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									    Competition                        2010                   2011            2012   2013   2014
                             4th March @ La Finca     1st Mar @ La Finca
                             1st – Dave Ottway        B. Hitchings
Away Days                    15th April @ La Finca    14th April @ La Finca
                             John Wheeler             N. Campbell
                             27th May @La Finca       29th April @ V/martin
                             Tom Hardie               Steve Golding
                             5th July @ Las Colinas   30th May @ V/martin
                             L. Forbes                1st J. McCluskey
                             22nd July @La Finca      16th June@ La Finca
                             Steve Golding            M. Frankish
                             16th Dec @ La Finca C.   18th July @ Bonalba
                             Wheeler                  D. Ottway
                                                      13th Sept @ V/Martin
                                                      N. Campbell
                                                      10th Nov @ La Finca
                                                      B. Holtham

Summer League
(White stone/Green with      1st T. Hardie            1st B. Holtham
Red Golf Bag)                2nd P. Herrington        2nd B. Hitchings
                             3rd J Wheeler            3rd J. Wheeler
                             4th B. Hitchings         4th L. Forbes

Caja Murcia                  1st Mike Brentnal        1st O. Hauber
(Large Silver Golfer)
                             2nd Norman Page          2nd E. Robertson
                             3rd Ron Phipps           3rd L. Forbes
                             4th Heinz Lei
                                                      4th F. Knebel

                                D. Ottway
Presidents Day               1st                      1st J Rothery
(Golfer on a small stand)    2nd
                                 Sue Golding          2nd N Robottom
                                 T. Brooks            3rd L Ottway
                             4th D. Pulling           4th T Brooks

Captains Day                 1st B.Dent & L. Forbes   1st R.Phipps & B.
                             2nd D. Ottway & F.       Harrison
(Large Silver Cup)
                             Wright                   2nd J. Wheeler & Olga
                             3rd D. Wright & Sue      Haubner
                             Golding                  3rd D. Pullin & C.
Pairs Trophy                 1st N. Page & F            st
                                                      1 J Silverosa
(Plaque with Red Golfer on   Wright                   & J McCluskey
Blue background)
                             2nd R Doel & A           2nd
Holes in One                 H. Whorrisky – 10th      C. Wheeler – 6th
(Plaque on Wall)             T. Brookes – 14th        C. Wheeler – 10th
                             M. Brentnall – 6th       B Hitchings 16th @
                             J. Silverosa – 10th      La Finca
                                                      B. Hitchings – 10th
Team – Vega                  The “B” Division         Premier League
Baja League                  2nd out of 6.            4th out of 8

Team – Inter                 3rd out of 9
Societies Day                                                 N/A

Walker Cup                   Rest of World – 14
England v. Rest of World                                      N/A
                             England – 12
Club                 Gross Gents L Forbes    Gross gents-
                     Nett Gents T Brooks     P. Herrington
Championship                                 Nett gents
                     Gross Ladies L Ottway   P. Herrington
                     Nett Ladies L Ottway    2nd T. Hardie
                                             3rd J. Wheeler
                                             Gross Ladies L. Ottway
                                             Nett ladies – L.Ottway

                     Gents                   Gents
                     1st T. Hardie           1st G Biggerstaff
                     2nd D. Wright           2nd D Wright
Medal                3rd T. Brooks           3rd L Forbes
Championship         Ladies                  Ladies
                     1st L. Ottway           1st L Ottway
                     2nd B. Hitchings        2nd B Hitchings
                     3rd Y. Phipps           3rd J McCluskey
Match v. Epsom
(Horse)                      N/A                     N/A

Ian MacLaverty       1st J. Wheeler
                          B. Holtham
Competition          2nd                             N/A
                        G. Biggerstaff
                     4th M. Mahony

Memorial Day         1st John & Carol.       1st R Phipps & M
Trophy               Wheeler
                                             2nd R Percival & R
                     2nd T. Hardie & P.      Hitchings
(Shield)             Jenkinson               3rd M Bretnal & N
                     3rd Y. Phipps & M.      Campbell
                                             4th R Doel & J
Best Putter
                             N/A                     N/A

Poppy Day            1st G. Biggerstaff      1st E. Robertson
                     2nd L. Forbes           2nd R Percival
                                             3rd J. Holtham
                     3rd J. Silverosa

                             N/A                     N/A

Vega Baja            4th out of 13
Champions of                                         N/A
Stableford 54 hole 1ndJ. Wheeler             1st B Harrison
Championship.      2 L. Forbes               2nd J Rothery
                     3 G. Biggerstaff        3rd L Ottway
                     4th D. Ottway           4th T Hardie
                     5th K. Robertson        5th R Phipps
Match v. Los     29th July
Caballerlos      Won @ Home
                 4.5 – 1.5

Match v. Brian   Won 3-2 @
Wilsons Team     Home

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