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									                                          CURRICULAM VITTAE

 1.     Name                                   :       T. RAM REDDY

 2.     Qualification                          :       M.Sc., Ph.D. [I.I.T. Kanpur]

 3.     Designation                            :       Professor of Mathematics (Retd)

 4. Academic Record:

 Sl.    Course    Institution                      Specialization             Year    Class/ Division
 `1.    B.Sc      Arts & Science College,          Mathematics, Physics &     1970    II
                  Warangal (Osmania                Chemistry.
 2.     M.Sc      Post-graduate Centre,            Modern Algebra Theory      1972    I
                  Warangal (Osmania                of Ordinary differential
                  University).                     equations.
 3.     Ph.D      Indian Institute of              A study of Certain sub-    Oct     C.P.I. 8.89 in
                  Technology, Kanpur India. classes of univalent              1983    course work
                                                   analytic functions.                out of 10.

 5.     Teaching Experience:                   35Years [27years P.G 8years U.G]

                                               And 1Year 8 Months MCA Classes

6, Professional experience and Position held earlier.

                    Institution                      Designation                    Period

1.      P.G. Centre, Warangal                  Lecturer

        [Osmania University,                                             23-08-1973 to 22-06-1980

        Kakatiya University]                   Lecturer

2.      Indian Institute of Technology         Research Scholar          23-06-1980 to 31-12-1983

        Kanpur                                 (FIP OF UGC)

3.      Kakatiya University Warangal           Lecturer                  01-01-1984 to 28-03-1985
4.     Kakatiya University Warangal           Reader                29-03-1985 to 28-03-1993

5.     Kakatiya University Warangal           Professor             29-03-1993 to 30-04-07

6      Nalla Malla Rreddy engineering         HOD, department       23-08-2007 to30-04-2009
       collage, Divyanagar R.R.District       of computer

7.     Research and Development activities:
i)     Supervision of M.Phil Thesis:
 Sl.                                                                                     Year of
      Name of the Candidate                    Title of thesis           University
No.                                                                                     awarded
1.   G. Sethu madhava Rao              On partial sums of sub-classes        K.U        1990
                                       of Univalent functions
2.     M. Chandra Reddy                A study on convolution and            K.U        1990
                                       Neighborhood of Univalent
                                       analytic functions.

ii)    Supervision of Ph.D thesis

Sl.No. Name of Research Scalars             Year       Ph.D. Degree            Title Thesis
1.       P. Tirupati Reddy                2001         Awarded By       Neighborhoods of
                                                       Kakatiya         uniformly star like
                                                       university       functions.
2.       D. Venu Gopalam                  2001         Awarded By       Problems in polar fluids
                                                       Kakatiya         flows through porous
                                                       university       boundaries
3       R. Bharavi Sharma                 2009         Awarded By        Feketo-Szego
                                                       Kakatiya          inequality for some
                                                       university        subclasses of analytic
                                                       warangal          functions

iii)   Research Publications:                     11 papers published, 2 papers presented in
                                                   The International Conference on Geometric
                                                   Function Theory. [List enclosed]

8. Subjects Taught:                               Complex Analysis, Topology, Measure theory,
       Functional Analysis, Real analysis, Theory of ordinary, Differential equations, Partial Differential
       Equations, Graph theory, Discrete Mathematics, Integral Equations Optimization Techniques,
Operations Research [P.G. level].Differential Equations, Real analysis, Linear Algebra, Algebra, Vector
9.     Minor Research Projects completed:

                Title of the Project                   Sponsoring Agency               Year
1.      Function theoretic methods in Partial                                        1985
        differential equations
2.      Application of convolution methods of                                        1989
        Univalent functions
3.      Convolution of analytic univalent                                            1999
        functions and their applications

10. Conference/Summer Institutes attended
a)     Attended Summer Institute from May 16 to June 3, 1977Bhaskaracharya Pratishana, Pune, India
 b)    Attended U.G.C. Instructional conference on Differential analysis at IIT Kanpur, April 9-28, 1984
 c)    Presented a and Published in the proceedings at International conference on new trends in
       Geometric Function Theory and Applications at Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Studies in
       Mathematics, Madras, Dec 1990.

 d)    chaired a session and presented a paper at the International Conference on Geometric Function
       Theory, Barathidarshan Collage, Pondicherry, and Jan 2-6, 2005.

11.    Book Edited:                                          Intermediate 1st year 1A & 1B
       2nd year 2A & 2B Telugu Academy Hyderabad.
12.    Associated with other Academic bodies:
       i) Subject expert in Mathematics at board of intermediate, Hyderabad. Govt. of A.P

       ii) External member of Board of studies in Mathematics, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
       iii) Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapur.
       iv) Nagarjuna University, Guntur.

13.    Examiner and paper setter out side University:              1. Osmania University
       2. Madras University, 3. Nagarjuna University, 4. Andhra University, 5. Bharampur University
       6. Utkal University, 7. S.K. University, 8. S.V. University

14     Administrative position held:                              Head
                                                                  Department of Mathematics,
                                                                  Kakatiya University,
                                                                  From 6-2-1997 to 11-3-1999.
15.    Academic position held:                                         Chairmen
                                                             Board of Studies in Mathematics,
                                                             From 09-08-1999 to 08-11-2001.

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