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					CLASSES IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE                               Dante Alighieri Italian Classes

The Dante Alighieri Society of Western Australia              Below are the proposed venues and addresses for the
School of Italian provides tuition at Beginners,              2006 Italian classes.                                                               Dante Alighieri
Intermediate and Advanced levels.
                                                              1)    Joondalup: Ocean Ridge Community Centre,                                      Society of WA (Inc.)
Classes are conducted over four terms of ten weeks            Salt Terrace, Heathridge
each year. Each session consists of one and a half
hours duration.                                               2)    Midland: Swan Park Leisure Centre, Gray
                                                              Drive, Midvale                                                 he Dante Alighieri Society of Western Australia is
Enrolments take place in the week preceding the                                                                              a non profit, non political organisation for all
commencement of each term                                     3)     Nedlands: Drabble House, Cnr Webster Street            Tpeople who share a keen interest in the Italian
                                                              & Stirling Highway, Nedlands                                  culture and/or language.
Students intending to enrol must complete an
enrolment application form which may be obtained:              4)    North Perth: Dante House, Rear 219 Fitzgerald          The first Dante Alighieri Society was founded in
                                                              Street,West Perth.                                            Rome in 1889 and from there it established
       directly from the office of the society           .                                                                 branches in many major cities in the world. It took
                                                                5)   South Perth: George Burnett Leisure Centre,            its name from the famous Florentine writer and
       by telephone request in which case a form                    Manning Road, Karawa.                                  poet Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321) who wrote, in
        will be mailed                                                                                                      the vernacular idiom of his city, the vast poem The
                                                               Note:                                                        Divine Comedy, an imaginary journey of the
       by Email                                                There is also the possibility of one fluency class          human soul to Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. The
                                                                running at the University of       W.A. on Tuesday          prestige derived to the language of Florence from
       from web page (preferred means)                         evenings 6-7-30 pm.                                         this literary masterpiece, as well as from further
                                                               Full list of classes and teachers will be posted once they   literary works by other Florentine authors such as
                                                              have been finalized.                                          Petrarch, Boccaccio, and many others in the
Fees in the year 2005 are as follows:                                                                                       following centuries, eventually empowered the
                                                                                                                            Florentine language to the status of the Italian
    Each term Beginners:                   $125.00                                                                          national language.
    Each semester (other courses):         $250.00

This fee includes automatic membership to the             Dante Alighieri Society of W.A. - 219 rear, Italian               The Mission of the Dante Alighieri Society of
Society for the whole year. A certificate of attendance   Club, Fitzgerald Street, West Perth 6005, W.A.                    W.A. is:
will be issued to students who have attended four         PO Box 588: North Perth 6906,
terms for each level.                                     Phone Number: 08 93288840, Fax : 08 93288841                        o provide a School of Italian language, to
                                                                                                                              promote the study of Italian in Western Australia
Payment by cheque made out to the Dante Alighieri         Email: dantewa@iinet.net.au                                       T and to offer cultural programs in order to promote
Society, by electronic transfer to the associations       Web Page: www.dantewa.asn.au                                      a deeper understanding of the Italian society,
bank account (preferred method) or cash, to be                                                                              ideas, major arts, crafts, cultural landscapes,
forwarded, with enrolment application form, in sealed                                                                       historical personalities and events, tourism,
a envelope to the Treasurer of the Dante Alighieri                                                                          science and technology throughout the centuries.
Society or handed to the Teacher at the first class of
the term.
Aims of the Dante Alighieri Society of WA                        A Dante Alighieri Society Certificate of Attendance will be             Communicative objective: at the end of this sixty hour
                                                                 delivered at the completion of each level to all students who           course (four terms), students will reach level 2 of the
        To promote and foster mutual friendly                   have attended a minimum of 80 percent of each of the four               A.S.L.P.R. in the four major skills mentioned above.
         relationships amongst local people of Italian and       terms.
         non Italian origin, who share a common interest in
         the Italian culture and language.                       OBJECTIVES
                                                                 BEGINNER                                                                GENERAL CONDITIONS OF ENROLMENT
        To support a regular forum for the spreading of the
         knowledge of Italian arts and general culture.          No previous knowledge of the language is assumed. This                         All students of Italian if not already members of
                                                                 course is divided into four ten week terms (90 minute sessions                  the Dante Alighieri Society of Western
        To enable Italian and local people enrolled in the      once per week). It offers elementary and situationally relevant                 Australia are invited to pay a student
         School of Italian “Dante Alighieri” to reach basic,     communicative practice, with basic phonetics, phonology,                        membership subscription which gives them the
         intermediate and advanced communicative skills          grammar, graded readings and elementary conversation. It                        full entitlements of membership.
         in Italian.                                             includes elements of contemporary Italian culture an society.
                                                                                                                                                Classes are subject to sufficient enrolments.
        To foster the study of Italian in all schools of        Communicative Objective: at the end of a sixty hour course                      Students are, therefore, requested to complete
         Western Australia by providing special incentives       (four terms) students will reach level 1 of the Australian                      enrolment formalities not later than the week
         to students on a competitive basis.                     Second Language Proficiency Ratings (A.S.L.P.R.), E.                            prior to commencement of classes.
                                                                 Wylie and D.E. Ingram – 1993; document available at the
MEMBERSHIP                                                       Dante Alighieri Society office) in understanding, reading,                     There will be no refund of fees following
                                                                 speaking and writing skills. It includes the use of multimedia                  enrolment, except on an ex gratia basis in the
Ordinary                                $25.00                   material.                                                                       case of extenuating circumstances where
Family                                           $30.00                                                                                          refunds may be agreed to on a pro rata basis.
Pensioner Single                                 $15.00          INTERMEDIATE
Pensioner Couple                                 $25.00                                                                                         Text books are not provided as part of the
Student                                          $15.00          This course is intended for those students who have already                     enrolment fee. These may be purchased from
School                                           $20.00          achieved basic conversational and grammatical skills in Italian                 normal outlets or by arrangement, through the
                                                                 and is divided into four ten week terms (90 minute sessions                     Dante Alighieri Society as suggested by the
All members are entitled to the following:                       once per week).        It provides an intermediate level of                     teachers in charge.
                                                                 communicative skills in each of the four major skills mentioned
        receive publications of the Dante Alighieri Society     in the Beginners course by increasing the mastering of
         of Western Australia                                    language functions, lexical enrichment and grammatical
                                                                 structures, short story readings and topical conversations
        attend any of its functions.                            about Italian every day life and tourist attractions.

        borrow books and multi media material from the         Communicative Objective: at the end of this sixty hour course
         Society’s resources.                                   (four terms) students will reach level 1+ of the A.S.L.P.R.

  SCHOOL OF ITALIAN LANGUAGE                                   This course is divided into four ten week terms (90 minute sessions
                                                               once per week) It aims to further advance the Italian language
  The School of Italian of the Dante Alighieri Society         communicative skills acquired by the student at the Intermediate
  employs only qualified speakers of Italian who possess       level, within the range of the four major skills. Special emphasis is
  a Western Australian or equivalent teaching                  placed on the mastering of more sophisticated structures of the
  qualification and have relevant experience.                  Italian syntax, lexicon, ways of saying and idiomatic expressions. It
  Italian classes of the Dante Alighieri Society are           includes more sophisticated readings from a variety of Italian
  conducted in a professional manner, in a friendly and        authentic documents and more advanced conversational skills. A
  relaxed atmosphere without compromising on                   socio-historical excursus on the formation of the Italian Republic, its
  standards.                                                   place in the European Union and in the contemporary world is part
                                                               of this course.

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