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									      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E139

                                               EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
         CITY OF MILWAUKIE, OREGON                            extremely important to the economic vitality of        Scleroderma; hold a Scleroderma symposium
                 CENTENNIAL                                   each State and to our national economy.                that would bring together distinguished sci-
                                                              Small businesses account for the majority of           entists and clinicians from across the United
               HON. EARL BLUMENAUER                           all new jobs being created daily, and provide          States to determine the most important prior-
                          OF OREGON                           opportunities for millions of people to earn a         ities in Scleroderma research; and to establish
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     living and provide financial stability for their       a national epidemiological study to better track
                                                              families. Through Scott and Rita’s teamwork            the incidence of this disease.
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                              and guidance, Mason Building Group, Inc. has               Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to join
         Mr. BLUMENAUER. Mr. Speaker, I would                 distinguished itself as a leader amongst small         me in bringing awareness and to help find a
      like to recognize the city of Milwaukie, OR, on         businesses in Delaware by offering a valuable          cure for this devastating disease.
      the 100th anniversary of its incorporation. This        service and maintaining a high level of cus-                            f
      is a community in my district that has played           tomer satisfaction.
      an important role in Oregon’s history.                     Through out my years in public service I             RECOGNIZING OSCAR DE LA HOYA
         While incorporated for 100 years it was ac-          have consistently counted Delaware’s small                  FOR HIS CONTRIBUTIONS
      tually founded in 1840. Milwaukie began to              businesses to be amongst the very best in the
      play an important role in riverfront shipping           Country, and recognition of Mason Building                         HON. SILVESTRE REYES
      with the advent of docks on the Willamette              Group, Inc. by the Delaware SBDC Network,                                  OF TEXAS
      River. The commerce from these docks                    in my mind, confirms this belief.                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      served to link the Willamette Valley’s pioneers            Scott and Rita’s accomplishments and inno-
      with goods from the Hudson Bay Trading                  vative leadership in the small business com-                   Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      Company and beyond. Oregon’s founder, Doc-              munity have placed Mason Building Group,                  Mr. REYES. Mr. Speaker, I would like to
      tor John McLaughlin, often supervised com-              Inc., in a position to rise above and meet the         take this opportunity to recognize and salute a
      merce on those docks when he visited from               challenges of the future; I commend them on            proud and distinguished individual for his
      his nearby home a mile away.                            their receipt of this award and wish them con-         many accomplishments and contributions to
         Oregon’s third newspaper, The Western                tinued success.                                        the Latino community and our country.
      Star, was founded in Milwaukie in 1850. It                                                                        Oscar De La Hoya began his successful
      quickly became Oregon’s premier newspaper                                                                      boxing career at the young age of 6 when he
      up and down the Willamette Valley for settlers                  LET’S FIND A CURE FOR                          began training to box at the Eastside Boxing
      as far south as Eugene. It gave the pioneers                        SCLERODERMA                                Club in Los Angeles, CA. From there he made
      their only information on the Oregon Territory,                                                                his way through the ranks and divisions of
      the coming statehood, events at Champoeg,                         HON. LUIS V. GUTIERREZ                       professional boxing, winning five world titles in
      and the Civil War.                                                                                             different weight divisions. Along the way, he
                                                                                  OF ILLINOIS
         Reaching beyond Oregon’s borders and to                                                                     also triumphed at the 1992 Olympics, winning
      the rest of the world is Milwaukie’s contribution            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                     a gold medal in boxing.
      to the American Produce market. A little                          Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     As if a successful boxing career were not
      known fact is that the Bing Cherry was first               Mr. GUTIERREZ. Mr. Speaker, today I am              enough, in October of 2000, he began his mu-
      cultivated in Milwaukie. It was named after a           introducing a bill to help the more than               sical career, releasing his first self-titled album
      Manchurian Chinese immigrant who worked                 300,000       Americans    who      suffer  from       of popular music.
      for the Lewelling Family Orchards, in what is           scleroderma. Scleroderma is a chronic, often              Besides his many accomplishments, his
      now the Lewelling Neighborhood.                         progressive autoimmune disease in which the            commitment to his community has remained
         Today, Milwaukie is the second largest city          body’s immune system attacks its own tissues.          steadfast. In 1995, he created the Oscar De
      in Clackamas County with a population of                   The disease manifests itself in two forms:          La Hoya Foundation as a tribute to his mother
      20,470. Its large employers include United              localized scleroderma, effecting the skin and          Celia. Its goal is to provide educational and
      Grocers, Oregon Cutting Systems, Dark Horse             underlying tissue; and systemic scleroderma,           athletic opportunities for the young people of
      Comics, Warn Industries and Providence                  also known as systemic sclerosis, a potentially        the East Los Angeles community. In keeping
      Milwaukie Hospital. It serves the Portland re-          life-threatening disease that attacks internal         with this mission, he established an academic
      gion as a transportation crossroads, hosting            organs, including the lungs, heart, kidneys,           scholarship fund for low-income students and
      the intersection of two State highways, two             esophagus and gastrointestinal tract.                  opened the Oscar De La Hoya Youth Center.
      freight lines, and hopefully a future light rail           Scleroderma can vary a great deal in terms          The Youth Center today provides a safe and
      line.                                                   of severity. While for a few individuals it is         positive environment where local area youth
         I am proud to represent the ‘‘City of                merely a nuisance, for many it is a life-threat-       receive help with their schoolwork, develop
      Dogwoods’’—Milwaukie, OR.                               ening illness. For most, it is a disease that af-      computer skills, and participate in athletic
                       f                                      fects how they live their daily lives.                 training programs.
       IN HONOR OF SCOTT MASON AND                               The wide range of symptoms and localized               In memory of his mother, he also made a
               RITA THOMAS                                    and systemic variations of the disease make it         generous donation to the East L.A. White Me-
                                                              especially hard to diagnose. The average di-           morial Medical Center. This donation served
               HON. MICHAEL N. CASTLE                         agnosis is made five years after the onset of          as the foundation from which the Celia Gon-
                         OF DELAWARE
                                                              symptoms. Once diagnosed, however, people              zalez De La Hoya Cancer Center was created.
                                                              with Scleroderma can only look forward to                 Oscar knows the importance of being a
                                                              symptomatic relief, as there is no known cure.         good role model. Professionally, he has been
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                        Symptoms may include swelling, hardening            a testament to the ideals of hard work and
         Mr. CASTLE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to             and thickening of the skin, blood vessel               perseverance. Outside of the boxing arena, he
      pay tribute to Scott Mason and Rita Thomas              spasms with severe discomfort in the fingers           has demonstrated what it means to truly give
      of Mason Building Group, Inc., this year’s re-          and toes, weight loss, joint pain, swallowing          back to one’s community. The positive impact
      cipients of the Government Market Assistance            difficulties, nonhealing ulcerations on the fin-       of Oscar De La Hoya reaches far beyond the
      Program Delaware Diamond Award from the                 gertips and extreme fatigue. In its more ad-           state of California. Next week he will visit El
      Delaware Small Business Development Center              vanced forms, Scleroderma can prevent pa-              Paso, in my district, and be warmly received
      Network.                                                tients from performing even the simplest tasks.        by an admiring community. He is a young
         As you know, small businesses such as                   Among the goals of my legislation is to help        man, who while especially appealing to Latino
      Mason Building Group, Inc., have always been            adequately fund research projects regarding            youth, stands as an inspiration to all.

             ∑ This ‘‘bullet’’ symbol identifies statements or insertions which are not spoken by a Member of the Senate on the floor.
           Matter set in this typeface indicates words inserted or appended, rather than spoken, by a Member of the House on the floor.

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      E140                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
      TRIBUTE TO STUART E. GLICK-                              Ratner Kaufman, recently named as the                  ican Red Cross, and Chesapeake Chamber of
       MAN,   RIVERSIDE   SUPERIOR                             Woman of Valor for 2003 by the American Di-            Commerce.
       COURT COMMISSIONER                                      abetes Association. During the past two dec-              Amidst all of her obligations, Ms. Stilhnan is
                                                               ades, we have had the pleasure of working              known for her love of and commitment to her
                      HON. KEN CALVERT                         with Dr. Kaufman on numerous issues relating           wonderful children, Lindsay and Walker.
                         OF CALIFORNIA                         to health policy and we are delighted she has             Her loyalty and willingness to do all she can
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      been chosen to receive this prestigious award.         to help everyone is unfailing. No one deserves
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                        Dr. Kaufman has devoted her clinical and            the distinguished honor of being named
         Mr. CALVERT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to             research career to improving the lives of those        Woman of the Year for the Women’s Division
      honor and pay tribute to an individual whose             afflicted with diabetes. She is a clinician who        of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Com-
      dedication and contributions to the County of            heads the Division of Endocrinology and Me-            merce-Chesapeake more than Peggy Stillman.
      Riverside are exceptional. Riverside County              tabolism at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; a            Mr. Speaker, please join me in honoring
      has been fortunate to have dynamic and dedi-             scholar who is a Professor of Pediatrics at the        Margaret ‘‘Peggy’’ Stillman, for her commit-
      cated community leaders who willingly and un-            Keck School of Medicine at USC; a researcher           ment to literacy, service, and compassion for
      selfishly give time and talent to making their           who has received NIH funding for over twenty           her community.
      communities a better place to live and work.             years and a leader who is currently serving as
      Stuart Glickman is one of these individuals.             the National American Diabetes Association                                f
      On January 10, 2003, Stuart was honored as               President. In short, she is a remarkable
      he retired as a Riverside Superior Court Com-            woman with an extensive and diverse history            PAYING TRIBUTE TO MAJOR GEN-
      missioner.                                               of accomplishments.                                     ERAL E. GORDON STUMP, ADJU-
         A native born Southern Californian, Stuart               Dr. Kaufman, the principal investigator for          TANT GENERAL AND DIRECTOR
      was born and raised in Los Angeles. He was               several nationwide efforts to mitigate or elimi-        OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MILI-
      educated by Los Angeles public schools and               nate the impact of diabetes, holds numerous             TARY AFFAIRS FOR MICHIGAN
      was admitted to the State Bar in 1971. He                patents on the formulation of ExtendBar, a
      went on to serve as Deputy District Attorney             snack bar designed to reduce glycemic excur-
      for Riverside County from 1971 to 1988. He               sion and episodes of hypoglycemia in dia-                               HON. MIKE ROGERS
      was the Deputy in charge of the Corona                   betics. She has even developed an interactive,                             OF MICHIGAN

      Branch Office for ten years and assisted the             educational CD–ROM game designed for chil-                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Corona Police Department with training in the            dren with diabetes in collaboration with the                     Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      areas of search warrants and report writing.             Starbright Foundation.
      He also conducted courtroom training for po-                Dedicated to helping others, Dr. Kaufman               Mr. ROGERS of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, I
      lice officers. He worked in the Riverside Supe-          served as the medical director at a summer             rise to honor the accomplishments of Major
      rior and Municipal Courts, Corona Municipal              camp for children with diabetes in the San             General E. Gordon Stump who is retiring as
      Court and Hemet Municipal Court, handling                Bernardino Mountains of Southern California            the Adjutant General of Michigan and Director
      both felony and misdemeanor cases.                       for more than twenty years. She also helped            of the Department of Military Affairs for Michi-
         In 1988 he was appointed a Municipal Court            establish standards of care for the American           gan.
      Commissioner in the Corona Municipal Court.              Diabetes Association. Using her influence to              General Stump’s distinguished military ca-
      In 1992 he was appointed a Superior Court                help in her cause, she has led many advocacy           reer and his leadership skills led to his ap-
      Commissioner and oversaw assignments that                efforts at the local and national levels to in-        pointment by Governor John Engler as Adju-
      included criminal, civil, family law, traffic, small     crease insurance benefits and to reduce dis-           tant General and Director of Military Affairs in
      claims, and unlawful detainers.                          crimination against people with diabetes.              1991. He has commanded the 150 units of the
         Stuart currently lives in Corona, California             We ask our colleagues to join us today sa-          Michigan Army National Guard and Michigan
      with his wife Ann of 43 years. He has two                luting our friend Doctor Francine Ratner Kauf-         Air National Guard, as well as directed two
      daughters, Marsha and Deborah, and is a                  man for her service and commitment to our              veterans’ nursing homes and administered
      proud grandfather of five.                               community.                                             grants to a dozen veterans’ service organiza-
         Stuart has been actively involved in the                                f                                    tions.
      community as a member and past president of
                                                               HONORING MARGARET ‘‘PEGGY’’                               Decorated many times for his service, Gen-
      the United States Navy League of Corona. He
                                                                STILLMAN ON BECOMING SE-                              eral Stump served his nation with valor in the
      is also a member and past president of the
                                                                LECTED WOMAN OF THE YEAR                              Vietnam War, in South Korea during the
      Corona Breakfast Lions Club and a member of
                                                                BY THE HAMPTON ROADS CHAM-                            U.S.S. Pueblo crisis, and in various assign-
      the Temescal Palms Masonic Lodge in Co-
                                                                BER OF COMMERCE-CHESAPEAKE                            ments throughout his more than 37 years of
         Stuart’s tireless work as a Deputy District                                                                  active and reserve duty.
      Attorney and a Superior Court Commissioner                          HON. J. RANDY FORBES                           Today, as America engages in a war on ter-
      has contributed unmeasurably to the better-                                  OF VIRGINIA                        rorism, General Stump is a role model for the
      ment of Riverside County. His involvement in                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   young men and women around the globe who
      the community makes me proud to call him a                       Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    stand in harms way, defending our nation and
      fellow community member, American and                                                                           the free world.
                                                                  Mr. FORBES. Mr. Speaker, I would like to
      friend. I know that the residents of Riverside           take this opportunity to honor a woman who                General Stump’s devotion and commitment
      County are grateful for his service and salute           leads her community in advocating reading              to this nation and the state of Michigan, and
      him as he retires. I look forward to continuing          and education, and has spent thirty years              his leadership of the men and women of
      to work with him in the future for the good of           building an exemplary library system in her            Michigan’s National Guard and Air National
      our community.                                           community.                                             Guard, and his service to the state’s veterans
                        f                                         Since 1973, Margaret ‘‘Peggy’’ Stillman of          organizations have earned him great respect.
                                                               Chesapeake, Virginia, has worked to improve               On February 15, 2003, General Stump and
                                                               the quality of life for the citizens of Hampton        his wife, Marie, will be honored by family,
             RATNER KAUFMAN
                                                               Roads as a librarian at the Chesapeake Public          friends, associates, and Michigan leaders at a
              HON. HOWARD L. BERMAN                            Library. Ms. Stillman’s dedication to enhancing        special farewell reception and dinner in East
                         OF CALIFORNIA                         her community’s joy of reading and access to           Lansing, Michigan.
                                                               information and resources is outstanding.                 Mr. Speaker, we wish to extend congratula-
               HON. HENRY A. WAXMAN                               In addition to her service to the library, Ms.      tions to General E. Gordon Stump on the oc-
                         OF CALIFORNIA                         Stillman chairs the Library of Virginia Board,         casion of his retirement. We are honored to
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      and serves as the Chairman of the Library of           recognize his many accomplishments and ask
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                      Virginia Building Committee. Ms. Stillman has          that our colleagues in the U.S. House of Rep-
        Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, we rise today to              also dedicated time and service on the local           resentatives join in recognizing his very worthy
      pay tribute to our good friend, Doctor Francine          boards of the American Cancer Society, Amer-           achievements.

VerDate Jan 31 2003    02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00002   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.029    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E141
           A TRIBUTE TO BOOKER T.                             INTRODUCING THE ENDING THE                             this bill will help encourage FASB to do the
           WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL                               DOUBLE STANDARD FOR STOCK                            right thing and require companies to account
                                                                OPTIONS ACT                                          for stock options. However, if they succumb to
                                                                                                                     industry pressure, Congress should enact this
           HON. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON                                 HON. FORTNEY PETE STARK                        bill and fix the problem once and for all.
                                                                                 OF CALIFORNIA                          Prior to last year’s scandals, nearly all com-
                           OF TEXAS
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   panies relegated their stock option expenses
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                            to merely a footnote in their SEC report. Yet,
                                                                        Wednesday, February 5, 2003                  these expenses were not reflected in their bot-
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                        Mr. STARK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to re-         tom line earnings. Since last year’s scandals,
         Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas.                  introduce legislation to require accuracy in the       many more companies have responded to in-
      Mr. Speaker, today I ask my colleagues to join          way corporations report profits and account for        vestors’ demands that stock options be ex-
      me in honoring an educational success story             stock options on their Security and Exchange           pensed in earnings reports. Over 120 compa-
      within the Dallas Independent School District.          Commission (SEC) earnings reports. I’m                 nies, including Amazon.com, Coca-Cola, and
      The Booker T. Washington High School was                pleased to be joined by Representatives EARL           General Motors, have announced that they will
      built in 1922 as the first African American high        POMEROY, HENRY WAXMAN, GEORGE MILLER,                  voluntarily expense stock options on their SEC
      school in Dallas. For the past 81 years, Book-          JOHN OLVER, JAN SCHAKOWSKY, BERNIE SAND-               earnings reports in 2003. They should be
                                                              ERS, BILL LIPINSKI, and RAUL GRIJALVA in intro-        commended. Nonetheless, many other compa-
      er T. Washington High School has provided
      hundreds of central city youngsters with an             ducing this important bill. Senators LEVIN and         nies have claimed that they will not expense
      academic foundation that has allowed them to            MCCAIN recently introduced companion legis-            stock options until forced to do so.
      reach their potential.                                  lation in the Senate.                                     Again, Congress took important steps last
                                                                 Under current law, companies can deduct             year to address statutory flaws relating to cor-
         The school’s story began in 1922 with the            stock option expenses from their income taxes          porate governance and the accounting indus-
      dream of an African-American-owned school               as a cost of doing business, just like they de-        try. My legislation, ‘‘Ending the Double Stand-
      emphasizing the basics through creative in-             duct employee wages. However, companies                ard for Stock Options’’ is another needed step
      structional programs, coupled with a strong             are not required to similarly report stock option      to help prevent companies from misrepre-
      multicultural development. The school’s suc-            expenses on their SEC financial statements to          senting their value to their investors and em-
      cess story can be attributed to incredible com-         stockholders. Therefore, SEC reports don’t ac-         ployees. I urge my colleagues from both sides
      mitment on the part of the school’s parents,            curately reflect a company’s actual earnings           of the aisle to join me in supporting the efforts
      administrators, and teachers because of their           because there is an outstanding compensation           of the IASB. Congress ought to heed the call
      love for kids and crafts.                               liability that is not accounted for in the earn-       of investors and ordinary Americans to ensure
         The Booker T. Washington High School,                ings statement. This misleads employees and            accurate reporting of profits and stock options
      after gallery space and studios were added in           investors on the financial standing of their in-       expensing. I hope my colleagues will join me
      1976, was designated as the arts ‘‘magnet’’             vestment.                                              in passing this bill this year.
      high school. Since its inception, Booker T.                My bill, Ending the Double Standard for                                f
      Washington High School has received national            Stock Options Act, would help institute accu-
      acclaim as a prototype for subsequent magnet            racy in the reporting of corporate profits. It          PAYING TRIBUTE TO MR. DALTON
      schools throughout the United States and                would require corporations to report stock op-                      PAUL
      Canada.                                                 tions as expenses on their SEC earnings
         The Booker T. Washington High School
                                                              statements in order to receive a tax deduction                          HON. BILL SHUSTER
                                                              for stock option compensation on the IRS in-                             OF PENNSYLVANIA
      community has pulled together for the children
                                                              come statement.                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      of Dallas’s central city. The school currently
                                                                 Last year, employees and investors faced
      serves over 700 students from 66 different zip                                                                         Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                              an onslaught of accounting scandals that led
      codes in grades 9 through 12. All students are                                                                    Mr. SHUSTER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                              to bankrupt corporations, diminished pension
      selected through auditions, interviews, port-                                                                  recognize the outstanding career of Mr. Dalton
                                                              funds and mass lay-offs. While Congress ad-
      folios, or other demonstration of artistic and                                                                 Paul, a very special individual from my district.
                                                              dressed many of the accounting problems that
      academic aptitudes.                                                                                            Mr. Paul has been a resident of Chambers-
                                                              led to the deluge of scandals, the treatment of
         Booker T. Washington High School students            stock option expensing has not been ad-                burg, Pennsylvania for more than 37 years.
      distinguish themselves by receiving a variety           dressed. Without this reform, corporations will        During that time he has dedicated himself to
      of prestigious awards and honors including              continue to mislead investors on the real value        the noble pursuit of educating others. Mr. Paul
      thirteen Presidential Scholar Awards—the na-            of their investments and undermine the integ-          has recently retired from his position as exec-
      tion’s highest accolade for excellence in arts          rity of the market.                                    utive director of the Franklin County Career
      and academics.                                             The Financial Accounting Standards Board            and Technology Center from which he has
         On average, 163 graduating seniors boast             or FASB is the self-regulated accounting               served since July of 1975. For four years prior
      $5 million in college scholarship offers both in        board that oversees SEC reporting. FASB rec-           to that, he also served as the school’s assist-
      arts and academic majors. Noted graduates               ommends that companies record stock options            ant director. Upon his retirement, he has
      include Grammy winners such as R & B vocal-             as an expense on their SEC financial earnings          earned the distinction of being the longest-
      ist Erykah Badu, jazz trumpeter Roy Hargove,            statement, but does not require that stock op-         tenured executive director of a vocational
      singer Norah Jones, dancer Jay Franke, cellist          tions be treated as an earnings expense. In            school in the state of Pennsylvania.
      John Koen, visual artists Christian Schumann            fact, stock options are the only form of com-             Mr. Paul earned a very impressive record
      and Chris Arnold, drummer Aaron Comess,                 pensation not treated as an earnings expense           during his time as executive director. Under
      Edie Brickell of the New Bohemians, and                 at any time. FASB is currently rethinking this         his leadership, 96 percent of the students from
      members of the gospel group God’s Property.             standard due to pressure from investors and            the Franklin County Career and Technology
                                                              its international counterpart, the International       Center went on to be part of the local work
         Booker T. Washington High School, a pride            Accounting Standards Board or IASB.                    force. This impressive statistic is just one of
      of our community, has been a success story                 At the end of this year, IASB will issue new        the many reasons why Mr. Paul’s school has
      because of its distinguished faculty. The in-           accounting standards requiring companies to            been named the best vocational-technical
      structional staff consists of 60 full time teach-       expense stock options. The FASB is expected            school in the state of Pennsylvania for a num-
      ers and 24 part-time teachers and consultants.          to announce in the next month whether it too           ber of years. In addition to his work at the ca-
      Approximately 83 percent of the faculty has             will issue new stock option accounting stand-          reer center, Mr. Paul is also affiliated with at
      advance degrees and 88 percent have more                ards similar to those of IASB.                         least 30 different community clubs and organi-
      than 10 years of teaching experience.                      It is my hope that FASB will come out with          zations. A few examples of these organiza-
         Booker T. Washington High School is a na-            a decision to require expensing of stock op-           tions are: Boy Scout Troop 128 Committee,
      tional model for educational quality, innova-           tions. But as we’ve seen in the past, political        Greene Township Lions Club, Pennsylvania
      tion, and commitment in the face of adversity.          and corporate pressure may dissuade FASB               Association of School Administrators, the
      I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing           from providing more transparency to earnings           Pennsylvania Vocational Association, and the
      this fine institution.                                  report requirements. I hope the introduction of        Pennsylvania District Governor’s Council for

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00003   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.033    E06PT1
      E142                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
      the Lions Club. Mr. Paul will continue many of           the number of employees in Yosemite Na-                Spokesperson for the Children and Youth
      his memberships and serve his community in               tional Park, and thus fewer school children at-        Committee of the House of Representatives;
      numerous capacities.                                     tending these schools. With fewer and fewer            she was chief sponsor of the Sex Offender
         Mr. Speaker, I am honored to have the op-             children attending these schools, state dollars        Registration bill and Public Act 92–137
      portunity to pay tribute to Mr. Dalton Paul for          are reduced. The result is that the Park is at-        (‘‘Heather’s Law’’) as well as House Resolu-
      his noteworthy career and his impressive ac-             tracting less than qualified candidates to work        tion 63, which created the Illinois After School
      complishments at the Franklin County Career              in the Park because families are not provided          Initiative; she donated legislative scholarships
      and Technology Center. His students, col-                with adequate schools.                                 to DCFS for foster children who are wards of
      leagues, and community will greatly miss his                Furthermore, other existing federal funding         the court.
      experience and leadership in the areas of vo-            sources are inadequate to meet the needs of                Representative Klingler worked hard for
      cational education. I wish him the very best in          the schools. PILT, payment in lieu of taxes, is        State employees; she cosponsored the Early
      all of his future endeavors.                             available in both Mariposa and Madera coun-            Retirement Plan for State Employees, which
                        f                                      ties where these schools exist and Impact Aid          enabled State employees to retire as early as
                                                               is accessible in Madera County, but—pursuant           50 years old, saving jobs and State money.
           RECOGNIZING MS. AMANDA                              to current law—very few dollars actually are               Representative Klingler consistently worked
                  BENNETT                                      used to fund the classroom needs.                      to bring State money to the 100th district; she
                                                                  The situation is so bad for the schools that        sponsored the Springfield Medical District bill,
                      HON. SAM GRAVES                          both the Superintendent of Yosemite National           which established a commission to create a
                          OF MISSOURI                          Park and the President of the Park conces-             master plan to redevelop the medical district
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      sionaire have pulled their children from the           neighborhood and expand existing healthcare
                                                               schools.                                               facilities as well as attract new facilities.
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                                                                                Representative Klingler was instrumental in
                                                                  Mr. Speaker, I don’t think we should stand
         Mr. GRAVES. Mr. Speaker, I proudly pause              by and permit children of Park Service and             securing funding for a new classroom at the
      to recognize Ms. Amanda Bennett, a very spe-             concessionaire employees from being de-                University of Illinois at Springfield; she was a
      cial young woman who has exemplified the                 prived of their education simply because their         major supporter of the construction process of
      finest qualities of citizenship and leadership by        parents have been asked by our government              the new Lincoln Presidential Library.
      taking an active part as a volunteer for syn-            to work in Yosemite National Park. Prece-                  Representative Klingler has received com-
      ergy services’ S.T.O.P. (Synergy Teen Out-               dence for assistance to schools located in na-         munity honors in recognition of her work; she
      reach Program) Group.                                    tional parks does exist. Yellowstone National          received the Charlotte Danstron Award from
         Amanda was one of the founding members                Park had such a program established in the             Women-In-Management for the Women of
      of S.T.O.P. who eagerly volunteered to be a              1940’s to ensure children of Park employees            Achievement in Government Award in 1994,
      part of Synergy’s Youth Development Leader-              receive a quality education.                           and in 1996 received the Distinguished Lead-
      ship Program. As a part of this important pro-              In addition to the language for Yosemite            ership Award from Leadership Springfield that
      gram, Amanda and other high school students              schools, the bill includes a provision to author-      is sponsored by the Greater Springfield Cham-
      have learned about Synergy’s Mission to stop             ize the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation          ber of Commerce; she received the 1999 Leg-
      domestic violence and abuse and to help                  System, YARTS, facility outside of Yosemite            islative Leadership Award from the Illinois Al-
      those that are in shelters. Among her many               National Park. This noncontroversial provision         coholism and Drug Dependence Association;
      activities with the organization, Amanda has             was added to the bill last Congress prior to           further, she received the 1999 Goodwill,
      organized cookie decorating nights for the               passage in the in the Senate.                          SPARC, and National Association for the Men-
      Children’s Center, free haircuts for teens at               In closing, I believe the best long-term ap-        tally Ill Award, the 2001 Anti-Hunger Advocate
      the emergency shelter, and taking small chil-            proach to the Yosemite schools’ funding prob-          Award, and the 2002 Illinois Women in Gov-
      dren from the shelter to toy stores and dinner.          lems is the legislation I have proposed. The           ernment Award.
      Her accomplishments have had a profound ef-              bill was approved by this body during the                  Representative Klingler remains active in
      fect on those who are in great need.                     107th Congress, and I look forward to working          the community and serves on a number of
         Most recently, Amanda received the Na-                with my colleagues in the 108th Congress to            Springfield area community committees; she is
      tional Network Youth Leadership Award. As                once again approve the measure.                        a member of the Human Values and Ethics
      the only youth to receive this prestigious                                                                      Committee at Memorial Hospital, the
      award at the National Symposium Conference,                                                                     Chancellor’s Advisory Committee at the Uni-
      I would like to commend Amanda on her sin-                    TRIBUTE TO GWENN KLINGLER                         versity of Illinois at Springfield, and the Central
      cere dedication to Synergy Services’. She is                                                                    Illinois Blood Bank Board; she is a member of
      an excellent example of someone who is                                HON. JOHN SHIMKUS                         The Greater Springfield Chamber of Com-
      using their passion, motivation and skills to                                OF ILLINOIS
                                                                                                                      merce, Women-In-Management, Springfield
      make their community a better place.                                                                            Rotary International, and the Sangamon Coun-
                                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Mr. Speaker, I proudly ask you to join me in                                                                 ty Medical Alliance.
                                                                       Wednesday, February 5, 2003                        We congratulate Representative Gwenn
      commending Ms. Amanda Bennett for her
      many important contributions to Synergy Serv-               Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to           Klingler on a job well done and wish her and
      ices, her community and the 6th District of              honor Representative Gwenn Klingler a resi-            her family well in all of their future endeavors.
      Missouri.                                                dent of Springfield; she is married to Dr. Ger-                         f
                        f                                      ald Klingler and has two grown, married chil-                 IN HONOR OF BISHOP BERTHA
                                                               dren and one grandson; she graduated from                           MABLE MASSEY
          YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                               Ohio Wesleyan University and later received a
        EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT ACT                              master’s degree in biology from the University
                                                               of Michigan; she went on to receive a law de-
                                                                                                                                 HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH
                                                                                                                                           OF OHIO
             HON. GEORGE RADANOVICH                            gree with honors from George Washington
                                                                                                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                         OF CALIFORNIA                         University.
                                                                  Representative Klingler served as an alder-                  Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                               man on the Springfield City Council from 1991             Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                      to 1995 where she was chairman of the Public           honor of Bishop Bertha Mable Massey, resi-
         Mr. RADANOVICH. Mr. Speaker, I sub-                   Safety Committee; she was twice elected to             dent Of Cleveland, on the joyous occasion of
      mitted the Yosemite National Park Education              the Springfield District 186 School Board              the celebration of her 106th birthday.
      Improvement Act in the House of Representa-              where she served from 1987 to 1991; she                   For over a century, Bishop Massey has de-
      tives. The bill authorizes the Secretary of Inte-        served as Board President in 1988.                     voted her life to her family, her faith, and her
      rior to make available supplemental funding to              Since first being elected to the House of           community. Well ahead of her time, Bishop
      assist local school districts in providing edu-          Representatives in 1994, Representative                Massey paved the way for women within the
      cational services for students attending three           Klingler has been regarded as a child’s advo-          hierarchy of organized religion. She is the pre-
      schools located within Yosemite National Park.           cate; in 1998, she received the Daycare Ac-            siding Bishop of The House of God, and has
         Since the devastating 1997 Merced River               tion Award; she helped to pass the Foster              jurisdiction over two states—Ohio and New
      flood, there has been a dramatic reduction in            Parents Bill of Rights; she has served as the          Jersey.

VerDate Jan 31 2003    02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00004   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.035    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E143
         While committing herself to helping others in        person can make a difference. I wish her a re-         ically passed away in a plane crash shortly
      rural and urban America, Bishop Massey also             laxing and fulfilling retirement.                      after takeoff from Central Illinois Regional Air-
      kept focused on her studies. At Trinity College                           f                                    port on July 22.
      in Springfield, IL, Bishop Massey earned her                                                                       Many of our Nation’s greatest servants have
      Doctorate degree. In 1976, Bishop Massey                A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO BARBARA                           never been elected to public office. They si-
      was appointed presiding Bishop over New Jer-             BLACKFORD    FOR  HER  DEDI-                          lently and humbly transform communities out
      sey and Ohio. Her passion for spirituality,              CATED SERVICE TO CRAWFORD                             of the kindness of their hearts, selfless gen-
      faith, history and community has not faltered            COUNTY                                                erosity, and a dedication to improving the wel-
      with the passing years. Rather, her devotion                                                                   fare of loved ones and those whom he had
      has grown stronger.                                                HON. PAUL E. GILLMOR                        never met. Joe Warner was one of these serv-
         Mr. Speaker and Colleagues, please join me                                 OF OHIO                          ants, and serves as an inspiration to us all.
      in honor and recognition of Bishop Bertha                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       Joe Warner was born on July 3, 1942, in
      Mable Massey—a remarkable woman, leader,                                                                       DeKalb, IL, to Paul and Doris Walkey Warner.
      and spiritual guide. Bishop Massey’s work and                    Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   He attended Northern Illinois University, and
      service continues to give hope, faith, wisdom              Mr. GILLMOR. Mr. Speaker, it is with great          then received his MBA from the University of
      and comfort to countless individuals and fami-          pride that I rise today to pay special tribute to      Illinois. Mr. Warner went on to become presi-
      lies, and serves to uplift our entire Cleveland         an outstanding lady from Ohio. Barbara                 dent and chief executive officer of Heritage
      community. Together we wish Bishop Bertha               Blackford was born in Crawford County and              Enterprises, a long term care corporation,
      Mable Massey a wonderful 106th Birthday,                has lived there all her life. She was raised on        which is located in Bloomington, IL.
      and many more to come.                                  a farm in Liberty Township and graduated                   The frail elderly of Illinois have benefited
                                                              from Sulphur Springs High School.                      greatly from the leadership and dedication of
                                                                 Barbara worked in the accounting depart-            Joe Warner. Whether it was in his capacity as
      HONORING MARY HARRIS FOR                                ment of the Shelby Depot, at the Bucyrus               president and chief executive officer of Herit-
       HER   THIRTY-ONE YEARS OF                              Telegraph Forum, and at the Crawford County            age Enterprises, or president of the Illinois
       SERVICE                                                Board of Elections before becoming a county            Health Care Association, Mr. Warner tirelessly
                                                              commissioner.                                          advocated on behalf of Illinois’ seniors to en-
              HON. MICHAEL E. CAPUANO                            As a county commissioner, Barb served on            sure they were afforded the highest quality of
                                                              the CCAO Legislation Committee and the Ag              care. He considered anything less as unac-
                      OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                              and Rural Affairs Committee. Locally, Barb             ceptable, because his residents were our fa-
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     represented the commissioners on the Re-               thers, mothers, wives, and husbands.
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     gional Planning Commission, the Erie Basin                 Joe Warner’s generosity was not limited to
                                                              Resources Conservation & Development Com-              the elderly. Illinois’ youth have also lost a
         Mr. CAPUANO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                              mittee, the Community Improvement Corpora-             friend. Prior to his passing, he had taken on
      honor and congratulate Mary Harris, who re-
                                                              tion, was an alternate for issue 11, served on         the role of planner and fundraiser for the $3
      cently retired from Greater Boston Catholic
                                                              the Personnel Committee, the Microfilm Board,          million Challenger Learning Center, which will
      Charities. In her 31 years of service Ms. Harris        and was on the MARC Board of Governors.                be an educational site for children to learn
      worked tirelessly to better the lives of those             Barbara did an outstanding job as a                 more about math and science. Memorial con-
      around her.                                             Crawford Community Commissioner. She has
         During her tenure at Catholic Charities, Ms.                                                                tributions are being made to the learning cen-
                                                              always enjoyed the small town atmosphere
      Harris worked with children in day care, foster                                                                ter, to ensure that Mr. Warner’s vision is real-
                                                              and has always respected and appreciated
      care and adoption. She also worked with fami-                                                                  ized.
                                                              working with the people of Crawford County.
      lies wishing to adopt and families interested in        Barbara practiced an opendoor policy and be-               The towns of Normal and Bloomington are
      foster care. For the past 12 years she served           lieved that local government should always be          better places to work and live because of Joe
      as the Director of the Eastern Middlesex                there to serve and to keep the best interests          Warner. In 1987 he conducted a $2 million
      County Foster Grandparent Program. This                 of its constituency in mind. Barbara Blackford         renovation in Bloomington which served as a
      program has a multitude of benefits for both            did just that.                                         catalyst in the town’s revitalization program. In
      seniors and children. Seniors volunteer in                 Barbara is a devoted mother of four children        addition, he served on Normal’s 2025 Com-
      schools and daycare centers, help with fund-            and the proud grandmother of six grand-                mittee, which planned for the city’s future, as
      raisers, promote the Foster Grandparent Pro-            children. She and her husband, Lloyd, attend           well as its Downtown Advisory Commission.
      gram, and learn about children from a variety           the St. Paul Lutheran Church in North Robin-               Joe Warner was involved in scores of orga-
      of educators. Seniors also gain the knowledge           son, Ohio.                                             nizations, and knew the importance of invest-
      that they are needed and can make a dif-                   Mr. Speaker, Barbara Blackford will leave           ment in his community. Mr. Warner was the
      ference in the lives of children. The children          big shoes to fill as she leaves her post as            dedicated head of the McLean County GOP
      get the privilege of having more people in their        Crawford County Commissioner. Her wisdom,              for ten years. He served his country in the
      lives who care about them and are exposed to            honesty and forthrightness are attributes to           army. He was on the legislative committee of
      different perspectives and wisdom.                      which all public servants should aspire. She           the board of directors of the Illinois State Uni-
         Ms. Harris has not only administered the             has set an example for everyone on how to              versity Foundation. He was the past-president
      program, but also shown the participants how            live a life of service, putting the greater inter-     of the Redbird Education and Scholarship
      much she values them. She makes sure that               ests of the community before one’s own.                Fund at Illinois State University, past-chairman
      ill Foster Grandparents are taken care of,                 Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me         of the McLean County American Heart Asso-
      helping however she can. She often helps with           in paying special tribute to Barbara Blackford.        ciation, past-director of the Bloomington Occu-
      shopping and getting medications.                       Our communities are served well by having              pational Development Center, past-director of
         Running the Foster Grandparent Program is            such honorable and giving citizens, like Bar-          the United Campus Christian Church Founda-
      not all Ms. Harris does for her community. She          bara, who care about their well being and sta-         tion; past ruling elder of the First United Pres-
      also manages the St. Gerard Thrift Store in             bility. We wish Barbara, her husband, Lloyd,           byterian Church, past director of the Illinois
      Somerville and worked to make the holiday               and their family all the best as we pay tribute        Wesleyan University Association, and past di-
      season more pleasant for families in need.              to one of our State’s finest citizens.                 rector of the Illinois Restaurant Association.
      She worked with the Christ Child Society to                               f                                        Along with his cherished wife, Rose Stadel,
      purchase over 100 jackets for children. She                                                                    Joe Warner was a loving and devoted father
      also helped to put together food baskets for                   TRIBUTE TO JOE WARNER                           to his children Jeff, and Jennifer. His son is a
      needy families and distributed Christmas toys.                                                                 pilot and introduced him to flying, which be-
         A lifelong resident of Cambridge and Som-                         HON. JOHN SHIMKUS                         came his passion.
      erville, Mary Harris is a true credit to her com-                           OF ILLINOIS                            The memory of Joe Warner will continue
      munity and to the 8th District. Her work has                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   through his numerous contributions to his
      improved the lives of both young and old. Her                                                                  community. On July 22, Illinois lost a re-
      dedication is worthy of praise and her works of                 Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    spected and admired friend. He will be
      heartfelt appreciation. People like Ms. Harris            Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            missed. On behalf of my colleagues, I salute
      are examples to others and proof that one               pay tribute to the life of Joe Warner, who trag-       the rich legacy and the spirit of Joe Warner.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00005   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.039   E06PT1
      E144                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                   February 6, 2003
      IN HONOR OF THE CLEVELAND                               resources to undertake economic development            HONORING THE 75TH ANNIVER-
        CHAPTER OF THE WORLD FED-                             initiatives and provide job training and other          SARY OF THE DEDICATION OF
        ERATION OF HUNGARIAN VET-                             vital social services.                                  THE NILES LIBRARY
        ERANS                                                    Mr. LOBIONDO and I have worked hard over
                                                              the last several years to secure funding for the                HON. FORTNEY PETE STARK
               HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                        communities across the nation that were des-                            OF CALIFORNIA
                            OF OHIO                           ignated as Round II Empowerment Zones and                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              Enterprise Communities. We both know first
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                                     Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                              hand the successes of the EZ/EC program,
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     and we will continue to work together in a bi-            Mr. STARK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay
         Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in           partisan manner to ensure that these commu-            tribute to the historic Niles Library, located in
      honor and recognition of the Cleveland Chap-            nities are allocated the resources they need to        Fremont, California, on its 75th anniversary.
      ter of the World Federation of Hungarian Vet-           bring economic opportunity to all Americans.              Although the library as we know it today
      erans, on the occasion of their 50th Annual                                                                    was officially dedicated in 1928, the first Niles
      Charity Ball.                                                                                                  Library actually opened its doors 38 years ear-
         U.S. veterans of Hungarian heritage found-           A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO CHARLES                           lier in the back of Mr. Dickey’s general store.
      ed the organization in 1946, just after WWII. A          L. DODGE FOR HIS DEDICATED                            In 1900, the growing book collection became
      Cleveland Chapter was formed in 1951, with               SERVICE   TO  THE  CITY  OF                           incorporated as the Niles Free Public Library
      objectives mirroring those of the national orga-         FOSTORIA                                              Association and was given a permanent home
      nization—to promote patriotism, and to honor                                                                   in Niles’ former Southern Pacific Railway sta-
      and keep alive the memories of those who                           HON. PAUL E. GILLMOR                        tion.
      suffered and gave their lives to preserve our                                 OF OHIO
                                                                                                                        In 1927, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ford do-
      freedoms and democratic ideals.                                                                                nated $30,000 to construct a new building for
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Additionally, the Cleveland Chapter has fo-                                                                 the library. On January 14, 1928, the library
                                                                       Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   was dedicated in honor of Mrs. Ford’s mother,
      cused on the preservation of the Hungarian
      culture, customs and history for the younger               Mr. GILLMOR. Mr. Speaker, it is with great          Jane R. Clough. Future Supreme Court Chief
      members of our community, and for genera-               pride that I rise today to pay special tribute to      Justice Earl Warren, who was then Alameda
      tions to come. Moreover, the membership has             an outstanding gentleman from Ohio. Charles            County District Attorney, was present at the
      consistently demonstrated a willingness to              L. Dodge began his employment with the City            dedication. In 1936, the Niles Free Public Li-
      lend a helping hand. Over the years, the                of Fostoria on October 21, 1974, as a laborer          brary Association transferred ownership of the
      Cleveland Chapter of the World Federation of            in the water distribution facility. He served          Jane R. Clough Memorial Library to the Ala-
      Hungarian Veterans has assisted other mem-              under the leadership of Mayor Ken Beier and            meda County Library system.
      bers and their families with moral and financial        was appointed Superintendent of Utilities on              In recent years, the library’s collection has
      support whenever needed.                                January 1, 1980.                                       grown, but it remains a small and friendly
         Mr. Speaker and Colleagues, please join me              Charles’ career with the City of Fostoria           neighborhood library. Today, the library’s col-
      in tribute and recognition of the Cleveland             grew rapidly. He was a very dedicated, knowl-          lection boasts over 11,000 items, including
      Chapter of the World Federation of Hungarian            edgeable employee who aspired to do his                books, magazines, newspapers, videos, CDs,
      Veterans as they celebrate their culture once           best, no matter what was asked of him. Under           audiocassettes, and several important pieces
      again at the 50th Annual Charity Ball. Today            the leadership of Mayor James Bailey, Charlie          of artwork. In 1970, John E. Kimber donated
      we honor the significant sacrifices each of you         was named to the position of Assistant to the          Poppy Nymph, a statue by renowned Cali-
      has made to preserve our freedoms, and we               Mayor on June 1, 1996.                                 fornia artist Jo Mora. For the library’s 50th an-
      also pay tribute to your organization for pre-             Mr. Speaker, Charlie’s position advanced            niversary, the Fremont Friends of the Library
      serving the rich fabric of Hungarian culture            once again because of his experience and               commissioned Fremont artist Hal Booth to cre-
      and tradition within our community.                     knowledge. He was named the Compliance,                ate a commemorative painting, which is still on
                                                              Records, Economic Development & Infrastruc-            display at the library.
                       f                                                                                                This year marks the 75th anniversary of the
                                                              ture Administrator, thus working with managed
       INTRODUCTION OF THE ROUND II                           compliance issues, i.e. OSHA, EPA, ADA, En-            historic library’s dedication. A ceremony fea-
           EZ/EC FLEXIBILITY ACT                              terprise Zone Manager, State Issue II (infra-          turing a speech by California State Librarian
                                                              structure) and Project Manager.                        Kevin Starr and entertainment from Niles Ele-
              HON. MICHAEL E. CAPUANO                            During his employment with the City of Fos-         mentary School students will be held on Feb-
                                                              toria, Charles also had a very dedicated mili-         ruary 8, 2003 in celebration of this significant
                      OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                              tary career with the United States Army. Mr.           milestone.
                                                              Dodge served in the Army from 1970–1973 in                              f
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    the Clerk General Course, taking him to the                   TRIBUTE TO DUANE NOLAND
          Mr. CAPUANO. Mr. Speaker, I rise in sup-            Republic of Vietnam and many other areas.
      port of the Round II EZ/EC Flexibility Act of           His military career ended in 1993; he retired
      2003, bipartisan legislation I introduced today         as the First Sergeant in his Army National                          HON. JOHN SHIMKUS
                                                                                                                                       OF ILLINOIS
      with my colleague from New Jersey, Mr.                  Guard Medical Corps unit.
      LOBIONDO.                                                  Charles L. Dodge is a devoted father of                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
          The bill we introduced makes a number of            three children: Laura, Kevin and Matthew. A                    Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      small changes to the EZ/EC program that will            man committed to his country and community;              Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      provide these communities with greater flexi-           Charlie was an outstanding employee and                honor Senator N. Duane Noland. He has
      bility in administering their economic develop-         contributor to the City of Fostoria.                   served in the Illinois General Assembly since
      ment plans. Specifically, the bill authorizes              Mr. Speaker, Charles Dodge will leave big           1990, serving eight years in the House of
      $100 million in appropriations for each of the          shoes to fill as he enters into retirement. His        Representatives and four years in the Senate.
      fifteen urban Empowerment Zones, $40 million            wisdom, honesty and forthrightness are at-               He served with distinction and honor in both
      for each of the five rural Empowerment Zones,           tributes to which all public servants should as-       chambers, most recently being selected as
      and $3 million for each of the twenty rural En-         pire. He has set an example for everyone on            Assistant Majority Leader in the Senate.
      terprise Communities.                                   how to live a life of service, putting the greater       He graduated from Blue Mound public
          The legislation also ensures that Empower-          interests of the community before one’s own.           schools and the University of Illinois where he
      ment Zones and Enterprise Communities that                 Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me         earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agri-
      apply for one of the new Renewal Community              in paying special tribute to Charles L. Dodge.         culture Education/Economics.
      designations will continue to receive the EZ/           Our communities are served well by having                In his non-legislative life, Senator Noland
      EC funding they were promised in 1999. Fi-              such honorable and giving citizens, like Char-         spends many hours helping farm his family’s
      nally, the bill allows these communities to use         lie, who care about their well being and sta-          seventh generation centennial farm.
      their funding as the local match for receiving          bility. We wish Charles, his wife, Deborah, and          Senator Noland also works as assistant vice
      grants from other federal programs. This will           their family all the best as we pay tribute to         president/marketing specialist with Hickory
      help EZ/EC communities leverage additional              one of our state’s finest citizens.                    Point Bank & Trust in Decatur.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00006   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.043    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E145
         Senator Noland has worked to ensure state            President’s proposal will ensure short-term             sity Economist Harvey Rosen stated in a
      government lives within its means, promote a            and long-term growth for small business and             May 2001 report to the SBA, ‘‘Taxes matter.
      strong agricultural economy while balancing             ensure sustained growth for our economy.                As tax rates go up, entrepreneurial enter-
                                                                                                                      prises grow at a slower rate, they buy less
      the needs of rural and urban residents, and               The Administrator’s statement was so com-
                                                                                                                      capital, and they are less likely to hire
      preserve quality of life through safe schools           pelling that I wish to share it with my col-            workers.’’
      legislation, tough anti-crime measures and              leagues.                                                  Additionally, a proposed 200% increase in
      bills to help senior citizens remain inde-              STATEMENT OF HECTOR V. BARRETO, ADMINIS-                year one expensing deduction for new invest-
      pendent.                                                 TRATOR U.S. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRA-                 ments—‘‘Section 179 expensing’’—would en-
         He has helped pass such significant legisla-              TION                                               courage small business owners to purchase
      tion for our rural communities as the ban on              Good Morning, Chairman Manzullo and dis-              the technology, machinery and—other cap-
      MTBE, the establishment of drummer silty clay           tinguished Members of the Committee. I am               ital equipment they need to expand. The
      loam as our state soil, the AgriFIRST value-            pleased to be here this morning to partici-             amount of investments that may be imme-
                                                              pate with all of you in this roundtable dis-            diately deducted—beginning in 2003—by
      added agriculture incentives, and Route 51 ex-                                                                  small businesses would increase from $25,000
                                                              cussion on the small business provisions of
      pansion.                                                the President’’s economic growth package.               to $75,000. This new amount is permanent
         He is a board member for the American                It’s good to be among so many friends who               and indexed to inflation.
      Red Cross, a former board member of the Illi-           share the President’s views on these impor-               Expanding the eligible write-offs for small
      nois Farm Bureau, the Illinois Corn Growers             tant changes.                                           business investments has strong support in
      Association, and the Lincoln Trails Council of            Small businesses are the backbone of our              the small business community. All White
      the Boy Scouts of America, and a member of              economy—they employ more than half the                  House Conferences on Small Business have
                                                              private work force, generate about 50% of               recommended increases in direct expensing.
      the Millikin University Board of Trustees.
                                                              the nation’s gross domestic product, and cre-           Moreover, SBA’s Office of Advocacy has long
         He has been honored by numerous organi-              ate two-thirds to three-fourths of the net              supported proposals to increase such write-
      zations including the Illinois Health Care Asso-        new jobs. And research shows that the vast              offs and testified in support of this change
      ciation, Baby Talk, Illinois Farm Bureau,               majority of these new jobs are established in           before the Senate Finance Committee in
      ABATE, Jaycees, Chamber of Commerce for                 the first two years of the business. Small              March of 2001.
      Decatur and Macon County, and the American              business entrepreneurs are key to our eco-                From an economic development perspec-
      Soybean Association.                                    nomic vitality, and the President’s plan of-            tive, this is more than a simple tax code
                                                              fers specific relief and the opportunity for            change. There have been several studies that
         Senator Noland was born and raised in Blue
                                                              them to grow and create more jobs for Amer-             have found links between taxation and in-
      Mound, Illinois where he met his wife, Tina             ican workers.
      Beckett Noland, and where they now raise                                                                        vestment. A 1998 Bureau of Economic Re-
                                                                This roundtable is a perfect way to talk              search paper concluded that marginal tax
      their sons Grant and Blake.                             about the President’s plan and narrow in on             rate changes significantly change invest-
         N. Duane Noland will be sorely missed and            making sure government policy helps small               ment spending patterns. The study suggested
      we wish him all the best in his future endeav-          business. This format is one that the Presi-            that tax rate changes would alter the cost of
      ors.                                                    dent personally believes in. I have been with           capital for new investment decisions, and
                                                              the President quite a few times over the past           that the lower tax rates would make more
                       f                                      year at roundtables where the President so-             projects viable. And by making this change
                                                              licits feedback and support from the small              permanent and predictable for small busi-
      SMALL BUSINESS AND THE PRESI-                           employer community. From the economic
       DENT’S   ECONOMIC   GROWTH                                                                                     nesses, it will yield greater results as capital
                                                              summit in Waco, TX, to Louisville, KY, to               spending patterns rise from year to year.
       PACKAGE                                                St. Louis, MO, to Alexandria, VA—the Presi-
                                                                                                                        According to SBA’s Office of Advocacy,
                                                              dent’s purpose is clear—to hear from the em-
                                                                                                                      there are over 22 million small businesses in
                                                              ployer community about what will work best
             HON. DONALD A. MANZULLO                          for this country.
                                                                                                                      the United States. [Note that of these about
                          OF ILLINOIS                                                                                 16 million have no employees.]
                                                                The President has called on Congress to
                                                              act swiftly to pass his economic growth                   If, with the President’s plan, on average,
                                                              package. Your voice will be critical to this            they increased their equipment purchases by
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     effort and we thank you for your commit-                only $10,000, almost $230 billion would be
                                                              ment and active participation in these delib-           pumped into the economy annually, creating
         Mr. MANZULLO. Mr. Speaker, yesterday the                                                                     jobs and expanding the tax base. As the
      House Small Business Committee held a                   erations.
                                                                Through a combination of income tax rate              President stated in his recent visit with me
      roundtable with sixteen small business owners                                                                   to a flag manufacturing company in Alexan-
                                                              reductions, an increase in allowable deduc-
      and representatives on the President’s Eco-             tions for expenses and the permanent repeal             dria, VA, ‘‘this is a plan that says if you’re
      nomic Growth Package. The small business                of the estate tax, American small business              willing to take risk and invest more, that
      groups were unanimous in their support for              owners and their families will get to keep              there’s a benefit for doing so. It’s an incen-
      the small business provisions of the Presi-             more of what they earn. The President has               tive for small business to increase.’’
      dent’s proposal.                                        pointed out that under his plan, ‘‘a family of            The President has also proposed the per-
                                                              four with an income of $40,000 will receive a           manent repeal of the estate tax so small
         Specifically, the small business groups cited                                                                business owners will no longer be faced with
      the acceleration of the tax rate reductions en-         96 percent reduction in federal income
                                                              taxes.’’                                                the prospect of leaving their family an insur-
      acted as part of the Economic Growth and                                                                        mountable tax bill along with the family
                                                                That’s nearly a complete elimination of
      Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 and the           that family’s federal income tax burden and             business—and the difficult decision of wheth-
      expansion of the small business expensing               translates to more disposable income to be              er or not to sell the business to pay the tax.
      provisions for new investment as vital. Accord-         invested, saved or spent.                               Instead of forcing their heirs to sell the busi-
      ing to the participants, the President’s pro-             For small business owners, many of whom               ness to pay the government, the repeal will
      posal would enable them to purchase more                are subject to personal income tax rates on             provide certainty for family-owned small
                                                              their business, the reduction in rates will             businesses that want to transfer the business
      equipment immediately. In addition, the capital
                                                              mean an increase in capital to expand their             to the next generation of entrepreneurs.
      freed up by the acceleration of the tax rate re-
                                                              business, hire new workers and provide new                And finally, the President’s plan to abolish
      ductions would permit the vast majority of                                                                      the double tax on dividends will help busi-
                                                              or improved products. As proposed, the re-
      small businesses to reinvest that money into            duction in the top marginal rate scheduled              nesses to grow and create jobs by reducing
      their businesses.                                       to take effect in 2006 (to 35 percent) would            the cost of capital. Most dividends received
         At the roundtable, we were honored to have           take place retroactively in 2003, resulting in          by shareholders will be tax free. Small busi-
      the Honorable Hector V. Barreto, Administrator          tax cuts averaging $2,042 for some 23 million           nesses that retain corporate earnings will
      of the U.S. Small Business Administration,              small business owners. These hardworking                not face capital gains taxes on the increase
      present the President’s Economic Growth                 entrepreneurs would receive 79 percent                  in the value of the firm from retained earn-
                                                              (about $10.4 billion) of the $13.3 billion in tax       ings that could have been distributed as divi-
      Package. In my opinion, Administrator                                                                           dends. This will benefit the owners of 2 mil-
                                                              relief from accelerating the reduction in the
      Barreto’s statement was an exemplary testa-             top tax bracket. Since small business owners            lion ‘‘C’’ corporations, including many small
      ment on the state of small business in our              are so closely tied to the personal tax rates,          corporations.
      economy today and a compelling account of               lowering individual marginal rates will have              Our President and Administration are
      why small businesses need economic growth               a positive affect on the ability of many en-            strongly committed to helping small busi-
      assistance. Small business creates jobs. The            trepreneurs to expand. As Princeton Univer-             ness by removing or reducing barriers that

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000    Frm 00007   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.047   E06PT1
      E146                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                   February 6, 2003
      stand in the way of faster economic growth.             offered on January 28, 2002, had I been                about the life of Julian Francis DePree, Jr.
      Besides the significant changes outlined in             present I would have voted in favor of the mo-         (Jeff) who died suddenly over the weekend
      the plan, let me take this opportunity to               tion to table the appeal of the ruling of the          from natural causes. He proudly served his
      mention a couple of other items the Presi-
                                                              chair.                                                 country, was a successful and ethical busi-
      dent talks about in his agenda for small
      business—streamlining small business regu-
                                                                 On rollcall 16, with regard to H.J. Res. 13,        nessman, a loyal husband, and a devoted fa-
      lations and the need for tort reform to cur-            Making further continuing appropriations for           ther.
      tail frivolous lawsuits.                                the fiscal year 2003, and for other purposes,             Jeff DePree, in the eyes of his family and
        We know that small businesses are hardest             offered on January 28, 2002, had I been                friends, had a ‘‘larger than life’’ personality,
      hit by regulations. Firms employing fewer               present I would have voted for the motion to           but, first and foremost, he was a caring father
      than 20 employees face an annual regulatory             recommit with instructions.                            to his four children and a devoted husband to
      burden of $6,975 per worker—60 percent more                On rollcall 17, with regard to H.J. Res. 2,         his wife Joan. Jeff was born on March 9,
      than a firm employing 500 or more people.               Making further continuing appropriations for           1944, in Mt. Kisco, New York. He later grad-
      And tax compliance costs are twice as bur-
                                                              the fiscal year 2003, and for other purposes,          uated from Trinity College in Hartford, Con-
      densome on small businesses compared with
      their larger counterparts. The Federal gov-             offered on January 29, 2002, had I been                necticut, and received his Masters degree
      ernment      has    a    new     web    site—           present I would have voted for the motion to           from Columbia University in New York City.
      www.regulations.gov that makes it easier to             instruct conferees.                                       Jeff served his country in Vietnam as an In-
      participate in Federal rulemaking. Small                                  f                                    telligence Officer in the 199th Infantry Brigade.
      businesses can review and submit comments                                                                      He survived two tours of duty and was award-
      on proposed regulations that are published in                IN HONOR OF THE SISTERS OF                        ed two Bronze Stars for his service as well as
      the Federal Register. Americans spend near-                        THE HOLY SPIRIT                             an Air Medal. Jeff was also an avid sportsman
      ly a trillion dollars a year complying with                                                                    and conservationist enjoying golf, boating,
      state and federal regulations, so having this
      website provides an opportunity to hear from
                                                                        HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                      fishing, and racquet sports, a love for which
      those unfairly burdened.                                                      OF OHIO                          he passed onto his children.
        Tomorrow, I will be testifying before the                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Jeff was also a keen businessman. He was
      Senate Committee on Small Business and                           Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   co-founder of a financial services company
      Entrepreneurship on another Administration                                                                     that specialized in leasing and equity financing
      priority—the need for Congress to pass Asso-               Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in          for major industrial projects. He became an in-
      ciation Health Plan (AHP) legislation to help           honor and recognition of the Sisters of the            dustry leader among structured finance spe-
      small business have access to affordable                Holy Spirit, as they celebrate their 70th anni-        cialists and advised many of the nations larg-
      health care for their employees. Another                versary in holy ministry and service to others.        est finance companies on their investments.
      issue that the community has been very pro-                Founded in 1932 by Mother Josephine
      active in pursuing.                                                                                            Jeff was very active in local community affairs,
                                                              Finatowicz, the Sisters of the Holy Spirit             having served on the Lake Forest Hospital
        Taken together, these changes send a                  began their legacy of caring for our most vul-
      strong signal that this Administration un-                                                                     Board, as well as the City’s Cemetery Com-
      derstands that our economy can thrive only
                                                              nerable citizens in two humble homes. Within           mission.
      if our small businesses thrive. As the econ-            those walls, the Sisters lovingly cared for the           Most of all, Jeff brought great fun to every-
      omy continues to trend upward, America’s                parentless children of our community. Later,           one. He was an excellent storyteller, singer,
      small businesses can be counted on to con-              the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland approached           guitar player and dancer. When in the com-
      tinue to provide strength, resilience and op-           the Sisters with a request to provide a home           pany of Jeff, his engaging and entertaining
      timism. Thanks to the President’s aggressive            for older adults who could not afford adequate
      agenda, small business owners can count on
                                                                                                                     personality was infectious. Jeff was indicative
                                                              housing.                                               of thousands of Americans who quietly go
      an environment in which their efforts will be              This vision was the dream of Monsignor Gil-
      encouraged and their success will be sus-                                                                      about their daily lives contributing to the great-
                                                              bert Jennings, who left his specific request on        ness of our nation through their personal char-
        Thank you again for including me in to-               the pages of his last will and testament. After        acter and conduct.
      day’s discussion, and I look forward to work-           his death, the Sisters agreed to fulfill his vision       Jeff’s passing is an immense loss to his
      ing with you in the months ahead to achieve             of the creation of a caring home for seniors.          family and his community. His life was cut
      passage of the President’s economic growth              The 13 dedicated women of the Sisters of the           short, but I am certain his children will carry
      plan.                                                   Holy Spirit moved from their Cleveland neigh-          on his legacy in a way that would make their
                       f                                      borhood to their new convent built on the roll-        father very proud. I offer my condolences to
                                                              ing farmland of Granger Road in Garfield               his wife Joan, and his children Katie (Jess),
                                                              Heights.                                               Austin, Randy, Spencer and his grandson,
                                                                 The Jennings Center for Older adults has            William. May they take comfort in knowing
                HON. HEATHER WILSON                           evolved from a single story wood frame build-          they have been blessed to have had such a
                        OF NEW MEXICO                         ing to an extensive senior housing campus.             wonderful person in their lives. He will be
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     From the beginning, the Sisters ran everything         greatly missed.
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     from the cooking to the nursing, to the admin-
                                                              istrative work. As in years past, the Sisters of
         Mrs. WILSON of New Mexico. Mr. Speaker,
                                                              the Holy Spirit continue to heal the hearts and          TRIBUTE TO WILLIAM L. ‘‘BILL’’
      I rise today to submit for the RECORD how I
                                                              souls of the residents of the Jennings Center.                    O’DANIEL
      would have voted on those measures from the                Mr. Speaker and Colleagues, please join me
      week of January 27, 2003. I was in Albu-
      querque, NM, last week as a family member
                                                              in honor of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit. Their                   HON. JOHN SHIMKUS
                                                              commitment, kindness and caring for our chil-                            OF ILLINOIS
      underwent surgery and unable to make it to              dren and our elderly have served to lift the                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Washington, DC.                                         spirits of countless individuals, families, and
         On rollcall 13, with regard to H.J. Res. 26,                                                                        Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                              our entire community. We are blessed to have
      Honoring the contributions of Catholic schools,                                                                   Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                              these angels—the Sisters of the Holy Spirit,
      offered on January 27, 2002, had I been                                                                        honor William L. ‘‘Bill’’ O’Daniel of Mt. Vernon
                                                              bringing us light and hope, and asking nothing
      present I would have voted in favor of the mo-                                                                 was appointed to the Illinois Senate in 1985
                                                              in return.
      tion to suspend the rules and pass the bill.                                                                   and was elected by an overwhelming margin
         On rollcall 14, with regard to H.J. Res. 25,                           f
                                                                                                                     in 1986 and has served this body with distinc-
      Supporting efforts to promote greater aware-                 IN REMEMBRANCE OF JULIAN                          tion throughout his eighteen years as a mem-
      ness of the need for youth mentors and in-                       FRANCIS DEPREE, JR.                           ber.
      creased involvement with youth through men-                                                                       During his five terms in the Senate, Senator
      toring, offered on January 27, 2002, had I                        HON. MARK STEVEN KIRK                        O’Daniel, served as chairman of the Senate
      been present I would have voted in favor of                                 OF ILLINOIS                        Agriculture and Conservation Committee, as
      the motion to suspend the rules and pass the                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   Democratic Caucus Chair, and most recently
      bill.                                                                                                          as Democratic spokesperson of the Senate
         On rollcall 15, with regard to H.J. Res. 13,                Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     Agriculture and Conservation Committee.
      , Making further continuing appropriations for            Mr. KIRK. Mr. Speaker, it is with great sad-            Senator O’Daniel has also served on the
      the fiscal year 2003, and for other purposes,           ness that I rise today to say a few words              Committees on Appropriations I, Elections and

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00008   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.049    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E147
      Reapportionment, Revenue, Transportation,                  George was a life-long resident of Wash-             HONORING THE VIETNAMESE NEW
      and State Government Operations, the Joint              ington, D.C. and graduated from Armstrong                      YEAR: TET, 2003
      Committee on Administrative Rules, the Illinois         High School in 1947. He was also very active
      Forestry Development Council, the Swine Dis-            in his church.                                                    HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH
      ease Control Advisory Committee, the Agricul-              Over the years, George developed a love of                               OF OHIO
      tural Export Advisory Committee, the Inter-             trains and spent a great deal of time with his                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      agency Rail Passenger Advisory Council, and             grandchildren sharing that love and interest.                   Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      the Board of State Fair Advisors.                          He also was very interested in the new con-
         Senator O’Daniel has amassed numerous                                                                          Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in
                                                              vention center being built downtown. He would          recognition of the Vietnamese New Year: Tet,
      legislative accomplishments which have en-              spend a great deal of time downtown observ-
      hanced the quality of life for the people of his                                                               2003—Year of the Goat. In celebration of the
                                                              ing the progress of the convention center. In          new year, the Vietnamese Community in
      southern Illinois district and all of the people of     fact, many of the workers at the site got to-
      the State of Illinois, including State sales tax                                                               Greater Cleveland, Inc., will gather at St. Hel-
                                                              gether and gave George his own hard hat.               ena Catholic Church to rejoice with family and
      exemptions for farm machinery and oil field
                                                                 George passed away on June 8, 2002. He              friends and enjoy Vietnamese culture and per-
      equipment, creating tax increment financing
                                                              was a great American who loved his family              formances.
      and enterprise zone designations to spur job
                                                              and Country very much. Mr. Speaker, this                  The Tet celebration will include recognition
      creation and economic development, pro-
                                                              Country would be a much better place if there          of volunteer leaders, Vietnamese food, and
      moting sustainable agriculture and ethanol as
                                                              were more people here like George Dodson.              dancing and entertainment by the Vietnamese
      an alternative energy source, and enacting
      tough penalties against persons who sell                                                                       youth of Cleveland. As Tet is the time of year
                                                                                f                                    to pay homage to ancestors, visit with friends
      drugs on or near the grounds of places of wor-
      ship.                                                                                                          and family, and celebrate, it is with great
                                                                   HONORING DRUG FREE WEEK                           honor that I pay tribute to the Vietnamese
         Senator O’Daniel built a solid reputation as                   ESSAY WINNER
      one of Illinois’ foremost authorities on agricul-                                                              Community of Greater Cleveland.
      tural issues, he was appointed in 1977 by                                                                         This year marks the 27th year of the Viet-
      President Jimmy Carter to serve as state ex-                        HON. RALPH M. HALL                         namese Community in Greater Cleveland’s
      ecutive director of the Agricultural Stabilization                                                             outstanding service to the Vietnamese com-
                                                                                    OF TEXAS
      and Conservation Service of the U.S. Depart-                                                                   munity in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   Vietnamese heritage has long been important
      ment of Agriculture.
         Prior to his appointment by President                         Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   to Cleveland, and the Vietnamese Community
      Carter, Senator O’Daniel served as a member                                                                    in Greater Cleveland has played a vital role in
                                                                 Mr. HALL of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I rise              ensuring that important cultural traditions con-
      of the Illinois House from 1974–77.                     today to recognize a special student from
         As a longtime farmer and businessman, a                                                                     tinue to be embraced.
                                                              Gladewater, TX, Brittany Linder, who was a                Mr. Speaker, I would also like to take this
      decorated World War II veteran and devoted              grand prize winner in the Red Ribbon Week ‘‘I
      family man, Senator O’Daniel brought to the                                                                    opportunity to honor and thank Le Nguyen,
                                                              am drug-free because . . .’’ essay contest             President of the Vietnamese Community in
      Senate a common sense, bi-partisan approach             sponsored last fall by the city of Longview
      to the business of the body that shall be re-                                                                  Greater Cleveland, for coordinating this won-
                                                              Partners in Prevention. Brittany represents            derful evening of festivities. I would also like to
      membered fondly by those who served with                Weldon Intermediate school in the Gladewater
      him.                                                                                                           honor the members of the Vietnamese Com-
                                                              independent school district and is a fourth-           munity in Greater Cleveland for their dedica-
         We offer our best wishes to Senator William
                                                              grade student of Mrs. Cathy Bedair. She is the         tion to the Cleveland area.
      L. ‘‘Bill’’ O’Daniel upon his retirement from the
                                                              daughter of John and Blane Linder and the                 Best wishes to all celebrating the Viet-
      Senate; we offer hope for a rewarding future
                                                              granddaughter of my longtime friend, Carolyn           namese Lunar New Year: Tet, 2003—Year of
      with his wife, Norma, their five children and
                                                              Linder.                                                the Goat. I wish everyone a joyous and pros-
      eight grandchildren, and one great-grand child.
                                                                 According to the White House Office of Na-          perous new year.
                                                              tional Drug Control Policy, although recent                             f
          TRIBUTE TO GEORGE DODSON                            trends in youth drug use have stabilized, the
                                                              rates of use remain at high levels. Youth sub-          TRIBUTE TO REAR ADMIRAL JOHN
              HON. JOHN J. DUNCAN, JR.                        stance abuse, as we know, can lead to many                         P. DAVIS
                        OF TENNESSEE                          other problems, including the development of
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     delinquent behavior, anti-social attitudes and                   HON. TIMOTHY H. BISHOP
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     numerous health risks. These problems not                                OF NEW YORK
                                                              only impact the child but also the child’s fam-               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Mr. DUNCAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay               ily, friends, community and ultimately society                 Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      tribute to George Dodson, a good friend and             as a whole.
      beloved retired Capitol Police officer, who                                                                       Mr. BISHOP of New York. Mr. Speaker, I
                                                                 Brittany speaks to this issue in her essay: ‘‘I     rise today to recognize and honor Rear Admi-
      passed away last summer.                                am drug free because if I take drugs, I would          ral (Upper Half) John P. Davis, a native of
         George was one of the finest men I ever
                                                              not be able to realize my dreams. I would not          Shelter Island, New York, who will retire from
      knew. He was on the Capitol Police force for
                                                              be able to be a good teacher, or mother. If I          the U.S. Navy on February 1, 2003 after 35
      over 30 years. Most of that time he worked as
                                                              take drugs, I would hurt valuable brain cells          years of distinguished service to the U.S.
      a plain-clothed detective. He was known all
                                                              and when I found my dreams, I would not be             Navy and to our nation.
      over the Capitol because of his profes-
                                                              able to do it.’’                                          Rear Admiral Davis is well known to many
      sionalism, courtesy and friendliness. He later
      went on to help organize the Retired Capitol               The essay entries from area fourth-graders          members of this body. He has been the Pro-
      Police Officers Association.                            were judged by LeTourneau University stu-              gram Executive Officer for Submarines since
         George was close friends with many Mem-              dents. Throughout our Nation, dedicated                1997. In 1998 he also becomes the Deputy
      bers, including Bill Natcher of Kentucky and            teachers, parents, clergy, law enforcement of-         Commander, Submarines, helping launch
      Speaker Jim Wright. He was always friendly to           ficers, healthcare providers, local government         Team Submarine, an innovative organizational
      all Members and the many visitors who trav-             officials and community volunteers are in-             structure that unified many submarine-related
      eled to the Capitol each year.                          volved in various drug-prevention programs             acquisition and life cycle support entities into
         George spent many years in the military              that raise awareness among our young people            a single ‘‘submarine-centric’’ organization. The
      prior to joining the Capitol Police force. He           of the dangers of drug use. Beginning these            Team Submarine concept of operations is
      spent three years in the Air Force and five             programs at a young age is one key to their            dedicated to eliminating the traditional ‘‘stove-
      years in the Air National Guard. He was hon-            success, and I commend programs such as                pipe’’ structures and processes that create im-
      orably discharged in 1967 at the rank of Mas-           the Red Ribbon Week that seek to instruct              pediments and inefficiencies in submarine re-
      ter Sergeant.                                           and involve our young people in this issue.            search, development and acquisition, ensuring
         George Dodson was a family man. He was                  Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate Brittany        that the operational needs of the fleet are met,
      married to his beloved wife Pat and enjoyed             on her winning essay and commend her for               today and in the decades to come, in an effec-
      spending time with her whenever possible.               taking a strong stand against the use of drugs.        tive and affordable way.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00009   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.053    E06PT1
      E148                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
         Under Admiral Davis’ watch, Team Sub-                his wife Nancy and his daughters Kate and              erty management company anywhere in the
      marine has delivered two Seawolf class sub-             Tricia for their loyalty and support, which are        country. The bill would make it a federal crime
      marines and redesigned a third to expand its            so necessary in the life of a career naval offi-       to discriminate in rentals to members of the
      mission capabilities; started construction of           cer.                                                   armed forces with a penalty of up to a year
      four Virginia class submarines; and brought                Mr. Speaker, I know my colleagues join me           imprisonment.
      the transformational SSGN program from con-             in wishing Rear Admiral Davis ‘‘fair winds and             The reason mentioned for requiring the affi-
      cept to full up-and-running program in two              following seas’’ as he concludes a most hon-           davit is to relieve landlords of the potential
      years time. He has also overseen the overhaul           orable and distinguished career.                       need to seek court orders to evict military fam-
      of over one-third of our submarine fleet, and                             f                                    ilies who may have defaulted on their rent.
      directed the modernization of submarine war-                                                                       I have never before heard this concern
      fare systems with economical and easily                      TRIBUTE TO GARY WHYTE ON                          raised by a landlord. But the bottom line is
      upgradeable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)-                 BEHALF OF WHITNEY WELDON                          that discrimination against individuals or an
      based units. Additionally, Admiral Davis has                                                                   entire class of people cannot be defended
      acted as an emissary to allied nations, most                     HON. STEVEN R. ROTHMAN                        under any circumstance. In New York City,
      notably Australia, and he has helped forge                                 OF NEW JERSEY                       this practice is already outlawed under local
      strong relationships with friendly navies to en-             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   anti-discrimination laws. However, there re-
      hance U.S. national security.                                                                                  mains a glaring absence in federal and state
                                                                       Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   law of the protections provided for in my bill,
         Admiral Davis began his Navy career in
      1964 when he entered the U.S. Naval Acad-                   Mr. ROTHMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today on          thus leaving members of the military in most
      emy. Upon his graduation from Annapolis in              behalf of 10-year-old Whitney Weldon of                of New York State and the rest of the country
      1968, Admiral Davis entered the Naval Post-             Westfield, New Jersey. Whitney is a wonder-            vulnerable.
      graduate School, where he earned a Master of            ful, happy, and active child who was diag-                 At this time of crisis in our country, in which
      Science degree in 1969.                                 nosed in April 2001 with a disease called              we are asking so much of our military, the
         Following nuclear power training, Admiral            Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).           governing principle should be one of shared
      Davis held many critical assignments. He                    FOP is a rare genetic disorder in which            sacrifice—and certainly not discrimination.
      served on the USS Pogy (SSN 647) and the                bone forms in muscles, tendons, ligaments                               f
      USS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626). He also                  and other connective tissues forming a second
      served as the department head and post de-              skeleton that immobilizes the joints of the                    TRIBUTE TO LAURA KENT
      partment head detailer in the Submarine Offi-           body. With so few people afflicted by the dis-                        DONAHUE
      cer Assignment Office of the Bureau of Naval            ease, there is little attention being paid to this
      Personnel. He subsequently returned to sea              illness.                                                            HON. JOHN SHIMKUS
      duty as Executive Officer of the USS Memphis                For the past fifteen months, Gary Whyte, of                           OF ILLINOIS
      (SSN 691) and later, as Commanding Officer              Mountainside, New Jersey, has been going                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      of the USS Jacksonville (SSN 699), which de-            non-stop, doing everything he can, to raise                     Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      ployed to the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and In-          awareness and help spread news about FOP
                                                                                                                        Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      dian Oceans. He went on to serve as Deputy              through countless efforts speaking before
                                                                                                                     honor Laura Kent Donahue who has dedicated
      Commander of Submarine Squadron Six, dur-               clubs, churches, synagogues and organiza-
                                                                                                                     her life to serving the people of western Illi-
      ing which he also served as Commanding Of-              tions and hosting events to raise money for
      ficer of the USS Glendard P. Lipscomb (SSN              the Weldon FOP Research Fund.                             Laura had the privilege of serving in the
      685) for three months during a Mediterranean                Mr. Speaker, I stand before you on behalf of       same area her mother, Mary Lou Kent, rep-
      deployment.                                             Whitney Weldon and the 200 other Americans             resented. She began her legislative service in
         From 1989 to 1991, Admiral Davis served              suffering from FOP to praise the efforts of            the State Senate in 1981.
      as Head, Undersea, and Arctic Warfare                   these dedicated people who are staging a                  She was appointed an Assistant Majority
      Branch in the Office of the Chief of Naval Op-          campaign to increase awareness of and find a           Leader in the Illinois State Senate in 1997
      erations. Following completion of the Program           cure for a disease that few people know                after serving as Majority Caucus Chairman for
      Managers Course at the Defense Systems                  about. Gary has shown that education about             four years.
      Management College in 1991, he became the               FOP is the first step toward working to get a             As a lawmaker, Laura secured nearly $1 bil-
      Director of Advanced Submarine Research                 cure. Little by little, with more awareness            lion for road and bridge improvements in her
      and Development. In September 1992, Admi-               comes more action.                                     district since 1981.
      ral Davis became Program Manager of the                                   f                                       Her dedication to improving the funding
      MK48 ADCAP Advanced Capability Torpedo                                                                         process for downstate nursing homes and
      Program. In July 1996, Admiral Davis became             INTRODUCTION OF LEGISLATION
                                                                                                                     hospitals has earned her numerous legislative
      Program Manager for the Undersea Weapons                  TO BAN HOUSING DISCRIMINA-
                                                                                                                     awards from the Illinois Association of Homes
      Program Office.                                           TION AGAINST MEMBERS OF THE
                                                                                                                     for the Aging, the Illinois Hospital Association,
         Admiral Davis was selected to Flag rank in             MILITARY
                                                                                                                     the Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facili-
      1996. In December 1996 he became the Di-                                                                       ties and the Illinois Healthcare Association.
      rector, Submarine Technology at Naval Sea                        HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL                           She has devoted much of her time and en-
      Systems Command. In August 1997 he was                                      OF NEW YORK                        ergy toward finding a resolution to the edu-
      assigned to his current post of Program Exec-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   cation funding issue in Illinois.
      utive Office, Submarines. In October 1998 he                                                                      Laura was instrumental in bringing a juve-
                                                                       Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      assumed additional duties as Deputy Com-                                                                       nile prison facility to Rushville, adult prison fa-
      mander, Submarines.                                        Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to call to          cilities to Mt. Sterling and Canton and work
         Admiral Davis was promoted to Rear Admi-             the attention of my colleagues a bill I have in-       camps to Clayton and Pittsfield.
      ral (Upper Half) in 1999. He has received nu-           troduced today to prohibit discrimination in the          She is a member of the Vermont Street
      merous military awards including the Legion of          rental of housing to members of the armed              Methodist Church in Quincy.
      Merit with two Gold Stars and the Meritorious           forces.                                                   She is a member of the Daughters of the
      Service Medal with one Gold Star.                          It has been reported in the press that man-         American Revolution, the Lincoln Club of
         Mr. Speaker, for 35 years the Department of          agers of certain apartment properties in my            Adams County and the PEO Chapter MK.
      the Navy, the Congress, and the American                home state of New York have required renters              She graduated with a bachelor’s degree
      people have been well served by this dedi-              to sign an affidavit stating that they are not in      from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.
      cated naval officer. Admiral Davis has been in-         the military. This practice, aimed at members             She is respected by her colleagues from
      strumental in ensuring that the U.S. submarine          of the armed forces who might be called off to         both political parties for her honesty and integ-
      force is, and will remain, the world’s most pre-        war, is an outrageous form of discrimination,          rity.
      eminent submarine force in the 21st Century.            particularly at a time when young Americans               Laura will be remembered as a Senator who
      Thus, he leaves an enduring legacy.                     are on their way overseas to defend our coun-          took her responsibility as an advocate for her
         I am honored to rise today to express ap-            try.                                                   district seriously.
      preciation to Admiral Davis for his outstanding            This legislation is meant as a deterrent to            Therefore we recognize Laura Kent
      service to the nation. I also want to recognize         this kind of practice by any landlord or prop-         Donahue for her accomplishments as she

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00010   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.057    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E149
      leaves the Illinois Senate and wish her suc-            when it was located at 214 First Street. Al-           pleted Roosevelt Dam—then the largest ma-
      cess in her future endeavors.                           though she was hired as a cook, she worked             sonry dam in the world.
                        f                                     as a dishwasher when business was slow. For               With new and dependable sources of water,
                                                              close to twenty years, Gloria cooked break-            farms flourished. Local towns and cities grew.
      IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE OF                             fast, lunch, and dinner for the numerous Mem-          More dams were built. And, by the 1930s,
              LIBERA PILLA                                    bers of Congress and guests of the Club. Dur-          SRP with state enabling legislation entered
                                                              ing this time, the majority of which was spent         into the power business to ensure repayment
               HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                        in the Club’s second home at 75 C Street, she          of its federal loan obligations.
                            OF OHIO                           also supervised the kitchen, managed menus,               Today, SRP ranks among the largest public
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     and handled orders. When the Club moved to             power providers in the nation and an authority
                                                              its current location at 300 First Street in 1972,      on water management. And, at the core of the
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                                                                           company’s culture is the same durable spirit of
                                                              Gloria was promoted to Purchasing Manager
         Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in           and took on responsibility for handling inven-         community partnership and involvement that
      honor and remembrance of Libera Pilla—be-               tory and vendor relations.                             was there a century ago.
      loved mother, grandmother, great-grand-                     Since a child in New York, Gloria has had             Mr. Speaker, I offer best wishes to the Salt
      mother, and friend to many.                             the opportunity to meet innumerable celeb-             River Project as it moves ahead in its second
         For forty-nine years, Mrs. Pilla was the de-         rities through her involvement in the restaurant       hundred years of service—a century certain to
      voted wife of George Pilla, who died in 1978.           industry. And in the fifty years of her employ-        bring many new benefits and progress.
      Together they raised their two sons, Bishop             ment at Capitol Hill Club, she has met six                               f
      Anthony Pilla and Joe Pilla. As immigrants              United States presidents, one dozen gov-                  FIREFIGHTING RESEARCH AND
      from Italy, Mr. and Mrs. Pilla understood the           ernors, countless Congressmen and women,                       COORDINATION ACT
      importance of family, faith, and hard work. Al-         and renown business leaders. She keeps a
      though they were not formally educated, Mr.             scrapbook to remember her many friends.
      and Mrs. Pilla coveted the educational oppor-               Gloria has helped countless Members of
                                                                                                                                      HON. DAVE CAMP
                                                                                                                                        OF MICHIGAN
      tunities for their sons, and ensured that they          Congress who were far from home to feel at                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      both received an excellent education. More-             home by cooking favorite meals or baking
      over, they instilled in their sons the value of         birthday cakes. It is that type of personal at-                 Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      service and compassion toward others—clear-             tention and commitment to her job that makes              Mr. CAMP. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to in-
      ly evidenced in their sons’ chosen vocations—           Gloria a vital and welcomed part of the Capitol        troduce the Firefighting Research and Coordi-
      Bishop Anthony Pilla’s vocation of spiritual            Hill Club family. For fifty years, Gloria has          nation Act. I am proud of this legislation for
      leader; and Joe Pilla’s commitment to public            brightened the Club with her youthful vigor            what it seeks to accomplish on behalf of our
      service in law enforcement.                             and soaring spirit. As a member of the Club,           Nation’s firefighters. This bill has three primary
         Mrs. Pilla was the light, warmth and center          I thank her for being a part of our extended           objectives: support the development of vol-
      of the Pilla family. Mrs. Pilla was known for           family and look forward to seeing her in the           untary consensus standards for firefighting
      her deep sense of compassion and concern                many years to come.                                    equipment and technology, establish nation-
      for others, and she consistently reached out to                           f                                    wide and State mutual aid systems for dealing
      others with grace, kindness and dignity. Mrs.                                                                  with national emergencies, and authorize the
      Pilla took great pride and joy in caring for her             BEST WISHES TO SALT RIVER                         National Fire Academy to train firefighters to
      family and friends, especially through her cul-                       PROJECT                                  respond to acts of terrorism and other national
      inary talents. She delighted many with her                                                                     emergencies.
      wonderful recipes from her Italian homeland,                             HON. JIM KOLBE                           In large part, the genesis of the Firefighting
      and enjoyed planning and preparing for family                               OF ARIZONA                         Research and Coordination Act came after the
      and friends during the holiday season.                       IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   September 11th attacks. After the tragic
         Mr. Speaker and Colleagues, please join me                                                                  events of that day, fire departments through-
      in honor and remembrance of Libera Pilla—a                      Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    out America began to grapple with new con-
      remarkable woman who, along with her dear                  Mr. KOLBE. Mr. Speaker, I would like to             cerns over how to best train for and respond
      husband George, rose above the hardships of             congratulate a venerable Arizona institution           to terrorist acts. The needs of the fire service
      assimilating into American culture, sculpting a         that celebrates this month its 100th anniver-          continue to grow as new threats emerge. As
      wonderful life for herself and her family, filled       sary as the nation’s oldest multi-purpose rec-         a result, Congress has a responsibility to as-
      with love, warmth, encouragement and sup-               lamation project. I speak of the Salt River            sist and protect our firefighters. That is the
      port. Although Mrs. Pilla will be deeply missed,        Project, an organization with nearly 800,000           goal of the Firefighting Research and Coordi-
      her life was joyously lived—and is a life worthy        electric customers and responsibilities for sup-       nation Act.
      of celebration. I offer my deepest condolences          plying water to some 1.5 million people in the            The first objective of the bill focuses on
      to Mrs. Pilla’s sons, Bishop Anthony Pilla and          Phoenix metro area.                                    equipment and technology standards. The bill
      Joe Pilla; to her grandchildren and great-                 While my own Congressional District 8               would allow the U.S. Fire Administrator, in
      grandchildren; and to her extended family and           spans areas outside of SRP’s service territory,        consultation with the National Institute of
      many friends. The light and love that Mrs. Pilla        one cannot live long in Arizona without learn-         Standards and Technology, the Inter-Agency
      so freely gave to others, especially to her fam-        ing something of the history of this unique            Board for Equipment Standardization and
      ily, will live on forever in the hearts of those        public power and water utility. Founded on             Inter-Operability, national voluntary consensus
      who knew and loved her well.                            February 7, 1903, SRP marked the formaliza-            standards development organizations, inter-
                        f                                     tion of hopes for transforming a fierce desert         ested Federal, State, and local agencies, and
                                                              into a productive agricultural area.                   other interested parties to develop measure-
      HONORING GLORIA STRAIT FOR 50                              Eight months earlier, the Reclamation Act of        ment techniques and testing methodologies,
       YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE CAP-                           1902 had been signed into law by President             and support development of voluntary con-
       ITOL HILL CLUB                                         Theodore Roosevelt. Critics maintained the             sensus standards through national standards
                                                              act would be a boondoggle, saddling the fed-           development organizations, for evaluating the
                      HON. JIM SAXTON                         eral government with useless burdens. But              performance and compatibility of new fire
                        OF NEW JERSEY                         Roosevelt and his supporters were optimists            fighting technology. Examples of new tech-
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     and had faith in the American spirit of deter-         nologies include: personal protection equip-
                                                              mination.                                              ment, devices for advance warning of extreme
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                        The fruits of their convictions were borne          hazard, equipment for enhanced vision, and
         Mr. SAXTON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to             out.                                                   robotics and other remote-controlled devices,
      pay tribute to Gloria Strait for the fifty years of        A federal reclamation loan was approved to          among others. Equipment purchased under
      service, dedication, and loyalty she has given          help SRP and central Arizona’s landowners              the Assistance to Firefighters grant program
      to the Capitol Hill Club.                               build a great water storage system to supple-          must meet or exceed voluntary consensus
         Gloria moved from Syracuse, New York to              ment the area’s small and unreliable system of         standards.
      Capitol Hill in 1952. She began her tenure at           ditches and canals. By 1911, using horses,                Establishing standards for firefighting equip-
      the Capitol Hill Club on February 5, 1953,              hawsers and hand-tools, workers had com-               ment and technologies will help safeguard the

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00011   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.060    E06PT1
      E150                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
      lives of firefighters. At present, manufacturers        firefighters gain vital education and training to      amine, the regulation of reprocessing certain
      of emergency equipment can sell their prod-             the benefit of the American public. The Acad-          single-use surgical devices, more funds for the
      ucts with no government testing or certification        emy’s courses are taught at a facility in Em-          Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis Research Fund,
      requirements to ensure their product meets              mitsburg, Maryland. Its online courses and co-         and the requirement of coverage for the re-
      the needs of firefighters. A January 2003 Con-          operation with local colleges and universities         placement of child safety seats if those seats
      sumer Reports article, ‘‘Safeguards Lacking             expand the reach of the Academy to thou-               were in use at the time of an accident.
      for Emergency Equipment,’’ highlights the lack          sands of firefighters across the Nation.                   Senator Bowles will long be remembered for
      of standards problem. The article reports                  With the Nation recovering from acts of ter-        her commitment to the success of Illinois’ agri-
      ‘‘Firefighter organizations, which also rep-            rorism, mammoth wildfires, and the possibility         culture community; in an effort to find a ‘‘third
      resent most of the Nation’s emergency med-              that other national emergencies may arise in           crop’’ to insert into our traditional corn and
      ical technicians, say they worry that no law re-        the future, America’s firefighters deserve noth-       soybean rotation, she sponsored legislation di-
      quires fire departments to buy equipment cer-           ing less than quality educational opportunities        recting the University of Illinois to study the re-
      tified for use against chemical or biological           and training to prepare for these, and other           introduction of industrial hemp in Illinois, a
      agents.’’ In a September 10, 2002 story in              types of disasters. We saw with the World              once important crop in Illinois because of its
      The, Washington Post Arlington County, Vir-             Trade Center that building collapse rescue is          versatility.
      ginia Chief raised concerns about the lack of           a critical component of a firefighters job. In a           Senator Bowles was elected to five con-
      equipment standards, as well as the lack of             December 1, 2001 article that appeared in              secutive terms as the Madison County Clerk
      guidelines for training the workers charged             Fire Chief magazine, a member of the Michi-            and brought to the Senate knowledge and ex-
      with responding to future terrorist attacks.            gan Urban Search and Rescue team stated                pertise that was often called upon when ques-
      Plaugher stated, ‘‘Without clear goals, we risk         that while the Federal government has spent            tions arose concerning local government and
      undermining ourselves while wasting precious            millions of dollars to train local first responders    election laws in Illinois. It was in that office
      resources.’’                                            with weapons of mass destruction, little if any        which I worked with her closely. Her countless
          The second objective of the bill addresses          focus has been placed on building collapse             appearances at the office counter gave con-
      mutual aid systems. The Firefighting Research           rescue. ‘‘For some time now, I have advo-              stituents a real glimpse of personal service by
      and Coordination Act directs the Administrator          cated that every State should have a struc-            their elected officials. In her dealings with me,
      of the U.S. Fire Administration, in consultation        tural-collapse response that includes an Urban         a member of the opposition party, she was al-
      with the Federal Emergency Management                   Search and Rescue (US &R) task force sys-              ways professional, courteous, and determined
      Agency (FEMA) Director, to provide technical            tem,’’ stated the Michigan firefighter. The fire-      to place the best interests of the citizens first.
      assistance and training to State and local fire         fighter went on to say that, ‘‘The FEMA US&R               Senator Bowles served her nation as a
      service officials to establish nationwide and           system does little to help with the initial re-        member of the United States Coast Guard
      State mutual aid systems for responding to              sponse to structural collapse incidents.’’ This        Women’s Reserve Intelligence Division during
      national emergencies. The Administrator, in             example offers another reason why the cur-             the Second World War and is a member of
      consultation with the FEMA Director, will also,         ricula at the National Fire Academy should be          the American Legion Post #199 and The Aux-
      develop model mutual aid plans for both intra-          expanded to include courses on building-col-           iliary. She was also a former teacher.
      state and interstate assistance. An important           lapse rescue and other strategies.                         We offer our best wishes to Senator Evelyn
      example of why model mutual aid systems are                Mr. Speaker, my legislation enjoys wide             Bowles upon her retirement from the Senate
      important to establish comes in part, as a re-          support among many of this Nation’s fire               and we offer her hope for a rewarding future.
      sponse to the September 11th attacks and to             groups and bipartisan support here in the                                f
      wildfires that have raged in the west.                  House of Representatives. My colleague in the
          On July 23, 2002, Titan Systems Corpora-            Senate, Senator MCCAIN will introduce com-             INTRODUCTION OF LEGISLATION
      tion issued a report on behalf of the Arlington         panion legislation today in the United States            TO  FACILITATE   LAND  EX-
      County, Virginia fire department. The report            Senate. I am hopeful that this important bill            CHANGES IN ARIZONA’S FIRST
      found that self-dispatching fire and emergency          will be swiftly enacted in the 108th Congress.           CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT
      crews were favorable in some respects, but                                f
      were also detrimental. For example, the report                                                                                  HON. RICK RENZI
      states that the Arlington County fire depart-                TRIBUTE TO EVELYN BOWLES                                              OF ARIZONA
      ment ‘‘faced the monumental challenge of                                                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      gaining control of the resources already onsite                      HON. JOHN SHIMKUS                                 Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      and those arriving minute-by-minute.’’ The re-                              OF ILLINOIS
      port goes on to say that, ‘‘firefighters and                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                        Mr. RENZI. Mr. Speaker, on behalf of Con-
      other personnel came and went from other                                                                       gressman J.D. HAYWORTH and myself, I rise
      Pentagon entrances with little or no control.                    Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   today to introduce legislation to facilitate two
      Thus, had there been a second attack, as oc-               Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to           land exchanges in the Tonto and Coconino
      curred at the World Trade Center, it would              honor Evelyn Bowles of Ewardsville who was             National Forests in Arizona’s First Congres-
      have been virtually impossible for the Incident         appointed to the Illinois State Senate in May          sional District. Congressman J.D. HAYWORTH
      Commander to determine quickly who might                of 1994 and was elected by an overwhelming             sponsored similar legislation in the 107th Con-
      have been lost.’’                                       margin in November of 1994; she has served             gress that unanimously passed the House.
          The third objective of the legislation permits      this body with distinction throughout her 81⁄2            The legislation authorizes the Montezuma
      the Superintendent of the National Fire Acad-           years as a member.                                     Castle land exchange and the Diamond Point
      emy to coordinate with other Federal, State,               During her terms in the Senate, Senator             land exchange. In the Montezuma Castle land
      and local officials in developing curricula for         Bowles served as the Democratic spokes-                exchange, the Forest Service will acquire a
      classes offered by the Academy. This section            person of the Senate Environment and Energy            157-acre parcel of private land adjacent to
      of the bill illustrates what new classes and            Committee, the Local Government and Elec-              Montezuma Castle National Monument and
      training opportunities the Academy is author-           tions Committee, the Licensed Activities Com-          the 108-acre Double Cabin Park parcel, both
      ized to offer its students. For example, the            mittee and the State Government Operations             in the Coconino National Forest.
      Academy will now be able to train fire per-             Committee.                                                An Arizona partnership, the Montezuma
      sonnel in: strategies for building collapse res-           Senator Bowles has also served on the               Castle Land Exchange Joint Venture, will ac-
      cue, the use of technology in response to               Committees on Agriculture and Conservation,            quire approximately 122 acres of National For-
      fires; including terrorist incidents and other na-      Executive, Transportation, the Legislative In-         est System land adjacent to the town of Pay-
      tional emergencies; response, tactics, and              formation System, the Legislative Printing Unit,       son’s municipal airport. The town of Payson
      strategies for dealing with terrorist-caused na-        and the Legislative Research Unit.                     has entered into an agreement to purchase a
      tional catastrophes; applying new technology               Senator Bowles has amassed numerous                 portion of this land to create private sector
      and developing strategies and tactics for fight-        legislative accomplishments which have en-             business development and job opportunities.
      ing forest fires, and other important response          hanced the quality of life for the people of her          Mr. Speaker, this exchange will protect ri-
      strategies.                                             Metro East district and all of the people of the       parian areas along Beaver Creek, the view-
          Over one million students have received             State of Illinois, including new penalties for in-     shed for the Montezuma Castle National
      training at the National Fire Academy. Since            dividuals convicted of illegally possessing the        Monument, and it will transfer Double Cabin
      its inception in 1975, the Academy has helped           chemicals used to manufacture methamphet-              Park to Federal ownership.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00012   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.064    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E151
         In addition to the Payson land, this legisla-        that denies the personhood of the unborn,               Similarly, I do not think that the administra-
      tion facilitates the Diamond Point land ex-             thereby effectively overturning Roe v. Wade. I          tion’s foreign policy and defense experts really
      change. The Forest Service will acquire a 495-          firmly believe that life begins at conception           believe that Iraq is a significant threat to the
      acre parcel, known as the Q Ranch, in an                and that the preborn child deserves all the             United States. There are broader, philo-
      area where previous acquisitions have been              rights and protections afforded an American             sophical, ideological and political reasons be-
      completed and Federal land has been consoli-            citizen. This measure will recognize the un-            hind both proposals.
      dated.                                                  born child as a human being and protect the                In an extremely well argued, comprehensive
         In exchange, the Diamond Point Summer                fetus from harm. The Right to Life Act will fi-         essay published in the New York Times for
      Homes Association will acquire 108 acres of             nally put our unborn children on the same               February 2, John Mearsheimer and Stephen
      Federal land that have been occupied since              legal footing as all other persons. I hope my           Walt very forcefully refute the argument that
      the 1950’s by the association’s 45 residential          colleagues will join me in support of this im-          we must to war with Iraq because it is a threat
      cabins.                                                 portant effort.                                         to our security, and point our cogently what
         The land exchanges in this legislation are                                                                   the negative effects of such a war will be on
      supported by the town of Payson, the Gila                                                                       us.
      County Board of Supervisors, the Rim County                    CONGRATULATING COLONEL                              Because Mr. Mearsheimer and Mr. Walt do
      Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Payson                            FRANK STEER                                 a very good job of making clear a case
      Regional Economic Development Corporation                                                                       against going to war in Iraq, and because that
      and the National Park Service.
         Mr. Speaker, this legislation benefits local
                                                                         HON. NEIL ABERCROMBIE                        is the single most important question now fac-
                                                                                    OF HAWAII                         ing this country and this Congress, I ask that
      communities, the Federal Government and the                                                                     this essay be printed here.
                                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      American taxpayer. I urge my colleagues to
                                                                                                                          [From the New York Times, Feb. 2, 2003]
      support this important legislation for the First                 Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                                                                                             KEEPING SADDAM HUSSEIN IN A BOX
      District of Arizona.                                       Mr. ABERCROMBIE. Mr. Speaker, it is a                   (By John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M.
                       f                                      pleasure to extend my heartfelt aloha and con-                                Walt)
                 RIGHT TO LIFE ACT                            gratulations to Colonel Frank Steer, United                The United States faces a clear choice on
                                                              States Army, retired.                                   Iraq: containment or preventive war. Presi-
                                                                 Colonel Steer, 102 years young, is a mem-
                 HON. DUNCAN HUNTER                           ber of the United States Military Academy
                                                                                                                      dent Bush insists that containment has
                                                                                                                      failed and we must prepare for war. In fact,
                        OF CALIFORNIA
                                                              Class of 1925 and holds the distinction of              war is not necessary. Containment has
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                             worked in the past and can work in the fu-
                                                              being the oldest living graduate of West Point.
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                       Frank Steer has a long record of out-                ture, even when dealing with Saddam Hus-
                                                              standing service to the United States. He en-           sein.
         Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, today I am in-
                                                                                                                         The case for preventive war rests on the
      troducing legislation that, if passed, will once        listed in the Army in World War 1, attained a           claim that Mr. Hussein is a reckless expan-
      and for all protect our unborn children from            commission after the war, and served as Pro-            sionist bent on dominating the Middle East.
      harm. Over 1.3 million abortions are per-               vost Marshal of the Army’s Hawaiian Depart-             Indeed, he is often compared to Adolf Hitler,
      formed in the United States each year and               ment during World War II. Having responsi-              modern history’s exemplar of serial aggres-
      over 38 million have been performed since               bility for enforcing martial law in Hawaii, he is       sion. The facts, however, tell a different
      abortion was legalized in 1973. This is a na-           widely credited with a human touch and sense            story.
      tional tragedy. It is the duty of all Americans         of fairness during that difficult time.                    During the 30 years that Mr. Hussein has
                                                                 Having been commissioned an honorary                 dominated Iraq, he has initiated two wars.
      to protect our children—born and unborn. This
                                                                                                                      Iraq invaded Iran in 1980, but only after
      bill, the Right to Life Act, would provide blan-        major general in the Association of Wash-               Iran’s revolutionary government tried to as-
      ket protection to all unborn children from the          ington Generals, Frank Steer is eminently               sassinate Iraqi officials, conducted repeated
      moment of conception.                                   qualified for honorary promotion to provost             border raids and tried to topple Mr. Hussein
         In 1973, the United States Supreme Court,            marshal of the United States Army and United            by fomenting unrest within Iraq. His deci-
      in the landmark case of Roe v. Wade, refused            States Air Force, and I am delighted to extend          sion to attack was not reckless, because Iran
      to determine when human life begins and                 such recognition to him.                                was isolated and widely seen as militarily
      therefore found nothing to indicate that the un-           Frank Steer is one of Hawaii’s living treas-         weak. The war proved costly, but it ended
      born are persons protected by the Fourteenth            ures. He is part of our island history and              Iran’s regional ambitions and kept Mr. Hus-
                                                                                                                      sein in power.
      Amendment. In the decision, however, the                played a major role in making our state a                  Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 arose
      Court did concede that, ‘‘If the suggestion of          unique and special place. I join Frank Steer’s          from a serious dispute over oil prices and
      personhood is established, the appellants’              legion of friends and admirers in congratu-             war debts and occurred only after efforts to
      case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right        lating him on a life well lived and for his un-         court Mr. Hussein led the first Bush adminis-
      to life would be guaranteed specifically by the         paralleled service to our nation.                       tration unwittingly to signal that Wash-
      Amendment.’’ Considering Congress has the                                  f                                    ington would not oppose an attack. Contain-
      constitutional authority to uphold the Four-                                                                    ment did not fail the first time around—it
      teenth Amendment, coupled by the fact that                   KEEPING SADDAM HUSSEIN IN A                        was never tired.
                                                                               BOX                                       Thus, Mr. Hussein has gone to war when he
      the Court admitted that if personhood were to                                                                   was threatened and when he thought he had
      be established, the unborn would be pro-                                                                        a window of opportunity. These consider-
      tected, it can be concluded that we have the                         HON. BARNEY FRANK                          ations do not justify Iraq’s actions, but they
      authority to determine when life begins.                                  OF MASSACHUSETTS                      show that Mr. Hussein is hardly a reckless
         The Right to Life Act does what the Su-                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   aggressor who cannot be contained. In fact,
      preme Court refused to do in Roe v. Wade                                                                        Iraq has never gone to war in the face of a
      and recognizes the personhood of the unborn                       Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   clear deterrent threat.
      for the purpose of enforcing four important                Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Mr. Speaker,                But what about the Iraqi regime’s weapons
                                                              I have a great deal of respect for the intellec-        of mass destruction? Those who reject con-
      provisions in the Constitution: (1) Sec. 1 of the
                                                                                                                      tainment point to Iraq’s past use of chemical
      Fourteenth Amendment prohibiting states from            tual capacity of those making policy in the
                                                                                                                      weapons against the Kurds and Iran. They
      depriving any person of life; (2) Sec. 5 of the         Bush administration—so much respect that I              also warn that he will eventually get nuclear
      Fourteenth Amendment providing Congress                 find it very hard to believe that they them-            weapons. According to President Bush, a nu-
      the power to enforce, by appropriate legisla-           selves really believe the rationales they have          clear arsenal would enable Mr. Hussein to
      tion, the provision of this amendment; (3) the          put forward for their two current major policy          ‘‘blackmail the world.’’ And the real night-
      due process clause of the Fifth Amendment,              initiatives: a major tax cut, including an aboli-       mare is that he will give chemical, biological
      which concurrently prohibits the federal gov-           tion of the tax on some dividends, and a war            or nuclear weapons to Al Qaeda.
                                                              in Iraq.                                                   These possibilities sound alarming, but the
      ernment from depriving any person of life; and
                                                                                                                      dangers they pose do not justify war.
      (4) Article I, Section 8, giving Congress the              Specifically, I do not believe that the top
                                                                                                                         Mr. Hussein’s use of poison gas was des-
      power to make laws necessary and proper to              economists in the Bush administration really            picable, but it tells us nothing about what he
      enforce all powers in the Constitution.                 think that enactment of his latest tax relief           might do against the United States or its al-
         This legislation will protect millions of future     package will have any significant near term             lies. He could use chemical weapons against
      children by prohibiting any state or federal law        stimulus effect on our sputtering economy.              the Kurds and Iranians because they could

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000    Frm 00013   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.067   E06PT1
      E152                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
      not retaliate in kind. The United States, by            liferation elsewhere. The Bush administra-             and expertise. Investigators and law enforce-
      contrast, can retaliate with overwhelming               tion’s contrasting approaches to Iraq and              ment professionals credit him as a great team
      force, including weapons of mass destruc-               North Korea send a clear signal: we nego-              member, one who contributed objectively to in-
      tion. This is why Mr. Hussein did not use               tiate with states that have nuclear weapons,
      chemical or biological weapons against                  but we threaten states that don’t. Iran and
                                                                                                                     vestigations. Perhaps it was his reputation for
      American forces or Israel during the 1991               North Korea will be even more committed to             solid work that helped make him a key player
      Persian Gulf War. Nor has he used such                  having a nuclear deterrent after watching              in Missouri’s first criminal investigation that re-
      weapons since, even though the United                   the American military conquer Iraq. Coun-              lied almost entirely on DNA evidence.
      States has bombed Iraq repeatedly over the              tries like Japan, South Korea and Saudi Ara-              Mr. Speaker, I stand today to honor Dr. Jay
      past decade.                                            bia will then think about following suit.              D. Dix’s memory before this body of Congress
        The same logic explains why Mr. Hussein               Stopping the spread of nuclear weapons will
      cannot blackmail us. Nuclear blackmail                  be difficult in any case, but overthrowing
                                                                                                                     and this nation. Jay has made many contribu-
      works only if the blackmailer’s threat might            Mr. Hussein would make it harder.                      tions to our community. His work as an in-
      actually be carried out. But if the intended               Preventive war entails other costs as well.         structor and as a medical examiner has
      target can retaliate in kind, carrying out the          In addition to the lives lost, toppling Sad-           touched thousands of lives and brought clo-
      threat causes the blackmailer’s own destruc-            dam Hussein would cost at least $50 billion            sure to many cases. I extend my sincere con-
      tion. This is why the Soviet Union, which               to $100 billion, at a time when our economy            dolences to his wife Mary, their daughters
      was far stronger than Iraq and led by men of            is sluggish and huge budget deficits are pre-
                                                                                                                     Kelsey and Melissa, and his mother Faith.
      equal ruthlessness, never tried blackmailing            dicted for years. Because the United States
      the United States.                                      would have to occupy Iraq for years, the ac-           Jay’s lifetime of contributions to this nation
        Oddly enough, the Bush administration                 tual cost of this war would most likely be             and to the communities he has served is wor-
      seems to understand that America is not vul-            much larger. And because most of the world             thy of our praise, and I am proud to honor him
      nerable to nuclear blackmail. For example,              thinks war is a mistake, we would get little           today.
      Condoleezza Rice, the national security ad-             help from other countries.
      viser, has written that Iraqi weapons of mass              Finally, attacking Iraq would undermine                                f
      destruction ‘‘will be unusable because any              the war on terrorism, diverting manpower,
      attempt to use them will bring national ob-             money and attention from the fight against                      TRIBUTE TO DR. FLORINE
      literation.’’ Similarly, President Bush de-             Al Qaeda. Every dollar spent occupying Iraq
                                                              is a dollar not spent dismantling terrorist
      clared last week in his State of the Union
      Address that the United States ‘‘would not              networks abroad or improving security at
                                                              home. Invasion and occupation would in-
      be blackmailed’’ by North Korea, which ad-
      ministration officials believe has nuclear              crease anti-Americanism in the Islamic                                  HON. MARK UDALL
      weapons. If Iraq’s chemical, biological and             world and help Osama bin Laden win more                                    OF COLORADO
      nuclear arsenal is ‘‘unusable’’ and North Ko-           followers. Preventive war would also rein-
                                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      rea’s weapons cannot be used for blackmail,             force the growing perception that the United
      why do the President and Ms. Rice favor                 States is a bully, thereby jeopardizing the                      Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      war?                                                    international unity necessary to defeat glob-
        But isn’t the possibility that the Iraqi re-          al terrorism.                                             Mr. UDALL of Colorado. Mr. Speaker, today
      gime would give weapons of mass destruction                Although the Bush administration main-              I rise to honor Dr. Florine Raitano for her out-
      to Al Qaeda reason enough to topple it? No—             tains that war is necessary, there is a better
                                                              option. Today, Iraq is weakened, its pursuit
                                                                                                                     standing contributions to rural Colorado. Flo
      unless the administration isn’t telling us                                                                     will be stepping down as the Executive Direc-
      something. Advocates of preventive war have             of nuclear weapons has been frustrated, and
      made Herculean efforts to uncover evidence              any regional ambitions it may once have                tor of the Colorado Rural Development Coun-
      of active cooperation between Iraq and Al               cherished have been thwarted. We should                cil (CRDC) at the end of January. She has
      Qaeda, and senior administration officials              perpetuate this state of affairs by maintain-          been a leader in this organization for 10 years
      have put great pressure on American intel-              ing vigilant containment, a policy the rest of         bringing new ideas and innovative solutions to
      ligence agencies to find convincing evidence.           the world regards as preferable and effective.         Colorado’s rural communities.
      But these efforts have borne little fruit, and          Saddam Hussein needs to remain in his box—
                                                              but we don’t need a war to keep him there.                At this position, Flo has been a tireless ad-
      we should view the latest reports of alleged
                                                                              f                                      vocate as working on such diverse issues as
      links with skepticism. No country should
      weave a case for war with such slender                                                                         renewable energy, telecommunications, and
                                                                   PAYING TRIBUTE TO JAY DIX                         teenage health, to name a few, in an effort to
        Given the deep antipathy between fun-                                                                        improve rural living.
      damentalists like Osama bin Laden and sec-                           HON. SCOTT McINNIS                           Rural communities often are many miles
      ular rulers like Saddam Hussein, the lack of                                OF COLORADO
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   away from urban areas and lack much of the
      evidence linking them is not surprising. But
      even if American pressure brings these un-
                                                                                                                     basic infrastructure and services most of us
                                                                      Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    take for granted. One of the biggest needs in
      likely bedfellows together, Mr. Hussein is
                                                                 Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I would like to           these areas include access to adult education
      not going to give Al Qaeda weapons of mass
      destruction. He would have little to gain and           take this opportunity to pay tribute to the            opportunities for rural citizens so that they can
      everything to lose since he could never be              memory of one of Colorado’s accomplished               enhance their skills and improve the quality of
      sure that American surveillance would not               sons, Dr. Jay D. Dix. A former resident of             their lives. Most urban residents can find
      detect the handoff. If it did, the United               Pueblo, Colorado, Jay Dix recently passed              classes on almost anything, from cosmetology
      States response would be swift and dev-                 away, leaving behind a legacy as one of our            to computer science. These opportunities are
      astating.                                               country’s leading pathologists. As his family
        The Iraqi dictator might believe he could                                                                    rare for rural communities whose population
                                                              mourns their loss, I would like to take this time      are spread out over wide distances. Even on-
      slip Al Qaeda dangerous weapons covertly,
      but he would still have to worry that we                to highlight his life before this body of Con-         line computer courses can be difficult if users
      would destroy him if we merely suspected                gress and this nation.                                 haven’t had training on how to use computers
      that he had aided an attack on the United                  Born in Germany to Harold Leon and Faith            and the Internet.
      States. He need not be certain we would re-             Louise Pfeffer Dix, Jay was raised in Pueblo,
      taliate, he merely has to think that we                 Colorado, where he graduated from Centen-                 Living in Dillon, Colorado, Flo understands
      might.                                                  nial High School in 1966. In 1969, he married          first hand the needs of these rural citizens and
        Thus, logic and evidence suggest that Iraq            Mary Jay Stewart and started a two-year stint          communities. Her work with the CRDC created
      can be contained, even if it possesses weap-            in the U.S. Army. After his service, Jay went          a new volunteer program with Colorado State
      ons of mass destruction. Moreover, Mr. Hus-                                                                    University Cooperative Extension to help resi-
      sein’s nuclear ambitions—the ones that con-
                                                              on to graduate from Ohio Wesleyan University
                                                              in 1973 and then, in 1977, from the University         dents learn how to use the Internet. Bringing
      cern us most—are unlikely to be realized in                                                                    rural areas up to speed on the information
      his lifetime, especially with inspections               of Missouri School of Medicine. In 1980, Jay
      under way. Iraq has pursued nuclear weapons             received his certification from the American           highway is critical if we are going to make
      since the 1970’s, but it has never produced a           Board of Pathology and started working as the          sure that nobody is left behind. However,
      bomb, United Nations inspectors destroyed               medical examiner of Missouri’s Boone and               many rural areas are stuck on the information
      Iraq’s nuclear program between 1991 and 1998,           Callaway counties. He also taught at the Uni-          dirt road. Flo has worked with the state gov-
      and Iraq has not rebuilt it. With an embargo            versity of Missouri as an assistant professor of       ernment to raise awareness and look for inno-
      in place and inspectors at work, Iraq is fur-                                                                  vative solutions to ensure these communities
      ther from a nuclear capacity than at any                pathology and, in 1990, spent a year in New
                                                              York City as its chief deputy medical exam-            keep pace with the rest of Colorado.
      time in recent memory. Again, why the rush
      to war?                                                 iner.                                                     Colorado has a rich and vibrant farming and
        War may not be necessary to deny Iraq nu-                Beyond the recognition, education, and ex-          ranching history, which is also still an impor-
      clear weapons, but it is likely to spur pro-            perience, Jay stood out for his professionalism        tant part of its economy. Looking forward, Flo

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00014   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.071    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E153
      has seen the possibility of how biofuels can            racy. As many of my colleagues know, an in-            him the Public Safety Employee of the Year
      stimulate rural economies. New fuels devel-             creasing number of health care providers have          Award.
      oped from crops could provide us with a re-             withdrawn from the Medicare program be-                   Sergeant Verbeck has been a true profes-
      newable and sustainable energy supply and               cause of the paperwork burden and constant             sional, mentor and a friend to our community.
      move our country beyond oil dependence—                 interference with their practice by bureaucrats        He will be greatly missed by his many friends
      while also creating new markets for these               from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid              at the Monterey Park Police Department and
      crops.                                                  Services (previously known as the Health               the community. Mr. Speaker, I ask you to join
         Flo worked to bring ‘‘Opening Windows,’’ a           Care Financing Administration). The MSA pro-           me in expressing my appreciation for Sergeant
      unique theater and human services project               gram frees seniors and providers from this             Verbeck’s lifetime of service and commitment
      that addresses adolescent health and behavior           burden thus making it more likely that quality         to our community.
      issues from a rural perspective, to Colorado.           providers will remain in the Medicare program!
      This entertaining, provocative and value-neu-              Mr. Speaker, the most important reason to                            f
      tral program deals with such issues as sub-             enact this legislation is seniors should not be
      stance abuse, domestic violence, teen preg-             treated like children and told what health care         TRIBUTE TO SHERIFF BILL BLAIR
      nancy, eating disorders, sexually transmitted           services they can and cannot have by the fed-
      diseases and suicide, and is based on exten-            eral government. We in Congress have a duty                         HON. SCOTT McINNIS
      sive interviews with rural adolescent teenagers         to preserve and protect the Medicare trust                               OF COLORADO
      and their families. Each performance is fol-            fund and keep the promise to America’s sen-
                                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      lowed by a facilitated dialogue involving the           iors and working Americans, whose taxes fi-
      cast, local resource personnel, and the audi-           nance Medicare, that they will have quality                      Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      ence. This interactive program helps commu-             health care in their golden years.                        Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with great
      nities understand some of the dilemmas to-                 However, we also have a duty to make sure           pride that I rise today to pay tribute to Sheriff
      day’s adolescents are trying to deal with, as           that seniors can get the health care that suits        Bill Blair of Delta County, Colorado. Bill Blair
      new ways to approach these issues.                      their needs, instead of being forced into a            has been the Sheriff of Delta County for the
         Flo will be missed at the CRDC, but I know           cooking cutter program designed by Wash-               past fourteen years where he has faithfully
      she will continue to be a strong force working          ington-DC-based bureaucrats! Medicare MSAs             served his constituents with the honor, cour-
      to improve Colorado. I urge my colleagues to            are a good first step toward allowing seniors          age, and integrity that Americans have come
      join me in thanking Flo for her years of dedi-          the freedom to control their own health care.          to expect from their elected officials. Recently,
      cated service to Colorado, and to rural resi-              In conclusion, Mr. Speaker, I urge my col-          Sheriff Blair has announced his retirement
      dents and communities throughout our nation.            leagues to provide our senior citizens greater         and, as he leaves office this January, I would
                       f                                      control of their health care, including the ability    like to pay tribute to his career and accom-
                                                              to use Medicare money to purchase prescrip-            plishments before this body of Congress and
             EXPAND MEDICARE MSA                              tion drugs by cosponsoring my legislation to
                  PROGRAM                                                                                            this nation.
                                                              expand the Medicare MSA program.                          Throughout his life, Sheriff Blair has proven
                                                                                f                                    himself to be a dedicated American, com-
                      HON. RON PAUL                                                                                  mitted to the service of his community and
                           OF TEXAS                                   RECOGNIZING SERGEANT
                                                                       GREGORY W. VERBECK                            country. At age seventeen, Bill Blair joined the
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                            United States Navy where he faithfully served
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                                                                           his country for twenty years. During his career
                                                                           HON. HILDA L. SOLIS                       in the military, Bill was an aircraft firefighter
         Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce                              OF CALIFORNIA
      legislation which enhances senior citizens’                                                                    while on four aircraft carriers. Bill also served
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   in the Vietnam War, where he received the
      ability to control their health care and use
      Medicare money to pay for prescription drugs.                   Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    Navy’s Professional Service Award for meri-
      This legislation accomplishes these important              Ms. SOLIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to ac-         torious service in both 1968 and 1972.
      goals by removing the numerical limitations             knowledge the life and career of one of the               Soon after leaving the military, Bill Blair
      and sunset provisions in the Medicare Medical           Monterey Park Police Department’s finest offi-         began his career in law enforcement, where
      Savings Account (MSAS) program so that all              cers, Sergeant Gregory W. Verbeck.                     he served the Delta County Sheriff’s office as
      seniors can take advantage of the Medicare                 Sergeant Verbeck graduated from the                 a reserve deputy and later as a deputy sheriff.
      MSA option.                                             Southern California Peace Officers Academy             He was promoted again as the department’s
         Medicare MSAs consist of a special savings           at Riverside City College in 1971. That same           first non-uniformed investigator for the Delta
      account containing Medicare funds for seniors           year, Sergeant Gregory W. Verbeck began his            County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Blair was later
      to use for their routine medical expenses, in-          31-year career with the Monterey Park Police           appointed Undersheriff by then Sheriff Richard
      cluding prescription drug costs. Seniors in a           Department. Sergeant Verbeck rose quickly in           Miklich, a position that he held for two years.
      Medicare MSA program are also provided with             the force and on September 21, 1974, he was            From there, Bill was appointed Sheriff in the
      a catastrophic insurance policy to cover non-           promoted to the rank of Police Agent. From             middle of Miklich’s final term of office.
      routine expenses such as major surgery.                 1978 to 1980, he was assigned to the Inves-               As a former law enforcement officer, I am
      Under an MSA plan, the choice of whether to             tigations Bureau working juvenile investiga-           well aware of the dangers and hazards our
      use Medicare funds for prescription drug                tions and on January 24, 1980, he was pro-             police officers face today. These individuals
      costs, or other services not available under            moted to Sergeant. Sergeant Verbeck also               work long hours, weekends, and holidays to
      traditional Medicare such as mammograms,                served as a K–9 Handler, a department fire-            guarantee their fellow citizens rights and pro-
      are made by the senior, not by bureaucrats              arms instructor, the department’s fleet man-           tections. They work tirelessly and with great
      and politicians.                                        ager and the Monterey Park Emergency Com-              sacrifice to their personal and family lives to
         One of the major weaknesses of the Medi-             munications Coordinator.                               ensure our freedoms remain strong in our
      care program is that seniors do not have the               Outside of his official duties on the force,        homes and communities. Their service and
      ability to use Medicare dollars to cover the            Sergeant Verbeck was a member and served               dedication deserves the recognition and
      costs of prescription medicines, even though            as President of the Monterey Park Police Offi-         thanks of this body of Congress, and that is
      prescription drugs represent the major health           cers Association. He has also been active in           why I am so honored to celebrate the retire-
      care expenditure for many seniors. Medicare             the community as a member of the Eastside              ment of a man who has given so much to his
      MSAs give those seniors who need to use                 Optimist Club, as a board member of the Jap-           community and country.
      Medicare funds for prescription drugs the abil-         anese Amateur Radio Society and Chair of the              Mr. Speaker, it is with sincere gratitude that
      ity to do so without expanding the power of             Community Relations Commission.                        I recognize Sheriff Bill Blair of Delta County,
      the federal bureaucracy or forcing those sen-              During his career, Sergeant Verbeck re-             Colorado before this body of Congress and
      iors who currently have prescription drug cov-          ceived over fifty letters and commendations for        this nation. Sheriff Blair has served the citi-
      erage into a federal one-size-fits-all program.         his unwavering commitment to service. These            zens of Delta County with great character and
         Medicare MSAs will also ensure seniors ac-           awards included Basic, Intermediate, Ad-               integrity, and it is an honor to represent such
      cess to a wide variety of health care services          vanced, and Supervisory Police Certificates. In        an outstanding American in this Congress. I
      by minimizing the role of the federal bureauc-          1996, Sergeant Verbeck’s excellence earned             wish Bill all the best in his retirement.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00015   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.073    E06PT1
      E154                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       February 6, 2003
      INTRODUCTION  OF   ABANDONED                                Unless these fiscal and legal obstacles are            Funds in the new reclamation fund would be
        HARDROCK MINES RECLAMATION                             overcome, often the only route to clean up             available for appropriation for grants to eligible
        ACT                                                    abandoned mines will be to place them on the           States to complete inventories of abandoned
                                                               Nation’s Superfund list. Colorado has experi-          hardrock mine sites, as mentioned above. A
                      HON. MARK UDALL                          ence with that approach, so Coloradans know            State with sites covered by the bill could re-
                          OF COLORADO                          that while it can be effective it also has short-      ceive a grant of up to $2 million annually for
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      comings. For one thing, just being placed on           this purpose. In addition, money from the fund
                                                               the Superfund list does not guarantee prompt           would be available for cleanup work at eligible
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                               cleanup. The site will have to get in line be-         sites. To be eligible, a site would have to be
        Mr. UDALL of Colorado. Mr. Speaker, today              hind other listed sites and await the availability     within a State subject to operation of the gen-
      I am introducing the Abandoned Hardrock                  of financial resources. In addition, as many           eral mining laws that has completed its State-
      Mines Reclamation Act. This bill is designed to          communities within or near Superfund sites             wide inventory. Within those States, eligible
      help promote the cleanup of abandoned and                know, listing an area on the Superfund list can        sites would be those—(1) where former
      inactive hardrock mines that are a menace to             create concerns about stigmatizing an area             hardrock-mining activities had permanently
      the environment and public health throughout             and potentially harming nearby property val-           ceased as of the date of the bill’s enactment;
      the country, but especially in the West. I intro-        ues.                                                   (2) that are not on the National Priorities List
      duced a similar bill in the 107th Congress.                 We need to develop an alternative approach          under the Superfund law; (3) for which there
      This bill contains a number of changes that              that will mean we are not left only with the op-       are no identifiable owners or operators; and
      were developed in consultation with interested           tions of doing nothing or creating additional          (4) that lack sufficient minerals to make further
      parties, including representatives of the West-          Superfund sites—because while in some                  mining, remining, or reprocessing of minerals
      ern Governors’ Association, the hardrock min-            cases the Superfund approach may make the              economically feasible. Sites designated for re-
      ing industry, and environmental groups. More             most sense, in many others there could be a            medial action under the Uranium Mill Tailings
      detail regarding these changes is included at            more direct and effective way to remedy the            Radiation Control Act of 1978 or subject to
      the end of this statement.                               problem.                                               planned or ongoing response or natural re-
                        THE BACKGROUND                                  WESTERN GOVERNORS WANT ACTION                 source damage action under the Superfund
         For over one hundred years, miners and                   For years, the Governors of our western             law would not be eligible for cleanup funding
      prospectors have searched for and developed              States have recognized the need for action to          from the new reclamation fund. The Interior
      valuable ‘‘hardrock’’ minerals—gold, silver,             address this serious problem. The Western              Department could use money from the fund to
      copper, molybdenum, and others. Hardrock                 Governors’ Association has several times               do cleanup work itself or could authorize use
      mining has played a key role in the history of           adopted resolutions on the subject. The most           of the money for cleanup work by a holder of
      Colorado and other States, and the resulting             recent, adopted in August of 2001, was enti-           one of the new ‘‘good Samaritan’’ permits pro-
      mineral wealth has been an important aspect              tled ‘‘Cleaning Up Abandoned Mines’’ and was           vided for in Title II of the bill.
      of our economy and the development of es-                proposed by Governor Bill Owens of Colorado                   TITLE II. PROTECTION FOR ‘‘GOOD SAMARITANS’’
      sential products. However, as all westerners             along with Governors Guinn of Nevada,                     Title II addresses the threat of long-term li-
      know, this history has too often been marked             Janklow of South Dakota, and Johnson of                ability. To help encourage the efforts of ‘‘good
      by a series of ‘‘boom’’ times followed by a              New Mexico. The bill I am introducing today is         Samaritans,’’ the bill would create a new pro-
      ‘‘bust’’ when mines were no longer profitable.           based directly on those recommendations by             gram under the Clean Water Act under which
      When these busts came, too often the miners              the Western Governors. It addresses both the           qualifying individuals and entities could obtain
      would abandon their workings and move on,                lack of resources and the liability risks to           permits to conduct cleanups of abandoned or
      seeking riches over the next mountain. The re-           those doing cleanups.                                  inactive hardrock mines. These permits would
      sulting legacy of unsafe open mine shafts and                             OUTLINE OF THE BILL                   give some liability protection to those volun-
      acid mine drainages can be seen throughout                           TITLE I. FUNDS FOR CLEANUPS                teering to clean up these sites, while also re-
      the country and especially on the western                    Title I addresses the lack of resources. It        quiring the permit holders to meet certain re-
      public lands where mineral development was               would create a reclamation fund paid for by a          quirements. The bill specifies who can secure
      encouraged to help settle our region.                    modest fee applied to existing hardrock mining         these permits, what would be required by way
                          THE PROBLEMS                         operations. The fund would be used by the              of a cleanup plan, and the extent of liability
         The problems caused by abandoned and in-              Secretary of the Interior to assist projects to        exposure. Notably, unlike regular Clean Water
      active mines are very real and very large—in-            reclaim and restore lands and waters ad-               Act point-source (‘‘NPDES’’) permits, these
      cluding acidic water draining from old tunnels,          versely affected by abandoned or inactive              new permits would not require meeting spe-
      heavy metals leaching into streams, killing fish         hardrock mines.                                        cific standards for specific pollutants and
      and tainting water supplies, open vertical mine              A similar method already exists to fund            would not impose liabilities for monitoring or
      shafts, dangerous highwalls, large open pits,            clean up of abandoned coal mines. The Sur-             long-term maintenance and operations. These
      waste rock piles that are unsightly and dan-             face Mining Control and Reclamation Act of             permits would terminate upon completion of
      gerous, and hazardous, dilapidated structures.           1977 (SMCRA) provides for fees on coal pro-            cleanup, if a regular Clean Water Act permit is
         And, unfortunately, many of our current en-           duction.                                               issued for the same site, or if a permit holder
      vironmental laws, designed to mitigate the im-               Similarly, my bill provides for fees on min-       encounters unforeseen conditions beyond the
      pact from operating hardrock mines, are of               eral production from producing hardrock mines          holder’s control.
      limited effectiveness when applied to aban-              on Federal lands or lands that were Federal               Together, these two parts of the bill could
      doned and inactive mines. As a result, many              before issuance of a mining-law patent. Fees           help us begin to address a problem that has
      of these old mines go on polluting streams               would be paid to the Secretary of the Interior         frustrated Federal and State agencies through-
      and rivers and potentially risking the health of         and would be deposited in a new Abandoned              out the country and make progress in cleaning
      people who live nearby or downstream.                    Minerals Mine Reclamation Fund in the U.S.             up from an unwelcome legacy of our mining
                      OBSTACLES TO CLEANUP                     Treasury. Money in that fund would earn inter-         history.
         Right now there are two serious obstacles             est and would be available for reclamation of           DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THIS BILL AND THE PREVIOUS
      to progress. One is a serious lack of funds for          abandoned hardrock mines. The method of                                   VERSION
      cleaning up sites for which no private person            calculating fees is similar to that used by the           Since the introduction of my original bill in
      or entity can be held liable. The other obstacle         State of Nevada, which collects production-            the 107th Congress, I have been working with
      is legal. While the Clean Water Act is one of            based fees from mines in that State. Because           a variety of people interested in this subject.
      the most effective and important of our envi-            over the years there have been proposals to            My staff joined discussions with a group that
      ronmental laws, as applied it can mean that              establish royalties for hardrock production, in        included representation of the western States
      someone undertaking to clean up an aban-                 order to provide a greater return to the Amer-         through the auspices of the Western Gov-
      doned or inactive mine will be exposed to the            ican people, they would require the Secretary          ernors’ Association, the mining industry (in-
      same liability that would apply to a party re-           of the Interior to reduce payments under this          cluding hardrock mining companies in Colo-
      sponsible for creating the site’s problems in            title so as to offset any royalties hardrock pro-      rado and the Colorado and national mining as-
      the first place. As a result, would-be ‘‘good            ducers may pay in the future. This is intended         sociations), the environmental community, and
      Samaritans’’ understandably have been unwill-            to avoid possible inequitable treatment of a           relevant State and Federal agencies. The dis-
      ing to volunteer their services to clean up              producer covered by both the royalty and Title         cussions were very productive, and led to
      abandoned and inactive mines.                            I of this bill.                                        much progress toward developing consensus

VerDate Jan 31 2003    02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00016   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.076    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E155
      solutions to a variety of concerns. This revised        hardrock minerals that are present at the site.        parochial schools are unable to afford the tui-
      version of the bill reflects those discussions          However, any value recouped from any sale of           tion, in large part because of the enormous
      and I wish to express my personal thanks to             these materials would have to be used to de-           tax burden imposed on the American family by
      those who participated. The significant                 fray the costs of the cleanup or to help clean-        Washington.
      changes in this version of the bill include the         up of other abandoned hardrock mines.
                                                                                                                        The Family Education Freedom Act also
      following:                                                 I think these changes are improvements that
                                                                                                                     benefits parents who choose to send their chil-
                             TITLE I                          will further facilitate the cleanup of thousands
                                                                                                                     dren to public schools. Parents of children in
          Use of existing administrative system to dis-       of abandoned hardrock mines in the West.
                                                                                                                     public schools may use this credit to help im-
      perse fees. At the request of the States, the                             f                                    prove their local schools by helping finance
      bill requires the Secretary of the Interior to use                                                             the purchase of educational tools such as
      the existing mine cleanup fund disbursement                  FAMILY EDUCATION FREEDOM
                                                                             ACT                                     computers or to ensure their local schools can
      system under the Surface Mining Control and                                                                    offer enriching extracurricular activities such
      Reclamation Act (SMCRA). This will help fa-                                                                    as music programs. Parents of public school
      cilitate the administration of the fund under the                        HON. RON PAUL                         students may also wish to use the credit to
      bill, reduced duplication and improve effi-                                   OF TEXAS                         pay for special services, such as tutoring, for
      ciency. For States that do not have a program                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   their children.
      under SMCRA, the Secretary is authorized to
      disperse funds in those eligible States as long                  Wednesday, February 5, 2003                      Increasing parental control of education is
      as those States have a State-authorized aban-              Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to intro-       superior to funneling more federal tax dollars,
      doned mine cleanup program.’’                           duce the Family Education Freedom Act, a bill          followed by greater federal control, into the
          Allocation of funds to the States. The bill         to empower millions of working and middle-             schools. According to a Manhattan Institute
      specifies that 25 percent of the funds collected        class Americans to choose a non-public edu-            study of the effects of state policies promoting
      by the fee shall go back to the States where            cation for their children, as well as making it        parental control over education, a minimal in-
      such fees originated; 50 percent of the funds           easier for parents to actively participate in im-      crease in parental control boosts students’ av-
      collected annually will be expended in eligible         proving public schools. The Family Education           erage SAT verbal score by 21 points and stu-
      States in relation to the extent of mining activ-       Freedom Act accomplishes its goals by allow-           dents’ SAT math score by 22 points! The
      ity that occurred in those States during the            ing American parents a tax credit of up to             Manhattan Institute study also found that in-
      years 1900 to 1980 (that is, from the turn of           $3,000 for the expenses incurred in sending            creasing parental control of education is the
      the last century until enactment of Superfund           their child to private, public, parochial, other       best way to improve student performance on
      (more formally, the Comprehensive Environ-              religious school, or for home schooling their          the National Assessment of Education
      mental Response, Compensation, and Liability            children.                                              Progress (NAEP) tests.
      Act (CRCLA)); and the balance of the fund will             The Family Education Freedom Act returns               Clearly, enactment of the Family Education
      be used elsewhere at the discretion of the              the fundamental principal of a truly free econ-        Freedom Act is the best thing this Congress
      Secretary.                                              omy to American’s education system: what the           could do to improve public education. Further-
          Fee Off-set in case a royalty is applied. Dur-      great economist Ludwig von Mises called                more, a greater reliance on parental expendi-
      ing the discussions over the bill, the mining in-       ‘‘consumer sovereignty’’. Consumer sov-
      dustry expressed concerns regarding the fee                                                                    tures rather than government tax dollars will
                                                              ereignty simply means consumers decide who
      title provision. They indicated that, as a gen-                                                                help make the public schools into true commu-
                                                              succeeds or fails in the market. Businesses
      eral matter, the industry is not opposed to                                                                    nity schools that reflect the wishes of parents
                                                              that best satisfy consumer demand will be the
      helping fund the cleanup of abandoned mines,                                                                   and the interests of the students.
                                                              most successful. Consumer sovereignty is the
      but they were concerned that in the context of          means by which the free market maximizes                 The Family Education Freedom Act will also
      any potential reform of the General Mining              human happiness.                                       aid those parents who choose to educate their
      Law of 1872, miners may be required to pay                 Currently, consumers are less than sov-             children at home. Home schooling has be-
      a royalty for hardrock minerals extracted from          ereign in the education ‘‘market.’’ Funding de-        come an increasingly popular, and successful,
      public lands in addition to the fee imposed in          cisions are increasingly controlled by the fed-        method of educating children. Home schooled
      this bill and thus subjecting them to paying            eral government. Because ‘‘he who pays the             children out-perform their public school peers
      twice. This bill addresses that concern by pro-         piper calls the tune,’’ public, and even private       by 30 to 37 percentile points across all sub-
      viding that a fee collected under this bill would       schools, are paying greater attention to the           jects on nationally standardized achievement
      be reduced by an amount equal to any royalty            dictates of federal ‘‘educrats’’ while ignoring        exams. Home schooling parents spend thou-
      established in the future that is credited to the       the wishes of the parents to an ever-greater           sands of dollars annually, in addition to the
      hardrock reclamation fund.                              degree. As such, the lack of consumer sov-             wages forgone by the spouse who forgoes
                             TITLE II                         ereignty in education is destroying parental           outside employment, in order to educate their
         Delegation to the States. The bill expressly         control of education and replacing it with state       children in the loving environment of the
      authorizes the EPA to delegate the authority            control. Loss of control is a key reason why so        home.
      to issue ‘‘good Samaritan’’ reclamation permits         many of America’s parents express dis-
                                                                                                                        Ultimately, Mr. Speaker, this bill is about
      to eligible States. This was done at the re-            satisfaction with the educational system.
                                                                                                                     freedom. Parental control of child rearing, es-
      quest of the States.                                       According to a study by The Polling Com-
                                                                                                                     pecially education, is one of the bulwarks of
         Cooperating Parties. At the request of min-          pany, over 70 percent of all Americans sup-
                                                                                                                     liberty. No nation can remain free when the
      ing community representatives, the bill adds            port education tax credits! This is just one of
                                                                                                                     state has greater influence over the knowl-
      new provisions for ‘‘cooperating parties’’ that         numerous studies and public opinion polls
                                                                                                                     edge and values transmitted to children than
      would be authorized to assist remediating par-          showing that Americans want Congress to get
                                                                                                                     the family.
      ties with cleanup work under ‘‘good Samari-             the federal bureaucracy out of the schoolroom
      tan’’ permits. These cooperating parties would          and give parents more control over their chil-            By moving to restore the primacy of parents
      also enjoy the liability protections afforded to        dren’s education.                                      to education, the Family Education Freedom
      full remediating parties. This will enable the             Today, Congress can fulfill the wishes of the       Act will not only improve America’s education,
      mining industry to employ its expertise and ca-         American people for greater control over their         it will restore a parent’s right to choose how
      pabilities to assist in the cleanups.                   children’s education by simply allowing par-           best to educate one’s own child, a funda-
         Long-term Protection. The bill requires that         ents to keep more of their hard-earned money           mental freedom that has been eroded by the
      cleanup plans include an obligation that the            to spend on education rather than force them           increase in federal education expenditures and
      cleanup efforts will be maintained and oper-            to sent it to Washington to support education          the corresponding decrease in the ability of
      ated to ensure continued long-term benefits             programs reflective only of the values and pri-        parents to provide for their children’s edu-
      from work accomplished at each site.                    orities of Congress and the federal bureauc-           cation out of their own pockets. I call on all my
         Recoverable Value. At the request of many            racy.                                                  colleagues to join me in allowing parents to
      of the parties in the discussions, the bill allows         The $3,000 tax credit will make a better            devote more of their resources to their chil-
      remediating parties to beneficially use any ma-         education affordable for millions of parents.          dren’s education and less to feed the wasteful
      terials found at the site during the cleanup.           Mr. Speaker, many parents who would choose             Washington bureaucracy by supporting the
      These materials could include any residual              to send their children to private, religious, or       Family Education Freedom Act.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00017   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.078   E06PT1
      E156                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
      RECOGNIZING THE 40TH ANNIVER-                           before this body of Congress and this nation.           the Human Environment. ‘‘He was always
       SARY OF THE MEXICAN AMER-                              I extend my sincere condolences to her par-             concerned about air pollution and population
       ICAN  OPPORTUNITY    FOUNDA-                           ents, Daniel and Marguerite, husband Dale,              problems,’’ his daughter Holly explained.
                                                                                                                        Those interests hit home locally, when Mr.
       TION AND THE DEDICATION OF                             and daughter Cortney. Jan lived her life to the         Welles worked with Gov. Richard Lamm on
       THE DIONICIO MORALES MEXI-                             fullest and was loved and admired throughout            the Front Range Project, a process to pro-
       CAN AMERICAN HALL OF FAME                              the Norwood community. Her loss will be                 tect Colorado’s quality of life in the face of
                                                              deeply felt and her memory will live on for             rapid population growth. Later, at this EPA
                  HON. HILDA L. SOLIS                         years to come.                                          post. Mr. Welles helped resolve conflicts con-
                                                                                                                      cerning the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and
                        OF CALIFORNIA                                            f
                                                                                                                      Rocky Flats.
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                          IN MEMORY OF JOHN WELLES                             Though Mr. Welles also served as vice
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                                                                            president of planning and public affairs for
                                                                                                                      the Colorado School of Mines. Holly says her
         Ms. SOLIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to rec-                          HON. MARK UDALL                        father enjoyed his tenure at the museum
      ognize the 40th anniversary of the Mexican                                   OF COLORADO                        most. Under his leadership, the Museum
      American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) and                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    landed one of its most popular traveling ex-
      the dedication of the Dionicio Morales Mexican                                                                  hibits ever, ‘‘Ramses II: The Pharoah and His
                                                                       Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    Time.’’ Mr. Welles also created the perma-
      American Hall of Fame.
                                                                 Mr. UDALL of Colorado. Mr. Speaker, I rise           nent Prehistoric Journey exhibit before re-
         The Mexican American Opportunity Founda-
                                                              today to acknowledge the public service of a            tiring in 1994.
      tion is the largest Latino social-service agency                                                                  ‘‘He enjoyed discussing scientific elements
      in the United States, and with the leadership           fine Coloradan, John Welles, who passed
                                                                                                                      and he enjoyed engaging and challenging the
      of Mr. Dionicio Morales has helped improve              away on December 18, 2002. Mr. Welles had               scientists,’’ said museum board member
      the life of thousands of people through essen-          a long and distinguished record of public serv-         Chuck Hazelrigg.
      tial services ranging from job training and             ice to Colorado and he will be dearly missed.             Surviving, including his wife, Barbara, are
      childcare to naturalization services.                      John Welles served as the regional adminis-          children Ginny Welles of Lincoln, Mass,
                                                              trator for the Environmental Protection Agency          Deborah Welles of Denver, Barton Welles of
         In 1963, the Mexican American Opportunity                                                                    Ross, Calif., and Holly Welles of Mill Valley,
      Foundation offered its services to the commu-           for six years under President Reagan. He was
                                                              a principled public servant who always worked           Calif.; and six grandchildren.
      nity of East Los Angeles. Forty years later,                                                                      Contributions can be made to the Hemlock
      this far-reaching program serves families from          in a bipartisan manner and in a way that re-            Society, P.O. Box 101810, Denver, CO. 80250;
      our San Diego border through Central Cali-              spected those with whom he disagreed.                   and the John Welles Memorial Fund at the
      fornia.                                                    I had the good fortune to know Mr. Welles            Denver Museum of Nature & Science, 2001
         In celebrating the 40th anniversary, it is ap-       when I was the executive director of the Colo-          Colorado Blvd., Denver.
      propriate that the Dionicio Morales Mexican             rado Outward Bound School. Among the many                                f
      American Hall of Fame is committed to Mr.               qualities that I admired in John, I will most re-
                                                              member his gentle, wise demeanor. He was a              TEACHER TAX CUT ACT AND PRO-
      Morales’ desire to have Mexican American                                                                         FESSIONAL EDUCATORS TAX RE-
      leaders and other pacesetters recognized for            kind and public-spirited man whose good work
                                                              for Colorado will not soon be forgotten. I ask           LIEF ACT
      their contributions and plaace in history. The
      Dionicio Morales Mexican American Hall of               my colleagues to join me in paying tribute to
      Fame honors those individuals who made the              John Welles, a fine public servant and a great                           HON. RON PAUL
                                                              Coloradan.                                                                  OF TEXAS
      growth of MAOF possible and other Mexican                                                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Americans whose leadership has contributed                 Attached is an article which ran in the
      to the rich culture and history of the United           Rocky Mountain News on December 20, 2002.                       Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      States.                                                   [From the Rocky Mountain News, Dec. 20,                  Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to in-
         Today, I congratulate the Mexican American                                2002]                              troduce two pieces of legislation that raise the
      Opportunity Foundation for forty years of tire-            FORMER EPA AND MUSEUM OFFICIAL JOHN                  pay of teachers and other educators by cutting
                                                                               WELLES DIES                            their taxes. I am sure that all my colleagues
      less service to our community and honor the
      noble efforts of Dionicio Morales.                                   (By Erika Gonzalez)                        agree that it is long past time to begin treating
                                                                Holly Welles’ childhood was filled with an            those who have dedicated their lives to edu-
                                                              unusual family ritual—each night her father,            cating America’s children with the respect they
       PAYING TRIBUTE TO JAN LEMON                            John, would bring a stack of articles to the
                                                                                                                      deserve. Compared to other professionals,
                                                              dinner table.
                                                                ‘‘We would go around the table and talk               educators are underappreciated and under-
                  HON. SCOTT McINNIS                          about what we did that day and then he                  paid. This must change if America is to have
                         OF COLORADO                          would talk about some key event—some-                   the finest education system in the world!
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     thing out of a science magazine that he                    Quality education is impossible without qual-
                                                              thought was amazing,’’ she said. ‘‘Sometimes            ity teaching. If we continue to undervalue edu-
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    it was a little much. But he loved to learn             cators, it will become harder to attract, and
         Mr. McINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with deep            and he loved to share.’’                                keep, good people in the education profes-
      sadness that I rise today to recognize the life           That zeal for science fueled a remarkable
                                                                                                                      sion. While educators’ pay is primarily a local
      and passing of Jan Lemon of Norwood, Colo-              career, including an appointment as regional
                                                              administrator for the Environmental Protec-             issue, Congress can, and should, help raise
      rado. Sadly, Jan passed away in October and,            tion Agency and a six-year post as executive            educators’ take home pay by reducing edu-
      as her family mourns their loss, I would like to        director of the Denver Museum of Natural                cators’ taxes.
      pay tribute to her life and the wonderful               History, now the Denver Museum of Nature                   This is why I am introducing the Teacher
      memories she has left behind.                           & Science.                                              Tax Cut Act. This legislation provides every
         Jan Lemon was born on November 27,                     Mr. Welles died Wednesday after a long                teacher in America with a $1,000 tax credit. I
      1960 in Yakima, Washington, where she grew              bout with various illnesses. He was 77. A me-           am also introducing the Professional Edu-
      up and graduated High School. After grad-               morial service will be held at 11 a.m. Jan. 3           cators Tax Relief Act, which extends the
      uating from college in Cheyenne, Wyoming,               at St. John’s Cathedral.
                                                                Born in Lexington, VA., Mr. Welles at-
                                                                                                                      $1,000 tax credit to counselors, librarians, and
      Jan moved to Ridgway, Colorado, where she               tended Yale university, earning a degree in             all school personnel involved in any aspect of
      made her home and married her husband                   electrical engineering in 1946. After serving           the K–12 academic program.
      Dale in 1991. Jan was a Coloradan who loved             in the U.S. Marine Corps, he returned to the               The Teacher Tax Cut Act and the Profes-
      the land and all the opportunities that our             University of Pennsylvania, where he re-                sional Educators Tax Relief Act increase the
      mountains had to offer. She was an avid                 ceived a master’s degree in business.                   salaries of teachers and other education pro-
      horsewoman who became a skilled rider,                    Mr. Welles began his career in the private            fessionals without raising federal expenditures.
      rancher, and roper. She loved spending time             sector, but in 1956, he joined the Denver Re-           By raising the take-home pay of professional
                                                              search Institute at the University of Denver,
      with friends and family, and contributed greatly                                                                educators, these bills encourage highly quali-
                                                              heading up the institute’s Industrial Eco-
      to the quality of life throughout the Norwood           nomics Division.                                        fied people to enter, and remain in, education.
      community.                                                During a sabbatical from DU in 1971, Mr.              These bills also let America’s professional
         Mr. Speaker, it is with earnest respect that         Welles took his family to Geneva to help                educators know that the American people and
      I recognize the life and passing of Jan Lemon           plan the first United Nations Conference on             the Congress respect their work.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:33 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00018    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.082    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E157
         I hope all my colleagues join me in sup-             that Coloradans have come to expect from               and wife team, Sally and Paul Gausmann offer
      porting our nation’s teachers and other profes-         their law enforcement officers. Sheriff Eberly         a united approach to their religious teachings
      sional educators by cosponsoring the Teacher            has recently retired, so I would like to reflect       that has flourished within this congregation.
      Tax Cut Act and the Professional Educators              upon his extraordinary career and accomplish-          They have two children, a son, William, who is
      Tax Relief Act.                                         ments.                                                 age 17 and a daughter, Laura, who is age 15.
                       f                                         Growing up in La Junta offered Sheriff                 I am pleased to welcome Pastor Sally to the
                                                              Eberly the opportunity to know and understand          House Floor and would like to thank her for
        RECOGNIZING AMELIA M. ORTIZ                           the community in which he served. Through-             the inspirational prayer she presented this
                                                              out his eight terms in office, Sheriff Eberly has      afternoon that reinforces the importance that
                  HON. HILDA L. SOLIS                         received broad support from the residents of           our great nation exists as one ‘‘under God.’’
                        OF CALIFORNIA                         Otero County who have reelected him repeat-                               f
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     edly since 1970. Over the years, Sheriff Eberly          INTRODUCING THE COMMERCIAL
                                                              has gained a reputation as a working sheriff             AIRLINE MISSILE DEFENSE ACT
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                              who holds himself to the same standards as
         Ms. SOLIS. Mr. Speaker, on January 13,               his deputies, never asking anything of anyone
      2003, a woman whom I was personally very                that he wouldn’t ask of himself. Eberly has al-
                                                                                                                                      HON. STEVE ISRAEL
                                                                                                                                         OF NEW YORK
      close to, Amelia Martinez Ortiz passed away,            ways led by example and has worked hard to
      leaving behind a legacy of service to the com-                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              protect his fellow citizens.
      munity. I rise today to honor the impressive               As a former law enforcement officer, I am                    Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      contributions Amelia Martinez Ortiz made to             well aware of the dangers and hazards our                 Mr. ISRAEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to in-
      her community and to this nation.                       police officers face today. These individuals          troduce a bill that will correct a glaring vulner-
         Amelia M. Ortiz was born in Mason City, Ar-          work long hours, weekends, and holidays to             ability in our homeland defense. The ‘‘Com-
      izona, on February 9, 1929. She lived for over          guarantee the safety of their fellow citizens.         mercial Airline Missile Defense Act’’ will fully
      48 years at the same house on Shadydale Av-             They work tirelessly, with great sacrifice to          fund the addition of electronic surface-to-air
      enue in the City of La Puente, in the San Ga-           their personal and family lives, to ensure our         missile defense systems on all commercially
      briel Valley of California.                             freedoms remain strong in our homes and                scheduled flights on United States aircrafts.
         With the passing of her beloved husband,             communities. Their service and dedication de-             Protecting American lives is the most funda-
      Jesus Ortiz, 27 years ago, Amelia became the            serve the recognition and thanks of this body          mental job of the Federal Government. We
      sole provider for her family. Armed with only a         of Congress, and that is why I bring the name          must therefore eliminate every weakness that
      second grade education, she was able to pro-            of Sheriff John Eberly to light today.                 we see in our country’s homeland defense.
      vide for her children—Martha, Andres, Diana,               Mr. Speaker, it is with earnest respect that        The vulnerability of our commercial air fleet to
      and Gloria—through her gift with the needle             I recognize Sheriff John Eberly before this            terrorist missile attack is not a hysterical hypo-
      and thread. As a seamstress, Amelia created             body of Congress and this nation. Sheriff              thetical. It is a real and present danger.
      many wonderful designs, bringing joy to her             Eberly has served his constituents with honor             Last November there was attempted missile
      clients, including myself. She helped them pre-         and integrity, qualities that will be his legacy.      attack on an Israeli airliner taking off from an
      pare for some of the most important days of             I commend John for his service and dedica-             airport in Kenya. Two surface-to-air missiles,
      their lives, like their weddings and                    tion, and I wish him all the best in his retire-       also known SAMs, which can bring down large
      quinceaneras. With her tenacity and talent,                                                                    airplanes—commercial as well as military—
      Amelia’s success as an entrepreneur helped                                                                     from up to 30 miles from an airport were
                                                                                f                                    launched against an Israeli chartered jet air-
      open doors for other Latinas throughout the
                                                                   GUEST CHAPLAIN FROM 19TH                          liner. It was only profound good luck—likely a
      community during a time when very few role
                                                                   DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA                          flawed missile batch—that saved the plane
      models existed.
                                                                                                                     and its hundreds of innocent passengers.
         In addition, Amelia was a long-standing,
                                                                                                                     Thankfully, last November’s attack on the
      dedicated parishioner of the St. Louis of                       HON. TODD RUSSELL PLATTS                       Israeli jetliner failed. We need to keep in mind,
      France Catholic Church in La Puente. She                                 OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                                                                                                     however, that the missile used in the Israeli at-
      was a member of the Legion of Mary, partici-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   tack one of the least sophisticated of the sev-
      pating and organizing events that recognized                    Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    eral types of SAMs that exist in the world
      the contributions of Mary, the mother of Jesus.                                                                today. It was a Soviet-era SA7, which was
      Amelia also helped the parish raise funds for              Mr. PLATTS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                              welcome as Guest Chaplain on the floor of the          been sold globally since the end of the cold
      community events and assisted in organizing                                                                    war. The other types of SAMs are much more
      the traveling Virgin Mary for all in the commu-         House of Representatives an outstanding con-
                                                                                                                     advanced and much more effective.
      nity to enjoy.                                          stituent and religious leader in my 19th Con-
                                                                                                                        SAMs were designed to be highly portable
         Although Amelia has passed, her spirit re-           gressional District of Pennsylvania. The Rev-          and are easily disassembled. As such, they
      mains in my heart and in many others.                   erend Sara ‘‘Sally’’ Gausmann. ‘‘Pastor Sally,’’       are relatively easy to transport and smuggle.
      Through her dedication, hard work, and com-             joined by her husband, Reverend Paul                   Terrorist could launch this five-foot long mis-
      mitment to overcoming overwhelming obsta-               Gausmann, represent a thriving religious com-          sile from near an airport and flee before any-
      cles in the hopes of providing for her family           munity, Saint Paul Lutheran Church in York,            one can detect them. Airplanes taking off with
      and community, Amelia Ortiz exemplified all             Pennsylvania. Together, pastor Sally and Pas-          full and highly combustible fuel tanks are the
      that is possible in our country. A wife, a moth-        tor Paul successfully aid in the needs of their        most likely and deadly targets. The U.S. gov-
      er to four, a grandmother to 13, a great-grand-         congregation and I am pleased to thank them            ernment must equip all its aircrafts with a de-
      mother to one, a friend to many, and my                 for their exemplary status as role models in           fense system to protect and defend against
      madrina (godmother), Amelia M. Ortiz will be            my district.                                           this threat.
      greatly missed.                                            Pastor Sally received her bachelor’s degree            The United States provided Stingers—a
                                                              from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in             type of SAM—to the Mujahadeen in the 1980s
         PAYING TRIBUTE TO SHERIFF                            1981, before attending the Lutheran Theo-              in Afghanistan. They were used with dev-
                JOHN EBERLY                                   logical Seminary at Gettysburg in 1991. She            astating affect against the Soviets. The
                                                              then served at several churches including              Mujahadeen, who subsequently splintered into
                  HON. SCOTT McINNIS                          Grade Lutheran Church in Rochester, Penn-              the Taliban and Al Qaeda, possessed at least
                         OF COLORADO                          sylvania from 1991–1993 and Faith Lutheran             a thousand Stingers that were never ac-
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     Church in Shell Rock, Iowa from 1993–1999              counted for after the war ended in 1989. So-
                                                              before serving as co-pastor of Saint Paul Lu-          viet shoulder armed missiles, like the ones
             Wednesday, February 5, 2003                      theran Church. During her time at the Saint            used in Kenya against the Israeli jetliner, are
         Mr. McINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with great           Paul Lutheran Church, Pastor Sally was the             even far more abundant.
      pride that I rise today to recognize John               chaplain at the Pennsylvania State Sheriff’s              Tens of thousands of these missiles are out
      Eberly of La Junta, Colorado. Mr. Eberly has            Convention in 2001 and is currently a member           there. Although most are in state arsenals,
      been the Sheriff of Otero County for the past           of the Global Mission Task Force for the               thousands—including U.S. Stingers and Rus-
      31 years, where he has served his fellow citi-          Lower Susquehanna Synod of the Evangelical             sian SA7s—are unaccounted for and feared to
      zens with the honesty, courage, and integrity           Lutheran Church of America. As a husband               be in the hands of terrorists.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00019   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.084    E06PT1
      E158                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
         Few doubt that Al Qaeda does not possess             the HOPE scholarship tax credit to K–12 edu-               Current law authorizes the Department of
      large quantities of Russian SA7s and even               cation expenses. Under this bill, parents could         Defense to use it funds for the transport of hu-
      more effective U.S. Stingers. A successful at-          use the HOPE Scholarship to pay for private             manitarian relief, allowing U.S. military per-
      tack against a Boeing 747–400 with full capac-          or religious school tuition or to offset the cost       sonnel to help provide foreign countries with
      ity could cost almost five hundred lives. Aside         of home schooling. In addition, under the bill,         emergency assistance such as helicopter
      from large-scale casualties, such a successful          all Americans could use the Hope Scholarship            transport, temporary water supplies, and road
      attack would have a devastating impact on the           to make cash or in-kind donations to public             and bridge repair. For example, U.S. military
      U.S. Aircraft industry, on travel and tourism,          schools. Thus, the Hope Scholarship could
      and on the entire economy. It would be a                                                                        personnel were part of the U.S. response to
                                                              help working parents finally afford to send
      multifaceted catastrophe.                                                                                       Hurricane Mitch in Central America and recent
                                                              their child to a private school, while other par-
         Now that we understand that pleas are vul-                                                                   earthquakes in El Salvador and India.
                                                              ents could take advantage of the Hope credit
      nerable, the United States Government must              to help purchase new computers for their chil-             But when it comes to environmental emer-
      take every step to protect and defend Amer-             dren’s school. I urge my colleagues to join             gencies, under current law the military now
      ican citizens. The advanced technology need-            with me in returning education resources to             has less ability to help. Those are the situa-
      ed to protect American commercial airplanes                                                                     tions that are addressed by the bill I am intro-
                                                              the American people by cosponsoring my
      exists and is operation on U.S. military trans-
                                                              Hope Plus Scholarship Act.                              ducing today.
      ports. The new system are advanced and are
                                                                                 f                                       The International Environmental Defense
      much more successful than the previous sys-
      tem of diversionary flares. The most modern             INTRODUCTION OF INTERNATION-                            Act would fill a gap in current law so U.S. mili-
      systems, such as those installed on U.S. C17s             AL ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE                              tary transport could be used not only for hu-
      and C5As, identify when a plane is threat-                ACT                                                   manitarian, but also for environmental emer-
      ened, detect the source of the threat, jam the                                                                  gencies. The bill does not require that this be
      guidance system of the incoming missiles and                             HON. MARK UDALL                        done—but it would authorize the Defense De-
      steer it off its flight path. Similar systems are                            OF COLORADO                        partment to do so, just as current law author-
      currently used on low-altitude military aircrafts.           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    izes but does not require the transport of hu-
         The rapid deployment of this system is es-
      sential for the safety of U.S. commercial flyers                 Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    manitarian assistance to respond to other
      and is the clear responsibility of the U.S. Gov-           Mr. UDALL of Colorado. Mr. Speaker, today            emergencies.
      ernment to implement. I propose fully funding           I am introducing the International Environ-                As an illustration of the limitations of the
      the retrofitting of SAM defensive systems and           mental Defense Act of 2003.                             current law, consider a recent case about
      beginning that process this year.                          The purpose of this bill is to clarify the au-       which I have first-hand knowledge.
         No one in this body would question that pre-         thority of the Secretary of Defense to respond
      serving and protecting the people of the                to environmental emergencies. It is cospon-                In 2001, there was a very serious oil spill in
      United States is our most important and sa-             sored by my colleagues from Colorado, Rep-              the Pacific Ocean that threatened to contami-
      cred constitutional responsibility. At this critical    resentative Joel Hafley. I greatly appreciate           nate the Galapagos Islands. The government
      time in our Nation’s history we have two simul-         his support.                                            of Ecuador and people everywhere were very
      taneous crises and concerns: national security             In times of natural disaster or other emer-          concerned that this could imperil the world-fa-
      and economic security. The bill I introduce             gencies, the United States for decades has              mous wildlife of the islands and the rest of that
      today addresses both of these issues. This              come to the aid of those in need—whether the            unique ecosystem. They hastened to organize
      legislation would take the preventive step of           crisis is the result of an earthquake in Turkey,        a response.
      reducing risk to millions of travelers and create       an erupting volcano in South America, or                   As part of that response, the Ecuadoran
      thousands of jobs through the retrofitting of           deadly floods in some other part of the world.          Government was in contact with a company in
      the defensive technologies.                                When the need arises, the U.S. Government
         Additionally, this bill will boost our airline in-                                                           Colorado that makes a product to absorb oil
                                                              provides humanitarian assistance through the
      dustry. Recent surveys have shown that be-                                                                      from sea water. But complications arose, and
                                                              U.S. Agency for International Development,
      tween one-fifth to one-third of Americans are                                                                   the company contacted my office to see if we
                                                              the State Department, the Defense Depart-
      restricting their flying because of fears of ter-       ment, and other federal agencies. It also con-          could help resolve them.
      rorism. Our government and the airline indus-           tracts with private voluntary agencies to pro-             As we explored the situation, we learned
      try are working closely together to restore full        vide such assistance and coordinates the U.S.           that while the government of Ecuador was in-
      consumer confidence in the safety of our com-           response with that of other countries.                  terested in acquiring the Colorado company’s
      mercial air system. Implementing a robust and              The American military has an outstanding             product, they also wanted to arrange for the
      effective defense system for our commercial             record of participation in these activities. All
      jet fleet would further accelerate the process                                                                  United States to transport it to Ecuador by
                                                              Americans take pride in the humanitarian as-            military aircraft, because that would be quicker
      of making Americans feel safer when they fly,           sistance provided by the men and women of
      and help the economic recovery of U.S. air                                                                      and cheaper than other alternatives. But when
                                                              our armed services.                                     we contacted the Defense Department to see
      carriers. The estimated cost of $10.2 billion for          I strongly support this policy. It is the right
      a system of 6,800 commercial jets at a unit                                                                     if there was a possibility that could be ar-
                                                              thing to do, and in the best interests of our
      price of $1.5 million will be offset by these                                                                   ranged, we learned about the limitations of
                                                              country as well as of people everywhere. Hu-
      economic benefits. The unit cost could drop                                                                     current law. In short, we learned that while
                                                              manitarian assistance is critical to help com-
      even lower in mass production.                                                                                  military transport might be possible to provide
         Mr. Speaker, I fully realize that a ten billion      munities or regions or whole countries recover
                                                              from devastating natural or man-made events.            humanitarian relief, that option was not avail-
      expenditure is significant. But it is not prohibi-                                                              able to respond to an environmental emer-
      tive. The only thing that would be prohibitive             But global emergencies come in other forms
                                                              as well—including environmental emergencies             gency.
      would be for this Congress to be negligent in
      our responsibility to protect the people of our         such as oil or chemical spills or other similar            The bill I am introducing today would
      great Nation. Let us not gather together in             occurrences. They may not have the imme-                change that—not by requiring the military to
      grief the morning after a catastrophe and won-          diate impact on people of homes destroyed in            provide transport in such a case, but by pro-
      der what we could have done to prevent it.              an earthquake or of crops lost to drought. But          viding that option in case the U.S. Govern-
      We know what can be done. Let’s do it.                  by polluting waterways, killing fish or other           ment should decide it would be appropriate.
                       f                                      species, or contaminating the air, water, or            Perhaps this would have been useful authority
                                                              land, environmental disasters can have dev-             for the military to have when the Prestige
         HOPE PLUS SCHOLARSHIP ACT                            astating effects on the health and well-being of        broke up off the northwest coast of Spain in
                                                              people, wildlife, and ecosystems.
                      HON. RON PAUL                              So, wherever they occur, environmental
                                                                                                                      November 2002.
                           OF TEXAS                           emergencies have the potential to affect the               Mr. Speaker, this is not a far-reaching bill.
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     national interest of the United States. And our         But I think it would provide useful authority for
             Wednesday, February 5, 2003                      government—including our military forces—               our country to respond to environmental prob-
        Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce            should have the same ability to respond as in           lems that, ultimately, can affect us and the
      the Hope Plus Scholarship Act, which extends            the case of other emergencies.                          rest of the world.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00020    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.088   E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E159
           PAYING TRIBUTE TO JANET                             strong and when young people can find the              country as large and diverse as America.
                    IRVINE                                     support they need.                                     Block grants do not solve this problem as they
                                                                  Runaway situations among our nation’s               simply allow states and localities to choose
                  HON. SCOTT McINNIS                           young people are a widespread problem. One             the means to reach federally-determined ends.
                          OF COLORADO                          out of every seven children and youth in the              Returning control over the education dollar
                                                               United States runs away from home at some              for tax credits for parents and for other con-
                                                               time before the age of 18. Although some re-           cerned citizens returns control over both the
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     turn home after a short time, others remain on         means and ends of education policy to local
         Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with great            the streets and never go home. Studies have            communities. People in one community may
      pride that I rise today to recognize Janet Irvine        shown that 1.3 million runaway youth are on            use this credit to purchase computers, while
      of Fruita, Colorado. Through a program called            the streets each day.                                  children in another community may, at last,
      Adopt-a-Platoon, Janet has adopted three pla-               Because today’s young people are tomor-             have access to a quality music program be-
      toons of our nation’s soldiers in Afganistan             row’s adults, preventing youth from running            cause of community leaders who took advan-
      that she corresponds with on a regular basis.            away is a family, community and national pri-          tage of the tax credit contained in this bill.
      Today, I would like to pay tribute to Janet’s ef-        ority. Our country needs an educated work-                Children in some communities may benefit
      forts and goodwill before this body of Con-              force, charismatic leaders and a stable soci-          most from the opportunity to attend private,
      gress and this nation.                                   ety.                                                   parochial, or other religious schools. One of
        The Adopt-a-Platoon program was first es-                 Each November, nationwide activities take           the most encouraging trends in education has
      tablished in 1998 as a way for citizens to               place to increase public awareness of the life         been the establishment of private scholarship
      boost moral and show encouragement for                   circumstances of at risk youth. This resolution        programs. These scholarship funds use vol-
      American soldiers serving in Bosnia. Today,              will show that Congress supports those edu-            untary contributions to open the doors of qual-
      Adopt-a-Platoon is playing an integral role in           cational activities aimed at ensuring safe,            ity private schools to low-income children. By
      boosting the morale of over 12,000 soldiers              healthy and productive youth. I am hopeful             providing a tax credit for donations to these
      that are currently fighting the war on terrorism         that recognition of this issue will prevent other      programs, Congress can widen the edu-
      in Afganistan. Over the past year, Janet has             young people from running away and stress              cational opportunities and increase the quality
      become one of the organizations most loyal               the importance of families and communities.            of education for all children. Furthermore, pri-
      volunteers, mailing countless letters and bak-                             f                                    vately-funded scholarships raise none of the
      ing innumerable batches of cookies to show                                                                      concerns of state entanglement raised by pub-
      her grateful appreciation for our soldiers serv-              EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT TAX                         licly-funded vouchers.
      ing abroad.                                                            CUT ACT                                     There is no doubt that Americans will al-
        Although Janet dedicates much of her own                                                                      ways spend generously on education, the
      personal time and energy toward supporting                                HON. RON PAUL                         question is, ‘‘who should control the education
      our nation’s military, she has also encouraged                                 OF TEXAS                         dollar—politicians and bureaucrats or the
      others to assist in her efforts. The Fruita                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   American people?’’ Mr. Speaker, I urge my
      Monument High School’s Interact Club and the                      Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   colleagues to join me in placing control of edu-
      students of Sue Chamberlain’s and Marty                                                                         cation back in the hands of citizens and local
      Hardrick’s classes at Shelby Elementary have                Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce          communities by sponsoring the Education Im-
      also assisted in the effort, writing scores of let-      the Education Improvement Tax Cut Act. This            provement Tax Cut Act.
      ters showing their support and appreciation.             act, a companion to my Family Education
      The significance of her efforts have not gone            Freedom Act, takes a further step toward re-
      unnoticed by the soldiers she writes to, and             turning control over education resources to pri-       INTRODUCTION OF FEDERAL LAB-
      many have written back to express their per-             vate citizens by providing a $3,000 tax credit           ORATORY EDUCATIONAL PART-
      sonal gratitude.                                         for donations to scholarship funds to enable             NERS ACT OF 2003
        Mr. Speaker, it is with great appreciation             low-income children to attend private schools.
      that I recognize Janet Irvine before this body           It also encourages private citizens to devote                           HON. MARK UDALL
      of Congress and this nation. Janet’s selfless            more of their resources to helping public                                  OF COLORADO
      support and encouragement of the men and                 schools, by providing a $3,000 tax credit for                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      women serving overseas in our nation’s mili-             cash or in-kind donations to public schools to
                                                               support academic or extra curricular programs.                 Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      tary is making a very personal contribution to
      our effort to rid the world of terrorism. Her               I need not remind my colleagues that edu-              Mr. UDALL of Colorado. Mr. Speaker, today
      commitment and dedication has served as an               cation is one of the top priorities of the Amer-       I am introducing the Federal Laboratory Edu-
      inspiration to us all, and it is and honor to rep-       ican people. After all, many members of Con-           cational Partners Act of 2003, a bill that would
      resent such an outstanding American in this              gress have proposed education reforms and a            permit the National Renewable Energy Lab-
      Congress. Keep up the good work, Janet.                  great deal of time is spent debating these pro-        oratory (NREL) and other Department of En-
                                                               posals. However, most of these proposals ei-           ergy laboratories to use revenue from their in-
                                                               ther expand federal control over education or          ventions to support science education activi-
      INTRODUCING A RESOLUTION CON-                            engage in the pseudo-federalism of block               ties. The bill is cosponsored by my colleague
        CERNING NATIONAL RUNAWAY                               grants. Many proposals that claim to increase          from Colorado, Representative BOB BEAUPREZ.
        PREVENTION MONTH                                       local control over education actually extend           I greatly appreciate his support.
                                                               federal power by holding schools ‘‘account-               The Federal Laboratory Educational Part-
                      HON. STEVE ISRAEL                        able’’ to federal bureaucrats and politicians. Of      ners Act would amend the Stevenson-Wydler
                          OF NEW YORK                          course, schools should be held accountable             Technology Innovation Act of 1980. Under the
                                                               for their results, but they should be held ac-         Stevenson-Wydler Act, federal labs can use li-
                                                               countable to parents and school boards not to          censing royalties, sometimes called Bayh-Dole
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                      federal officials. Therefore, I propose we move        revenues, for five purposes. These include re-
         Mr. ISRAEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to re-          in a different direction and embrace true fed-         warding laboratories’ scientific employees; fur-
      introduce a resolution that recognizes the               eralism by returning control over the education        thering scientific exchange among labora-
      goals and ideals of National Runaway Preven-             dollar to the American people.                         tories; educating and training laboratories’ em-
      tion Month, which is sponsored by two organi-               One of the major problems with centralized          ployees consistent with the labs’ research and
      zations that work with runaway youth: the Na-            control over education funding is that spending        development missions; covering expenses in-
      tional Network for Youth and the National                priorities set by Washington-based Represent-          cidental to the laboratories’ administration and
      Runaway Switchboard.                                     atives, staffers, and bureaucrats do not nec-          licensing of intellectual property; and con-
         This resolution will bring national attention to      essarily match the needs of individual commu-          ducting scientific research and development,
      the important issue of runaway kids and re-              nities. In fact, it would be a miracle if spending     again consistent with the labs’ research and
      mind parents of the importance of effectively            priorities determined by the wishes of certain         development missions.
      communicating with their children. All of the            politically powerful representatives or the theo-         My bill would amend the fifth purpose to add
      conditions that lead young people to leave               ries of Education Department functionaries             educational assistance as another permitted
      their homes are preventable when families are            match the priorities of every community in a           use of licensing royalties.

VerDate Jan 31 2003    02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00021   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K05FE8.009    E06PT1
      E160                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
         Federal laboratories, especially the Depart-              PAYING TRIBUTE TO WILLIAM                         the ‘‘open space bond bill’’ and the
      ment of Energy’s national laboratories, with                    PRESCOTT ALLEN, JR.                            ‘‘brownfields bill.’’ Mr. Durand was also the au-
      their high concentrations of scientists and en-                                                                thor of the Community Preservation Act. After
      gineers, are uniquely positioned to aid sur-                         HON. SCOTT McINNIS                        only two years as Secretary of Environmental
      rounding communities in improving the learn-                                OF COLORADO                        Affairs, Mr. Durand used the limited financial
      ing experience of their students. Currently,                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   resources at hand with unprecedented innova-
      NREL conducts some science education ac-                                                                       tion to protect more than 100,000 acres of
      tivities using funds provided by private                         Wednesday, February 5, 2003                   open space. He introduced a biodiversity pro-
      sources, including funds from companies that               Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I would like to           gram to help protect both open space and the
      operate the lab—the midwest Research Insti-             take this opportunity to pay tribute to the            Commonwealth’s animal and plant species.
      tute, Battelle, and Bechtel. But enabling NREL          memory of an accomplished Colorado pub-                Mr. Durand also initiated an environmental
      to use licensing revenues would give the lab            lisher, William Prescott Allen, Jr., of Montrose.      education program in elementary and sec-
      greater flexibility.                                    Mr. Allen recently passed away, leaving be-            ondary schools throughout Massachusetts,
         Even without the expansion of permitted              hind a legacy of business and community                while taking the time to visit many of the
      uses of licensing revenues that this bill would         leadership. As his family mourns his loss, I           schools himself.
      enable, NREL has conducted a number of                  would like to take this time to highlight his life        One of Mr. Durand’s more famous accom-
      science education programs with private funds           before this body of Congress and this nation.          plishments was the River Protection Act,
      and some funds from the Department of En-                  Raised in Texas, William and his wife,              which protects over 9,000 miles of rivers and
      ergy and other federal agencies.                        Grace, relocated to Montrose, Colorado after           streams. After working on this extensive pro-
         For instance, NREL initiated the Coalition           he returned home from the Army during World            tective measure for seven years, Mr. Durand
      for Learning Opportunities and United Tutors            War II. In 1944, the Allen family bought the           saw his bill signed into law in 1996. As a cele-
      (CLOUT) program in 1998. CLOUT began as                 local paper, the Montrose Daily Press. After           bration, Mr. Durand and then Governor Wil-
      a pilot program matching 200 volunteers with            gaining experience as a reporter and working           liam F. Weld jumped into the Charles River, a
      fourth graders in 17 Denver public schools              at other family-owned newspapers, William be-          delightful moment not soon forgotten.
      who needed help with reading. The program               came publisher of the Daily Press in 1948, a              Mr. Speaker, I commend Mr. Durand for the
      has grown to be a great success.                        position he would hold for 38 years. Then, in          many years he has spent preserving the envi-
         Another example is NREL’s Junior Solar               1997, William sold the paper after 53 years of         ronment of Massachusetts. I have enjoyed
      Sprint, which celebrated its twelfth year in            Allen family ownership.                                working with Mr. Durand on environmental
      2002. This annual event gives students the                 William remained active in the community            issues throughout the years, and look forward
      chance to design, build, and race vehicles              during his lifetime. He served as a charter            to working with him in the future, as we seek
      whose only energy source is sunlight. Each              member in several local organizations, includ-         ways to further protect Massachusetts’ envi-
      team starts with a motor and a silicon solar            ing the Montrose Industrial Development Cor-           ronment. I am sure that the entire House of
      cell, and teams are awarded design trophies             poration, the Montrose Kiwanis Club, the Ute           Representatives joins me in thanking Mr.
      based on technology, craftsmanship, and inno-           Indian Museum, and the Uncompahgre Knife               Durand for many years of hard work in pro-
      vation.                                                 and Fork Club. William will be remembered for          tecting our environment.
         A third example is NREL’s Columbine Spirit           his contributions in the community and his                                f
      Scholarship at the Colorado School of Mines.            leadership of the Daily Press.
      It was established in 1999 by the contractors              Mr. Speaker, I stand today to honor William         HONORING THE 10TH ANNIVER-
      that operate NREL, MRI, Battelle and Bechtel.           Allen Jr.’s memory before this body of Con-             SARY OF THE EAST BAY CON-
      The three companies gave an initial $25,000             gress and this nation. I extend my sincere              VERSION AND REINVESTMENT
      to endow the fund, which is used to award               condolences to his wife and family. William             COMMISSION
      scholarships to graduates of Columbine and              Allen was a great contributor to the state of
      other Jefferson County high schools through             Colorado and the community of Montrose and                              HON. BARBARA LEE
      the Colorado School of Mines Foundation. The            he will be greatly missed.                                                OF CALIFORNIA
      scholarship is offered first to Columbine grad-                           f                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      uates who are pursuing degrees in disciplines
      related to the laboratory’s research and devel-         HONORING BOB DURAND, FORMER                                    Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      opment mission.                                          MASSACHUSETTS    SECRETARY                               Ms. LEE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor
         These three examples help us understand               OF THE EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF                            the East Bay Conversion and Reinversion
      the importance of science education activities           ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS                                 Commission for its great contributions to Ala-
      associated with federal laboratories and what                                                                  meda County for the past 10 years.
      they can mean for their surrounding commu-                       HON. JAMES P. McGOVERN                           In 1993, Congress authorized four pilot
      nities. But because of the narrowness of cur-                            OF MASSACHUSETTS                      projects charged with seeking ways to improve
      rent provisions in law, NREL and other labs                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                     the defense conversion process. Then-Con-
      are not able to utilize licensing revenues to                                                                  gressman Ronald V. Dellums of California’s
      support any of the activities outlined above or                 Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    Ninth District convened the EBCRC to man-
      any other science education programs. As a                 Mr. MCGOVERN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today             age one project in Alameda County, California.
      result, NREL and other labs must depend on              to join the citizens of Massachusetts in hon-          Members included elected officials, as well as
      private funds for the bulk of its science edu-          oring Mr. Bob Durand, former Secretary of the          representatives of public agencies, community
      cation activities, which unnecessarily restricts        Executive Office of Environmental Affairs for          groups, labor unions, educational institutions,
      what these labs can do in this area. My bill            the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.                     business organizations, environmental advo-
      would expand the law to allow greater flexi-               Mr. Durand has been an environment lover            cacy groups and the military.
      bility.                                                 his entire life. He has proven his love of the            Since its inception, the EBCRC has had an
         Licensing revenues have grown markedly               environment as a member of the Massachu-               impressive track record in assisting base clo-
      over the years as the technologies NREL has             setts Legislature and as the Secretary of Envi-        sure communities locally and nationally. It has
      created have gained wide acceptance. It                 ronmental Affairs. Before, during, and after his       developed sound economic strategies to re-
      makes sense to me that we should give the               appointment to the Executive Office of Envi-           place lost jobs and reuse dormant facilities.
      labs a bit more freedom to spend these funds,           ronmental Affairs by long time friend and              Under contract with the Department of De-
      especially on pursuits as worthwhile as                 former Governor Paul Cellucci, Mr. Durand              fense, the EBCRC has conducted two national
      science education which can expose young                worked on a myriad of environmental improve-           studies examining the challenges and difficul-
      people to the excitement and relevance of ca-           ments solutions.                                       ties that accompany the base closure process
      reers in science and technology.                           Mr. Durand has worked closely with groups           and have published two internationally ac-
         Research is an investment in the future. I           like MassPIRG, the Audubon Society, and the            claimed reports, Defense Conversion: A Road
      believe the integration of research and science         Environmental League of Massachusetts. He              Map for Communities, and The Upside of
      education to take advantage of the unique re-           was a powerful environmental advocate during           Base Closure: Tools for Reinvesting in Com-
      sources and facilities of the Department of En-         his tenure as a member of the Massachusetts            munities.
      ergy’s national laboratories and research facili-       State Senate. His accomplishments are vast in             The East Bay Conversion and Reinvestment
      ties should be a high priority.                         number. The two that I find most important are         Commission has helped bring over $50 million

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00022   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.094    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E161
      of Federal support into Alameda County since            that the United States is involved in a difficult      traffic controllers as new technology and
      1993. These monies have gone to success-                struggle to maintain our preeminence in the            procedures are added to the nation’s infra-
      fully close the bases and spur economic rede-           aerospace field, both commercially and mili-           structures.
                                                                                                                       Establishing a program of scholarships to
      velopment on these former military facilities. In       tarily.                                                help replenish the nation’s pool of aero-
      this vein, the EBCRC launched a small busi-                In January of 2001, the European Union un-          nautical engineers.
      ness development and assistance program to              veiled its plan for gaining dominance in the             Tackling the problem of delays in and
      aid former base employees start their own               global aerospace market entitled, ‘‘European           unreliability of the air transportations sys-
      businesses. The Workers to Business Owners              Aeronautics: A Vision for 2020.’’ This plan lays       tem directly by authorizing funds for NASA
      National Demonstration Project has generated            out an ambitious, $93 billion, 20-year agenda          to work with NOAA on research to improve
      millions of dollars in economic activity and cre-       for winning global leadership in aeronautics           significantly the reliability of 2 to 6 hour
                                                                                                                     aviation weather forecasts.
      ated hundreds of new jobs.                              and aviation. In stark contrast to the vision set        Providing a significant funding to allow in-
         To further assist small businesses, The              by the Europeans, the U.S. has cut by half its         creased attention to environment and en-
      EBCRC established the Defense Conversion                expenditures on aeronautics research & devel-          ergy-related projects and for research on in-
      Revolving Loan Fund to provide access to                opment (R&D) over the past two decades.                creasing the capacity, efficiency and safety
      capital to businesses unable to secure loans            This downward trend has coincided with a               of the air traffic system.
      from traditional lenders. With $1 million cur-          similar trend in the U.S. share of the world              The basic premise of the legislation is that
      rently in the fund and expected growth to $20           aerospace market, which declined from about            the U.S. can best meet the R&D challenge
      million, the fund targets financially disadvan-         70 percent of the global market to less than           mounted by the Europeans and others through
      taged businesses and provides pre- and post-            50 percent now. In fact, the recently com-             focused R&D investments that will enable fu-
      loan technical assistance to help its cus-              pleted report of the Presidential Commission           ture aircraft and rotorcraft technologies that
      tomers. As a result of these efforts, the               on the Future of the Aerospace Industry                are extremely quiet, fuel-efficient, and low in
      EBCRC has made loans to eight small busi-               echoed these concerns and stated that ‘‘The            emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen ox-
      nesses totaling $1,046,000. These eight com-            United States must maintain its preeminence            ides. The development of such aircraft will en-
      panies will precipitate $24 million in business         in aerospace research and innovation to be a           able the U.S. aviation industry to dominate an-
      activity, create more than 75 new jobs, and             global aerospace leader in the 21st century,’’         ticipated aviation markets, as well as create
      support several hundred direct and indirect             and that ‘‘government policies and invest-             new markets in cities and regions whose air-
      jobs.                                                   ments in long-term research have not kept              ports have been underutilized because of per-
         To date, the EBCRC has introduced new                pace with the changing world.’’ In fact, the           ceived negative environmental impacts. In ad-
      economic activity and jobs to six former mili-          Commission recommended that ‘‘the federal              dition, the new aviation capabilities could allow
      tary bases in Alameda County. It has reached            government significantly increase its invest-          innovative approaches to meeting the future
      out to nearly 250 businesses and provided               ment in basic aerospace research, which en-            demand for travel by the American public,
      support to more than half of those. Reporting           hances U.S. national security, enables break-          open up new possibilities for the future na-
      businesses indicated nearly $9 million in new           through capabilities, and fosters an efficient,        tional air traffic management system, and
      contracts, millions in lease revenues for the           secure and safe aerospace transportation sys-          make aerospace technologies more environ-
      cities of Alameda and Oakland, and nearly $7            tem’’.                                                 mentally friendly.
      million in Local, State/Federal taxes. Redevel-            It was as a result of these negative trends            This year marks the 100th anniversary of
      opment at these bases is accelerating and               and the importance for the long-term eco-              Ohio’s own Wilbur and Orville Wright achiev-
      more than 2700 units of new housing is being            nomic and security interest of the United              ing the world’s first successful powered flight,
      built, 25 percent of which will be affordable           States, that Mr. FORBES and I joined with a bi-        thus leading the way for 100 years of Amer-
      units. Soon, the EBCRC will begin making                partisan group of my colleagues to introduce           ican domination in aviation. But now, facing
      First Time Home Buyer Home Mortgages to                 the Aeronautics Research and Development               new and serious challenges, leadership will be
      low- and moderate-income-families.                      Revitalization Act of 2003. This bill, which last      required to sustain our aerospace industry to
         I ask Congress to join me and the constitu-          year received strong support in the other body         make it as vibrant a symbol of America’s
      ents of the 9th Congressional District in cele-         as well as in the House, establishes a broad-          might in the 21st century as it was in the 20th.
      brating the 10th Anniversary of the East Bay            based agenda to reinvigorate America’s aero-           This legislation is an opportunity for the coun-
      Conversion and Reinvestment Commission                  nautics and aviation R&D enterprise and main-          try to signal its commitment to a strong and
      and wishing them many more years of suc-                tain America’s competitive leadership in avia-         robust aviation sector and its intent to revi-
      cess and affirmative developments.                      tion by:                                               talize it in the face of new global challenges.
                       f                                        Reversing the trend of declining Federal             America has long recognized that its long-term
                                                              investments in aeronautics and aviation                strength and security, and its ability to reach
      REINTRODUCTION OF THE AERO-                             R&D by doubling funding over five years.               and sustain high levels of economic growth,
       NAUTICS RESEARCH AND DEVEL-                            Funding is increased to $900 million in 2006           depends on maintaining its edge in scientific
       OPMENT REVITALIZATION ACT                              (approximately the level they were in 1998),
                                                                                                                     achievement and technological innovation. If
                                                              and $1.15 billion in 2008.
                                                                                                                     we lose our edge in the areas where we are
                 HON. JOHN B. LARSON                            Following the recommendations of the
                                                              FAA’s Research, Engineering and Develop-               most vibrant, as it is happening now, our eco-
                       OF CONNECTICUT                                                                                nomic prospects will be dimmed and our secu-
                                                              ment Advisory Committee, doubling funding
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     over 5 years to $550 million in 2008.                  rity will be threatened. Aviation was born in
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                      Establishing a focal point for aeronautics           America nearly 100 years ago; it is not slip-
                                                              R&D by re-establishing an Office of Aero-              ping to number 2 on our watch.
         Mr. LARSON of Connecticut. Mr. Speaker,              nautics reporting directly to the NASA Ad-
      today the Distinguished Gentleman from Vir-             ministrator.                                                  PAYING TRIBUTE TO JOSEPH
      ginia Mr. J. RANDY FORBES and I reintroduced              Establishing an R&D initiative to develop                           HANNIGAN
      bi-partisan legislation designed to revitalize an       technologies within a decade to build com-
                                                              mercial no-noise, low-emissions, and be high-
      industry that is essential to maintaining this
                                                              ly-energy efficient.
                                                                                                                                  HON. SCOTT McINNIS
      country’s economic growth, technological su-                                                                                    OF COLORADO
                                                                Establishing an R&D initiative directed at
      periority, and military preeminence.                    reinvigorating the nation’s rotorcraft R&D                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Since Orville and Wilbur Wright pioneering           that will address the nation’s civil and mili-
      flight almost 100 years ago, aviation tech-                                                                             Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                              tary needs for decades to come.
      nology in the United States has reached a                 Addressing the need for a long-term Fed-               Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I would like to
      level of success and development unparalleled           eral R&D effort to develop technologies for            take this moment to pay tribute to an out-
      in world history. According to a recent report          an environmentally-friendly, commercially-             standing Coloradan who has given countless
      on ‘‘The National Economic Impact of Civil              viable supersonic transport capable of flight          volunteer hours in support of the National
      Aviation,’’ the total economic impact of civil          over land.                                             Weather Service Cooperative Weather Ob-
                                                                Including independent review mechanisms
      aviation exceeded more than $900 billion and                                                                   server Program. Joseph Hannigan of Nor-
                                                              to ensure that the agency is pursuing tech-
      11 million jobs to the U.S. economy in the              nology concepts in a cost-effective manner.            wood, Colorado has consistently contributed
      year 2000, roughly 9 percent of the total U.S.            Authorizing the establishment of one or              his time and efforts to his country by carefully
      gross domestic product. However, despite the            more university-based centers for research in          collecting and reporting weather data for his
      historical strength of this industry, it is clear       aviation training for flight crews and air             area. It is with great respect that I stand to

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00023   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.096    E06PT1
      E162                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
      honor a man who has dedicated so much of                tion of our government. I congratulate the               ‘‘I just want to see the actual documents,’’
      his own time to such a selfless service.                team members and their parents for this ex-            Montemayor said. ‘‘I want to see the monu-
         The National Weather Service collects and            traordinary achievement. I congratulate the            ments, see all the places you see in the
      maintains a database of daily climate reports           team members and their parents for this ex-              Other students on the team include Allison
      that is among the best in the world. National           traordinary achievement. The members of the            Glass, Gregory Goldsmith, Danessa Litam,
      Weather Service uses the data from that                 team are thirteen high school seniors; Erika           Gisela Medina, Edwin Monroy, Kelly
      record to help forecast climate and weather             Garcia, Brian Trautman, Victoria Montemayor,           Monroy, Jeffrey Murray, Steffy Phillip,
      changes and issue weather warnings. The Na-             Allison Glass, Gregory Goldsmith, Danessa              Sabrina Tully and Brian van Burkleo.
      tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration           Litam, Gisela Medina, Edwin Monroy, Kelly                              f
      also uses the data to understand and predict            Monroy, Jeffrey Murray, Steffy Phillip, Sabrina
                                                                                                                     REINTRODUCTION   OF   ROCKY
      climate trends. Estimates suggest that such             Tully, Brian Van Burkleo. Ms. LeAnna Morse
                                                                                                                      MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK WIL-
      climate predictions helped prevent up to one            coached the team. I wish these students suc-
                                                                                                                      DERNESS ACT
      billion dollars in damage from the devastating          cess when they compete at the national com-
      effects of El Nino in California alone.                 petition in April, here in Washington, DC.
         But such an extensive and accurate data-                In closing, I would like to share with my col-                       HON. MARK UDALL
                                                                                                                                         OF COLORADO
      base cannot be created overnight. Our country           leagues an article that ran in the McAllen
      relies on dedicated volunteers like Joseph who                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              Monitor highlighting the accomplishment of
      take the time to make and report their weather          these young constitutional scholars.                           Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      observations as part of the Cooperative                     MCALLEN CONSTITUTION TEAM WINS 10TH                   Mr. UDALL of Colorado. Mr. Speaker, today
      Weather Observer program. The roots of the                                 STATE TITLE                         I am again introducing a bill to designate as
      program reach as far back as 1644, when                                  (By Juan Ozuna)                       wilderness most of the lands within the Rocky
      Reverend John Campanius Holm recorded the                  MCALLEN.—Hamilton, Madison and Frank-               Mountain National Park, in Colorado.
      American Colonies’ first known weather obser-           lin would be impressed with the McAllen Me-               This legislation will provide important protec-
      vations. Then, in 1891, the Weather Bureau              morial High School Constitution team.                  tion and management direction for some truly
      tackled the challenge given them to document               The 13-member team comprised of high                remarkable country, adding nearly 250,000
      climate conditions in the United States. For            school seniors was named state champion in             acres in the park to the National Wilderness
                                                              the We The People, The Citizen and the Con-
      over one hundred years, the Weather Service                                                                    Preservation System. The bill is essentially
                                                              stitution competition in Austin Jan. 4.
      has called on volunteers to gather the nec-                It is the 10th time in 13 years the group has       identical to one previously introduced by my
      essary measurements on weather factors such             won the competition, sponsored by the State            predecessor, Representative David Skaggs,
      as temperature and precipitation. With over             Bar of Texas.                                          and one I introduced in the 107th Congress.
      11,000 volunteer observers contributing over               ‘‘They really demonstrated an ability to            Those bills in turn were based on similar
      one million service hours, it is significant to         think on their feet,’’ said LeAnna Morse, a            measures earlier proposed, including some by
      note that the National Weather Service has              government teacher and the team’s coach.               former Senator Bill Armstrong and others.
      chosen to recognize Joseph Hannigan with                ‘‘I’m really proud of them.’’                             Over a number of years my predecessor
                                                                 During the competition, each team is di-
      their most prestigious recognition, the John            vided into groups of three. These trios each           and I have worked with the National Park
      Campanius Holm Award. Considering Jo-                   face a panel of attorneys, educators and com-          Service and others to refine the boundaries of
      seph’s 42 years of consistent service, he is            munity leaders and make a three-minute                 the areas proposed for wilderness designation
      deserving of an award named after the very              presentation on the Constitution. They an-             and consulted closely with many interested
      first volunteer weather observer in the Amer-           swer questions asked by the panel of judges            parties in Colorado, including local officials
      ican Colonies. Mr. Speaker, it is my privilege          and are awarded points for their answers.              and both the Northern Colorado Water Con-
      to rise today to praise Joseph Hannigan for                ‘‘This was a small team, so they had to             servancy District and the St. Vrain & Left
                                                              carry extra weight, and they really rose to
      his dedicated service to the National Weather                                                                  Hand Ditch Water Conservancy District. These
                                                              the occasion,’’ Morse said.
      Service before this body of Congress and this              Teams usually have 15 members. To help              consultations provided the basis for many of
      nation. He stands out as an example of the              train the group, Morse asked some friends              the provisions of the bill I am introducing
      cooperative spirit that has helped make this            and other community people to come in to               today, particularly regarding the status of ex-
      country great. From his efforts, combined with          the class to act as judges for her team.               isting water facilities.
      the work of countless others, our communities              ‘‘We’d have practices and invite attorneys             Covering some 94 percent of the park, the
      enjoy the economic, recreational, and safety            and academics to judge them so they could              new wilderness will include Longs Peaks and
                                                              have the full experience,’’ Morse said. ‘‘When         other major mountains along the Great Conti-
      benefits that an accurate and timely weather
                                                              you practice, you always try to anticipate
      forecast affords them. I am honored to extend                                                                  nental Divide, glacial cirques and snow fields,
                                                              what questions you’ll be asked in the follow-
      my gratitude to Joseph and the many other               up.’’                                                  broad expanses of alpine tundra and wet
      volunteers for what they have accomplished.                Mick West, history coordinator for                  meadows, old-growth forests, and hundreds of
      Keep up the good work!                                  McAllen school district and a sponsor of the           lakes and streams, all untrammeled by human
                       f                                      team, accompanied the students to the com-             structures or passage. Indeed, examples of all
                                                              petition, which he said was extremely com-             the natural ecosystems that make up the
      HONORING THE MCALLEN MEMO-                              petitive.                                              splendor of Rocky Mountain National Park are
       RIAL HIGH SCHOOL CONSTITU-                                ‘‘They did an outstanding job,’’ he said. ‘‘It      included in the wilderness that would be des-
       TION TEAM                                              was very close. They have a great reputa-
                                                                                                                     ignated by this bill.
                                                                                                                        The features of these lands and waters that
                HON. RUBEN HINOJOSA
                                                                 Team member Erika Garcia said there was
                                                              a lot of pressure on the students to perform           make Rocky Mountain National Park a true
                           OF TEXAS                           well because of their reputation.                      gem in our national parks system also make
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                        ‘‘It’s good to know that we fulfilled that          it an outstanding wilderness candidate.
                                                              tradition one more year,’’ Garcia said. ‘‘Our             The wilderness boundaries are carefully lo-
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                    sponsors have prepared us very well.’’                 cated to assure continued access for use of
         Mr. HINOJOSA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to              Teammate Brain Trautman said he also                existing roadways, buildings and developed
      acknowledge an outstanding group of young               felt the heat of the competition, calling the
                                                                                                                     areas, privately owned land, and areas where
                                                              win ‘‘a relief.’’
      scholars from my Congressional district. The               ‘‘I’m really excited,’’ he said. ‘‘I can’t wait     additional facilities and roadwork will improve
      McAllen Memorial High School Constitution               to go to nationals to compete.’’                       park management and visitor services. In ad-
      team recently won the Texas state title at the             As the winning team, the McAllen Memo-              dition, specific provisions are included to as-
      ‘‘We The People, The Citizen and the Con-               rial High School students will be sent to              sure that there will be no adverse effects on
      stitution’’ annual competition. Remarkably, this        Washington, D.C., in April to compete                  continued use of existing water facilities.
      is the McAllen team’s 10th State win in 13              against the top team from each state.                     This bill is based on National Park Service
      years. They have also been successful nation-              Though Morse’s teams have seen top-10 fin-          recommendations, prepared more than 25
                                                              ishes at the national level, the highest they
      ally, finishing among the top ten finalists in 4                                                               years ago and presented to Congress by
                                                              ever placed is fourth.
      out of 10 appearances.                                     Though also excited about being able to at-         President Richard Nixon. It seems to me that,
         I am proud to represent a community that             tend the national Constitution competition,            in that time, there has been sufficient study,
      produces students with such a passion for               Victoria Montemayor said she would be more             consideration, and refinement of those rec-
      learning the democratic principles and founda-          focused on the sights.                                 ommendations so that Congress can proceed

VerDate Jan 31 2003   03:21 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00024   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K05FE8.011    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E163
      with this legislation. I believe that this bill con-    Mountain National Park in particular, good               The bill would NOT:
      stitutes a fair and complete proposal, suffi-           Park Service management over the past 83                 create a new federal reserved water right;
      ciently providing for the legitimate needs of the       years has kept most of the park in a natural           instead, it includes a finding that the Park’s
      public at large and all interested groups, and          condition. And all the lands that are covered          existing federal reserved water rights, as de-
      deserves to be enacted in this form.                    by this bill are currently being managed, in es-       cided by the Colorado courts, are sufficient
                                                                                                                       include certain lands in the Park as wilder-
          It took more than a decade before the Colo-         sence, to protect their wilderness character.          ness, including Trail Ridge and other roads
      rado delegation and the Congress were finally           Formal wilderness designation will no longer           used for motorized travel, water storage and
      able, in 1993, to pass a statewide national for-        leave this question to the discretion of the           conveyance structures, buildings, developed
      est wilderness bill. Since then, action has             Park Service, but will make it clear that within       areas of the Park, some private inholdings
      been completed on bills designating wilder-             the designated areas there will never be
                                                                                                                                 Existing Water Facilities
      ness in the Spanish Peaks area of the San               roads, visitor facilities, or other manmade fea-
                                                                                                                       Boundaries for the wilderness are drawn to
      Isabel National Forest as well as in the Black          tures that interfere with the spectacular natural      exclude existing storage and conveyance
      Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, the               beauty and wildness of the mountains.                  structures assuring continued use of the
      Gunnison Gorge, the Black Ridge portion of                 This kind of protection is especially impor-        Grand River Ditch and its right-of-way, the
      the Colorado Canyons National Conservation              tant for a park like Rocky Mountain, which is          east and west portals of the Adams Tunnel
      Area, and the James Peak area of the Arap-              relatively small by western standards. As near-        and gauging stations of the Colorado-Big
      aho, Roosevelt National Forests.                        by land development and alteration has accel-          Thompson Project, Long Draw Reservoir,
          We now need to continue making progress             erated in recent years, the pristine nature of         and lands owned by the St. Vrain & Left
      regarding wilderness designations for deserv-           the park’s backcountry becomes an increas-             Hand Water Conservancy District—including
                                                              ingly rare feature of Colorado’s landscape.            Copeland Reservoir.
      ing lands, including other public lands in our                                                                   The bill includes provisions to make clear
      state that are managed by the Bureau of Land               Further, Rocky Mountain National Park’s
                                                                                                                     that its enactment will not impose new re-
      Management. And the time is ripe for finally            popularity demands definitive and permanent
                                                                                                                     strictions on already allowed activities for
      resolving the status of the lands within Rocky          protection for wild areas against possible pres-       the operation, maintenance, repair, or recon-
      Mountain National Park that are dealt with in           sures for development with the park. While             struction of the Adams Tunnel, which di-
      the bill I am introducing today.                        only about one tenth the size of Yellowstone           verts water under Rocky Mountain National
          All Coloradans know that the question of            National Park, Rocky Mountain sees nearly              Park (including lands that would be des-
      possible impacts on water rights can be a pri-          the same number of visitors each year as               ignated by the bill) or other Colorado-Big
                                                              does our first national park.                          Thompson Project facilities, and that addi-
      mary point of contention in Congressional de-
                                                                 At the same time, designating these care-           tional activities for these purposes will be
      bates over designating wilderness areas. So,                                                                   allowed should they be necessary to respond
      it’s very important to understand that the ques-        fully selected portions of Rocky Mountain as
                                                              wilderness will make other areas, now re-              to emergencies and subject to reasonable re-
      tion of water rights for Rocky Mountain Na-                                                                    strictions.
      tional Park Wilderness is entirely different from       stricted under interim wilderness protection
                                                              management, available for overdue improve-                             f
      many considered before, and is far simpler.
          To begin with, it has long been recognized          ments to park roads and visitor facilities.                   RECOGNITION OF J. MICHAEL
                                                                 So, Mr. Speaker, this bill will protect some                        DORSEY
      under the laws of the United States and Colo-
                                                              of our nation’s finest wild lands. It will protect
      rado, including a decision of the Colorado Su-
                                                              existing rights. It will not limit any existing op-
      preme Court, that Rocky Mountain National
                                                              portunity for new water development. And it                         HON. ROBERT W. NEY
      Park already has extensive federal reserved                                                                                        OF OHIO
                                                              will affirm our commitment in Colorado to pre-
      water rights arising from the creation of the                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              serving the very features that make our State
      national park itself.
                                                              such a remarkable place to live. So, I think the                Wednesday, February 5, 2003
          This is not, so far as I have been able to
                                                              bill deserves prompt enactment.                           Mr. NEY. Mr. Speaker, we rise to thank and
      find out, a controversial decision, because                I am attaching a fact sheet that outlines the
      there is a widespread consensus that there                                                                     recognize J. Michael Dorsey for his out-
                                                              main provisions of this bill:
      should be no new water projects developed                                                                      standing service and contributions to the
                                                               ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK WILDERNESS
      within Rocky Mountain National Park. And,                                  ACT
                                                                                                                     House community during his tenure beginning
      since the park sits astride the continental di-                                                                January 1, 1995.
                                                                      Rocky Mountain National Park
      vide, there’s no higher land around from which                                                                    Because of his distinguished legal career,
                                                                Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the
      streams flow into the park, so there is no pos-         nation’s most visited parks, possesses some            Mike was asked to serve as the first Adminis-
      sibility of any upstream diversions. And it’s im-       of the most pristine and striking alpine eco-          trative Counsel in the Office of the Chief Ad-
      portant to emphasize that in any event water            systems and natural landscapes in the conti-           ministrative Officer when the new House orga-
      rights associated with wilderness would                 nental United States. This park straddles              nization was created in 1995. An ambitious
      amount only to guarantees that water will con-          the Continental Divide along Colorado’s                agenda to change the way the House oper-
      tinue to flow through and out of the park as it         northern Front Range. It contains high alti-           ated was proposed, and Mike was instru-
                                                              tude lakes, herds of bighorn sheep and elk,            mental in accomplishing many of those goals.
      always has. This preserves the natural envi-
                                                              glacial cirques and snow fields, broad ex-                A solid leader, Mike demonstrated the ability
      ronment of the park, but it doesn’t affect              panses of alpine tundra, old-growth forests
      downstream water use.                                   and thundering rivers. It also contains Longs
                                                                                                                     to effectively juggle many competing priorities.
          The bottom line is that once water leaves           Peak, one of Colorado’s 54 fourteen thou-              In addition to keeping the CAO legally and
      the park, it will continue to be available for di-      sand-foot peaks.                                       ethically pure, he also served as interim Asso-
      version and use under Colorado law regard-                                  The Bill                           ciate Administrator for the Office of Procure-
      less of whether or not lands within the park              The bill is based on one introduced by Rep.          ment and Human Resources. He initiated and
      are designated as wilderness.                           UDALL in the 106th and 107th Congresses and            contributed to business process improve-
          These legal and practical realities are re-         similar legislation proposed by former Con-            ments, provided legal guidance to House staff,
      flected in my bill—as in my predecessor’s—by            gressman David Skaggs and others pre-                  developed policies, and applied his expertise
      inclusion of a finding that because the park al-        viously. It would:                                     in the areas of contracting, negotiation, and
      ready has these extensive reserved rights to              designate about 249,562 acres within Rocky           legal disputes.
      water, there is no need for any additional res-         Mountain National Park, or about 94 percent               Most recently, Mike’s professionalism, patri-
                                                              of the Park, as wilderness, including Longs
      ervation of such right, and an explicit dis-                                                                   otism, and steadfastness served the House
                                                              Peak—the areas included is based on the rec-
      claimer that the bill affects any such reserva-         ommendations prepared over 25 years ago by             well under historic and trying times. He met
      tion.                                                   President Nixon with some revisions in                 the challenges of September 11, 2001, the
          Some may ask, why should we designate               boundaries to reflect acquisitions and other           subsequent anthrax evacuation of House of-
      wilderness in a national park? Isn’t park pro-          changes since that recommendation was sub-             fices, and on-going mail process activities with
      tection the same as wilderness, or at least as          mitted                                                 patience, excellence, and reasoned judgment.
      good? The answer is that the wilderness des-              designate about 1,000-acres as potential                Mike is a team player, known for his integ-
                                                              wilderness until non-conforming structures             rity, fairness, principles, dedication, and solid
      ignation will give an important additional level
                                                              are removed
      of protection to most of the park.                        provide that if non-federal inholdings with-         steady demeanor. He has made a dif-
          Our national park system was created, in            in the wilderness boundaries are acquired by           ference—he has made the House a better
      part, to recognize and preserve prime exam-             the United States, they will become part of            place. As he leaves us on February 14, he will
      ples of outstanding landscape. At Rocky                 the wilderness and managed accordingly                 continue to serve our nation in areas of critical

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00025   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.101    E06PT1
      E164                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
      importance. He has served the House and our             our enemies are engaged and determined to              RECOGNIZING  THE    AMERICAN
      country as a true patriot, and we extend our            develop and expand their supply of chemical             FROZEN FOOD INSTITUTE ON
      thanks to him for his service, and wish him all         weapons, when we continue to face a terror-             THE OCCASION OF ITS 60TH AN-
      the best for continued success.                         ists threat at home, and when more and more             NIVERSARY
                       f                                      of our troops are stationed oversees, we need
                                                              effective vaccine production. We cannot afford                   HON. C.L. ‘‘BUTCH’’ OTTER
                                                              to slow research and development, or experi-                               OF IDAHO
                                                              ence a critical shortage of vaccines.                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                 HON. LARRY COMBEST                              But this is precisely what is occurring today.
                                                                                                                              Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                           OF TEXAS                           Personal injury lawyers, who would like the
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     larger fee that they might receive through liti-          Mr. OTTER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                              gation, are chipping away at the Vaccine Act           recognize the American Frozen Food Institute
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                              in our Nation’s courtrooms. They are trying to         (AFFI) on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary
         Mr. COMBEST. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            distinguish injuries allegedly related to ingredi-     of service to the food industry. AFFI is the
      call my colleagues’ attention to an honor re-           ents contained in vaccines, such as preserva-          only national trade association representing
      cently bestowed on my constituent and friend,           tives, from the vaccine itself, in order to es-        the entire spectrum of frozen food profes-
      Mr. David Seim.                                         cape the no-fault system. The courts have              sionals, including processors, suppliers of
         Recently, David was awarded the Rita Har-            done a good job at rejecting these attempts.           goods and services, transporters and market-
      mon Volunteer Service Award from the Lub-               The provisions in the Homeland Security Act            ers.
      bock Area United Way in recognition of his              simply sought to codify these decisions, pre-             Like other complex enterprises, the frozen
      lifetime of community service. David’s work             serve the intent of Congress in establishing           food industry benefits not only from competi-
      with various organizations such as the South            the Vaccine Program, and ensure that the in-           tion, but also from cooperative, coordinated
      Plains Council of the Boy Scouts of America,            jured receive speedy and fair compensation.            action. Launched in 1942 by 19 frozen fruit
      the Lubbock Country Club, the Southwest                    I continue to support the vaccine ingredient        and vegetable packers, the National Associa-
      Lubbock Rotary Club, YWCA, Covenant                     provisions in the Homeland Security Act. I un-         tion of Frozen Food Packers went on to be-
      Health System and Trinity Church exemplify              derstand the provisions are being repealed             come today’s American Frozen Food Institute.
      his selfless nature and dedication to the public        without prejudice and not because of the sub-          AFFI’s more than 500 member companies ac-
      good. Through his hard work and giving na-              stance. I am confident that these provisions           count for over 90 percent of the total annual
      ture, the Lubbock community has benefited               will proceed through the House and be en-              production of frozen food in the United States,
      immensely.                                              acted. By reenacting the provisions, I believe         valued at more than $60 billion.
         David attended Texas Tech and graduated              Congress will address the issue in a manner               AFFI works to ensure that nourishing and
      from the Southern Methodist University’s                that ensures the broad availability of vaccines        convenient frozen foods are continually abun-
      Graduate School of Banking. While he works              for the American people.                               dant, reliable, varied, satisfying and economi-
      for Plains Capitol Corp. in Dallas, he still lives                                                             cal. During its years of growing use and popu-
      in Lubbock and continues to serve as a board                                                                   larity, the technology of frozen foods has
      member of the Lubbock Area United Way.                        PAYING TRIBUTE TO WAYNE                          earned its place among modern America’s
         It is with great pleasure, Mr. Speaker, that                       HARRISON                                 constructive innovations.
      I honor this dedicated man for his commitment                                                                     When Clarence Birdseye, one March morn-
      to give back to his community. David Seim                            HON. SCOTT McINNIS                        ing in 1930, optimistically combined an inven-
      has given much of his life to serving his com-                              OF COLORADO                        tor’s creativity with a salesman’s confidence
      munity, and his efforts are greatly appreciated.             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   and arrayed his selection of neatly packaged,
      I wish to congratulate David on his recent                                                                     quick-frozen foods into a grocery store display
                                                                      Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      award and thank him for his continuing dedi-                                                                   case in Springfield, Massachusetts, he inaugu-
      cation to the public good.                                 Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with great          rated an industry that would forever change
                                                              pride that I rise today to recognize Major             the way the world eats.
                                                              Wayne Harrison of Dolores, Colorado. Re-                  The industry’s momentum initially was driv-
      VACCINE INGREDIENT PROVISIONS                           cently, Major Harrison was recognized for his          en by the economy and convenience of frozen
                                                              years of service in the Civil Air Patrol and           foods. However, a further reality ultimately
                      HON. ROY BLUNT                          awarded a Springfield M-14 rifle. Today, I             would ensure their enthusiastic endorsement
                         OF MISSOURI                          would like to pay tribute to Major Harrison’s          by health experts: frozen foods supply supe-
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     career and accomplishments before this body            rior nutrition. Following years of scientific stud-
                                                              of Congress and this nation.                           ies at the University of Illinois, the U.S. Food
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                       Major Harrison began his career in the Civil        and Drug Administration concluded in 1998
          Mr. BLUNT. Mr. Speaker, the Homeland Se-            Air Service as a cadet and moved up through            that fruits and vegetables picked at peak
      curity Act of 2002 included provisions related          the ranks to eventually teach cadets, passing          freshness and immediately frozen contain as
      to vaccine injuries that have been misunder-            on his knowledge of airplanes and flying. In           many, and often more, nutrients than their raw
      stood and misconstrued. I believed then and             fact, Wayne Harrison’s superiors were so im-           equivalents. Moreover, for food of all kinds,
      now that these provisions are good public pol-          pressed with his abilities that he was pro-            modern freezing and packaging means unsur-
      icy: they clarify that vaccine injury claims in-        moted to the position of aerospace officer only        passed food safety, reliable product consist-
      volving vaccine ingredients, such as preserva-          a short time after joining the Civil Air Patrol.       ency, and year-round availability anywhere.
      tives, are subject to the same no-fault com-            Serving in the position for three years, Wayne            In addition, I would invite my colleagues to
      pensation system as other vaccine-related in-           was then asked to become the commander of              join Congressman CAL DOOLEY and me on
      juries established by the National Childhood            his squadron and he accepted.                          September 25 at the Frozen Food Filibuster, a
      Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. The alternative is             Although the new position and added re-             reception showcasing the variety of frozen
      needless, time consuming, and expensive liti-           sponsibility would be a challenge, Major Har-          foods here in the Cannon Caucus Room. Con-
      gation that is not in the best interests of those       rison also saw the promotion as an oppor-              gressman DOOLEY and I are co-chairmen of
      who believe they have been injured.                     tunity to help his fellow cadets. Over the             the frozen food caucus on Capitol Hill. Caucus
          Congress established the Vaccine Program            years, Major Harrison used his position to             participants are Members of Congress who
      in 1986 for two reasons. The first was to pro-          serve as a role model to his cadets and                have AFFI member companies’ headquarters
      vide definite, speedy, and generous com-                helped many of them go on to colleges, mili-           or plants located within their district, or an in-
      pensation for those who suffer from vaccine-            tary academies, and into the armed forces.             terest in the food industry in general. The In-
      related injuries. The second was to address                Mr. Speaker, it is with great pride that I rec-     stitute briefs the membership periodically on
      litigation and insurance costs that were spi-           ognize Major Wayne Harrison before this body           issues that affect their constituents who work
      raling out of control, which forced current man-        of Congress and this nation. Major Harrison            in the frozen food industry. Our goal is to en-
      ufacturers to leave the industry and discour-           has served with the diligence, honor and in-           sure the caucus is as active and innovative as
      aging others from developing important life-            tegrity that Amercans have come to expect              the nation’s frozen food companies.
      saving vaccines.                                        from the Civil Air Patrol, and it is an honor to          Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me
          Now, of all times, is not the moment to allow       represent such an outstanding American in              in paying special tribute to the American Fro-
      the Vaccine Program to be dismantled. When              this Congress.                                         zen Food Institute. Our democratic institutions

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00026   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.104    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E165
      are served well by having responsible industry          a renowned abolitionist, Frederick Douglass,           sons to dream of a future America that con-
      associations, who care about the active par-            lived in Rochester, New York, where he pub-            tinues to embrace the values of Upstate New
      ticipation of their companies in the legislative        lished his newspaper, The North Star.                  York abolitionists, in new contexts. The hope
      and regulatory process. I am confident that                 William Seward, former senator of New              of Auburn’s youngest generation of thinkers
      AFFI will continue to serve the food commu-             York, governor of New York, and Secretary of           reminded me of these words of Abraham Lin-
      nity for many years, well into the future. We           State, remains one of the best-known aboli-            coln, spoken in 1865 at his second inaugural
      wish them the very best on this special occa-           tionists to hail from New York’s 24th Congres-         address, and still relevant today: ‘‘With malice
      sion.                                                   sional District. Born and raised in the area,          toward none, with charity for all, with firmness
                       f                                      Seward gave voice to his constituents’ outcry          in the right as God gives us to see the right,
                                                              against slavery. He and his wife, Frances,             let us strive on to finish the work we are in;
      TRIBUTE TO UPSTATE NEW YORK-                            opened their home in Auburn, NY to fugitive            to bind up the nation’s wounds.’’
       ERS ON THE 140TH ANNIVER-                              slaves moving north along the Underground              A COLLECTIVE ESSAY FROM FIFTH GRADERS
       SARY OF THE EMANCIPATION                               Railroad, and they became the personal                   AT OWASCO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN AU-
       PROCLAMATION                                           friends of Harriet ‘‘Moses’’ Tubman, the iconic          BURN, NY
                                                              leader of the slave exodus to Canada. As a               The Emancipation Proclamation was a so-
             HON. SHERWOOD BOEHLERT                           lawyer, Seward defended fugitive slaves in             lution to the problem of slavery in the
                         OF NEW YORK                          court. During his early career in Congress he          United States. President Abraham Lincoln
                                                                                                                     was influenced to write this document by
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     led the anti-slavery wing of the Whig party.           abolitionists who wanted to see the system
                                                                  Many credit Seward’s radical statement that        of slavery come to an end. This new Law
                Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                              Congress had to answer to a moral law ‘‘high-          passed during the Civil War. Many of the
          Mr. BOEHLERT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in          er than the Constitution’’ as disqualifying him        abolitionists who influenced President Lin-
      honor of the 140th anniversary of the Emanci-           from running for President in 1860. When it            coln were from the area that is today a part
      pation Proclamation celebrated on January 1,            became clear that Lincoln would win the ticket         of the 24th Congressional District of New
      of this year. I would like to take this oppor-          of the Grand Old Party, then a grand young             York State. Several of these abolitionists
      tunity to recognize the integral work of Central        party, Seward campaigned tirelessly for Lin-           were William Seward, Harriet Tubman,
      New Yorkers in the struggle to end slavery.                                                                    Emily Howland, Martha Coffin Wright, and
                                                              coln, and was soon appointed Secretary of
          During the troubled decades just before our                                                                Lucretia Coffin Mott.
                                                              State under the new president. In that office,           William Seward helped the cause of the
      Civil War, many citizens of what is now New             Seward played a crucial role in the formation          Emancipation Proclamation by persuading
      York’s 24th District joined, and led, fellow abo-       of Lincoln’s anti-slavery policy. He drafted the       President Lincoln to be more involved with
      litionists across the nation to help slaves gain        Emancipation Proclamation alongside the                abolishing slavery. As Lincoln’s Secretary of
      the freedom due to all Americans. Whether               President, and the final document now bears            State, he helped Lincoln write it. Seward
      they offered hounded refugees a place to hide           his signature.                                         was active in his belief that slavery must be
      for the night, educated former slaves, pub-                 Before the Civil War, Harriet Tubman               abolished, he was a leader of the Anti-slav-
      lished activist newspapers, or spoke out in the                                                                ery wing of the Whig party, used his home on
                                                              bought a house from Seward in his hometown
      chambers of Congress, these men and                                                                            South Street in Auburn, New York, as a way
                                                              of Auburn, NY, where she continued to con-             station for the Underground Railroad and as
      women live on in the collective memory of our           duct for the Underground Railroad despite the          a publishing center for anti-slavery lit-
      nation as brave champions of basic human                $40,000 reward posted for her capture. After           erature. He became a good friend of Harriet
      rights and dignity.                                     the Emancipation Proclamation, with the                Tubman, a conductor on the Underground
          En route to Canada, houses and churches             Promised Land a little closer, Ms. Tubman set-         Railroad. Harriet Tubman, called the ‘‘Moses
      throughout Central New York formed some of              tled down to a quieter life in Auburn.                 of her people’’, dedicated her life to the be-
      the main lines of the Underground Railroad.                 Those who fought to end slavery and so ex-         lief that all people were equal and that slav-
      One heavily trafficked depot in Madison Coun-           tend the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit      ery was evil. As a runaway slave, she showed
      ty was the home of Garrett Smith, a philan-                                                                    great courage and dedication to her beliefs
                                                              of happiness to truly all Americans won a              by leading more than three hundred slaves to
      thropist who gave much of his time, money,              great victory with the issuance of the Emanci-         their freedom. Eventually Harriet Tubman
      and energy to the anti-slavery cause. I’m glad          pation Proclamation, but the struggle did not          bought a home in Auburn, New York and
      to have had the opportunity to dedicate                 end there. Amy Post, Martha Wright, Lucretia           used it to care for the elderly and needy peo-
      Smith’s estate as a National Historic Land-             Mott, Susan B. Anthony, and other abolition-           ple. The dedication of Quakers to the aboli-
      mark last spring. Thanks to legislation signed          ists and women’s rights activities, many of            tion of slavery was also important in bring-
      by our distinguished Governor of New York,              them from Upstate New York, organized a pe-            ing about change. Emily Howland lived in
      George Pataki, in tandem with the Network to            tition drive to gain the signatures of hundreds        Sherwood, Cayuga County, New York. She
      Freedom Act, passed by Congress and signed                                                                     was an educator who started schools in the
                                                              of thousands of women calling for a constitu-          South for freed slaves and used her home as
      by the president in 1998, many other stops              tional amendment to end slavery. When the              a way station for the Underground Railroad.
      along the Underground Railroad in Upstate               petition was first presented to the Senate in          Her beliefs that all were equal saw her turn
      New York have recently been brought to light            February of 1864, nearly one-fifth of the signa-       to the cause of women’s suffrage. She worked
      and preserved.                                          tures came from New York State. By the end             closely with Lucretia Mott and Susan B. An-
          Garrett Smith, who was born in my own               of 1865 the Thirteenth Amendment was law.              thony in the fight for equality for women.
      hometown of Utica and lived most of his life in             I hope my colleagues will join me in ap-             Lucretia Coffin Mott and her sister Martha
      Peterboro, was elected president of the na-             plauding the historic legacy of freedom and            Coffin Wright, a resident of Auburn, New
      tionally prominent New York State Anti-Slavery                                                                 York, were also Quakers, who belonged to
                                                              human rights left by the good people of Up-            the American Anti-slavery Society and
      Society on October 22, 1835, at the organiza-           state New York.                                        formed the Female Anti-Slavery Society.
      tion’s founding convention. A dedicated group               I would like to thank Peter A. Wisbey, Exec-       After the Civil War they co-founded the
      successfully launched the Society that day at           utive Director of the William Seward House,            American Equal Rights Association and the
      the Peterboro Presbyterian Church after their           Anne M. Derousie, a historian with the Wom-            National Women’s Suffrage Association.
      meeting had been broken up by a hostile mob             en’s Rights National Historical Park, Michael J.       They made a difference in the abolition of
      the previous day. A few streets away from the           Caddy, Jr., historian, and Milton C. Sernett,          slavery and women getting the right to vote.
      convention site in Peterboro lived James                Professor of History at Syracuse University for        They were courageous in the fight for civil
      Caleb Jackson, the editor of several aboli-                                                                    rights for all people regardless of their color
                                                              the information they provided me for this occa-
                                                                                                                     or gender.
      tionist newspapers. Beriah Green, another               sion. I would also like to insert into the CON-          As you can see, many citizens of Cayuga
      founding member of the New York Anti-Slav-              GRESSIONAL RECORD essays about the Eman-               County not only believed in equal rights for
      ery Society, came from nearby Whitesboro                cipation Proclamation and the abolitionist             all people, but also actively worked to bring
      where he served as president of the Oneida              movement in New York’s 24th Congressional              about the change that resulted in the end of
      Institute, an interracial college. Green’s Insti-       District written by students from Letizia              slavery and giving all people their civil
      tute turned out noted abolitionists such as             Magats’ class at Owasco Elementary and Jac-            rights.
                                                                                                                       (By Timothy Berry, Ashley King, Jamie
      Jermain Loguen, a former slave lauded for his           quelyn Aversa’s class at Casey Park Elemen-            Bruno, Marissa Rescott, Christina Granato,
      influential autobiography, To Set the Captives          tary School in Auburn, NY.                             S. Michael Watson, Maura Bradley, Kelsey
      Free. Loguen was later chosen to act as                     While reading the work of these children I         Helinski, Mary Doyle, Colleen Cregg, Olivia
      Stationmaster of Syracuse’s Underground                 was delighted to find that many of the stu-            Perek,       Breanna      Handley,      Alaina
      Railroad. Another escaped slave who became              dents had been inspired by their history les-          Schoonmaker, and Connor Entenmann.)

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00027   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.107   E06PT1
      E166                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
        ESSAYS FROM FOURTH GRADERS AT CASEY                      Murray has risen to the rank of managing               Mr. Speaker, it is with great pride that I rec-
        PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN AUBURN, NY                  partner with Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald in            ognize Jamie Levin of Telluride, Colorado be-
        The young dreamers have a goal that one               Wilkes-Barre. From 1991 to 1994, he served             fore this body of Congress and this nation. To
      day the world will be a better place for ev-            as chairman of the hearing committee of the            excel in a sport as mentally and physically de-
      eryone in our country. The young dreamers                                                                      manding as slalom snowboarding takes great
                                                              disciplinary board of the Pennsylvania Su-
      celebrate the anniversary of the Emanci-
                                                              preme Court.                                           courage, commitment and discipline. Jamie’s
      pation Proclamation so they can continue to
      dream. After all, the young dreamers future                Examples of his dedication to community             competitive spirit and determination serves as
      goals are in your hands.                                service abound. They include his service as            an inspiration to us all, and it is an honor to
        (By Sydnee Lawson, David Clark, and                   chairman of the Greater Wilkes-Barre Partner-          represent such an outstanding American in
      Brianna Hotaling.)                                      ship, Inc., from 2000 to the present; and chair-       this Congress. I wish her all the best with the
        The torch of freedom has passed from time             man of the Community Relations Council of              rest of her season.
      to time to generation to generation and it              the Jewish Federation of Greater Wilkes-                                  f
      must be kept and honored as it was all those
      years ago. It shouldn’t be thrown away be-
                                                              Barre, 1993 to 1997 and from 2000 to the                      INTRODUCTION OF COLORADO
      cause of dishonor and terrorism.                        present; and a member of the board of trust-                      SCHOOL LANDS BILL
        (By Dominika Donch, Noah Donch,                       ees of College Misericordia and the board of
      Makrina Donch, and Nathaniel Donch.)                    directors of the Jewish Federation of Greater
        We are fortunate to have the freedom we               Wilkes-Barre, the Jewish Community Center of
                                                                                                                                      HON. MARK UDALL
      have. Some countries do not have as much                                                                                           OF COLORADO
                                                              the Wyoming Valley, and WVIA–TV/FM/HDTV.
      freedom as we have. Now we have a lot to                   Murray is also past chairman of the board of               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      worry about. We are so fortunate that Presi-                                                                            Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      dent Abraham Lincoln issued the Emanci-
                                                              directors of the United Way of the Wyoming
      pation Proclamation. Today we have the joy              Valley, from 1992 to 1994, and its general                Mr. UDALL. Mr. Speaker, I am today again
      of freedom.                                             campaign in 1990. He is also past president of         introducing a bill to modify the 1875 Act—usu-
        (By     Stephanie     Leontovich,     Tyler           the Ohav Zedek Synagogue in Wilkes-Barre,              ally referred to as the Colorado Enabling Act—
      Van Tassell, Amber Foster, Anthony Jesmer               from 1986 to 1988; the Jewish Community                that provided for admission of Colorado to the
      and Scott Blauvelt.)                                    Center of the Wyoming Valley, from 1982 to             Union.
        We believe all people are created equal and                                                                     The bill is similar to one I introduced in the
                                                              1983; the Seligman J. Strauss Lodge of B’nai
      need to live in unity and peace.
        (By Diamoneek Wingate, Loretta Holbert,               B’rith, from 1970 to 1974; and the Duquesne            107th Congress. Its purpose is to remove any
      Sarah Lowe, Tina Horsford, Beth Harvey,                 University School of Law Alumni Association            possible conflict between a decision of the
      Tony Frazier, Brandon Crawford, and Andre               of Northeastern Pennsylvania, from 1997 to             people of Colorado and that original federal
      Thomas.)                                                1999.                                                  legislation under which some 3 million acres of
        I have a dream, that one day all people of               He and his beautiful and gracious wife              federal lands were granted to our state.
      the world, Iraqis, Afghanis, Russians, and              Margery have three children, Aaron, Joshua                In granting the lands to Colorado, Congress
      any other culture will come together and act                                                                   provided that they were to be used as a
                                                              and Rachel.
      fairly to one and another. I have a dream of                                                                   source of revenue for the public schools—and
      no terrorism. I have a dream of no violence
                                                                 Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to call to the at-
                                                              tention of the House of Representatives the            for many years they were managed for that
      but coming out and talking it over like men.                                                                   purpose.
      I have a dream of living in a society with no           well-deserved selection of Attorney Murray
                                                              Ufberg for the Community Service Award, and               However, over the years the revenue de-
      prejudice. I have a dream of no racism. I
                                                                                                                     rived from these lands has become a less and
      have a dream of no fighting over religion but           I wish him and his family all the best.
      having peace and love. I have a dream that                                                                     less significant part of the funding for Colo-
                                                                                f                                    rado’s schools, while there has been an in-
      this world will help one and another of dif-
      ferent culture and religions. I have a dream.           PAYING TRIBUTE TO JAMIE LEVIN                          creasing appreciation of the other values of
        (By Jared Ford.)                                                                                             these lands.
                      f                                                                                                 As a result, in 1996 the people of Colorado
                                                                           HON. SCOTT McINNIS                        voted to amend our state constitution to permit
      ATTORNEY MURRAY UFBERG CHO-                                                 OF COLORADO
                                                                                                                     part of these school trust lands to be set aside
       SEN FOR B’NAI B’RITH COMMU-                                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   in a ‘‘stewardship trust’’ and managed to pre-
       NITY SERVICE AWARD                                               Wednesday, February 5, 2003                  serve their open space, wildlife and other nat-
                                                                                                                     ural qualities.
                                                                  Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with great
               HON. PAUL E. KANJORSKI                         enthusiasm that I rise today to recognize
                                                                                                                        To assure that this decision of the voters
                      OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                                can be implemented, my bill would amend the
                                                              Jamie Levin of Telluride, Colorado. Jamie is a         original Colorado Enabling Act to modify the
                                                              slalom snowboard racer for the Telluride Ski           requirement that the state must raise revenue
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     and Snowboard team and has been setting                from the school-trust lands that are set aside
         Mr. KANJORSKI. Mr. Speaker, I rise today             the standard for speed throughout Colorado             for their natural resource values and qualities.
      to call the attention of the House of Rep-              and the nation. Jamie represented the United           Specifically, it would amend the 1875 Act to
      resentatives to the selection of my good friend         States at Canada’s World Cup Snowboard                 clearly allow the lands to be used for ‘‘open
      Attorney Murray Ufberg for the prestigious              Races last December. In recognition of her             space, wildlife habitat, scenic value, or other
      Community Service Award by the Seligman J.              success and accomplishments on the slopes,             natural values,’’ while still requiring that ‘’any
      Strauss Lodge of B’nai B’rith of Wilkes-Barre.          I would like to pay tribute to Jamie before this       income received for such uses or any other
      He will be presented with the award at the              body of Congress and this nation.                      uses’’ of the lands will be used only for the
      lodge’s 57th annual Lincoln Day Dinner on                   As the Congressman who represents many             public schools.
      February 9, 2003.                                       of Colorado’s ski areas, I understand the sig-            The bill does not include a specific limit on
         Murray is a very fitting choice for this award.      nificance that Coloradans place upon their             the acreage that could be placed in the stew-
      In addition to his active role in local govern-         winter sports. Colorado is the home to many            ardship trust, although the 1996 state legisla-
      ment and economic development, his deep                 skiers and snowboarders who train year round           tion does set such a limit. I supported that part
      commitment to Northeastern Pennsylvania and             to remain in top physical condition. Competi-          of the state legislation, but I think that whether
      his leadership in one of the most prominent             tion throughout the state is fierce, and there is      that limit should be retained or revised should
      and well-respected law firms in the area, he is         little room for mistakes or miscalculations.           be decided solely by the people of Colorado,
      a leader in the region’s Jewish community.                  Competition at the national level only be-         and not determined by Congress. So, under
         I have known Murray for more than 30                 comes more difficult, and yet Jamie Levin has          the bill I am introducing today that would be
      years and have enormous respect for his legal           risen to the challenge and is currently ranked         left to Colorado law to control.
      ability as well as his dedication to improving          11th in the United States. Over the summer,               Mr. Speaker, Colorado has been experi-
      the community.                                          Jamie has maintained a rigorous training               encing rapid population growth. That is putting
         He was born July 30, 1943, in Danville,              schedule at Mt. Hood and looks forward to              increasing pressure on all our undeveloped
      Pennsylvania. He graduated from Wyoming                 competing internationally this winter. Jamie is        lands. In response, the people of Colorado
      Seminary in 1960, earned a bachelor of arts             the first member of the Telluride team to qual-        have voted to allow some of these school-
      from Bucknell University in 1964 and grad-              ify for international competition, and citizens        grant lands to remain as open spaces to be
      uated with a juris doctor degree from the               throughout the Western Slope will be following         managed for their wildlife and other natural re-
      Duquesne University School of Law in 1968.              her races with great anticipation.                     sources and values. This bill will keep faith

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00028   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.110    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E167
      with that decision by our voters by removing            Riddle was born on November 29, 1902, on                      ON THE RETIREMENT OF MR.
      any conflict with federal law. I will do all I can      the Eastside of Chicago, Illinois. Born to Wil-                   EDWARD D. CASEY
      to press for its speedy enactment.                      liam and Sarah Hester she is the oldest of 7
                       f                                      children and enjoys spending time with her re-                     HON. STENY H. HOYER
                                                              maining younger siblings Mary and Sally. Ms.                            OF MARYLAND
      HONORING DR. SHIRLEY KENNEDY                            Riddle has survived her husband Walter Rid-
                                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              dle, son Robert Riddle, and her eldest grand-
                      HON. LOIS CAPPS                         son Robert Riddle, Jr. She is also the grand-                   Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                        OF CALIFORNIA                         mother of Karen Appleson, Cindy Petro, and                Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     Allison Gunner, and the great-grandmother of           congratulate Mr. Edward D. Casey on his re-
                                                              two with more on the way.                              tirement from the Capital-Gazette News-
               Wednesday, February 5, 2003
                                                                 As the Matriarch of the Hester family and           papers, and his election to the Maryland press
         Mrs. CAPPS. Mr. Speaker, today I would               known to her many nephews and nieces as                association’s hall of fame. I would also like to
      like to rise in tribute to the memory of a won-         ‘‘Aunt Bea’’, she is generous to a fault. Ms.          thank him for his years of service to our com-
      derful friend and resident of Santa Barbara,            Riddle has lived her 100 years of life on the          munity.
      California, Dr. Shirley Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy            Eastside of Chicago, Illinois as a proud Amer-            For 30 years, Mr. Casey has been the edi-
      passed away on January 20, 2003, leaving a              ican, committed Catholic and a lifetime mem-           torial voice of the Capital. In March when he
      void in the Santa Barbara community that will           ber of the St. Francis de Sales Parish. She is         is officially inducted, he will join 35 other out-
      be felt by many.                                        known for her sharp mind, happy personality,           standing newspaper men and women who
         Dr. Kennedy, a long-time resident of Santa           and love of all her friends and family. So we          have been similarly honored over the years by
      Barbara, was well-known for her dedication to           wish her a Happy 100th Birthday and reflect            the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Associa-
      political, cultural, and social causes. Born in         on how she lived through a century of                  tion.
      Chicago in 1926, Dr. Kennedy and her hus-               changes and a lifetime of memories as a                   Mr. Casey is respected throughout Maryland
      band, Jim, moved to the Santa Barbara area              model of charity and compassion and all                for being a pioneer and effective advocate for
      in 1972. It did not take long for Dr. Kennedy           around wonderful person.                               the freedom of information project, especially
      to become a dynamic presence in the commu-                                                                     during his service as president of the Mary-
      nity. In 1986 Dr. Kennedy completed her doc-                              f                                    land-Delaware-D.C. Press Association.
      torate at Claremont Graduate University and                                                                       Prior to joining the Capital, Mr. Casey was
      worked as a lecturer at UCSB, teaching class-                PAYING TRIBUTE TO BARBRA                          editor of the Daily Advance in Dover, NJ for
      es in political science, black studies, and con-                    REMMENGA                                   six years. He began working in newspapers as
      stitutional law. In addition to teaching, she was                                                              a sports editor in 1957 at the Binghamton
      also involved in founding the Black Studies                          HON. SCOTT McINNIS                        Press in New York. He also worked as a
      department, as well as the Black Cultural Fes-                                                                 sports editor for the Endicott Bulletin in New
                                                                                  OF COLORADO
      tival which brings art, plays, and other exhibits                                                              York and managing editor of the Binghamton
      to the university.                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Dr. Kennedy was a devoted political activist                  Wednesday, February 5, 2003                      I congratulate Mr. Casey in his retirement,
      as well. In 1988 she ran Rev. Jesse Jackson’s                                                                  and I wish him every success in his future en-
      local presidential campaign, and served as a                Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with great
                                                              admiration that I rise today to recognize              deavors.
      delegate to the party’s national convention. Dr.
                                                              Barbra Remmenga of Montrose, Colorado.                                  f
      Kennedy has also dedicated countless hours
      of volunteer time to numerous local, state, and         Barbra is a guardian ad litem attorney who is            ASYLUM: AN IDEA IN SEARCH OF
      federal campaigns. She was a longtime mem-              appointed by the courts to represent the best                    A STRATEGY
      ber of the NAACP and created two local orga-            interests of children involved in dependency
      nizations, Not in Our Town and the Building             and neglect proceedings. Recently, Barbra
      Bridges Community Coalition, both dedicated             was named Guardian Ad Litem Attorney of the                        HON. JAMES A. LEACH
      to fighting racism and building tolerance.              Year by the Colorado Court Appointed Special                               OF IOWA

         In 2002, through the Building Bridges Coali-         Advocates. In recognition of her success, I                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      tion, Dr. Kennedy was able to bring an exhibit          would like to pay tribute to Barbra’s career                   Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      on a slave ship, the Henrietta Marie, to a local        and accomplishments before this body of Con-
                                                              gress and this nation.                                   Mr. LEACH. Mr. Speaker, below are two op-
      museum in Santa Barbara. This exhibit was                                                                      ed articles written on the subject of possible
      visited by hundreds of local schoolchildren and            Barbra has been serving as a guardian ad
                                                                                                                     abdication and asylum for Saddam Hussein
      residents, and brought a new understanding of           litem attorney for the Seventh Judicial District
                                                                                                                     and his cohorts.
      the slave trade to thousands of people. It was          of Colorado for the past 11 years. She began
                                                              her career as a social worker doing child pro-          ASYLUM: AN IDEA IN SEARCH OF A STRATEGY
      her dedication to education and community in-
                                                              tection casework when she realized the                      (By Representative James A. Leach)
      volvement that made Dr. Kennedy such a spe-
                                                              amount of difference she could make as an at-            Monday Hans Blix will present the report
      cial person and I am confident that her legacy
                                                              torney fighting and defending those in need.           of the U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq to the
      will live on for many years to come.                                                                           U.N. Security Council. Absent a surprise, the
         The Santa Barbara community suffered a               Remmenga represents children of all ages in
                                                                                                                     report is likely to offer a mixed judgment: no
      great loss with Dr. Kennedy’s passing last              cases that involve physical abuse, neglect,            smoking gun, but no assumption that Sad-
      month, yet because of her activism and in-              and custody disputes. She views her job as a           dam Hussein has sincerely cooperated with
      volvement in the community Dr. Kennedy’s                huge responsibility because she is rep-                the inspectors or provided credible rationale
      spirit and teachings will remain among us for-          resenting such a vulnerable and defenseless            for his nuclear program or convincing evi-
      ever. Dr. Kennedy was a wonderful woman                 segment of the population. In recognition of           dence of disarming once held bio-chemical
                                                              her commitment to children’s well-being last           weapons.
      and an inspiration to us all and I am fortunate
                                                              December, Barbra was honored in Denver at                Tuesday evening the President will give
      that this special individual touched my life in                                                                his annual State of the Union address in
      so many ways.                                           the Seventh Annual CASA Training Con-
                                                                                                                     which he will undoubtedly make his case for
                                                              ference for her outstanding service.                   why the U.S. military may be called upon to
                                                                 Mr. Speaker, it is with great pride that I rec-     intervene in Iraq—with or without further
         HONORING ELIZABETH HESTER                            ognize Barbra Remmenga before this body of             U.N. approval.
                   RIDDLE                                     Congress and this nation. Barbra has served              At this juncture there appears to be only
                                                              her community with great honor and integrity.          one scenario which has the potential of being
                 HON. DANNY K. DAVIS                          Barbra demonstrates genuine concern for the            a win/win situation for America, the Iraqi
                                                                                                                     people and the world community. That is for
                          OF ILLINOIS                         children she represents and always looks out
                                                                                                                     Saddam Hussein, his family and cohorts to
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     for their best interest. Her commitment and
                                                                                                                     abdicate power and accept asylum outside
                                                              dedication serve as an inspiration to us all,          Iraq.
              Wednesday, February 5, 2003                     and it is an honor to represent such an out-             The possibility of such an outcome was im-
        Mr. DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. Speaker, I rise to         standing Coloradan in this Congress. Keep up           plicitly contemplated by Secretary Rumsfeld
      pay tribute to Ms. Elizabeth Hester Riddle. Ms.         the good work, Barbra.                                 last week when he said that the United

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00029   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.112    E06PT1
      E168                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    February 6, 2003
      States would not seek a trial before a war                 ASYLUM II: AN IDEA STILL IN SEARCH OF A             tate great loss of life in Iraq and elsewhere.
      crimes tribunal if Saddam steps aside peace-                               STRATEGY                            A wiser approach would be to incentivize
      fully.                                                       (By Representative James A. Leach)                Saddam to step aside. The challenge is to put
        There are three existing precedents for                                                                      as much effort into causing this to happen as
                                                                Now that Secretary Powell has laid down
      such a course. The Ethiopian war lord                                                                          we have to preparing for war itself.
                                                              convincing evidence of the Iraqi weapons
      Mengestu Haile Mariam agreed to asylum                  program and the United States and Britain                             f
      and is currently living in Zimbabwe; the no-            have massed a significant force in the Middle
      torious African Dictator Idi Amin is cur-                                                                      INTRODUCTION OF THE RANCHO
                                                              East to address the threat these weapons
      rently living in exile in Saudi Arabia; and             represent, it is apparent that the only way              CORRAL DE TIERRA GOLDEN
      the former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude                 the bloodshed of war and the countervailing              GATE  NATIONAL RECREATION
      ‘‘Baby Doc’’ Duvalier is living in the south of         possibility of terrorist reaction can be avoid-          AREA BOUNDARY ADJUSTMENT
      France.                                                 ed is if Saddam Hussein abdicates and ac-                ACT
        The possibility that Saddam Hussein would             cepts an offer of asylum.
      find attractive a life of ease in a dacha on
      the Black Sea or in a villa on the French
                                                                Absent the will to use force, asylum is con-
                                                              ceptually a non-starter. With the mobiliza-
                                                                                                                                      HON. TOM LANTOS
      Riviera may seem improbable. On the other                                                                                         OF CALIFORNIA
                                                              tion that has occurred and the case that Sec-
      hand, in the face of the overwhelming force             retary Powell has presented to the U.N., Sad-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      being marshaled against his regime, a                   dam must understand that he has a narrow                        Wednesday, February 5, 2003
      survivalist might conclude that abdication              window, a week or two at most, in which to
      could be rationalized for the good of his peo-                                                                    Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, today I intro-
                                                              decide whether he would rather be a survivor
      ple and for the good life the resources he has          or a humiliated military leader subject to a
                                                                                                                     duced H.R. 532, the ‘‘Rancho Corral de Tierra
      absconded with would make possible.                     war crimes tribunal in the unlikely event he           Golden Gate National Recreation Area Bound-
        From America’s perspective five central               lives through the next month.                          ary Adjustment Act’’ to improve the world’s
      conditions for asylum would have to be met:               The prospect of asylum may seem un-                  largest urban park.
      (1) That Saddam’s abdication be permanent;              likely, but it nonetheless deserves pursuing.             One of the nation’s most visited national
      (2) that his extended family and cohorts go             What is needed is a precise presentation and           parks, Golden Gate National GGNRA com-
      with him; (3) that he and they commit them-             implementation strategy. Otherwise asylum              prises numerous sites, including Alcatraz,
      selves to abstaining from complicity in fu-             will remain an abstract concept, unaccepted
      ture anarchistic or terrorist acts in or out-
                                                                                                                     Marin Headlands, Fort Funston, Fort Mason,
                                                              because it has never been appropriately de-            as well as Muir Woods National Monument,
      side Iraq; (4) that processes be established for        veloped and proffered.
      the creation of a more benign, democratic                 Substantively, asylum demands a host
                                                                                                                     Fort Point National Historic Site, and the Pre-
      government in Iraq; and (5) that, following             country and a series of quid pro quos, the             sidio of San Francisco.
      the Ferdinand Marcos asylum model, no                   most important being an agreement of the                  The Rancho Corral de Tierra addition to the
      commitment be made precluding a successor               international community not to prosecute in            GGNRA includes one of the largest undevel-
      Iraqi government from seeking international             return for peaceful abdication and credible            oped parcels on the San Mateo coast south of
      legal    recourse     to   recover    Saddam’s          assurances of non-participation in future vi-          San Francisco, and it contains rugged land
      kleptocratic wealth.                                    olence in or outside Iraq. Initiative for a pro-       that is unparalleled in other areas of the park.
        From a humanitarian perspective the                   posal at this time would, most appropriately,          These lands consist of some of the last unde-
      choice would seem to be a no-brainer. While             come from the Secretary General of the
      the motivations of individuals are always
                                                                                                                     veloped acreage adjacent to existing parkland
                                                              U.N., preferably with Arab League support.
      difficult to fathom, clearly a U.S.-led inter-                                                                 in the Bay Area. Permanent protection of
                                                                Given that American military leaders as-
      vention would imply a short life expectancy             sume a short, decisive conflict, it is fair to         these open spaces will protect and preserve
      for Saddam, as well as the potential of loss            ask why a U.S. strategist should not prefer a          unique coastal habitats of threatened, rare and
      of life for innocent civilians and military             military to a diplomatic victory. The answer           endangered plant and animal species, curb fu-
      personnel on both sides. Equally clearly,               relates precisely to the case Secretary Pow-           ture disruptive development along the coast,
      Saddam faces the possibility of an embar-               ell presented to the Security Council. The             and provide important scenic and recreation
      rassing erosion of his personal power base,             assumption in Washington that I find cred-             opportunities for Bay Area residents and visi-
      with a castle coup increasingly conceivable.            ible is that Iraq is unlikely to be the kind of        tors to our area.
        The question with which Saddam is con-                conventional warfare quagmire Vietnam                     This important land conservation legislation
      fronted is whether he would rather be a sur-            was. The assumption, however, that is more
      vivor or a failed martyr, whether his legacy                                                                   was near enactment in the last Congress. In
                                                              conjectural is the belief of many that Iraq
      in the end will include sacrificing power for           will react to American intervention in 2003
                                                                                                                     fact both Houses of Congress approved this
      his people or sacrificing his people and na-            similarly to the hapless defensive way it did          legislation, but because our bill was included
      tional spirit on the altar of his egomania.             in the 1991 Gulf War.                                  in a package with other unrelated provisions it
        To increase the possibility that a rational             In 1991 Saddam survived by failing to                was not approved in the same form by both
      choice be made by an irrational leader, the             mount much more than token resistance. He              Houses.
      United States should precipitate the presen-            recognized that allied goals were limited to              Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to join
      tation of an abdication option in a carefully           rolling back Iraqi aggression in Kuwait. Now           me in seizing this unique, exciting and signifi-
      modulated way. Asylum must be more than                 our goals are different and his non-conven-            cant opportunity for a public-private-partner-
      an abstract concept. There must be a strat-             tional war capacities enhance. When a cor-             ship to preserve open space. Companion leg-
      egy, public and private, for its presentation           nered tyrant is confronted with a ‘‘lose or
      and implementation.                                                                                            islation is being introduced today in the Sen-
                                                              use’’ option with his weapons of mass de-
        As distrustful as this Administration is of           struction, and in the Arab world is isolated           ate by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator
      the U.N., there is no more appropriate figure           unless he launches a ‘‘jihad’’ against Israel,         Barbara Boxer.
      than U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to               we must assume that more than a slight pos-               H.R. 532, the ‘‘Rancho Corral de Tierra
      speak on behalf of the world community re-              sibility exists that he may consider                   Golden Gate Boundary Adjustment Act’’ will
      garding such a prospect. The Security Coun-             unleashing bio-chemical weapons against                add three new areas to the GGNRA. These
      cil should ask Annan to make a formal offer             Israel or even American troops or an Amer-             lands are critically situated between existing
      to Saddam to accept asylum with clear con-              ican city. We also must assume that Moslem             parkland and would connect national park-
      ditions and possibly alternative destinations.          radicals around the world might view an                lands with State parkland and San Mateo
      Preferably the request should be made with              American-led intervention against a state              County parklands. Adding these lands to park
      the active support of the Arab League and a             that has not attacked us or a neighbor as the
      commitment of financial support (already                opening shot of a war between the Judeo-
                                                                                                                     areas in the City of Pacifica would help round
      hinted at) from countries like Saudi Arabia             Christian and Moslem civilizations. The im-            out the uneven boundary along the Pacific
      to fund asylum for the coterie of regime in-            plications, short and long-term, for ter-              coast and create a logical and appropriate en-
      siders, some of whom might find attractive              rorism against American interests could be             trance to the GGNRA for visitors from the
      different destinations than Saddam.                     large.                                                 south. The lands will also provide important
        Such as approach may be the only way to                 Precision of strategy is in order. What is at        regional trail links between the existing park-
      avoid a potentially catastrophic conflict               issue are four goals: (1) The removal of Sad-          lands, and would link the congressionally man-
      while bringing about progressive change in              dam Hussein and his cohorts; (2) the elimi-            dated Bay Area Ridge Trail with the California
      Iraq and the region. It is the only strategy in         nation of weapons of mass destruction in
                                                                                                                     Coastal Trail. The lands would also provide a
      which the world community and the Amer-                 Iraq; (3) the building of a stable Iraqi govern-
      ican government may at this time find com-              ment capable of being a model civil society            wildlife corridor for the diverse array of wildlife
      mon ground. While the chance of Saddam’s                in the region; and (4) the continuing effort to        that inhabit Montara Mountain.
      acquiescence to the asylum concept may be               thwart terrorism around the globe.                        Mr. Speaker, the largest parcel of land in-
      limited (perhaps 10 to 20 percent), failure to            While military intervention may accom-               cluded in this bill is comprised of 4,262 acres,
      press the offer would unconscionable.                   plish these purposes, it might also precipi-           and is known as the Rancho Corral de Tierra.

VerDate Jan 31 2003   02:12 Feb 07, 2003   Jkt 019060   PO 00000   Frm 00030   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05FE8.116    E06PT1
      February 6, 2003                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E169
      This parcel shares three miles of boundary              Caltrans will purchase these properties from           and local public agencies. The Advisory Com-
      with the GGNRA as well as with a California             their current owners. It is my understanding           mission aids in strengthening the spirit of co-
      state park and a San Mateo County park. Its             that Caltrans will donate these properties to a        operation between the National Park Service
      relatively untouched upper elevations preserve          state park agency for open space use.                  and the public, encourages private coopera-
      habitat for several threatened and endangered           Caltrans will also relinquish the abandoned            tion with other public agencies, and assists in
      plant and animal species. This property also            Highway 1 alignment to San Mateo County,               developing and ensuring that the park’s gen-
      contains four important coastal watersheds,             which will transfer these properties to a park         eral management plan is implemented. As part
      which provide riparian corridors for steel head         agency after the tunnel is completed. I want to        of its regular monthly hearing process, the Ad-
      trout, coho salmon and other aquatic species.           make something particularly clear, Mr. Speak-          visory Commission held public hearings on
         When the owner of Rancho Corral de Tierra            er. It is not the intention of this legislation to     this legislation in Half Moon Bay, California.
      recently put this property on the market the            give the federal government any responsibility         Advisory Commission members heard over-
      Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) nego-                 for the acquisition of land or the construction        whelming public support for the boundary
      tiated to purchase the property. POST ac-               or completion of the Devil’s Slide tunnel. This        study for ‘‘Rancho Corral de Tierra GGNRA
      quired the site for $29.75 million to save the          legislation has nothing to do with the matter of
                                                                                                                     Boundary Adjustment Act’’ that was produced
      site from development, to preserve this impor-          the highway and tunnel construction. This leg-
      tant natural area, and to donate, through pri-                                                                 by Peninsula Open Space Trust in consulta-
                                                              islation will simply make it possible for
      vate contributions, a substantial amount for                                                                   tion with the National Park Service. All Advi-
                                                              Caltrans to donate these properties to the Na-
      the federal acquisition of Rancho Corral de             tional Park Service when the Devil’s Slide tun-        sory Commission meetings are open to the
      Tierra.                                                 nel is completed and when the National Park            public and an official transcript of each meet-
         Mr. Speaker, POST is a local land conser-            Service has determined the acquisition of              ing is on record and available to the public.
      vancy trust in the San Francisco Bay Area. It           these lands is appropriate. Mr. Speaker, H.R.          The activities and contributions of the Advisory
      has a remarkable track record in working with           532 also includes within the GGNRA boundary            Commission are critical to the efficient oper-
      and assisting the federal government with the           the Caltrans-owned Martini Creek-Devil’s Slide         ation and management of the two adjoining
      protection of other important open space in             Bypass right-of-way, which was originally pur-         national park units of Point Reyes National
      the Bay Area. In 1994, POST negotiated ac-              chased by Caltrans for the purpose of building         Seashore and the GGNRA. Mr. Speaker, pre-
      quisition of the Phleger Estate in Woodside             a highway across Montara Mountain. When                serving our country’s unique natural areas
      and its inclusion in the GGNRA. This provided           San Mateo County voters overwhelmingly de-             must be one of our highest national priorities,
      local residents some 1,300 acres of pristine            cided in a local referendum in favor of the            and it is one of my highest priorities as a
      second-growth redwood forest, and the area              Devil’s Slide tunnel rather than the Martini           Member of Congress. We must preserve and
      has become a primary hiking destination in the          Creek Bypass in 1996, this right-of-way be-            protect these areas for our children and grand-
      mid-Peninsula area. I introduced the legisla-           came obsolete. This property, which covers             children today or they will be lost forever. Add-
      tion that added this important parcel to the            approximately 300 acres, bisects the proposed          ing these new lands in San Mateo County to
      GGNRA, and I worked closely with my neigh-              additions to the GGNRA and will provide im-            the GGNRA will allow us to protect these frag-
      bor and colleague, Congresswoman Anna                   portant recreation access to the surrounding           ile areas from development or other inappro-
      Eshoo, who took the lead in securing the fed-           parklands. It is my understanding that once            priate use that would destroy the scenic beau-
      eral funding of one-half of the purchase price.         the GGNRA boundary is adjusted to include              ty and natural character of this key part of the
      In this case, POST also provided one half of            this right-of-way, Caltrans will be able to do-        Bay Area.
      the purchase price through private donations.           nate this property to the National Park Serv-
      POST also assisted the federal government                                                                         Mr. Speaker, this bill was agreed to by both
                                                              ice. Mr. Speaker, H.R. 532 will also reauthor-
      with the protection and acquisition of Bair Is-         ize the Golden Gate National Recreation Area           Houses in the 107th Congress and should
      land, an important wildlife refuge in San Fran-         and Point Reyes National Seashore Advisory             have been enacted, but issues unrelated to
      cisco Bay, which is now managed by the U.S.             Commission for 10 years. The GGNRA and                 the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
      Fish and Wildlife Service. Congresswoman                Point Reyes Advisory Commission was estab-             precluded its final passage. I am hopeful that
      Eshoo played a key role in the Bair Island ac-          lished by Congress in 1972 to provide for the          the House will take up this bill where we left
      quisition. H.R. 532 also authorizes the Na-             free exchange of ideas between the National            off last year, complete legislative action, and
      tional Park Service to include within its bound-        Park Service and the public and to facilitate          enact H.R. 532 expeditiously. The Rancho
      aries an additional 525 acres of land in the            the solicitation of advice from members of the         Corral de Tierra Golden Gate National Recre-
      Devil’s Slide section of Coastal Highway 1,             public on problems pertinent to the National           ation Area Boundary Adjustment Act has the
      which is the scenic highway that winds its way          Park Service Parks or sites in Marin, San              support of the Bay Area Congressional Dele-
      along the entire California coast. The Devil’s          Francisco, and San Mateo Counties. The Ad-             gation. Joining me as co-sponsors are my dis-
      Slide properties are also adjacent to the Ran-          visory Commission holds open and accessible            tinguished colleagues, NANCY PELOSI, GEORGE
      cho Corral de Tierra property. It is my under-          public meetings monthly at which the public            MILLER, ANNA ESHOO, BARBARA LEE, ELLEN
      standing that the California Department of              has an opportunity to comment on park-re-              TAUSCHER, MIKE HONDA, MIKE THOMPSON,
      Transportation (Caltrans) will acquire these            lated issues. The Advisory Commission is an            PETE STARK, and ZOE LOFGREN. I urge my col-
      lands when it builds the Devil’s Slide tunnel.          invaluable resource for park management. It            leagues to take advantage of this unique op-
      This legislation includes the five properties           provides an important forum for the gathering          portunity to preserve these important lands for
      that border the highway alignment and will be           and receipt of public input, public opinion and        addition to our national parks and support pas-
      abandoned when the tunnel is completed.                 public comment and allows the park to main-            sage of H.R. 532, the Rancho Corral de Tierra
      Since these properties will have no access              tain constructive and informal contacts with           Golden Gate National Recreation Area Bound-
      once the Devil’s Slide road is abandoned,               both the private sector and other federal, state       ary Adjustment Act.

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