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									                                                                             January 2011
                   Melrose Manor Newsletter
New Property Manager
There have been changes at our property management company, Group Three Property
Management, as our former property manager, Kim Peterson, has moved on to a new line
of work. Our interim property manager is Sabrina Hall. Her contact info is
shall@groupthree.ca or 780.641.0222.
Parkade Repairs, January 17-20, 2011.
As discussed in the previous newsletter, a significant repair is required to the membrane
that covers much of the floor of the parkade. This membrane covers a number of critical
pipes and utility lines, and prevents water from damaging them. However, after nearly a
decade of wear and tear on this membrane, it needs to be repaired. Residents may have
noticed the poor condition of the membrane in the highest traffic areas, particularly upon
first entering the parkade through the overhead (garage) door.

Accordingly, the Board has hired a contractor to repair the damaged areas of the
membrane. This repair will begin on Monday, January 17, 2011, and will take up to
four days. The repair involves applying a substance to the damaged areas, and allowing
it to dry, a process which takes a few days.

Regrettably, while the membrane is being repaired, there can be absolutely no auto,
bicycle, or pedestrian traffic in the parkade. Any traffic on the membrane during the
repair process can damage it at a critical time in the repair, resulting in wasted time and
money for the Corporation. Therefore, the Board requires the removal of all vehicles
from the parkade beginning Monday, January 17, 2010 at 8:00 am (bicycles can remain,
but cannot be accessed). Any vehicles left in the parkade will be towed at the owner's
expense. All parkade access will be prohibited for the duration of the repair, and key fob
access points, and the overhead door, will be disabled to ensure compliance. The repair
will take no more than 4 days, and there is a possibility it could take less.

The Board recognizes the significant inconvenience that this repair poses for residents, as
we are residents too. We apologize for this inconvenience, and assure you that this repair
is absolutely necessary to prevent another, much more costly repair to the lines and pipes
below the membrane. While most residents will have to find alternative parking for the
week, the Board will allow residents to park in the visitors' parking on a first come-first
served basis for that week only.

This repair is a significant and costly repair that is unbudgeted. The Board has decided to
pay for it through a combination of surplus funds from the 2010 year, and reserve fund
monies. This decision was made in order to minimize condo fee increases, and prevent
the Board from having to make a special assessment.

If you have any questions about the membrane repairs, please contact Sabrina Hall.
                                                             January 2011
Budget and Condo Fees
As residents were advised in late December, the Board recently passed a budget for the
2011 calendar year. This budget accommodates a number of changes to Board expenses,
including inflationary pressures, and allows for the Board to make the increased
contribution to the Reserve Fund which is required by the Reserve Fund plan to which
the Board committed last year.

Included in this Budget is a 6% increase in condo fees for all units. This is the second
consecutive year that condo fee increases have been held to just 6%. In order to ensure
adequate notice was given to residents, this increase will be charged as of February 1,
2011. However, the increase in fees takes effect on January 1, 2011, meaning that
owners will pay for the increase over 11 months (i.e. the 12 month increase will be
collected on a pro-rated basis over the remaining 11 months of the year).

As indicated previously, in 2010, the Board committed to condo fee increases each year
for the 2010-15 period. This commitment was made in order to ensure that the Board can
make the appropriate and necessary reserve fund contributions, while operating a
balanced budget that provides sufficient room for necessary day to day operations and
repairs around the building.
Vestibule Camera and Intercom
When a guest is in the front entrance vestibule and dials to a suite seeking access to the
building, residents are encouraged to check channel 117 to verify the appearance of the
guest before granting them access to the building. This helps ensure that access to the
building is controlled to the greatest extent possible, while still allowing invited guests to
enter. However, television accesses to the camera images from the vestibule are not
available for residents with certain cable packages. If you are unable to see the front
vestibule from channel 117, please contact your cable provider.

There have been a number of changes in recent months to the Intercom system which
allows guests to dial residents of the building from the vestibule and gain access to the
building. Please advise either Sabrina Hall or the Board (condoboard@melrosemanor.ca)
if guests cannot contact your suite through the Intercom, or if the name or buzzer number
on the list in the vestibule is incorrect. Please note that we will only attach one phone
number to the Intercom per suite, even in cases where more than one resident occupies
the suite.
Coming Events
Parkade Membrane Repair                                     January 17-20, 2011
Your volunteer Condo Board wishes you a happy New Year. And please check out our
website at www.melrosemanor.ca.

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