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									                                        Human Resources Flight
                                  86th Force Support Squadron (USAFE)
                                     United States Air Force Europe
                                  Ramstein Air Base, 66877 Ramstein

                             (IAW USAFEI 36-713)

          Area of Consideration: Comprises all organizations of the US Forces within Germany

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT:              514/2011                            OPENING DATE: 25 July 2011
                                                                       CLOSING DATE: 05 Aug 2011

POSITION TITLE:                   Transportation Clerk (Personal Property) (OA)

GRADE:      C-2102-4a             Bueroangestellte/r (Umzugsgutabwicklung) (Buerokommunikation)

ORGANIZATION:                     86 Logistics Readiness Squadron

LOCATION:                         Ramstein, Kaiserslautern & Landstuhl Area

This position is located in the Traffic Management Office (TMO), Consolidated Personal Property Shipping Office

Incumbent serves as a Transportation Clerk responsible for the execution of all duties associated with scheduling,
documenting, coordinating, and monitoring of the flow of personal property shipments in, out, and within the
Kaiserslautern Military Community. The description of this position reflects various duties on a rotational basis with
the same level of difficulty and responsibility. Employees are not entitled to request rotation, but rotations may be
imposed upon them.
The incumbent ensures proper distribution of all shipping documents is accomplished in a timely manner. Maintains
control on all accountable forms required for the shipments. Monitors shipping costs, and based on regulatory
guidance and the direction of the Supervisory Transportation Assistant ensures most economical shipping modes are
selected. Is responsible to evaluate carrier performance during on-site inspections based on Inspection criteria
outlined by contract provisions and/or DoD regulations. Documents all findings and reports discrepancies to the
appropriate agencies.
Independently plans and performs complex office automation duties requiring different approaches and methods from
one assignment to another, such as using different packages to: edit lengthy and complicated reports; collect, select,
organize, and provide information; track the status of a number of projects assigned to the organization. Develops
methods and procedures for office automation tasks, and identifies and solves problems in existing methods or

For further details, position description is available for review at HR Flight, Bldg 2120, Room 307, Ramstein Air Base.


EDUCATION & TRAINING: E&T Level 2 – intermediate secondary school diploma (Mittlerer Bildungsabschluss)
or a completed apprenticeship with certificate of completion in a commercial/administrative business that is closely
related to the announced position.

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: 1 year of creditable experience

Creditable experience includes any type of work or activity of an applicant that has provided the basic knowledge,
skills, and abilities needed to successfully perform the major tasks of the position for which considered.

Applicants presenting foreign education & training credentials are required to obtain a letter of equivalency
from the appropriate German authority of the state where he/she is residing. In Rheinland-Pfalz you may
contact: Aufsichts- und Dienstleistungsdirektion (ADD), Willy-Brandt-Platz 3, 54290 Trier, Phone 0651-9494-0,
Fax 0651-9494-170, E-mail:

PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS: Excellent command of the English and German languages.


   -   May be required to travel by military or commercial conveyance, or other modes of transportation, in the
       performance of temporary duty assignments.
   -   Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) knowledge is required.
   -   May be required to work overtime.


Application (USAFE Form 201) and Request for Placements Consideration (USAFE Form 10) must
be turned in or mailed to HR Flight, Bldg 2120, Room 307, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany.
All applications must be RECEIVED by the closing date of the announcement.
For further detailed information please call DSN 480-5362 or Commercial 06371-47-5362.

Applicants not serviced by the Ramstein Human Resources Flight (e.g. Army/AAFES
employees) must submit a complete application package with supporting documentation
(i.e. testimonials, records of employment, etc). If the application form is not completed
entirely or supporting documents are not attached, the application cannot be considered.

                          Non-US listings recording: 06371-47-2742, DSN 480-2742
                            Non-US listings are available through the internet:

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