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					                                      Reviews – August 2007
                                     Big Dave – Leicestershire
                                      Awesome Linedancing

                        My Dance of the Month
                   Let’s Get Saved (Dan McInerney)
Important Note : The scores below are my own assessment – They take into account class feedback/reaction
 – But ultimately they are my own view – To see the class scores check out my Dances Taught pages & see a
            rating out of 5 from the dancers themselves – We agree most times – But not always !!

Ride The River (Kath Dickens)
JJ Cale & Eric Clapton (Ride The River)
Dance 8 Music 8

A really nice catchy two step track & really cool, flowing, yet easy steps – Saw this one
down at TSWRA & really liked the look of it – The Mainline class really enjoying it – Neat
dancing without having to think too hard – Really like the Box Chasse start & the ‘Ride-A-
Bike’ Hip Bump finish  ……….. A dance along the lines of ‘This Is Us’ & the likes.


Country Girl (Rob Fowler)
Rissi Palmer (Country Girl)
Dance 8 Music 9

A great country dance ideal for Improvers – A hit with both our Beginner classes – And also
when a quick teach to the Mainline gang too – Especially fun to get the Beginners doing the
‘funky bit’ at the end – Love it !! 


Silver Moon (Kate Sala)
Enrique Iglesias (Tired Of Being Sorry)
Dance 8 Music 8

A really cool track this one – And the dance flows really well – A ‘Sky High’ sort of dance –
Some really neat steps – I especially like the cool cross-shuffle finish sequence – Class
enjoyed it but initially struggled remembering it because there are 4 places with a Back Right
Rock & you can get mixed up if you don’t keep your wits about you !! 

Follow Me Home (T&V)
Sugababes (Follow Me Home)
Dance 10 Music 9

T&V’s High Road was a classy dance – This one is too – A big hit teach by T&V at our Fun
In The Sun day & really well received by our Newline class, revision for some who were at
Fun In The Sun – A really neat smooth Night Club track & a dance full of neat new moves –
I especially like the Twinkle/Sailor-Turn sequence which flows like a lovely diamond sort of
turn – And the Kick/Step/Rock/Steps – Really cool – At first I thought doing these twice
might be a touch repetitive, but it works really well.


Rise & Fall (Paul McAdam)
Sting & Craig David (Rise & Fall)
Dance 8 Music 9

Paul’s one of the best, my Geordie ‘Marra’ - And this one every bit as good as his current
smooth hits Cry To Me & Stand By Me Cha …….. Another lovely Night Club to add to the
ever growing list of them – It’s definitely the Night Club era just now & at least on the
Newline scene the dancers just can’t get enough of them !! This one is to a powerful &
classic track with a lovely turning sweep sequence at the beginning – And a bonus for a
change that there are no tags/restarts. Paul is guest starring with Scott at our 2008 Leeds
Newline at the end of September.


One Heart Too Many (Dee Musk)
Justin Guarini (One Heart Too Many)
Dance 9 Music 9

A Dee dance without the trade-mark syncopated ‘Dee Steps’ !!  …….. A really nice
smooth cha cha that has gone down really well – I really enjoy dancing this one – Love the
track & some cool steps – Like the turny beginning, the ‘Cry To Me’ cha cha steps & also
neat to work in the Night Club basics – And another with no tags/restarts – Love it.


Let’s Get Saved (Dan McInerney)
Prince (The Word)
Dance 10 Music 9
Dan is a good friend of ours here in the Midlands, UK – He does not write many dances, but
when he does he always does a great job – His dance Buttons is a classic floor-filler on the
Newline scene – And Second Look which was his 2006 Fun In The Sun teach a year ago is
still very popular – He’s also done us proud with his 2007 Fun In The Sun teach Let’s Get
Saved – An awesome smooth funky dance that hits the beat just spot on – This one is the
class hit teach of the month for sure – A must do Newline dance. Lots of highlights in this
one but I especially like cool Lock/Sweep/Tap/Lunge, the Double-Coasters & the


Sexy 17 (Charlotte Macari)
David Guetta (Sexy 17)
Dance 8 Music 8

Charlotte taught this one at Masters – I was really taken by this West Coast track & the
dance looked cool too – It’s a lovely dance but the class did not share my enthusiasm for the
track so it has not taken off unfortunately – Check out the track though – If it works for you
it’s a cool dance.


Fuego (Amy Spencer) …………… Fuego means ‘Fire’ !!
Pitbull (Fuego)
Dance 9 Music 10

This dance was probably the highlight teach of the World Masters weekend by Rachael for
the Newline gang – And it was a big hit when we did it at our Sunday-Out workshop – Then
again at our Newline class – It’s wild & fast so even maybe 1/3 of the Newline regulars did
not do it (Dare I say some of the more mature ones !!  - If it was not for having to teach it I
think I would have been one of them myself being fat n’ 50) – It’s a fast & furious
track/dance – A cross between Pump It & Run This in style – The dance is extremely good &
very different & makes great use of the track – The ‘Shaky’ bit is the fun feature (Well fun if
you can’t shake well !!) which hits the beat especially – Personally I love Step/Kick-Ball
sequence with cool arms – Great stuff.


Charanga (Rachael McEnaney)
Cubaila (La Charang)
Easy Intermediate
Dance 9 Music 8
A lovely neat & easy dance by Rachael to a really catchy Rumba track – Cool
step/clap/step/clap sequence in the middle – It’s a fun easy going dance & as much about the
styling – Really recommend this one is a nice filler dance for mainline intermediate classes
when it’s time for a break from the harder stuff – Along the lines of T&V’s Say Hey.

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