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					Dirt Bikes – Is it for Kids?

If you are a mother or a father and your 12-year old son asks you to buy him a dirt bike, you will most
likely freak out. You will probably ask him, where you get the idea that riding a dirt bike is for kids. You
will probably tell him that a regular motorcycle, perhaps a scooter, is acceptable. But dirt bikes for kids,
it can’t be possible.

There are just so many risks involved in riding a motorcycle, much more riding a dirt bike. And not to
mention the amount of money that you have to spend on giving your son the best training so as not to
get into any accidents that will not only hurt himself but also other people. Riding a dirt bike is not just a
hobby, and is definitely not for kids. It is a serious career that adults pursue. I also have to remind the
readers that not all adults are cut out to become a motorcycle rider. Even adults are not exempt from
getting jitters when subjected to the real world of riding a motorcycle.

So, what is my point? The idea of dirt bikes for kids is probably not a very good one, after all. I may
sound conservative, but I surely don’t want to subject my son to such a hobby. I would rather that he
develops his skills and discipline in riding an ordinary bike first. And then later on, as he grows mature
and more experienced in riding a motorcycle perhaps I can encourage him to get into some sports. And
dirt bike riding can be one of these options. Saving it for later might be the best decision you could offer
your kids. After all, it is their safety and over all discipline that we are concerned about.

By Jamie Labelle

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