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19.2 FA FitGap To Be Implemented - The Peralta Colleges by gegeshandong


									Functions To Be Implemented
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                                               page 1
ISIR Processing
#    Topic/                                     Fit/Gap     Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                          Solution
     Search Match capability                    Gap/        Bring new field into SAFE for PeopleSoft Student ID. For Financial Aid
7                                               Implement   counter staff, there is a need to limit full SSN view. Others in FAO will
                                                            need to view full SSN. Do students have an ID card? Is the PS ID on it?

     Bio/Demo update options                    Gap         PeopleSoft update for names into SAFE is currently turned off. We will
8                                                           need to push student data from SAFE into integrated data repository.
                                                            ISIR has the more accurate student info?? FAFSA address is the student
                                                            address that should be stored in repository. Date of Birth is very
                                                            important and should be stored as well. This should come from ISIR.
                                                            We need input from both Admissions and Records. Need to decide
                                                            who has most accurate data to use.

     Schedule processes to run overnight or     Gap         Don’t necessarily want to load ISIRs on-demand during the day. May
14   run at individual desktop                              not even want to do it every night. Peralta can currently run/print
                                                            individual letters, but can’t as batch. That would be nice.

     Create ISIR load report to identify        Gap         According to Peralta, there is a need for a report to identify BOG C
15   students eligible for the BOG A, B, or C               eligibility only. Note: BOG C is packaged on award letter.
     fee waiver                                             Want an export from PS into SAFE of BOG C eligible students.

     Audit trail of ISIR Corrections            Gap         There is an audit trail but not specifically an audit trail for Corrections.
18                                                          Peralta wants a way to store multiple ISIRs so that FAAs can go back
                                                            and select older ISIR as active. There should be automation to not
                                                            override existing ISIR.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                           page 2

ISIR Processing
#    Topic/                                  Fit/Gap         Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                           Solution
     Track all ISIR transactions in          Gap/Implement   SAFE mainframe doesn’t currently do this because not
20   chronological order                                     all ISIRs are stored. For SAFE-Web, we can implement

     View text detail associated with ISIR   Gap/Implement   Mouse over on comment code numbers to view entire
21   Comment Codes, ISIR Reject                              text.
     Reasons, and SAR C Flags                                Currently the FAAs need to do a PF9 to view the
                                                             comment code text from one of the FAFSA screens.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                               page 3
#   Topic/                                   Fit/Gap         Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                            Solution
    Track all required verification          Fit/ Change     Peralta wants to be able to perform single key
4   documents                                                action that allows FAA to say all documents have
                                                             been received and verified. Currently, this has to be
                                                             done at the individual document level and
                                                             verification is on separate screen.

    Track data verification was completed    Gap/Implement   It is desirable to identify person who worked on file
5   and by whom                                              by their logon.

    Prevent disbursement if verification     Gap/Implement   On SC55, it would be nice if system wouldn’t let you
6   incomplete                                               go forward if verification code is not ‘y’ e.g. stop
                                                             packaging if verification is incomplete.

    Set up tolerance levels                  Fit/Implement   Ex. If student exceeds the $300 award for work
7                                                            study ($300 is the set tolerance level), Peralta wants
                                                             to be able to go back, review and change award
                                                             A report would help that shows when a student is
                                                             approaching tolerance level of award.

    Request additional information from      Fit/Update      SC13 is old and cumbersome, but works. Peralta
8   students after verification process is                   wants to be able to send their own letters w/o
                                                             merge with their own comments. Regents
    complete                                                 formatting of letters was horrible.
                                                             The Colleges would like to be able to add a free
                                                             form paragraph specific to an individual student
                                                             when necessary.

    Auto-load tax data into verification     Fit/update      If student uses IRS match on online FAFSA, this is
9   component directly from ISIR record                      automatically done. Checkbox in future?
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                            page 4

Checklists, Communications, & Comments
#   Topic/                                                      Fit/Gap     Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                           Solution
    Automatically assign required documents based on a          Gap/        Document database; assign paragraphs related
2   student’s ISIR Comment and/or Reject Codes as well as       Implement   to comment and reject codes. We already have
                                                                            a number of letters assigned related to certain
    other additional documents required for PCCD-specific                   ISIR comments.
    processing- the requirement is to assign documents in an                Want more automation of tracking items – the
    automated process to a group of students, preferably                    assigning of documents according to
    following an ISIR load                                                  information that comes in on FAFSA.
                                                                            On SC53, it takes them through packaging.
                                                                            They want flag set to stop awarding if
                                                                            verification not complete

                                                                            In Regents, student could not be
                                                                            processed/packaged if the student verification
                                                                            worksheet wasn’t completed. All docs need to
                                                                            be turned in for packaging.

    Record the same document (checklist item) for a group       Gap/ For    Would have to revise how we do batch inputs.
3   of students. For example, 20 dependent verification         Future      Discuss look and feel of SC13. Discuss having a
                                                                            way to check off multiple fields at once when
    worksheets are received for 20 different students, and      Implement   all documents are received. (SARA has this
    rather than accessing each individual student record to     ation       capability)
    record receipt of the document, running a process to
    automatically complete these documents in batch. Note
    that recording a document for just one student is also an
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                          page 5

Checklists, Communications, & Comments
#   Topic/                                         Fit/Gap         Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                  Solution
    Setup and create as many different types of    Gap/Implement   Currently in Mainframe SAFE there are only 99
4   letters as needed by the 4 separate                            documents available. There need to be 99 each.
    community colleges within the district                         Need to be able to email letters. Attachments did
                                                                   not work before – too many bounced back.

                                                                   All students are supposed to have Peralta email
                                                                   addresses. Students need to activate these but
                                                                   there is a learning curve. The preference would be
                                                                   to only communicate with them through Peralta
                                                                   email. This would make is easier to implement

    Ability for the front counter staff at each    Gap/Implement   This is different than the universal screen. There
8   separate college to easily view a summary of                   needs to be security in regards to which fields they
                                                                   can view.
    any checklist items (documents),
    communications (letters), and comments for
    individual students
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                              page 6

Financial Aid Terms
#   Topic/                                          Fit/Gap          Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                    Solution
    Track A&R data about a particular student       Gap/ Implement   A&R is PeopleSoft language. We can see enrollment
1   at the term level, including academic career,                    data on SC11 but can’t view GPA unless they run SAP
                                                                     on student. This would be nice to have. Would need to
    program, plan, GPA, enrollment data & FA                         pull in data from PS and maybe increase major field
    load                                                             length.

                                                                     Need to see enrolled units; possibly by college, must
                                                                     see SAP field to enter major,
                                                                     GPA, combined units and when units are taken e.g. 4
                                                                     at 0002, 4 at 0005, 4 at 0008 = 12 units.

    Use a census, or ‘freeze’ date, that is         Fit/Change in    Want to be able to use different date than normal
3   different from Student Records – this is not    Future           census date to know which students fall below ½ time.
                                                                     Don’t want to freeze anything. Would be nice to have
    required                                                         this automated in the future.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                           page 7

Student Budgets
#   Topic/                                                      Fit/Gap                 Description/Comme
    Functionality                                                                       nts/
    Recalculate student budgets based on actual enrollment      Fit/Implement           SC15 – currently doesn’t
3                                                                                       calculate automatically for
                                                                                        Use MLMT.

Item Types/Fund Management
#   Topic/                                        Fit/Gap        Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                Solution
    Develop detail, summary, and matrix reports   Fit/Improve    SB37, can use PK56 (querying tool) Fine tune and make
3   by fund and aid year                                         more ad hoc
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                              page 8

Awarding/Mass Packaging
#   Topic/                                                       Fit/Gap/          Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                Implement?        Solution
    Mass Package a group of students                             Fit/Review to     Batch exists but Peralta doesn’t
2                                                                see if current    currently use. Peralta can do student by
                                                                                   student on SC53. This needs to be
                                                                 batch job works   updated.
                                                                 for Peralta
    Create equations that will select students as well as        Gap/ Review       Currently available – but not used by
4   perform calculations to determine specific amounts           For Future        Peralta?

    Repackage students based on enrollment changes               Gap/Implement     Note from Judy “We have been using a
5   throughout the aid year                                                        100% enrollment award. Implement
                                                                                   MLMT, Pell and Cal Grants

    Auto-package state grant funds according to delivered        Gap/ Not now,     Note: state grant eligibility rules need to
8   eligibility table                                            Maybe Later       become part of the packaging criteria for
                                                                                   state grants. Cal Grant most problematic
                                                                                   – different system. Have students meet
                                                                                   Title 5 eligibility.

    Create multiple versions of the financial aid award letter   Gap/Implement     To be included in general discussions
9                                                                                  regarding letters
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                                   page 9

Awarding/Mass Packaging
#    Topic/                                                 Fit/Gap          Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                                           Solution
     Create item-type specific award messages that          Gap/             Electronic award letter – mouse over of item.
10   will appear on every award letter if the student       Implement in     Maybe through student portal.
     has been awarded that fund                             Future

     In addition to reflecting a student’s awards,          Gap/             This is desired.
11   ability to include Cost of Attendance and EFC          Implement
     information on any version of the award letter.
     Print an award letter for a single student or easily   Fit/ Implement   For general discussion on letters
13   print award letters in batch
     Label letters as either original or revised with the   Fit/ Improve     Either have 2nd award letter or be able to
14   revision number included                                                mark revision more clearly

     Provide self-service options to the students so        Gap/             Portal view is desired at a later date to allow
15   they may view their award info online via the          Implement in     students to look at FA Awards and document
                                                                             info via their PeopleSoft portal. However,
     portal, as well as make changes to their award         the Future       portal should be view only
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                              page 10

Awarding/Mass Packaging
#    Topic/                                               Fit/Gap          Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                                         Solution
     Automate summer financial aid packaging,             Gap/             Not sure how year round Pell will go. At this
18   particularly Pell Grants                             For Future       time the colleges award Summer Pell
                                                                           manually. Checkbox for year round Pell only
                                                          Implementation   to be extracted in run (for summer 2011)

     Track VA Benefits from ISIR and include as a         Gap / More       These fields have been removed and are no
19   resource for awarding                                Research         longer being tracked per regulation and
                                                                           specification changes from the DOE.
                                                                           For Cal Grants needed to factor into COA.
                                                                           Huge gap between state and fed funding.
                                                                           Small number of students. Needs state
                                                                           legislative change – more research needed.

     Retain historical information on award letters       Gap/Implement    In Regents, FAO logged on was recorded as
20   including, but not limited to the following:                          performing any kind of action.
     processing date, identifiers of the counselors who                    In SC13, we record initials. It would be nice
     made the award, type of assistance offered,                           to have person who issues award or send
     amount of award and any special comments                              letter recorded.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                            page 11

Awarding/Mass Packaging
#    Topic/                                             Fit/Gap           Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                                        Solution
     Integrate sources of aid that are not awarded by   Fit Thru PD       This is a manual process and is entered on
21   the financial aid offices (such as EOPS)           Screens/Incorpo   SC15. Chafee grants, private scholarships come
                                                                          in separately. ONLY FAO ENTERS AWARDS.
                                                        rate              Other departments may have limited view
                                                        Functionality     only access.
                                                        into SAFE?
                                                                          Need to be able to view outside awards – done
                                                                          through PD screens. They hand check to
                                                                          student but want it to show in history. Load
                                                                          from PS?
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                             page 12

Status Summary Pages
#   Topic/                                       Fit/Gap         Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                Solution
    Place disbursement holds                     Fit/Implement   When they get warrant registers to hold check. SC25 –
2                                                                place them in 00 so check won’t run. ‘T’ for tentative, ‘F’
                                                                 for final – for disbursement to happen. Not in Paid status.
                                                                 SC15 and Sc25 – change status

                                                                 It would be nice to have info on the warrant register that
                                                                 indicates that the check should be held.

    Set a review flag indicating the student’s   Gap/Implement   Currently have to do line by line. Would be really nice to
3   file is complete                                             do in one click. For verification – need to set flag to ‘y’.
                                                                 For origination screen SA21, if you don’t set on SC25, it
                                                                 doesn’t get set on SA21. When you finish SC13, have flags
                                                                 on SC55. Set automatically. If verification fields on SC55
                                                                 were on SC13, you could populate them and it would auto
                                                                 populate SC55 and SA21 as well.

    Track loan entrance and loan exit            Gap/ For        Will there be a separate loan section or should loans be
5   interview completion on the Packaging        Further         kept together with Packaging? Needs further discussion.
                                                                 Any notes for loan entrance or exit can be in notes (not
    Status Summary page                          Discussion      separate screen). Should common loan screen (modify for
                                                                 direct loans) include entrance and exit dates? Loan notes
                                                                 could be on Sc23.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                              page 13

Assigning and Tracking Holds
#   Topic/                                          Fit/Gap      Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                Solution
    Place holds                                     Gap/Implem   Sometimes, students are close to being
1                                                   ent Update   completed and FOAs will order check but
                                                                 place on hold (mark in pen) on check to
                                                                 bursar. It would be nice to have warrant
                                                                 register right on screen. There is still a need
                                                                 to print warrant register because students
                                                                 still come in person. Warrant register is
                                                                 printed as part of check writing process.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
#   Topic/                                          Fit/Gap      Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                Solution
    Communicate with students via letters,          Fit/         Peralta does have letters and they are
2   notifying them of SAP status and requirements   Implement    different for each college. These are sent
                                                                 after SAP is run and grades are posted. If
    for reconciling SAP                             Update       grade comes in late, after posting, it needs to
                                                                 be updated manually on SC57. It would be
                                                                 nice to have automatic rerun of SAP (SAP is
                                                                 currently only run 1x/term). There may be
                                                                 programming needed on PeopleSoft side. If
                                                                 we could only extract from students who
                                                                 have late grades entered for updates.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                                page 14
#    Topic/                                                   Fit/Gap        Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                                           Solution
     Compare the amount of financial aid disbursed to         Gap/           INTERFACE TO PS STUDENT ACCOUNTS:
7    the amount of financial aid applied via the SF Group     Implement in   Peralta programming necessary
                                                                             Needs to be added by District to PeopleSoft
     Post process                                             Future         disbursement batch summary so that SF Group
                                                                             Post process can process asynchronously and
                                                                             prepare an automated comparison of expected
                                                                             disbursements to actual SF Group Post results

                                                                             When we run checks in SAFE, we will need to tie
                                                                             into General Ledger. We wouldn’t put data
                                                                             directly into student account until we have
                                                                             * Very important for audit issues

     Automatically post non-federal aid to a student’s        Fit Thru PD    Needs to be provided by District within the
9    account without using SF Group Post                      Screens/Impl   PeopleSoft disbursement processing.
                                                              ement in
     Apply any and all financial aid to any and all charges   Gap/ For       Needs to be provided by District within the
10   on a student’s account, including but not limited to     Further        PeopleSoft disbursement processing
     parking fines, late fees, etc.                           Discussion     The Board of Trustees wants FAOs to do this.
                                                                             Students have to agree to have fees deducted.
                                                                             Universities currently do this but community
                                                                             colleges don’t. PS check delay is problem Lots of
                                                                             extra fees these days; health, Easy Pass, etc.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                            page 15

Student Employment
#   Topic/                                           Fit/Gap          Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                     Solution
    Track Federal College Work Study earnings        Gap/ Implement   Dual systems; parallel loads; FWS uploaded to
1   based on payroll information                                      SAFE from payroll
                                                                      Peralta built program to extract from payroll
                                                                      but want to do automatically – query from
                                                                      payroll at college level and upload to Safe

    Identify students as Community Service           Gap/ Implement   SAFE’s work study programs have not been
3   employees                                                         updated in a few years. Great for FISAP if
                                                                      student can be flagged. It will be categorized on

    Develop report to track earnings, and identify   Gap/             This would be nice. A Flag to indicate that a
4   students who are close to, or already have,      Implement        student is close to exceeding award is desirable.
    exceeded their work study award
    Package work study based on ISIR question        Gap/Implement    Would like this as an optional parameter for
5                                                                     packaging rules.

    Continue to maintain Access database of all      Fit/ Implement   Implement at all colleges until PeopleSoft
6   student employment management at Laney                            becomes reliable.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                 page 16

CommonLine Loan Processing
#   Topic/                                           Fit/Gap/     Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                    Implement    Solution
    Process loans using FFELP CommonLine standards   Gap/         Peralta doesn’t use this. Move by Fed Gov’t
1                                                    Implement?   to direct loans – may not need for anybody.

3   Track paper loan checks                          Gap/

4   Process PLUS loans                               Gap/

5   Track Entrance Interview                         Gap/

6   Track Exit Interview                             Gap/
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                    page 17

Pell Payment Processing
#   Topic/                                            Fit/Gap       Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                                   Solution
    Reconcile PS disbursements to COD disbursements   Gap/ Do Not   Not a financial aid disbursement action;
3                                                     Implement?    this is a student finance processing action
                                                                    Needs to be provided by District within
                                                                    the PeopleSoft disbursement processing
                                                                    We reconcile SAFE disbursements with
                                                                    COD disbursements. Tom runs separate
                                                                    report. Ability to run on-demand report
                                                                    between SAFE and COD.
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                              page 18
Return of Title IV Aid
#    Topic/                                     Fit/Gap       Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                            Solution
     Determine who requires a R2T4              Gap/          Currently R2T4 is not calculated in SAFE.
2    calculations                               Implement??   Can this be done in SAFE?
                                                              Post to COD

     Calculate R2T4 in SAFE for multiple        Gap/          Peralta does have to post money after it has been returned to
3    students based on SR withdrawal and        Implement?    COD. To post immediately to student disbursement screen would
                                                              be quite a step saver. Today this is a manual process. Need to
     notify FA regarding refunds                              research. Money has not been reconciled between college and
                                                              district. How do other schools do this?

Self Service
#    Topic/                                     Fit/Gap       Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                            Solution
     Students can review award information      Gap/ For      Board of Trustees wants this. For discussion with Minh and
1    via Self Service                           Discussion    Teresa. Very desirable. Data mart requirements

2    Students can accept or decline awards      Gap/ For
     via Self Service                           Discussion

3    Students can view any outstanding          Gap/ For
     documents they must still turn in to the   Discussion
     financial aid offices
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                          page 19
#   Topic/                            Fit/Gap           Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                       Solution
    Create FISAP report for each      Fit/Update        Cross enrollment needs to be made easier. Need a page or
1   individual college                                  fields that show a student’s enrollment in all colleges

    Create ad hoc reports             Fit/ Update       Yes. To see students enrolled less than ½ time, students that
2                                                       are on honor roll, etc. Don’t want to lose existing reports but
                                                        want to be able to do these on demand.

    Produce Fund Management reports   Fit?/ Implement   Does PCCD have the capability to produce the reports they
3                                                       currently need?
                                                        Talk to Judy L to see if there are additional fund management
                                                        reports she wants

    Download Query results in Excel   Fit/ Update       SAFE provides data export capability; it is PCCD choice if Excel
4                                                       is used for spreadsheet import

                                                        A lot of PeopleSoft reports can be downloaded and imported
                                                        into Excel. It would be nice to add more automation here.
    Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                                    page 20
    Non-Federal Aid Programs
#    Topic/                                               Fit/Gap       Description/Comments/
     Functionality                                                      Solution
     Track awards from the EOPS office and include        Fit/ Update   FAO uses EOP Department lists; enters awards and orders checks
1    in the student’s aid package                                       manually; SAP is same
                                                                        Don’t want to let EOP edit reports. They provide report and FAO
                                                                        manually enters info. Can we upload spreadsheet into SAFE?
                                                                        There are not many of these now.

     Process aid for students who don’t apply for         Gap/          FAOs manually enter these. CalGrants is on chopping block for
2    federal aid, but qualify for district or state aid   Implement     community colleges. It would be nice to upload these
                                                                        automatically. Standalone systems. They need ability to always
     such as Chaffee Grant, BOG, CAL Grant,                             add student manually into SAFE system for MIS reporting. FA
     outside scholarships, Americorps, etc                              elements (status, income, need) need to be merged into a
                                                                        transmission file to send to State. We currently have this but it
                                                                        was missing in Regents. BOG requirements for dependent status
                                                                        are different than Fed requirements. ** Need separate page for
                                                                        student BOG and send page to Recalc

     Process BOG Tuition Waivers – consider using         Gap/          See #2. Not considering CC Apply
3    CC Apply                                             Implement
     Process CAL Grants                                   Gap/          Actual CAL Grant eligibility must be separately determined or set
4                                                         Implement     up within SAFE packaging criteria.
                                                                        Judy has provided Web Site links. ESI to review. See #2

     Process any and all other forms of state and         Fit/Update    Ability to add any outside funding is a fit. Peralta uses PD screens
5    district aid programs – the financial aid offices                  to record check no, etc. *Move PD data into SAFE
     are required to consider all sources of state and
     institutional aid when determining a student’s
     eligibility for federal funds
Peralta Fit/Gap Analysis                                                                    page 21
#   Topic/                                    Fit/Gap     Description/Comments/
    Functionality                                         Solution

    Determine Ability to Benefit (ATB)        Gap/        ATB determination is to occur outside of SAFE
2                                             Implement   Need field on screen to check box. Universal place to
                                                          confirm. Type of Test – 1-English, 2-Spanish; Scores? –
                                                          Pass/fail is fine; Date (important)
                                                          Is this used by other colleges/universities? If not, make
                                                          college-defined fields. Would be nice to have on SC13

    Track a student’s residency for COA and   Gap/        CC Apply System (Peralta’s enrollment system). To
4   awarding purposes                         Implement   import admissions app and what they use to import
                                                          residency problems – there are PS problems (name
                                              with PS     problems) and these need to be fixed first. Problems with
                                              Problems    updating student residency in PS

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