LAWRENCEBURG, INDIANA                                                                                                               April 12, 2009

MON 7:15am Mary Lou Klumpe
TUE    7:15am Nicholas Evers
WED 7:15am Pat Taylor
      10:30am Margaret Mollaun @ Woodland Hills C.C.
THU    7:15am Anna Backscheider
FRI    7:15am Fran Becherer
       9:00am Sr. Mary Cecile Deken
SAT    7:15am Pat Taylor
       7:15am Catherine Critchelow
SUN    8:30am Margaret Mollaun
      11:00am People of the Parish

ASSIGNMENTS FOR SUNDAY, APRIL 18/19:                                                         We welcome into our Catholic Community:
EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS:                                                                   Melody Brown and her children Tristan, Chelsea, &
    5:30pm       CMangold, JMcGranahan, MARyan, MBradley,                                Zachery, Linda Cherry, Cindy Dabbelt, Randi Dunn,
                 MNeurohr                                                                David Fehr, Michelle Graham, Christy Kushman,
   8:30am        JHanneberg, KWitte P/RHeberling, PRichards                              Amber Mollaun, Shelby Radenheimer and her children
  11:00am        DMcNally, HBuck, BSeifert, RMullen, BKrider                             Casey & Macey, Diane Waddle & David Chowning
   5:30pm        MArmbruster, JMcAdams, DSeaver, RPavey
   8:30am        RMacke, K/KKoeling, JCarrier                                                      Fr. Vincent’s Farewell
  11:00am        B/LWarnick, LCollins, CZapardino                              Fr. Vincent’s final Sunday Masses will be celebrated April 19 @
LECTORS:                                MASS COORDINATORS:                     St. Mary’s Church at 8:30am & 11:00am. St Mary’s will have
   5:30pm        Don Siemers            Joan McGranahan                        Coffee & Donuts after both Masses. St. Lawrence parishioners
   8:30am        Chris Nobbe            Paul & Robin Heberling                 are invited to attend as we say farewell to Fr. Vincent.
  11:00am        Peter Arnold           Mili Resnick
SERVERS:                                                                         Sister Mary Cecile Religious Education Endowment
   5:30pm                                                                      has been established in memory of Sister Mary Cecile. Proceeds
   8:30am                                                                      will be used for any religious education programs in the parish
  11:00am                                                                      for children, youth or adults. Donations may be dropped in the
                                                                               collection basket or mailed to the Parish Office. We have
PRAY FOR: Gregory Lows, Bob Cameron, Carol Loew, Sharon Kissell,               received $9,099.36 to date. Thank you.
Nadine Brookbank, Don Hellman, MaryHelen McNeely, Helen Buchberger
Juanita Neurohr, Michael Nordhoff, Colleen Eukotter, Marie Virgen, John Lee,
Kay Brinkman, Nit Giffin, Joseph Laugle, Renee Cizek’, Tucker Levi, Robert     Parish Council Nominations – April 18/19
Kashman, Jaque Raab, Jesse Markland, Mike Rinehart, Jr., JoAnn Vogelgesang     Please give prayerful consideration to nominating someone you
Robert Taylor, Donna Montang, JoEllen Fultz, Adam Jones, Gracie Giesting,
                                                                               think would be good for this position. Persons will help direct
Robert Jansen, Ava Wolf, Michele Stegman, Eric Lacey, Eugene Steinmetz
Harold Coghill, Mary Taylor, Ramona Wilson, Erin Huey, Jaunita Redelman,       the future of St. Lawrence Parish for a three year term. Attending
Amy Bass, Bill Stiegler, Bill & Pat Banschbach, Lois Gerrety, Janet Buchman,   one monthly meeting is required. Nominee must be member of
Clarence Tibbetts, Betty Bartley, Diana Moore, Mary Fasnacht, Carol May        St. Lawrence Parish, must be over the age of 18; must not have a
Bernice Lampert, Mimi McCullough, Ralph Schwarz, Debra Shepard, Jennifer       conflict of interest; i.e. they, nor spouse, parent, or child may not
Bass, Howard Knueven, Evelyn Rainey, Robert Wiehe Kristy Ann Nicolaus,         be a paid employee of the Parish. Elections will be May 16/17.
Eileen Rohs, Gloria Lengerich, Melinda Kraemer, Doris McAdams, Neill Knue
Vernon & Lee Meyers, Alfred Taylor, Ardis Bischoff, Wayne Howington
Sharon Childress, Ada Tibbetts, Robin Palaima, Matt Graves, Pam Feichtner,     Lector Training
Gene Williams, Debbie Tibbetts, Dale Schoeff, Hedy McKay, Rick Mosbacher,      Are you interested in reading the Word of God at Mass? There
Erica Combs, Paul Shuter, Sharon Zinser, Karen Combs, Mel Johnson, Brooke      will be a Lector Training on May 17, from 12:30pm-2:00pm
Brunner, Ruth Broughton, Paul Sartin Audrey Dausch, Betty Cheever, Jordan
Bryant, Margaret Prakel, Janet Bruns, Geraldine Michelini, Michael McAdams,    (after Mass). To register, call Jane Noel @ 537-3178.
Walter Sommer Mary Kay Hohulin, Earl Blackburn, Frank & Anna Mae Ahaus
Chrissy Strautman, Pam Folke, Laurie Johns, Roberta Brown                      We welcome all visitors to St. Lawrence Parish
Cleaning Team # 1 April 12-18: P/R/BHeberling, JRitzmann,                      Pastor: Father Joseph Feltz           537-3992
DMeyer, CFox, M/LDuwel                                                         Associate Pastor: Fr. Vincent Amusuo 537-1297
                                                                               Parish Office:                        537-3992
                                                                               School Office:                        537-3690
April 5 Offering                                           $ 9,957.47
                                                                               Parish Website:
April 5 Electronic Giving (9 families weekly)              $     469.00
                                                                               Parish E-mail Address
2008-2009 Budgeted Weekly Offering:                        $ 9,775.00
Budget Deficit to Date:                                    $- 22,724.36        Mass Schedule: Weekdays                       7:15am
                                                                               Saturday:                                     7:15am & 5:30pm
2008 Contribution Statements are in the vestibule. Thanks.                     Sunday:                                       8:30am & 11:00am
                                      EASTER SUNDAY: THE RESURRECTION OF THE LORD

CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK                                                 Faith Formation Programs
Sunday, April 12                                                      Kindergarten – Grade 8
   9:30am     K of C Easter Breakfast – Gym                           Classes: April 19 & 26. (No class April 12.)

Monday, April 13
                                                                      Youth Renew 2009 Retreat - April 17, 18 & 19
  7:00pm     Boy Scouts – Parish Center
                                                                      Sophomore through young adults are invited. Call youth leader
Tuesday, April 14                                                     Lissa Fielman 812-584-9595 or adult leader Ron Younger 812-
   7:00pm     Parish Council – Lower Level                            577-0341. We are always needing adult volunteers to help.

Wednesday, April 15                                                   High School Confirmation – Sunday, May 3 @ 3:00pm
  1:00pm    Foresters @ Golden Corral                                 Confirmation will take place during the 175th Anniversary
  7:00pm    Familia – Lower Level                                     Celebration of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis at Lucas Oil
  7:00pm    Respect Life – Lower Level                                Stadium. Teens being Confirmed need to make an appointment
  8:00pm    Men’s Basketball – Gym                                    to meet with Fr. Joe before May 3. Please call the Parish Office.
Thursday, April 16
  1:30pm     St. Ann’s Altar Society – Lower Level
  7:30pm     RCIA – Lower Level
             The Good News: God Sent His Son Jesus
             Presenter: Jim Ritzmann

Friday, April 17
   7:00pm      School Play: School House Rock Jr. – L’burg HS
               Youth Renew Retreat Weekend

Saturday, April 18
   4-4:45pm Confessions                                                                 MARK YOUR CALENDARS:
2pm & 7pm School Play: School House Rock Jr. – L’burg HS
              Youth Renew Retreat Weekend                             April 26:     11:00am Mass - Faith Formation First Communion
                                                                      April 26:      2:00pm - St. Lawrence School First Communion
                                                                      May 3:        Confirmation @ Lucas Oil Stadium
              CHILDREN’S 11:00AM LITURGY                              July 10-12:   Festival Weekend
4/19 Nancy Ray                5/3 Beth Califf
4/26 Lorraine Pollack         5/10 Lori Duwel                         20th Annual Life Walk – Saturday, May 2
For children age 4 up until the start of Second Grade.                May 2, Lesko Park, Aurora. Registration: 8:30am; Walk: 9-10am.
                                                                      For all ages . . . crawl, walk, scooter, run, rollerblade!! Call 812-
Children’s Liturgy                                                    537-4357 for your walker brochure. Then all you have to do is
We are in need of additional teachers for Children’s Liturgy. Is      get family, friends, and co-workers to sponsor your
God calling you to share your faith and help little ones grow in      don’t even have to collect the money they will do that for you.
theirs? No previous experience needed. Please contact Parish          Last year they had 97 walkers and raised almost $15,000… let’s
Office for further information.                                       beat that amount this year! Sponsored by the Pregnancy Care
                                                                      Center in Lawrenceburg.
Eucharistic Ministers Needed                                               Life, Liberty and Justice For All !
Additional ministers are needed for the weekend Masses. Must be
active catholic in good standing, mature in faith, and of excellent
character who shows reverence and love for the Eucharist. If          Stewardship Corner:
interested, call Parish Office or Rosemary Gardewing 537-0899.
                                                                      Thanks to all of our dedicated Fish Fry workers & bakers.
                                                                      And many thanks to all our patrons. These much needed
“Big Brother” Needed                                                  proceeds go towards the operation of St. Lawrence School.
We are in need of an informal “Big Brother” for a 10 year old                    Thanks again to all for your support!
boy in our parish. Could you be a guide and role model for this
boy? Even a small amount of time could make a big difference in
                                                                      Thanks to Mickie Townsend for organizing our annual
his life. Please call Robin Heberling @ 637-3159 if you can help.
                                                                      Religious Articles Sale. Thanks also to her husband, Don,
                                                                      and his fishing buddies for their help and to all who
Daughters of Isabella                                                 purchased items ! St. Lawrence Parish profit is $246
Members attend the 8:30am Mass together on April 19. After
Mass breakfast will be served at the home of Joan McGranahan
1517 Brindley Dr., Greendale. (No April 13 th meeting.)
LAWRENCEBURG, INDIANA                                                                                                     April 12, 2009

ST. LAWRENCE SCHOOL NEWS                                                     St. Lawrence School 3rd Quarter Honor Roll
                                                                                                HIGH HONORS
St. Lawrence School Principal 2009-2010                                Gr. 8: Kevin Keller, Paul Nicolai
We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Karen White has accepted          Gr. 7: Blair Boone
the position of Principal of St. Lawrence School beginning next        Gr. 6: Sierra Ferguson, Abbie Hornberger, Courtney
fall. Mrs. White comes to us from Seton High School in                        Kendall, Kathryn Rennekamp, Sydney Romines
Cincinnati where she has been a member of faculty for the past                Sophia Sandford, Grace Weismiller
10 years. Please join us in praying for our school and Mrs. White      Gr. 5: Mallory Crosby, Marilyn Keller, Adam Lang,
as we continue to educate our children academically and                       Rachel Magee
spiritually.                                                           Gr. 4: Cassidy Lehn, Andrea Sayer
       What Can You Do To Help Raise Money                             Gr. 8: Katie Davis, Hannah Donnellon, Kyle Frank, Jacob
                                                                               Hornberger, Briana Lampert, Alan Love, Eli Murphy,
For St. Lawrence School And Not Cost You A Penny !                            Brianna Sallee-Thomas, Jackie Zerbe
Save Your Labels and Boxtops                                           Gr. 7: Joe Bandenburg, Molly Kraisinger, Jacob Lyman,
You can help St. Lawrence School earn school equipment and                     Autumn Magee, Samantha Mattlin, Macy McCool,
money and by saving labels, boxtops, and UPC codes from                        Makenzie McFelea, Chris McNally, Jenna Morgan,
products you already use. Collect labels from Campbell’s soups,                Nicholas Murphy, Megan Platt, Erin Pope, Abbey
gravies, beans, tomato juice, V-8, Swanson broths, Prego sauces,               Schmidt, Tucker Stafford, Meggie Strawser, Jerry Tufts
Franco American SpaghettiO’s, and Pepperidge Farm UPC                  Gr. 6: Abby Ashton, Riley Brunner, Libby Califf, Kerri Collins,
codes. Save General Mills Boxtops for Education coupons worth                  Alex Huber, Hannah Rea, Alley Schmidt, Victoria
10 cents each. Some Tyson chicken products have an end panel                   Stuard, Paul Terle, Evan Valvano, Cheyenne Younger
that says Project A+. We need the entire Tyson panel that says         Gr. 5: Bobby Ash, Madeleine Begley, Connor Bourke, Madeline
“A+ Support Your School.” Drop your labels/boxtops in the giant               Bowell, Hannah Busha, Drue Chrisman, Quinton
Campbell soup canister in the vestibule of church. Thank you.                  Duquette, Johnathan Farmer, Katlyn Fischer, Allie
                                                                               Holmes, Anthony Mapes, Nathan Mueller, Drew Potzick,
                                                                               Aaron Tufts
Attention Kroger Shoppers!                                             Gr. 4: Grant Bagshaw, Jack Bandenburg, BaiLynn Brauer, Max
Every time you shop at Kroger, you can help support St.                       Brue, Alexah Chrisman, Noah Frank, Alex Goffena,
Lawrence by shopping with a St. Lawrence Kroger Gift Card.                     Kelsey Heeney, Jack Hemmerle, Michael Kendall,
You can make meaningful contributions to help St. Lawrence                     Hayden Lampert, Sarah Leyendecker, Jack Marro,
without any cost to you! All you need to do is purchase a                      Danielle Mattlin, Kirsten Mollaun, Brian Murphy,
Kroger Gift Card from St. Lawrence for $5.00. You will                        Bridget Palmer, Erin Powell, Jimmy Rudisell
receive your Kroger Gift Card with your $5.00 preloaded on it.
This program is easy and convenient. When you want to shop at
                                                                       Archdiocesan Golden Wedding Anniversary 2009
Kroger, simply load your card before you pay. You can do this at
                                                                       All married couples of the Archdiocese who have been married
the register BEFORE the cashier begins ringing up your order OR
                                                                       50 years, including those celebrating their 50th wedding
at the Customer Service Center. You can load the Kroger Gift
                                                                       anniversary in 2009 are invited to attend the 175th Jubilee
Card by using a check, cash or credit card (even your Kroger
                                                                       Anniversary Mass at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, May 3 at
Credit Card). Each time you load your card, Kroger
                                                                       3:00pm. Archbishop Daniel Buechlein, OSB will celebrate the
automatically donates 4% to St. Lawrence. To get started, just
                                                                       archdiocesan-wide Mass and couples will be recognized at the
purchase your Kroger Gift Card from the Parish or School
                                                                       event with designated seating on the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium.
Office. Thank you for supporting our mission!
                                                                       Registration forms for the event are available in the vestibule or
                                                                       online at: Email
St. John Catholic Church Preschool                                     completed forms to For more info, call
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Dover is accepting             the Office of Family Ministries 1-800-382-9836 ext.1586.
registrations for the 2009-2010 school year for 3-5 year old
children. For more info call Sally Bertram, 812-576-2197.              Pro Life Boot Camp – June 26-27
                                                                       For all high school and college age students interested in making
                          Please let the chairs in the vestibule for   a pro-life difference. Join youth from St. Nicholas Parish for a
                          parents with small children.           The   weekend of fun and community building in learning more about
                          vestibule is to be used as a cry room. We    the pro-life movement and what you can do to help. We will
ask that all other parishioners come into the body of the church so    carpool to Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN to
as to fully participate in the Liturgy of the Mass. Thank you!         team up with Friends for Life. Their mission is to help youth
                                                                       become more knowledgeable and equip them to serve their
Please notify us at the Parish Office when:                            community, school and church. Cost $30 includes carpool from
A family member is hospitalized or when a family member is             St. Nicholas Church, overnight in campus dorm rooms and meals.
homebound and would like to receive the Sacraments.                    Chaperones will be St. Nicholas Parishioners who are certified in
                                                                       Virtus training. Please call 812-623-8007 for forms and more
Bulletin Deadline: Every Monday by Noon.                               information or go to

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