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					     Council              on         Medical Education                               Medical Examinations and Licensure
                          and          Hospitals
                                                                                              COMING        EXAMINATIONS          AND     MEETINGS
                                                                                                 NATIONAL BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS
  The following list of approved services includes revision
                                                                                       National Board of Medical Examiners. Part 111. Boston, Chicago
of and additions to the list published in the Educational Number                     and New York, January. Parts 1 and II, Feb. 13-15. Centers where
of The Journal (Sept. 3, 1949, pp. 48-51). Hospitals desig¬                          there are approved medical schools and five or more candidates. Exec.
                                                                                     Sec, Mr. E. S. Elwood, 225 S. 15th Street, Philadelphia 2.
nated by an asterisk (*) offer training of less than three years
in duration. Their programs, however, are integrated with                                             EXAMINING BOARDS IN SPECIALTIES
                                                                                       American Board
accepted graded residencies and are approved as affiliating                          July
                                                                                                         of Anesthesiology: Written. Various locations.
                                                                                           21. Oral. Philadelphia, April 23-27, Chicago, Oct. 8-11. Sec, Dr.
services.                                                                            Curtiss B. Hickcox, 745 Fifth Ave., New York 22.
  A complete list of approved surgical residencies will appear                         American Board of Dermatology and Syphilology: Written.
                                                                                     Various locations, Feb. 16. Oral. Washington, April 7-9. Sec, Dr.
in the 1950 Internship and Residency Number of The Journal,                          George M. Lewis, 66 East 66th Street, New York 21.
scheduled for publication April 15, 1950.                                              American Board of Internal Medicine: Oral. Chicago, Feb. 8-10.
                                                                                     Boston, April 13-15. San Francisco, June 21-23. The oral examinations
                                                                        Length of    in the subspecialties will be held at the same time and places. Asst. Sec,
                                                                        Approved     Dr. William A. Werrell, 1 West Main Street, Madison 3, Wis.
                Name of   Hospital                                      Program,
                                                        Location            Years      American Board of Neurological Surgery: Oral. Chicago, June 3.
United States Army                                                                   Sec, Dr. W. J. German, 789 Howard Ave., New Haven, Conn.
  Valley Forge General Hospital.                 Phoenixville, Pa.           3         American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Inc. Written and
  Tripler General Hospital.                      Honolulu, T. H.             3       Reviews of Case Histories. Part I. Various Centers. Feb. 3. Oral
                                                                                     Part II. Atlantic City, May 21-28. Sec, Dr. Paul Titus, 1015 Highland
Veterans Administration                                                              Bldg., Pittsburgh.
                                                                                       American Board of Ophthalmology: Written.               Various Centers,
  Veterans      Administration       Hospital... Tuskegee, Ala.                      January 1951. Final date for filing applications is July 1, 1950. Practical.
  Veterans      Administration       Hospital... Van Nuys, Calif.                    Boston, May 22-26; Chicago, Oct. 2-6; West Coast, Jan. 1951. Sec, Dr.
                                                                                     Edwin B. Dunphy, 56 Ivie Road, Cape Cottage, Maine.
  Veterans      Administration       Hospital... Wichita, Kan.                         American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery               Part II, New York
  Veterans      Administration       Hospital... Staten Island, N.     Y.
                                                                                     City, Feb. 9-10. Sec. Treas., Dr. Harold A. Sofield, Room 1856, 122 S.
                                                                                     Michigan Ave.. Chicago.
Nonfederal                                                                             American Board of Otolaryngology: Oral. San Francisco, May.
 Samuel Merritt Hospital.                        Oakland, Calif.             *       Chicago, October. Sec, Dr. Dean M. Lierle, University Hospital, Iowa
 Mercy Hospital.                                 Denver, Colo.               3         American Board of Pediatrics: Oral. Richmond, Va., Feb. 10-12;
 Duval Medical Center.                           Jacksonville, Fla.          3       Philadelphia, March 31-April 2; San Francisco, June 23-25. Exec. Sec,
 St. Francis Hospital.                           Evanston, 111.              3       Dr. John McK. Mitchell, 6 Cushman Road, Rosemont, Pa.
 St. Joseph's Hospital.                          Lexington, Ky.              3         American Board of Plastic Surgery: Oral. May-June. Sec, Dr.
                                                 Baltimore                   4       Louis T. Byars, 4647 Persliing Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
 Baltimore City Hospitals.                                                              American Board of Preventive Medicine and Public Health:
  Springfield Hospital.                           Springfield, Mass.         3       Oral and Clinical. Chicago, Feb. 7-8. Sec, Dr. Ernest L. Stebbins, 615
  St. Vincent's Hospital.                        Worcester, Mass.            4       N. Wolfe Street. Baltimore 5, Md.
  Grace Hospital.                                Detroit, Mich.              4          American Board of Proctology: Parts I and II (Anorectal Surgery).
  St. Barnabas Hospital.                         Minneapolis                 3       Chicago, Feb. 6-7. Secretary-General, Dr. Louis A. Buie, 102-110 Second
                                                                                     Ave., S.W., Rochester, Minn.
  St. Mary's Group of Hospitals.                  St. Louis                             American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology: Spring Examina¬
  Paterson General Hospital.                     Paterson, N. J.             3       tion. Date and location of examination to be announced later. Final
  Meadowbrook Hospital.                          Hempstead, N. Y.            4       date for filing applications is Feb. 1. Sec, Dr. F. J. Braceland, 102-110
                                                 Jamaica, N. Y.              3       Second Ave., S.W., Rochester, Minnesota.
  Mary Immaculate Hospital.                                                             American Board of Radiology: Oral. Chicago, week of June 18.
  Clirist Hospital.                              Cincinnati                  3
                                                                                     Sec, Dr. B. R. Kirklin. 102-110 Second Ave., S.W., Rochester, Minn.
  Good Samaritan Hospital.                       Cincinnati                  3          American Board of Surgery: Written. Various centers, Oct. 25.
  Maumee Valley Hospital.                        Toledo, Ohio                3       Final date for filing applications is July 1. Sec, Dr. J. Stewart Rodman,
  Germantown Dispensary and Hospital             Philadelphia                4       225 South 15th Street, Philadelphia.
  Philadelphia General Hospital.                 Philadelphia                3          American Board of Urology: Oral and Clinical. Chicago, Feb. 11-15.
  St. Luke's Hospital and Children's                                                 Sec, Dr. Harry Culver, 7935 Sunnyside Road, Minneapolis 21.
      Medical    Center.                         Philadelphia                3
                                                                                                          BOARDS   OF   MEDICAL   EXAMINERS
  Baptist Memorial Hospital.                     Memphis, Tenn.              4
                                                                             4         Alabama: Examination. Montgomery, June 27-29. Sec, Dr. D. G.
  University of Virginia Hospital.               Charlottesville, Va.                Gill, 519 Dexter Avenue. Montgomery.
  Norfolk General Hospital.                      Norfolk, Va.                4         Alaska: * Juneau, March 7. Sec, Dr. W. M. Whitehead, Box 140,
  St. Joseph's Hospital.                         Parkersburg, W. Va.                 Juneau.
  Myers Clinic Hospital.                         Philippi, W. Va.            3          Arkansas: * Examination. Little Rock, June 8-9. Sec, Dr. Joe Verser,
  Queen's Hospital.                              Honolulu, T. H.             3       Harrisburg. Eclectic. Little Rock, June 8-9. Sec, Dr. Clarence H.
                                                                                     Young, 1415 Main Street, Little Rock.
     The following additional servicesare approved by the Council                       California: Examination, Written. Los Angeles, Feb. 27-March 2; San
                                                                                     Francisco, June 19-22; Los Angeles, Aug. 21-24; Sacramento, Oct. 16-19.
as  offering satisfactory training programs of one or two years                      Examination, Oral and Clinical, for Foreign Medical School Graduates.
                                                                                     Los Angeles, Feb. 26 ; San Francisco, June 18 ; Los Angeles, Aug. 20 ;
in preparation for residency training in the surgical specialties.                   San Francisco, Nov. 12. Reciprocity, Oral Examination. Los Angeles,
 (As previously announced, training in hospitals listed in the                       Jan. 21; Los Angeles, Feb. 25; San Francisco, June 17; Los Angeles,
                                                                                     Aug. 19; San Francisco, Nov. 11. Sec, Dr. Frederick N. Scatena, 1020
 Internship and Residency Number of The Journal, May 14,                             N Street, Sacramento 14.
1949, as approved for surgical residencies will be accepted by                          Connecticut: * Examination. Hartford, March 14-15. Secretary to
the American Board of Surgery through July 1, 1950.)                                 the Board, Dr. Creighton Barker, 160 St. Ronan Street, New Haven.
                                                                                     Homeopathic. Derby, March 9-10. Sec, Dr. Donald A. Davis, 38 Eliza¬
                                                                                     beth Street, Derby.
City Hospital, Mobile, Ala.                   Lebanon Hospital, New York City           Florida: * Jacksonville, June 25-27. Sec, Dr. Frank D. Gray, 12 N.
Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital,             Mother Cabrini Hospital, New York
   Glendale, Calif.                             City                                 Rosalind Avenue, Orlando.
St. Joseph's Hospital, San Francisco          United Hospital, Port Chester, N.Y.       Georgia: Examination. Atlanta and Augusta, June. Endorsement.
Community Hospital of San Mateo,              Doctors Hospital, Cleveland Hts.,      Atlanta, June. Sec, Mr. R. C. Coleman, 111 State Capitol, Atlanta 3.
   San Mateo, Calif.                            Ohio.                                   Guam: Endorsement. Agana, last Friday of each month. Sec, Capt.
Colorado State Hospital, Pueblo,              St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Dayton,      C. K. Youngkin, Dept. of Public Health, Guam, % F.P.O.. San Francisco.
  Colo.                                         Ohio
Orange Memorial Hospital, Orlando,            Wesley Hospital, Oklahoma City            Indiana: Examination. Indianapolis, June. Sec, Dr. Paul R. Tindall,
  Fla.                                        Easton Hospital, Easton, Pa.           1138 K. of P. Bldg., Indianapolis.
St. Vincent's Hospital, Jacksonville,         Doctors    Hospital, Philadelphia         Iowa: * Examination. Iowa City, June 12-14. Dr. Walter L. Bierring,
  Fla.                                        St. Mary's Hospital, Philadelphia      Commissioner and Acting Director, Division of Licensure and Registra¬
Loretto Hospital, Chicago                     Columbia Hospital, Wilkinsburg,        tion, State Department of Health, Des Moines.
Good Samaritan      Hospital, Lexing¬           Pa.                                     Maine: Portland, March 14-15. Sec, Dr. Adam P. Leighton, 192 State
  ton, Ky.                                    Mid-State Baptist Hospital, Nash¬      Street, Portland.
Missouri  Methodist Hospital,           St.     ville, Tenn.
  Joseph, Mo.                                 Riverside Hospital, Newport News,         Massachusetts: Examination. Boston, March 14-17. Sec, Dr. George
Monmouth Memorial       Hospital, Long          Va.                                  L. Schadt, 413 E. State House, Boston.
  Branch, N. J.                               St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Richmond,       Missouri: Examination. Jefferson City, Feb. 9-11. Reciprocity, Feb. 4.
Muhlenberg       Hospital, Plainfleld,          Va.                                  Exec. Sec, Mr. John A. Hailey, Box 14, State Capitol Building, Jefferson
  N. J.                                       Lewis Gale    Hospital, Roanoke, Va.   City.

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