Fascism stabbing by liaoqinmei


Mr. Gunther
                  Benito Mussolini
   Mussolini was a troubled child and bully,
    he was kicked out of school for stabbing
    another student.
   He then became a vagrant for years
    wandering around and getting arrested.
   In his youth Mussolini was a socialist,
    bordering on Communism. But he
    eventually was kicked out of the Socialist
   He was wounded serving Italy in WWI.
   After the war he founded a newspaper, Il
    Popolo d’Italia. He became very poltical
    active among conservative nationalists,
    and founded the Fascist Party.
                    Defining Fascism
   Traits of Fascism:
        Nationalism- Fascists are
         extremely patriotic and they
         want their nation to triumph
         over all others. They also
         believe the individual is
         unimportant compared to the
        Racism- Fascists believe that
         the nation is defined by race.
         Fascists believe that races
         different then their own are
        Militarism- Fascists believe in
         glorifying the military. Fascist
         leaders often wear military
         uniforms. They also use their
         military to solve international
             Defining Fascism con’t
   Misogyny- Fascists believed that
    women were clearly inferior to
    men and legally limited the rights
    of women.
   Paramilitary- Fascist political
    parties had their own private
    armies of thugs. Mussolini=
    Blackshirts, Hitler= Brownshirts
   Corporatism- Fascists allied
    themselves with powerful factory
    owners and outlawed unions. But
    they expected corporations to
    serve the state.
   Indoctrination- Fascists control all
    media and also set up youth
    organizations to brainwash young
The Fascist Party: The Early Years
   The first Fascists were
    discharged Italian soldiers who
    were unhappy with Italy’s
    treatment at the end of WWI.
   Mussolini wanted to make Italy
    as strong as it was during the
    Roman Empire. He saw
    himself as a new Julius Caesar.
   Their often violent opposition
    to Communists made them
    popular with the upper and
    middle classes, who were
    afraid of a repeat of the
    Russian Revolution.
   By 1921 the Fascists were one
    of the most powerful parties in
              The March on Rome
   On October 28, 1929,
    Mussolini and 30,000
    Blackshirts marched to Rome.
   The democratically elected
    gov’t asked the military to stop
    Mussolini. The army refused.
   Mussolini declared himself
    dictator with the support of
    King Victor Emmanuel III.
   From this point on he refered
    to himself as “Il Duce.” (The
   Mussolini then rewrote the
    Constitution to make himself
    dictator for life.
The League of Nations
        International Aggression
   Mussolini immediately set out to challenge the League of
    Nations, to see if they really could maintain the peace.
   1923 Mussolini sent his army to invade the Greek island
    of Corfu. The League ended up forcing Greece to pay
    Italy to leave the island.
   Mussolini decided that the international community
    would not stop him.
   Later he went on to invade Ethiopia, Albania and
    mainland Greece.
   Other totalitarian regimes would get the idea that the
    democracies were too weak and decadent to go to war
    and stop aggression.

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