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                  AT GWYNFE COMMUNITY HALL.

      BBNPA = Brecon Beacons National Park Authority. CCC = Carmarthenshire County Council

Present:                   Chair Councillor Jennifer Hughes
                           Vice-Chair Cllr Gwen Cleaver
                           Cllr Wyn Jones             Cllr Geraint Evans
                           Cllr Janet Hope            Cllr Ellis Davies
                           Cllr Hugh Davies           Cllr Rosemary Cookson
                           County Cllr Huw Morgan

Apologies for absence: Cllr Meirion Thomas

PC Howie Davies attended the meeting and the following matters were discussed:
      Matters concerning lower level reports of A.S.B. (Anti Social Behaviour).
      Installing CCTV in the area.
      Bus Shelter/Stop still an issue.
      Still no sign of a Community Warden; there is still dog fouling. Cllr Gwen
Cleaver volunteered to again contact Steve Raymond.
      PC Howie Davies will see to the double parking causing congestion within the
village, particularly within the Church Street area.
      Scrap Metal thefts: PC Howie Davies advised council members to be vigilant in
view of recent suspicious activities within the rural community; if possible, telephone
the Police with the Vehicle Number Plate that may be acting in such a manner.
      There should be a present inside the Post Office during nominated surgery days
and also on the Street.

There remained nothing to discuss and PC Davies left the meeting, after being
thanked by the Chair.

3831/10    Disclosure and Declarations of Interest in items of business listed

3832/10      To confirm and sign the Minutes of the meeting of 01 March 2011:
      The Minutes were read and it was RESOLVED that they be approved as a true
Record of the Meeting.

3833/10      Matters Arising:

1)     Mr. John McEvoy confirmed Clerks question, on whether Council had correctly
interpreted the meeting with the two Councillors rightly; CCC have received an
objection from the Disabled Group so it will have to go to Committee: Councillors have
viewed both John McEvoy and Allison Roberts emails and instructed the Clerk to ask
the name of the Disabled Group.
2) Clerk was instructed to contact South Wales Trunk Roads Route Engineer to meet
     with Community Council representatives on site; no reply received:
3) Clerk was instructed to write thanking Mr. Alan Free for his help with the Village
     Water Pump: reply received. Some developments see 3829/11 AOB.
4) Clerk was instructed to write and tell Ms. Helen Rice that Council has been
     maintaining the Plot in Bethlehem for 11 years and they feel that they should
     directly benefit from Mr. Gareth Bowen’s offered financial contribution secured by
     way of a Section 106 Legal Agreement: no answer received. Clerk was asked to
     contact Ms Rice again.

     Cllr Janet Hope felt that the School should benefit from the financial contribution;
     it was decided that Council have the amount first and then decide what to do
     with it.
5)   Clerk has been in touch with Damien Davies regarding the web page
     www.council.llangadog.com which is progressing very well.
6)   No reply received to Clerks second letter, from Mr. Paul Morris regarding the
     Signs on the Village Green:
7)   Clerk had written again to Stuart Quick CCC reporting that Signs in Gwynfe are
     still not replaced; it was noted that there are various signs being produced at the
     Depot in Llandovery.

3834/10 to receive Councillors reports on events and meetings attended for
the Council:
1)     Chair Jennifer Hughes, Cllr Ellis Davies and Cllr Hugh Davies attended a BBNPA
meeting in Llanddeusant; they were asked to give their comments and had brought
the documents back to Council: Clerk was instructed to copy the document to the
members in Bethlehem and Gwynfe.
2)    How Cllr Rosemary Cookson has progressed with the Bachelor Plot: Cllr Cookson
discussed what she had completed; it was decided to ask Barry Stone for a valuation
– at the same time any Councillor interested would also attend. For the moment the
value stays the same as last year for her Assets List.

3835/11    Correspondence matters for consideration:
a    BBNPA: All noted.
          Agenda for next LAF meeting 17 March 2011:
          Draft Community Council Charter – meeting with Town & Community
          LAF Minutes for last meeting:
b    CCC: All noted.
          RE: Temporary Road Closure – A4069 Pont Bren to Spaen Cottage:
          Mapping of Public Sector Land & Property Ownership:
c    Carmarthen East Conservatives Annual Spring Dinner and Welsh Assembly
     Campaign Launch: Noted
d    OVW: All noted.
          National Training Programme for Community & Town Councils in Wales:
          Membership of One Voice Wales 2011-12:
          Model Two – The Councillors:
          Notice of One Voice Wales 2011 Conference & AGM: Noted
e    Heart of Wales Line Knucklas Viaduct Walk: Noted.
f    CCC Community Awards: Noted
g    Zurich Municipal News & Views Spring 2011 & September 2011: Noted
h    Carmarthenshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Club invitation Rally
     Showground at Nantyci – two free tickets: taken by the Chair
i    CCC Barn Owl Survey: Copied to Cllr Janet Hope and Cllr Gwen Cleaver.

5 Edited correspondences were noted by the Council.

3836/11    Accounts for Payments and ratification and to sign cheques:
1)   Alan Free for lock & chain for Llangadog Village Water Pump - £11.50
2)   Heart of Wales Membership Form - £10.
4)   One Voice Wales Membership Form - £150.
5)   Land Registry for visit by their Surveyor - £40
6)   Clerks Salary for March - £350, Stamps 3 x 2nd Class - £11.52, Large envelope -
     0.51 to forward documents to Cooke & Arkwright - £13.53, condolence Card -
     £1.50 – Total £363.53.
7)   CCC Maintenance & Energy - £1,150.71

Full Council RESOLVED that payments be made.

3837/11      Receipts:

      For New Grave for Mrs. Gwyneth Bronwen Francis Davies - £50
      Memorial Tablet for Raymond Nicholas Joiner - £50
      Memorial Tablet for Irene Robinson & Peter Frederick Charles Robinson - £50
      Memorial Tablet for Annie Katurah Glenys Evans - £50
      Memorial Tablet for Mrs Jean Catherine Evans - £50

3838/11      Charitable Donations:

(1)   Carmarthen Women’s Aid Ltd
(2)   Saint David’s Day Appeal 2011
(3)   Mencap Cymru
(4)   Kidney Wales Foundation
(5)   Marie Curie Cancer Care
(6)   Carmarthen Shop Mobility

Clerk will put this aside for the Finance Committee meeting in May 2011.

3839/11      Planning Applications & Planning Permission:

      a  Planning Application Sought
             Application Reference E/24505/FUL – Single Story Kitchen extension
      & alterations Wernellyn Llangadog: Supported.

      b  Planning Application Granted
             Application Reference E/24186/FUL – Variation of condition No1 of
      planning permission E.20463 dated 06/02/2009 to allow a further 2 years for
      commencement of development at Barons Court, Llangadog.
             Application Reference E/24320/FUL – Replace rotten front windows
      at Delfan Llangadog.

3840/11      Any items requiring a decision relating to:

       Lawn Cemetery:
      Alun Richard Morgan, son of Owen Thomas Morgan telephoned to ask if Council
has a Book of Remembrance, possibly on Internet as Cardiff has, where his mother is
buried. Clerk suggested he could give a donation to the Lawn Cemetery, but promised
to take the matter to Council.
       On reflection, the Clerk respectfully suggests that Council agree to a Page on our
website as a Book of Remembrance. Councillors RESOLVED that Clerk will contact our
web master, Damien Davies.
      Cllr Geraint Evans contacted the Clerk to inquire the where about of the new Key
that he always holds; Cyril Page wants to carry out a cut to the Cemetery, and does not
have one either. Clerk contacted Cllr Wyn Jones and he will get some more Keys Cut;
at the moment Clerk and Cllr Jones have a Key each.
      Council has received a request from Cyril Page to increase his fees to £5.00 per
cut for the Lawn Cemetery and £2.50 per cut for Bethlehem Corner. Council
RESOLVED to give Mr. Page this increase.
      Cllr Geraint Evans had requested Clerk to distribute copies of the sketch plan
for Memorial Tablets.
      Cllr Gwen Cleaver confirmed that the Bench she intended to put in the Lawn
Cemetery will be installed shortly.

       Village Green: Clerk has still had no reply to her telephone inquiry to Cooke &
Arkwright, nor received an answer to her letter of 03 March regarding copy of Deeds
for the Village Green.
       Cllr Ellis Davies felt that 5 Benches/Tables should be kept for the Village Green
and of the 2 remaining Benches, one each could be installed in Gwynfe and
Bethlehem; Cllr Rosemary Cookson made a suggestion where the Bethlehem should
go and Cllr Hugh Davies said that if the Bench/Tables could not be used in Capel
Gwynfe, somewhere else in the village would be found.
      Councillors will meet on the Green to decide where the Benches/Tables should
be put; date of meeting Tuesday 19 April 2011. at 6:30 pm.
      Cllr Wyn Jones said that he would collect some trees from Polley Farm; there
were Oak, Silver Birch and Maple trees.
      Cllr Ellis Davies wanted to thank Cllr Jones for making the posts for the signs
and collecting the Benches/Tables from Pontargothi and bringing the Benches/Table to
Cwm Sawdde Farm.

       Roads & Hedges:
      Councillors would like to meet with John McEvoy and Mrs. Hughes outside CP
School at 3:15 pm to discuss the speed of the traffic going past. Mr. McEvoy would
not like to have speed bumps, but a 20mph limit when children were crossing to
School and back.
       Dirk Lovell volunteered a financial contribution of the goodly sum of £3,000 to
Llangadog Community Council, which the Council applauded and assured that it would
be put to good use; when the project has been decided and completed, Mr. Lovell
would be informed.
      a) Potholes on Garnwen Road; mud at Bayley Dyffryn Farm.
       b) Overhanging branches at left hand side of Llwyndewi
       c) Path between Lawn Cemetery and Glan Sawdde needs secure springs on the
three main Gates.
      Mr. Blofield asks Council the criteria for the new properties in the Mart; he
thought that five of the properties were meant for OAP’s + 1 Car.

3841/11      To Present to Councillors the figures to be used for Annual
       a) Expenditure & Income are both down because of the Balcony Project being
          completed. Council felt the figure is the Assets should remain the same.
       b) Grass Cutting a bit over what was taken in Cemetery Fees.
       c) No donations again this year for the Cemetery.
       d) Council stills hold more than the BDO recommended figure - only £188.02
          less than last year in the Bank.
Council RESOLVED that these figures should be presented to both the Internal and
External Auditor.
       Clerk respectfully suggests few other amounts should be increased in 2011 -
2012. It was RESOLVED that Christmas Tree Lighting should increase to £15 each
for the three villages and the up-keep of Gwynfe Public Lavatories should increase to
£400. Chairman can spend maximum of £300 and the administrating of Community
Council Elections should be £400. Permission was given for the Bachelor Plot and
Llangadog Village Water Pump to proceed.

3842/11     AOB: None.

Land Registry:  Alan Free has the Key for the Gate to Llangadog Village Water
Pump and so does Clerk; this has been usual and Clerk informs BDO External
Auditors. Alan Free has volunteered to place flowers and tend them; he also opens up
the Gate when needed.
      There has now been a development; Council’s application for first registration
requires that an inspection of the property will be necessary to be served, and Council
bear the cost of the work; for this purpose they need another £40.

3843/11     Items for the Agenda: None.

3844/11         Date of next meeting: Tuesday 03 May 2011; Finance Committee
meeting at 7 pm (those Councillors in this committee will be forwarded an Agenda)
followed by AGM at 7:30 pm. The Ordinary Meeting will follow the AGM. Venue: The
Pavilion Llangadog.


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