Supply List for Pre-kindergarten

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					                           Supply List for Pre-kindergarten
                                     2011 – 2012

*** We have asked for only certain items to be labeled with your child’s name. Those items will
be coming back to you. The other items will be shared within the classroom. *** THANK YOU!!

LABELED with your child’s name:
~ LARGE Backpack (to fit an 8 ½ X 11 folder, snack, spare clothing, and any projects, etc going

~ One complete change of clothing, including socks and underwear, to remain in the backpack
all year. Update as needed according to weather, child’s growth, etc.

NOT LABELED – will be shared within the classroom:
           ONE in Sept / ONE in Jan - container of TARGET brand disinfectant wipes
           ONE in Sept / ONE in Jan - container of unscented wet wipes
           ONE in Sept / ONE in Jan - roll of paper towels
           ONE in Sept / ONE in Jan - box of tissues
        (We will remind you for the second set in January. Please do not send both in at the
        beginning of the year… storage is limited.)

           ONE – 4 oz. bottle of ELMER’S school glue
           ONE - 4-pack PLAY-DOH brand playdough
           ONE - 4-pack thin LOW ODOR dry erase markers
           ONE - 8-color set of CRAYOLA washable water colors
           1 box CRAYOLA washable crayons (8 or more colors, large or regular
           1 box Ziploc bags, sandwich size
           2 plastic folders, three-pronged with pockets, one red / one blue
           2 thick student pencils
           4 jumbo ELMERS glue sticks

         AM class only – ONE - 12 color box of CRAYOLA thin colored pencils
         PM class only – ONE - 8 color box of CRAYOLA washable markers (either
          thick or thin)

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