the Pioneers win-
                                                          ning, but during the second
                                                          half the lead was passed
    The Spartan defensive line in action at Lebanon       back and forth between the
                                   Photo by Aislynn Ribbe
                                                          Spartans and Pioneers,
keeping fans’ attention focused on the field. With 52.5 seconds left in the
game Giles led 28-21, and many people relaxed, thinking the championship
was in the bag. They were surprised, however, when Lebanon scored a
touchdown and tied the score at 28 as the clock ran out. Overtime began,
giving each team a chance to score. #32 Ricky Cook ran the ball into the                     The team rejoices over its new championship trophy
                                                                                                                                   Photo by Aislynn Ribbe
Spartan end-zone from the 5-yard line and #23 Nathan Tanner scored his
fifth extra point of the game to lead 35-28. The Pioneers then had their turn,
but #37 Michael Thompson stripped the ball, and #78 Michael Robertson fell on it to secure the Spartan win 35-28.

                                                     Snow Court 2004
                                                      By Ashley Compton
                                         On Saturday, December 11, 2004, Giles High
                                     School held its annual winter formal. Students began
                                     arriving at Snow Court, themed simply as a snow
                                     dance, at 8:00 pm. As students entered the cafeteria,
                                     which had been transformed into a winter wonderland,
                                     they were greeted by music provided by our very own
                                     Dr. J. Everyone enjoyed the tunes and spent hours
                                     dancing. Around 10:00 pm, Mr. Johnston announced
                                     the highly anticipated Court. The junior princesses                     Junior Princess Crystal Candler with Senior
                                                                                                            Princess Ashley Compton Photo by Nathan Keffer
                                     were Crystal Candler, escorted by Wes Johnson, and
                                   Megan Epperley, escorted by CJ Hamilton. The
                                   senior princesses were Mandy Havens, escorted
                                   by Bobby Davis, and Ashley Compton, escorted
                                   by Nathan Keffer. The 2004 Snow Court queen
                                   was Ashley Hall, escorted by Michael Thompson.
                                   The dance concluded at 11:00 pm as everyone
                                   headed for home after a dazzling night.

                                          Top Left: Queen Ashley Hall with escort Michael
                                          Right: Senior Snow Court Royalty (L-R) Princess
                                          Mandy Havens, Queen Ashley Hall, and Princess
                                                          Ashley Compton
                                         Left: Junior Princess Megan Epperley with Senior
                                         Princess Mandy Havens         Photos by Aislynn Ribbe
                                              Congratulations to the Marching Band
                                                              By Heather Midkiff

    The GHS Marching Spartans traveled to James River High                        The Marching Spartans on the field at James River
School on October 30th, 2004, to compete in their second                            High School, with their “Beatles” backdrop.
competition of the year. Over 16 high school bands competed in this                             Photo courtesy of Barbara Perkins
competition, which moved Giles High into the double AA-1 class,
in which they finished 2nd. They also had an overall 5th place finish
in the Single and Double A division. They also received 2nd place
awards in Marching, Music, Drum Major, and Color Guard. The
Marching Spartans have been practicing their “Beatles” music for
this competition since late July, and have done an outstanding job,
including the wonderful “Beatles” backdrop made by the art
department at GHS.

              A lively group shot of the GHS
            Marching Spartans from James River.
                     Photo courtesy of Barbara Perkins

                                                         Distant Learning; Not So Distant
                                                              By Erica Taylor
                                                   How would you like to have a free year at college? Or how would you like
                                              interacting with other students from different schools? Sound interesting? Well, check
                                              out the Giles High School Distant Learning Lab. There are already 9 students taking 4
                                              college courses through New River Community College. The lab is a great source of
                                              interactivity with other schools. These 9 students have interaction with college
                                              professors and other students at NRCC. How amazing is that? These students will have
                                              the ability to graduate with 1 college semester’s worth of work.
                                                   Think robots run the lab? Think again my friends! There is a whole team at New
                                              River helping to make the lab run efficiently, along with our own Mrs. Boggess and
                                              Jeff Young. These people work their “feet” off, and the students pay absolutely
                                              nothing. Yes, you could have a semester of college for free!
                                                   Enough about the college courses, there are also other classes you can take. Mrs.
   (Below) Mrs. Rivera Teaching Spanish
                  Photo by Erica Taylor       Rivera teaches Spanish 1 to students at Eastern, Macy, and Narrows Elementary while
                                              teaching 12 GHS students! Mrs. Martin teaches Algebra to students at Macy and
Eastern, while Mr. Johnston teaches a college level History class to students here and at Narrows High. All this is done via satellite.
Just think, you could make friends with students at Narrows and only have to see them 45 minutes out of the day.
    The Distant Learning Lab is a wonderful way to get to know other people at different schools, and even a way to get ahead.
Remember this option when you go to choose your classes for next year. It’s really not so distant when you think about it!

                                                           Spartonian Staff Members
           Ashley Compton – Editor in Chief                    Mr. Etzler – Faculty Advisor            Erica Taylor
           Aislynn Ribbe – News Editor                         Nathan Colle                            Karla Williams
           Mandy Havens- Assistant Editor                      Heather Midkiff                         Brittney Wilson
           Chenaye` Woods- Assistant Editor                    Meghan Stump

                               Make the President’s Team
                                             By Karla Williams
                                   Everyone in grades eight through ten is required to take Physical Education. In Physical
                               Education you do these rigid tasks called Physical Fitness testing. There are such events
                               like shuttle run, v-sit, curl-ups, pull-ups, and the infamous one mile run. There is different
                               grading for female and male participants and different grading within the gender’s grade
                               level. For example, in the boys shuttle run if you are a 9th grader and run a 9.1 to a 10.1
                               then your grade is a 100 percent, however if a 10th grade male ran a 10.1 in he same shuttle
                               run his grade will be a 90 percent. Needless to say, making the President’s Physical Fitness
                               Team is a difficult but rewarding task. Keeping healthy is a valuable part of having a good
                               lifestyle and a wonderful school year. Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Burton, Coach Kelley, and Coach
                               Williams would like to say congratulations to all who made the team and keep up the good

President’s Physical Fitness

  8th grade                                 Abby Johnson
 Rachel Lang
 Kristen Marcussen
 Karelyn Ribbe
 Carilynn Squibb
 Autumn Widrig

 9th grade
 Katina Boutis
 Vanessa Burnett
 Ciara Davis
 Kayla Harless
 Paige Kauffelt
 Sasha King
 Grace Meier
 Danielle Martin
 Stephanie Robertson
 Lauren Scheid
 Kayla Stump
 Jenna Wharthen
 Keree Wilson

10th grade
Annette Deveraux
Meredith Epperley
Kim O’Farrell
Kelly Keister
Erica Maxey
Linda Powell
Allie Steenken

8th grade
Cody Journell

 10th grade
Donnie Black
Andrew Fenstermaker
Matthew Gilmer
Jamie Griggs

                        Painting the Town Red
                                                             By Mandy Havens
   Light poles and street signs around Pearisburg were                       members at Wal-Mart on the morning of Saturday, October 23
donned with decoration in Celebration of Red Ribbon Week,                    and handed out candy, stickers, ribbons, and other favors that
October 23-31. SADD (Students Against Destructive                            emphasized safety and drug awareness. SADD members
Decisions) sponsor, Whitney Matlock, accompanied SADD                        adorned the school campus with red ribbons to remind
                                                                             students to “CELEBRATE A DRUG FREE LIFE.” Also, cars
                                                                             parked in the parking lots around the school received some
                                                                             attention when SADD members ornamented antennas with red
                                                                                 All of this excitement left many students wondering about
                                                                             the purpose of this activity. Red Ribbon Week takes place in
                                                                             high schools across the nation during Homecoming season so
                                                                             that students may be educated on the dangers of drugs. The
                                                                             campaign began as a result of the murder of Special Agent
                                                                             Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. Camarena worked for the Drug
                                                                             Enforcement Administration and died at the hands of drug
                                                                             traffickers in March 1985.
                                                                                 Due to the teen drug problem that exists in our country,
                                                                             SADD members strive to eliminate the attraction to drugs and
                                                                             other destructive decisions. Giles High School’s SADD club
                                                                             annually participates in Red Ribbon Week to show their
                                                                             defiance of drugs. So when you spot these lingering symbols
                                                                             of drug prevention throughout the community, take a moment
   “Celebrate a Drug Free Life” ribbons ornament the line
                                                                             to remember Agent Camarena and remember that keeping
                of trees outside of the school.
                                       Photo courtesy of Mrs. Burton         your life drug free always generates a positive outcome.

                                                                       Giles Internal Medicine
                                                                       wishes to take this opportunity to thank our patients and
                                                                             employees for their support and assistance in our
                                                                                              progress during the past 20 years.

                                                                          Paul A. Olson, MD      Pamela B. Olson, FNP
                                                                       219 South Buchanan Street    Pearisburg, Virginia
                                                                                       540-921-4343      540-726-3000
                          American Red Cross Holds Blood Drive at GHS
                                                             By Aislynn Ribbe
    November 10 , 2004, was a bloody day in GHS history. In the interest of saving
lives, thirty-nine students, faculty, and community members ages seventeen and older
donated about a pint of blood each to be used during emergency blood transfusions.
Although forty-nine people volunteered to give, ten were unable to donate because of
various reasons such as weight and other health issues.
    The donors’ courage is to be admired, because the process of giving blood is not
easy. A picture ID is required before you are led into a private area to answer
confidential questions about your lifestyle and medical history and to have a blood
sample taken. A negative result from any of the tests can cause you to be disqualified.
The nurse then tests your veins to find the strongest one, disinfects the area, and inserts
                                                                        the       sixteen-gauge           Chenaye` Woods gives blood
                                                                        needle into your vein.
                                                                        Once the needle is
                                                                        removed and the site
                                                                        covered     in    sterile
                                                                        bandages, you recover
                                                                        at a table while
                                                                        drinking and eating a
                                                                        large amount of sugar
                                                                        to boost your energy.
                                                                            The experience was
                                                                        different for everyone.
                                                                        Some were first-time
                                                                        donors, while others
                                                                        had given blood before.      L-R Marcus Haynie and Erin Barnett
   Kayla Bowles donates to the Red Cross during the blood               Motives also varied             volunteer while helping Edward
                              drive                                     between        students.            Mitchem with paperwork
                                            All photos by Aislynn Ribbe
                                                                        Billie Jean Hilton was
                                                                        nervous before her first donation, but said she was giving because she
knew people needed her blood type. Karla Williams, after passing out, instructed all to “Do exactly what (the nurses) say. Don’t get
up until they tell you!”
    The American Red Cross thanks GHS for a great day. Forty first-time potential donors made appointments, which is a Giles High
School record! Teacher and SCA Sponsor, Mr. Mitch Reed, is in his first year at GHS. As the adult in charge of the Blood Drive, he
is delighted at the immense success.

                 Federal Credit Union
                              Box 361
                       Narrows, Virginia 24124
                         (540) 921 - 2700

Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar                           By Heather Midkiff

    HOBY’s purpose is to bring together a select group of high school sophomores who have demonstrated leadership ability. HOBY
conducts annual, all-expense-paid seminars. At these seminars, the sophomores have the opportunity to meet, interact with, and
question regional, national, and international leaders. Giles High School sophomores were required to describe, in 500 words or less,
the qualities of a good leader and how they have demonstrated those qualities. The students also discussed how they think their
personal leadership potential could be enhanced by their selection as the GHS HOBY ambassador and what they might bring back
                                                   from the experience to benefit
                                                   students at GHS. The first place
                                                   HOBY winner is Annette
                                                   Devereaux and second place
                                                   winner is Luke Marrs. Annette
                                                   will be attending the HOBY
                                                   Leadership Seminar held at
                                                   Christopher Newport University
                                                   in Newport News, VA from
                                                   Friday, May 13th, 2005 to Sunday,
                                                   May 15th, 2005. If for some
                                                   reason Annette cannot attend this
                                                   event, Luke will go in her place.
                                                   Congratulations, Annette and
   1st place HOBY winner Annette Devereaux         Luke!                                   2nd place HOBY winner Luke Marrs

Christmas Wishes
    To: All of my friends! My sister & Trey                                        To: Jessica Midkiff & Jaletta Long
    From: Janette                                                                  From: Rachel Lang
    Thanks for everything. I love you guys.                                        Hey, good times glad we met y’all are awesome
    Have a Merry Christmas!                                                        don’t know what I would do with out ya.

                                                                                                   To: J.P.
                              To: My Lunch Table                                                   From: Aislynn
                              From: Kayla B.                                                       It’s been a year, honey.
                                                         To: Grant (Tex)
                              Merry Xmas! “Trash”                                                  Merry Christmas and
                                                         From: Danielle Long, Ashley
                                                         Jones, Amanda Wright, and                 here’s to many more!
                                                         Andi Keffer                               Love you.
                                                         Always stay as sweet as you are
                                                         now. You are fun to be around
    To: Gary F., Janette D., Kristin F.,
                                                         with and a great friend.
    Nathan C., Andrew G., Shawn H., Kala,
                                                         Love ya Man!
    Karla, Erica and all of my friends
    From: Ben B.
    You guys are terrific friends and I love          To: Lindsay Meredith
    all of you!! Gary, we’re all glad you             From: Tanner Bivens
    came here, you’re an awesome friend!              To the girl that makes angels
                                                      jealous, Merry Christmas Lindsay.

    To: My Friends                                                                                 To: Chris
    From: Brandy Stewart                                 To: Jesse, Kim, Jenna, Meghan,            From: Kristen
    Thanks for being there for me!                       Erica, Kala, Ryan, Josh, and              The past 7 months have been
    You guys are the best and you                        Brett                                     great! I hope there are many
    know who you are. Deana,                             From: Karla                               more Christmas’ to come! I
    Brittany, Andrea, Alisha, and                        I think I forgot you guys before          love you more than anything!
    Melinda.                                             so here is your Christmas wish:           Merry Christmas!
    Love ya’ll!                                          You guys mean a lot to me!
                                                         Merry Christmas!

                   What Really is Southwest Virginia Governor’s School All About?
                                                         By Chenaye` Woods

                                                                        The Southwest Virginia Governor’s School (SWVGS) was one
                                                                    of the first seventeen to be recognized by the Governor of Virginia
                                                                    in 1985. SWVGS emphasizes a strong academic program dealing
                                                                    with Science, Mathematics, and Technology. Giles High School
                                                                    has 22 students attending SWVGS this year. Some of the
                                                                    requirements for SWVGS include steady attendance,
                                                                    recommendations from your teachers/counselors, and completion
                                                                    of Algebra I and Algebra II (preferably Geometry, also).
                                                                        What is so great about Southwest Virginia Governor’s School?
                                                                    “I, for one, am getting a lot of my college classes out of the way so
                                                                    that I won’t have to take them again. I’ll actually be skipping my
                                                                    freshmen year because of my credits,” comments SWVGS student
                                                                    Whitney Hayes. “Another good point of SWVGS is the snack
                                                                    machines and free doughnuts,” add two other SWVGS students,
                                                                    Travis Patton and Josh Williams. Even though SWVGS has its
                                                                    many advantages, “the majority of the classes at Governor’s
                                                                    School are college credit so there’s a lot more work involved.
                                                                    Despite what some people think, we do not have it easy,” says
         Southwest Virginia Governor’s School Building              Whitney Hayes. The main focus of SWVGS is to “educate
                                                                    tomorrow’s leaders in technology through rigorous instruction and
                                                                    laboratory experience.” The students attend Governor’s School in
the morning to take science, mathematics, and research classes. After finishing, if they have any classes to take at GHS, they come
here to complete their day.
    So, if you are in any way interested in the science, mathematics, or technology field, see your guidance counselors today for more
requirements, how to apply, and with any other questions you may have concerning Southwest Virginia Governor’s School. It could
be the right choice for you!

                                                                                                    (540) 953-1513
                                                                                                    (540) 544-7810

                                            A-1 Heating & Cooling

                                           Get It Done Right…
                                               The First Time
             Kurstedt,                                                       101 Old Newport Road
             Owner                                                               Newport, VA 24128                             .

                                                          Nature’s Ribbons
                                                            By Chenaye` Woods

                                                                            Every household has a different style of decoration for Christmas,
                                                                        and nature almost always has a part in it. Whether it’s a giant
                                                                        Christmas tree in the living room, mistletoe above the door, or
                                                                        poinsettias on the front porch, nature is used to show off the
                                                                        Christmas spirit. Ms. Pynn has decided to go a different route this
                                                                        Christmas, and incorporate a piece of nature no one would have ever
                                                                        thought of using; bean tree pods. After gathering bundles of pods
                                                                        from the front lawn of Eastern Elementary Middle School, Ms. Pynn
                                                                        had her art students decorate the bean tree pods with a variety of
                                                                        colors and designs, blending together to make exquisite tree
                                                                            After decorating the bean tree pods, the students were to put
                                                                        hooks through them to finish them off as Christmas tree ornaments.
                                                                        They were then taken to the library to be hung on the highly
                                                                        decorated Christmas tree.
                                                                            By looking at the tree from a distance, the bean tree pods look
                                                                        like colorful ribbons. Along with the blinking lights, the pods give
                                                                        the tree a unique look.
      L-R: Art students Lauren Scheid, Vanessa Burnette,                    The tree is the first thing you see when walking in to the library,
      Lindsey Meredith, Amber Lucas and Megan Hilton                    and you can’t help but be in the Christmas mood by the time you
     hanging the bean tree pods on the Christmas tree in the            leave! Thanks to Mrs. Pynn’s art students, the library has officially
       library                      Picture taken by Chenaye` Woods     been filled with Christmas spirit!

                                                         Christmas Wishes
                                                                To: GHS Students
         To: The new kid “Gary”                                  From: Mr. Etzler                            To: My morning “circle” and
         From: Your not so secret                             Take the time to make a                         the wonderful drama freaks
                  admirer                                         difference, make                               From: Meghan Stump
                   Gary,                                     someone’s day special and                       Erica, Ryan, Kala, heck, even
     I love everything about you from                           try to do your best!                           Dewayne – may our circle
    your slipknot CD to your Spartan                                                                        never be unbroken! (yeah, don’t
    lapel pin, and not to mention your                                                                        graduate) and to all in drama
     psycho baby doll drawings. One                                                                         club – times with y’all are what
        day you’ll notice me. Merry                             To: All my true friends                                I live for!
                Christmas.                                     From: Ashley Compton
         Love that wannabe special                           Thank you all for the joy and
                 someone!                                     hope you bring to my life. I
                                                             would never make it without
                                                                 you. I love you guys!                             To: Christopher
        To: Girl Scout Troop 2391
             From: Ms. Scheid                                                                                You don’t know how much I
         Congratulations! I am so                                                                           miss you, you mean everything
         proud of all of you. Let’s                                                                          to me, and I could never hate
            rock-n-roll over the                                                                                          you.
           holidays to celebrate.                                                                              Love, “Munchkin face”

               To: Ms. Shaver
                                                                                                                     To: “Boo Boo”
               From: Chenaye`
                                                                                                                     From: “Bovi”
                   My love,
                                                                                                                  I lovers you! (haha)
 I won’t have you to keep me straight over
the holidays, but I’ll try to manage! Maybe
  I’ll get everything worked out. What do                                                                   To: Jessica Midkiff and Ruth
 you think? I wish you the most absolutely                                                                               Marrs
   wonderrrrful Christmas! You deserve a                                                                           From: Heather
   break from all your counseling. [haha]                                                                     You guys are the best two
                   Love ya!                                                                                 friends anyone could ever ask
        Chenaye` [ correct spelling]                                                                                 for. Love ya!

                          Teachers of the Month
                                 By Meghan Stump

                                        Miss Perdue graduated from Giles High School in
                                     2000. She became certified in teaching at Radford
                                     University and has always preferred staying in this area,
                                     where she currently resides in Ripplemead. She has
                                     recently come back to Giles to join the teaching staff in
                                     Special Education and also serves as the new cheerleading coach.
                                        Perdue treasures family time, including time spent with her 22-month old daughter. She also
                                     loves watching movies and her boyfriend race go-carts.
                                     “Everyday is different, and I get the chance to help students be successful in learning and in life.”

                                                                      MR. JERRY HUFFMAN - DECEMBER
                                Mr. Huffman was a graduate of Narrows High School. He
                            participated in football and in his senior year was first team all-state.
                            He was also all-state track for two years. He went on to graduate
                            from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business
                            Administration and a Business Education Certification. As for other
                            milestones, Mr. Huffman served in the U.S. Air Force for four years,
                            was on the Narrows Town Council for twenty years (eighteen spent
                            as Vice-Mayor) and was an assistant manager at Belk/Legget for
                            eleven years.
                                Huffman began his teaching career in 1984 at Pulaski County
High School. He came to Giles High School in 1989 to teach in the Business Department. Since
then he has been an assistant JV football coach, becoming head coach this year. He has been
head coach of Varsity and 8th grade boys track for thirteen years, and assists as a co-sponsor of the FBLA club.
   Mr. Huffman’s favorite enjoyment is spending time with his family. He likes yard work, crafts, camping, and watching sports on
TV. In his teaching environment, Huffman’s favorite aspect is watching students as they learn something new and sharing in their
excitement. He values knowing he may have been a small part in the success of some students.
   “If you are going to do a job, do it right or don’t do it at all.”
   “Failure mainly comes when you don’t try at all.”

                                                      Voice of Democracy
                                                             By Ashley Compton
                                                            Giles High School recently held its annual Voice of Democracy contest,
                                                        sponsored by Mr. Frazier and Mr. Johnston. “Celebrating our Veterans’ Service”
                                                        was this year’s theme. Originally, sixteen students submitted entries, and the field
                                                        was then narrow to the top five who were asked to prepare a three to five minute
                                                        taped essay on the subject. Janice Frye, the chairwoman of the Ladies VFW Post
                                                        6000 Auxiliary, presented
                                                        the winners with checks,
                                                        certificates, and medals on
                                                        November 16th.
                                                        The third place winner of
                                                        this year’s contest was
                                                        Ryne Hevener. He received
                                                        a $35 check.
                                                        This year’s second place
  First place winner Kristin Fields accepts her         finisher was Ryan Olson
  award from Chairwoman Frye                            who received a check in
                                 Photo by Aislynn Ribbe
                                                        the amount of $50.
The first place winner was Kristin Fields. Kristin received a check for $100
from the VFW Post 6000 and was automatically entered into the regional
competition. Good luck, Kristin and thanks to all participants.                        Mr. Frazier, Kristin Fields, Ryan Olson, Mrs.
                                                                                       Frye, and Ryne Hevener Photo by Aislynn Ribbe

                                                    Colleges in a Nutshell
                                                          By Ashley Compton
                                                James Madison University is located in the large town of Harrisonburg, Virginia.
                                                Although the campus is split by Interstate 81, it looks attractive. Freshmen are not
                                                allowed to have cars on campus and must reside there. Tuition cost is $14,420.
                                                Enrollment of undergraduate students comes to 15,796 and the professor/student ratio
                                                is 17/1. They look for SAT scores between 1080-1250.
                                                Emory & Henry College can be found in
                                                the pretty, rural town of Emory, Virginia.
                                                Students are required to live on campus
                                                all four years with a few exceptions.
                                                Since the school is private, tuition,
$22,940, is more expensive, and fewer than 900 students attend. Freshmen are allowed
to have cars. The professor/student ratio is 14/1. They look for SAT scores ranging from
                                                George Mason University is located
                                                minutes outside of Washington, DC in Fairfax, Virginia.
                                                Freshmen are allowed to have cars and are not required to live
                                                on campus. Undergraduate enrollment adds up to 16,579, and
                                                tuition is just under $15,000. They look for SAT scores
                                                between 1000-1210. Being so close to our nation’s capitol
                                                allows Mason to provide excellent opportunities in research,
                                                internships, and work experiences through strong connections
                                                with business, the community, and government.
Appalachian State University is nestled in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. Tuition for out of state
students adds up to $17,400. Enrollment of undergraduate students totals 12,385. Freshmen are required to
live on campus and are allowed to have vehicles. They look for SAT scores ranging from 1020-1210. Also, a
unique, interdisciplinary, residence program, Watauga College, is available to incoming students who are
curious, creative, and intelligent.                                                                                 Appalachian
Elon University          By Aislynn Ribbe
   Situated thirty minutes east of Greensboro, North Carolina, and
about three hours from Pearisburg, this midsize private university is
best known for its communications, education, and business
departments. Higher-level programs include MBA and Master of
Education. Elon also offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.
   Tuition, fees, room and board add up to $23,565 for the current
school year. 4,796 students are enrolled at Elon, 63% of which are
women, and 47% men. Acceptance is fairly competitive, as only 45% of applicants are admitted. Elon is also expanding by adding a
law school that will open in 2006 and several new buildings on campus. The faculty seems helpful, the students are friendly and the
area is beautiful, making Elon a very attractive choice.

                                                     Concord University
                                                            By Mandy Havens
                                 Just across the state line, in the small town of Athens, West Virginia lies a small university that is not
                             much unlike our very own Giles High School. Concord University, which offers more than 80 majors,
                             minors, and programs, boasts a small campus with friendly people, who for the most part all know each
                             other. Most of the classes meet in one large building, and the administration does not mind bragging
                             about the small sized classes, which accommodate for a large amount of one-on-one student-professor
                             interaction. Concord prides itself on having a top-notch academic program, and proof of that rests in the
                             pages of The Wall Street Journal. In an article titled “Want to Go to Harvard Law?” The Wall Street
Journal ranked Concord University 13th among the Best Public Undergraduate Colleges for Elite Graduate Admissions.
    Although Athens does not house the hustle-and-bustle activity that many other college towns do, near-by outdoor recreation
flourishes. When students need to escape the small town atmosphere they only need to travel 10 minutes down the road to Princeton,
which is home to many fast-food restaurants and shopping opportunities at near-by Mercer Mall. Concord will not drain your parents’
pockets, as do most colleges and universities. Out of state tuition tops of at $13,608, and with the vast number of scholarship
opportunities that Concord provides, that number is likely to drop. If you are searching for a top quality education on a small campus
with a friendly atmosphere at affordable tuition, be sure to check out Concord University.

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me? By Brittney Wilson
    Global warming: we all know that this potentially catastrophic warming is caused by too much carbon dioxide and other air
pollutions. In recent years scientists have found that, “the three hottest years on record have all occurred since 1998.” Even though
                           there are new technologies that have made an improvement in air pollution, they still cause 20% of the total
                           pollution worldwide.
                               Recently, global warming has been discussed as a national security issue. The worst scenario would be a
                           major warming in a couple of years, making some parts of the world uninhabitable. In a news article from
                  ( it stated that “artic
                           temperatures are rising” and that they could result in
                           “roughly twice the global average projected by U.N.
                           reports.” In the graph shown (taken from
carbon dioxide contributes 79% of the pollution to global warming/greenhouse
    It has been said that oil is cleaner, but in the future, more carbon dioxide could
develop any of the following threats: “floods, more intense hurricanes, heat waves,
increasing power outages, wildfires, sea level rising, spread of infectious diseases
and an increase in acidity in ocean waters.” In reference to trying to stop global
warming or at least slow it down, President Bush issued a “Clear Skies Initiative”
on February 14, 2002, which helps to reduce the release of “sulfur dioxide,
nitrogen oxide, and mercury from electric power generation.”
    Since then, there have been many other programs to help reduce greenhouse
gases. For those that wonder what they could do to reduce the carbon dioxide in the
world,        here     are      some       suggestions       from       the    website
(           1)     Conserve
Electricity, 2) in traveling short distances try to ride a “bike, bus, and/or walk”, 3) plant trees, 4) recycle. Other sites used in creating
this article were: , and .

                                Christmas Wishes

                                                                  To: Janette, Danielle,
                         To: Nikki                                     Amy, Kara
                     From: Chenaye`                                   From: Kristen
                            Nikki,                                      Hamblin
                     I’ve been blessed                               Janette, glad we
                     with a wonderful                              became friends. It’s
                       best friend this                           been great! Merry X-
                       holiday season.                                Mas! Love ya!
                      Stay warm with                                Danielle, we have
                     your little hoodie                            gotten really close!
                                            To: Rachel Lang
                       and be good on                               Many memories!
                                          From: Jess Midkiff
                       Sunday nights.                              Merry X-Mas! Love
                                         Rachel dear I love you,
                     Merry Christmas,                                       ya!
                                        you crazy trumpet player!
                             Nay                                      Amy & Kara,
   To: Chenaye`                                                     cheerleading is a
   From: Nikki                                                     blast. I am glad we
     Chenaye`,                                                      are friends now!
  Thanks for being                                                  Merry Christmas!
such a great friend; I                                                 Love y’all!
 couldn’t ask for a
  better one. Can’t                                                                      To: Nathan, Kota,
  forget those late                                                                       Shawn H, Rob,
     night trips to                                                                     Kent, Brandon, and
 Radford, with our                                                                             Shane
  little hoodies on,                                                                        From: Karla
   hittin’ deer, late                                                                  You are the best guy
Sunday nights at my                                                                    friends this black girl
                                          To: Bobbie Mayhew                             has ever had. I love
 house, “I got these                       From: Brad Davis
cheeseburgers.” So                                                                       ya’ll. Some more
                                       This is for how much I love                      than others. (Wink,
  many memories!                       you and care for you. I hope
    Have a merry                                                                          Wink.) Anywho,
                                         this makes you happy.                          celebrate Kwanzaa!
       Love ya,                                                                                 Love,
         Nikki                                                                                  Karla
                                             To: All my friends
                                                (Young Life,
                   To: Sarah Hamblin,           Drama, and                 To: Lauren
                     Leslie Broadwell,            Chorale)                Ratcliff, Ruth
                     Mandi Williams,            From: Karla           Marrs, and friends
                    Brittany Poff, Allie      I want to extend           From: Brittney
                    Steenken, Lindsey         thanks for being         Hope you all have
                      Piland, Sasha             there for me               a wonderful
                  Chambers, and Adriana       through my up’s         Christmas and may
                           Tickle            and down’s. Have          it bring memories
                    From: Katie Cady          a great time this       to cherish for years
                      Have a Merry           holiday season and           to come! Red
                   Christmas! I love you      come back safe.              shoes rock!
                           guys!                   Love,
To: Deanna Dowdy              Christmas Wishes               To: Ciara Frazier
From: Chad Darnell                                           From: Justin Vaught
All I need for Christmas is                                  Ciara, I hope you have a fun
your love, you mean                                          and safe Christmas. Don’t
everything to me and I will                                  worry I will miss you when I
love you 4 all of eternity.                                  move. I hope we spend
Love Always, Chad                                            Christmas together.
                                 To: Tick
                                 From: Bryan
                                  It has been a great 2
                                 months. I hope that you
                                 and I can keep things
                                 going for a whole lot
To: My morning lobby             Love, Bryan
“friends”                                                    To: Bubbles
From: The most gothic girl                                   From: Shawny Marie
you’ll ever know                                             I love you, have a Merry
My last year w/you people                                    Christmas. Boobah! Sissy
and I can honestly say that                                  loves you.
you people mean a whole lot
to me.
Happy whatever you
Love, Karla                     To: The Homecoming
                                From: Clay-Boy
                                I’ve had a great time
                                this year hanging out
                                with all of you, and to
To: Kent and Lillian            my “siblings,” love             To: All of my friends
From: Amanda                    from your bother.               From: Megan
I’d like to send a Merry                                        Merry Christmas, thanks
Celebration Day wish to                                         for everything. Ya’ll are
best friend Lillian Crouse                                      the greatest! My presents
and my most wonderful                                           should be here Christmas
boyfriend Kent. Best of                                         morning! Wink wink ☺
wishes.                         To: Karla, Meghan,              Too bad you’re not a
                                Nathan, Kala, Ashley C.,        cheeze–it.
                                Kimmy, Chesea, Ben B.,
                                Ryan and Kristin
                                From: Erica
                                Thanx for all of you being
                                such great friends! You
                                all mean so much to me! I
                                love each and every one of
                                you always!

                                                Ford vs. Chevy By Brittney Wilson
                          An unending argument that has probably been carried on between you and your
                      friends and probably between your parents and their friends: Ford vs. Chevy. Which one
                      is better and which lasts longer may be some of the many topics that are often debated.
                      By researching the web and finding three websites, (, , and I was able to compare Ford history to Chevy
    Even though Chevy started 6 years after Ford, it was to outsell Ford by 1 million. Ford has newly applied technologies and the
dealers are working on more efficient fuel saving techniques. Here are a few dates to help you and others settle this friendly dispute,
along with the poll results from Monday, November 15, 2004.
1903- Ford first came out and the vehicles were named by the first 19 letters in the alphabet.
1927- The company closed to reconstruct Ford model A and this turned out to be big in the news. By June, new ads were being made
on the new Model A.
1928- Not many dealers had a Model A Ford to showcase. To fix this problem, more were made in
1934- Elaborate engines were put into Fords but they were still having problems with safety.
1980-2000- “Tough competition…. made Ford professionals apply new technology in different areas
and a special attention was paid to a problem of fuel saving.”
1909- Deal was struck between William Durant and Louis Chevrolet to make a new truck, “Chevy.”
1927- Chevy was to outsell Ford by 1 million and for the next 51 years Chevy was the top selling
                                                                                                         Lauren Ratcliff &
1928- Chevy was introduced to the 6-cylinder engine and were sold for the same price as a 4-cylinder      Brittney Wilson:
engine.                                                                                                    opposites on the
1932- Chevy was introduced to the “independent front suspension” which was used to improve the          Ford/Chevy dispute.
                                                                                                          Photo taken by Brittney Wilson
riding experience and the handling.”
1980-2000- “Chevy has worked hard to build performance, style and quality…to become long-lasting cars that go the distance.”
Poll (out of 85 voters)
    1. Which type of car do you like better? 35 Ford            25 Chevy
                                              Other- 9 Dodge,3 Toyota,1 Mitsubishi,1 Honda,1 Hyundai,1 Honda Civic,1 Tracker
    2. Have you and/or your family had any problems with the type of vehicle you have chosen and if so what type?
                       Ford- 34 Yes           0 No 1 unanswered
                       Chevy- 25 Yes          0 No
                       Other- 15 Yes          2 No
    3. What is your favorite model of the car you chose? (listed selected answers only)
        Dodge Ram, Ford Mustang, Ford
        F-150, Chevy Silverado
    4. What do you like best about the
        qualities of the car/truck you
        chose? (listed selected answers
        The most commonly received
        answers were “It’s big”,
        “speed”,. “4 wheel drive”, and

Lazy Lane By Heather Midkiff
                                                        Strolling down Lazy Lane is like walking through your friendly neighborhood
                                                    cemetery. The landscaping is quietly beautiful, the headstones are majestic yet sad,
                                                    and oh yeah, you're just a little freaked out. The Lazy Lane, a once unknown band,
                                                    lurk in the underground of the music scene in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a fresh
                                                    visionary of their very own
                                                    brand new edge of music.
                                                    Their music is a blend of
                                                    dark, eerie, spellbinding
                                                    songs. I haven’t yet listened
                                                    to them myself, but I’m sure I
                                                    would enjoy listening to
                                                    them. With their semi-Goth
                                                    look, they deliver a vibe
                                                    more similar to Edward
                                                    Scissorhands. They have
                                                    only one album titled “The
                                                    Chills” that was released on
    The Lazy Lane album cover for “The
                 Chills”                         the 4th of July in 2003. Songs
                                                 like “Sleepyville Creepshow”       The Lazy Lane (l-r) Aaron Richardson, Lily
and “Poltergeist” can honestly tell you that the Lane is a spooky place to be.       Lane, Greg Ballato, and Aaron Simmons
With the help of Lily Lane (vocalist/keyboardist), Greg Ballato (guitar),
Aaron Richardson (bass) and Aaron Simmons (drums) their music will take you into a psychotic trip through worlds of darkness and
illusion. Lazy Lane mesmerizes the audience and captivates the listener, while vintage guitars, turntables and synthesizers show that
Lazy Lane has no limitations. You can check them out at

                                                  Coheed and Cambria
                                                             By Nathan Colle
                                                                 The band Coheed and Cambria has just recently broken into the music
                                                             scene with a new video on Mtv, as well as some video music awards. This
                                                             young band is already carving a path to musical stardom. Coheed and
                                                             Cambria formed in 2001, but most of the members originally started as a
                                                             trio called Shabutie in 1995. Coheed and Cambria’s first album, “The
                                                             Second Stage Turbine Blade” was released in early 2002 on Equal Vision
                                                             Records and made a surprisingly huge impact on the music industry. “The
                                                             Second Stage Turbine Blade’s energetic hooks, melodies and dark, lyrical
                                                             content combined with Coheed and Cambria’s melodramatic performances
                                                             gathered Coheed and Cambria a large number of followers. A year later,
                                                             “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3” was released under the same label,
                                                             which was recorded in Japan while the band was touring with The Used.
                                                                 Between the lines of “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3” lies a
                                                             complicated and outstanding chronicle that began to take shape in their
                                                             debut album. Sanchez’s sci-fi epic of another world, where characters
                                                             Coheed and Cambria lived and died, is continued with this album. As was
                                                             the case with “The Second Stage Turbine Blade”, their latest album carries
                                                             listeners through this dark, violent, and sometimes quite disturbing world,
                                                             making Coheed and Cambria one of the most unique and original bands
                                                                  Personally, Coheed and Cambria has changed my views on music.
   Band Members Left to Right- Claudio Sanchez,
                                                             When I first picked up “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3,” I
      lead vocals and guitar, Mic Todd, bass and
                                                             automatically knew I had a new favorite band. The music is so
   backing vocals, Josh Eppard, drums and backing
                                                             groundbreaking that it quickly becomes addictive. If you enjoy music
   vocals, Travis Stever, guitar and backing vocals.
             Picture Courtesy of:
                                                             ranging in the genres of pop, alternative rock, or metal, you should
                                                             definitely check out Coheed and Cambria.

                                                   Kwanzaa! Celebrate Your Virtues
                                                                     By Karla Williams
                                                I know that several of my friends celebrate different holidays besides Christmas. I
                                            celebrate a little known holiday called Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa was founded by Dr. Maulana
                                            Ron Karenga and was celebrated for the first time on December 26, 1966. He developed
                                            the idea around Africa, and its value, “matunda ya kwanza”, is Swahili for “the first fruits”
                                            and also “Nguzo Saba”, which is Swahili for “seven principles.” Kwanzaa is an African
                                            and Pan-African holiday that spans seven days. It starts on December 26 and ends on
                                            January 1st. Each day of Kwanzaa stands for a different virtue that builds on the tradition
                                            of remembering where you came from and always giving thanks. Another perk of
Kwanzaa is that you get to work on qualities to better yourself and give your life a certain fulfillment. Everyday in Kwanzaa stands
for a different virtue. Day 1 is called Umoja, which is Swahili for unity. This day is spent striving for a deeper and stronger unity in
your family, community, and nation. Day 2 would be Kubijchalia, which is Swahili for self- determination. This day is filled with
trying to reach goals that you once thought were unattainable and also be proud of who you are. Day 3 is Ujima, which is Swahili for
collective work and responsibility. This day involves solving problems together. Day 4 is Umjamaa, meaning cooperative economics.
Managing money and being grateful for what you have is the basis for this day. Day 5 of Kwanzaa is Nia, meaning purpose. You
seek what your purpose is in life and in other things you do. Day 6 is a personal favorite of mine, and it’s called Kumbaa, meaning
creativity. This day is spent seeking the beauty in everything and in each other. This would involve making crafts and singing songs.
The last day is Imani, which means faith. It’s a peaceful day that’s used to rest from eating the fruits of the earth. Also this day is
spent gathering your faith and hope for a better Kwanzaa next year. For each of these days there is candle, and the candle goes in the
kinara, meaning candleholder. Now that I’ve told you a little about this cultural activity called Kwanzaa, grab a bunch of people you
love and celebrate your values.

       2004-2005 Genesis Teen 4H Club Officers
     Front: Adam Burton – Treasurer, Middle: Ashley
        Compton – Reporter, Rachel Lucas – Vice
     President, Back: Mallory Leslie – President, (Not
            Pictured: Rebecca Poe – Secretary)

               7 Day Market
           1331 Wenonah Avenue
            Pearisburg, Va 24134

                                               A U.S.A. Christmas
                                                         By Meghan Stump

                           Your average Christmas holiday consists of some family time, “Santa
                      Clause,” a decorated tree, gifts, and plenty of delicious goodies. Perhaps you
                      awake to watch a Christmas parade or participate in church events. Although these stand as the common
                      celebration to you, the country we live in has many representations of this usual holiday that are quite unique to
                      different locations. You would expect to observe different Christmas festivities in other parts of the world, but
                      take the time to learn about what our own United States of America has in store for some holiday diversity.
              Starting with the nearby Washington D.C., most locals check out the tree lighting on the Ellipse. This tree represents our
    very own nation, while separate smaller trees represent the states. People can visit special Christmas programs in the Kennedy
    Center, or the “Messiah” sing-in at the concert hall.
              Moving up north, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, most building decorations are seen as single candles in windows. They
    hold a huge Christmas Market and admire a giant lighted star atop South Mountain, which is visible up to almost twenty miles.
              Farther up, ice skaters move about under the Rockefeller Center tree in New York City, bedazzling passing shoppers.
    Others may check out the beautiful Neapolitan Baroque figures on the Angel Tree in Metropolitan Museum of Art.
              Down south, the oldest city in the U.S. continues to hold up a spectacular décor. St. Augustine, Florida decks out in
    solid white lights; any other color is prohibited. The only color shining comes from the tree in the town square, which is still
    beneath draped white lights on Live Oak trees.
              California holds the annual Parade of Stars and a beautiful Christmas concert in Balboa Park in San Diego on the
    world’s largest outdoor pipe organ. It also holds the “Nation’s Christmas Tree” in Kings Canyon National Park – a 267 foot
    sequoia where visitors gather at the base to sing
                In Texas you can join a Tex-Mex “posada” in San Antonio, or head to Fredericksburg for a German style Christmas
               Carolers gather in New Orleans at Jackson Square for community singing and celebration. Bonfires are lit all along the
    Mississippi River.

Check out some of these Christmas celebrations
around the world…
    Greece – On Christmas Eve, the children of Greece travel from house to house offering holiday
wishes and singing “kalanda,” or carols. Some bring along small instruments such as metal triangles or
clay drums. In return, they often receive dried fruit or sweets.
In honor, the Greek endure forty days of fasting before a hefty Christmas feast. This consists of several
slaughtered pigs, and many loaves of “christopsomo” – Christ Bread. As tradition holds, St. Nicholas is
the patron saint of sailors. His beard drips with seawater, his clothes are drenched with brine, and he
works hard to rescue sinking ships from the sea. No Greek ship leaves shore with out an icon of St.
Nicholas on board. As for gifts, these are exchanged on St. Basil’s Day, January 1st, along with the
“renewal of waters,” replacing all water jugs with “St. Basil Water.”
    Sweden – The Christmas holiday in Sweden lasts exactly one month, from December 13th, the feast of St. Lucia, to January 13th,
St. Canute’s Day. On the feast day, the eldest daughter in each family dresses in a white dress with a red sash, and wears an evergreen
wreath with seven lighted candles on top of her head. She carries coffee and buns to each family member in their room. Communities
also sing carols and thank the “Queen of Light” for bring cheer to this time of year. Christmas Eve brings out a gnome called tomte
from underneath houses and barns. He disperses gifts from a small sack over his shoulder.
    Venezuela – Venezuelans attend an early church service between December 16th and December 24th called “Misa de Aguinaldo”
(Early Morning Mass.) In the capital of Caracas, many children roller skate to this service, and some neighborhoods even close streets
until 8:00 am. Before bedtime, children tie a string to their big toe and dangle it out a window. The next morning, skaters that pass by
tug on the dangling strings. After services, everyone enjoys coffee and tostados.
    Czechoslovakia – Western Czechoslovakia, originally known as Bohemia, was the tenth century home to Good King
Wenceslas, whose name is now the title of an English Christmas Carol. St. Nicholas is referred to as Svaty Mikalas and is believed to
climb down from heaven on a golden rope with an angel and a whip-carrying devil. It is common to cut off a cherry tree branch and
place it in water indoors; if it blooms in time for Christmas, it is consider good luck and promises a short winter.

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                                              It’s A Wonderful Life By Erica Taylor
    Have you ever wondered, “what would the world be like without you” or, that “the world would be better off without you?” Well,
be careful what you wish for. George Bailey ended up getting his wish granted, in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Never heard of
the movie? Well, let me tell you about it.
                       The movie starts out with two celestial beings, representing God and Joseph, listening to the prayers of the
                   people of Bedford Falls. Each and every one of them is praying for George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart). Joseph calls for
                   a bumbling angel by the name of Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers), who hasn’t even earned his wings yet, to help
                   out George. Before Clarence can help George he needs to know about George’s childhood so we see a “movie” of
                   his younger years. A few things happen in George’s childhood; he saves his brother from drowning under some ice,
                   which causes George to lose his hearing in his left ear, and he saves Mr. Gower (H.B. Warner) from accidentally
                   giving someone a prescription that has poison in it. George has dreams of traveling to different lands but when his
                   brother Harry Bailey (Todd Karns) goes off to college and their father (Samuel S. Hines) passes away, George ends
                   up staying in Bedford Falls.
                       At Harry’s graduation from High School, George meets one of his childhood sweethearts, Mary Hatch (Donna
                   Reed). They end up falling in love and getting married a few months later. On the night they are supposed to leave
for their honeymoon, the stocks crash, and everyone flocks to the banks to get their money. Hoards of people are at the Bailey
Building and Loan waiting for the doors to open. George ends up giving away his honeymoon money to them
so they won’t be worried about their finances. George later gets Ernie, the taxi driver, to take him home. They
end up at this old, deserted, broken down home that Mary has somewhat decorated with posters of far off
lands, just for George. They end up having 4 children: Janie (Carol Coombs), Peter (Larry Sims), Tommy
(Jimmy Hawkins), and little Zuzu (Carolyn Grimes). Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore) is the “scrooge” in the
movie who owns all the businesses except for The Bailey Building and Loan. George literally hates the man.
Potter doesn’t like anyone and will do anything to get his hands on the business.
     Finally the “big” event occurs. It’s Christmas and Uncle Billy (Thomas Mitchell) has to take 8,000 dollars to the bank for a
deposit. He ends up leaving it right in Potters lap, without knowing! Potter enjoys watching Uncle Billy look for the money and
doesn’t say anything. Finally, Uncle Billy tells George he has lost the money. George goes mad and ends up at the bridge. The crucial
moment is when George contemplates suicide. Guess who shows up just before he jumps in, Clarence Odbody! Clarence jumps in the
river to save George from killing himself. After George finds out that Clarence is his guardian angel, he says that he knows the world
would have been better off without him. Well George, you get your wish! George goes through town, that is now Pottersville, and
                         realizes what and impact he had on everyone’s lives! His mother is the owner of a run-down motel, Mary is a
                         spinster lady, and all of his friends live in slums. George doesn’t even have his family. He then wants to go
                         back and live his life happily. Clarence grants his wish, and George returns to a home full of love and
                             I’m not going to spoil the end for you, but let us just say that it is heartwarming and sure to get you a little
                         teary-eyed. Happy Holidays!

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                                  Cross Country
                                    By Nathan Colle
    The Cross Country team ran great this year, scoring some points in big competitions. The
team had many troubles this year with illness and injury, but they have fought hard and
struggled to do well. They have had many new runners showing great potential, as well as some
familiar faces running harder than ever. Both the girl’s and the boy’s teams performed very
well and hope that these newcomers will have luck in the coming years.

                                                                 Girls Varsity Runners
                                                                 Melissa Blankenship
                                                                 Cassie Brown
                                                                 Jenna Carpenter
                                                                 Annette Devereaux
                                                                 Kristin Fields
                                                                 Brittany Harrell
                                                                 Hannah Johnson
                                                                 Justi Kreider                  Chris Carpenter showing off
                                                                 Amber Martin                   for the camera before he runs.
                                                                 Kimberly O’Farrell                         Photo By: Nathan Colle
                                                                 Lauren Scheid
                                                                 Lauren Vickers
                                                                 Girls 8th Grade Runners
                                                                 Gelsina Ceritano
 The Cross Country team was more than relieved when
                                                                 Alexis Cox
 I asked if they could stop their practice for a quick
                                                                 Abby Johnson
 photo.                Photo By: Nathan Colle
                                                                 Karelyn Ribbe
                                                                 Cari Lynn Squibb
                                                                 Boys Varsity Runners
                                             Brown and
                                                                 Jesse Bowden
                                                                 Christopher Carpenter
                                                                 Isaac Collins
                                             hanging out
                                                                 Andrew Frazier
                                                                 Matthew Gilmer
                                                                 Abe Howard
                                                                 Taylor Suydam
                                                     Photo By:   Boys 8th Grade Runner
                                             Nathan Colle
                                                                 Ryan Midkiff

   Written by former                       Stats,
   teacher/coach Vic Edwards               Interviews,
    Brought to you by the                  Trivia,
    GHS Monogram Club                      Poems, etc.

                               Lady Spartans End Volleyball Season in Floyd
                                                                By Mandy Havens

     The Varsity Volleyball team                                                                                      Giles were named to the All
spent the final week of their                                                                                         District      Teams.        The
season traveling to Floyd for                                                                                         announcer recognized senior
volleyball games and award                                                                                            Erin Barnett as Honorable
presentations. On Monday,                                                                                             Mention All District, senior
November 1, the team boarded                                                                                          Susan Lucas as 2nd Team All
the bus and headed down to                                                                                            District, and junior Emily
buffalo country for the deciding                                                                                      Westmoreland as 1st Team All
game between Floyd and Giles.                                                                                         District.      Congratulations
Floyd won the first meeting                                                                                           ladies!
between the two teams, while                                                                                              Congratulations are also in
the Lady Spartans were happy                                                                                          order for Megan Epperley and
to claim a district win later on                                                                                      Emily Westmoreland. These
in the season. The deciding                                                                                           two ladies will travel to
match started off well, with the                                                                                      Hawaii to compete in the
Lady Spartans defeating the                                                                                           United      States     National
Lady Buffs by two points in the                                                                                       Volleyball       Championship
first game, but the middle of the        The 2004 Varsity Volleyball Team (l-r) Front row- Megan                      with the TourneySport USA
match felt a little uneasy, as           Flack, Megan Epperley, Mandy Havens, Caitlin McMahon,                        program. Coach Erin Burton
Giles fell to the Buffaloes in the       and Meredith Epperley Back Row- Meghan Mullins, Susan                        submitted their stats to the
next two games. But much to            Lucas, Coach Burton, Linda Powell, Emily Westmoreland, and                     program, and Emily and
Floyd’s dismay, the Lady                         Erin Barnett (Not pictured- Keree Wilson).                           Megan were selected based
Spartans came back firing hard                                                  Photo by Michael Hawks: VA Leader     on their stats. The juniors-
hits and consistent passes to win                                                                                     only program will last for
game four. The whole match                                                                                            nine days, and Emily and
came down to the fifth game,                                                                                          Megan will possibly get to
and the Lady Spartans, who had                                                                                        play in up to eleven matches
trouble with fifth game crunch                                                                                        total. All of the matches will
time all season, started off a                                                                                        take place at the Canon
little shaky. Down 2-10 at one                                                                                        Activities Center on the
point in the game, the Spartans                                                                                       BYU-Hawaii campus. Megan
came back to claim victory with                                                                                       and Emily seem to be very
a score of 15-13.                                                                                                     enthusiastic to have the
     The next day, the team                                                                                           chance to play in this
practiced hard, and anticipated a                                                                                     tournament,        and       the
strong showing from a hard-                                                                                           opportunity to travel to
core     Auburn      team.     On                                                                                     Hawaii excites them as well.
Wednesday, October 3, the                Meghan Mullins, Emily Westmoreland, and Keree Wilson                             Many of the members of
Lady Spartans made a second              work the front line while Megan Epperley covers for dinks.                   this year’s Varsity Volleyball
                                                                                            Photo by Aislynn Ribbe
trip to Floyd County High                                                                                             Team will not be finished
School to compete with TRD                                                                                            with volleyball just yet. Many
regular season champion, Auburn. Giles ended their season                 members plan to try out for the Giles County Junior Olympic
                                 with a 3-1 loss to Auburn, who           Volleyball team this winter/spring, and other players will be
                                 had beat them 3-0 both                   traveling elsewhere to continue their volleyball careers. Nice
                                 previous encounters. The loss            job           on            a            great        season         ladies!
                                 left the Spartans with an even
                                 11-11 2004 season.
                                     The next night, Giles
                                 players made yet another trip
                                 to Floyd to watch the TRD
                                 tournament        championship
                                 game between Auburn and
                                 Glenvar. Glenvar emerged
                                 victorious, and at the end of
                                 the game, three players from

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                          Varsity Football Updates
                                                            By Aislynn Ribbe

                                                                  The 2004 season
                                                              has turned out to be a
                                                              very successful one
                                                              for the Giles High
                                                              School         Spartans.
                                                              After     disappointing
                                                              losses in their first two
                                                              games, the team has
                                                              been on a winning
                                                              streak ever since,
                                                              ending their regular
                                                              season play with a
                                                              record of 8-2. The
                                                              Spartans beat Auburn
                                                              35-0 during a foggy        #11 Andrew Williams running up the field at
                                                                                      th  Lebanon                      Photo by Aislynn Ribbe
                                                              game on October 29 ,
    Spartan fans show their support for the team at the       then went on to defeat another district rival, Floyd County, on November
    Lebanon game                       Photo by Aislynn Ribbe 5th. The score of that game, an incredible 43-13, was very different from
                                                              the predicted Floyd win of 21-20 in the Friday edition of the Roanoke
Times, and earned the honor of being the Dr. Pepper Spotlight Game of the Week on News Channel Seven’s Friday Football Extra.
    A home game win against Glenvar on November 12th clinched the Three Rivers District title for GHS football. A final score of
28-14 meant the Spartans were moving on to the playoffs, the first game of which was the following Friday, again at Floyd.
    November 19th at 7:30 p.m. hundreds of Spartan fans filled the Floyd guest bleachers to overflowing as they cheered the team
through a difficult game. By the end of the 4th quarter, however, the Spartans were still in the lead, finishing up with a score of 12-8.
    The next challenge for the Spartan football team was the Region C Championship game, at Lebanon High School on Saturday,
November 27th, at 1:30 p.m. (Story on front page).

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                                                                                     Pump That Spirit Up
                                                                                           By Karla Williams

                                                                                      It’s once again time to check
                                                                                  in with the sport that never stops,
                                                                                  cheerleading. I would like to
                                                                                  extend congratulations to the
                                                                                  Varsity Football cheerleaders for their successful
                                                                                  year cheering our Varsity football team with their
                                                                                  many victories. November 21st started a new
                                                                                  season with the first basketball cheerleading
                                                                                  practice. Coaches Laura Epperley and Crystal
                                                                                  Perdue are welcoming some new faces on both
                                                                                  Junior Varsity and Varsity Squads. Basketball
                                                                                  season makes for major changes in cheerleading.
                                                                                  For instance, the basketball cheerleaders cheer for
                                                                                  both girls and boys teams, and the cheerleaders
                                                                                  only cheer at home games with the exception of
                                                                                  when the teams play Narrows. Some face changes
                                                                                  on squads include additions Meredith Epperley,
                                                                                  Erica Maxey, Heather Thompson, and Brittany
   Varsity cheerleaders pose for a quick picture before a huge pep rally. Left to Lucas to the Junior Varsity squad. Varsity
   right: Rachel Lucas, Meagan Epperley, Roberta Dickerson, Michelle Harris,      additions include Erin Barnett, Megan Epperley,
   Jamie Maxey, Meghan Mullins, Miranda Smith, and Capt Amy Pennington            and Meghan Mullins. The captains of varsity Kara
               Not pictured Capt. Kara Meadows and Erin Barnett                   Meadows and Amy Pennington said about the
                                                                                  season, “We are excited about the new season,
and we’re expecting a strong dynamic to be built with all the squads, and we look forward to having a grand routine to bring to our

                             Successful 2004 Junior Varsity Football
                                                                                                          The Giles J.V. football team
                                                                                                      completed their season on October
                                                                                                      21st with their fifth consecutive
                                                                                                      win and ended their season with
                                                                                                      an impressive 6-2 record. The J.V.
                                                                                                      Spartans opened the season
                                                                                                      September 2nd with a 48-14 win
                                                                                                      over Auburn. After an open date,
                                                                                                      the team traveled to Radford to
                                                                                                      take on the Bobcats. After several
                                                                                                      miscues and turnovers, the J.V.
Spartans fell to Radford by a late game field goal losing 14-17. On September 23rd the Giles J.V.’s hosted the tough Blacksburg
Bruins. Both teams battled to a 22-22 tie forcing overtime where the Bruins kicked a field goal to win 25-22. This gave the Spartan
J.V.’s a 1-2 record for their first three games of the season but only 6 points separated them from being 3-0.
    Continued hard work and dedication by the entire team proved success. The J.V. Spartan’s played their last five games in proper
fashion beating the Floyd Co. Buffaloes by a score of 22-15; winning at Christiansburg by a score of 44-22; winning at Carroll Co. by
a score of 38-8; beating Glenvar 42-14; and finished the season at Grayson Co. by a winning score of 52-16. Congratulations to the
Spartan J.V. Football Team and the Coaching Staff for a great season!

                                               Spartan J.V. 2004 Football Team:
Brad Ball                   Sheldon Douthat              Mario Jones                 Josh Radar                   Jeremy Workman
Donnie Black                Ryan Eaton                   Michael Knight              Nate Ribbe
Jarrod Burton               Andrew                       Evan Lidgard                Marcus Reed                  Coaches:
Bray Cartwright             Fenstermaker                 Chris Manning               Kent Robertson               Jerry Huffman, Head
Stephen Collins             Terry Freeman                Josh Manning                Steven Sessor                Chris Bales
Billy Cook                  Matthew Gusler               Kurt Marcussen              Caleb Taylor                 Steve Wilson
Mitch Correll               William Gusler               Ethan McGuire               Justin Vaught
Justin Criner               Floyd Hoston                 Wes Mills                   Hunter Williams
JR Dobard                   Jesse Hudson                 Josh Parcell                Alex Wilson

                                                       New National Honor Society Members
The freshman class wins the FBLA Food
     Drive with a total of 1,298 items,
 followed by the junior class with 1,031,
  8th graders with 594, seniors with 221,
         and sophomores with 152

                                                                        Giles versus Powell Valley

 Above: The cast and crew of The Homecoming
  Right: The Spencer children opening gifts

                                  The GHS librarians
                                  “clowning” around

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