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					                              Annual BMPOA meeting
                                   August 15,2004
                       1:30 pm Linden United Methodist Church

Board members attending:
William Jahn – President
Kathy Murphy – First Vice-President
Pete Plourd – Treasurer
Jeff Rodman – Director
Michael Mitchell – Director

Scribe – Kathy Murphy, Sharon Jahn

Property owners attending:
Norm and Marcia Smith
Sharon Jahn
Shoana and Chris Riccio
Jim and Missy McManaway
Anne Anderson
Tom Higgenbothan
Donna Kirk
Cathy Berger
Deborah Corby
Linda Tinker
Jack Davis
Patricia Chilcote
Lynne Prychodnik
John Lilley
Sam Harahan
Helga and Eric Heiberg
Terri Hauser
Don Richards
Vincent and Lou Arbelez
Jason Brewer
Edwin Schmidt

Meeting was called to order at 1:30, Bill Jahn as Chair for the meeting, Kathy Murphy as

40 property owners were signed in at the beginning of the meeting.

Bill Jahn began the meeting by addressing the need to approve the August 2003 meeting
minutes. He stated that the minutes had been posted on the website and requested a
motion to waive the reading of the minutes. Sam Harahan moved to approve the minutes
with no reading at this time. Jack Davis seconded and none opposed.
Bill Jahn read the president’s report as follows:

                                PRESIDENT’S REPORT

 I have been trying to keep all of you well informed in our Newsletters about issues that
 our community is facing and the decisions that we will have to make. I am not going
 to repeat what has been reported in the Newsletters. The information that we have
 provided will be the starting point for our discussions and the votes that we will take

 Obviously, the issue of greatest concern is the condition of our roads and how we
 proceed with the decision that was made at our May meeting to borrow $200,000 to
 begin paving those roads that are costing us the a lot of money to maintain and still
 are not always easily passable. In the May Newsletter we listed the roads that are
 currently candidates for paving. Since the May meeting the Board has been
 interviewing consultants as was requested in the motion adopted at that meeting and
 has taken a very careful look at the pros and cons of paving vs. tar and chipping. We
 are very mindful of the fact that we must get this right. You will hear much more on
 these issues in our meeting today. I am very pleased with the professionalism with
 which these issues have been approached.

 Another issue that we will discuss today is what to do with the lodge. This is not an
 easy issue for our community to decide but we must resolve the issue quickly.
 Allowing the building to sit there and not fix it up, remove it or sell it is not an option
 for us nor will the insurance company allow it. If we invest in fixing up the lodge, it is
 imperative that as a community we have a vision for how it will be used other than for
 a few meetings a year.

 We are also in the midst of addressing a series of safety issues to bring the lake and
 recreation areas into compliance with insurance requirements and the dam into
 compliance with new state codes. You will hear more on this later in this meeting and
 will be seeing more improvements in the coming weeks. The dam will be cleared of all
 trees sometime after Labor Day and some of the area on the road side of the lake will
 be cleared as well.

 Unfortunately, we are having problems with dogs running loose in our community and
 down at the lake, ATV’s on our roads and at the recreation area, as well as non-
 residents using our lake. The sheriff’s deputies are getting well acquainted with our
 community and we will be meeting with the sheriff and county administrator tomorrow
 to discuss these problems. It is our intention to request full enforcement of the laws of
 Warren County.
 Last but not least, we have a committee that has been reviewing our By-Laws and
 hopefully soon our Covenants to recommend changes to bring them up to date with
 changes in our community. There will be much more on this project next year.

 The bylaws are in process of being rewritten to reflect changes driven by FOIA, and
 we are considering the addition of two entrance signs on 638 to allow posting, and to
 direct new owners to the website. We will propose this at the meeting with the county
 on August 16th.

Pete Plourd read and detailed the treasurer’s report. That document is stored separately as
a spread sheet.

He also noted that the BMPOA audit had been performed by Norm Smith and Nynette
Rourke. Mr. Smith reported that the audit checked out to his satisfaction.

The treasurer’s report for the Sanitary District was also read and detailed. Mr. Plourd
noted the first large payment was received into the account in April of this year, and two
more small payments are still due to us totaling about $24,000.00. He pointed out the
insurance premium of about $10,000.00 being larger than expected.

Eric Heiberg questioned the hourly pay for our snowplowers and for the mowing of
common areas. Pete Plourd answered that his fee for mowing all areas has been $125.00
per session for the last 7 years. Confirmed about 4 hours averaging about $30.00 per
hour. Plowing is currently paid at $50.00 per hour for labor and truck use – the plow
belongs to BMPOA but a vehicle is needed – this was questioned by John Lilley and
confirmed by Jim McManaway. We noted that Bruce Drummond is paid $25.00 per hour
for all the services he provides BMPOA.

Tom Higgenbothan questioned the method of billing for the security service. Bill Jahn
outlined the hours being worked as Memorial Day through Labor Day; Friday, Saturday
and Sunday. He confirmed that the service patrols the rec area as well as an occasional
drive by the lodge. Pete Plourd also noted that the fiscal year ends before the security
cycle ends, so there is billing split around the year end.

Jack Davis clarified that RAC security is both Lake and Lodge and asked that the
spreadsheet be labeled to indicate that more clearly.

John Lilley questioned the expenditure of the BMPOA fireworks from the Sanitary
District fund. Pete Plourd agreed that the expense should come from BMPOA funds and
explained that the previous treasurer had made some changes and there was currently no
physical checkbook to write checks from for BMPOA. He promised to change this at the
first of the month and re-assign that expense.

Pete Plourd then noted that the $5,000 we usually transfer from our account yearly has
not been done and suggested we make that change. He explained the details of the
contingency fund and requested a motion to move the funds. Jim McManaway made the
motion and John Lilley seconded. None opposed.

The Sanitary District audit has also been done. Pete Plourd is closing the books as of
August 15th to allow all checks to clear by Sept. statement. He is on track to have the
books submitted by October and the audit done by December and filed on time.

John Lilley questioned the entry of the Waybourn donation into the SD fund. It was
earmarked by the donater for repairs to his road. The check had not been cashed when
Pete P. took over as treasurer and had no notations listed. Pete P. will apply this check to
the roads budget.

Michael Mitchell making the roads report referred to the volunteer programs outlined in
the newsletter quoting a bid for repairs to four slightly damaged roads that totaled
$36,000.00 for pothole filling and a thin layer of gravel. He said we currently pay $5-7
per ton for gravel and another $8.00 per ton for delivery.

Jack Davis questioned the current status on getting stone through the county suppliers.

Bill Jahn answered and said we are still looking for an answer to that question and it is on
his agenda to review at the upcoming meeting with the county.

Michael M. continued by saying that stone is no longer locally available and we are
having to branch out. Discussion followed regarding the passing of Eddie Williams and
the possible impact on the way BMPOA has been storing and using gravel. It was noted
that Eddie did a great deal of work in our community and he will be missed.

Michael M. also made note of our increase in road usage fees for builders from $1000 to
$1500 and reviewed the current bids in hand for the proposed paving.

Sam Harahan brought up the need for repairs on Old Sawmill.

Tom Higgenbothan brought up the subject of Shenandoah Farms (SF) using Tomahawk
and the increased traffic there. Bill Jahn replied that he had met with the lawyer to review
the standing agreement that commits SF to pay for half of the maintenance of Tomahawk.
The determination was that this agreement is the only one at hand and it would fall to SF
to search for a subsequent agreement or disprove this one. We cannot close the road to
through traffic due to the individual rights of the SF property owners. Those rights are
separate from the obligation of SF in maintaining the roads. We may have some ability to
collect back monies owed for repairs, but it will require legal action and and the amount
will be limited. The first 300 feet of Tomahawk belongs to SF and not jointly owned.

Bill Jahn then read from the following document:

 Tuesday, I had a discussion with Joe Longo, the SF general manager concerning
 maintenance of Tomahawk and their views on how to proceed.
 The conversation was very cordial but Joe did point out that while they would want to
 try to live up to their obligations, they have never seen the agreement between Blue
 Mtn and SF. I told him that our primary desire is to reach an amicable agreement
 with them and that we were having our attorney review the agreement's validity before
 we tabled it.

 Most of what he told me is not new. They don't have any money. This year they could
 only maintain 10% of their roads so their Board has trouble helping to maintain a
 road outside their community. Last year they spent three years worth of money
 (whatever that means) in the High Top/Old Linden Road area so they will not be able
 to put more money into that area soon. SF has no interest in keeping the area on the
 Linden side of the mountain as part of their community. They would like for it to
 either break off or join another association such as ours.

 I suggested a course of action as follows:

 1. I will call back after our meeting with the county officials on Monday.

 2. We would agree on a mail out to their concerned property owners and schedule as
 meeting at the Linden Church. We would also talk to Lockhart to get his views and
 perhaps participation in the meeting.

 3. Based on what the county says, what we decide that we are willing to do, we go
 into the meeting.

 While any change to a SD requires court action, the county is willing to support us. If
 all parties are in agreement it should be an easy process.

Michael Mitchell resumed roads discussion in regard to a consultant. He told of
contacting Fairfax county and receiving recommendations for two possibilities. Gardner
Engineering responded and was his first choice selected at a maximum quote of
$5,000.00. He made mention of their credentials specifying licensing and professional
status. Jim Keyser was also discussed briefly with note that he does not have liability
insurance and Michael M. discounted him as a candidate due to recent board discussions
that all contractors should have liability insurance. Mitch M. also noted that all his
discussions lead to the fact that it is time to add gravel to our roads – please, no further

Kathy Murphy made the recreation area report as follows:

                                Recreation Area Report

 Jim McManaway and I met with VML recently and made a tour of the
 recreation areas. We reviewed each area with an eye toward safety needs
and possible improvements. The insurance company has guidelines they
suggest we follow to protect us from liability loopholes, and provide a
safer environment. Since they have many members they can draw from
other experiences to make recommendations for us. That visit, in
combination with continuing efforts from the board brought us to the
current standing.

The swing set itself has been adjusted to meet standards for swing
spacing, received a new swing, and the slide has been replaced with a
new one. Both items were donated by Kathy Williams and all the labor
and leg work were done by Norm and Marcia Smith. Thank you to all.
Norm is continuing to work on the replacement of the play surface under
the swing set and has had the area excavated to allow for the containment
system and the gravel fill. Thanks to Kin Brown for his work in
excavation. The next step is to purchase and assemble PVC edging for the
gravel area, then fill with pea gravel. We are still working on the best
pricing for the gravel, but the current figures will allow us to complete all
work for under $2,200.00 as long as we have volunteers for most of the
assembly. If anyone has access to PVC at wholesale that would help! Next
spring we will add a second structure for swings, to include a toddler
swing and additional play equipmen t for an additional amount of
$700.00. The upgrades for this year have been promised to VML by the
15th of September.

In that area are also two tennis courts. I have one quote to repair the
fence on the back court and am waiting for a second. I made 8 calls and
had only one returned. They came out the next day and responded that
evening. The price was $450-$500 so we know the repair will not exceed
that number. The board has discussed turning the first court into a skate
area and we will look into that change in the spring.

The lake area has received 4 life-rings and posts to hold them where
needed. Thank you to Jim McManaway for that help. There are also new
signs at the lake at the direction of VML. They have suggested a number
of fixes at the lake which we have committed to by September 15 th. I have
hired a contractor to remove the tree from the lake and that should be
done in the next two weeks as well. VML requested the dock, raft and
drain need to be visually inspected under water to confirm there are not
lurking obstructions and dangers to those diving in from the top, and we
have a volunteer to do that this year. There are some missing caps on the
 dock that will be replaced and the stairs coming down the dam will be
 replaced as soon as I get quotes on that work confirmed – again waiting
 on two prices. The steps will be replaced with the same durable material
 on the dock and a handrail will be added to conform to VML specs. Due
 by the 15th of September.

 To conform to State regulations and our previous commitments we must
 remove all vegetation from the earthen dam at the lake. I have requested
 quotes on that as well and we will proceed as soon as the leaves fall. We
 had a two year window to do the work and it expires this year. We are
 using a contractor to do the work, but would appreciate any volunteers.
 Costs for next year at the lake will include replacement of missing life-
 rings, purchasing a composting portable john with a concrete pad to
 anchor it to, and replacing the beach sand. Should be under $1500.00
 allowing funds for the lodge or other areas.

 Our current budgets will cover all the proposed repairs and additions
 unless we are greatly surprised by the tree removal at the dam.

 Lastly, we wish to thank John Lilley and his family for all the time he put
 forth in analysis of the recreation areas and lodge. We all know that time
 is valuable and appreciate that he spent so much of his time on these
 projects. Many of the changes you see came from his evaluations.

Don Richards brought up a point of order and requested that the vote be moved forward
on the agenda since people start trickling out as the meeting progresses. Bill Jahn asked
for the desires of the room and it was indicated that this was accepted.

Each candidate was asked to speak for themselves regarding experience and motivations
in serving on the board. Their comments follow.
Jim McManaway has served previously on the Blue Mountain board for numerous years,
as roads chairman, snow removal and also on the Warren County Board of Supervisors.
He is currently employed as a Realtor, marksman instructor and self -defense instructor.
When questioned as to his approach on the roads he responded that he is currently in
favor of the plan proposed by RNJ with much consideration given to water handling.

Kathy Murphy has served on the board for a year maintaining the website and email
correspondence and as Vice President for the last six months. She also stated an
optimism about the new board and working with Jim McManaway and Pete Plourd. She
has lived on the mountain for 7years and is dedicated to improving the roads and way of
life in the interest of her family. She runs two small businesses from her home and has a
history of retail sales and management. She lives close to the lodge and would not like to
see it sold, but feels it should be better used to warrant the repair costs. She is in favor of
the paving plan proposed, and the priority schedule set forth for maintenance of the roads,
and wants to see a consultant in place and a trial of him and a few roads paved for this

Glenn Seymour was not in attendance.

Kathy Williams was not in attendance.

Pete Plourd spoke of 13-14 years in the area and serving as treasurer for the years 1996-
2000. He feels that information and communication are key and is committed to keeping
owners informed and forming a more accurate data-base for mailings. He is currently
meeting with the county to chase accounts and current delinquencies.

Eric Heiberg questioned the extent of possible new building on the mountain and was
answered that the lots in our subdivision are becoming scarce for building, but the areas
around us are subject to expansion.

John Lilley asked Mr. Plourd why he has decided to serve again considering his criticism
of the past boards' actions. The answer : he felt it was very important to keep people
informed and he was qualified to do that.

Cathy Berger spoke of being a resident here since 1985, since April 2000 in a full-time
capacity. She commutes 4 hours daily to the Izaak Walton League. She also indicated
use of a cistern in her home. She has mixed feelings on the roads issue and would choose
fixing the lodge as her first choice of these options.

Donna Gray was unable to attend but Kerry Gray spoke for her interest in contributing to
the community and for her ability and feelings for the area.

Lorne Cooper was not in attendance .

Helga Heiberg said her reason for joining the board is to promote groups getting
together, renovate the lodge with new ideas for activities and use of the lake and outdoor
areas to create a better sense of community. She would like to see us be more proactive in
promoting the mountain for generating funds through children's workshops, nature
groups and other exposures.

Tom Higgenbothan has lived here two years, having moved from Alexandria and is
concerned about preserving the current style of life. He sees the lodge as an asset that
needs further discussion to be best used and feels we should proceed cautiously on the
roads and has a great deal of thought on the Tomahawk situation. He has traveled for
work in the past but works from home now and attendance will be no problem.

Jeff Rodman has lived here 8 years and served on the board previously with Pete Plourd.
He is a full-time mountain resident and works in Front Royal as well as from his home.
He wants a community that is useful on a daily basis and year-round access. He feels the
board will need to address traffic and population increases on our roads and is in favor of
the super-pave. He feels caution is wise but there is no need to second guess Mitch's
findings and we should trust them and continue our progress. He has mixed feelings on
the lodge but is currently thinking we should sell and rebuild a community building at
the rec. area . He feels the lodge is in an area that prohibits year-round use and an all-
season building would promote heavier usage. He does feel we should place restrictions
on the use of the lodge property when sold.

Pete Plourd spoke for Nynette Rourke and her service on the board from 1990 through
2000 but was uncertain of exact terms of service. He indicated her wish to be present ,
but she had to attend a wedding out of state. He noted she had made tremendous
contributions during her time of service on the board citing rewriting of the covenants
and by-laws.

Linda Tinker said her greatest asset was being outspoken and questioning of everything.
She could go either way on the roads, but her history on the mountain has made her very
aware of the drawbacks of winter roads.

The ballots were then passed around and taken to be counted.

Lou Arbelez spoke of her personal experiences on the mountain and made a statement
regarding the lodge as a financial liability due to lack of use and deterioration and noted
that the bottom layer is useless due to dampness. It is also a target for break-ins and not
functional as a meeting place. She thinks we need a central meeting place and could
rebuild a new meeting place in the site of the upper parking area possibly. She notes that
the parking areas and meeting hall have never been full so a smaller place would be a
good solution.

Bill Jahn requested a return to the agenda and asked for a report on the security
committee. Don Richards detailed the duties of RAC Security and noted that the
personnel make a weekly report to their office and check passes of people using the lake
area. He requested a re-iteration of the procedures for weekend guests and for renters
regarding passes and permission notes. Weekend guests are allowed the use with a
written, dated, one day pass . Renters need a pass and written notes on terms of rental and
permission for use.

Don Richards also asked if there was a record of the last stocking of carp for the lake. He
said there were some time stipulations on when to re-stock. Kathy Murphy asked that he
research these time lines, and cost of replacement and report back to the board. MR.
Richards agreed to so so.

Lou Arbelez brought up the two new rentals near her home and said the children were
allowed to shoot off firearms and were crippling the wildlife. She was advised to call the
sheriff's office immediately and report it the next time it happened.
The results of the election were then announced with all executive board members having
been elected -President Jim McManaway, First VP Kathy Murphy, Second VP Glenn
Seymour, Secretary Kathy Williams, and Treasurer Pete Plourd. Cathy Berger, Helga
Heiberg, Jeff Rodman and Tom Higgenbothan were elected as directors.

Discussion continued on the lodge as follows:

Kathy Murphy reminded those attending the the vote for sale of the lodge would have to
be affirmed by a 2/3 majority of all property owners and Pete Plourd made the comment
that we received about 20 proxies for this mailing. A response of 250+ owners would be
necessary to allow the actual sale of the lodge.

Bill Jahn discussed some of the details from newsletters and meetings to define our lodge


Pete Plourd read the specifications from VML for repairs to include step replacement,
additional lighting in the parking area, signage etc. He noted the repairs to the roof
needed as well as interior corrections and said repairs could exceed $50,000.

Jack Davis said he is in favor of keeping the lodge but the reality is that we don't have
real figures. If we bring it up to standard, minimize security, decrease phone costs and
add possible gates we could decrease the proposed costs and make keeping it more
feasible. We could get volunteers for electric work and for removal of the stairs and

Missy McManaway questioned the reality and liability of using volunteers for the work.

Bill Jahn cited the success of the dock replacement in recent years, but made
acknowledgment that this is a much larger project.

Kathy Murphy said all costs are as low as possible right now due to the need for the
phone line attached to the security system., and our commitment dictated by the sanitary
district agreement for the patrolling security.

Tom Higgenbothan stated that due to the degradation of the lodge it sounded like a good
idea to rebuild at the recreation area or a new building at the lodge site.

Jeff Rodman reiterated that the building was not used regularly due to location and style.

John Lilley recounted his experience on the safety committee . He made a survey in
March 2003 and made detailed reports to the board. He resigned his postion because he
did not think the board was taking aggressive enough action on those recommendations.
When questioned he confirmed that the quote of $50,000 was within reason for the
repairs to the lodge.
Norm Smith spoke and expressed the opinion that the lodge constitutes a financial
millstone and we should be ready to commit large numbers to keep it. It is a good time to
remodel or build due to interest rates and local sentiment for restoration.

Helga Heiberg questioned the number of lots possible for subdividing the lodge land –
answered as 2 maximum – and asked how the proceeds will be used, indicating a desire
that 100% be placed back into community benefits, not put toward roads. The board
expressed a current desire to rebuild a community center if the lodge is sold, but there
would be funds left for donation to the roads or other issues.

Jeff Rodman said the options should be re-stated clearly and the vote taken.

Linda Tinker suggested that we vote in the repairs as dictated by VML and pursue details
of a new building.

John Lilley questioned the need for a 2/3 vote to tear down the lodge and was answered
that by the exact wording of the by-laws, that vote was not needed.

Lou Arbelez suggested we buy an existing home on the mountain for use as a community

Bill Jahn requested we take the vote on the disposition of the lodge and was informed that
most people had voted when they handed in their ballots for the election. The two people
who had not voted at that time did so and the votes were tallied. Final resolution was a tie
for rebuilding to standard and to sell. The board concluded that it now had direction to
pursue the exact repair costs and Bill Jahn had an outline of the next few years for repair
to propose. The board will not continue to research tearing down the lodge.

Jason Brewer asked to speak on behalf of the Shenandoah Farms residents on
McDonald's Farm road. He requested residents drive through their area and note the pride
taken in their homes and the overall value of the area. He said the average values of the
homes were $145,000 to $198,000 and had risen in value since being built. He noted that
the residents had concerns about being annexed but knew they needed a change from
being governed by Shenandoah Farms He questioned the current direction of Blue
Mountain and what the thought was regarding repairs to Tomahawk.

Bill Jahn spoke of having the current agreement on Tomahawk reviewed and concerns
over the size of the larger number of homes being added beyond them. He said that the
annexation of the area was one of the items on agenda for the meeting with the county
and would be taken up by the incoming board.
(Sharon Jahn took over the duties of scribe at this time)

Agenda Item 6b – Discussion on Paving Of Roads:
Jim McManaway proposed we continue down the same path that Jack Davis mentioned
in that we test a couple of roads for paving before contracting for several roads to be

Pete Plourd reported that he had set up a line of incremental credit with the bank rather
than taking out a $200,000 loan for the road paving.

John Lilley expressed his concern about using tar and chip on the roads as well as his
concern about using Mr. Keyser as a consultant on how to proceed with the paving of the

John Lilley made a motion, “that we do not hire anyone, or hire anyone to serve, as a
contractor that does not have insurance”.

Edwin Schmidt seconded.

Discussion on the motion followed:

Jeff Rodman asked why we are hiring Mr. Keyser without insurance. Jim McManaway
stated that Mr. Keyser has 30+ years of experience in this area, and that is why he is
being considered as a consultant. Jim McManaway stated he did not want the Board’s
hands tied with having to hire only insured people.

Jack Davis stated he believed a consultant is not as apt to be sued as a contractor. A
consultant is providing recommendations and not actually doing the operational work.

Jim McManaway has no problems with the Maryland paving firm Mitch Mitchell has
found for the road paving.

Tom Higgenbothan asked that if insurance is required for all, how does this effect
volunteers. Bill Jahn stated that volunteers are covered by our VML insurance.

John Lilley went on to state that Mr. Keyser charges $25 an hour plus travel, and if he has
to be insured, why do we pay insurance on him. Mr. Lilley’s concern was that the advice
we receive from Mr. Keyser could perhaps be liable if the outcome of the road paving is
not as stated by Mr. Keyser.

Pete Plourd pointed out that there is a litany of costs charged by the Maryland paving
firm and the cost of $5000 for the job does not have a cap.

Mitch Mitchell pointed out that the contractors know what they are doing, and in
addition, they provide a two-year guarantee, so why bother with the consultant.

Jim McManaway repeated that he does not want the new Board’s hands tied from the
very beginning.
Mitch Mitchell stated he did speak with two other developments regarding Mr. Keyser .
He reported the other developments did not do as Mr. Keyser outlined and possibly that is
why the roads in the other developments have not held up.

Bill Jahn recommended that those concerned about paving of the roads continue to come
to Board Meetings and stay involved on this project.

Jim McManaway once again stated that we are in the beginning stages of what
contractors will be used for, and he doesn’t want the Boards hands tied.

Jeff Rodman concurred with Jim McManaway’s statement given the small number of
contractors we use. The Board has to be responsible to make good decisions.

Tom Higgenbothan proposed we ask the consultant about what the contractor is
proposing and that information be discussed as we move forward.

John Lilley’s original motion was restated.

Jim McManaway made a motion that the motion be tabled.

A vote was taken as to whether the motion should be tabled with the following results:

       In favor of Tabling: 12
       Oppose Tabling: 4

Agenda Item 6 d: Sanitary District tax for 2005

Jim McManaway asked this item be reviewed at a later date, as Roads and Lodge
concerns may impact it.

Bill Jahn left budget documents with Jim McManaway he had received from the County.
This agenda item was left with the new board as how to proceed.

Agenda Item 7: New Business

Bill Jahn reported that flowers had been sent for the death of Eddie Williams. Mr.
Williams was a long-time resident and invaluable friend to Blue Mountain since the
Mountain’s inception along with Henry and Colette DeLongfief. Bill asked the feeling of
the room as to what more can be done in Eddie’s memory. Discussion followed with
possible suggestions of presenting a plaque to Eddie’s wife, possibly name the future
lodge/recreation building after him, plant a tree or a contribution to the American Heart

A motion was made by Pete Plourd to contribute $100 to the American Heart
Association. The motion was seconded by Sam Harahan. A vote was taken with 100%
 Norm Smith will make this donation and Pete Plourd will repay Norm as soon as Pete
secures checks for the appropriate checking account. In addition, Norm and Marcia
Smith will write a letter on behalf of the Association to Mrs. Williams.

Bill Jahn moved for adjournment of the meeting. Pete Plourd seconded.

The meeting adjourned at 4:35 PM.

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