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            Volume 1           Issue 2                                                                                                 November 2007

                             Timberwolf Times
                         P   R   O    S   P   E   C   T    M   O   U    N     T   A    I   N     H   I   G   H     S   C    H    O   O    L

                                                          S A T :            T h e             S u r v i v a l                  G u i d e
                                                                        B y        D e a n n a               c l e v e s y
      I N S I D E T H IS
           I S S U E :                                  The SAT, or the               four year colleges and many           ing test. “It can help you
                                              Standardized Aptitude Test,             two year colleges require the         qualify for scholarships if
     Things to do over Thanks-                is an assessment of your                SAT for the admissions                you do well and get a high
           giving break                       knowledge up until your                 process. “People should take          score,” St. Cyr said. To pre-
                                              junior or senior year in high           the PSAT” and “Pick up a              pare for the test Mrs. St. Cyr
      TV and Movie Reviews        3           school. With 3 hours and 45             SAT prep book in guidance”            and fellow Prospect Moun-
                                              minutes of test taking ahead            are just a few suggestions            tain High School students
                                              of you, there is a great deal           from our guidance director            offered tips to help anyone in
              Sports              4
                                              of preparation in order to              here at PMHS, Mrs. St. Cyr.           need of advice before he or
                                              succeed in your testing tak-            She also highlights the posi-         she starts sharpening a num-
      Teen Drivers And Their
                                  5           ing ventures. Doing well on             tive and more motivating              ber two pencil.
           Cell Phones
                                              the SAT is essential. Most              side of the seemingly daunt-
            Editorials            6

       Advice to Freshmen         7

      Question of the Month       8

                                 “Students need to remember not to           “Start studying early...a little at a time.”       “The test is easy. Don’t panic.”
                                              guess.”                                    -Amanda Pellowe                                   -Gary Ford
                                           -Mrs. St. Cyr                    “Eat a lot of food, and don’t forget to go to
                                                                                           the bathroom.”
                                                                                           -Megan Farrell

                                                            W i n n i p e s a u k e e                                  M y t h s
                                                                       B y        a n g e l i k a                m o l n a r

                                                                                      or at one of the other numer-         kee in Meredith found a
                                                        Since I came to New           ous beaches. Would they still         lump of clay that seemed out
                                              Hampshire, I have heard a lot           swim in it if they knew about         of place. There was a dark,
                                              about Lake Winnipesaukee.               the myths and stories? The            strange-looking, egg-shaped
                                              Thousands of tourists visit             lake, which appears so nice           stone and some guessed that
     Many people know about the               Lake Winnipesaukee each                 and peaceful, conceals a lot          the stone was Celtic or Inuit.
     myth of “Nessie,” but what is            year, which is New Hamp-                of mysterious stories.                But the story of the stone’s
     hiding beneath the surface of Lake       shire’s largest lake covering                    In 1872, workers             discovery is fuzzy, which is
     Winnipesauke?                            72-square miles. They swim              digging a hole for a fence            a problem: “You couldn’t be
                                              at Alton Bay, at Carry Beach,           post near Lake Winnipesau-
                                                                                                                                  Continued pg 7
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      P a        2                                                                                    T i m b er w o l f    Ti m e s

         H o w           t o          B e a t        t h e        t h a n k s g i v i n g                       b l u e s
                                            B y     A s h l e y         b a r s a n t i

         Don’t want to spend your vacation at home sitting around bored out of your mind? Well, here are some local and
                                      affordable vacation ideas to help keep you occupied.

       Shopping                                                                  Outdoor Fun
                                       We all know the mall has so many                     Believe it or not, we are quite famous for our
                                       things to do, but if you continuously     colorful leaves here in New Hampshire. We’re so used
                                       keep going to the same mall over          to them though that we never really take the time to
                                       and over again, it gets boring. Well,     appreciate them. This year instead of worrying about
                                       all I can say is do not be afraid to      all that food you ate at Thanksgiving, how about
                                       drive some extra time to go to a mall     throwing on a sweatshirt and taking a walk around
                                       you usually don’t get to. If you do, it   your town to enjoy the beautiful colored leaves with
                                       will be well worth your time be-          some of your friends. If the thought of a simple walk
                                       cause you will probably rediscover        outside sounds boring to you, then you should try
                                       your love of shopping all over            something
                                       again.                                    more
                                       The Mall at Rockingham Park               like a
       Location: 99 Rockingham Park Boulevard, Salem, NH                         short hike
       Distance from PMHS: 64 miles (1 hour and 20 minutes)                      up Mount
       Offers: More than 140 specialty shops, 3 major department                 Major, a
       stores                                                                    picnic
       ***Largest mall in NH! ***                                                with
       The Pheasant Lane Mall                                                    friends, or
       Location: 310 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua, NH                          having a bonfire. All are great ways to spend some
       Distance from PMHS: 66 miles (1 hour and 20 minutes)                      time outside and finally breathe some fresh fall air.
       Offers: Over 130 specialty stores, 13-unit food court

       Fun Places
       Whether it’s a rainy day or you just feel like doing something exciting, these are some great places to go.

       Where: Route. 3, Weirs Beach, NH
       What s there: More than 500 games for all ages, a 20 lane-bowling center, an in-
       door golf center, a restaurant, and mini-golf

       Dover Indoor Rock Climbing Wall
       Where: 47 Broadway St., Dover, NH
       What s there: Over 9,00 square feet of climbing
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      P a        3                                                                                    T i m b er w o l f     Ti m e s

                                                            M o v i e r e v i e w :
       T V       R e v i e w                          A c r o s s t h e U n i v e r s e
          B y K e l s i e                                        B y      K e l s i e          W h i t n e y
           W h i t n e y
                                               Rated: PG-13
     Best Show: The Office                     Genre: Musical
               The Office is sure to keep                Initially when I got the assignment to review a movie, I wasn't
     pleasing fans everywhere. This sea-       really that interested. It seemed like all the movies that were out were ei-
     son, the show takes fans back to good     ther specifically for kids or they were intense dramas that I just didn’t feel
     ol’ Scranton, PA where our favorite       like seeing. However, while I was watching TV, one commercial caught my
     characters face the everyday chal-        eyes and ears. In the short three minute promo, songs from the 60s
     lenges of office life. This               streamed through my television to my ears, bright colors kept my eyes
     “mockumentary” keeps bringing in          locked, and my mind was made up. I was going to see Across the Universe
     audiences because people can watch        and was going to love it. After seeing the movie, I have to say that I was
     the show and see situations that relate   not disappointed. Not only did the movie reach my expectations, it ex-
     to their own lives. The show points       ceeded them. Across the Universe tells a tale of the 60s through the music
     out all of the terribly awkward, petty    that defined it. The music from the movie is mostly songs by the Beatles,
     and sometimes-offensive situations        prominently John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Some of the songs of the
     that we are often faced with in our       movie include classic favorites like “Hey Jude” and “I Want to Hold Your
     everyday lives and makes fun of it        Hand.” Many people may be scared when they read the term “musical” and
     all. The characters on the show are       see that some of their favorite songs from the 60s are part of this movie;
     both absurd and normal, so audiences      however, there is no need to fear because all the songs are performed amaz-
     cannot only can laugh at them, but        ingly well by this amazing cast. The movie sticks to the original versions
     laugh with them. The show lets audi-      of the Beatles’ songs rather then ruin them by modernizing them or trying
     ences laugh at the bizarre situations     to change them. I am giving Across the Universe five stars and recommend-
     in life and realize that the boss just    ing it to everyone! It is truly a movie for people of any age because the
     made another obnoxious “that’s what       themes and music from it can touch anyone.
     she said” joke. Instead, you can look
     awkwardly at that camera and laugh                                        Prudential Spencer-Hughes Real Estate
     at the fact that your boss is a total                                             24 Mt. Major Hwy., PO Box 333
     fool.                                                                                 Alton Bay, NH 03810
     Worst Show: Cavemen                                                              Phone: 875-2020, Fax: 875-0357
               Cavemen is a comedy about
     what else? Cavemen. Based on the                                              Specializing in:
     Geico car insurance commercials,
     this show follows three cavemen liv-                                          Residential
     ing together. It chronicles their lives                                       Commercial
     and struggles as Neanderthals living                                            Land
     in our modern world. Unfortunately,
     this comedy doesn’t live up to its                                            Investment
     highly praised commercials. The
     only funny thing about this show is          Sandra Patterson
                                                    REALTOR®                                                 Don Roberts
     the hair and makeup because the                                   REALTOR®
     jokes about clubs and dinosaurs get                                                       
     old, FAST. There are only so many
     funny lines that can be cracked about
     cavemen living in a modern world,
     and I’m sure they were all used in the
     first episode. The show is predictable
     and lacks originality. I think instead
     of trying to bring cavemen to prime-
     time, ABC should leave them in our
     Geico commercials and history
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      P          4                                                                                T i m b er w o l f    Ti m e s

            A t h l e t e              o f       t h e        m o n t h : Z a c k                       G o r t o n
                                        B y     C y n t h e a           A n d e r s o n

                    Let me tell you,    peted in the individual         score was a 68, and his best
       Zack Gorton was a very           championship. The champi-       was a 39. At most of the
       difficult person to track        onship took place in an 18-     matches, Zack had the best
       down because he was so           hole course at Pheasant         score for the Prospect team.
       busy during golf season          Ridge in Gilford involving                   Along with
       that lasted all the way to       high school golfers from all    golf, Zack has his own log
       New Hampshire High               over the state of New           cutting business. He started
       School Individual Golf           Hampshire. On this course,      his business in September
       Championship.                    Zack scored a 106, which        of 2007. His father has sup-
                    Zack Gorton is      in his opinion, was very        ported his decision and has
       a determined senior attend-      bad. “I could have done a       helped him when he needed
       ing Prospect Mountain            lot better,” Zack said. He      it. Zack has been very suc-
       High School. He has been         thinks of himself as his        cessful, having had many
       playing golf for the past six    toughest opponent.              customers already. He is, at
       years and was first inter-                    Other than golf,   the moment, unsure of the
       ested by the sport because       he doesn’t participate in       college that he wishes to
       many of his friends and          any other sport for the rest    attend. All he knows is that
       family played golf. He has       of the year. Even though he     he wants to drive tractor
       been on Prospect’s golf          was disappointed by the         trailers.
       team since freshman year,        tournament, he did very
       and he just recently com-        well this season. His worst

                                                                        O n       T r a c k
                                                              B y       K e l s i e      W h i t n e y

                                                 Ever walked            the only two that are of-        you’ve just come out of
                                       around after school and          fered are high jump and          competing with the best
                                       wondered what those kids         shot put. Though the meets       runners in the state.” Not
                                       were doing running laps          go by faster, athletes say       only does the team get to
                                       around the hallways? Well        that they’re just as competi-    travel to Dartmouth and
                                       look no further because          tive as outdoor running.         UNH to compete, they also
                                       your answer is here. Not as      “Because the track is            plan to go as far as the New
                                       well known as the other          smaller, it can get really       England Indoor Track
                                       winter sports like basketball    intense. It’s not weird for      Championship. “The team
                                       and skiing, the indoor track     girls I’m running with to        has been working really
                                       team is planning to make a       throw elbows or spike you        hard, I know we are going
                                       name for itself this year        in the shin,” Megan Farrell      to do well this year…. I’m
                                       (and not just by running         said. Indoor Track is also       getting excited just thinking
                                       laps around the school).         different in that instead of     about it!” Farrell said.
        “The team has been             Unlike outdoor track and         just competing against class               So next time you
        working really hard, I         field, runners compete on a      M schools, the team also         see those students running
        know we are going to           smaller track that is only       competes with class L and        around school so hard that
        do well this year….”           160 meters, instead of the       I, which guarantees a pleth-     they have sweat dripping
                 -Megan Farrell        usual 400 meters. The            ora of new, harder competi-      down their face, don’t feel
                                       length track also affects the    tion. “You’re competing          distressed or confused, be-
                                       length of the races. Instead     with larger schools who          cause now you know. It’s
                                       of running a 400-meter           have tougher competition;”       just the indoor track team
                                       race, runners compete in a       Amanda Macione said, “it’s       working hard, running hard
                                       600-meter race; instead of       great preparation for the        and having fun.
                                       the two mile, it’s the 3000-     outdoor season. You have
                                       meter (which is about a          an upper leg on your other
                                       mile and a half). Also,          runners your competing
                                       field events are minimal as      against in outdoor, because
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      P          5                                                                                T i m b er w o l f     Ti m e s

         T e e n s            b a n n e d             f r o m t e x t i n g                       w h i l e
                                                    d r i v i n g
                                  B y     W e t h e r l e y            R o u l e a u

                 There is a new law that is    down at the phone while driving,             But what are the facts?
       becoming popular throughout the         which is a hazard, and she even     •   “According to the NHTSA
       United States of America, and it        crossed the yellow line a few           (National Highway Traffic
       targets teens that use cell phones      times. Though we didn’t come            Safety Administration), teen
       while driving. Because most of          close to an accident that day ei-       drivers are twice as likely to
       teenagers have used or do use a         ther, I definitely noticed how a        be involved in fatal crashes as
       cell phone at some point while on       cell phone can affect someone’s         drivers age 21 and older.
       the road, there has been an in-         driving capabilities.               •   The NHTSA has urged all
       crease of accidents among young                   Though teenage drivers        states to enact legislation to
       drivers. The legislation is de-         may feel singled out, this new law      prohibit inexperienced drivers
       signed to help prevent accidents        will also require drivers of age        from using cell phones, PDAs
       involving teenagers by not allow-       (over 18 years old) to use hand         and other devices while driv-
       ing cell phone use behind the           free devices while driving and          ing.”
       wheel.                                  needing to make a phone call. The •     “A study conducted by Ford
                 Sixteen states (along         only exception to these rules is in     Motor Company revealed that
       with the District of Columbia)          cases of emergency.                     teenage drivers are four times
       will put this new law into effect                 Even though this law          more distracted than adult
       and will ban even hands-free de-        hasn’t taken effect in New Hamp-        drivers by cell phone use.” In
       vices from teens that are driving.      shire yet, young drivers should         addition to that study, statis-
       The law was passed with the rea-        still be prepared incase our laws       tics show that the leading
       son being that teenagers are more       do change. Maine does not allow         cause of death among people
       easily distracted behind the wheel      drivers to use cell phones until        ages 15-20 years old is motor
       of a car and that cell phone use        age 21, and New Jersey forbids          vehicle accidents. (http://
       has been directly related to the        them from drivers of any age. As
       increase of accidents among teen        the law closes in on us, we will
       drivers.                                have no choice but to make
                 As I sat in the passenger     changes in our habits. If the law
       seat of my 17 year old peer’s car,      does go into effect in New Hamp-
       we took off for a drive and almost      shire, calls will have to be placed
       immediately my phone rang. It           before or after a car ride, no text
       was a friend of ours who needed         messaging while driving, and no
       to talk to the driver. I observed       answering the phone if it rings.
       him as he used the cell phone           Though it may be an inconven-
       while he continued to drive, and I      ience for a lot of people, it is a
       did not notice any major change         law meant to prevent accidents
       in his abilities to control the vehi-   due to distracted drivers. Also,
       cle. The only disadvantage I saw        just because the law hasn’t hit us
       was when he took a corner and           yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
       needed to downshift his standard:       take precautions. Try to avoid
       he struggled to keep the phone          using your cell while driving and       BARNSTEAD, NH ~ 603-776-KICK
       between his ear and shoulder            keep your eyes on the road. It
       while attempting to shift gears         makes a safer environment for
       and turn the wheel. We didn’t           everyone just trying to get from              FREE!
       come close to an accident, but that     one place to another.
       doesn’t mean that it never hap-
                                                                                           ONE MONTH
       pens. The next day I drove with
       an adult who used her cell phone
                                                                                         KARATE CLASSES
       for the majority of the ride. I did                                                      EXCLUDES UNIFORM
       notice her tendencies to look
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      P           6                                                                           T i m b er w o l f   Ti m e s

            V e t e r a n s                  D a y
           B y        K o r y     N e r d a h l                                I N J U R I E S I N
                                                                                   S P O R T S
                                                                         B y      M e g a n         h a r t w e l l
               At eleven o’clock      by the President, followed
                                      by a speech at the Ampi-                There are so many     He didn’t want to suffer
     on the morning of Novem-                                       young high school students      like those he knew.
     ber 11, 1918 (the 11th hour      theater.
                                                It is important     that dream of being pro                   Recently, high
     of the 11th day of the 11th                                    athletes. But do they know      schools have banned foot-
     month) silence befell the        for us to remember the
                                      sacrifice that all soldiers   the dangers that are in store   ball from their athletic pro-
     European landscape for the                                     for them? Also, do they         grams because young in-
     first time since World War I     are making for all of us.
                                      We all know someone           know about the physical         spiring athletes have died
     (known then at the “Great                                      damage that they’re going       on the field from too many
     War”) had begun. Although        who has either served or
                                      is currently serving in the   to put on themselves later      blows to the head. Faculty
     the Treaty of Versailles                                       on down the road? For ex-       members are very con-
     would not be signed for          military. Maybe it is a
                                      family member or a            ample, the average pro          cerned for their students
     many more months, the vi-                                      football player would only      and their safety. They find
     cious fighting that had been     friend, but whoever it may
                                      be they are putting them-     last an average of ten years    football to be very danger-
     happening since 1914 ended                                     before he has to retire be-     ous; however, there are
     with this armistice.             selves in danger for our
                                      safety. Veterans Day          cause of the physical dam-      other sports that are just as
               That was ninety                                      age done on his body. After     dangerous as football like
     years ago, but the impor-        gives us a chance to pay
                                      the respect that is due to    retiring, some NFL players      lacrosse, soccer and base-
     tance of that day has rever-                                   suffer from a rare brain        ball. But football is the only
     berated throughout history.      everyone who has made
                                      that sacrifice. Although      damage that you can only        sport being banned in
     Today we observe Novem-                                        find in elderly that slowly     schools. If football is
     ber 11 as Veterans Day, a        we do have a national
                                      ceremony to observe Vet-      drives people into suicide      banned, then what is next
     day to pay tribute to Ameri-                                   and depression like pro-        for the other sports? Are
     can soldiers who have            erans Day, not every vet-
                                      eran can make it to Wash-     football players Andre Wa-      schools going to ban them
     served in war. Each year on                                    ters and Justin Strzelczyk.     too, or are schools going to
     November 11, millions will       ington D.C. So when this
                                      November 11 comes             NBC reporter Tiki Barber        just do away with all school
     pack the Ampi-theater at                                       retired from pro football       sports completely? It
     Arlington National Ceme-         around, don’t forget to
                                      thank those you know          early because so many of        should be up to the students
     tery to observe the holiday                                    his teammates before him        because they are the ath-
     on a national ceremony.          who have served or are
                                      serving. It just might        were dying before their 40s.    letes.
     Traditional ceremonies in-
     clude the laying of a wreath     make their day.
     at the tomb of the unknowns                                                       Timberwolf Times Staff
                                                                                          Kory Nerdahl

                                                                                          Section Editors
                                                                                  Deanna Clevesy-Entertainment
                                                                                    Jillian Stackhouse– News
                                                                                    Megan Hartwell– Sports

                                                                                          Photo editor
                                                                                        Wetherley Rouleau

                                                                                          Staff Writers
                                                                                         Ashley Barsanti
                                                                                        Cynthea Anderson
                                                                                        Angelika Molnar
     A soldier stands in front of the Vietnam Veterans Me-                               Kelsie Whitney
     morial in Washington, D.C.
                                                                                          Paper Design
                                                                                          Ashley Barsanti
                                                                                           Kory Nerdahl
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     P a        7                                                                               T i m b er w o l f   ti m e s

    Myths from pg 1
     certain exactly what kind of context     a lake in Scotland, but compared        ago, during the ice age, Lake Win-
     it came from. There’s a lot of ambi-     with the Lake Winnipesaukee mon-        nipesaukee froze and another lake
     guity there… it’s very difficult to      ster, there are some pictures with a    developed on that. A lot of people
     evaluate it,” state archaeologist        mystic creature, which looks like       drowned there because the water
     Richard Boisvert said to The Man-        Nessie.                                 temperature was very low,” Tessa
     chester Union Leader in July 2006.                 Rattlesnake Island got its    Bartlett a senior at PMHS said. This
     The stone is in the New Hampshire        name, so another story goes, be-        myth remains to be proven true, but
     Museum of History and was last           cause as late as the 1940’s, rattle-    it is scary anyway.
     exhibited in 1996.                       snakes were actually found on the                 So the next time you go
               “I heard there’s a monster     island. The island is situated by the   swimming in the lake, be careful not
     in the lake, a monster like the Loch     Alton/ Gilford town line. Since then    to be eaten by a mythical monster or
     Ness one,” Mrs. Grant, an adminis-       there has been no evidence of rattle-   get hypothermia from the cold.
     trative assistant here at PMHS, said.    snakes, but other wildlife flourishes
     For those of you who don’t know          on the island’s interior.
     what the Loch Ness Monster is, it is               There is another story
     a monster that people think lives in     about Lake Winnie: “A long time

                        A d v i c e            t o      F r e s h m e n                                  Helpful Advice From
                       B y      J i l l i a n         S t a c k h o u s e                                     Teachers:

              It’s hard being a freshman. You are new and starting at a school that merges with a
    town that has been a rival to you during all of your elementary and middle school years. That’s
    pretty intimidating. Freshmen face many challenges, but if you know how, you can master high
    school in no time. Below are some tips to help you get through your first year of high school:
              1) Join a club.
                        Getting involved is a great way to become a part of the
                        PMHS identity. Clubs and organizations on campus are
                        always looking for new members. Joining a club will help
                        you leave your mark on the PMHS community.                                      “Jump in and participate in
              2) Take some electives instead of a study hall.                                          as many things as possible.”
                        Instead of taking that tempting study hall, look into an elec-                              -Doc McGrew
                        tive. Maybe you would like to spend your 45 minutes of
                        free time in chorus, or your 90 minute block in woodshop or
                        journalism. There are so many opportunities to take advant-
                        age of that you cannot find at other school.
              3) Don t be afraid to ask for help from your teachers or fellow classmates.
                        Everybody falls behind. The staff here at PMHS is very
                        accommodating and will not be upset if you need help in a
                        subject. Admit that you need help and seek it. It will make a
              4) Don t procrastinate.                                                                   “Use all of the resources
                         Procrastination can lead to a whole slew of problems. When you depend on          available to you.”
                         time in another class to do homework, you are taking a gamble. Something                     -Mrs. Frasier
                         may happen that prevents you from doing your homework in that time pe-
                         riod. If that does happen, you are now going to be behind. You also might
                         face consequences for not having that work done.
              5) Be yourself.
                         Don’t change just because you are in high school. Remember your old
                         Friends, and don’t be afraid to make new ones.

                       You may not realize it now, but these years at PMHS are going to be some of
             the best times you will ever have. Wherever you go, you will always have PMHS as
             part of your identity. Take advantage of every new opportunity that presents itself and          “ Get a life.”
             make your first year at Prospect Mountain the beginning of some of the best times of                    -Mr. Anthony
             your life.
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                 What TV Family Would You Want to
                  Have Thanksgiving Dinner With?

             The Good Times Family       Full House
               -Brian MacDonald        -Ken Blackden

               The Barkers            Grey s Anatomy
       -Jackie Leblanc & Lucas Troy   -Mrs. Corriveau

      The Foremans (That 70 s Show)   The Brady Bunch
              -Brianna Tidd            -Wyatt Keene

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