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					                                               Computer Repair Agreement

                                      TERMS AND CONDITIONS

In case of any data loss the customer (End-User) is responsible for ensuring back up for their own
data. Our service is completed on a first come, first served; first-in, first-out basis. We make every
effort to troubleshoot every machine that enters our shop within 24 to 48 hours. However, due to
periods of increased workload it may take longer to contact you with a diagnosis. A time estimate will
be given when you drop off your equipment. Please note: There may be circumstances under which
our technicians cannot repair, perform, or service the equipment. If this should occur, we will inform
you immediately upon discovery.

We will give an estimated time frame for how long it will take to service the computer and any parts. If
for some reason our service should take longer than the quoted estimated time frame, you will be
notified immediately.

If your system requires a part to be repaired, then we will contact you before ordering the part with an
estimated cost for the part and the total cost of labor. All parts are ordered with your consent. When
we order parts on your behalf, you will be charged for the parts and any associated labor costs. Note:
our vendors will not allow us to return parts for credit or exchange.

I, the customer (End-User) agree to release KMH Consulting Group and its service technicians from
any liability for the loss of data, indirect, special incidental, consequential, or other damages, however
caused, arising while in possession of the customer (End-User) computer and any parts.

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