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					What’s In It                                                                                                                 Big
                        For Me?                                                                                              Benefits!
                                                                                                                        • Competitive Salaries

                                                                                                                        • Clinical Career Ladder

                                                                                                                        • Insurance:
                                                                                                                             Behavioral Health
                                                                                                                             Prescription Drugs
                                                                                                                             Flexible Spending Account
                                                                                                                             Universal Life
                                                                                                                             Short-Term Disability
                                                                                                                             Legal Benefit
 As EIRMC grows... do the benefits                                                                                     Long-Term Care
                      to Nurses                                                                                              Life
                                                                                                                             Long-Term Disability
 Private acute beds                        • care is personal and confidential
                                                                                                                        • Paid Time Off
 Pharmacy robot                            • drugs dispensed quickly and accurately
 AcuDose cabinets on units                 • more clinical pharmacy                                                     • Flexible Holiday Pay

                                                                                                                        • Major Illness
 Unit-Based Nurse Educators                • on-the-job training at your fingertips
                                           • support for complex, new procedures                                        • 401K Plan

 Building expansions                       • designed by nurses with nursing in mind                                    • Money Purchase Pension Plan

 New Oncology Center (2002)                • free national chemo nursing certification                                  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
                                           • “Cool Tools”: state-of-the-art equipment
                                                                                                                        • Generous Relocation Assistance
 Expanded 30-bed ER (2001)                 • busiest ER in the state
                                                                                                                        • Tuition Reimbursement
                                           • pursuing Level II Trauma designation
                                           • in-unit imaging for uninterrupted care                                     • Adoption Benefit

 Expanded ICU (2001)                       • two units: trauma and surgical                                             • Employee Referral Bonus
                                           • step-down unit just around the corner
                                           • interdisciplinary teams with clinical nurse specialist                     • HCA Scholarship Fund

 Expanded Cardiac Center (2001)            • nationally renowned physicians performing well over 90% of                 • Lasik Surgery Discount
                                             open hearts off-the-pump
                                                                                                                        • Employee Assistance Program
                                           • full suite of cardiac support services in-house so you can focus
                                             on nursing needs                                                           • Student Loan Program

                                                                                                                       3100 Channing Way • P.O. Box 2077
                                                                                                                           Idaho Falls, ID • 83403-2077

Sound Like Y Kind of Hospital?
     Make a Call.                        Check Us Out.                                    Take a Trip.                                Get the Skinny.
Call 208-529-6087 to schedule an    Log on to or                     See if we are what you’re looking for.     Set up a “peer chat” with an EIRMC
appointment. We guarantee you’ll    e-mail us (resumes welcome!) at                Arrange a tour of the hospital and         colleague to find out what really
speak with a Nurse Manager within                     department(s) of interest. You’ve got      happens on the floors and within our
five days about the great                                                          to see our team environment and            interdisciplinary teams.
opportunities at EIRMC.                                                            superb clinical resources to appreciate
                                                                                   how we’re able to provide such great
                                                                                   patient care.
                           NursingREDISCOVER IT!
                                Remember all the reasons you wanted to be a nurse?
                                      Caring. Appreciation. Helping.
                                              Healing. Rewards. Miracles.

                                                          o e.
                                                      So D W
Caring for Our Community

                           Looking for a place
                           where old-fashioned
                           patient care still
                           matters as much as
                           technology? Then
                           Eastern Idaho Regional
                           Medical Center is your
                           At EIRMC, you’ll find
                           generous compensation,
                           big benefits, and a
                           flexible career ladder.
                           Here, there’s only one
                           thing growing as fast as
                           our high-tech facility:
                           your career.
                              EIRMC INurse WN WORDS...
                                     N OUR O

                                        “Our clinical education program at EIRMC is really
                                        outstanding, and that’s not just lip service. We tailor
                                       individualized education plans for every nurse we hire. Whether
                                           you’ve just graduated from nursing school or you’re our
                                            most seasoned veteran, in this hospital, you’re never
                                            finished learning and we’re never finished teaching.”
                                                    —Jackie Beig, R.N., Director of Clinical Education
Caring for Our Community

                                                                                  “Not everyone wants to be a
                                                                                  manager, so for nurses who
                           “In the six years I’ve been at                         want to stay at the bedside,
                           EIRMC, I’ve gone from being a                          EIRMC’s clinical ladder
                           new E.R. nurse with no critical                        rewards us and gives us a
                           care experience to being a                             way to keep growing.” –
                           manager in the busiest trauma
                                                                                  —Glenna Marshall, R.N.,
                           center in Idaho. Most hospitals                         Med-Surg Staff Nurse
                           limit new trauma nurses to
                           Foleys and NG tubes, but
                           here, new nurses are
                           crucial members of the
                           trauma team. Their

                                                                                                                                                 And th
                           skills develop
                           faster––and so
                           do their careers.”
                                —Brad Hobbs,
                                 R.N., E.R. Nurse
                                 Manager                                                  “When our interdisciplinary team                             Ide
                                                                                          of specialists meets to coordinate patient                    Ev
                                                                                          care, every nurse’s input is valued. As a                     Fa
                                                                                          case manager, the way I do my job
                                                                                                                                                       re on
                                                                                          makes it easier for other nurses to do                  We a iev
                                                                                                          theirs. Attending to all the            for ac vin
                                                                                                            details of case
                                          “With my bosses’ support                                          management allows my
                                          and with EIRMC                                                    colleagues to focus on
                                           reimbursing most of my                                          what they do best–
                                           tuition, I’ve been able to                                         primary patient care.”
                                             balance the job I love
                                                with going back to                                                —Lesli Christofferson, R.N.,
                                                                                                                   Cardiovascular Nurse
                                                 college.”                                                         Case Manager
                                                      —Margaret Fraser, R.N.,                                                                          Phys
                                                       Air Idaho Flight Nurse                                                                          EIRM
                                                               “One of the great things about being part of HCA is that it offers                          I
                                                               mobility. I recently left another HCA facility to become EIRMC’s CNO and
                                                              all my benefits came with me. In making my decision to move, so many
                                                              things appealed to me, but I was especially impressed by the warmth and
                                                                  professionalism I saw when I visited.”
                                                                     —Edith Irving, R.N., Chief Nursing Officer
                                                             “At our Behavioral Health Center,
                                                               I get to work with great doctors
                                                                 who take my nursing
                                                                    seriously. It’s rewarding
                                                                     to play a role in helping
                                        people with mental illnesses return to the                                          “I was an experienced floor
                                        community. The Center gives me a wonderful                                           and trauma nurse when I
                                        place to practice the art of psychiatric nursing.”                                   came here, but I’d always
                                                                                                                            wanted to work in the O.R.
                                        —Gene Smart, R.N., Behavioral Health Center
                                         Psychiatric Nurse
                                                                                                                                EIRMC helped me pursue
                                                                                                                                   that dream, training me
                                                                                                                                     for a neurosurgical
                                                                                                                                    specialty, assisting
                                                                                                                                 surgeons who are experts
                                                                                                               in the latest treatments and technologies.
                                                                                                               With specialized tools like our Stealth
                                                                                                               neuro navigator, there’s nothing ‘small
                                                                 “In 30 years as an Intensive Care             town’ about my O.R.”
                                                                 nurse, I’ve never seen such an        —Bell Crighton, R.N., Neurological Surgery Coordinator
                                                                 involved and supportive
                                                                     administrative team.

        more...                                                        They’re out on the floors

                                                                        every day talking and
                                                                         listening to us. Knowing they
                                                                          care what I think makes a
                  re:                                                     world of difference.”
     Hea   lthca
 ahotter ThansO
                                                                —Diane Sheldon, R.N., I.C.U. Staff Nurse
                                                                                                                        “Great staffing
d    e         e                                                                                                        levels give me
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   ou                cogniz hile                                                                                        time to show my
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             o               me                                                                                         patients that I
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      oo                              oblem I.
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                         alth C s,” Lewin-V
                                           H                                                                            them when
                   : “He State
ng low       Source    ss
                       cro                                                                                              they’re scared, and
                 ions A
           Variat                                                     “People are surprised to learn                    to share a laugh when they’re getting
                                                                        how involved we are in                          better. When I see EIRMC’s high
                                                                         clinical trials. You don’t                     patient satisfaction scores, I know
        ing                                                                                                             our ‘personal touch’ makes
    Nurs eciation: are at
                                                                         have to be at a teaching
                                                                            hospital anymore to push                    a difference.”
    Appr ion with nursit’sgclimbing)!
                       in c                                                    the envelope toward                                                      s
                                                                                                                           —Ressha Mitchell, R.N., Women’ Center Nurse
              ct   d    (an                                                    better treatments.”
       satisfa     90%
sician proaches                of our s.
                      he care
      p                                                                          —Karen Fawcett, R.N., Oncology
MC a           nt to t         C nurse                                            Program Coordinator
        im  porta ality of EIRM kes working
Vitally is the qu llence ma perience.
 atien rsuit of exce ewarding ex
 heir pu m a highly r e entire
          e            h
with th I speak for t pressing                                           “The turnover rate on my floor is less than half the
        w            ex
 I kno n staff in r the                                                  national average. I think there are many reasons for
  physiciapreciation fo t care                                           that, but the work ethic and camaraderie of our
   our ap lent patien
   excel rovide.”                                                        nurses top the list. We genuinely like and support
    they p ilson, M.D.,                                                  each other.”
          am W         ident                                             —Alisha Humpherys, R.N., Surg-Ortho Clinical Team Coordinator
    –Willi l Staff Pres
     Me dica

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