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					                        Chelaque Estates Homeowners’ Association
                           Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                    December 8, 2010

Members Attending:
Tracy Brueggeman – TB            Don Burslie – DB                   Gary Delforge
Joanne Kobayashi – JK            John Francella – JF                Howard Mauney – HM
Brad McClam - BM                 Al McCaskill – AM                  Craig Siemsen – CS

Members Absent:

I.     Meeting Called to Order: TB
        The meeting was called to order by TB at 10:02 am.

II.    Approval of Minutes: JK
        Annual HOA Meeting Minutes
          BM moved to approve, DB seconded. All members approved.
          Action item: JK to send to Tina to add to website.
        November BOD Meeting Minutes
          GD moved to approve, CS seconded. All members approved.

III.   Treasurer’s Report: HM
        Greg Steisslinger with First Tennessee Brokerage to address the BOD.
           - Greg talked about various CHOA accounts. One account was opened for CHOA couple
              years ago – will be open for another year. Greg provided documentation and also talked
              about other options, ex., using DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors) as the money manager.
          - HM moved to invest in First TN brokerage, CS seconded. All members approved.
          - Three CHOA accounts to consider. Discussion followed. There was a motion to invest
             $285,000 in First TN/DFA at 70/30% investment allocation by HM, seconded by CS. All
             members approved.
          - There was a discussion regarding a resolution to be written and signed by appropriate board
             members to authorize the investment. JF moved to have resolution written and signed by the
             appropriate BOD members, CS seconded. All members approved. TB will write resolution.
             Subsequent to the meeting a resolution was written on CHOA letterhead and signed by TB
             and JK. HM will give to Greg Steisslinger.
           - HM will talk to Greg on a periodic basis to get status of investments. Greg will also
              periodically attend BOD meetings to give status.

IV.    Committee Reports

           a) Access: CS
                Nothing to report.
                Don Burslie is backup for gate emergency procedure. Need to update appropriate
                   Action item: JK to update procedure Acc/04 and send to BOD.

           b) Activities: CS
                The Activities committee for 2011 is made up of the following individuals:
                    Marylou Mauney       Harriett Leeper
                    Veronica Weaver      Judy Reiber
                    Jo Tressler          Fran Woods
                    Cathy Siemsen
                Activities committee met and set the dates for next year’s Progressive Dinner, Ladies
                    Luncheons and Pavilion Picnics.
                The cabin was decorated on November 27th. Thanks to Marylou and Howard
                    Mauney, Jerry Schwieger, Al McCaskill, and Craig and Cathy Siemsen.
              The Ladies Christmas Dinner will be held on December 14 th at the home of Veronica
               Weaver. Harriett Leeper obtained a Mooresburg family that we will sponsor this
               year from Shepard’s Corner in Rogersville.
              The Annual Meeting date has been set for November 12, 2011. November 5 th was
               already booked; therefore the date had to be moved to the second Saturday in
              Money left from basket fund to be use for gift for the poor for 2010 and 2011.

      c) Architecture: AM
           Nothing to report.

      d) Communication: JK
           BOD contact list needs to be updated.
            Action item: JK will update list and send to BOD and Tina Brasington.

      e) Legal: BM
           I asked our atty Greg Logue to file a lien on property P1L139, which is still in the
               name of the original owner and has not been transferred to the mortgage company as
               result of the bankruptcy. The lien is being processed. Hopefully when the property is
               officially transferred to the mortgage company our lien will be there for past annual
               dues and will be paid at that time.
           I have asked atty Greg Logue to proceed with his restatement of our covenants and
               restrictions to be done early in 2011. Once they are complete we will form a
               committee to meet with Greg to review. We will then bring it to the full board and
               proceed as needed.

      f) Marina: DB
           The following items were noted for maintenance and/or repair at the marina for
              spring 2011:
              -Wash and re-stain wooden stairs going down to the marina – can’t power wash -
               need to do by hand
              -Paint the metal guard rails leading to the marina
              -Re-paint red bumper board (2x4)
              -Repair broken cables on the booms
              -Spring clean-up
           Replaced rotted board on steps.
           Will power wash pavilion.

      g) Office Administration: GD
           A question was asked about the BOD’s keys. It was indicated that three keys are
               available to BOD members who want them: cabin, office, and file.

      h) Roads: JF
           If All Seasons does work not authorized this year – will be paid next year.
           Drainage work authorized this year.
           Any routine salting should be done by residents – any road scraping done by All
           Current reflectors not working - Need to decide what kind of reflectors to use.
              Action item: JF will investigate.

V.    Old Business
           None.

VI.   New Business
          Discuss and vote to approve 2011 budget. HM
             Each line item of 2011 was discussed and some changed. Motion to approve
             updated 2011 budget by GD, seconded by DB. All BOD members approved.
          Investment Recap for Road Fund TB
                    National Radon Action Month TB
                     CHOA received pamphlet from TN Department of Environment and Conservation
                     indicating that January is national radon month and that Hawkins County is a high
                     risk radon area. TB wrote a letter recapping what TN Dept of Environment and
                     Conservation sent. A discussion followed and it was decided that the document
                     should be sent to homeowners and lot owners currently building.
                     Action item: JK to send out in email.
                     Subsequent to the meeting, TB sent the document to appropriate owners.
                    Trash Pickup TB
                     There was a question as whether there was any interest for a neighborhood trash
                     pickup. Discussion followed and it was decided that there was no need for such a
                    2010 Best of Mooresburg Award TB
                     CHOA received the 2010 Best of Mooresburg Award based on information provided
                     to lot/homeowners in Chelaque’s website. There was a question as to whether there
                     was and interest in purchasing award. Discussion followed and it was decided that
                     no award would be purchase.
                    BM to have Carl Adams sit in for him while he is in Florida.

   VII.     Next Meeting
             The next BOD meeting will be on January 12, 2011 at 10:00 am.

  VIII.     Meeting Adjourned
             Meeting Adjourned at 1:11 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

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Joanne Kobayashi, Secretary         Date           Tracy Brueggeman, President        Date

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