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    Volume 38 issue 8
    october 2011                                                                       1951 - 2011

                                    Candidate Statements Page 18

 We have devoted ourselves and our staff
 to providing the highest level of personal
          services to our clients.
              Our emphasis is primarily on
      • Workers’ Compensation                  • LACERA Retirements
      • Employment Litigation                  • Personal Injury

            Please contact Aaron or Julie
               for a free consultation.
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          ph: (818) 788-1700 | fax: (818) 788-1705
   Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject
  to up to five years in prison or a fine up to $50,000 or double the value of the
             fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine.
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                                                               Assessing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly .........................4
    Star & Shield is the official publication of the
    Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers
    Association (PPOA). Opinions expressed by indi-            2012 Choices Medical Rates .................................................5
    vidual board members or contributing authors in this
    publication do not necessarily reflect the opinions of     Custody Assistants: Doing More for Less ............................6
    the entire Board.
                                                               A Closer Look at Pensions, Salaries and Promotions ........7
    The Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday
    of each month in the PPOA offices at 10:00 a.m.
    Star & Shield subscription: $12.00                         Be Smart When You Are Injured on the Job .......................11

    Executive Editor: Brian Moriguchi                          Cancer: Keeping Things in Perspective .............................12

               BOARD OF DIRECTORS                              Medal of Valor Ceremony ....................................................12
              BRIAN MORIGUCHI, President                       Letter to the Governor .........................................................14
                JIM CRONIN, Vice President
               JIM BLANKENSHIP, Secretary
             ROGELIO MALDONADO, Treasurer                      PPOA Labor Day BBQ ..........................................................16

                       DIRECTORS                               PPOA Board Candidate Statements ...................................18
    DANYA HAZEN                             DAVID VIDAL        AB30 Pension Attack Update ..............................................23
     TONY ROMO                           GERARDO GARCIA
    ANDREW LEE                            JIM SCHALLERT
     ART REDDY                                                                           PPOA AFFILIATIONS
                                                                                        Southern California Alliance
           2011 STANDING COMMITTEES                                                    of Law Enforcement (SCALE)
                                                                                            California Coalition of
    ASSOCIATIONS                        612 NEGOTIATIONS                         Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA)
 Chairman MORIGUCHI                    Chairman MORIGUCHI                                 International Foundation
      DELEGATES                         614 NEGOTIATIONS                                of Employee Benefit Plans
   Chairman CRONIN                        Chairman VIDAL                        Los Angeles County Organization of Police
        FINANCE                         621 NEGOTIATIONS                                   and Sheriffs (LACOPS)
 Chairman MALDONADO                   Chairman BLANKENSHIP                     Public Employees Staff Organization (PESO)
      INSURANCE                         631 NEGOTIATIONS                              Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
 Chairman MORIGUCHI                     Chairman MACHIAN               National Conference of Public Employee Retirement Systems
      LEGISLATIVE                       632 NEGOTIATIONS                      California Peace Officer Memorial Foundation
   Chairman REDDY                        Chairman KADES
     MEMBERSHIP                          RETIREE LIAISON
  Chairwoman HAZEN                       Chairman REDDY                                PPOA STAFF MEMBERS
                                                                                   PAUL K. ROLLER, Executive Director
                                                                                SANDRA BRYANT, Administrative Assistant
                                                                                CLARE FRANCO, Administrative Assistant
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 PPOA Online Store:                  Connect with                                     MARK VIDAL, Media Assistant
                                  “L.A. County PPOA”                          MARICELA VILLEGAS, Sr. Administrative Assistant
www.poastore.com                     on Facebook.
                                                                                  JIM VOGTS, Legislative Representative
                                                                               VENISE WALLACE, Sr. Labor Representative

                                                                                                    october 2011 | Star&Shield                 3
                                  Assessing the Good, the Bad
                                  and the Ugly

                                                 ell, it has been a very busy couple     California. We are proud that one of our members,
                                                 of months. Some good. Some bad.         Captain Michael Parker, will be receiving the Top
                                                 Some ugly. Let’s start with some        Management Award for his accomplishments as
                                                 good news.                              captain at Sheriff ’s Headquarters Bureau. Captain
                                                                                         Parker has expanded LASD communications

    Brian Moriguchi               PROMOTIONS
                                      It is good to finally see some movement again.
                                                                                         into the 21st century through the use of new
                                                                                         technology and social media. Well done, Mike! If
                                  The Sheriff ’s Department is anticipating more         you want to come out and support Captain Parker,
            PPoa President        than 300 new deputy vacancies and has started          you can buy tickets through the PPOA website
          lieutenant, laSd        Academy classes again. These classes, as well as       (anyone catch the irony of this statement!).
                                  custody assistant classes, should go well into 2012.
                                  In addition, we have had two Sergeant Super            PPOA INSURANCE AGENCY
                                  Schools in the past month, promoting more than            It has taken a lot longer than I anticipated, but
                                  50 deputies into the ranks of supervisors. Welcome,    we have finally selected the general manager to
                                  new sergeants! You have now entered the abyss and      head our PPOA Insurance Agency. We conducted
                                  there is no turning back! All kidding aside, you       an exhaustive search and interviewed the best
                                  are the most critical part of management and will      qualified among experienced insurance agents.
                                  have the greatest impact on the deputies who work      Our goal has been, and will always be, to provide
                                  for you. Mentor them, train them and help them         insurance needs to our members based on THEIR
              We have deep        become hard-working deputies. I hope you will          needs, not based on commission. We will be
                                  impact them just as many sergeants impacted me         expanding our insurance offerings to include a
        concerns about the        in a positive way throughout my career.                wider variety of insurance companies since one size
       promotional process            Lieutenant promotions should follow in the         doesn’t fit all. The PPOA Insurance Agency will do
                                  near future. We know many of you are on pins           the research on the best insurance available so our
             and have been        and needles wondering about whether they will          members can feel confident that we are looking out
                                  promote everyone in Band I or whether they will        for their needs, much like the POPA Credit Union.
      working with Sheriff's
                                  promote into Band II. We will keep you posted on       This will be a full service insurance company. We
        executives to create      what we hear. As you know, we have deep concerns       have a few more hoops to jump through to ensure
                                  about the promotional process and have been            we are complying with all applicable laws, but we
        a fair and equitable      working with Sheriff ’s executives to create a fair    hope to have the PPOA Insurance Agency up and
      process for the future.     and equitable process for the future. The Sheriff ’s   running by January 2012. We will send out an
                                  Department is reluctant to change as evidenced         announcement when ready.
                                  by the Bouman lawsuit, but I am hopeful they will
                                  listen to reason rather than risk another lawsuit.     CANCER SUPPORT
                                                                                            While attending a law enforcement function
                                  LASD PERSONNEL ACKNOWLEDGED FOR                        out of state, I ran into an old friend whom I used
                                  EXTRAORDINARY WORK                                     to teach with many years ago in Los Angeles. His
                                     On September 6th, I had the pleasure of             name is Joe Levy. He is a commander with the
                                  attending the LASD Medal of Valor Awards               Long Beach Police Department. What I didn’t
                                  ceremony. More than 30 deputies of various ranks       know is that he is a cancer survivor and that he
                                  and positions were recognized for exceptional          helped establish the National Law Enforcement
                                  work, including several PPOA members:                  Cancer Support Foundation. This organization’s
                                  Sergeant Robert Farkas, Sergeant Joe Fender,           sole purpose is to provide support for law
                                  Sergeant Eric Fox, Sergeant David Valentine,           enforcement employees and their families who
                                  Deputy Juan Alvarado and Deputy Tina Alvarez.          have had the misfortune of dealing with cancer.
                                  Congratulations to all the award recipients for        They also help educate about prevention, as well as
                                  their acts of bravery and heroism.                     treatments currently available for those diagnosed
                                     On October 22, the Golden Badge Foundation          with all types of cancer.
                                  will be recognizing exemplary service in the
                                  area of public safety throughout the state of                                           continued on page 9

4    Star&Shield | october 2011
                             2012 Choices Medical Rates

                                     ach October, Los Angeles County holds a month-          should carefully review the package to make sure that
                                     long “open enrollment” to allow active County           the coverage they have now will take care of their needs
                                     employees to make changes to their medical,             in 2012 — and still be affordable.
                                     dental or other insurance coverage. All active             If you have not received your Choices package
                             PPOA-represented members are part of the “Choices”              by the time that you read this, then visit www.
                             package of plans offered by L.A. County. The Choices            mylacountybenefits.com or call (888) 822-0487 to get

   Paul K. Roller            package of insurance plans also includes those union
                             plans offered by ALADS and CAPE. In preparation for
                                                                                             a new enrollment packet. Or you can call the L.A.
                                                                                             County Benefits Hotline at (213) 388-9982. You have
                             this open enrollment, the County sends each PPOA                until October 31st to make any changes for 2012.
PPoa executive director      member a 2012 Choices enrollment booklet that                      In any year you choose — going back three decades
      proller@ppoa.com       details each plan, any changes to that plan and next            — medical inflation and the subsequent higher medical
                             years’ premiums for each plan. If you don’t make any            premiums outstrip inflation virtually every year. This
                             changes to your current choices, then everything you            has led to medical costs eating up more and more
                             have in place this year will roll over to next year, plus any
                             additional premiums. That is why every PPOA member                                                continued on page 10

     all PPoa members
   should carefully study
 the choices enrollment
  materials to determine
   the changes and rate
       increases for their
specific plans and make
    any needed changes
         by october 31st.

                                                                                                         october 2011 | Star&Shield                5
                                 Custody Assistants:
                                 Doing More for Less
                                              ustody Assistants have saved the Sheriff ’s    do what needs to be done. Guess what — you might
                                              Department $60 million per year, every         have to leave us to do the job if you did have to go
                                              year. We should be working on the next $60     out. We would manage because that is what we do as
                                              million just about now. We did a two-year      Department members.
                                 study that showed how much could be saved. All the               Why doesn’t the Department look at two-man
                                 documents were completed and reworked. Here we              cars again in order to protect our deputies? Years

       Danya Hazen               sit waiting, continuing to do outstanding work. The
                                 excuses given are many: “It’s not the right time,” “How
                                                                                             ago, personnel chose to stay and work for the
                                                                                             Department out of loyalty and because they really
                                 do we know that we will be able to hire good, capable,      were proud to be members. What happened? Now,
      PPoa board Member          qualified people,” “We need an army of deputies in case     people stay because they can’t afford to leave.  We
    custody assistant laSd       the sky falls in,” and “Only then will we be able to send   were a family.
                                 them out in force.”                                              We haven’t given up. Custody Assistants are
                                      Let’s look at these facts: For more than 20 years,     applying to become deputies and are being turned
                                 Custody Assistants have been doing the job. It is           down. How is that possible unless they have gotten
                                 a tribute to us that we have consistently produced          into trouble? You have a proven product — someone
                                 and excelled. Each year that has gone by, we have           who is already doing the job, and still you would
                                 been given more to do based on our performance.             rather take someone off the street.
                                 This program was started because there just isn’t                Enough!  We need to make a change. Custody
                                 enough money to pay deputies to do all the jobs. We         Assistants are covered when injured on the job. If you
                                 work well together, but the pay is less than half of        are attacked by an inmate, charges will be filed against
                                 what deputies make. We now have career Custody              them. We have had these rights for years. If you are
                                 Assistants who enjoy their job, asking only for the         told “No,” then get your own witness statement.
                                 recognition and pay we deserve. We realize that we              Last but not least, I had the honor to attend the
                                 will never make what a deputy makes. We would               LASD Medal of Valor ceremony last month. I knew
                                 price ourselves right out of a job. We are different.       three of the people who received awards that day.
                                      The sky may fall, but it is doubtful. If something     It goes to show that you never know what you are
                                 bad were to happen, we would band together and              capable of until it stares you in the face!

        The Savings are Scary!
         PPOA is proud to offer discount tickets to the following Halloween-themed venues:

         Knott’s Scary Farm                                       Price varies with dates, range: $32-$47
         Universal Studios Halloween Haunt                        Price varies with dates, range: $35-$59
         Magic Mountain Fright Fest                               Price: $27 adults/$18 children

                          For details, call PPOA at (323) 261-3010
                                 or visit www.PPOA.com.
                                  Offers are restricted to PPOA members only.

6   Star&Shield | october 2011
                         A Closer Look at Pensions,
                         Salaries and Promotions
                              t was great to see so many of you at the recent      are all of you, I am incensed that some legislators
                              PPOA BBQ. There were many familiar faces, and I      are trying to balance the results of their poor fiscal
                              was fortunate enough to meet some of you for the     decisions on the backs of public safety employees.
                              first time. I took that opportunity to ask several   We at PPOA are doing everything we can to ensure
                         of you what your current concerns were and if PPOA        common sense enters the discussions and that
                         was addressing those concerns. As I finish up my          cooler heads prevail.
 Jim Schallert           first year as a PPOA Board Member, I want to ensure
                         that PPOA is meeting your expectations and answer
                                                                                       The second concern many of you still express is
                                                                                   that of pay increase or a “decompression” between
                         any questions you have. When I first sat in a Board       Sergeant ranks and Deputy ranks (meaning that
PPoa board Member        chair, there were three universal concerns most 612       Deputy salaries are now dangerously close, and
    Sergeant, laSd       members I spoke with had:                                 sometimes higher, than their supervisors). Our
  jschallert@ppoa.com        1. Pension protection                                 last salary increase was 2008, negotiated several
                             2. Salary protection (and future increases)           years before that. Some of you point to recent “pay
                             3. A fair promotion system                            increases” by other agencies, but a closer look at
                              The first of these, pension protection, has been     these alleged increases revealed that there were
                         a battle that I can tell you PPOA is fully engaged in     takeaways from those agencies that either exceeded
                         on a daily basis. I enthusiastically throw kudos to       or came very close to the increases their employees
                         PPOA President Brian Moriguchi and the rest of the        received. The fiscal condition of the state and
                         Board for ensuring this is in the forefront of all of     County has not improved over the past 12 months,
                         PPOA’s activities. Brian has taken a true leadership      and it has quite possibly gotten worse. We do,
       Something will    role here. Brian has met with legislators and others,     however, have an obligation to constantly review
                         driving the point home that the LACERA model is           our salaries and the ability of the County to increase
    change within the    the solution, not the problem. He has strengthened        those salaries, or decompress the salaries between
public pension system    the relationship that PPOA enjoys with LACERA             the ranks, as soon as fiscally possible. PPOA will
                         and other groups who are eventually going to              be working to that end by evaluating all of the data
    eventually, but we   be deeply involved in the interpretation of any           and determining what our position should be very
are hopeful that oUr     legislation impacting our pension. PPOA Board             soon. For the past several years, we have elected to
                         Members are briefed regularly on any pension              work with the County by extending our current
 system is determined    reform legislation by Art Reddy and Jimmy Vogts,          salary contract for a year at a time. While this has
 to be the benchmark     our “Men on the Hill.” Art and Jimmy’s dedication         resulted in significant savings for the County over
                         to the mission is nothing short of spectacular. As        the past several years (and in return no takeaways
for others to measure    I draft this article, word has come down that a           for our members), there will come a time, in my
                         committee is being formed in Sacramento to look           opinion, when the decompression issue will need to
                         at the many (and I mean MANY) pension reform              be resolved. Will that be this year? We don’t know
                         proposals. The committee will sort through the            yet. We will definitely keep you posted. 
                         proposals and hopefully draft a common sense                  The third concern that many of you have is the
                         pension reform solution. I can assure you that PPOA       promotion process. I get asked all the time, based on
                         will be doing everything we can to ensure that our        my experience working personnel administration
                         pension system is protected and that your voices are      and at the Bureau of Compliance, if our testing
                         heard. While it is certain that something will change     system is the best it can be for promotion to
                         within the public pension system eventually, we are       Sergeant and Lieutenant. Many of you ask why we
                         hopeful that the common sense approach prevails,          can’t return to the “numbered list.” I also get asked
                         and that OUR system is determined to indeed be
                         the benchmark for others to measure against. As                                            continued on page 10

                                                             What’s New?
                               New Address? New Title? New Assignment? New Beneficiary?
                                                Keep PPOA Posted! Call the PPOA office at
                                               (800) 747-PPOA to keep your records current.

                                                                                              october 2011 | Star&Shield               7
    Retiree Events
RELAC RV Campout                                                    Desert Heat Lunch
October 31-November 2                                               Second Wednesday of each month
Shadow Hills Resort, Indio                                          Elks Club, Lake Havasu
Info: www.relac.org
                                                                    The Motherlode Loafers
L.A. County Retired Marshals Lunch                                  Second Wednesday of each month
November 2, 2011                                                    Location varies among Grass Valley restaurants
Hometown Cafe, Cerritos                                             Info: ceklasd@earthlink.net

Retired Female Deputies Weekend                                     Retired Deputies in Las Vegas
November 4                                                          Third Wednesday of each month
Marina del Rey Hotel                                                Blue Ox Tavern on Sahara
(More info to follow)                                               12:00 p.m.
                                                                    Info: Tony Silas, (702) 251-8088
Lakewood ROMEOs Luncheons
Second Monday of each month                                         Compton Alumni Association
                                                                    Third Wednesday of each month
Los Angeles Retired Deputy Sheriffs (LARDS)                         Crystal Hotel & Casino
Second Monday of each month                                         12:00 p.m.
Bella Italia Restaurant, San Gabriel (across from Northwoods Inn)
11:30 a.m./$10.00                                                   Santa Clarita Area Retired Sheriff’s
                                                                    Personnel Quarterly Luncheon
Wuzz Fuzz/Victor Valley                                             Second Thursday in February, May, August and November
Second Tuesday of each month                                        Tournament Players Club restaurant, Valencia
Hometown Buffet, Victorville                                        11:30 a.m.
7:30 a.m.                                                           Info: islandbum@ca.rr.com

Retired D.A. Investigators Lunch                                    Firestone Station Retirees Lunch
First Wednesday of each month                                       (Others welcome, too)
Frantone’s, 10808 Alondra Boulevard, Cerritos                       Fourth Thursday of each month
11:00 a.m.                                                          11:00 a.m.
Info: Wes English, (714) 962-5862                                   Maggie’s Pub, Santa Fe Springs
                                                                    Info: usafeod54@earthlink.com or Jack at fatalitch@ca.rr.com
Inland Empire Old Guys
First Wednesday of each month                                       Antelope Valley Retirees
B.C. Café, Rancho Cucamonga                                         Last Friday of every month
11:30 a.m.                                                          Carrows on Avenue K, Lancaster
Info: Dock Parnell, (909) 981-6217                                  7:00 a.m.
                                                                    Info: Carlos Valdez, (661) 943-0125 or valdez5150@msn.com
L.A. County Retired Deputies
First Wednesday of each month                                       Fuzz That Wuzz/Central California
Carrows, Hesperia                                                   Occasional reunion for LASD retirees
11:00 a.m.                                                          Info: Walt Scheuerell, (559) 683-6320 or walts@sierratel.com

                                                                    Northern Sierra Retirees
                                                                    Occasional reunion for LASD retirees
              Attention Advertisers!                                Info: Drake Robles, dr98lt@sbcglobal.net
                     Get the word out!                              Deputies-On-The-Go Travel Group
                                                                    Info: Pete Moreno, (909) 941-4416 or cynapete@aol.com
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                       Star & Shield!
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8   Star&Shield | october 2011
Moriguchi                                                                         about, we will send an e-mail blast out so you will have up-to-date
continued from page 4                                                             information from which you can make informed decisions. If you hear
                                                                                  rumors, please send me an e-mail and I will confirm or dispute those
    Cancer is a particularly sensitive topic for me as I have lost many           rumors before they spiral out of control.
friends and family members to this terrible disease. I am certain that               Recently, we learned that LACERA was preparing to release the
all of us have been impacted by cancer in one way or another and I am             names and pensions of retirees pursuant to a California Public Records
certain that some of you are struggling with this disease today. I asked          Act request by the Los Angeles Times. We immediately filed action in
Joe to write an article for this month’s issue of Star & Shield, and I hope       court to stop the release of this information. We were aware that there
you will take the time to read his article on page 12. In addition, I hope        have been at least six court cases, all of which have failed in preventing
you will take advantage of his support foundation if you are struggling           the release of police officer names and pension data. All we asked
with this disease. Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! Joe and                 for is that LACERA handle the release just as Los Angeles County
his colleagues can tell you how they faced a one-in-a-million chance and          handled the release of active members’ names and salaries. The County
beat this disease.                                                                allowed active members to submit possible reasons why the release
                                                                                  of this information should be withheld, keeping in mind the court’s
PENSIONS                                                                          ruling that such withholding must meet extremely high standards. We
   I am happy to say we have defeated all pension attacks thus far and            successfully argued in court and the judge ordered that the information
should have a bit of a reprieve through the end of this year. PPOA has            not be released pending responses from retirees. The judge limited the
been the leader in the effort to stop pension reform destruction, but the         reasoning to only those who can demonstrate that the release of their
fight has just begun. Assembly Bill 340 (Furutani) was flying through             names would place them in danger (i.e., undercover officers whose
the legislature calling for some changes to pension calculations. PPOA            identities are still secretive AND if divulged could place the officer as
worked with LACERA to ensure that this bill, if signed into law, did not          risk). This is a high standard, but PPOA will try to prevent the release
adversely affect our members’ pensions. Fortunately, this bill was gutted         of the names of retirees who might be jeopardized. We have notified
before getting through the legislature and ALL of the pension changes             ALADS and asked that they join PPOA in this case and immediately file
were removed. Instead, the bill called for the creation of a committee            with the court to afford their members the same opportunity.
to review pensions. Even though this may appear to simply delay the                  Yes, folks. That was the ugly! We believe there is no legitimate
inevitable (i.e., pension destruction), I believe we will be able to educate      reason to release the names of any police officer and we are deeply
the committee on a great pension system known as LACERA and to                    disappointed in the court decisions on this topic. Yet, we will continue
recommend the state follow LACERA’s lead.                                         to do our jobs and fight to protect society even if we are not provided
   If you haven’t done so already, please call the PPOA office and                the same courtesy. That is what separates us from people like those who
provide us with your personal (non-LASD) e-mail addresses. If there               run the Los Angeles Times!
are any urgent notices or impending pension changes you need to know                 Be safe!

   Maher Al-Bouz, D.D.S.
                                                                   In Honor of the Men and Women Who Serve and Protect our Cities
                                                                   • Biodentistry                               • Root Canal Therapy
                                                                   • Comprehensive Dental                       • Dentures & Partials
                                                                    & Emergency Care                            • Crowns & Bridges
                                                                   • Lumineer & Traditional Veneers             • Orthodontics
                                                                   • Invisalign                                 • Pediatric Dentistry
                                                                   • Bonding & Tooth-Colored Fillings           • Dental Implants
                                                            • All dental specialists under one roof
   639 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite A         22062 Ventura Blvd.
   San Dimas, CA 91773                    Woodland Hills, CA 91364
   (909) 599-2029                         (818) 676-1485                                                          FREE
                                                                                                           Teeth Whitening for
  Delta, Anthem Blue Cross and Most Insurance Plans Accepted.
  *Special pricing for all services not covered under insurance.                                            Law Enforcement
  Financing Available                                                                                        personnel and
                                                                                                              their families.

                                                                                                            (one per household)

                                                                                                                   october 2011 | Star&Shield             9
Roller                                                                               Schallert
continued from page 5                                                                continued from page 7

of your paycheck, even when PPOA has negotiated an increase in County                what happened to the panel of Chiefs who traditionally compiled the list
contributions to your medical premiums. This year in January 2012, members           of names for the Sheriff to consider for promotion to Lieutenant (with
who purchase their heath care through the Choices plans will see their County        executive privilege, of course). To answer all of the above, the Sheriff
contribution to their Choices plans increase by 7.2 percent. Employee-only           has ultimate control over the promotion process. I could talk for hours
contribution rates will go to $659.13/month; Employee plus one will increase         about what is called a validated and job-related test process. I could put
to $1,202.61/month; and family rates (two or more dependants) will rise to           you to sleep with statistical analysis figures or disparate impact studies,
$1,420.66/month. Unfortunately, those increases may not be enough to cover           and I could discuss the history of the infamous lawsuit that resulted in
the premium rate inflation for your chosen plan. That is why you need to             a decades-long (and counting) consent decree being imposed on the
carefully review your Choices plan booklet and make any needed changes to            Department, in such detail that your head would spin and you would
cover your family properly AND absorb any premium increases.                         wonder why you even brought up the subject with me. I will just say that
   The County’s new medical rate analyst, Aon, reported to the Board of              PPOA has begun to address some of the concerns members have about the
Supervisors that medical insurance rates in Southern California will increase        process, the banding vs. numbered lists and the way that final selections
by 10 percent next year while L.A. County-represented employee rates will            are currently made without the traditional Chief ’s panel. We hope to have
increase by an average of only 8.3 percent. In addition, L.A. County dental rates    some answers soon as the Sheriff and PPOA President Brian Moriguchi
will DECREASE an average of minus 3.6 percent next year. The L.A. County             have recently discussed it. From feedback I have heard thus far, it appears
term life and AD&D rates will also go down next year in the Choices plan. This       to me that the Sheriff is open to PPOA’s concerns and genuinely values the
news is at best a mixed bag. L.A. County Choices plans’ rates are either rising      presence of a fair promotion process for all. 
at a slower rate than other Southern California plans or decreasing, but still            So with that, I will again ask for your e-mails with any ideas or
overall rising faster than the County’s contribution rate increases.                 concerns that you think PPOA should be addressing. Not a day goes
   Here are the specifics as far as the Choices 2012 rates:                          by that I don’t appreciate you electing me, and I feel honored to
   Cigna health care rates will increase by 7.3 percent next year. These increases   represent the finest group of Sergeants and Lieutenants in the finest
are much less than last year, and they are basically still the cheapest plan in      law enforcement agency in the world. Please keep the e-mails coming
Choices. Kaiser health care rates for 2012 will increase the same amount as          to jschallert@ppoa.com and thanks again!
CIGNA: 7.3 percent. ALADS group of plans will increase an average of 8.8
percent next year with individual plan rates going up between 7.8 percent and
9.2 percent depending on the plan. Some of you may also have the CAPE Blue
Shield Plan, which is increasing an average of 4.4 percent — the best job this
                                                                                               Connect with
year by any health care plan of holding down the increase in rates.                        “L.A. County PPOA”
   Delta Dental rates will DECREASE by 2.5 percent next year and DeltaCare                   on Facebook for
and SafeGuards dental plans will remain the same in 2012.                                news, updates and special
   All PPOA members should carefully study the Choices enrollment materials                       offers.
to determine the changes and rate increases for their specific plans and make
any needed changes by October 31st. Please see accompanying charts for the               FACEBOOK.COM/LAPPOA
particulars of each plan.

10       Star&Shield | october 2011
Be Smart When You Are Injured on the Job
  By Robert Sherwin, Esq. (Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee)

                hen people decide to represent themselves in legal proceedings,    complex in fact that the California State Bar has established stringent
                judges often discourage them by warning, “He who represents        requirements, including a “mini” bar exam before attorneys can become
                himself, has a fool for a client.” Does this axiom hold true for   “certified specialists.” Given the level of expertise necessary for an
                workers’ compensation, which is actually an administrative         attorney to become a certified specialist, why in the world would you
law process? The answer is a resounding yes! Does that mean, however,              want to handle your own claim and wade through a sea of rules and
that all injured workers need legal representation? No! Does that sound            regulations that if not strictly followed, would negatively impact your
confusing? Let me explain.                                                         rights. So what are the red flags that should prompt you to speak with
   I often meet with peace officers whose work injuries don’t require an           an experienced workers’ compensation attorney?
attorney because all benefits, such as treatment or temporary disability              Any mention by your employer or insurance adjuster of a QME is
compensation, have been provided and the employee has almost fully                 an indication that they are questioning some aspect of your injury.
recovered from the injury with little or no permanent disability. In               Requesting and then selecting the proper QME is perhaps the most
those cases, I can usually advise the officer how to “conclude” their              crucial decision to be made on your case. A request for a QME is made
claim without any litigation or the use of an attorney. But what about             on a form submitted to the Medical Unit of the Division of Workers’
the claims that aren’t so clear cut? The ones where your employer                  Compensation in Oakland, California. Once submitted, the DWC
wants you to be examined by a qualified medical evaluator (QME)                    issues a Panel of three QMEs, one of which will examine you and be the
before they decide on accepting liability or paying any permanent                  final arbiter on your case. That doctor will determine issues of medical
disability compensation, or where they deny some of the treatment                  treatment, temporary disability and permanent disability. If the QME
recommendations of your treating doctor, including surgery.                        request form is not completed correctly, the Panel may not include a
   Shouldn’t an alarm go off in your head telling you to consult with              doctor with the expertise or specialty for your injury.
a knowledgeable attorney so the decisions you make on your claim
are correct? Workers’ compensation is a complex area of law; so                                                                        continued on page 15

                                                                                                                  october 2011 | Star&Shield            11
Cancer: Keeping Things in Perspective
  By Commander Josef Levy, Long Beach Police Department

    t seems like its human nature to complain. Although we are educated               Now, most of us in this profession have probably seen a lot of things
    human beings, many people like to complain. You know that family               that have shocked us, and over the past 23 years, I have been shocked
    member, friend, co-worker or partner who always manages to see their           my fair share of times, but think about how you would respond to being
    glass half empty instead of half full. They are the people who seem            told you have cancer. Feeling shocked was an understatement. I was
to spread this negativity like a contagious disease. Now I will take some          overwhelmed with a wide range of emotions and all I could think about
ownership and admit that I have been guilty of complaining from time to            were things like what will happen to my family, my wife, my four kids —
time, but let’s try to keep things in perspective. Webster’s defines perspective   why me, I’m only 44, I’m too young to die. Needless to say, that night and
as looking through, or seeing clearly. I would like to share my perspective        the emotions were so vivid, that I will never forget it. I would also like to
based on a recent experience.                                                      mention the word “timing.” You see, I was told on Monday night and this
   On June 18, 2007, I was at a work function, attending a dinner, when            was just four days before our son Adam’s “big day,” where he was going
I received a message on my cell phone from my wife Lysa. The message               to become a Bar Mitzvah (where a boy becomes a man in the Jewish
was actually a question, “When are you coming home?” Now, you need                 religion). Naturally, this presented a whole other issue of disclosure to
to understand that my wife rarely questions my whereabouts or inquires             family and friends.
when I’m coming home, unless there was an important reason. After                     I share my experience for a one reason. You see, when most healthy,
replying to her, I ultimately arrived home. In the back of my mind, I knew         able-bodied people are “doing their thing,” they tend to get into a rut or
I was expecting some biopsy results from a recent exam. Week’s prior, my           groove and sometimes take things for granted. What I’m talking about
doctors located a one-centimeter nodule on my thyroid. I was not terribly          is your health. Many of us worry and complain about issues that in
worried because I was told by doctors that the majority of these nodules           comparison to our health, should be no comparison at all.
are non-cancerous. However, when I arrived home, I was informed by my                 Prior to “getting the news” I would often think about the day-to-day
wife that my two doctors had called with some bad news. Lysa then told             stuff that might sound familiar to many of you. How much do I have in
me, “Joey, you have cancer.”                                                       my savings or checking account? Can I afford that “toy?” What about that

                        Medal of Valor Ceremony
         Congratulations to the 38
         individuals honored by the
         Sheriff’s Department at the
         2011 Medal of Valor Ceremony.
         Among the honorees were
         the following PPOA members:

         Deputy Juan Alvarado
         Deputy Tina Alvarez
         Sergeant Robert Farkas
         Sergeant Joseph Fender
         Sergeant Eric Fox
         Sergeant David Valentine

         Their acts of determination,
         courage and selflessness were
         truly impressive. Complete
         details can be found at

12    Star&Shield | october 2011
project on my desk? Will I be getting that promotion or assignment? Will
I be getting a call back for an overtime shift? Why don’t we have this, why                Attention PPOA Members
don’t we have that? It basically came down to sweating the small stuff in            We need your personal (non-LASD) e-mail address! Last month,
life. But it’s all so irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. Because, if you     we sent an e-mail blast to PPOA members regarding Assembly
don’t have your health, well, my friends, “You ain’t got nothing!”                   Bill 340 (pension reform). If you did not receive it, that means: 
    My point is, until your facing possible death, straight in the face, you
may not have the perspective that others and I have. Believe me, I’m not             1. Your e-mail address is not on file with PPOA, or,
bragging. I just recently got handed this thing called perspective as a              2. We have only your LASD-provided e-mail address (which
consolation prize for having cancer.                                                 regularly blocks e-mail blasts from PPOA). 
    I’m sharing my story because I want to emphasize the importance of not
sweating the small stuff. Use your precious time and energy to focus on              Either way, we need your personal (non-LASD) e-mail address
the big things, the things that are important to you, whatever they may be:          so that we can disseminate important news to you as quickly
family, friends, music or religion. Because when it comes down to it, these          as possible. Please e-mail your address to info@ppoa.com and
are the things that help me cope and give me the support, strength and power         reference “e-mail updates” in the subject line.
to be in a position to fight this thing. I have also discovered this thing called
positive thinking — something I have been preaching to others for many
years. But it took a time of crisis in my personal life for me to begin to explore
this very powerful tool I have been using to “fight the fight.”
    Soon after my diagnosis, my path lead me to Steve Bowles, a Sergeant
with the Seal Beach (California) Police Department. I learned that
Steve was also a cancer survivor and was in the process of creating a
cancer support group for law enforcement. As a result, the National Law
Enforcement Cancer Support was created. The mission of our foundation
is to provide free emotional support, guidance and resources to anyone
in law enforcement who is going through a cancer diagnosis. More
information about our foundation can be found at www.lecsf.net.
    So, if you find yourself falling into the victim mentality and turning into
a chronic complainer, shake it off. Keep things in perspective. You may not
have everything in life that you want, but if you have your health, a spiritual
base, a strong diverse group of friends and family, then consider yourself
as “having it all.”

      Let your inner
      leader emerge.
      The Master of Science
      in Management and Leadership
      Our part-time, evening and weekend program for working
      professionals gave Ryan a deeper understanding of his
      own personal leadership style. His goal is to advance to a
      higher managerial level with his newfound confidence.
      Learn more about our program by attending an upcoming
      Information Session close to your work or home.
      Irvine Campus: Tuesday, October 11
      West LA Campus: Wednesday, October 12


      Master the leader in you.

                                                                                                Ryan Lee
                                                                                                Officer, Los Angeles Police Department
                                                                                                Master of Science in Management and Leadership, 2009
      Irvine and West LA Graduate Campuses

                                                                                                                  october 2011 | Star&Shield           13
                     074208.05_PEPUNI_MSML_Media_PORAC_Ad_MECH                           Date: 09/12/11         ROUND #: MECH
Letter to the Governor

14   Star&Shield | october 2011
Sherwin                                                                               Upon questioning him, I discovered he already filed the claim on his own
continued from page 11                                                                in 2008 and was told by the claims examiner to submit a request for a
                                                                                      QME Panel to the DWC. He complied and a few weeks later he received
   Once you actually receive the Panel of QMEs, you must then decide                  the panel containing three QMEs in internal medicine. Without consulting
which doctor to choose and which to avoid. All doctors are not the same.              with anyone, he chose the QME closest to his home who then issued a
Some are liberal and some very conservative. You have a limited amount                report stating his hypertension was not job related, but rather due to family
of time to choose the doctor and then you must ensure that all relevant               history despite the fact only one member of his family had hypertension.
information and documentation, including your medical records, are sent               His employer, the State of California, then notified him in writing that his
to the QME for review.                                                                claim was denied and he had one year to file an appeal with the workers’
   Once the QME completes the exam and issues a report, you and the                   compensation appeals board. I reviewed the QME Panel and saw that the
employer are bound by it, good or bad. You may not later seek another opinion         doctor he chose was perhaps the worst choice he could have made as the
to rebut it, other than from your treating physician. While you or an attorney        doctor is well known in the work comp community as a “defense” doctor.
have a right to depose the QME to challenge his opinion, attorneys who weren’t        Further, one of the other two doctors was the exact opposite — liberal
part of the selection process are hesitant to get involved to try and undo the        — and one who firmly believes that hypertension is linked to job stress.
damage. Therefore, knowing which doctor to select and what evidence to                Unfortunately, all of this was meaningless because the damage was done.
present to the doctor are decisions that will make or break your case.                He chose the wrong QME and then aggravated the situation by waiting
   Filing claims for injuries are governed by statutes of limitation that are too     more than a year to seek legal guidance. I politely declined to represent the
complex for this article. Suffice it to say that when a fellow officer, supervisor    officer and explained my reasons. He was disappointed and commented, “I
or even claims adjuster tells you, “Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to file      guess I really blew, didn’t I?” Indeed he had!
your claim,” or “You have X years to appeal,” you should run — not walk — to             While there may be situations that don’t require the use of an attorney,
an attorney’s office.                                                                 other situations will call for legal representation. Workers’ compensation
   What happens when your claims adjuster denies some or all of your                  attorneys do not charge for a consultation, nor is there an up-front
medical treatment? Did you know you must object to the denial within twenty           charge for representation. They are awarded a fee of 9-15 percent of what
(20) days and if you don’t, you might forgo any right to dispute the denial?          is recovered at the conclusion of the case. If you receive nothing, your
And if the denial pertains to a request for spinal surgery, the rules for objection   attorney receives nothing. Why then wouldn’t you at least speak with a
and disputing the denial are even more onerous, requiring a smaller window            knowledgeable attorney who can properly advise and guide you through
of appeal.                                                                            this complicated maze? Don’t be the person the judge looks at and says,
   So have I scared you enough to start asking questions about your injury            “Mr./Miss X, you have a fool for a client.”
or do you think I’m just blowing smoke? Let me conclude with a true story:               Be smart and stay healthy!
A CHP officer recently called me for possible representation on a claim for              Editor's note: PPOA works with the finest worker's compensation attorneys
hypertension that he felt should be covered through workers’ compensation.            available. Please call PPOA for a referral at (800) 747-PPOA.

                                                                                                                       october 2011 | Star&Shield              15
 Scenes from the 11th Annual PPOA Labor Day BBQ at Biscailuz Center

                                                                      PhOtOS cOurtESY Of grEg tOrrES

16   Star&Shield | october 2011

october 2011 | Star&Shield   17
PPOA Board Candidate Statements
 Unit 621
 Barbara Becerra                                                                                             2011 BOARD
 Security Officer, Sheriff's Department                                                                      ELECTIONS
    I am Security Officer Barbara Becerra, and it is time again for YOU to
                                                                                                             Sheriff’s Department
 make a choice and for YOU to make a difference. I am running again for                                      Unit 611 (one seat)
 your PPOA Board and asking you to allow me to be your voice. I have                                         Jim Cronin*
 served the LASD for 12 years as a security officer and as many of you
 know, ridden with a Commander’s Training Team throughout the County,                                        Unit 612 (two seats) 
 listening, training and meeting all of you. I believe I have a good idea of                                 Burton Brink, Andrew
                                                                                                             Lee*, Brian Moriguchi*,
 what you all go through with the public, your supervisors and your frustrations with the SSO
                                                                                                             Tab Rhodes, Ralph Ruedas
    UNIFORMS: I was integral in obtaining new uniforms and setting up the vendor locations for               Unit 614 (one seat)
 SSOs and S/As to obtain uniforms at an extremely discounted price — however, I did not stop there:          David Vidal
 I also arranged for all uniformed personnel, no matter their position, to receive the same discounts.
                                                                                                             Unit 621** (one seat)
    POLITICAL IDENTITY: As many of you know, I reside in and work out of the Antelope Valley
                                                                                                             Barbara Becerra,
 and the West, where PPOA has had a very limited identity for many years. Over the last 24                   Gerry Garcia*
 months, I have attended political events, joined Chambers of Commerce and met with senators,
 states assemblymen, congressmen and city and County officials to put a name and a face on                   Sheriff’s Department/
 PPOA throughout the entire County and state with the goal of ensuring that we are recognized                District Attorney’s Office
 in the political arena in these very volatile times. Political strength is what keeps PPOA head and
                                                                                                             Unit 615 (one seat)
 shoulders above the rest: It keeps our jobs, our benefits and our voices heard.                             Vacant
    TRAINING: This area is in desperate need of overhaul. Many of our officers have found
 themselves transferring to different locations — CSB, Courts, Transit, Parks — to find that the             District Attorney’s Office
 academies they attended years ago have not adequately trained them for the challenges they                  Unit 612 (one seat)
 now face. My goal as your PPOA Board member will be to meet with                                            Rogelio Maldonado
 appropriate LASD personnel and shed light on the fact that our officers are          continued on page 20   * denotes incumbent
                                                                                                             ** denotes that this
                                                                                                             Unit 621 seat is open to
                                                                                                             Security Assistants and
 Unit 621                                                                                                    Security Offficers.
 Gerry Garcia                                                                                                Cronin, Vidal and
 Security Officer, Sheriff's Department                                                                      Maldonado are
                                                                                                             automatically re-elected
    Good afternoon, troops. How are you all doing? It’s that time again. It                                  to their respective seats
 has been two years since I won the election and became part of the PPOA                                     due to uncontested races.
 Board of Directors. During those two years, I have been able to address
                                                                                                             Lee is not seeking
 the training questions and made sure they’re recognized. That’s how I                                       re-election. Brink,
 was able to attain our P.O.S.T. identification numbers.                                                     Moriguchi, Rhodes and
    Another thing I was able to do was solidify the 621 seat for sheriff’s                                   Ruedas will compete for
 security officers and assistants to make sure they were not forgotten. This                                 two seats in an election
 is also due in part to the two classifications now totaling more than 650 members. I have been              to be decided by dues-
                                                                                                             paying Sheriff’s Sergeants
 able to visit your respective locations as best as possible, being that I am centrally located to           and Lieutenants. 
 many of you in the county. In the last two years, I have visited the academies as they start. I have
 also been able to get the word out in the knowledge of what PPOA is all about.                              Becerra and Garcia will
    I have been able to get the College Bureau and Parks Bureau to AUTHORIZE wearing of the polo             compete for one seat in
 shirt, since many of you work in inclement weather. As you have seen by reading Star & Shield, I            an election to be decided
                                                                                                             by dues-paying Sheriff’s
 have been able to address issues that affect each and every one of you in one way or another. In            Security Officers and
 addition the past two years, with the help of other delegates, I have been able to address problems         Security Assistants.
 and comments throughout the county in your job (scheduling, training and personal issues). When
 the Sheriff’s Department was looking at the acquisition of County services (County buildings and            Per the PPOA bylaws,
 parks), it was really moving forward, not just the talks. I made sure that we at PPOA (specifically         board election ballots
                                                                                                             will be mailed during the
 me) were at the meetings since our classification was going to be used. I wanted to make sure what          first week of November.
 the job duties were going to be and made sure they stayed within the limits of your job description         They will be due back to
 and to make sure none of you got hurt or injured.                                                           PPOA by November 9th
    As I write this statement, we are also working on a senate bill that gives                               and will be counted on
 us more coverage for protection if we are victims of an assault or a battery.      continued on page 20     November 15th.

18   Star&Shield | october 2011
 Unit 612
 Tab Rhodes
 Sergeant, Sheriff’s Department
    My name is Sergeant Tab Rhodes, and I am a candidate for the current vacancy on the PPOA Board
 of Directors. I do not want to presume that many of you know me, so let me take this opportunity
 to introduce myself and discuss my qualifications and ideas. I am a 23-year veteran of the Sheriff’s
 Department and have worked a variety of assignments, including Custody, patrol, Court Services,
 Administration and Technical Services.
    My experience, both in business and in law enforcement, has familiarized me with many issues that
 face PPOA members. I have been involved in numerous salary negotiations, handled many personnel
 issues and contributed to several budgetary discussions. In addition, I am currently a PPOA delegate and                 continued on page 20

 Unit 612
 Brian Moriguchi
 Lieutenant, Sheriff’s Department
   It has been a great honor representing you on the PPOA Board of Directors for six years and serving as PPOA
 president for the past three years. I ran for president three years ago for several reasons:
   1. To provide strong leadership in defending our PENSIONS and protecting our BENEFITS.
   2. To fight for the return of fairness and executive accountability in the Sheriff’s Department.
   3. To return PPOA to its mission of providing quality SERVICE to our members.
   These were lofty goals and we have been very successful in three short years. But we have a long way to go,
 and I hope you will allow me to continue improving PPOA and fighting on your behalf, both within the Sheriff’s
 Department as well as in Sacramento defending our pensions. PPOA is an outstanding organization. We must                 continued on page 20

 Unit 612
 Burton Brink
 Sergeant, Sheriff’s Department
    I am submitting my petition and declaring my intention to run for a seat on the board of PPOA.
    I am currently a sergeant, assigned to Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station. I am also a member of and delegate for
 PPOA. I have been a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for the past 23 years and have had
 several varied assignments during that time. I have worked the County Courthouse, Pasadena Court, Custody
 Division and patrol. During my years in patrol, I was assigned to Temple Station and spent nine of those years
 assigned as a motor unit.
    Since becoming a sergeant, I have been assigned to Custody Division and patrol. I believe that mentoring is
 a very important and essential part of my job, both as a peer and supervisor. I have always believed that the            continued on page 21

Unit 612
Ralph Ruedas
Sergeant, Sheriff’s Department
   My name is Ralph Ruedas. I have 35 years of service with our Department. I was promoted to sergeant in 1998.
During my tenure with the Department, I have worked at a variety of Custody and Field Operations assignments.
I have had assignments at specialized units, as well as Technical Services and Detective Division. I have had the
privilege to have worked in every one of our patrol areas, with the exception of Avalon. I am currently assigned to
Narcotics Bureau.
   I know most of you see the 35 years of service and wonder why I’m doing this. During my tenure, I have seen a
number of economic crises face the Department beginning with Proposition 13 in 1978. None of those crises compare
to this. This crisis has turned into an attack on public employees, particularly safety employees, on a large scale. We   continued on page 21

                                                                                                         october 2011 | Star&Shield          19
PPOA Board Candidate Statement for Barbara Becerra                     PPOA Board Candidate Statement for Gerry Garcia
continued from page 18                                                 continued from page 18

not adequately trained to meet the massively expanded position         I am also setting up a proposition to take to the state that gives
that sheriff’s security officers and sheriff’s security assistants     us the confidentiality of license plates so as to not be revoked
now face. Also, with this expansion, it has come to my attention       every three years. It makes it a vehicle code coverage statewide.
that many members do not know the benefits, programs and               Just remember, I will make sure I address the tough topics, and
rights they have that your union has fought for, regarding             when the economy gets better, I will have established the strong
labor disputes, POE issues, workplace safety, hostile work             foundation to address the needs of our classifications. I also have
environment, officer safety and worker’s compensation rights.          a uniform sale in the works like last year to make sure we all look
   As I stated last election, I will communicate with all of you       as sharp as we can.
through questionnaires, quarterly newsletters and monthly                 As I always say, if you have any comments or concerns, please
articles in Star & Shield addressing relevant topics to keep all       feel free to e-mail me or call me.
members informed of the volatile political environment we now             Gerardo “Gerry” Garcia
face, as your union, its representatives and its Board fight to
keep your salaries, jobs and benefits without loss. I will be your
voice to ensure that what I speak is what you need addressed.
I am Security Officer Barbara Becerra — elect me to be YOUR            PPOA Board Candidate Statement for Brian Moriguchi
VOICE ON THE PPOA BOARD.                                               continued from page 19

                                                                       continue to move forward, focus on what is important to our members
PPOA Board Candidate Statement for Tab Rhodes                          and always, always, always conduct ourselves with integrity so every
continued from page 19                                                 member of PPOA has confidence in our ability to represent their needs.
                                                                          Fighting pension reform (or pension destruction) has been my
on the Board of Directors for the PPOA Charitable Foundation,          greatest focus, and I have been successful by building relationships
which raises and donates funds to support PPOA members that            with legislators as well as the governor and forging partnerships
are in need, as well as supports the families of fallen officers.      with coalitions, such as Californians for Retirement Security. We have
   During my career, I had the unique opportunity to work three-       successfully kept the wolves at bay and defeated pension reform bills
and-a-half years at Field Operations Support Services, writing         and initiatives. PROTECTING OUR PENSIONS IS MY NUMBER
and analyzing Department policies. My experience will benefit          ONE PRIORITY! This battle will be a long one, and I vow to continue
PPOA in the fight to ensure that Department policies are just and      to fight to protect and preserve our pensions and benefits!
equitable for our members. Throughout my career, I have always            My other accomplishments include:
attempted to contribute that extra effort and provide positive         •	 Creation of a full-service PPOA Insurance Agency providing
ideas as we maintain and continue to improve our Department                 insurance needs (including home and auto) for our members
and care for its members.                                                   (implementation in 2012).
   My goals as a Board member are simple — protect the rights of       •	 Increased charity fundraising leading to a 500-percent increase in
PPOA members, provide a positive relationship between PPOA                  donations for fallen officers.
and the Department and stem the flood of legislative knee-jerk         •	 Increased political activity and PPOA name recognition in local
reactions regarding pension reform. Public employee pensions                and state politics.
are under attack and as a Board member, I will fight those             •	 Personal review of major member grievances to ensure
who want to take away our hard-earned pensions and medical                  effectiveness and accountability.
benefits. We deserve to enjoy our retirement years as each and         •	 Reduction in PPOA expenses and greater fiscal accountability to
every one of us has made sacrifices in our lives to serve the               ensure members’ dues are not wasted or abused.
people of Los Angeles County.                                          •	 Reduction in frivolous lawsuits and unnecessary litigation.
   Relationships — our world is full of them. Good and bad, no         •	 Regular meetings with Sheriff Baca to address members’
matter what occurs, more things are accomplished in a cooperative           concerns (e.g., lieutenant promotions, unfair transfers,
environment than an adversarial one. The relationship between               favoritism).
PPOA and the Department must continue to strive as cooperation         •	 Improved communications: revised website, creation of
from both will be mutually advantageous. PPOA members, like                 Facebook account and mass e-mail messaging system.
all members of the Department, ARE THE DEPARTMENT! If                     Being a PPOA board member requires strong leadership skills and
the “human factor” of both organizations is not recognized, the        proven leadership skills. I have served in a leadership capacity in the
relationship between the two will not flourish and both will suffer.   following organizations:
   When PPOA President Brian Moriguchi asked me to run for             •	 Los Angeles County Organization of Police and Sheriffs
the board, I was very honored. Brian and I have similar views on            (LACOPS) — current President
integrity and fairness and we have talked at great lengths about       •	 CA Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations — Director
defending the rights of PPOA members, fighting to protect our          •	 Southern CA Alliance of Law Enforcement — Director
pensions and holding the Sheriff’s Department accountable for          •	 CA Peace Officer Memorial Foundation — Director
treating its employees with respect and fairness. I will fight to      •	 Public Employees Staff Organization — Director
protect what we have earned and for what we deserve as PPOA            •	 Golden Badge Foundation — current Vice-President
members. I am asking for your vote for the vacant position on             These are difficult times, and we need strong leadership now more
the PPOA Board of Directors. Thank you.                                than ever. I am asking for your vote to allow me to continue to be your
                                                                       representative on the PPOA Board of Directors. It has been an honor
                                                                       serving you and it would be an honor to continue to serve you.

20    Star&Shield | october 2011
PPOA Board Candidate Statement for Burton Brink
continued from page 19

volunteers, reserves and civilians on the Department are as important
as the sworn members. I am involved with and am very supportive of
the Explorer Program, as well as the Search and Rescue Reserves. I am
also very involved in the Special Olympics. I have served on two boards
of non-profit organizations, one of which I served on as the chairman.
   I have been a peer advocate for a fellow sergeant during a grievance
hearing, after which she received discipline that I felt was inappropriate
and too severe for her Department violation. I represented this
sergeant against my own region chief. I recently attended the National
Fraternal Order of Police Convention, where I was privileged to vote
for the National Board Members.
   I have chosen to run for a seat on the PPOA Board, because I am
passionate about fairness for every member of this Department,
regarding pensions and fairness during investigations and

PPOA Board Candidate Statement for Ralph Ruedas
continued from page 19
                                                                                                     ROBIN JACOB YANES
                                                                                                                ATTORNEY AT LAW
are the scapegoats for an out-of-control legislature. I am asking you
for your vote in order to give something back to our Department and                                          CRIMINAL MATTERS
our association. If elected, I intend to join with the PPOA Board, and                                        PERSONAL INJURY
in a team effort with other safety associations, show the public that we                                        LEGAL ISSUES
are not the enemy. I want us to stand up to the vicious attacks from
media pundits that fuel anti-public employee sentiment. I want to
forge relationships with those who will help us, now and in the future.                                       310 306-6648
   I know that a lot of you have friends and loved ones whom you                                            13315 Washington Blvd., #300
have encouraged to join the Department or are encouraging to join                                              Los Angeles, CA 90066
the Department soon. My goal as a Board member is to contribute to                                                www.yaneslaw.com
leaving our Department better than it was 35 years ago, and better           A man you can trust                 robin@yaneslaw.com
than yesterday.

                                         Calendar of Events
    October 20:                                                              November 9:
    Retirement celebration for Undersheriff Larry Waldie                     Deadline to submit PPOA board election ballots.
    Crowne Plaza Hotel                                                       See page 18
    5:30 p.m.
    $50 per person                                                           November 19:
    Info: (323) 526-5115                                                     Cops-4-Causes Spartan Race Malibu
                                                                             Calamigos Ranch, Malibu
    October 26:                                                              Mud run, obstacles and physical and mental challenges.
    35th Annual LASD Ladies Night                                            Info: www.cops4causes.org
    Noor Restaurant, Pasadena
    6:00 p.m.                                                                December 2:
    $50                                                                      Fight for Life
    Info: (626) 300-3100                                                     Boxing to Beat Cancer
                                                                             LASD vs LAPD
    November 8-9:                                                            Quiet Cannon, Montebello
    CopsWest Convention                                                      Info/tickets: (562) 946-7081
    Ontario Convention Center
    Products, information and training.
    Info: www.cpoa.org

                                                                                                        october 2011 | Star&Shield         21
                                10-22 by Claude Anderson (LASD ret. 1978)

                                                                                                           Mystery Photo
                                Want more cartoons by Claude? Call (888) 854-2341

     "My trainee has all the virtues I hate and none of the vices I admire."

                               Star & Shield
                              Contest Winners
                                                                                                   The first PPOA member to correctly identify at least three of
     Congratulations to the $100 winners of the “Find the                                          the four individuals in this photo will receive a PPOA prize
     Hidden Symbol” contest in the August 2011 issue. If you are                                   pack. Call Greg at (323) 261-3010.
     listed below, please email your name and home address to
                                                                                                   By the way, PPOA’s Facebook fans get first crack at identifying
     gtorres@ppoa.com in order to claim your check.
                                                                                                   our mystery photos each month! It’s just one more reason to
                                                                                                   check out www.facebook.com/lappoa.
        Herlette Braxton Callahan, Law Enforcement Technician
                    Kerry Moore, Custody Assistant                                                 Congratulations to Angel Becerra for being the first to iden-
                    Richard Olson, Retired Member                                                  tify all six security officers in the August issue of Star & Shield.
                    Rachel Redmond, Sr. Criminalist
                  Robert DeCourcey, Retired Member

                               Here Are 500 Reasons
                                Why It Pays to Read

                                                                                 Cash is great, but our giveaways aren’t
        Five $100 prizes                                                         the only reasons to read Star & Shield.

        Members who find the hidden symbol in Star & Shield                         Each issue gives you the latest information on
        and register through our website (www.ppoa.com)
        by the end of this month will be entered                                   • Contract negotiations                         • Hot topics on the job
        into a drawing for one of five $100 prizes.                                • Benefit changes                               • Association news
        The hidden symbol is:                                                      • Retirement considerations                     • Upcoming events

                                                     This giveaway is open to PPOA members only. You must be 18 or older to win.

22      Star&Shield | october 2011
AB340 Pension Attack Update                                                             KRISTOF & KRISTOF
    There has been great concern from PPOA members regarding Assembly
Bill 340 (Furutani) and its impact on our pensions. This note is intended to                                                       Attorneys At Law
keep you up to date with the latest news and information so you can make
informed decisions regarding your career and retirement.
      AB340 initially proposed pension changes intended to eliminate                         626-535-9445 or 800-535-5715
spiking and other unfunded liabilities for 1937 Act County pension funds
(LACERA is included in this group). PPOA worked with LACERA to
ensure that, if this bill was signed into law, we had a clear understanding of                                           www.KristofLaw.com
its impact on our members. With PPOA’s input, LACERA determined that
this bill would have NO IMPACT on our retirement system as it is today.
     All this is moot as this bill was gutted and all the pension changes
                                                                                                                                                  1122 East Green Street
specified in the bill have been removed. This bill now calls for the creation of                                                                   Pasadena, CA 91106
a conference committee to craft responsible, comprehensive legislation for
state and local pension systems. All along, PPOA has been working toward
this goal. Rather than have emotion-driven legislation that negatively                                                                                  Our Practice Areas:
impacts our pension system without true consideration of its effectiveness,
we believe open dialogue and communications will allow us further                              Estate, Trust & Tax                                                                                                                         Will & Trust
opportunity to provide input on what works and doesn’t work for public                              Planning                                                                                                                                Litigation
employee pension funds.
    PPOA will be active in communicating with members of this conference
committee to protect our pensions and to ensure LACERA’s continued                                    Conservatorships                                                                                                       Powers of Attorney
effectiveness in providing pensions for all current and future county retirees.
     Based on this updated information, we believe there will be no pension                                   Guardianships                                                                                                              Fiduciary
legislation before the end of this year. We will keep you posted of any                                                                                                                                                                 Accountings
changes related to pensions as we learn of them to help keep you informed
about your retirement needs.                                                                             Probate & Trust                                                                                                              Protection From
     Brian Moriguchi, PPOA President
                                                                                                         Administration                                                                                                                 Elder Abuse

          Global Rings
                                                                                          get in the
                              J E W E L R Y                                             seat and
                                                                                       3.75 x 5
   We have all your fine jewelry needs.                                                    shift
              All jewelry priced with integrity.                                         gears with a

       Visit our store before you leave the building!
                                                                                         POPA FCU
                                             Owned and operated by

                                     active LASD Reserve Deputy Billy Lulo
                                      40 -70% Discount to Loose Diamonds
                                      All Law Enforcement     available
                                            Personnel        in all sizes
                                                                                                                                                                                                           OTHER BENEFITS INCLUDE:
                                                                                         new,                                                                                                            Optional GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) Insurance
                                             550 South Hill St.
                                                  Suite 920
                                                                                          used &                                                                                                         Payroll Deduction & Automatic Electronic Payment
                                           Los Angeles CA 90013                        refinanced 2                                                                                                      No Setup Fees or Prepayment Penalties
                                             1-888-77-4-GEMS                                                                                                                                             Flexible terms up to 100% financing
                                              (213) 623-3313
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            www.globalringsjewelry.com                                                                                               Rates EXTENDED thru December 31, 2011!!!
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                   Safe and secure online ordering                                 1
                                                                                    APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The APR is the advertised rate and can vary based on credit worthiness, age of vehicle, and terms of the loan. Your rate
                                                                                   can be higher depending on credit performance. Financing up to 100% of value of the auto is available. Rate and term are subject to change without
                                                                                   notice. Longer terms are available. 2Offer applies to New, Used, or Refinanced Vehicles only. Offer cannot be used to refinance any existing POPA FCU
                                                                                   auto loans. Offer does not apply to Recreational Vehicles; Model years 2010-2011 with less than 7,500 miles are considered New. Model years 2005
                                                                                   and up are considered Used.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  october 2011 | Star&Shield                                   23
Letters to PPOA

 Delegates Meeting
 PPOA is grateful to Assistant Sheriff Cecil Rhambo
 and Captain Mike Parker for speaking to our
 delegates last month. If you’re interested in
 joining the PPOA delegate system and getting
 more from your membership, please call PPOA at
 (323) 261-3010.

 Congrats to longtime PPOA delegate Jim Lovas (right),
 who officially retired after 42 years of dedicated service
 to L.A. County.

24   Star&Shield | october 2011
                              PPOA.com Headlines
 the following is a partial list of breaking news links posted at www.PPOA.com last month. Visit the PPOA website to
            stay up to date on the news affecting Los Angeles county’s current and retired peace officers.

                         September 29: Battle Brewing Over Los Angeles Retiree Benefits

                        September 29: Deputies Arrest Man in Park for Indecent Exposure

                                      September 29: Is Your Pension at Risk?

                        September 29: Deputies Arrest Popular Musician in Sex Crime Case

                              September 29: LASD, LAPD Plan Charity Boxing Match

               September 29: Father of Slain Deputy to Speak at Event Honoring Law Enforcement

                          September 29: Deputies Warn Against Showing Off Your Bling

                   September 29: LASD Investigating Skeletal Remains Found Near Big Tujunga

                       September 29: Governor Signs Two Public Safety Bills, Vetoes a Third

                      September 29: Malibu Council Supports LASD Release Policy Changes

                     September 28: Analysis: Clouds Over California's New Approach to Felons

        September 28: LASD Signs Lease Extension on 98,000 Square Foot Government Center in Norwalk

                          September 28: Sheriff Baca Wows Women's Civic League Crowd

           September 28: Shake-up at LA County Probation Department Days Before Influx of Parolees?

                 September 28: LA County Supervisors Meet Privately With Governor and Sheriff

        September 28: Deputies Capture Palmdale Robbery-Kidnapping Suspect After 3 Years on the Lam

                           September 27: Tensions Grow: Sheriff Baca To Meet With FBI

                       September 27: As LA County Jails Swell, So Do Options For Education

                 September 27: PPOA Urges Court to Protect Peace Officer Personnel Information

                                   Whom to Call at PPOA...
Discount Tickets, Address Updates, Non-Job-Related                              Free Notary Services:
       Legal Consultation: Call Violet Perez                                    Call Maricela Villegas
            Disability, Insurance Benefits:                                    Star & Shield, PPOA
                 Call Norma Gomez                                       Website, Delegates: Call Greg Torres
           Membership, Dues Deductions:                                        Board and Foundation
                Call Clare Franco                                   Inquiries, Political Action: Call Sandi Bryant

                           Job-Related Labor Representation: Call Teresa Machado

                                          (323) 261-3010
                                                                                           october 2011 | Star&Shield   25
            Discounted Ticket Prices for PPOA Members
     Venue                                                          Adult                                                 Child
Adventure City (Anaheim)                                             9.75                                                   9.75

Boomers!                                                           14.00                                                  14.00

Disneyland or California Adventure                                 76.00                                                  71.00

Disney/Calif. Adven. One-Day Hopper                                96.00                                                  91.00

Disney Annual Passports
• SoCal Select (valid 170 days)                                    191.00                                                 191.00
• SoCal (valid 215 days)                                           258.00                                                 258.00
• Deluxe (valid 315 days)                                          362.00                                                 362.00
• Premium (valid 365 days w/ parking)                              476.00                                                 476.00

Huntington Library                                                 12.00                                                  12.00

Knott’s Berry Farm                                                 31.00                                                  21.50

L.A. Zoo                                                           11.50                                                    8.25

Legoland Three-Park (Aquarium/Legoland/
                                                                   64.00                                                  64.00
Waterpark) (Two-Day Ticket)

Legoland (Two-Day Ticket)                                          54.00                                                  54.00

Long Beach Aquarium                                                18.00                                                  10.50

Medieval Times                                                     42.50                                                  30.75

Movie Tix (UA, Krik, AMC, Edwards, Regal)                          Range 6.25-7.75

Pirates Dinner Theatre                                             37.00                                                  28.00

San Diego Zoo                                                      34.50                                                  25.50

San Diego Wild Animal Park                                         34.50                                                  25.50

Scandia Amusement Park/Ontario                                     14.00                                                  14.00

Sea World                                                          46.00                                                  46.00

Universal Studios (Three-Day Ticket)                               64.00 (credit card only)                               64.00 (credit card only)

Universal Studios 12-Month Pass w/ Blackouts                       77.00 (credit card only)                               77.00 (credit card only)

Universal Studios 12-Month Pass w/o Blackouts                      94.00 (credit card only)                               94.00 (credit card only)

Universal Premium Star Pass                                        134.00 (credit card only)                              134.00 (credit card only)

Universal Front of the Line Pass                                   149.00 (credit card only)                              149.00 (credit card only)

Movie Theater                                                       Restricted                                            Unrestricted
AMC Theatres                                                        6.25                                                  7.75
Harkins Theatre (Chino Hills)                                       6.25                                                  7.75
Krikorian                                                           7.75                                                  7.75
Pacific                                                             6.25                                                  n/a
Regal/Edwards/UA                                                    6.75                                                  7.75
Cinemark                                                            7.75                                                  7.75
                           SPECIAL OFFER: Universal Studios Half-Price Appreciation Day, Saturday, November 19, 2011
                                   One-day general admission tickets are available at PPOA for $37 (reg. $74).
                         All ticket sales are final. Prices and details on the PPOA website are subject to change. Always call first to confirm prices and availability.
                                     Limited to six (6) tickets per member, per venue. Please call the PPOA office at (323) 261-3010 for more information.

26   Star&Shield | october 2011
                                PPOA Classifieds
  CHRISTMAS WEEK VACATION                                   VACATION OWNERSHIP                                         TIMESHARE fOR SALE
  RENTAL                                                  $5000.00 will get you a lifetime ownership to              Worldmark Trendwest, 8000 credits per year.
Paradise for rent! Option 1: Marriott Desert Spring       Monarch Grand Vacation Resort. Pick your dates             16000 credits on account. Asking $4,500. Will pay
Villas in Palm Desert (12/19--26), 2bdroom, 2-bath        and villa type at great locations. Call Tony at 661-       $299 transfer fee. Payments up to date. More info
condo. Full kitchen, sleeps up to 8. Option 2: Marriott   203-8650 (0711)                                            at: worldmarktheclub.com. Call Lorraine at (503)
Kauai Beach Club in Lihue (12/23--30), 1bdrom,                                                                       867-9968. (0811)
2-bath condo. Limited kitchen, sleeps up to 4. Each         2004 HARLEY DAVIDSON
rents for $1000. Contact Keith: agtckho@yahoo.com         Road King, Police Edition, Dark Blue, extras, only
                                                                                                                       2001 SPORTSMAN 5TH WHEEL
or 626-664-6302. (1011)                                   3,297 miles, as new. $11,900, Bob at 805 553-0124 or       30ft KZ Sportsman bunkhouse with two opposing
                                                          E-Mail srvalley@roadrunner.com (0811)                      slideouts kitchen / LR. Roof 2 yrs old, tires only
  LAguNA BEACH CONDO fOR RENT                                                                                        200 miles. Clean $8800 mesarge65@yahoo.com
Christmas & New Year's Weeks. 12/23-12/30/2011              LAND fOR SALE IN OREgON                                  (909) 282-2863 (0811)
& or 12/30-01/06/2012. Ocean Front, walk to               Land for sale in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Priced to sell
                                                                                                                       ADCO CLASS A RV COVER
Beach, Village, Restaurants. 1 BD.RM./2 BA, sleeps        due to death in the family. 2.3 acres for $12.000 or
4, full kitchen. E-mail: jasewards@me.com, 360-           best offer. Vivian (310) 351-8644 (0711)                   New still in box - fits 30' to 33.5' class A motorhome
301-5509 (1011)                                                                                                      passenger side entry panels - Dupont Tyvec top
                                                            WANTED: LIVE-IN CARE                                     Bought this cover then bought a bigger motorhome
  MAuI CONDO RENTAL                                       Mature, female retired deputy needed for live-in
                                                                                                                     $200 - call Jim at 714-713-3820 (0911)

Spectacular oceanfront, pool, sandy beach, view           position. Responsibilities include: meals, medications,      2002 fLEETWOOD RV
of Molokai/Lanai, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, sleeps 4, full       errands (with my vehicle) & light housekeeping.
                                                                                                                     2002 Expedition, 34’ diesel pusher. Only 26,500
kitchen, W&D. Pictures available. Call (626) 964.2578     Room, board & stipend provided. Call Art at (562)
                                                                                                                     miles, in immaculate condition. Looks new. No
or email tohimaui@aol.com. (1011)                         943-7972 (0911)
                                                                                                                     smoking, no pets, no kids. Asking $72,000. Call
                                                                                                                     (909) 973-3432. (0911)
  2007 TOYOTA AVALON                                        2008 JEEP COMMANDER “SPORT”
Parent no longer able to drive! Excellent mechanical      Silver in color, V6, Seats 7, and only has 40,000 miles.     5 ACRES VACANT LAND
condition, approx. 12,200 miles.  Blue Book value         Like new cond. & runs great, KBB is $17,500. Owe
                                                                                                                     For sale 5 miles from Grass Valley, CA. All utilities
$22,540 - asking $21,000. Call Pat at 909-596-3508        $18,000 – Asking $16,500. Call 626-675-3684 (0711)
                                                                                                                     available. Wooded with level building pad & slight
or 909-455-5665. (1011)
                                                            1984 CHEVY VAN                                           slops. Contact ceklasd@earthlink.net (0711)
  NOTARY SERVICE AT CRDf                                  1984 All White Chevy C-30 Step Van less than                 SAN JuAN CAPISTRANO HOuSE
PPOA Delegate Mary Pardo (Custody Assistant)              6500 miles Very good condition, runs great                   fOR RENT
offers free notary service to PPOA members &              asking price $10,000.00 OBO. 951-892-4309 or
                                                          chawablk@yahoo.com. Email me for photos! (0411)            Located in historic section. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom,
a discount for all other LA County employees.
This applies to service offered at CRDF. Info:                                                                       newly remodeled kitchen & bathroom w/ new
(562) 756-5924 / pardo_mary@yahoo.com (0811)                PROWLER TRAVEL TRAILER                                   appliances. Large yard in front & back w/ attached
                                                                                                                     garage. $1,800 per month. Call (949) 586-7472. (1011)
                                                          1997 - 31 foot, large slide-out, queen bed, lots
  CEMETERY LOTS                                           of storage, new awning, AC, clean and excellent
Rose Hills Cemetery. 2 plots for sale at sold-out         condition, $10K. Call Tony 661-203-8650 (0711)                    PPOA classified ads are free and available only to PPOA
Sequoia Lawn, lot 3004. Asking only $7,500 for both.
I will pay transfer fees on one, buyer responsible for      TRuCK/TRAILER fOR SALE                                      members (one per month, 25 words max). Private party

the other. Contact Erric Roman (323) 456-2353. (0711)     2003 F-250, diesel, all extras, low miles (56K). 2005         only, no business ads allowed. Send your ad to: Star & Shield
                                                          Laredo, 5th wheel, 27 ft., immaculate. Truck $20K /           Editor, 188 E. Arrow Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773 or
  RIVER HOME fOR RENT                                     Trailer $18K / Package deal $35K. Please call (360)
                                                                                                                        e-mail to gtorres@ppoa.com.
In Parker, AZ: 3bd/2ba home on the water with             642-2491 (0711)
private 50’ dock off your back porch for your water                                                                         New submissions are added on first come-first served
toys. Beds for 8 people. Pictures available. Call 562-      SAN LuIS OBISPO HOuSE fOR RENT                              basis, each issue. Please send within first week of each month
355-1486 (0711)                                           Approximately 10 mins. from Cal Poly. 3 bedrooms,
                                                                                                                        to insure timely inclusion. No work numbers may be used
                                                          2 bathrooms, newly painted & carpeted throughout
  1946 fORD                                               w/ new drapes & blinds. Rent includes access to               in ads. Submissions must be in writing, not over the phone.
Coupe, 327 chevrolet, 3 speed column, power disk          community rec. rooom, pool, spa, sauna. Washer/               Ads run for 3 months. PPOA is not responsible for any claims
brakes, lincoln rear - end, great paint and tires.        dryer located in attached 2-car garage. $2,000 per
                                                          month. Call (949) 586-7472. (1011)                            made in a classified ad.
$22,000. Please call Ed (949) 496-6432. (0811)

                                                                                                                             october 2011 | Star&Shield                              27
    P.O.P.A., Inc.                                                                                            NoN-Profit org.
                                                                                                               U.S. PoStage
    188 E. Arrow Highway                                                                                              PaiD
    San Dimas, CA 91773                                                                                            tUcSoN, az
                                                                                                                   Permit #271


  Our firm of 15 attorneys and over 50 support staff are dedicated to professional, personal service.

       WORKERS                              DISABILITY                         PERSONAL INJURY
     COMPENSATION                        RETIREMENT FOR
 State Bar Certified Specialist          SAFETY MEMBERS
We have successfully represented      We have a pension department of        Our personal injury department
over 35,000 safety members. Our       3 attorneys who specialize in this    has successfully litigated or tried
  representation continues long           area and have successfully        over 5000 claims for automobile
after your case is concluded since     obtained disability pensions for    injuries, products liability, medical
your right to lifetime medical care     thousands of safety personnel       malpractice and other negligence
    may always be challenged.             under PERS, County 1937                         areas.
                                      Retirement Act and other county
                                               and city systems.

                                      (818) 703-6000
                                   20750 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 400
                                       Woodland Hills, CA 91364
                            Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a
 fine up to $50,000.00 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine.

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