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                              Raising the Bar
                                 Coach George O’Leary brings
                                      a new level of intensity
                                             to UCF football.


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Calling All Future Leaders
Dateline:                                   Tim Ryan, Orange County Chief of
                                            Corrections; and Kevin Weickel, Head
Orlando, Florida — January 21, 1975
                                            Golf Professional and Tournament
8:15 a.m. — Coffee in the Orlando           Chairman FUNAI Classic, Walt Disney
            Chamber Board Room              World — recently spent the day at their
9:15 a.m. — Arrive City Hall for briefing   Leadership Orlando Class 62 Smart,
            by Public Works Director        Quality Growth Session with Florida
10:15 a.m. — Tour Southwest wastewater      Secretary of State Glenda E. Hood and
             treatment plant and            Baldwin Park Development Company
             incinerator                    Managing Director, David Pace, dis-
11:45 a.m. — Lunch at McCoy Jet Port        cussing the transformation of the Naval
              Skyline Restaurant            Training Center into the high-end resi-
                                            dential and business community that is
12:30 p.m. — Tour and briefing by
                                            changing the landscape east of
             Aviation Authority
                                            Downtown Orlando.
             Director John Meacham
             and Deputy Director                                                             Paula Gastenveld                               Barbara Bernier
             John Wycoff
                                            When like-minded individuals
2:20 p.m. — Arrive Herndon Airport          come together to explore the
            for briefing and tour           People, Place, Purpose and
3:00 p.m. — Arrive Orange County            Possibilities that our region has
            School Board to meet
            with Superintendent             to offer, they take ownership
            Linton Deck                     of the community and we
    During the above itinerary, the         collectively become stronger.
members of Leadership Orlando Class 1,
including some names you might
                                                 In addition to meeting with developers,
recognize — Alan C. Helman, Gary
                                            architects, city planners and environmen-
Strack, Bob Showalter, Susan McCaskill,
                                            talists, these Leadership Orlando participants
Larry Phalin, Rich Crotty and Bill
                                            also toured the Orlando International
Jennings — spent time together learning
                                            Airport, met with leading transportation
about our community and building
                                            experts and were briefed by some of the
relationships with each other and the
                                            cutting-edge players in recent downtown
leaders who were guiding Central Florida.                                                    Larry McCracken                                John Krug
                                            redevelopment projects.
    Fast forward to 2004! Another group
                                                 Some would insist that things have
of names you may be familiar with —                                                           those who are just now exploring the role
                                            changed . . . some would say things
John Krug, Vice President, Metro Orlando                                                      that they might wish to play in shaping
                                            remain the same. What’s important here
Economic Development Commission;                                                              Central Florida for our children and
                                            is that the vehicle by which business and
Barbara Bernier, Professor, Florida A&M                                                       grandchildren.
                                            community leaders connect the dots and
University College of Law; Captain Larry                                                          One thing is certain. When like-
                                            engage in community endeavors is still
McCracken, Executive Officer, NAVAIR                                                          minded individuals come together to
                                            Leadership Orlando and the meaningful
Orlando; Paula Gastenveld, Provost West                                                       explore the People, Place, Purpose and
                                            experience that it provides to the leaders
Campus, Valencia Community College;                                                           Possibilities that our region has to offer,
                                            of today and tomorrow.
Jodie Hardman, Senior Vice President,                                                         they take ownership of the community
                                                 Nearly 30 years and some 2,500
Bank of America; Arnold Postell,                                                              and we collectively become stronger.
                                            Leadership Orlando participants have
Chief-Guidance, Digital & Ground Data                                                             The enrollment deadline for Leadership
                                            shown that the only thing that is truly
Systems, NASA- Kennedy Space Center;                                                          Orlando Class 64 is just a few weeks away,
                                            constant is change. The leaders who were
                                            guiding Central Florida in 1975 could             and it’s always exciting for me to see who
                                            never have dreamed that our region                has shown an interest, who has committed
                                                                                              the time, and who will soon emerge in
    Leadership Orlando                      would today be recognized as the tourist
                                            destination that it has become, that the          the leadership roles that await them.
    Class 64                                space industry would transform the                Our community is known for the
                                            coastline in Brevard County, that the I-4         opportunities it provides for those who
    Orientation Sessions:                                                                     will raise their hand in service and
                                            Corridor would be a driving force for
    June 29-30, 2004                                                                          strength. Will it be you?
                                            economic development in the state, or
    Enrollment Deadline:                    that Florida Technological University
    May 28, 2004                            (now UCF) would become the fastest                                     Jacob V. Stuart
                                            growing university in the state with                                            President
                                            40,000 students enrolled.                         Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce
    Kathy Panter at 407-835-2499
    or via e-mail at                             With accomplishments like these,               who knows what the future may hold or
                                            what critical decisions will be made by

4 M AY 2 0 0 4    FM

United We Stand
Chamber endorses support of United Arts Campaign 2004.
    The Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce and                  By offering a wide range of outstanding business programs
the Small Business Chamber recently adopted resolutions           throughout the seven-county region, the Chamber is
to support United Arts of Central Florida. The Chamber            dedicated to providing something for everyone.
is encouraging members to support the United Arts                      United Arts of Central Florida is a dynamic collabora-
Campaign 2004 not only through donations, but also                tion of regional corporations, small business, local
through the purchase of tickets, sponsorships, advertising        governments, arts organizations, museums, artists, school
and other market driven relationships that will support           districts and individuals. It works to enhance the quality
                                                                                                                                   Guests admire Faith Ringgold art during the Zora Neale Hurston Festival.
arts, heritage and culture year-round.                            and diversity of cultural experiences available throughout
    In addition, the Chamber is encouraging employers to          Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. Since
give their employees opportunities to learn about the arts        its inception in 1989, United Arts has invested more
and make donations via stand-alone or combined workplace          than $74 million in local cultural organizations and
giving campaigns, as well as opportunities for donations          cultural education.
through payroll deduction.                                             “We hope that the support of the Chamber will
    “The relationship we have with the Chamber just               encourage others to support all the arts, culture and
makes sense,” said Margot H. Knight, President and CEO            history available right here in our own back yard,”
of United Arts of Central Florida. “We both share a               Knight added.
common goal, and that is to create strong, thriving, vibrant
cultural institutions that make Central Florida a desirable          For more information, contact Margot H. Knight, President
place to live, work, play and visit.”                            & CEO, United Arts of Central Florida, Inc., at 407-628-0333 or
    As the region’s largest pro-business organization, the       via e-mail at
Chamber believes that a strong, vital community goes
hand-in-hand with a strong, vital business environment.                                                                            Orlando Ballet performs open rehearsals for those interested in the arts.

    Chamber Perks
    Navigating the new Web page.
    By Rob Recker, Publisher, FirstMonday

           Last month, I outlined the many         The navigation bar includes the follow-
    business savings and discounts on impor-       ing perks: Broadband & DSL; Chamber
    tant services the Chamber offers to its        Perks Credit Card; Corporate Gifts; HR
    Members. The Chamber Perks Web page            Solutions Center; Insurance; Long
    (You’re Part of Something Greater), as part    Distance; Publications; Shipping; and
    of the new and improved Chamber Web            Wireless & Cellular.
    site, is easy to use and offers access to            Underneath this navigation bar is a
    many Chamber-endorsed services.                poll that helps us better serve your
           As you can see, the navigation bar      needs. For example, the current poll
    on the left-hand side of the page gives        question is: Which benefits do you find
    you access to great savings for your           most useful? Multiple-choice answers
    business with just the click of a button.      include Cellular Services, Car Rentals or
                                                   Technology. Your feedback is very
                                                   important. If we get an overwhelming
                                                   majority of “Cellular Services” answers,
                                                   we can make a concerted effort to look
                                                   for the best savings and discounts we
                                                   can find on various cellular services.
                                                         On the right-hand side of the
                                                   page is an explanation of how being a
                                                   member of the Florida Chamber
                                                   Federation gives you buying power.
                                                   Under that is a more detailed descrip-          desired benefit, you will get a more                  So don’t wait any longer — go
                                                   tion of the “Featured Benefits” that            detailed description of the perk and the         to
                                                   the Chamber offers, along with                  important contact information for the            and start reaping the benefits of
                                                   company logos. By clicking on the               product or service.                              Chamber Membership!

                                                                                                                                                                                FM     M AY 2 0 0 4       5
                                                                        THE L ATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION
                                                                        TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW.

Unleashing Excellence
Chamber Member co-authors guide to ultimate customer service.
By Jack Roth, Editor, FirstMonday

     Customer service has                                          wants to accomplish different       organizations. For more than a decade,
become a lost art to those who                                     things from an organizational       she also facilitated cultural change as an
neglect its impact on business.                                    standpoint. Yanovitch’s expert      executive with a company that helped
This is unacceptable to busi-                                      tutelage provides the ground-       revolutionize total quality management,
nesses that want to succeed,                                       work for creating a thriving        Philip Crosby Associates (PCA). During
and it’s why Teri Yanovitch                                        culture of total quality service    that time, she participated in the
has co-authored “Unleashing                                        regardless of what type of          Chamber’s Leadership Orlando program.
Excellence: The Complete                                           company you own.                         She garnered more coaching and              Teri Yanovitch
Guide to Ultimate Customer                                                  “As the tourism capital    training experience as a consultant and
Service,” a book that acts as                                      of the world, Orlando should        speaker at Crosby’s Quality College and              By joining the Chamber, Yanovitch
a “how to” and “can do”                                            be setting customer service         The Disney Institute. She began her career       hopes to reach out to the many small
manual for companies that                                          standards, and this is              as a manager and regional trainer with           and newly formed businesses in the
need to implement service excellence                    true with Disney and other service-            the Hertz Corporation, where she learned         region that are just beginning to focus
in their organization.                                  oriented companies in the region,”             first-hand the importance of good                on customer service.
     “There’s a disturbing trend occurring              says Yanovitch, “but there are many            customer service.                                    “New and smaller businesses need to
all over the country,” says Yanovitch, a                companies that still haven’t embraced a             Yanovitch has coached thousands             focus on other areas at first in order to get
local business consultant, customer service             ‘customer service first’ philosophy, and in    of executives and teams to achieve               up and running,” says Yanovitch. “Once
expert and founder of T.A. Yanovitch, Inc.              the end this hurts not only the business,      greater productivity, communication,             that is achieved, they can focus on obtain-
“Customer service tends to be so awful                  but the perception of the entire region.”      teamwork, sales and service, and                 ing the mechanisms and tools needed to
that we’re completely thrilled when we                                                                 continuous improvement.                          build a culture of service excellence.”
actually receive good service.”                         In the Trenches                                     In the end, she says, someone on the
     Customer service applies to all                        Yanovitch, a keynote speaker and           management team has to say they want
companies, big and small, whether it’s                  seminar leader, shared the best practices      customer service training and commit to             For more on T.A. Yanovitch, Inc. and
a grocery store, trucking company or                    of customer service developed by The           implementing a service philosophy                “Unleashing Excellence,” go to
hospital, and even though every company                 Walt Disney Company with global                throughout the company.                

     Regulatory Deadline Hits Small Business
     Plan to protect medical information in the workplace is now required.
     By Troy Kishbaugh, Gray, Harris & Robinson, P.A.

            Last month, small businesses had to              benefits, whether self-insured or         access its employees’ personal                           as brokers, accountants or
     conform to the federal Health Insurance                 fully insured.                            health information.                                      other consultants.
     Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)           ■ Comes in contact with employee med-             Below is a checklist of                             ■ Designate a privacy officer
     as it applies to the confidentiality of                ical information in the process of mak-    some basic steps to consider:                              who is responsible for
     medical information in the workplace.                  ing employment decisions.                  ■ Distribute a HIPAA privacy                               ensuring your company’s
     (Compliance for larger businesses took                                                              notice to all employees.                                 HIPAA compliance.
                                                               The types of human resource issues
     effect last year.)
                                                          covered by HIPAA include reviewing an        ■ Develop policies and                                         The penalties for violat-
            A primary goal of HIPAA is to protect
                                                          employee’s request for medical leave,          procedures that allow                                  ing HIPAA range from a $100
     the confidentiality of an individual’s per-
                                                          making an employment decision based            employees to freely express  Troy Kishbaugh            fine per violation to $250,000
     sonal health information. This is done
                                                          on drug test results, evaluating an            concerns about possible                                in fines and up to 10 years in
     through transaction standards that
                                                          Americans with Disabilities Act accommo-       HIPAA violations.                           prison for individuals who knowingly
     safeguard the electronic transmission
                                                          dation request and administering a fitness   ■ Obtain written employee authorizations      violate HIPAA and willfully misuse
     of health care information and privacy
                                                          exam for job placement or safety purposes.     to assist in claims management.             employee medical information.
     rules that apply to those who handle
                                                               For most employers, their insurer
     individually identifiable health information.                                                     ■ Establish “Business Associate”
                                                          has handled a majority of HIPAA’s                                                              For more, contact Troy Kishbaugh
            A small business must comply with                                                            agreements with others who will
                                                          compliance requirements. However,                                                          at 407-843-8880 or via e-mail at
     HIPAA if it:                                                                                        come in contact with your employees’
                                                          there are additional actions a small                                             
     ■ Offers and administers health care                 business should take if it plans to
                                                                                                         protected heath information, such

6 M AY 2 0 0 4        FM
“Ask The Business Specialist”
Business tips and trend analysis for Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce Members.

    What is a popular travel trend for       sub-contracted with a massage therapy         ■ Groups are coming to spas for a safe,           full-time; Average ages: Day Spa - 41 years,
relaxing vacations? And why should           company to give employees massages              nurturing environment. Instead of a group       Resort/Hotel Spa - 44 years, Destination
my company be aware of it?                   on site at discounted rates. With approxi-      of girlfriends going out for dinner, they are   Spa - 45 years; Average annual household
    The wellness evolution and explosion     mately 1,200 employees on site, this            now going to a spa for a healing and bond-      incomes: Day Spa - $96,000; Resort/Hotel
in the past few years has been dramatic,     arrangement has helped create a more            ing experience.                                 Spa - $122,000; Destination Spa - $125,000.
and “spa” has become a household word.       relaxed atmosphere in the often stressful     ■ The majority of clients are visiting spas to
The International Spa Association (ISPA),    world of school book publishing.                escape the news and forget about the real
a helpful trade organization that provides                                                   world for a while.
coverage of the trends for the spa market,   Healing Trends
                                                 The spa industry is experiencing a        ■ Massages remain the most popular treat-
reports that the spa industry had revenues
                                             time of great change and a renewed              ment, and mind/body services are being
greater than amusement/theme parks
                                             commitment to healing. Recently, ISPA           requested frequently.                              For additional information, contact
and box office gross receipts last year.
    From a business standpoint, this         polled its members on the trends they are     ■ Many people no longer see spas as “pam-         Evelyn McPherson at 954-434-6774 or
                                             seeing in the last few years. Some of the       pering,” but as a necessity in order to stay    go to
suggests that people are placing more
importance on both their physical            findings include:                               healthy.
                                                                                                                                             This information appears with the
and emotional health. Management             ■ Group bookings have increased dramati-      ■ Consumers want simplicity in their spa          permission of FIND/SVP, Inc., provider
should be sensitive to these holistic          cally. Groups of friends (both female and     experiences; they are moving “back to the       of “Ask The Business Specialist.” “Ask The
needs and understand that happier,             male), couples and families                   basics” and are returning to more tradi-        Business Specialist” is a business research
healthier employees make for more              (mothers/daughters)                           tional spa products.                            and advisory service available to Members
                                                                                                                                             at specially discounted rates through
productive employees.                          are going to spas together.                     Basic demographics of spa customers           a partnership with the Orlando Regional
    A great example of this type of pro-     ■ Businesses and corporations are taking      include: Married with no children under           Chamber of Commerce. For more
active approach takes place at Harcourt,       employees to spas for relaxation and are    the age of 18 living in the household;            information, call 877-275-2491 or visit
Inc. in Orlando. The company has               offering spa gift certificates as perks.    College degree or higher; Employed      

                                                                                                                                                                   FM    M AY 2 0 0 4      7
                       BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY

                      Good for Business
                      Florida’s business incubators show strong growth.
                           According to the Florida Business         diversify the economy. In the long          than 1,000. In 2002, incubators
                      Incubation Association (FBIA), that            run, it costs a lot less to incubate a      across the country assisted more
                      recently held its annual conference            company then to recruit one from            than 35,000 companies who had
                      in Orlando, the business incubation            across the country. Entrepreneurs           82,000 employees and generated
                      industry in Florida is alive and well          tend to stay where they start their         over $7 billion in revenues.
                      and growing.                                   company and, as they grow, provide              Studies published by the
                           “Many incubators throughout               a more stable corporate community.          National Business Incubator
                      the state are filled or nearing capacity           Incubators across the state are         Association show that for every $1
                      and a number of new incubators are             diverse and focus on everything             of public investment in incubation,
                      in development,” says Tom O’Neal,              from technology to faith-based              $45 in local tax revenue is generated.
                      President of FBIA. “Entrepreneurs              organizations. But the trend is clearly     For companies that graduate from
                      are realizing that incubators offer            toward technology. There are four           an incubation program, 87 percent
                      programs and services that can                 technology incubators and three in          of them are still in business five years
                      help them be successful, and                   development in the Florida High             later as compared to 80 percent of
                      communities are realizing that                 Tech corridor alone.                        start-ups that fail during the first
                      incubation is a good investment                    Growth in the incubation                five years. In addition, 84 percent of
                      for economic development.”                     industry in Florida reflects what’s         those companies stay in the commu-
                           “Growing your own” is becom-              happening all over the country.             nities in which they were incubated.
                      ing a more viable way to increase the          Business incubators in the United
                      number of companies in a locale and            States and Canada number more                  For more, visit

                            Dressed for Success
                            Even with blistering temperatures approaching,
                            professional decorum should be upheld.
                            By Sara Brady, Chair, Small Business Chamber, Wragg & Casas Public Relations

                                 Spring is in the air and office       shared by both small                                got about as much
                          dress codes are in full bloom.               and big business,                                   business baring my
                          Once again, business leaders                 despite the thinking                                upper arms as Janet
                          are confronted with some serious             of some who work in                                 Jackson did baring her,
                          issues — should women be                     their pajamas at                                    well, soul at the Super
                          required to wear pantyhose in                home. My downtown                                   Bowl. Of course, we can
                          June? Is there a need for legisla-           Orlando office is                                   reason that we live in
                          tion to ban backless shoes? And              loaded with lawyers,                                Florida where it’s not the
                          is it legal to require men to wear           financial planners and Sara Brady                   heat but the humidity
                          neckties when temperatures                   developers who look                                 that forces us to shuck
                          reach 87 degrees?                            very nice on any given day. But         business attire for cruise wear.
                                 If you think these matters            every spring, it seems some —           That seems like a valid argument,
                          are exclusive to the corporate               and I hate to say this, but it’s usu-   until someone bellows that the
                          boardroom, change your                       ally women — lose their minds           thermostat on the office air
                          thinking and your sandals. Small             and their underwear.                    conditioner needs to be raised.
                          businesses can get away with a                     Blame it on the heat, on                In the grand scheme of life,
                          lot, but looking like you mean               daylight savings time or on too         is this a big deal? Not really. But
                          business remains a necessity to              much fake tanning lotion, but           we’ve all lived by behavioral codes
                          every work environment.                      suddenly spandex, faded denim,          established by society, govern-
                                 There’s a lot to be interpreted       clam diggers and way too much           ment, church and business. Dress
                          by what someone wears or                     skin flood the streets during any       codes were established to help
                          doesn’t wear to work these days.             given eight-hour workday. As            us do our best to be effective in
                          Depending on the kind of small               the amount of fabric magically          business as much as to protect us
                          business and where it’s headquar-            diminishes from wardrobes in            from those who want to come to
                          tered, the dress code can easily be          a matter of days, I find myself         work dressed like Jennifer Lopez.
                          relaxed a bit, but workers are still         checking the calendar to see if               It’s springtime. Let’s bask in
                          expected to dress appropriately.             someone changed every day               the glory of the season and those
                                 The trouble is, some workers          to casual Friday.                       who dress for success.
                          are so relaxed in their garb, they’re              Let’s assume I’m jealous
                          virtually reclining. This is an issue        because I’m in my late 40s. I’ve

8 M AY 2 0 0 4   FM
BusinessForce Eyes Region’s
Top 2004 Races
By Mike Ketchum, Vice President of Public Policy, Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce

     Although some last minute elec-           the race. As Johnson seeks                                face challengers but
tion year theatrics and fireworks can          to move up to the Senate, a                               assuming their 2004 vot-
always be anticipated in Tallahassee,          host of GOP candidates are                                ing records continue to be
at our press time the legislature              eyeing his District 41 House                              acceptable they will likely
appeared to remain on track for its            seat which includes a                                     again have BusinessForce
scheduled April 30th adjournment.              majority of its voters in                                 in their corner.
If so, the prophecy of Senate                  Orange County along with                                      Two Orange County
President Jim King during the                  voters from Lake and             Mike Ketchum
                                                                                                         Commission races were
Chamber’s 2004 GrayRobinson Fly-               Osceola Counties. This                                    targeted by BusinessForce
In that this would be a “go along,             could be the most hotly                                   as priorities. In District 3,
get along and get out of town”                 contested House seat in the region            Commissioner Mary Johnson is
session was right on the mark.                 with three Orange County candi-               running for another office and
     Once the final gavel falls in             dates vying against an Osceola                already 7 candidates are vying for
Tallahassee, the Chamber’s Political           County-based candidate. Freshman              her seat. Much the same situation
Committee, BusinessForce, is poised            Democrat Representative Sheri                 has developed in District 5 where
to gear up quickly to assess the               McInvale in Central Orange                    incumbent Ted Edwards is stepping
region’s political landscape for key           County’s District 36 has been                 down and 5 candidates are seeking
state and local races. To do so, its           endorsed by BusinessForce in its              his seat. Incumbent Teresa Jacobs in
2004 Chairman Pat Christiansen                 first 2004 endorsement as it sent a           District 1, endorsed by BusinessForce
and top Chamber leaders have                   signal it will enthusiastically endorse       in 2000, has drawn no opposition
assembled a bipartisan BusinessForce           pro-business candidates from both             to date.
Executive Board composed of a                  political parties. In the Winter Park-             While it has no present plans
number of politically seasoned                 based District 35, formidable                 to engage in county commission
business and community leaders                 Republican candidate Dean Cannon              or school board races outside of
committed to electing pro-business             is running strong for this “open”             Orange County, BusinessForce will
men and women to public office.                seat and continues to ward off oppo-          continue to closely monitor devel-
     Earlier this year, BusinessForce          sition. In a newly developing situa-          opments in Seminole and Osceola
initially established four Regional            tion, freshman GOP Representative             Counties along with several races for
Legislative Delegation seats as its            John Quinones, in the competitive             Orange County School Board due to
top state legislative priorities.              District 49 that straddles Orange and         increasing concerns expressed by
With veteran Senator Dan Webster               Osceola Counties, has been targeted           some in the business community
seeking a U.S. Senate seat, his                for defeat by the Florida Democratic          over the proposed Orange County
District 9 seat covering parts of              Party and will no doubt look to               school impact fees.
Orange and Osceola Counties is “in             BusinessForce for support.                         It’s certain to be an exciting
play” and is being sought by veteran                A number of other pro-business           political year in our region and
Representative Randy Johnson with              members of the Regional                       BusinessForce will be right in the
possibly others considering entering           Legislative Delegation could still            middle of it.

Face Lift
Medical side of FMLA requires clarification and streamlining.
    Eleven years after the enactment of the Family and                     Additionally, the law currently requires HR
Medical Leave Act (FMLA), employees and employers                      professionals to offer and track the medical leave in
now struggle with interpretations of the Act that differ               tiny segments — as small as single minutes years ago.
from Congress’ original design.                                            Ambiguous interpretations have also led to some
    Enacted 11 years ago, the FMLA provides employees                  mischaracterization or abuse of the medical leave. The
with 12 weeks of job-protected leave to address family                 2003 SHRM FMLA Survey reports that more than one
and medical issues. While the public is generally more                 third of HR professionals say they are aware of complaints
familiar with the Act’s “family leave” protections, most               from coworkers because of another worker’s questionable
of the leave taken under the FMLA is actually “medical                 use of FMLA leave.
leave,” which allows job protected leave for an                            Half of HR professionals said FMLA requests they
employee’s own “serious health condition.”                             believe were not legitimate had been granted due to
    In fact, according to a 2003 Society for Human                     current Labor Department interpretations of the law.
Resource Management (SHRM) survey, HR professionals
say that 34 percent of their workforce had taken medical                 For more information, visit SHRM online at
leave under FMLA in the last 12 months, which is double      
the percentage of employees using family leave.

                                                                                                                                         FM   M AY 2 0 0 4   9

Radio Advertising: Theater of the Mind
By Barbara Hartley, The Marlin Company and OAF Member

     When developing advertising                       more of their imagination, which stimu-        in a given schedule, and frequency is the             insights for reaching your audiences cost-
campaigns and strategies, it’s important               lates more active involvement. This            average number of times a person is                   effectively, and can negotiate and place
to remember that different media offer                 involvement enhances recall and can            exposed to a radio commercial schedule.               the orders on your behalf.
different benefits and strengths. Radio                often extend the impact of your spot.          A general rule of thumb is that you want                  Orlando has a tremendous amount of
advertising engages consumers in a way                 This, of course, assumes that the message      your message to reach someone at least                talented advertising professionals to help
that no other medium does, stimulating                 has relevance and is well executed. On a       three times.                                          your business grow. Be sure to take advan-
imagination and creating a theater of                  practical level, advantages of using radio         If you’re considering a radio campaign,           tage of their expertise and talent.
the mind.                                              include listener loyalty, effective day part   you need to identify your primary target
     When creative and messaging are                   targeting, and the fact that radio spots can   audience and your budget, and then
well targeted, radio provides an effective             be produced quickly and cost effectively.      contact the local stations that reach
means of connecting with your target                       Radio is a great medium, particularly      the listeners you want to target with
audience and emotionally engaging them,                when combined with print, to promote           your message.
which can lead to enhanced recall and per-             short-term events such as grand openings,          Understanding listener psychographics
suasion. Studies continuously show that                special sales, or community events. From       as well as demographics is important in
radio advertising can be extremely potent              a long-term strategic perspective, it works    choosing the right stations to include in
in terms of connecting with consumers                  well in conjunction with other media           your media mix. Stations can provide you
and creating a memorable impact. Some                  to increase awareness and particularly to      with demographic and psychographic
studies show that a single exposure to a               emotionally connect with audiences and         information about their listeners.
radio spot can have about 80 percent of the            enhance feelings about your brand.                 If you have a large enough budget to                  For more information, contact OAF
                                                                                                                                                            President Cathy Gwynn at
impact of a single exposure to a television                                                           use multiple stations or to develop a
                                                                                                                                                            or go to
ad in terms of recall. This translates into            Reach and Frequency                            multimedia campaign, it’s in your best
strong recall that is cost-effective.                      An effective campaign will have a          interest to enlist the services of a media            The Orlando Advertising Federation (OAF)
     Part of the power of radio advertising            strong reach and frequency. Net reach is       planner or a local advertising agency.                is Central Florida’s leading organization
lies in the fact that consumers must use               the number of different persons reached        They can provide you with valuable                    for advertising professionals.

Estate Planning Done Right
Adults should consider some basic documents.
By Tyson R. Smith, Vice President of Investments and Branch Office Manager, Robert W. Baird & Co.

    Every adult, regardless of age or                      Following are basic estate plan            Credit Shelter/                                                 Power of Attorney/
wealth, should have an estate plan. This               documents, which, if not already in            Bypass Trust                                                    Health Care
holds especially true for anyone who has               place, should be considered.                        Current estate tax law                                     Directives
children, owns property or is a business                                                              allows individuals to pass up to                                      A durable power of attorney
owner. By properly structuring your                    Will                                           $1.5 million to someone other                                    appoints a person to manage
estate, you can attain your financial goals                A will gives you the ability to direct     than their spouse before they                                    your financial and legal affairs
during your lifetime and after your death.             how assets held in your name are               begin paying estate tax. Quite                                   in the event you become
    Good estate planning allows you to                 distributed after your death. If not           often, this transfer is done                                     incapacitated. Advanced health
control the transfer of your wealth to                 specifically directed through your will,       through a bypass trust. Each         Tyson R. Smith
                                                                                                                                                                       care directives and a living will
your loved ones and the charities that                 those assets will be distributed according     spouse creates a bypass trust,                                   specify your wishes concerning
are important to you, while reducing or                to the laws of the state in which you          leaving up to $1.5 million to the trust               medical treatment in the event you are
eliminating the taxes that may be owed                 live. A will is also used to handle non-        at their death. Their family members                 unable to make that choice for yourself.
by your estate. While you’re living, a                 financial matters such as appointing an        are named as beneficiaries. (The $1.5                 Your living will should be as complete
good estate plan can help you manage                   executor or personal representative to         million represents the maximum                        and explicit as possible to ensure your
your assets and other legal issues using               manage your estate. For people with            applicable exemption that is free from                wishes are respected.
a durable power of attorney and can                    young children, a will is typically used       taxes for 2004 and 2005. This amount                      Regardless of which documents
address health care decision-making and                to nominate a guardian.                        will increase in stages to $3.5 million               comprise your estate plan, it’s important
the use of advanced health care directives.                                                           by 2009.)                                             to review your plan with your financial
    The right estate planning decisions can            Revocable Trust                                     When the first spouse dies, the sur-             advisor on a regular basis. Unless there is
be made with the needs and planning                        Having a revocable living trust allows
                                                                                                      vivor has use of the income from that                 a major life change such as birth, death,
concerns of several generations in mind.               the assets held in trust to pass directly to
                                                                                                      bypass trust until he or she dies. In addi-           marriage or divorce in the family, review-
Your dreams for your children and grand-               beneficiaries without going through
                                                                                                      tion, the principal is available to be used           ing your estate plan once every three years
children can be fulfilled with even greater            probate. This reduces the time and cost
                                                                                                      for the living spouse’s health, education,            should be adequate as a good rule of
success if parents and children share                  associated with court and keeps the
                                                                                                      maintenance and support. After the sur-               thumb. Your financial advisor can work
their estate planning goals and strategies.            transfer of property private. Because you
                                                                                                      vivor dies, the trust principal passes to             with your legal and tax advisors to help
Without adequate planning, your estate                 keep complete control over the trust
                                                                                                      family (typically the children) free of               you manage your estate.
may not be distributed the way you                     and its assets during your lifetime, the
                                                                                                      estate taxes, as does the value of the maxi-
would have wanted and your biggest                     property held in the trust is included in
                                                                                                      mum applicable exemption from the sur-                    For more, contact Tyson R. Smith
beneficiary could be your least favorite               your gross federal estate for tax purposes.
                                                                                                      vivor’s own trust.                                    at 1-888-792-0038.
relative — Uncle Sam.

10 M A Y 2 0 0 4       FM
                         BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY

                        FirstMonday presents sound monthly advice from FIND/SVP business consultants
                        on how to take advantage of current trends in the marketplace.

                        Leisure Time
                        Knowing how consumers spend their free time can help your business.
                             Looking at how consumers
                        spend their free time is an excellent            Here are some links that elaborate on time
                        means to gain better insight into                use in further detail:
                        lifestyles. The use of time tends to
                                                                         Work and Leisure
                        reflect the basic work and leisure
                        patterns of a culture, and while
                                                                         Americans’ Use of Time Project
                        there are differences among cultures,
                        the shifts in time use occur quite
                        gradually within a given culture.                Sports
                             Research has pointed to some
                        important developments in time use               Hobbies
                        among Americans. These interesting
                        trends fall into specific categories.            Internet Activities
                        They are as follows:
                                                                         Dining Out
                        Gender Issues                          
                        ■ The long-term trend of increasing              Movies
                          movement of women into the work-     
                          place since the 1970’s has resulted in         Commuting to Work
                          a major shift in how women spend     
                          their free time, affecting as well how
                          other family members spend their
                                                                        significant challenge to time spent          expanding expectations for time, as
                          free time.
                                                                        on television, except among the              well as the use of free time for tasks
                        ■ Major pressures on free time are              younger age groups.                          rather than pure leisure.
                          marriage and being a parent;
                                                                     ■ The Internet results in some time-         ■ Consumers tend to wonder where all
                          women lose 30 minutes a day in
                                                                       shifting of activities, with some peo-       the time is going because they overlook
                          leisure time after they are married
                                                                       ple doing shopping and errands on-           the enormous amount of time spent
                          and 45 minutes per day in leisure
                                                                       line at work and conversely, working         with television; television can be
                          after becoming a parent; men’s
                                                                       overtime while at home.                      involving and informational but can
                          leisure time is not affected by
                                                                                                                    also function as the portal to total
                          marriage or parenthood (source:
                                                                     Changing Perceptions                           escape, requiring no more effort than
                          University of Pennsylvania
                                                                     of Time                                        pressing a button on a remote control
                          Population Studies Center).
                                                                     ■ Time pundits Godbey and Robinson             and the occasional trip to the kitchen
                        ■ Working women have compensated               assert that high-wealth industrial-          to refill the popcorn bowl. Television
                          by significantly cutting back on             ized societies tend to increasingly          can also be consumed in small chunks
                          housework and with decreases in              drive up the perceived value of time         to fit a busy schedule or it can provide
                          sleep and self care, while time allotted     so people seek ever more productive          an extended stretch of relaxation.
                          to child care has remained steady            uses of their personal time, favoring          If you would like to delve deeper
                          since the 1960’s.                            goal-oriented errands, tasks, and          with syndicated research on leisure
                        ■ Married men with working wives are           career-related activities versus old-      time activities, a key source in that
                          picking up some of the slack in house-       fashioned loafing in the hammock.          area is the Leisure Trends Group. For
                          hold tasks, especially in housework        ■ The steadily rising value of time is       additional detail on the group’s
                          and secondarily in child care, but           reflected in the behavior of parceling     research, refer to the following link:
                          women still spend considerably more          out leisure activity in small chunks,
                          time than men on household and               reflected in the popularity of long        s.asp?report_id=LB-LT300.
                          family tasks.                                weekends versus extended vacations,
                        ■ Men average about 30 minutes more            the day spa as a bite-size relaxation
                          free time per day than women.                experience, engaging in a short,
                                                                       intense period of exercise at a gym
                        Media Cocoons                                  rather than spending a lot of time
                        ■ Television and reading remain the            on a workout, and educational or
                          top leisure activities (Harris                purposeful vacations.
                          Interactive).                              ■ Although the hours of work and                 For more, contact Evelyn McPherson
                                                                                                                  at 954-434-6774 or go to
                        ■ Spending time with family is the             leisure have remained relatively
                          third most popular free time activity.       stable over time, there is an increasing
                                                                       perception of time poverty, possibly       This information appears with the
                        ■ Internet time has risen steadily as
                                                                       reflecting the need to reap more           permission of FIND/SVP, Inc., a
                          a leisure activity but is still not a
                                                                       benefit out of each free hour, or          global business advisory network.

12 M A Y 2 0 0 4   FM
Because labor and employment law are so complex, FirstMonday is presenting a series of articles
by local attorneys to help Chamber members identify labor issues and avoid possible pitfalls.

If You Can’t Deliver It — Don’t Promise It
By Carlos J. Burruezo, Esq., Managing Partner, Fisher & Phillips, LLP

     One of the core underpinnings of the                 estoppel. This is a doctrine in which a       signing bonus she gave up                                        avoiding promises or other state-
relationship between employers and                        promise is made and a plaintiff reasonably    when she chose not to seek                                       ments to employees regarding
employees, the at-will doctrine, recently                 relies on that promise to her detriment. In   other employment opportuni-                                      the conditions of, or expectancy
took a hit from the Connecticut Supreme                   such a case the person making the promise,    ties based on her employer’s                                     in, future employment. While
Court when it upheld an award to an                       here the company, is said to be “estopped”    promises that her job would                                      fundamentally, the law has
employee based on a theory of detrimen-                   from denying its enforcement.                 not be adversely affected.                                       separated employees into two
tal reliance. The real problem is that                                                                                                                                   groups, either terminable at-will
the employee was able to say “but my                      What this case makes clear is                 Where Was                                                        or terminable for cause, these are
boss promised.”                                           that employers must continue                  the Contract?                                                    not the sum total of the types
                                                                                                            On appeal, Cendent argued         Carlos J. Burruezo         of enforceable contractual
Stewart vs. Cendent                                       to be vigilant in avoiding                    that in an at-will employer-                                     relationships between employers
Mobility Services                                         promises or other statements                  employee relationship, there could be no               and employees.
    Cendent Mobility Services is a                                                                      cause of action for promissory estoppel                    There is a wide spectrum of agreements
relocation services company, and                          to employees regarding the                    without there first being a definitive offer of        between employers and employees. These
Elizabeth Stewart was a Vice President                    conditions of, or expectancy                  an employment contract. The Connecticut                might include a contract defining cause for
of Sales. Stewart was worried that her                                                                  Supreme Court rejected this contention. It             termination broadly or, as in this case, an
husband’s accepting a job with one of the
                                                          in, future employment.                        concluded that the promise at issue didn’t             oral promise that ties the employer’s hands
company’s competitors might negatively                        As to damages, the evidence showed        change Stewart’s status as an at-will                  with regard to the employee in only limit-
impact her future with Cendent. She was                   that employees in Stewart’s field could       employee. Rather, it merely obligated                  ed circumstances. At the end of the day,
assured by her boss that it would not.                    obtain signing bonuses from competitor        Cendent not to take adverse action against             jurors expect companies to abide by the
When her husband took the competing                       firms that were equivalent to the value of    her because of her husband’s employment                commitments they have made.
job, Stewart’s duties were reduced and she                unpaid commissions they were leaving          by a competitor. It could still have
was fired when she refused to sign an                     behind at the time they left employment.      terminated her for any other reason.
                                                                                                                                                                  For more, contact Carlos J. Burruezo at
agreement delineating her new duties.                     Stewart established that the value of her         What this case makes clear is that                 407-541-0886 or
It doesn’t appear that these actions were                 unpaid commissions was $812,000 and           employers must continue to be vigilant in
taken because of her husband’s new                        testified that had she known her employ-
employment in direct contravention of                     ment would be adversely affected by her
the employer’s promises.                                  husband’s taking a job with a competitor,
    The jury concluded that the statements                she would have left Cendent and obtained
made to Stewart were definite enough to                   a job with an $850,000 signing bonus.
form the basis of a claim for promissory                  The jury awarded her the amount of the

      Big Bonus for Businesses
      Tax incentives available for purchase of fixed assets.

           Tax changes prompted by the                           “Congress changed that to allow a
     Sept. 11 tragedy offer a big incentive                company acquiring fixed assets to write
     for companies to acquire fixed assets —               off up to $100,000 worth in the first
     equipment, computers, vehicles and                    year,” Sims said. “That provision
     the like — before Dec. 31, 2005.                      will revert to the $25,000 limit starting
           Lori Sims, a tax partner at the                 in 2006. In effect, it means that fixed
     Chamber Member accounting firm of                     asset acquisitions made on January 2,
     Chastang, Ferrell, Sims & Eiserman,                   2006 will cost the buyer thousands of
     LLC, said that Expense Section 179 of                 dollars more in taxes.”
     the IRS code is encouraging some of                         Sims said the changes were
     her clients to make large-scale equip-                intended to provide incentives for
     ment purchases now.                                   companies to rebuild after Sept. 11.
           Under the old law, buyers of fixed
     assets could write off up to $25,000 of
                                                               For more information, contact
     the cost during the first year and the                Lori Sims at 407-629-1944.
     remainder over the next five to seven
     years, depending on the asset class,
     Sims explains.

                                                                                                                                                                                 FM    M AY 2 0 0 4     13

You’re Fired!
How to make an extremely difficult task easier.
By Mary Massad, Director of Human Resources, Administaff

     In his TV role on “The Apprentice,”             deliver the news more professionally —              Here are some common HR blunders            everything on a hunch. Monetary dam-
Donald Trump is definitely entertaining,             firmly but gently, preserving the employ-        and how to avoid them.                         ages may be assessed if a lawsuit is filed.
but in the real world, terminating an                ee’s dignity as much as possible.                                                               Seek the advice of an HR specialist before
employee can be a tough, agonizing                       Current best practices for an employee       Failure to Establish Clear                     making a termination decision so you can
chore. Practitioners will tell you that              termination include the following:               Performance Expectations                       be comfortable you’ve made a sound,
the companies that do it best are the                ■ Respect and compassion to minimize emo-            It’s imperative to maintain current job    legally defensible decision.
ones that treat departing employees                    tional harm and help the employee to move      descriptions for all employees, delineating
with dignity and respect.                              on to the next phase of his or her career.     major responsibilities, limits of authority,   Getting Even
     Most big companies have professionally                                                           performance expectations and evaluation            It’s good to be king, but you may find
                                                     ■ A concise explanation of the true reason                                                      yourself without a kingdom if you make it
trained Human Resource (HR) departments                                                               methods. Without clear, written expecta-
                                                       for termination, followed by either a                                                         a practice to wield the termination axe to
to support their managers, both psycholog-                                                            tions it may be difficult for an employer to
                                                       concise letter or a termination report                                                        settle personal scores. Retaliation is the
ically and legally, when it’s termination                                                             establish objective grounds for termination.
                                                       signed by the employee stating the                                                            employment lawyer’s best friend.
time. But who’s there for the small business
                                                       reason for the termination.
owner, the entrepreneur who doesn’t have                                                              Itchy Trigger Finger
the benefit of such resources?                       ■ A letter explaining the employee’s                 Except in cases of fraud, harassment,      Settling Up
     An increasing number of small busi-               COBRA rights.                                  or gross misconduct, employees should              Even if an employee is terminated for
nesses have been able to tap the experience          ■ Minimal debate at the time of dismissal,       generally be given an opportunity to           use of the company credit card for personal
and knowledge of Professional Employer                 allowing the letter or termination report,     redeem themselves. Progressive discipline      expenses, it’s illegal for an employer to
Organizations (PEOs), which function as                which should be approved by the HR             provides a framework of escalating correc-     deduct anything from an employee’s pay-
outsourced HR departments, providing                   specialist, to speak for itself.               tive actions that document the company’s       check without specific written authoriza-
quality guidance to small business owners,                                                            effort to avoid termination as well as         tion, and even then there are restrictions by
                                                     ■ A contact — usually the HR specialist —
their managers and employees.                                                                         specific actions required of the employee      state on what, if anything, can be taken out.
                                                       for the employee to call with any questions.
     While most HR professionals will agree                                                           to avoid additional censure.                       Following this guidance will hopefully
that denigrating an employee in front of a                                                                                                           help you to avoid ugly scenes and foster
roomful of people and then dismissing
                                                     Wrongful Termination                             Poor Documentation                             a better working environment. Because
                                                          Hasty or hostile firings tend to be
him or her with a dramatic “You’re fired!”                                                                Clear expectations and progressive dis-    you’re human, there’s not much that can
                                                     counterproductive for both parties and
might make for good TV ratings, it should                                                             cipline are worthless without the facts to     be done to reduce the heartburn, other
                                                     can beget lawsuits, which can be costly
come with a prominent disclaimer warning                                                              back them up. It’s essential for managers to   than perhaps the knowledge that you’ve
                                                     and distracting, even if you prevail. In
business owners: “Don’t try this at home.”                                                            confront performance deficiencies as they      established an environment in which
                                                     these litigious times, it’s important that an
     The dramatic flair of “The Apprentice”                                                           occur and document both the problem and        there are no performance surprises and
                                                     employer be able to demonstrate the con-
creates stress even when everyone in the                                                              the feedback provided to the employee.         everyone has an equal chance to succeed.
                                                     sistent application of job standards and
room knows in advance that there’s a
                                                     corrective action to help avoid the conse-       Going it Alone                                   For more, call 1-800-465-3800 or visit
chance they’ll be getting the boot. In a
                                                     quences of a wrongful termination claim.            Your business is too valuable to risk
real business setting, it’s important to

Job Dissatisfaction
Employees voice mixed satisfaction with compensation and benefits packages.
From The Society For Human Resource Management

     Just 45 percent of employees agree              with your own compensation. HR                   in the interest of transparency and open       understand how compensation is deter-
that their organization’s pay policy is              professionals’ perceptions are in line with      communication within the organization.         mined, they tend to be more satisfied
fair, according to the Society for Human             how employees actually feel about their              “This survey reveals that employees        with their compensation packages and
Resource Management (SHRM) and                       own compensation. Seventy percent of             tend to believe their company’s pay            jobs overall.
CNNfn’s (Financial Network) Job                      HR professionals report their perception         policy is fair if HR professionals explain          Sixty-four percent of employees
Satisfaction Series: Job Compensation/Pay            that employees are satisfied with their com-     compensation packages to them,” says           say that compensation contributes
Survey. In addition, 27 percent feel that            pensation, while 63 percent of employees         Ken Jautz, Executive Vice President and        “somewhat” or “to a large extent” to
base pay does not fairly represent their con-        report satisfaction with their pay.              General Manager of CNN Business News.          their overall job satisfaction. Of those
tributions compared to other employees.                  HR professionals need to help their          “The survey results show that for working      employees who were satisfied that their
     Contrary to popular thought, research           organizations communicate their pay              Americans straightforward communica-           pay was a fair representation of their
consistently shows that money is not the             policies in order to increase the percent-       tion from their employers about their          contributions, almost 9 of 10 report
most tangible satisfier for employees.               age of employees who feel satisfied with         compensation is absolutely critical to         overall job satisfaction. This compares to
However, this survey suggests that con-              the level of communication regarding             their job satisfaction.”                       72 percent of all employees who report
tributing factors, such as communication             compensation and pay.                                Illustrating the importance of com-        overall job satisfaction and indicates that
about pay and designing policies that                    Although compensation is only one            munication, the survey found that nearly       those who feel that their pay reflects their
employees feel are fair compared to their            component of overall job satisfaction,           half of the employees who were dissatis-       contributions to the organization are more
contributions to the organization, can affect        communication within the organization            fied with the communication explaining         likely to report overall job satisfaction.
job satisfaction.                                    is another. Organizations should take            how their pay was determined were also
     There is a difference between fairness          every opportunity to communicate with            dissatisfied with their total compensation        For more, go to
of compensation policies and satisfaction            their employees on issues of importance          package. Conversely, when employees

14 M A Y 2 0 0 4      FM
Protect Your Identity
How to reduce your risk of identity theft.
By Kate McGuinness, Marketing Specialist, FAIRWINDS Credit Union

   Identity theft is a growing problem                   extra credit cards should only be carried        have been opened in your name and no
that affects more than 700,000 people                    when absolutely necessary.                       unauthorized transactions have cleared        Important Contact
each year. According to the Federal Trade             ■ Promptly remove your incoming mail from           your existing accounts.
Commission (FTC), a U.S. government
                                                        your mailbox. If mail theft is common in       ■ Contact the Federal Trade Commission’s
agency, identity theft headed the top 10                                                                                                                Federal Trade Commission’s
                                                        your neighborhood, consider installing a         Identity Theft Hotline at 877-438-4338.
consumer fraud complaints recently.                                                                                                                     Identity Theft Hotline
                                                        locking mailbox.                                    If you would like more information
   The FTC protects consumers each                                                                                                                      877-438-4338
                                                      ■ Get a copy of your credit report at least      about identity theft, visit the FTC Web
year by investigating issues such as fraud,                                                                                                             Social Security Administration
                                                        once a year.                                   site at or call toll-free
misleading advertising and other con-                                                                                                                   Fraud Hotline
sumer protection matters. To help you                                                                                                                   800-269-0271
protect yourself, the FTC has identified              If You Become a Victim
                                                                                                                                                        Equifax Fraud Division
important tips you can follow if you                  of Identity Theft
become a victim of identity theft.                    ■ Immediately file a police report with local
                                                                                                                                                        P.O. Box 740250
                                                        police or with police in the community where
                                                                                                                                                        Atlanta, GA 30374
How to Protect Your Identity                            the theft took place. Always make and keep
■ Never give out your personal information,             copies of the police report for your files.                                                     Experian Fraud Division
  including your Social Security number, to                                                                                                             P.O. Box 1017
                                                      ■ Contact the three major credit bureau fraud
  unfamiliar people or companies.                                                                                                                       Allen, TX 75013
                                                        departments. Request that your credit file
■ Shred information you no longer need such             be placed with a fraud alert and a statement                                                    Trans Union Fraud Division
  as billing statements, credit card receipts           that creditors should get your permission                                                       800-680-7289
                                                        before opening any new accounts in                  Prevent identity theft by educating your-   P.O. Box 6790
  and pre-approved credit offers before you
                                                                                                       self. You can contact FAIRWINDS Credit           Fullerton, CA 92634
  dispose of them.                                      your name.
                                                                                                       Union at 407-277-5045 for information on
■ Carry with you only the information you             ■ Request copies of your credit report. Review   upcoming Identity Theft Education
  need. Birth certificates, passports and               them to make sure no additional accounts       Seminars.

                                                                                                                                                                     FM   M AY 2 0 0 4   15
                                                                             EVERY COMMUNIT Y NEEDS LEADERS TO ENSURE POSITIVE GROW TH; QUALIT Y
                                                                             EDUCATIONAL OPTIONS ENSURE THE CREATION OF TOMORROW’S LEADERS.

A Healthy Start
Member organization improves quality
of life by ensuring healthy births.
    A rough start in kindergarten can be                decided during the prenatal period,” says
traced to low birth weight that gives the               Sutherland, “which is one of the many
child a difficult beginning in life, a new              reasons why prenatal care is so imperative.”
University of Florida (UF) study finds. The                  Florida’s Healthy Start Initiative,
study results are one of the many reasons               which was passed by the Florida
the Orange County Healthy Start                         Legislature in 1991, represents the most
Coalition is on a mission to educate par-               comprehensive maternity and infant care
ents and improve maternal child health.                 program ever implemented by a state.
    The UF study of more than 100,000                   The impetus for the initiative was Florida’s
Florida kindergarteners found that 13 risk              poor standing on key maternal and infant
factors affect a child’s readiness to start             health indicators including infant mortal-
school. However, the study found that                   ity, low birth weight, teen pregnancy and
being very small at birth outweighs other               access to prenatal care.
significant causes, such as educational or                   “Florida’s socio-economic situation,      Studies show that very low birth weight babies are less likely to be ready for kindergarten than are
economic disadvantage.                                  although it has improved, is not favorable     normal birth weight babies.

                                                        for kids,” says Dawn Steward, Community
Babies who are born with                                Relations Director for the Orange County           The infant screening (postnatal) is                   infants benefit from Health Start
                                                        Healthy Start Coalition. “Poverty levels       done as part of the form used in hospitals                statewide each year. In 1997, Florida’s
problems tend to continue                                                                              to collect information for the baby’s birth               infant mortality rate declined to a record
                                                        and the high number of uninsured are
to have problems as they                                factors that effect everything, including      certificate. Families of infants scoring four             low of 7.1 infant deaths per 1,000 live
                                                                                                       or more are also offered Healthy Start                    births. The state’s infant mortality rate
grow older.                                             educational outcomes.”
                                                                                                       services. “You should automatically get a                 has decreased nearly 25 percent since
    “Babies who are born with problems                  How Healthy Start Works                        Healthy Start screening, but this doesn’t                 the program began in 1991.
tend to continue to have problems as                         All women and newborns are eligible       always happen,” says Sutherland.                               Sutherland believes that increasing
they grow older,” says Linda Sutherland,                for Healthy Start screening. The prenatal      “Women don’t know about these                             healthy birth rates has a direct impact on
Executive Director of the Orange County                 screening form includes a series of            services, which is why we do a lot of                     the community as a whole. “Quality
Healthy Start Coalition. “It’s all connected;           questions about medical and social             public awareness campaigns.”                              of life is imperative to the business and
we need to give birth to healthy babies in              conditions, which help to pinpoint a               If a woman is eligible, one of 31                     economic growth in the region,” she
order to avoid problems down the road.”                 woman’s risk during pregnancy. A score         community coalitions will help her                        says. “We must look at the negative
    According to the study, children who                is assigned to each response and sent to       with setting goals and with a variety of                  continuum that results when babies are
weighed 2.3 pounds or less at birth were                the local health department for process-       services including childbirth education,                  not born healthy.”
two to three times less likely than their               ing. Women who score four or more, or          nutrition counseling, breastfeeding
peers of normal birth weight to be ready                who are referred for other factors by          education and support, parenting                          Businesses Can Help
to begin kindergarten. “We keep seeing                  their health care provider, are offered        education and support, psychosocial                           This “investment” in quality of life
that educational outcomes are being                     Healthy Start services.                        counseling and smoking cessation.                         applies to local businesses, as well. For
                                                                                                                                                                 example, if businesses work to offer more
                                                                                                        A Sound Investment                                       affordable health insurance and give
                                                                                                           Florida provides $26 million annually                 their employees more time to get proper
                                                                                                       to fund Healthy Start. Local Healthy Start                pre-natal care, it will help with these
                                                                                                       coalitions leverage state funds, contribut-               companies’ economics in the long run.
                                                                                                       ing more than $10 million in additional                       In a time when many people have to
                                                                                                       in-kind, volunteer and cash services.                     drop their health insurance because rates
                                                                                                       Medicaid underwrites prenatal care,                       are too high, it’s even more important to
                                                                                                       provided as part of Healthy Start, for                    educate business owners on how they can
                                                                                                       eligible pregnant women.                                  best help their employees when it comes
                                                                                                           “The budget has been the same                         to family and children.
                                                                                                       since 1992 and all the while needs have                       “The future of our communities is at
                                                                                                       been increasing,” says Steward. “We                       stake,” says Sutherland. “Children need to
                                                                                                       have never had a budget increase, so                      be protected at all costs, which should be
                                                                                                       we have to raise funds ourselves just                     the absolute goal of any society.”
                                                                                                       to keep up with inflation and an
                                                                                                       increasing population.”                                      For more, contact Linda Sutherland at
                                                                                                           Despite these budgetary constraints,                  407-741-5240 or go to
Florida’s Healthy Start Initiative is the most comprehensive maternity and infant care program         more than 50,000 pregnant women                 
ever implemented.                                                                                      and 50,000 families with newborn

16 M A Y 2 0 0 4        FM
Chamber Member Awards $4,000 in Scholarships
to Local High School Students.
      In the spirit of “people helping               Insight Financial’s Board of
people,” Insight Financial and the Paul H.     Directors established the Paul H. Higgs
Higgs family have awarded four $1,000          Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor
scholarships to graduating high school         Paul H. Higgs, former Chairman and
seniors. Lynn W. Owen, III, President/CEO      active member of the board for more
of Insight Financial and Chairman Maurice      than 28 years. It’s also a tribute to the
T. Webber recently presented the scholar-      founders and many volunteers who
ships at Insight Financial’s annual meeting.   have served the credit union and its
      Applicants for this year’s scholar-      members throughout its long history.
ships were required to submit an essay               To qualify for next year’s scholar-
focusing on the credit union philosophy        ship, students must be a member of
and how it sets credit unions apart from       Insight Financial Credit Union in good
other financial institutions. The four         standing and also be a graduating high      Pictured from left to right: Lynn W. Owen, President/CEO; Audris Solomon; Sarah Merritt;
winners were James Chase Bartlett              school senior intending to further his      Katelyn Thompson; James Chase Bartlett; Maurice T. Webber, Chairman
of Eustis High School, Sarah Merritt of        or her education at an accredited two-
Leesburg High School, Audris Solomon           year community college or four-year              Insight Financial is based in                    or Lake County, as well as many sur-
of Wildwood High School, and Katelyn           university. Students must also submit       Orlando and has 10 Central Florida loca-              rounding communities, is eligible for
Thompson of Leesburg High School.              an application for the contest, two         tions. The Credit Union has been in                   membership in Insight Financial Credit
The winners and their families were            letters of recommendation, and a            business for more than 65 years and                   Union. Insight Financial is also recog-
invited to attend the annual meeting for       350- to 500-word essay based on             currently serves over 50,000 members.                 nized as one of the top 100 employers
the presentation of awards.                    next year’s topic.                          Anyone who lives or works in Seminole                 for working families.

                                                                                                                                                                         FM     M AY 2 0 0 4   17
                         LEADERSHIP & EDUCATION

                        In 2004, FirstMonday takes a look at how Leadership Orlando Alumni
                        foster growth and prosperity in the community today.

                        Where Are They Now?
                        One of the Founding Fathers of Leadership Orlando
                        and his daughter promote community leadership.
                        By Laura Peters

                        J. Blair Culpepper                        Business, Blair has had a
                        Leadership Orlando Class 2                lengthy career in banking.
                        & Betsy Culpepper,                        After receiving his MBA,
                        Leadership Orlando Class 36               he joined Atlantic
                             All past graduates and current       National Bank of
                        attendees of Leadership Orlando have      Jacksonville, rising to Vice
                        two people to thank: Blair Culpepper,     President after five years.
                        one of the founders of the program,       He went on to become
                        and his daughter, Betsy Culpepper,        President and CEO of the
                        the current Chair of Leadership           Atlantic Bank of Orlando
                                                                                                  J. Blair Culpepper            Betsy Culpepper
                        Orlando Alumni Board of Directors.        (now Wachovia), President
                             In 1975, Blair Culpepper, along      and CEO of Barnett Bank                         Board of Advisors Founder and
                        with James B. Greene, developed the       of Winter Park (now Bank of                     provides support to the Chamber’s
                        Leadership Orlando program, the           America), and President and CEO                 community leadership activities as
                        oldest of its kind in Central Florida.    of Winter Park Federal (later Pioneer           a Leadership Steward.
                        “We put ourselves through the pro-        Federal and now Washington                          Outside of the Orlando Regional
                        gram as ‘hosts’ along with the par-       Mutual). He also owned a title com-             Chamber of Commerce, Betsy
                        ticipants. The first class had great      pany and served as the Administrator            belongs to several professional associ-
                        speakers and long bus rides ... noth-     of Anderson and Rush P.A.                       ations, holds a seat on the Board of
                        ing like today’s all-encompassing         Blair also joined the National Bank             Directors for Downtown Orlando
                        community experience,” he says.           of Commerce (now Wachovia) and                  Foundation, and is a stakeholder in
                        “Today’s leadership programs do a         is currently Senior Vice President of           Healthy Community Initiative. A
                        much better job of team building          First National Bank of Central Florida.         recipient of numerous awards and
                        and educating tomorrow’s leaders.”             One of the thousands of Central            honors, Betsy is no stranger to leader-
                             Blair went on to become              Floridians who have benefited from              ship and community involvement.
                        Chairman of the Greater Orlando           the Leadership Orlando program is                   “Leadership Orlando exposed me
                        Chamber of Commerce (now the              Blair’s daughter, Betsy Culpepper. A            to a variety of issues facing my home-
                        Orlando Regional Chamber of               graduate of Class 36 while serving              town region,” she says. “It was a great
                        Commerce) in 1976. In 1980, he            as the Communications Director of               re-introduction to the diversity and
                        chaired the Board of Directors of the     the Central Florida YMCA, Betsy                 complexity of our community.”
                        Orlando Museum of Art and the             went on to Chair Class 44 and has
                        University of Central Florida             served on the Board of Leadership
                        Foundation in 1982.                       Orlando since 2001, currently as
                             A graduate of the University of      Chair. She is also on the Chamber’s
                        Florida and the Harvard School of         Board of Governors, a Regional

                        Listening to Leaders
                        Public Safety and Homeland Security
                            Don’t miss the third in a series of   one of the largest law enforcement            of Bank of America, Anne Chinoda
                        Leadership Alumni’s “Listening to         agencies in the Southeastern                  of Florida’s Blood Centers, Richard
                        Leaders” on Wednesday, May 19,            United States, with an annual                 Fryer of IFREC Real Estate Schools,
                        from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m., to be held at     budget of $102 million and more               Inc., Betsy Culpepper of Orlando
                        the Orlando Museum of Art.                than 2,000 employees. As Sheriff,             Regional Healthcare, Roseann
                            Featuring Sheriff Kevin E. Beary,     he is responsible for the safety of           Harrington of OUC - The Reliable
                        the discussion will include what          960,000 residents and the more                One, and Thomas Pellarin of PBS&J.
                        measures are in place to aid in the       than 40 million tourists who visit
                        protection of our region. Time will       the Orange County area annually.                  Register online at
                        also be allowed for the Sheriff to            Listening to Leaders is a series of       Admission is complimentary for paid
                        share strategies on becoming a            breakfast forums designed to contin-          members of Leadership Alumni. All
                        stronger leader.                          ue the learning experience started in         others pay $15 in advance or $20
                            Sheriff Beary is the chief law        Leadership Orlando. The series is             at the door.
                        enforcement officer of Orange             generously sponsored by our
                        County, Florida. He commands              Leadership Stewards: Joseph Terry

20 M A Y 2 0 0 4   FM

    MAY 4 – 6
    Baker & Hostetler LLP                            MAY 5                                    MAY 18
    Washington, D.C.                                 Networking                               Networking
    Regional “Fly-In”                                Happy Hour                               Power Luncheon
    Where: Washington, D.C.                          When: 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.                   When: 11:30 - Noon Networking
    Info: Join fellow business and community         6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Complimentary           Noon - 1:00 p.m. Lunch
    leaders from the Central Florida and             hors d’ oeuvres                          Where: Westin Grand Bohemian
    Tampa Bay regions as they travel together        Where: Shari Sushi Lounge                Downtown Orlando
    to the Nation’s Capital to advance a             Downtown Orlando/Thornton Park           325 South Orange Avenue at
    “Regional Agenda.” This “Fly In,” hosted         621 Central Boulevard near               Jackson Street
    by Baker & Hostetler LLP, is one of the          Summerlin Avenue                         Cost: $15 admission; $10 for                MAY 26
    most significant political events of the
    year, with the most comprehensive
                                                                                              Orlando Regional Chamber Members
    agenda ever! Visit to                                                                                                 Happy Hour
    review the power-packed agenda.                                                                                                       When: 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.
    Cost: $1,750 All Inclusive (Includes             MAY 12                                                                               6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Complimentary hors
    round-trip charter airfare, hotel
                                                     Networking                               MAY 19                                      d’ oeuvres
    accommodations, meals, ground
    transportation and all materials).               Happy Hour                               Networking                                  Where: Orangerie Cafe in Mall at
                                                                                                                                          Millenia, I - 4 and Conroy Road
    Limited “a la carte” is available.
                                                     When: 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.                   Happy Hour
    Contact: Kristine Vorpagel Shields at                                                                                                 For So Social
                                                     6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Complimentary           When: 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.
    407-835-2531 or e-mail                                                                                                                Networking Happy Hours
                                                     hors d’ oeuvres                          6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Complimentary                                                                                                 Cost: $10 admission, $7 for Orlando
                                                     Where: Harvey’s Bistro                   hors d’ oeuvres
    Sponors: Sponsorship opportunities are                                                                                                Regional Chamber Members
                                                     Downtown Orlando                         Where: Pebbles Longwood
    still available. Please contact Cyndi                                                                                                 Contact:
                                                     390 North Orange Avenue at               2110 West State Road 434 at
    Matzick at 407-835-2513 or e-mail
                                                     Livingston Street                        Markham Woods Road

    MAY 6                                       MAY 19                                       MAY 20                                        MAY 26
  Leadership Orlando Class 63
-                                               Listening to Leaders                         Business @ Breakfast/                         Board of Governors Meeting
  Quality of Life                               When: 7:30 a.m. — 9:00 a.m.                  New Member Orientation                        When: 11:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
    (Arts, Heritage, Entertainment)             Where: Orlando Museum of Art
                                                                                             When: 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                                           Where: Orlando Regional Chamber
    When: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                 2416 North Mills Avenue, Orlando                                                           of Commerce
                                                                                             7:30 – 8:15 a.m. Registration,
    Contact: Kelly Nicholson at 407-835-2527    Info: Homeland Security, Orange                                                            75 South Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando
                                                                                             Networking and Continental Breakfast
    or e-mail       County Sheriff Kevin Beary— In June                                                        Info: The Economic Impact of High
                                                                                             8:15 – 9:00 a.m. Program
                                                2003, Orange County Sheriff Kevin                                                          Speed Rail — Lecia Stewart, Vice
                                                                                             9:15 – 10:00 a.m. Orientation for New
                                                Beary received the National Sheriff’s                                                      President High Speed Rail Initiatives,
                                                                                             and Renewing Members
                                                Association’s Ferris E. Lucas Award —                                                      North America.Presented by Bombardier
                                                                                             Where: Marriott Downtown Orlando
                                                2003 Sheriff of the Year — for his                                                         Contact: Lisa Winkelbauer at
                                                                                             400 West Livingston Street, Orlando
    MAY 14                                      leadership skills and initiatives in home-
                                                                                             Info: Join us as Simon T. Bailey,
                                                                                                                                           407-835-2448 or e-mail
                                                land security issues. His response to the                                        
    Breakfast Club America                      9/11 attack on America resulted in the
                                                                                             International Speaker, Author, and
                                                                                             Business Consultant, and the leading
                                                                                                                                           Sponsor: The CED Companies
    When: 7:00 – 10:00 a.m.                     Sheriff’s Office taking a lead role in the
                                                                                             expert in unleashing human potential,
    7:00 – 8:15 a.m. — Viewing of Business      nation’s need to address homeland
                                                                                             talks to us about finding the passion
    Expo Displays & Registration                security issues. Appointed by Governor
                                                                                             within each of us and harnessing it to
    8:15 a.m. — Breakfast buffet begins         Jeb Bush to co-chair the Florida Domestic
    8:30 a.m. — Program begins                  Security Task Force (Region V) on
                                                                                             discover a world of unlimited poten-
                                                                                             tial...and releasing our inner brilliance!
                                                                                                                                           MAY 28
    8:50 – 9:30 a.m. — Guest speaker and        Terrorism, Sheriff Beary also serves on
    Question & Answer Session                   the FBI’s Executive Advisory Team for
                                                                                             Cost: Individual Tickets Advance              Enrollment Deadline
                                                                                             Purchase - $15. Individual Tickets Day
    9:30 – 10:00 a.m. — Photo and auto-         Homeland Security. Sheriff Beary holds
                                                                                             of Event - $20. Registrations are
                                                                                                                                           Leadership Orlando Class 64
    graph session with guest speaker            a Masters in Criminal Justice from the                                                     Contact: Kathy Panter at 407-835-2499
    Where: The Ballroom at Church Street        University of Central Florida.                                                             or e-mail
                                                                                             Contact: Lynette Jones at 407-835-2459
    225 Garland Avenue, Downtown Orlando        Cost: Paid members of Leadership
                                                                                             or e-mail
    Info: “Verizon Wireless Breakfast Club      Alumni get in FREE! All others pay only
                                                                                             Sponsor: AmSouth Bank
    with Billy Packer”                          $15 in advance and $20 at the door!
    Contact: Terrie Notter at 407-835-2484      Contact: Ruth Mustian at 407-835-2441
    or e-mail         or e-mail
                                                Sponsors: Anne Chinoda, Florida’s            Leadership Orlando Class 62
                                                Blood Centers, Inc.; Thomas Pellarin,
                                                PBS&J; Betsy Culpepper, Orlando              Economic Leadership
                                                Regional Healthcare; Roseann Harrington,     When: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                                OUC - The Reliable One; Joseph Terry,        Contact: Kelly Nicholson at 407-835-2527
                                                Bank of America and Richard Fryer, IFREC     or e-mail
                                                Real Estate Schools, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                             FM   M AY 2 0 0 4   21

Generation Donation
UCF students and Florida’s Blood Centers receive national recognition.
     Central Florida often struggles to             unique incentives to attract blood donors.
increase community blood donations, but             The students are also responsible for
thanks to a collaboration between Florida’s         developing day-of-drive marketing
Blood Centers (FBC) and the University of           strategies to keep a steady stream of
Central Florida (UCF), donations have               donors in the bloodmobiles.
increased by 400 percent on the UCF                     “Florida’s Blood Centers is thrilled
campus, earning FBC a 2003 Platinum                 with the work UCF’s Generation
Award of Excellence from America’s                  Donation has done for our organization
Blood Centers (ABC).                                and the community,” says FBC President
     “The UCF donor program, Generation             and CEO Anne Chinoda. “Most impor-
Donation, was created three years ago in a          tantly, we would like to recognize the
‘Writing for Public Relations’ course as a          student organization for its successful
class project,” says UCF Advertising/Public         efforts to increase blood donations by
Relations Professor Frank Stansberry. “The          400 percent from two years ago when the
students conducted research and developed           campus drives only brought in 100 units
a strategic plan to increase awareness of           of blood per month.”
blood donations at drives on campus. Since              The merit of the ABC award was based
then, the program has evolved into an inde-         on total number of units the organization      Generation Donation students help collect more than 400 units of blood per month.
pendent study curriculum directed entirely          collected annually and any increases in
by UCF communications students.”                    donations due to support of blood drive        a benefit to the donor, a mini health                  donation is safe and painless, and healthy
     Generation Donation collects over              program managers such as UCF’s                 check, which includes evaluations of                   people can donate every 56 days.
400 units of blood per month from the               Generation Donation. ABC is an interna-        blood pressure, iron level and cholesterol,
UCF community through campus blood                  tional network of blood centers that collect   is performed to help the donor maintain
drives targeting students, faculty and              almost half of the nation’s blood supply and   his or her good health. The entire proce-
staff. To generate awareness and create             a quarter of the Canadian blood supply.        dure, from completing a short medical
publicity for each blood drive, Generation              To donate blood, each donor must be        history to drawing the blood and resting
Donation students chalk sidewalks,                  in good health, 17 years of age or older       afterward with refreshments, takes                       For more, call 1-888-9-DONATE or log
distribute flyers, speak to classes and offer       and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. As          approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Blood                 on to

     High Tech Leader
     Chamber Member designs simulation and training devices for Navy.
     By Tracey Lawton

           As senior systems engineer and             Marietta and General Electric, where she     cost is negligible. “We consume no fuel,                 In addition, the Naval Training
     deputy lead for human systems naviga-            worked as a reliability and maintenance      and we have no firearm costs,” she says.            Systems Center hosts a technology day
     tion for NAV-AIR, Jacquie Foxx has her           engineer on defense contracts.                     Foxx specifically works on building           where they share information on up
     work cut our for her. When she’s not                  But, when it was time to come back      training systems that consist of hardware           and coming simulation technology.
     designing high tech hardware and                 to Orlando, she chose the training center    and software to simulate aircraft or ship           “Along with the Economic Development
     software, she’s getting the word out             because she enjoys being able to design      systems. By doing it through simulation,            Commission, we started a military advi-
     that Central Florida is a great place for        cost effective simulation and training       Foxx believes that more people are able             sory group” she says. “We address the
     tech companies.                                  devices that will then allow others to       to take this training and use it to create          military and listen to their concerns.
           “Through the leadership of Jacob           do their jobs better. She points out that    a better war fighter. “We want to focus             Then, we come up with ways to
     Stuart, I was able to assist in getting tech     actually firing a single missile can cost    more on the human in the element to                 improve training techniques.”
     on the map,” says Foxx. “We started the          $5,000 to $8,000. With simulation, the       make it easier to respond,” she says.                    Foxx uses her leadership experi-
     Central Florida Innovative Corporation,                                                       “Through simulation, we want to help                ence, much of it garnered through
     the Florida High Tech Corridor Council                                                        users make more reasonable and                      Leadership Orlando, to assist in the role as
     and identified seven industry tech sector                                                     capable decisions.”                                 a “community connector.”
     groups to target such as laser and                                                                  Participating in community service                 “I believe in the Chamber, and I
     photonics and entertainment.”                                                                 has helped Foxx perform her job better,             would encourage anyone to go through
           NAV-AIR, the Naval Training Systems                                                     and that’s why she’s active in the                  the Leadership program,” she says. “It
     Center, procures war fighter, submariner                                                      Chamber. “I’ve been working with the                gives you an awareness of the working
     and Navy Seals training systems. Foxx                                                         Chamber’s Leadership Orlando program                community; I could have lived here all
     helps design and develop hardware and                                                         and did a one-year detail assignment                my life and not discovered as much
     software to make it easier for humans to                                                      with Workforce 2020,” she says. “We send            about the community as I have through
     do their jobs. She came to NAV-AIR after                                                      all our senior leadership through                   the Leadership Orlando program.”
     stints as an engineer for both Martin             Jacquie Foxx                                Leadership Orlando.”

22 M A Y 2 0 0 4        FM
Annual Leadership
Chamber puts together local leadership
contingent for Tucson event.

    The Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce will have a
contingent of staff and volunteers from Leadership Orlando and
Leadership Alumni in attendance at the national Community
Leadership Association’s Annual Leadership Conference, which
will take place on June 3–6, 2004, in Tucson, Arizona.
    The Annual Leadership Conference brings together
leadership development professionals, graduates and other
civic-minded individuals from across the United States and
beyond to exchange innovative ideas, viewpoints and
resources to help strengthen and transform communities.
    The conference will feature keynote speakers, workshops
and roundtable discussions on leadership development skills,
knowledge and insights. Conference participants will have
the opportunity to attend thought-provoking and educational
workshops and network with people interested in and
committed to community leadership development.
    Coincidently, Leadership Orlando hosted this conference in
Orlando 10 years ago. The Conference Chair that year was
Thomas J. Porter, Principal of The Christ School at First
Presbyterian Church in downtown Orlando. This year, a
workshop will be presented by Porter, along with Daisy
Staniskis, Downtown Development Board, and Aliette Scharr,
Principal of Hillcrest Elementary School. The workshop will
focus on a collaboration project that they are modeling to
the national audience.
    At the CLA Annual Leadership Conference, attendees will:
■ Enhance leadership skills through workshops with nationally
  recognized, award-winning trainers.
■ Exchange ideas and best practices examples with fellow leaders
  from across the United States and around the world.
■ Develop an invaluable network of leadership resources
  and contacts.
■ Stay on top of the latest trends and issues in leadership
■ Renew professional and personal spirit with fresh ideas,
  innovative techniques and plenty of fun!
     The CLA Annual Leadership Conference benefits local
and state community leadership program directors, board
members, graduates and participants; neighborhood, city,
county and state officials; leadership specialists and
consultants; and other leaders of nonprofit associations,
university programs and corporations.
     The Community Leadership Association was founded
in 1979 and is dedicated to nurturing leadership in communi-
ties throughout the United States and internationally.

   For more information, go to

                                                                   FM   M AY 2 0 0 4   23

Raising the Bar
Chamber-created task force helps launch
UCF football to new heights.
By Scott Wallin

    Things are getting pretty serious at UCF.   O’Leary what he is most serious about
    The UCF football program has a              in life.
serious new coach who’s serious about                “He said, ‘well, I’m serious about
leading the Golden Knights into the             winning and I’m serious about my family.
upper echelon of college football. He           And I’m serious about winning, serious
even gave $100,000 of his own money             about football, serious about winning
to help the cause.                              and I’m serious about UCF and the
    That’s some serious cash.                   student-athlete. And I’m serious about
    But before it takes such a leap, UCF        winning, Holly,’” Stuart says.
has the challenge of winning over more               The task force is working toward
of the hometown crowd that oftentimes           getting this message out to a business
exhibits a dormant approach toward the          sector it feels is eager to embrace a
local college football team. When UCF           football program that is led by such a
wins, they show. If not, they seek alterna-     blue-collar approach.
tive entertainment in a city that has been           “Our partnership with UCF centers on
called the “world headquarters of some-         building community, and we feel that with
thing else to do.”                              Coach O’Leary heading up the program,
    These are the so-called fans that drive     we have the opportunity to take it to the
UCF Coach George O’Leary crazy.                 next level,” says Jacob Stuart. “Inspiring the
    “You’re only as good as your fan base,”     business community to back the program
says O’Leary, who was hired Dec. 8. “You        is easier with Coach O’Leary at the helm,
want a Division I team but you also need a      and that support will only improve the
Division I fan base. I get tired of hearing     quality of life in our region. We’ll take a
‘when you start to win, people will come        lesson from his playbook and work hard
out.’ I think you’re either in the circle or    to accomplish this goal.”
                                                                                                  O’Leary brings discipline and a gritty determination to a football program that needs it.
you’re not in the circle.”
    Pretty serious talk but that’s the point    “The City of Orlando has to
UCF is hoping to make by positioning                                                              Stuart presented O’Leary with a list of                       Selling college football in a metropoli-
O’Leary at the axis of an effort to reawaken
                                                support UCF in order to be                        influential Orlando business leaders and                 tan area is nothing new to O’Leary, who
the community. The university will follow       successful. The people I’ve                       their phone numbers. He didn’t hesitate                  spent eight years at Atlanta-based Georgia
the recommendations of a volunteer task                                                           in dialing up strangers, hoping to make a                Tech. He knows the challenges and
                                                spoken to out in the business                     new friend and, more important, a new                    options fans have in larger cities.
force that has the charge of creating an
O’Leary brand, so to speak.                     world understand that.”                           UCF football supporter.                                       “Atlanta is very similar,” O’Leary says.
    The task force is an all-star team of                                                              “Orlando doesn’t really have a team                 “You have so many other things to do, so
                                                                 — Coach George O’Leary
sorts, consisting of UCF leadership and                                                           as far as football is concerned during the               many other things you were competing
Orlando professionals in marketing,                   O’Leary is a notorious taskmaster with      fall,” O’Leary says. “You’d like to see UCF              against. The key (in Orlando) is you have a
public relations and communication.             his players. Blow an assignment in practice,      be that team. The City of Orlando has to                 big school with a large alumni base. It’s real-
It was drawn together by Jacob Stuart,          you run the drill again or you think about        support UCF in order to be successful. The               ly a new school compared to other schools
President of the Orlando Regional               your mistake while running windsprints.           people I’ve spoken to out in the business                as far as age is concerned. But I do think the
Chamber, as part of its long-term               As hard as he pushes his players, O’Leary         world understand that.                                   fan base is going to improve as we improve.
partnership with UCF.                           doesn’t hold back on himself. He has                   “It’s a win-win situation. When that                But you have to start somewhere and I
    The ultimate goal is simple: put more       accepted the fact that he needs to be an          happens, the City of Orlando wins from a                 think the No. 1 thing is getting people into
fans in the seats.                              out-front symbol of a revamped UCF                standpoint of people at games, hotels and                the stadium. That’s where the City of
    After getting a feel for the new coach in   program that cut all ties to its past with        everything else and UCF wins. UCF is                     Orlando has to help us out.
town, the task force realized it had a very     the dismissal of last year’s coaching staff.      Orlando and Orlando is UCF and that’s                         “There are a lot of people who moved
obvious and effective pitch on its hands.             An office assistant holds up a three-inch   what I’d like to see the final mix be.”                  in here from other areas that are looking
They would present O’Leary as himself: a        thick notebook that is O’Leary’s calendar.             Stuart says she plans to arrange a series           for someone to root for. Hopefully, we
no-nonsense throwback coach who has a           It is filled with upcoming commitments,           of informational luncheons for groups of                 become that team.”
serious attitude about taking UCF football      though he’s willing to take on as many as         about 25 Orlando business leaders who can                     For Roger Pynn, an alumnus, UCF
to places it’s never before been.               his schedule will allow, truly welcoming          meet O’Leary in a more intimate setting.                 always has been his team. He’s had six 50-
    Holly Stuart, President of Stuart           every opportunity to spread the UCF word.         The coach also likes to swing the golf clubs             yard line seats since the beginning, many
Communications, Inc., recalls asking            It started not long after he was hired when       and Stuart has gotten several requests to                times going against his wife’s suggestion
                                                                                                  have him appear at corporate outings.                    about not renewing so many. But Pynn, of

24 M A Y 2 0 0 4     FM
Curley & Pynn Public Relations and
Marketing Communications, always had a
vision that a day — and a leader such as
O’Leary — would come and the city
would rally. Pynn feels that time is here.
His seats aren’t going anywhere.
     “Now other people are knocking on
the door at the ticket office saying ‘hey, if
those people don’t want those six seats,
we’ll take them,’” Pynn says. “Sorry,
they’re sold.”
     O’Leary, too, is sold. He had a secure
job as defensive coordinator for the
Minnesota Vikings last year but always
was open for a return to the college game,
waiting for the right opportunity to
present itself. When it did, it came as a
surprise to many outsiders. But they
can’t see what O’Leary sees.
     UCF Athletics Director Steve Orsini
sees the same thing and was the key              A notorious taskmaster, O’Leary pushes his players to get it right.
mover in getting O’Leary to Orlando. The
two worked together at Georgia Tech and          the nation as far as being competitive.                    nity reaches back, he says.                     Everything is on its way to being in place.
shared many conversations over dinners           That’s what we want to do here.”                               “You need fans who believe in what          Now it’s a matter of getting the right pieces
at the athletic department’s dining hall.             On the day he was announced as UCF’s                  you’re doing and from what I’ve seen of the     to go along with everything else.”
     “I really admired him as a football         coach, O’Leary stepped to the microphone                   City of Orlando, I think the people are just        And just in case it needs reinforcing,
coach then,” Orsini says. “Then, as we set       and called his new place of employment                     itching to do things,” O’Leary says. “A foot-   O’Leary has one more serious reminder
out on our task here at UCF, I was looking       “a sleeping giant.” Now that he’s been on                  ball program is much like a company. You        about his journey.
for someone who can build a program. If          campus for five months, he’s convinced                     basically have a good product to sell. We’ve        “I’m serious about most everything
you recall, George took over Georgia Tech        more than ever that UCF can take a giant                   improved the practice facilities, we have a     I do,” he says. “I wouldn’t have taken
when they were really down, both on and          leap. Bowl game appearances, Top 10                        beautiful building here that you can go out     this job unless I thought I could get this
off the field. George turned it around real      finishes and a successful graduation rate                  and show to recruits. You have a good           program where it needs to be.”
quick and took it to the highest level in        all are within reach, as long as the commu-                coaching staff with a lot of experience.

    UCF Football                                                                Community Partners
    Community Task Force                                                         African American                           Florida Citrus Sports                 Orlando Touchdown Club
                                                                                 Chamber of Commerce                        Mr. Tom Mickle                        Robert W. Anthony, Esquire
     John R. Gill
                                                                                 of Central Florida
     Board President                                                                                                        Hispanic Chamber of                   Orlando/Orange
                                                                                 Nina D. Frazier, Ed.D.
     University of Central Florida Alumni Association                                                                       Commerce of Metro                     CountyConvention &
                                                                                 Asian American Chamber                     Orlando                               Visitors Bureau
     Michael Hinn                                                                of Commerce                                Mr. Ramon A. Ojeda                    Mr. William C. Peeper
     President and CEO                                                           Ms. Marlene Lasch
     Knight Images, Inc.                                                                                                    Home Builders Association             University of Central Florida
                                                                                 Associated Builders &                      of Metro Orlando                      Alumni Association
     Steve Orsini                                                                Contractors                                Ms. Elizabeth McGee                   Mr. Thomas Messina
     Director of Athletics                                                       Mr. Mark P. Wylie
     University of Central Florida                                                                                          Junior League of                      University of Central Florida
     Executive Vice President                                                    Central Florida Hotel &                    Greater Orlando                       Athletic Association
     University of Central Florida                                               Lodging Association                        Ms. Lee Nimkoff                       Mr. Steve Orsini
     Athletic Association, Inc.                                                  Mr. Richard J. Maladecki
                                                                                                                            Metro Orlando Economic                University of Central
     Roger Pynn                                                                  Central Florida Sports                     Development Commission                Florida Foundation
                                                                                 Commission                                 Mr. Raymond Gilley                    Mr. Robert J. Holmes, Jr.
     Curley & Pynn Public Relations                                              Mr. Randy Johnson
                                                                                                                            Orlando Regional Chamber              University of Central Florida
     Holly Stuart                                                                Downtown Athletic Club                     of Commerce                           Golden Knights Club
     President                                                                   of Orlando                                 Mr. Jacob V. Stuart                   Mr. Alan Gooch
     Stuart Communications, Inc.                                                 Ms. Shelley Ferguson
                                                                                                                            Orlando Regional
     Jacob V. Stuart                                                             Downtown Development                       REALTOR Association
                                                                                 Board                                      Belton E. Jennings, III,
     Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce                                        Mr. William F. Billingsley, III            APR RCE CAE

                                                                                                                                                                                FM   M AY 2 0 0 4      25
                                                                                          THE THREE “T S ” ARE MOVING CENTRAL FLORIDA INTO THE FUTURE. SEE HOW
                                                                                          TOURISM, TRADE AND TRANSPORTATION ARE WORKING FOR ALL OF US.

Clean Air Is
Everybody’s Business
Air pollution has wide ranging
negative effects on the community.

     We can all agree that reducing air       and increased costs per truck. Since the
pollution is important for environmental      financial success of every industry rides on
and health reasons. What you may not          truck tires — through cost-effective delivery
know, however, is that clean air is essen-    of freight, goods and services — imagine
tial for our quality of life and good for     the impact these potential sanctions could
business. Conversely, air pollution can       have on your business. Ultimately, the cost
be harmful to our economy, negatively         will be passed on to you.
impacting the business community in
many ways.                                    Making a Difference
     Imagine Central Florida being covered         Now that you know about the problem,
by smog. Now imagine the adverse effect       what can you do about it? Many companies
this could have on our reputation as the      in Central Florida already are taking steps to
world’s premier tourist destination.          avoid the consequences of air pollution.
Imagine the impression a health advisory      Each fall, the Central Florida Clean Air
due to ozone pollution would leave on         Team confers a Clean Air Award to
our guests. What would they think of          recognize a local business or organization
Orlando if they were warned to stay           in Orange, Osceola or Seminole County
indoors during the day because of             that promotes clean air through innovative
pollution? Would a visiting family            programs or practices.
want to enjoy our theme parks outdoors             The University of Central Florida
if there were potential health risks to       (UCF) shuttle transportation system
their children? Would they come back          received the 2003 Clean Air Award for its
again in following years? Clearly,            success in reducing traffic congestion and
maintaining our air quality is vital to       the resulting emissions by providing a safe,
our tourism industry.                         fast, convenient mode of transportation
                                              that serves about 6,000 students per day
Would a visiting family want                  in the University/Alafaya Corridor
                                              Transportation Area (UACTA). Since
to enjoy our theme parks out-                 emissions from automobiles are the
doors if there were potential                 primary source of air pollution in Central
health risks to their children?               Florida, the trips provided by the bus
                                                                                               collateral material. Team members volun-
                                              system are beneficial to the air we breathe.
                                                                                               teered their time and technical expertise
     Theme parks are not the only                                                              as judges at the Orange, Osceola and
businesses that could be harmed by air        Central Florida
                                                                                               Seminole County science fair events,
pollution. Atlanta, where economic            Clean Air Team                                   selecting special Clean Air Student Award
growth has been threatened as a result             The Central Florida Clean Air Team
                                                                                               winners who showcased projects on air
of air quality attainment problems, is a      is a broad-based coalition of government,
                                                                                               quality topics.
good example of this fact. Exceeding          health, utility, transportation and business
                                                                                                    This year, the Clean Air Team will
Environmental Protection Agency air           organizations that are committed to
                                                                                               build upon the success of last year’s
quality standards could have widespread       improving and maintaining the air quality
                                                                                               campaign through similar outreach
ramifications for our entire economy.         in our region. The team works together to
                                                                                               activities, as well as heightened efforts
Possible sanctions resulting from not         promote “It all adds up to cleaner air,” —
                                                                                               to increase awareness and involvement
attaining federal standards include:          a proactive, health-oriented campaign to
                                                                                               in the business community.
mandatory vehicle inspections, restricted     encourage individuals to take simple steps
fueling hours and suspended federal           that can help maintain our air quality.
funding for highway improvements.                  Activities of the Clean Air Team focus          To learn more about the Central Florida
                                              on raising awareness of air pollution and        Clean Air Team and how you can get
     Such sanctions could delay improve-
                                                                                               involved, visit,
ments to our roadways and increase costs      the impact of individual actions on air
                                                                                               or call 407-481-5672 ext. 305.
for vehicle owners. A severe impact of this   quality. The message has been promoted
scenario would be felt in the freight move-    in the community through events, media
ment industry, due to longer delivery times   coverage, advertising, and distribution of

26 M A Y 2 0 0 4    FM

                                                2004 Lodging, TDT Among Strongest Ever
   Recent 2004                                       The Central Florida tourism industry
                                                has gotten off to an extremely strong start          Orange County Tourist Development Tax
   Conventions                                  this year, building upon the rebound that
                                                started to take shape during the second

   Bring $121                                   half of 2003. After the first two months
                                                of 2004, Metro Orlando’s occupancy rate

   Million to                                   was 68.8 percent, up 14.1 percent from
                                                60.3 percent after the first two months of

   Community                                    2003. Likewise, room night demand has
                                                been very strong, up 20.9 percent com-
           Orlando’s convention business        pared to the same time last year. Average
    is off to a great start in 2004. The        daily rates (ADR), which declined in 11
    first two months of the year saw the        of 12 months during 2003, were up 2.6
    destination host Super Show, PGA            percent for the first two months of 2004.
    Merchandise Show, World of                       January got the year off to a good
    Concrete and the Healthcare                 start with occupancy increasing from
    Information & Management                    56.3 percent in 2003 to 62.9 percent
    Systems Society among others.               (+11.7 percent). Room night demand
    These events alone brought more             for the month was 15.8 percent higher
    than 100,000 convention attendees           than the previous year and was the
    to our area for an estimated eco-           highest January on record. Only ADR               The strong gains in room night           Part of the large gains over 2003 levels
    nomic impact of $121 million for            failed to post a gain for the month,          demand, combined with firming ADR,           can be attributed to weak conditions
    our community.                              coming in essentially unchanged               pushed Orange County tourist                 this time last year, due to the build-up
                                                from prior year levels.                       development tax collections up               and execution of the U.S.-led war
                                                     The gains over prior year levels not     dramatically. Compared to prior year         against Iraq. And the industry’s
                                                only continued in February, but actually      levels, collections rose 16.2 percent to     performance began to improve during
   Let Us Help                                  accelerated. February’s occupancy rate
                                                of 75.4 percent was 16.7 percent higher
                                                                                              $9,047,900 in January and 28.4 percent
                                                                                              to $10,171,600 in February. As with
                                                                                                                                           the second half of 2003, which will
                                                                                                                                           cause the year-over-year growth rates
   Plan Your                                    than 64.6 percent in February 2003 and
                                                average daily rates rose 5.0 percent their
                                                                                              room night demand, tax collections
                                                                                              in January and February were the
                                                                                                                                           to moderate during the second half
                                                                                                                                           of 2004. Nevertheless, while it may be
   Next Event                                   largest increase in over a year. Room
                                                night demand in February was up a
                                                                                              highest on record for those months.
                                                                                                  While most industry observers were
                                                                                                                                           asking too much to expect 20 percent
                                                                                                                                           gains in demand to continue all year,
                                                remarkable 25.9 percent and was the           optimistic regarding 2004, few expected      2004 is well on its way to being the
         Are you planning an event but can’t
                                                highest February on record.                   the year to begin as strongly as it has.     best year since 2000.
   find the right support services? Let the
   Orlando CVB Destination Meeting
   Services help make your next group
   event in Central Florida a success by put-
   ting you in touch with the right people.
   With some 1,400 Orlando CVB member
                                                CVB’s Summer Campaign Its Largest
   organizations, we have your needs cov-
   ered, from audio/visual and recording
                                                Domestic Marketing Effort for 2004
   services and caterers to photographers
                                                     With a goal of stimulating summer        they want to spend time with friends         Tampa/St. Petersburg and West
   and wedding services, to name a few.
                                                travel to the destination from its            and family. This was up from 48              Palm Beach.
   We can even meet your design and
                                                primary markets, the Orlando CVB              percent of those surveyed in 2001.               The family-themed print and
   printing needs for promotional posters,
                                                has launched a $7 million advertising              “This research validates our long-      television advertisements are aimed
   postcards and shell brochures.
                                                campaign. The “Bring Your Family              standing belief that Orlando appeals to      at 25 to 54-year-old women, key
                                                Together” campaign targets key fly            people of all ages and families of all       household decisionmakers. The print
                                                and drive markets during the popular          sizes,” says Bill Peeper, president of the   ads, insertions highlighting special
                                                summer travel planning period of              Orlando CVB. “With the largest and           hotel rates from CVB member
                                                April-June. The expenditure marks             most diverse collection of theme parks       participants are expected to generate
                                                it as the CVBs largest domestic               in the world and a multitude of smaller      20 million impressions. SeaWorld®
                                                marketing initiative for 2004.                attractions to nature excursions and         Orlando and Walt Disney World®
                                                     In a recent independent national         cultural opportunities, the destination      Resorts are partnering with the CVB
                                                survey, families traveling together           practically guarantees all family mem-       in the 30-second television spots,
                                                with children high school-aged or             bers will find their favorite pastime —      which are expected to generate 309
                                                younger selected Orlando as the first         or discover a new one.”                      million impressions.
       To find out more information,            choice (20 percent) for their spring               The combined television and news-           “This campaign is aimed at helping
   contact Kim Moody, CMP, director             break destination.                            paper messages will reach potential visi-    to ensure the extension of what is so far
   of Destination Meeting Services for               Additionally, in a Yankelovich           tors in New York, Boston, Philadelphia,      shaping up to be an excellent year for
   the Orlando CVB, at                          Monitor Live survey conducted on              Washington, D.C., Chicago, Detroit,          travel and tourism in Central Florida,”                     Aug. 7, 2002, 57 percent of those             St. Louis, Cleveland, Atlanta, Charlotte,    says Jose Estorino, senior vice president
   or call 407-363-5830.
                                                surveyed stated that when on vacation,        Jacksonville, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale,          of marketing for the CVB.

28 M A Y 2 0 0 4     FM
Tourism Equals a Great Investment
     As the industry celebrates National        which represents more than one quarter           Tourism is a vital economic engine        CVB Golf
Tourism Week May 8-16, it is a great
opportunity to take a look at the impact
                                                of all jobs in Orange, Osceola and
                                                Seminole counties.
                                                                                             for Central Florida. Please join us in cel-
                                                                                             ebrating the contributions that tourists      Tourney
the tourism industry has on our local
community. Last year, nearly 43 million
                                              ■ Wages earned by tourism industry
                                                employees amount to $5.1 billion
                                                                                             make to our local economy during
                                                                                             National Tourism Week 2004.                   Raises $10K
people visited Orlando for either busi-
ness or leisure travel. While they were
                                                in 2002.
                                              ■ Tourism generates a net fiscal impact
                                                                                                                                           for Local
here, they slept in hotels, ate in restau-
rants, shopped in our malls and stores,
                                                for Orange County and City of Orlando
                                                governments and Orange County
visited our attractions and toured our
                                                School Board of $61.8 million —                                                                  The Orlando CVB’s Annual
museums. The impact of their invest-
                                                money that is used to support many                                                         Spring Golf Tournament was a rous-
ment in our community is substantial.
                                                social services that area taxpayers                                                        ing success. Golfers teed off at the
■ Visitor spending contributed more than        would otherwise have to cover.                                                             Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Grande
  $21.8 billion to our local economy          ■ Visitors save the average Orange                                                           Lakes Orlando on April 5 raising
  in 2002.                                      County household approximately                                                             $10,000 to support A Gift For
■ Tourism is our area’s largest employer,       $456 in additional taxes each year.                                                        Teaching. The event sold out early —
  employing more than 214,800 people,                                                                                                      both in terms of sponsorship sales
                                                                                                                                           and golfer registrations. Florida
                                                                                                                                           Citrus Sports Sales Manager and
                                                                                                                                           CVB Golf Committee Member Pat
                                                                                                                                           Hoffman presented the check to A
                                                                                                                                           Gift For Teaching’s Director of
CVB Produces Another Community Pub                                                                                                         Development Jessa Heisey following
                                                                                                                                           the tournament.
     In yet another example of                                                                                                                   Since adopting AGFT as the
community partnership, the Orlando                                                                                                         recipient of the golf tournament pro-
CVB is publishing Texture magazine                                                                                                         ceeds, Orlando CVB members have
for the Metro Orlando Economic                                                                                                             raised more than $35,000 to sup-
Development Commission (EDC).                                                                                                              port the organization which oper-
The new EDC publication explores                                                                                                           ates a free store from which teachers
and promotes the region as leading                                                                                                         can supply their classrooms. Be sure
the nation in technology innovation,                                                                                                       to mark your calendar for Oct. 11 for
talent and culture. The inaugural                                                                                                          the Third Annual Fall Classic Golf
issue is slated for publication                                                                                                            Tourna-ment at the Rosen Shingle
this month.                                                                                                                                Creek Golf Club Resort, again bene-
     The magazine's premiere issue                                                                                                         fitting A Gift For Teaching.
is made possible through Economic
Stimulus 2.0 funding provided
by Orange County. The Florida
High Tech Corridor is also a publica-
tion sponsor.
     In other similar community
partnerships, the Orlando CVB
publishes the annual Orlando
Filmbook for the Metro Orlando
Film & Entertainment Commission
(a division of the EDC) and bi-
monthly Orlando Arts Magazine for
United Arts of Central Florida.

    For more information about advertis-
ing opportunities in future Texture issues,                                                                                                    For more information on how to
Orlando Filmbook and Orlando Arts                                                                                                          get involved in this worthwhile effort,
Magazine, call 407-354-5568.                                                                                                               contact A Gift For Teaching at

                                                    From top: The May 2004 Texture, The Orlando Filmbook 2004, and the May/June
                                                    2004 Orlando Arts Magazine

                                                                                                                                                              FM    M AY 2 0 0 4     29
                                                         COMMUNIT Y, CULTURE AND TRENDS. IT’S ALL REPRESENTED HERE.

Soothing Beverage
Good cup of tea still calms in tough times.
Story Provided by M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando

     In the midst of air raids on London               leaning back against the wall with a cup            The quality of the tea
during World War II, while bombs fell day             of tea saying, ‘Boy, did I need this.’”          is emphasized in the
and night upon the city, the British held                  Trish Shooter, a nurse in outpatient        program, and Miller-Clark
to a long-standing belief that a good,                chemotherapy unit at M. D. Anderson -            adheres to the strict rules
strong cup of tea would cure anything                 Orlando, agrees. “It’s a civilized pause in      of British tea preparation.
that ails you. This healing ritual has been           the middle of a hectic day,” she says.           Patients and doctors
brought to M. D. Anderson Cancer                           The program also has deeply affected        have been known to line
Center Orlando in the form of high tea,               the patients at M. D. Anderson - Orlando         the hallways, patiently
an elegant, European-style teatime,                   and Orlando Regional South Seminole              waiting while the tea
offered every Thursday at 2:30 p.m.                   Hospital, where the ritual of high tea was       undergoes its five-minute
     “The ritual of tea is ancient,” says             initially begun in 2000. Family members of       steeping process.
Jeanne Miller-Clark, chaplain and manag-              former patients of South Seminole Hospital           Good tea has long been
er of the Mind-Body-Spirit Center. “It cre-           donated many of the fine porcelain teacups       recognized for its healing
ates sanctuary and conjures images of                 that are an integral part of the program.        properties, dating back to
                                                                                                                                                      time in four years, U.S. News & World
home in stressful environments.”                           “Many nurses use teacups dedicated          ancient Japanese and Chinese herbal
                                                                                                                                                      Report has ranked M. D. Anderson
     Miller-Clark began weekly high teas at           to their former patients,” said Miller-          teas. Tea as a social connection between
                                                                                                                                                      Cancer Center as the top cancer treatment
M. D. Anderson - Orlando shortly following            Clark. “It’s a connection between them.”         people can be traced to several parts
                                                                                                                                                      hospital in the U.S. and has ranked it as
the outbreak of the recent war in Iraq, call-              High tea is offered on the fifth floor      of the world besides Great Britain,
                                                                                                                                                      one of the top two cancer hospitals for the
ing on the calming properties of good                 day room of M. D. Anderson - Orlando.            including the southern United States’
                                                                                                                                                      past 14 years.
British tea to soothe tension and anxiety             More than 700 people enjoy the program           relationship with iced tea.
in hospital staff and cancer patients.                each month, and at a recent tea, 110                 M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
     “It helps during busy days for people            patients and staff members participated.         Orlando, part of Orlando Regional                For more information, visit
to be able to stop for a moment and sim-              Only homemade clotted cream and P.G.             Healthcare, is affiliated with The
ply connect with another human being,”                Tips brand tea are served, alongside             University of Texas M. D. Anderson
says Miller-Clark. “You’d see nurses                  homemade lemon curd and pound cake.              Cancer Center in Houston. For the third

     C’mon Latinos, Get Involved!
     By José David Alvarez, HCCMO Director, CBR Public Relations

         The Hispanic Chamber of                         issues that have a direct and indirect        Hispanics in the state. For that reason,     involve young people in water conser-
    Commerce of Metro Orlando recently                   impact on the community at both the           this district created a Hispanic Outreach    vation activities; business and nonprofit
    was part of one of the most valuable                 local and state level. One good place to      Program to generate awareness about          partnership outreach events and many
    programs offered by the Orlando                      start is by getting involved in what local    its responsibilities such as water supply,   other activities.
    Regional Chamber of Commerce: the                    and state agencies are doing to better        water quality, flood control and                  Remember that everyone in the
    2004 GrayRobinson Tallahassee                        manage the region’s natural resources.        environmental protection and issues          community can make a difference, so
    Community “Fly-In.”                                        For instance, one Chamber               implementing the state’s participation       go ahead, get involved and take part in
         More than 100 leaders from the                  member, the South Florida Water               in the Comprehensive Everglades              making Central Florida a better place for
    local business community traveled to                 Management District (SFWMD), has              Restoration Plan.                            us all to live and work.
    the state capital in March to interact               created a program to better inform                  The SFWMD program seeks to
    with state legislators and senators. They            Central Florida Hispanic residents about      educate Central Florida Hispanics about
                                                                                                                                                       For more on the South Florida Water
    learned about important state issues                 the region’s unique water resources           the unique water resources in the area       Management District’s Hispanic Outreach
    such as current proposed constitutional              and their relationship to the quality of      and how they can get involved. The           Program, visit or call
    amendments, affordable healthcare,                   life that all Florida residents enjoy. This   program includes bilingual presenta-         407-858-6100. For more on the Hispanic
    class size, the state budget and high-               program is called the Central Florida         tions targeted to residents enrolled in      Chamber, call 407-428-5870 or visit
    speed rail among others.                             Hispanic Outreach Program.                    adult ESOL programs as well as students
         The Hispanic Chamber encourages                       The SFWMD is one of Florida’s five      enrolled in ESOL classes in the local
    everyone in the community to become                  water management districts. Its coverage      public school systems; Hispanic youth
    more involved and informed about                     area has the largest concentration of         leadership programs designed to

32 M A Y 2 0 0 4      FM

Historic Advice for Town Center Developers
Study your history before you plan.

    Developers, municipal officials and            transportation. “They built their towns
volunteer activists who are considering a          adjacent to major transportation, which at
development of a town center project               the time consisted of the ocean and rivers,”
should consult history first.                      Marks explains. “They also planned their
    Studies of town centers, main street           towns around institutions, which served as
programs and downtown redevelopment                an integral component.”
projects have suggested that16th and 17th              In Williamsburg, English colonial
century municipal planners — including             leaders planned the downtown core as a
the Spanish who built St Augustine and             long main street with the government
English Lords, who settled Colonial-era            headquarters at one end and William &
Williamsburg, Virginia — had the formula           Mary College at the other end, and in the
right even if they didn’t anticipate super         middle they built their church.
highways, mega malls, the Internet, cell               Successful town centers and Main Street
phones and television.                             developments today are hybrids and have
    “If you study how St. Augustine and            evolved from many of the same principles.
Williamsburg were planned, what you learn              Marks refers to local development
pretty fast is that they often did it right, and   projects as examples of this type of plan-
they often developed the institutions that         ning. Park Avenue in Winter Park and
more citizens today are demanding,” says           Winter Park Village are both dependent
David Marks, a local marketplace analyst           on their location relative to transportation
and advisor based in Maitland.                     corridors. Downtown Winter Park is fed by
    Both colonial era towns and cities             Fairbanks and Aloma Avenues, with an
                                                                                                     St. Augustine’s municipal planners, even though working with 17th-century technology, understood what
were based on the European model. The              interior pedestrian corridor down Park
                                                                                                     elements would make a town center successful.
Spanish produced a “how to” manual in              Avenue, and while Park Avenue isn’t
1573 called the Law of the Indies, and             dependent on it, the placement of Rollins
                                                                                                     development that runs perpendicular to                course, is the addition of the automobile
most Spanish new world towns were                  College at one end, St Margaret Mary
                                                                                                     the arterial traffic. “Lacking government             and new types of communication, but
designed on those principals.                      Church at the other and City Hall in
                                                                                                     or religious facilities, Winter Park Village          many of the other principal features are
    English settlements were similarly             between adds a classic colonial era style
                                                                                                     created a substitute — a major cinema,”               still relevant.”
designed, and the principal features are still     that adds a great deal of energy to the
                                                                                                     he says.
relevant today. Those principles include a         area’s dynamics.
                                                                                                          Most of the principles contained in the
town square, where people can gather, with             At Winter Park Village, the U.S.
                                                                                                     Law of the Indies are still valid today. “How
government offices — city hall — as well as        Highway 17-92 location is critical with its
                                                                                                     cities, towns and especially town centers
religious and educational institutions.            high visibility to the area’s arterial traffic,
                                                                                                     work have been known for a thousand
    They also include a key element                and pedestrian activity is facilitated
                                                                                                     years,” says Marks. “What has changed, of
that is even more important today:                 throughout the core or center of the

                                                                     FL ASHBACK

                                                                     Family Feuds
                                                                           Most Central Florida residents aren’t aware that             was prosecuted for the killing, but eight people —
                                                                      during its infancy Orlando was much like many of the              members of the Barber family and their employees —
                                                                      lawless towns of the Old West. Tombstone, Dodge City              were killed by the Mizells and their allies within a few
                                                                      and Deadwood had nothing on the City Beautiful,                   weeks of the sheriff’s murder.
                                                                      which was known for its cattle ranchers, cowboys and
                                                                      family feuds similar to the Earp/Clanton and                         Historic photo courtesy of the Orange County
                                                                      Hatfield/McCoy rivalries.                                         Regional History Center. For more on History Center
                                                                           This photograph is of David W. Mizell, who holds             exhibits, call 407-836-8500. To purchase historic
                                                                      the dubious distinction of being the only Central                 photographs, call 407-836-8559 or via e-mail at
                                                                      Florida sheriff to be slain on duty. He was ambushed    
                                                                      and shot to death in February 1870 in the Bull Creek
                                                                      area of what is now Osceola County while trying to
                                                                      collect a debt for a rancher from Moses Barber. No one

34 M A Y 2 0 0 4     FM
In celebration of the positive Hispanic influence in Central Florida, the
Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce will be featuring a monthly
news story “en español” in FirstMonday for your reading pleasure.                                    Talk of the Town
                                                                                                     Multi-media advertising opportunities come
No más visas H2B                                                                                     to the Orange County Convention Center.
    La Oficina de Ciudadanía y Servicios de       que esperar hasta el 1ro. de octubre, cuando              A 10-year strategic advertising   advertisers, and it’s an added
Inmigración anunció la semana pasada              comienza el nuevo año fiscal.                      alliance has been implemented by         convenience to show attendees.”
que ya no aceptará solicitudes para visas de           En febrero, se dejaron de recibir las visas   the Orange County Convention                   The multi-size (up to 14 square
trabajadores temporales no profesionales          tipo H1B por la misma razón. Estas visas           Center with BoardTalk Worldwide.         feet) High Impact Light Boxes and
durante el año fiscal 2004.                       permiten a las empresas contratar profe-           This high impact multi-media             backlit Illuminated Advertising
                                                  sionales con calificaciones técnicas específi-     advertising gives local businesses       Directories are strategically placed
En febrero, se dejaron de recibir                 cas y título universitario.                        the opportunity to reach one             throughout both buildings of the
las visas tipo H1B por la misma                        Esto era de esperarse, pues a finales de      million plus local, national and         convention center.
                                                  septiembre del año pasado, las autoridades         international attendees that visit             “BoardTalk is an asset to the
razón. Estas visas permiten a las                 migratorias anunciaron que la cuota anual          the Orange County Convention             OCCC because it provides the
empresas contratar profesio-                      de visas de trabajo se reducirían de 195,000       Center each year.                        information that attendees are
                                                  a 65,000.                                                 “We are very proud and excited    looking for and at the same time it
nales con calificaciones técnicas                      El vocero de la Oficina de Ciudadanía y       about the tremendous marketing           gives local, regional & national
específicas y título universitario.               Servicios de Inmigración dijo además que           opportunity that BoardTalk provides      businesses the opportunity to
                                                  las solicitudes que sean rechazadas serán          through the Orange County                showcase their products and serv-
     Según la oficina, ya el servicio de          devueltas, al igual que los honorarios exigi-      Convention Center,” says Michael         ices,” says Kathie Canning, Deputy
inmigración completó la cuota de 66,000           dos por la agencia.                                Lezberg, owner of BoardTalk.             General Manager of the Orange
pautada para el año 2004. Estas personas                                                             “It’s an advertising venue to a          County Convention Center.
vienen a trabajar en la industria forestal,           Para más información, vaya a    highly targeted audience for our
balnearios, o en ciertas actividades agrícolas,   Si desea ver la propuesta de reforma de
tal como el pastoreo. También pueden ser          inmigración presentada por el Presidente
entrenadores y atletas, pero todos tendrán        George W. Bush, visite

                                                                                                                                                              FM    M AY 2 0 0 4      35
                                            WELCOME MARCH’S NEW MEMBERS. LOOK FOR
                                            ARPIL’S NEW MEMBERS IN THE NEXT ISSUE.

180 Degrees Corporation                       Ann Taylor Loft                          Big League Sports & Entertainment       Details                               GM Co. (Of Greater Orlando) Ltd.
   P.O. Box 618221                               8001 South Orange Blossom Trail          1003 South Kirkman Road                 8001 South Orange Blossom Trail       7380 Sand Lake Road
   Orlando, FL 32861                             Space 1338                               Suite 300E                              Space 208                             Suite 500
   Ms. Milly Solis                               Orlando, FL 32809                        Orlando, FL 32811                       Orlando, FL 32809                     Orlando, FL 32819
   Jewelry                                       Ms. Jania Melendz                        Mr. Carl Smith                          Mr. Abraham Abed                      Mr. Graziano Maldonado
                                                 Retail and Variety Stores                Organizations (Non-Profit)              Retail and Variety Stores             Management Consultants and Services

A.L. Cleaning Services
   P.O. Box 453383                            Apartment Hunters Superstore             Boyds Bears & More                      Diamond Source Jewelers               Greater Orlando Livery
   Kissimmee, FL 34745-3383                      4809 East Colonial Drive                 8001 South Orange Blossom Trail         8001 South Orange Blossom Trail    Association, Inc./GOLA
   Ms. Evelyn Saldana                            Orlando, FL 32803                        Space 1316                              Space 1300                            P.O. Box 627871
   Janitorial and Cleaning (Services)            Mr. Mark Anderson                        Orlando, FL 32809                       Orlando, FL 32809                     Orlando, FL 32827
                                                 Apartments                               Ms. Jennifer Houtz                      Ms. Christine Pham                    Mr. Ronald Eason
                                                                                          Retail and Variety Stores               Retail and Variety Stores             Organizations (Civic/Social)

Abundant Life Business Consultants, Inc.
   P.O. Box 453383                            Archive America
   Kissimmee, FL 34745-3383                      6708 Harney Road                      Butterfly Cleaning Service              Disc Gear                             H.T. Porter, Inc.
   Ms. Evelyn Saldana                            Tampa, FL 33610                          2303 Sweetaire Court                    8001 South Orange Blossom Trail       225 Palmetto Street
   Financial                                     Mr. Michael H. Yoelson                   Apopka, FL 32712                        Space 3-17                            Nokomis, FL 34275
   (Consultants/Planners/Services)               Management Consultants (Information      Mr. Christopher Pintado                 Orlando, FL 32809                     Ms. Susan Duryea
                                                 Technology)                              Janitorial and Cleaning (Services)      Ms. Jacqui Lucas                      Training/Development Consultants
                                                                                                                                  Retail and Variety Stores

Allpoints Equipment Company
   7213 Sandscove Court                       Baggage Depot I                          Catering to Orlando, LLC                                                      Hangbag Heaven I
   Unit 7                                        8001 South Orange Blossom Trail          7985 Bridgestone Drive               DNS - Debt Negotiation Services          8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
   Winter Park, FL 32792                         Orlando, FL 32809                        Orlando, FL 32835                       5468 International Drive              Space 4-17
   Mr. Dave Macauley                             Mr. Zack Berbazzat                       Ms. Virginia Mundy                      Orlando, FL 32819                     Orlando, FL 32809
   Material Handling Equipment                   Retail and Variety Stores                Catering                                Mr. Tim Talley                        Mr. Rolando Tuietero
                                                                                                                                  Credit Counseling Services            Retail and Variety Stores

Alternative Mortgage                          Bayside Brush II                         Certified Pressure Cleaning Systems
Funding Corporation                              8001 South Orange Blossom Trail          5351 Hondo Way                       Dylan’s Candy Bar                     Hangbag Heaven II
   238 North Westmonte Drive                     Space 4-11                               Orlando, FL 32810                       8001 South Orange Blossom Trail       8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
   Suite 265                                     Orlando, FL 32809                        Mr. Phillip A. Corbitt                  Space 1013A                           Space 3-3
   Altamonte Springs, FL 32714                   Ms. Jeaneth Flores                       Pressure Cleaning                       Orlando, FL 32809                     Orlando, FL 32809
   Ms. Mona Cherkaoui                            Retail and Variety Stores                                                        Ms. Danira Crespo                     Mr. Rolando Tuietero
   Mortgage Bankers or Brokers                                                                                                    Retail and Variety Stores             Retail and Variety Stores

                                                                                       Cingular Wireless
                                              Beepers-N-Phones                            415 North Orlando Avenue
American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.        8001 South Orange Blossom Trail          Suite 104                            Ethan Allen Home Interiors            Identity Consulting
   800 North Magnolia Avenue                     Space K-112                              Winter Park, FL 32789                   4049 Conroy Road                      1071 Kersfield Circle
   Suite 1700                                    Orlando, FL 32809                        Mr. Louis Chaves                        Orlando, FL 32803                     Lake Mary, FL 32746
   Orlando, FL 32803                             Mr. Gary Smith                           Cellular Communications                 Ms. Allie Casey                       Ms. Sandra Saad
   Mr. Tony Scott                                Retail and Variety Stores                                                        Furniture                             Fundraising (Consultants)
                                                                                       Cingular Wireless
                                                                                          8001 South Orange Blossom Trail      Fairwinds Credit Union                Income Plus Asset Management, Inc.
                                                                                          Space K-113                             3885 Avalon Park East Boulevard       P.O. Box 547568
                                                                                          Orlando, FL 32809                       Orlando, FL 32828                     Orlando, FL 32854
                                                                                          Mr. Jeff Appoliti                       Mr. Bryan Meizinger                   Mr. William Fischbach
                                                                                          Cellular Communications                 Credit Unions                         Financial

                                                                                       Cinnzeo                                 Fix & More
                                                                                          8001 South Orange Blossom Trail         8001 South Orange Blossom Trail    Insurance Management
                                                                                          Space 894A                              Space 2-10                         Group of Florida
                                                                                          Orlando, FL 32809                       Orlando, FL 32809                     1331 North Mills Avenue
                                                                                          Mr. Asim Muhammad                       Mr. Toufic Daklala                    Orlando, FL 32803
                                                                                          Retail and Variety Stores               Retail and Variety Stores             Mr. Kenneth H. Dinklage

                                                                                       Coach                                   Florida Hospital DeLand
                                                                                          8001 South Orange Blossom Trail         701 West Plymouth Avenue           Interlude Entertainment
                                                                                          Space 1274                              DeLand, FL 32720                      2001 Mercy Drive
                                                                                          Orlando, FL 32809                       Mr. Rob Fulbright                     Suite 204
                                                                                          Mr. Juan Carlos                         Hospitals                             Orlando, FL 32808
                                                                                          Retail and Variety Stores                                                     Mr. Jamaica Johnson
                                                                                                                                                                        Recording Studio

                                                                                                                               Florida T-Shirts Plus
                                                                                       Country Craft ‘n Christmas, Inc.           8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
                                                                                          25250 East Colonial Drive               Sapce 2-1                          i-Tech Support
                                                                                          Christmas, FL 32709                     Orlando, FL 32809                     151 Southhall Lane
                                                                                          Ms. Rebecca A. Hamilton                 Ms. Mercia Paiga                      Suite 250
                                                                                          Retail and Variety Stores               Retail and Variety Stores             Maitland, FL 32751
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Brian J. Avery
                                                                                                                                                                        Computer (Consultants)

                                                                                       Datacom Wireless Corporation            Forever 21

                                                                                          5201 Blue Lagoon Drive                  8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
                                                                                          Suite 858                               Space 490                          Jean Carter
                                                                                          Miami, FL 33126                         Orlando, FL 32809                     8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
                                                                                          Ms. Lisa Schuepp                        Ms. Jill Palmer                       Space 692
                                                                                          Satellite Tracking                      Retail and Variety Stores             Orlando, FL 32809
                                                                                                                                                                        Ms. Nicola Tartaglione
                                                                                                                                                                        Retail and Variety Stores

                    COMMUNITY.                                                         Dept 56
                                                                                          8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
                                                                                          Space 1136A
                                                                                          Orlando, FL 32809
                                                                                                                               George Colombo International
                                                                                                                                  635 Marni Drive
                                                                                                                                  Winter Springs, FL 32708
                                                                                                                                  Mr. George Colombo
                                                                                                                                                                     Kenneth Cole Reaction
                                                                                                                                                                        8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
                                                                                          Ms. Terrie William                      Business/Performance Improvement      Space 1013A
                                                                                          Retail and Variety Stores               Consultants                           Orlando, FL 32809
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Leonardo Robledo, Jr.

                   INTERACTION.                                                                                                                                         Retail and Variety Stores

36 M A Y 2 0 0 4           FM
Kids At Play                                Noah’s Arts                                    Salad Creations                      Terminix Commercial                  WCEU, A Service of Daytona
   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail             8001 South Orange Blossom Trail                8001 South Orange Blossom Trail      5776 Hoffner Avenue               Beach Community College
   Space 5-6                                   Space 1172                                     Space 1001                           Suite 303                            P.O. Box 9245
   Orlando, FL 32809                           Orlando, FL 32809                              Orlando, FL 32809                    Orlando, FL 32822                    Daytona Beach, FL 32120
   Ms. Maria Ruiz                              Mr. Peymen Thmadden                            Mr. Scott Smith                      Ms. Bridget Devine                   Ms. Sandra Session-Robertson
   Retail and Variety Stores                   Retail and Variety Stores                      Retail and Variety Stores            Pest Control                         Television (Stations)

Leather Shop I, The                         Orange County                                  Sam’s Holy Land Treasures            Texas de Brazil            
   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail          Toastmasters Club 129                             8001 South Orange Blossom Trail      5259 International Drive             1934 Westpoint Circle
   Space 5-17                                  P.O. Box 300482                                Space 2-15                           Suite F1                             Orlando, FL 32835
   Orlando, FL 32809                           Fern Park, FL 32730                            Orlando, FL 32809                    Orlando, FL 32819                    Mr. Humberto Farias
   Mr. Qassem Dabbah                           Ms. Gabrielle Mercier                          Mr. Samir Mitri                      Ms. Ana Maria Pereles                Web Design and Development
   Retail and Variety Stores                   Organizations (Non-Profit)                     Retail and Variety Stores            Restaurants

                                                                                                                                                                     Wild Zak Productions
Leather Shop II, The                        Pagoda II                                      San Marino Concrete Wall             The Home Depot                          422 Washington Avenue
   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail             8001 South Orange Blossom Trail                P.O. Box 1592                        1530 East Highway 50                 Eustis, FL 32726
   Space 3-2                                   Space K-1018                                   Windermere, FL 34786                 Clermont, FL 34711                   Mr. David Klobus
   Orlando, FL 32809                           Orlando, FL 32809                              Mr. Jeffrey Kalish                   Ms. Kathy McAuley                    Video (Production)
   Mr. Qassem Dabbah                           Ms. Anne Garcia                                Concrete Work                        Hardware
   Retail and Variety Stores                   Retail and Variety Stores

                                                                                                                                                                     Wireless Dimensions
                                                                                           Sendera Palms Apartments             The Home Depot                          8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
Liberty Tax Service                         Papaya                                            4700 Walden Circle                   1670 West Orange Blossom Trail       Space C
   4300 Claracona Ocoee Road                   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail                Orlando, FL 32811                    Apopka, FL 32712                     Orlando, FL 32809
   Orlando, FL 32810                           Space 1216                                     Ms. Leonor Yepez                     Mr. Gary Buchanon                    Mr. Andrew Schwarz
   Mr. Patrick Shugg                           Orlando, FL 32809                              Apartments                           Hardware                             Telecommunications (Products/Services)
   Tax Services                                Ms. Ana Merino
                                               Retail and Variety Stores

                                                                                           Sensations Beauty                    Theme Street Pictures                Wireless Zone/Verizon
Littman Jewelers                                                                              8001 South Orange Blossom Trail      8001 South Orange Blossom Trail      8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail          Park Central                                      Space C                              Space K                              Space K-115
   Suite 1180                                  5145 City Street                               Orlando, FL 32809                    Orlando, FL 32809                    Orlando, FL 32809
   Orlando, FL 32809                           Orlando, FL 32839-NB                           Ms. Dani Levy                        Mr. Gregg Dobbs                      Mr. Mo Khalil
   Mr. Howard Silverman                        Ms. Tonya Rountree                             Retail and Variety Stores            Retail and Variety Stores            Telecommunications (Products/Services)
   Jewelry                                     Apartments/Corporate Housing

                                                                                           Shades For Less                      Thomas Kinkade Gallery               World Financial Group
Lov Sac                                     Patrick Buffa                                     8001 South Orange Blossom Trail      8001 South Orange Blossom Trail      801 Weldona Lane
   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail             765 Terra Place                                Space C                              Space 362                            Suite 1
   Space 188                                   Maitland, FL 32751                             Orlando, FL 32809                    Orlando, FL 32809                    Orlando, FL 32801
   Orlando, FL 32809                           Mr. Patrick Buffa                              Mr. Shakin Mustafa                   Mr. Ron Kinney                       Darryl L. Johnson, MBA
   Ms. Ronda Turzinski                         Financial (Consultants/Planners/Services)      Retail and Variety Stores            Retail and Variety Stores            Assets Under Management/
   Retail and Variety Stores                                                                                                                                            Financial (Consultants/Planners/Services)

                                            Point A                                        Simons Investments                   Tropical Breeze Promotions, LLC
Magiff Nails                                   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail                519 West Jersey Avenue               2520 Olive Branch Way             Wyndham Palace Resort & Spa
   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail             Space 1272                                     Brandon, FL 33510-3030               Orlando, FL 32817                    1900 Buena Vista Drive
   Space 5-19                                  Orlando, FL 32809                              Ms. Sandra Simons                    Ms. Katherine Richardson             Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
   Orlando, FL 32809                           Ms. Jordana Onotre                             Financial Provider                   Advertising Specialties              Mr. Greg Hauenstein
   Mr. Andres Luceno                           Retail and Variety Stores                                                                                                Hotels, Motels and Resorts
   Nail Salons

                                                                                           Skylar Consulting, Inc.              Tropical Breeze Smoothies
                                            Pressure Washing Pro                              680 St. Johns Court                  8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
Metro Bank fsb                                 5437 Lake Margaret Drive                       Winter Park, FL 32792                Space K
   4138 North John Young Parkway               Suite H                                        Mr. Fernando Celis                   Orlando, FL 32809
   Orlando, FL 32804                           Orlando, FL 32812                              Consultants                          Ms. Amy Keith
   Mr. Mont S. Thurston                        Mr. Lee Manning                                                                     Restaurants                             Regional Board of Advisors
   Banks                                       Pressure Cleaning/Roof Cleaning                                                                                             Chamber Trustees
                                                                                                                                                                           Small Business Chamber
                                                                                           Sol Time
                                                                                              8001 South Orange Blossom Trail   Tropicana Fruit Smoothies
Millenium Fashions                          PrimePay                                          Space 364                            8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
   8001 South Orange Blossom Trail             2700 Westhall Lane                             Orlando, FL 32809                    Space 894B
   Space 4-3                                   Maitland, FL 32751                             Ms. Eloilda Rivas                    Orlando, FL 32809
   Orlando, FL 32809                           Ms. Angela Leiby                               Retail and Variety Stores            Mr. Hamid Gowani
   Mr. Gabriel Assunto                         Payroll Services                                                                    Restaurants
   Retail and Variety Stores

                                                                                           Southern Living at Home
                                            Princess House                                    7920 Goldleaf Street    
Moroccan American                              5024 North Woodcrest Drive                     Orlando, FL 32835                    1631 Malcolm Pointe Drive
Chamber of Commerce                            Winter Park, FL 32792                          Ms. Susan Hamuicka                   Winter Garden, FL 34787
   4630 Kirkman Road                           Ms. Raquel Sanborn                             Home Parties                         Mr. Roger Grant
   Suite 227                                   Home Parties                                                                        Consultants
   Orlando, FL 32811
   Ms. Fidi Malone
   Chambers of Commerce                                                                    Sprint ‘R’ Scooters
                                            Renee Kamin                                       8001 South Orange Blossom Trail   Tupperware
                                               521 Majestic Oak Drive                         Space C                              8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
                                               Apopka, FL 32712                               Orlando, FL 32809                    Space C
MVD Communications, LLC                        Ms. Renee Kamin                                Mr. James Brickell                   Orlando, FL 32809
   2603 Challenger Tech Court                  Individuals                                    Retail and Variety Stores            Ms. Linda Sands
   Suite 170                                                                                                                       Retail and Variety Stores
   Orlando, FL 32826
   Mr. William C. Fowler
   Telecommunications (Products/Services)   Reunion Events, Inc.                           Swarovski
                                               58 6th Street NE                               8001 South Orange Blossom Trail   Underground Station
                                               Suite 2108                                     Space 1254                           8001 South Orange Blossom Trail
                                               Atlanta, GA 30308                              Orlando, FL 32809                    Space 778
Mystic Granite & Marble                        Mr. Brian Bottorff                             Mr. Jeff George                      Orlando, FL 32809
   100 West Colonial Drive                     Accommodations/                                Retail and Variety Stores            Mr. Rauo Vargas
   Orlando, FL 32801                           Gay and Lesbian Associations                                                        Retail and Variety Stores
   Ms. Darlene Spezzi
   Stone/Tile/Terrazzo/Marble/Mosaic Work
                                            Roadmasters School of Orlando                     8001 South Orange Blossom Trail   Vacation Rentals of
                                               6000 Cinderlane Parkway                        Space 430                         New Smyrna Beach, Florida
                                               Orlando, FL 32810                              Orlando, FL 32809                    2230 East Annapolis Drive
                                               Mr. Robert Gum                                 Mr. Chad Meeks                       Deltona, FL 32725
                                               Trucking                                       Retail and Variety Stores            Mr. David Marshall
                                                                                                                                   Vacation (Rentals/Ownership)

                                                                                                                                                                                     FM      M AY 2 0 0 4        37

The excerpt below is from BizWorkz!, the official newsletter of So Social.
So Social has partnered with the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce
to provide business-networking opportunities for our Members at
discounted prices.

Working a Room at a
Networking Event
    Have you noticed the knack                   ■ Find the membership chair,               ■ Ask the person to whom you
some people have for working                       introduce yourself and describe            have just been introduced what
a room?                                            what you do. Ask for informa-              she or he does.
    As ubiquitous as satellite                     tion about the organization.             ■ Look for opportunities to find out
signals, they seem to reach every                  Request introductions to people            more about the business and
corner, greet every person, and                    whom the chair recommends                  needs of your new acquaintance.
contribute to every discussion,                    you meet.
                                                                                            ■ Once you have exchanged cards
effortlessly. Well, probably not                 ■ Ask to meet the speaker for the            and requested an opportunity to
effortlessly. Systematically, pur-                 day. This person is often quite            meet, find a reason to leave the
posefully and consistently are                     influential and may be feeling             person/group. Get something to
more likely descriptors.                           as lost as you are.                        drink, go to the restroom, say
    More than a talent, network-
                                                     Select a table that will                 hello to a client, etc.
ing is a skill — or set of skills.
                                                 put you in a good position to              ■ Repeat the process.
When it comes to building your
                                                 see both the speaker and others
career or business, the value of                                                            ■ Do not spend the entire
                                                 in attendance.
networking is largely undisputed.                                                             networking time with one
Every conference, meeting, lec-                  ■ Reserve a seat for yourself and            person, unless this was your
ture and social event is an                        one to two others.                         purpose for attending the
opportunity to meet people,                      ■ Look for a member or attendee              meeting in the first place.
build your reputation and                          whom you wish to meet. If you            ■ Identify one or two individuals
expand your client base.                           know the person with whom                  that you would like to have at
    So let’s assume you’ve                         your target is talking, approach           your table and offer them the
entered a room and have 20                         that person. This should trigger           seats that you saved.
minutes to “work it” before the                    an introduction.
program starts. How do you                                                                  ■ Once at your table, stand up,
                                                 ■ If you are unable to identify              shake hands and introduce
begin? The best way is to start
                                                   someone on your target list, look          yourself, using your name and
with the people you know and
                                                   for an individual you already              company name. Then introduce
follow these steps:
                                                   know who is conversing with                the individuals you invited to
■ Review your purpose for                          someone you do NOT know.                   join you at the table.
  attending the function.                          Go say hello. This, too, should
                                                                                            ■ Exchange cards with the
■ Check to make certain you have                   trigger an introduction.
                                                                                              individuals sitting on either
  your business cards.                           ■ Pay careful attention to the gist          side of you (and with others
■ Review your “30 second com-                      of the introduction. If it falls           at the table, if possible).
  mercial” — a brief statement                     short of your expectations, make
                                                                                               After the function, follow
  that summarizes what you do                      a note to further inform the
                                                                                            up with contacts you wish to
  and the benefits you offer clients.              person who introduced you
                                                                                            pursue further and schedule a
                                                   concerning your business,
■ Arrive early enough to partici-                                                           time to get together.
                                                   products and/or services.
  pate in the networking portion
  of the meeting.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ADVERTISING PARTNERS

   Central Florida News 13 ..............12               Florida Hospital ........................30, 31   Merchant Services Network........23               UCF Football ..................................2                                                                       

   Coca-Cola ........................................9    Hispanic Achievers........................20      METROPLAN Orlando ..................27            Pure Connection Wi-Fi ..................38                                                           
                                                                                                                                                              Williams Company ........................17
   Crystal Springs ..............................8        Images Auto Spa ............................13    Road Runner Business Class ........11                                                                                     
                                                          K.D.R. Photo Systems ..................35                                                           Workforce Central Florida ............7
   Fairwinds Credit Union................15               E-mail:                     SunTrust Bank................................40                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                                               FM    M AY 2 0 0 4                   39

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