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									                                                YOUR SOLICITORS

                                                 YOUR LITIGATION

Our Commercial Litigation Team
We specialise in giving you advice
both on how to avoid disputes and
how to resolve them quickly, as well
as offering a fixed fee Dispute
Assessment and Risk Evaluation
(DARE) service for when a dispute
may be brewing

When you need justice, we’ll fight your cause
Dispute Assessment t
and Risk Evaluation
Disputes of any kind need to be resolved
quickly, cost effectively and to your
advantage. GillAkaster provides a DARE
service for a fixed fee for circumstances
when a dispute may be brewing.

A member of the specialist Commercial                                                                  Explain your options and
Litigation team will:                                                                                  make recommendations

   Agree a fixed fee with you before                                                                   Explain the duration and cost of
   undertaking any work                                                                                each option

   Weigh up the dispute and establish the                                                              Give advice on help with legal fees
   strengths and weaknesses of the case                                                                including no win no fee or reduced
                                                                                                       fee agreements
   Advise you on alternatives to a court
   case and whether the dispute can be                                                                 Advise you how a court case can affect
   nipped in the bud                                                                                   your life and business

Our team is available to help with any questions you may have.
Call 01752 203500 today or visit our website www.gillakaster.com.
We provide appropriate and effective advice across our range of specialisms.
       YOUR                       YOUR                         YOUR                         YOUR                YOUR                        YOUR                  YOUR WILLS,
      BUSINESS                CONVEYANCING                  EMPLOYMENT                     FAMILY              INJURY                    LITIGATION              TRUSTS & TAXES

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