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                                                       Fitness plan

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                                                      swim classes

                                                  December 13 - January 3
                                                     Tickets: (585)461-2000 ext.235
                                                               Reserved Seating
                                                                  Adults $22
                                                               JCC Members $20
                                                                 Students $15


                                           is            Comedy Troupe
                                 l impr o v     Thursday, Dec. 4 at 7:30 PM               SPECIAL
           Our UNLEASHED o rigina               Thursday, Dec. 11 at 7:30 PM       NEW YEAR’S EVE SHOW
                                                Saturday, Dec. 20 at 7:30 PM             at 9 PM
         comedy shows are spontaneous,               Tickets are just $8               Tickets are just $12
                                                    ($7 for JCC members)             ($10 for JCC members)
              hilarious and night!
               different every
                                                               Performances held in the JCC Lounge
                                                  Tickets available at the door or call (585) 461-2000 ext 235

2 | JCC Magazine
                                                        Wishing you a Chanukah
 The mission of the JCC is to strengthen Jewish
   identity and promote Jewish continuity in
  an environment that provides opportunities
 for meaningful cultural enrichment, physical
well-being, social, educational and recreational
    experiences for individuals and families.            filled with joy and light.
           Board of directors                            Chanukah,	the	Festival	of	Lights,	is	a	celebration	of	the	victory	of	the	
                 officers                                Maccabees	and	the	rededication	of	the	Jerusalem	Temple.	It	also	com-
     President            Secretary                      memorates	the	miracle	of	the	oil	that	burned	for	8	days.	Because	of	the	
  Bruce A. Newman       Matthew A. Ryen
                                                         significance	of	oil	to	the	holiday,	it	is	traditional	to	eat	fried	foods—and	
   Vice Presidents
  Richard Goldstein              Treasurer               one	of	the	favorites	is	latkes!	
    Karen Kessler            Burton J. Kleinman          To	balance	the	delicacies	we’ll	all	enjoy	this	season—we’ve	filled	the	pages	
                    directors                            of	this	month’s	magazine	with	workouts	to	keep	you	in	shape,	in	style—
   Douglas Bennett         Dawn Lipson                   and	feeling	good.
     Harold Bobry          Ralph Madeb
     Ellen Broder          James Marsh                   We	wish	you	a	December	filled	with	good	friends,	special	celebrations	
    Howard Cohen       Karen Lesser Menachof             with	loved	ones	and	look	forward	to	seeing	you	through	the	season	at	
   Blanche Fenster        Robyn Morgan
      Ilene Flaum       Carolyn Nussbaum
                                                         the	JCC.	In	the	meantime—we’ll	be	getting	ready	
     Robert Fogel         Noreen Salerno                 a	full	schedule	of	exciting	new	programs	to	
   Daniel Goldstein      Sidney Weinstein                jump	start	your	New	Year!
 Rabbi Shaya Kilimnick     Marvin Wolk
                                                                                        Happy Holidays
                                                                                 Leslie	Berkowitz,	Executive	Director														
     JCC Magazine is Published monthly by
          Jewish Community Center                        	        	        						Bruce	Newman,	President,	JCC	Board	of	Directors
             of Greater Rochester
            1200 Edgewood Avenue,
              Rochester, NY 14618
         Contact us at: (585) 461-2000
          or online at jccrochester.org
                                                             Recipe for Latkes
                                                             Makes approximately 12 palm-sized latkes
             Editor: Andrea Burke
       Creative Director: Shauna Cross                       	 •4	medium	potatoes	
      Executive Director: Leslie Berkowitz                   	 •1	medium	onion	
       Associate Executive Director for
                                                             	 •2	eggs	
        Finance and Administration:
               David Pieramico                               	 •3/4	cup	matzah	meal	
                                                                   (flour or bread crumbs can be substituted)
Would You Like To Contribute To The JCC                      	 •salt	and	black	pepper	to	taste	
Magazine? We welcome those who would like                    	 •vegetable	oil	
to get involved in the magazine. Here are a few
ways you can contribute:                                     Shred	potatoes	and	onion	into	a	large	bowl.	Press	out	all	excess	
                                                             liquid	(for food processor, use the chopping blade for 2 or 3 seconds
New Feature! Q&A We look forward to answer-
                                                             after pressing out liquid to avoid stringy fly-aways).	Add	eggs	and	mix	
ing your questions! Submit questions on any top-
ic to: Att: Q&A JCC Magazine c/o JCC Rochester               well.	Add	matzah	meal	gradually	while	mixing	until	the	batter	is	
1200 Edgewood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618.                   doughy,	not	too	dry	(you may not need the whole amount, depending
                                                             on how well you drained the veggies).	Add	a	few	dashes	of	salt	and	
Seeking Six Members to Try Something New                     black	pepper	(don’t taste the batter -- it’s really gross!).	Don’t	worry	if	
Open to all JCC Members regardless of current
fitness level. If you’re a member willing to commit          the	batter	turns	a	little	orange;	that	will	go	away	when	it	fries.	
to a workout routine for 30 days and be featured             Heat	about	1/2	inch	of	oil	to	medium-high	heat.	Form	the	bat-
in an upcoming issue of JCC Magazine, please                 ter	into	thin	patties	about	the	size	of	your	palm.	Fry	batter	in	oil.	
email Eke Aiono, FWR Director, at eaiono@jc-
                                                             Be patient: this takes time, and too much flipping will burn
                                                             the outside without cooking the inside.	Flip	when	the	bottom	
Advertise With Us Did you know that more than                is	golden	brown.	
one million visitors pass through our doors every
year! If you’d like to reach this active and involved        Place	finished	latkes	on	paper	towels	to	drain.	Eat	hot	with	sour	
audience please contact Mary Ann Colamarino,                 cream	or	applesauce.
executive assistant, 461-2000 ext. 213 or email

                                                                                                                       JCCRochester.org | 3

      Group Fitness                                    FREE To JCC MEMBERS!

Monday                                                           4:45 pm    Karate Chi           30 min.   dance   Marisa
6:00am     BodyPump™            60 min    dance   dave
9:10am     Cardio Step          45 min    dance   Joween         5:30 pm    Simply Stretching    45 min.   aud.    Marisa
9:30am     Low Impact           60 min.   aud     Janet          6:00 pm    Zumba®               45 min.   Gym     Irene
9:30am     Choice Impact        60 min.   Gym     Kathy          6:30 pm    Cardio Kick          50 min.   dance   dennis
10:00am    BodyPump™            60 min.   dance   Joween
11:00am    SilverSneakers® I    45 min.   aud     Bev            FrIday
5:00pm     BodyPump™            60 min.   dance   dennis         5:40 am    BodyPump™            60 min.   dance   Marcy
6:05pm     Ab Lab               25 min.   aud     Marisa         8:00 am    Karate Chi           45 min.   dance   Marissa
6:30pm     Hip Hop              45 min.   dance   Christine      9:00 am    Cardio Kick          55 min.   dance   Jodi
6:30pm     Total Body Circuit   45 min.   aud     Marisa         9:30 am    Total Body Workout   70 min.   Gym     Kathy
                                                                 9:30 am    Low Impact           60 min.   aud     anna
Tuesday                                                          10:00 am   MuscleFlex           55 min.   dance   darlene
5:45 am    BodyPump™            60 min.   dance   Cheryl/Janet   11:00 am   SilverSneakers® II   45 min.   aud     Kathy
9:00 am    Core Challenge       60 min.   aud     Janet/Lisa     4:00 pm    BodyPump™            60 min.   dance   rhonda/Lisa/
9:00 am    Turbo Kick™          55 min.   dance   Christine                                                        Janet
10:00 am   Line Dance           30 min.   Gym     Kathy
10:30 am   Healthy Back         45 min.   dance   Tara           saTurday
11:00 am   Sr. Flex & Stretch   50 min.   aud     norma          1:30 pm    Zumba®               45 min. dance Val
12:00 pm   Total Body Circuit   50 min.   dance   Bev            2:15 pm    Ab Lab               15 min. dance Val
5:05 pm    Cardio Kick          50 min.   danec   dennis         2:30 pm    Muscle Flex          60 min. danc Val
5:30 pm    Simply Stretching    45 min    aud     dylan
6:00 pm    Zumba®               40 min.   Gym     Irene
                                                                 9:30 am    Total Body Workout 70 min.     Gym     staff rotates
Wednesday                                                        10:10 am   Cardio Kick/Step 40 min.       dance   Irene
6:00 am    Muscle Flex          40 min.   dance   Linda          11:00 am   BodyPump™          60 min.     dance   Cheryl/Michelle
6:45 am    Ab Lab               15 min.   dance   Linda          11:00 am   Simply Stretching 45 min.      aud     staff rotates
9:00 am    BodyPump™            60 min.   dance   Janet/Lisa
9:30 am    Low Impact           60 min.   aud     Kathy
9:30 am    Choice Impact        60 min.   Gym     Brenda
10:15 am   Zumba®               50 min.   dance   shelly
11:00 am   SilverSneakers® I    45 min.   aud     Lisa
12:00 pm   Yoga Stretch         45 min.   aud     Joween
4:45 pm    Hip Hop Hustle       30 min.   dance   Brenda
5:15 pm    Core Stability       45 min.   aud     Bev
5:20 pm    Kettle Bells         50 min.   dance   eke
6:15 pm    Step                 40 min.   aud     andrea
6:30 pm    BodyPump™            60 min.   dance   Joween
7:30 pm    Ab Lab               15 min.   dance   Joween

5:45 am    Cardio Circuit       45 min.   dance   Beth
6:30 am    Ab Lab               15 min.   dance   Beth
8:00 am    Turbo Kick™          55 min.   dance   Christine
9:10 am    Cardio Step          45 min.   dance   Joween
9:15 am    Core Challenge       60 min.   aud     Kathy
10:00 am   Simply Stretching    30 min.   dance    Joween
10:30 am   Healthy Back         45 min.   dance   Joween
10:30 am   Line Dance           30 min.   Gym     Kathy
11:00 am   Stretch & Flex       50 min.   aud     norma
11:45 am   BodyPump™            60 min.   dance   rhonda/Lisa
1:00 pm    Chair-er-cise        50 min.   aud     norma
4 | JCC Magazine

                                                                                      adult aquatics/spin
                                                                                        Spin Schedule
    The Wonderful Thing

    About                                                                               8:30am
                                                                                                     60 min.
                                                                                                     60 min.
                                                                                        11:10am      30 min.       Bev
                                                                                        1:30pm       90 min.       Joanne/Mark M.

                                                                                        5:45am        60 min.     Brenda V.
                                                                                        9:15am        60 min.     anne
Natural resistance                             Pool Schedule                            12:05pm       45 min.     Becky
                                               Visit jccrochester.org for updates.      4:30pm        45 min.      Bev
                                                                                        Spin-lates: (+ 15 min pilates)
                                               sunday                                   6:00pm        90 min.     nancy
with no impact!                                8-10 am
                                               12-1 pm
                                                              Lap Swim
                                                              Lap Swim
                                               5-6:30 pm      Lap Swim                  Tuesday
                                                                                        5:45am       60 min.       alan
Dive into our Olympic-sized                    Monday                                   10:00am      60 min.       Lynda
                                               5:30-9 am      Lap Swim                  5:00pm       45 min.       rachel
                                               9-10 am        Aquaerobics               6:00pm       60 min.       Joanne
                                               11-11:45 am    SilverSplash              7:30pm       30 min.       dominique
heated swimming pool with                      11:50-1 pm     Lap Swim
                                               5:30-6:30 pm   Lap Swim                  Wednesday
                                                                                        5:45am       60 min.       nancy
                                               Tuesday                                  9:00am       60 min.       rachel
lifeguard on duty. This is the                 5:30-9 am      Lap Swim                  12:05pm      45 min.       Becky
                                               9-10 am        WaterWalking              4:30pm       45 min.       Linda
                                               11:50-1 pm     Lap Swim                  6:15pm       60 min.       Lisa
                                               5:30-6:30 pm   Lap Swim
place where you can do                         6:30-7:30 pm   Aqua Combo                Thursday
                                                                                        5:45am       60 min.       Brenda V.
                                               Wednesday                                10:00am      60 min.       Lynda
                                               5:30-9 am      Lap Swim                  6:00pm       60 min.       Bev
cardiovascular work, toning                    11:50-1 pm     Lap Swim                  7:30pm       30 min.       dominique
                                               11-11:45 am    Senior Water Exercise
                                               5:30-6:30 pm   Lap Swim                  FrIday
                                               6:35-7:35 pm   Pool Muscle Mixes         5:45am       60 min.       steve
and stretching without even                                                             9:15am       60 min.       Becky
                                               Thursday                                 12:05pm      60 min.       eke
                                               5:30-9 am      Lap Swim                  saTurday
breaking a sweat!                              9-10 am        Hydro-fit                 1:00pm       60 min.       Brenda V.
                                               11:50-1 pm     Lap Swim                  3:30pm       90 min.       Mark M.
                                               5:30-6:30 pm   Lap Swim
                                               6:30-7:30 pm   Deep Core Challenge
private Lessons                                FrIday
We offer private lessons for children and      5:30-9 am      Lap Swim
adults. Lesson days and times are at your      9-10 am        Aqua Dynamics
convenience.                                   11-11:45 am    SilverSplash
                                               11:50-1 pm     Lap Swim
Member $20/half-hour
Non Member $30/half-hour                       saTurday
Contact: starr Greenwood, aquatics director,   12-2 pm        Lap Swim
461-2000, ext. 267                             5-6:30 pm      Lap Swim
                                                                                                               JCCRochester.org | 5
                                                                 VACATION CAMp
                                                                 Winter Break for grades k-6 at the JCC!
                                                                  Wednesday, December 24th
                                                                  HART THEATRE MOVIE EVENT!
                                                                                                                             Every Day
                           Join The In Zone                       Friday, December 26th
                         The Fitness Club for Kids                FIELD DAY
regular Hours                           Age 8-14!                                                                              Include:
Open Monday-Thursday 2pm-8pm                                      Monday, December 29th
Friday 2pm-5:30pm                    It’s Free To JCC                                                                       Arts & Crafts
Saturday 12-5pm                    Family Members                                                                              InZone
Sunday 10am-4pm                                                   Tuesday, December 30th
                                                                  CApOEIRA MANDINGA                                           Athletics
If schools Out the In Zone is Open!                               Brazillian Martial Arts                                    Swimming
Fri., Dec. 5      11am-5:30pm   Superintendents Day No School
Wed., Dec. 24     11am-5:30pm   December Break                    Wednesday, December 31st                                    Cooking
Thurs., Dec. 25   10am-4:00pm   December Break                    NEW YEARS EVE DAY BASH!
Fri., Dec. 26     11am-5:30pm   December Break                                                                                 & More!
Mon., Dec. 29     11am-8pm      December Break                    Friday, January 2nd
Tues., Dec. 30    11am-8pm      December Break                    SENECA pARk ZOO ZOOMOBILE
Wed., Dec. 31     11am-5:30pm   New Years Eve
Thurs., Jan. 1    9am-1:30pm    New Years Day                      Call Gesher registrar Marjory David at 461.2000 ext. 234 to
Fri., Jan. 2      11am-5:30pm   December Break                    register. Camp Hours: 9am-4pm Extended Care: 7am-6pm.
                                                                                         Call for pricing.

playGym                                                                                           Body Strength
Mid Day Hours:
                   Afternoon/Evening Hours:
                   Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 4-8pm,
11am-2pm           Wednesday: 5-8pm                             JCC Sport-SpeCifiC                      training & CoaChing Staff
                                                                performanCe enhanCement
Weekend Hours:                              Free ily            For Recreational through
                                                                                                        Shara redmond: Ms exercise
                                                                                                        science, aFaa-CPT, nasM-CPT, Pes, IPs
Saturday 12-5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm        to JCC Fa
                                                   Memb-10      Elite Athletes age 8-18                 Keith o’Connor: Bs health and
Children 2-4 must be accompanied at                age 2
                                                                The JCC is now offering an exclusive    Fitness, aFaa-CPT, nsCaa member
the PlayGym by a parent or responsible sitter.
                                                                opportunity for you to enhance and      Liz Jacobson: Bs health and Well-
                                                                develop your competitive edge with      ness, aFaa- youth Fitness Instructor,
sITTer servICe                                                  sport-specific training. This program   former player rochester rhinos Women
New Home and Expanded Hours!                                    will instill urgency, desire, energy
Starting January 5, Look for our great new space by             and strength to make every athlete
                                                                                                        eXpLoSiVe SpeeD training
                                                                confidently competitive.
the JCC Coffee Shop. Expanded Hours!                                                                    December 5, 3:30-5:30pm
Monday-Friday 8:30am-2pm                                                                                Improve your ability to explode with
Monday-Wednesday 4-8pm                                                                                  force, speed, and power for all your
Sundays 10am-4pm                                                                                        sport-specific needs. reacting quicker
Sitter Service provides high quality care for                                                           and with more power will give you an
children 8 weeks to 5 years. For more                                                                   edge over your competitors.
information on fees and expansion
plans visit jccrochester.org                                      More Info: Go to jccrochester.org and click on the Sports Performance link.
                                                                Or contact Shara Redmond -461-2000, ext. 291 or sredmond@jccrochester.org
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Learn the art of                                 On December 21st the Yoga Studio
                                                 will close for renovations and will

 physical and                                    reopen on Sunday, December 28,
                                                 2008 with Free Yoga and Pilates
mental well being.                               for all JCC Members.

Yoga Schedule                                    Pilates Schedule
For Information on Yoga and Pilates contact
Becky Devlin at 461-2000, ext. 271               sunday
                                                 9:30 am   Pilates: Int./Adv.     Bev
11:15 am Yoga: Mixed Levels Becky                1:30 pm   Pilates: Basics Free Kathy
3:30 pm Kundalini Yoga     sat dharm singh       7:30 pm   Pilates: Basics Free Becky
Monday                                           Tuesday
5:45 am    Yoga: Mixed Levels        sherry
                                                 8:30 am   Pilates: Basics Free   anna
                                                 9:30 am   Pilates: Int./Adv.     Bev
8:45 am    Yoga: Vibrant             Becky       6:15 pm   Pilates: Basics Free   Carrie B.
10:10 am   Yoga: Mixed Levels        Carrie B.
11:35 am   Yoga: Gentle              Carrie B.
                                                 9:15 am   Pilates: Basics Free   Bev
6 pm       Yoga: Mixed Levels        dylan       6:30 pm   Pilates: Int./Adv.     Bev
Tuesday                                          Thursday
11 am      Yoga: Mixed Levels        Wendy       8:30 am   Pilates: Basics Free   Lynda
1:15 pm    Yoga: Mixed Levels        Wendy       5 pm      Power Pilates          dylan
5 pm       Yoga+Pilates Combo        Bev
7:15 pm    Pre/Postnatal Yoga        Becky
5:45 am    Yoga: Mixed Levels        Joanne
10:20 am   Yoga: Gentle              sarah
11:30 am   Yoga: Mixed Levels         Jim
1 pm       Moving Meditation         Wendy
9:30 am    Yoga: Vibrant             Wendy
11 am      Yoga: Gentle              Carrie B
12:15 pm   Yoga: Vibrant Exp.        sherry
1:30 pm    Yoga: Mixed Levels        Wendy
6:15 pm    Yoga: Mixed Levels        dylan
8:15 am Yoga: Gentle                 sarah
9:30 am Yoga: Vibrant                Wendy
11 am   Shabbat Yoga FREE            Wendy

                                                                                                 JCCRochester.org | 7

                                                NEW YEAR’S DAY 2009                               GYM Schedule
                                                25th Annual JCC Co-Ed Youth 2 on 2                December 1, 2008 – January 3, 2009
                                                FLooR HoCKEY TouRNAMENT                           sunday
                                                11am-1:30 pm                                      8-9:30am     Open
                                                •	 All teams guaranteed at                        10:30am-12pm Men’s pick up Basketball
                                                      least 3 scheduled games                                  (half court)
                                                                                                  10:30am-5pm Open
                                                •	 5 grade levels with trophies
                                                      to top teams and awards                     Monday
                                                      to all participants                         5:30-9:30am           Open
                                                                                                  12-4:00pm             Open
                                                open to all JCC Members                           5:30-7pm              Men’s pick up Basketball
                                                Entry fee: $12 per team                           7-9:30pm              Open
                                                Entry deadline: Friday, December 26th             Tuesday
                                                For more information and to register get online   5:30-7am              Men’s pick up Basketball
                                                to jccrochester.org or call Dave Rogachefsky,     7-10:30am             Open
                                                461-2000 ext. 805 or 654-9364. Can’t find a       11am-2pm              Open
                                                partner? dave can help –just give him a call!     3-4pm                 Open
                                                                                                  7-9:30pm              Open
                                                                                                  8-9:30pm              Volleyball (half court)
MEN’S oVER 30                                   CYP YouTH BASKETBALL                              Wednesday
                                                Leagues are Forming Now!                          5:30-9:30am          Open
BASKETBALL LEAGuE                               Boys 3rd and 4th grade                            12-4pm               Open
oFF THE GLASS, No NET                           Boys 5th and 6th grade                            *11/26 12-2pm half court only
open Scrimmage: Wed., Dec. 3, 7-9:30pm          Girls 5th – 9th grade                             5:30-6pm             Open
League Play:                                    Member $90 Non Member $110                        Thursday
Wed., Dec. 10-March 18, 7-9:30pm                Register at jccrochester.org                      5:30-7am              Men’s pick up Basketball
It’s not just pick-up ball any more! Weekly                                                       7-10:30am             Open
                                                represent the JCC in a county wide CyP            12-1:00pm             Men’s pick up Basketball
league play with playoffs March 25 and finals   competition. Games will be home on early sat-     3-4pm                 Open
april 1. Game jerseys, League MVP award, and    urday evening or away on sunday afternoons.       5:30-6pm              Open
officials are provided, with a banquet at the   Teams will also be invited to local tourna-       7-8pm                 Men’s pick up Basketball
end of the season.                              ments. uniforms provided. don’t miss out on                             (half court)
For more information contact Brian Dengler                                                        7-8pm                 Family Gym Time
                                                the fun and great experience. Games begin         8-8:30pm              Men’s pick up Basketball
at 461-2000 ext. 248.                           mid december with schedule to be announced.
                                                                                                  5:30-7am      Men’s pick up Basketball

                                                Gift Certificate
                                                                                                  7-10:30am     Open
                                                                                                  2:30-5:30pm Open
                                          Show someone you love them.                             *12/5 3:30-5:30pm half court only
                                                Give the Gift of Health!                          saTurday
          A gift certificate to the JCC for a membership,                                         12-3pm                Men’s pick up Basketball
                                                                                                  3:30-5pm              Volleyball (half court)
          JCC camp, a relaxing massage, personal training                                         3-5pm                 Family Gym Time
           or a specific dollar amount is the perfect gift!                                       5-8pm                 Open
           Whatever you choose you’ll know that you’re giving a healthy gift.
                             Good gift, good health!                                                      Gym schedule is subject to change.
           Call 461-2000, ext. 216 or ext. 217 or visit the main desk.                             Please visit jccrochester.org for the most current infor-
                                                                                                    mation or contact Brian Dengler at 461-2000 ext. 248
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JCCRochester.org | 9
preschool & Youth aquatics

Gain skill &
in the Water
Member registration begins december 21st
non Member december 29th
Price Structure
10 week session
Member $60 Non Member $100
Sundays – Jan. 11-Mar. 22 (No class Feb. 15)                                                         LeveL Iv electric eels
Tuesdays – Jan. 6-Mar. 17 (No class Feb. 17)                                                         Age: 6+ years
Wednesdays – Jan. 7-Mar. 18 (No class Feb. 18)                                                       Pre-requisite: Level III skills. For the child with
Thursdays – Jan. 8-Mar. 19 (No class Feb. 19)                                                        good front and back crawl for 10 yards. Course
                                                                                                     will review already learned strokes, introduce
Please contact Starr Greenwood at 461-2000 ext. 267 for preschool swim placement.                    sidestroke and breast stroke kick, safety and
                                                                                                     rescue skills.
Preschool Aquatics                                                                                   Min. 4, max. 6.
Tiny Tots and parent                              Kindergarten - 5th Grade                           Sun., 11-11:30am
Age: 10 months-2 years                            LeveL II jellyfish                                 Sun., 11:30am-noon
Become comfortable in the water through           Age: 4-7 years                                     Sun., 1-1:30pm
water games, blowing bubbles, kicking, and        For the child who is comfortable in the water      Tues., 4:30-5pm
beginner floating.                                who needs work on basic swimming skills.           Wed., 4- 4:30pm
Min. 4, max. 8.                                   students will be introduced to front and back      Thur., 4-4:30pm
Sun., 10-10:30am                                  crawl, floating, safety and rescue skills.         Thur., 5-5:30pm
                                                  Min. 3, max. 4.
advanced Tiny Tots and parent                     Sun., 10:30-11am                                   LeveL v narwhals
Age: 3-4 years                                    Sun., 11-11:30am                                   Age: 7+ years
For the older baby or pre-schooler and parent.    Tues., 4:30-5pm                                    Pre-requisite: Level IV skills. Coordinate and
Becoming comfortable in the water, beginning      Tues., 5-5:30pm                                    refine the key strokes. Butterfly, open turns,
kicking, floating, blowing bubbles, arm strokes   Thur., 5-5:30pm                                    and feet first surface dives introduced.
and safety.                                                                                          Min. 4, max. 6.
Min. 4, max. 8                                    LeveL III sea monkeys                              Sun., 1:30-2pm
Sun., 10:30-11am                                  Age: 6+ years                                      Tues., 4-4:30pm
                                                  Pre-requisite: Level II skills. students will be   Wed., 4:30-5pm
LeveL I otters                                    taught elementary backstroke, rotary breath-       Thur., 4:30-5pm
Age: 4-5 years                                    ing, front and back crawl, development diving,
Water and class adaptation, kicking, floating,    safety, survival and rescue skills.                LeveL vI belugas
jumping in, and putting their faces in the        Min. 3, max. 5.                                    Age: 7+ years
water. Child must be at least 4 years of age.     Sun., 11-11:30am                                   Pre-requisite: Level V skills. Continue to work
Min. 3, max. 4                                    Sun., 11:30am-noon                                 on stroke efficiency while learning basic rescue
Sun., 10-10:30am                                  Sun., 1-1:30pm                                     skills.
Sun., 10:30-11am                                  Tues., 4-4:30pm                                    Min. 4, max. 8.
Tues., 5-5:30pm                                   Wed., 4-4:30pm                                     Sun., 1:30-2:15pm
Thur., 4:30-5pm                                   Thur., 4-4:30pm                                    Thur., 4-4:45pm
10 | JCC Magazine
neWs &                              SILvErSNEAKErS
                                    SPECIAL EvENT                        FITNESS CENTEr HoLIDAY HourS
  TIdBITs                           valuable Health Benefits
                                                                        Wednesday, December 24, 5:30am-5:30pm*
                                    You May Have Forgotten
                                    Wed., Dec. 17,                      No Group Fitness or Pool after 12pm
       MoM 2 MoM
                                    1pm Auditorium B                    Thursday, December 25, 8am-5:30pm*
Lunch + Network + Learn.
                                    A preferred Care expert will be
How to Listen                       on hand to help you get the
                                                                        Wednesday, December 31, 5:30am-5:30pm*
to Help Your Kids Talk                                                  No Group Fitness or Pool after 12pm
                                    most out of your benefits plan.
Thursday, December 4                please register at the main         Thursday, January 1, 7am- 1:30pm*
at 12pm                             desk. Light refreshments will       *Locker Room & Spas close 30 Minutes Later
$12 Includes Kosher Lunch           be served.                                    If school is out the In Zone is open!
Presenter Cathy Harris, LMSW                                                     See page 6 for In Zone Holiday Hours!
Coordinator of Family and Youth
Programs for Jewish Family
Service of Rochester                Celebrate Chanukah!                   oSHEr LIFELoNG LEArNING SErIES CoNTINuES
Ms. Harris will share tips and      Sun., Dec. 21
techniques to help you main-                                                                 knowledge is
                                    12pm Lunch Served
tain a trusting relationship with   12:30pm Brad Batz Dance
your child and improve family       and Swing Band                      Wed. Dec. 3
communication.                                                          Presidential Leadership - Alan Shank
                                    Celebrate the season with good
Advance registration required.      friends, live music and delicious   This talk focuses on the different styles of leadership of
Register online at jccrochester.    delicacies!                         American presidents by linking their personal character-
org or contact Michele Leve at      Register now at the main desk.      istics and political background with challenging issues of
461-2000 ext. 232 or email          Thursday Club Members $5            their times.                                   Wed. Dec. 10
mrleve@jcc rochester.org            JCC Members and Guests $7                                     It’s All In Your Head - Bob Vukosic
                                                                        Through the eyes of Wall Street Journal science writer Sharon
          YACHAD                                                        Begley you will see how cutting edge science and the ancient
  Programs for developmentally      SeniorNet Learning Center           wisdom of Buddhism have come together to reveal how
        disabled adults             New Location!                       humans have transformational power.
Chug                                Same Great Hours                                 Member Free Non Member $5
Sun., Dec. 14 1:30-4:30pm           Open 12-2pm Mon.-Fri.
Celebrate Chanukah with Neil        For JCC members and
Simon’s Barefoot in the park        non members age 50+
and Chanukah party                  No membership fees of any
                                    kind! Call SeniorNet at the
Chaverim                            JCC, 461-2000 ext. 463. For
Sun., Dec. 21 10-11:30am            more info: RNYseniornet.org
                                                                              rabin Peres: Everything is Personal
A festive good Chanukah party!                                              Tuesday, DECEMBER 16, 7:30 PM, Little Theatre
Volunteers are always needed        Meet & Greet                                         Arik Henig, 2007, 88 min.,
to serve as friends.                with Jewish Senior Life                       Israel, Hebrew with English subtitles
For additional information, con-    Thurs., Dec. 11                     This gripping film explores the complex professional and
tact Ann Gilbert Winterman at       12pm Lunch Served                   personal ties linking Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon peres, two
the JCC, (585) 461.2000 ext. 259.   12:30pm Keynote Speakers            men with radical differences whose actions - and rivalry -
                                    Jewish Senior Life™ offers high              dramatically shaped today’s Middle East.
          SENIorS                   quality aging services both on
SilverSneakers Food Drive           their campus and out in the                  JCC Members $8 Non Member $10
You can help fill local food        community. Join us for lunch,           Purchase tickets by calling 461-2000, ext. 235.
cupboards and have a chance         special keynote speakers or                   visit rjff.org for more information
to win a great prize! From De-      just stop by to meet and learn
cember 1st through December         more.
31st, donate a non-perishable       Member Free Non Member $5.
food item at the drop box           Please register at the main
located at the main desk. Every     desk or contact Denise
donation earns you a chance to      Sawdey at 461-2000 ext. 214
win a fabulous gift basket filled   email:
with great prizes!                  dsawdey@jccrochester.org

                                                                                                              JCCRochester.org | 11
 Guided by the Jewish values of communal respon-
 sibility and social justice, the Jewish Community
 Center of Greater Rochester welcomes your
 support in raising the standard, understand-
 ing of our humanity, respecting our fragility and
 improving the lives of those in need.

  Comunity outreach
  Health Insurance Counseling & Assistance
  Trained counselors offer accurate and objective information, counsel-
                                                                                Jewish Family Services
  ing, assistance and advocacy.
                                                                                Available	to	the	entire	community	at	the	JCC
  To arrange a confidential appointment, call 461-2000, ext. 870                When	you	need	help,	Jewish	Family	Service	is	here	to	assist	
                                                                                you.	High	quality,	accessible	and	affordable	JFS	serves	Jewish	
  H.I.I.C.A.P (Health Information Counseling and Assistance Program) is a       and	Non	Jewish	children,	teens,	families	and	adults	through	
  community service of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Roch-             personal	difficulties	and	puts	you	back	in	charge	of	your	life.
  ester made possible through the support of New York State, Monroe             If you need assistance
  County Offices for the Aging and the Monroe County Medical Society.           Visit	a	JFS	Counselor	at	the	JCC	the	first	and	third	Thursday	
                                                                                each	month,	9:30-10:30am.
  JCC and Hadassah used Clothing Drop off
                                                                                Call	461-2000,	ext.	214.	Web	visit	jfsrochester.org
  Clean out your closet and help others! Donate your used clothing,
  shoes, belts, purses and linens. Simply place your items in a securely
  tied plastic bag and place in the convenient drop off box located in the
  JCC parking lot. Forms for tax purposes are available at the shed.
                                                                                for Women in Transition
  Passport Services                                                             Whether	retirement	or	downsizing,	a	death	or	divorce;	life-
  A community partnership between the Jewish Community Center                   cycle	events	jolt	us	out	of	our	routines	and	present	unfamiliar	
  of Greater Rochester, Jewish Family Service, the Jewish Home and              challenges.
  the Jewish Community Federation. When in need of a coordinated                Meeting Schedule
  continuum of services for seniors and their families a single phone
                                                                                First and third Thursday of every month
  number provides access to transportation, information, referrals and a
  community-based social worker.
                                                                                1-2:15pm JCC Conference Room
  Call 697-3030. Visit the Senior Adult Office for more information.            For	more	information	call	Emily	Krohn,	461-0115,	
                                                                                ext.	124	or	e-mail	EKrohn@jfsrochester.org.
  Informal Discussion Groups
  Passages for women 50+ An informal discussion group focused on
  issues important to women 50+. Wednesday, 10:30am-12pm, Meeting
                                                                                When You’ve Lost a Loved One
  Room 1.                                                                       Bereavement Support Group
                                                                                Losing	someone	you	love	is	very	painful	and	can	be	overwhelm-
  Interfaith Connection                                                         ing.	Grief	that	is	expressed	and	experienced	has	a	potential	for	
  New Groups Forming Now                                                        healing	and	can	eventually	strengthen	and	enrich	your	life.
  Connect with couples in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere
  to discuss issues relevant to interfaith families. Interfaith Connection      Meeting Schedule
  serves all couples with one Jewish partner. Annual Fee: $36.                  First and third Friday of each month
                                                                                11 am-12pm Free
  For more information, advice or referrals contact Michele Leve, CSW at 461-   Meeting Room 1
  2000, ext. 232 or at mrleve@jccrochester.org. Individual appointments are     For	more	information	please	call	Michele	Mendelson,	
  available. The Interfaith Connection is funded by a grant from the Regina     461-0115,	ext.	117	or	e-mail	MMendelson@ifsrochester.org.	
  and Harry Cornell Fund.                                                       This	program	made	possible	by	a	donation	from	Betsy	and	
                                                                                Stuart	Bobry.
12 | JCC Magazine
                                                                 MARILYN GREENBERG
                                                                                Associate Broker, SRES
                                                                            #1 Agent – Brighton Office
                                                                         Nothnagle REALTORS® “Top 30”
     Proven Performance with...                                            2007 GRAR “Platinum Award”
                                                                          28 Years Full Time Professional

   Ira Jevotovsky                                                            1415 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY 14618
            Associate Broker                                                              585-461-6339
         Call: 585-389-1029             In 15 years, if you
                                        need a good real
           Cell: 230-1187               estate agent, call us.
                                        But for now use our                                                                                     It’s Hard To Stop A Trane®

        Email: jevoi@rochester.rr.com   dad – he’s the best!

                                                                       1776 East Main St.                                         24 Hr. Service
                                                                       Rochester, N.Y. 14609                                     (585) 288-2050
                                                                         FOR OVER 9 5 Y E A R S , T H E F E L D M A N FA M I LY H A S B E E N
                                                                    P R O V I D I N G Q U A L I T Y, E N E R G Y- S AV I N G H E AT I N G A N D C O O L I N G

                                                                  Simon Plumbing and Electrical
                                                                        • Water Heaters • Sump Pumps • Sinks
                                                                        • Garbage Disposals • Toilets• Faucets
                                                                              • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
                                                                           • Electrical and Plumbing Repairs
                                                                 FREE ESTIMATES                                               FULLY INSURED
                                                                 Warren S. Simon                                                    271-0190

 Sharon & Mel Diamond                                                                                  Nancy Moscov-Rapp
                                                                                                                    Professional Service,
                                                                                                                          Personal Style
  Get More…
  service | satisfaction | exposure
  photos | listings | advertising
                                                                                                                                          Salesperson, CBR

                                                                                                                          Direct (585) 389-4050
(585) 389-4024
                                                                                                                           Cell (585) 230-4770

2 | JCC Magazine                                                                                                                   JCCRochester.org | 13
Contributions Thank you very much for the                                                        Jack Koven in memory of
                                                                                                   Bernard Kozel
                                                                                                                                    Michael and Ruth Kravetz
                                                                                                 Andrea and Steve Kozel in          Michael Kravetz in memory
following donations received September 1st through                                                 memory of Bernard Kozel            of Bernard Kozel
                                                                                                 Dorrance Lamb in memory
October 31st 2008. These donations allow the Jewish                                                of Bernard Kozel
                                                                                                                                    Michael Bresloff
                                                                                                                                    Memorial Fund
Community Center of Greater Rochester to provide the                                             Susan and Hyman Lasker
                                                                                                                                    Rose and Jesse Bresloff in
                                                                                                 Leslie Berkowitz in honor of
                                                                                                                                      memory of Bernard Kozel
programs and services that are so important to so many.                                            Tori Madway’s Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                                                    Karen and Michael Haymes in
                                                                                                   and Hannah Every’s Bat
                                                                                                                                      memory of Bernard Kozel
                                                                                                   Mitzvah and in memory of
Abe and Fannie Kessler Fund      Myrna and Richard LaBaer       Marilyn and Joel Greenberg in                                       On Stage
                                                                                                   Bernard Kozel, Irv Starr,
Lynda and Gil Kessler              in honor of Julie Lee’s       memory of Bernard Kozel                                            Joyce and Ed Burg in
                                                                                                   and Lois DeCoste
  in memory of Jack Kessler        special birthday             Norma Osten in honor of                                               memory of Jerry Weiss
                                                                                                 Beth and Rick Marks in
Lynda and David Newman           Sheila and Hank Markowitz       Julian Lee’s special birthday                                      Phyllis Kasdin in memory of
                                                                                                   memory of Lois DeCoste
                                   in memory of Mel Gurell                                                                            Bernard Kozel
Annual Appeal                                                   Friends of                       Joan and Richard Markus in
                                   and Sue Eckhaus’ brother                                                                         Enid and Lou Ryen in
Goldee and Bill Meyer                                           Camp Seneca Lake                   memory of Bernard Kozel
Ruth Kramer and Peter Kristal    Center Stage                   Judy and John Golden             Shirley Mink in honor of             honor of Phyllis Kasdin’s
Becky and Richard Nusbaum        Andrea and Albert Burke        Karen and Glen Moscoe in           Julian Lee’s birthday              honor and Lisa Kasdin’s
Edith and Karl Spokony           Patricia Chadwick                memory of Irv Starr            Karen and Glen Moscoe in             engagement
                                 Fern and Daniel Daniel                                            memory of Bernard Kozel
Camp Seneca Lake                                                Gerald R. and Ruth                                                  Reader Theater
                                 Carol and Mort Epstein                                          Nancy and Neil Rapp in
Jane and Doug Bennett in                                        G. Katz Fund                                                        Millie Ness
                                 Essie and Irving Germanow                                         memory of Bernard Kozel
  honor of Zachary               Audrey and Burt Gordon         Ruth and Gerald Katz in                                             Replacement Reserve Fund
                                                                                                   and Jonathan Birnbaum
  Holtzman’s Bar Mitzvah         Marilyn and Joel Greenberg       memory of Bernard Kozel                                           Debby and Elliott Landsman in
                                                                                                 Susan and Nathan Robfogel in
Phyllis and Mel Besdin           Rhonda and Earl Gurell                                                                              memory of Bernard Kozel
                                                                Israel Education Fund              memory of Bernard Kozel
  in memory of Jonathan          Felice and Leonard Harris      Leslie Berkowitz and Michael     Arnold Schollnick                  Senior Adult Department
  Birnbaum                       Elaine and Bob Jacobsen          Lebowitz in memory of          Mary Schwertz in memory of         Julia Fine Restricted Fund
Tamara Cohen and Barry           Tommi and Arnold Klinsky         Jonathan Birnbaum                Bernard Kozel                    Susan and Jack Krieger in
  Silverstein in memory of       Debby and Elliott Landsman                                      Jane Snyder and Gary
  Irv Starr, Bernard Kozel                                      JCC                                                                   honor of Katie and Joe
                                 Deborah and Everett Larrabee                                      Maggs in memory of Judy
  and Jonathan Birnbaum          Nancy and Howard LeVant        Leo Cohen in memory of                                                Goldstien’s 72nd Anniversary
Norma Gingold in memory          Mary Jean Mac Ewen                Bernard Kozel                                                    Linda Lowenstein in honor
  of Harold Berman                                              Leslie and Howard Crane in       Jewish Book Festival                 of Jack Charnet’s 90th
                                 Jill and Sanford Miller
Debbie and Michael Gordon                                          honor of Sol Goldstein’s      Sarah Liebschutz in honor of         birthday
                                 Louise and Joel Novros
  in memory of Jonathan          Molly and Bernard Panner          special birthday                Sid and Linda Weinstein’s 50th   Jane and Len Rubens in
  Birnbaum                       Janet Klein Patlow             Sharon and Mel Diamond in        Judy Zaretsky Memorial               honor of Julian Lee’s
Barbara and Marvin Gray in       Julie Petit                       memory of Bernard Kozel       Fund for Israeli Dance               birthday
  memory of Ora Diamond          Hannah and Arnold              Judy and Paul Eissenstat in
                                                                                                 Ruth and Daniel Lempert            Nadia and Richard Sanow in
Janne Groner in memory of           Rosenblatt in memory of        memory of Jonathan Birn-
                                                                                                   in memory of Margaret              memory of Ora Diamond
  Irv Starr                         Bernard Kozel                  baum and wishing a speedy
Howard Grossman in                                                 recovery for Phil Garver        Gerby, Millard Shulman
                                 David Runzo                                                                                        Susie Goldstein Sands Fund
  memory of Irv Starr                                           Paul Eissenstat in honor           and Jerry Weiss                  for Camp Seneca Lake
                                 Margie and Martin Sabath
Sue and Art Kaufman in                                             of a speedy recovery for      Mark Zaretsky in memory of         Marcia and Norman Abelson
                                 Evelyn and Manson Scull
  memory of Irv Starr                                              Michael Douglass                our wedding anniversary            in honor of Inge Gold-
                                 Rose and Frank Swiskey
Renee and Peter Liebschutz       Fay and Irwin Wagman           Ilene and David Flaum in         Legacy Brick                         stein’s birthday
  in honor of Barbara Biben’s    Sarisa and Leon Zoghlin           memory of Bernard Kozel       Rhoda and Bill Goldstein           Florence and John Eppstein
  birthday and in memory of                                     Essie and Irving Germanow in
                                 David D. Gordon Fund                                            Library                              in honor of Julian Lee’s
  Roslyn Lazeroff and Dale                                         memory of Bernard Kozel
  McMeekin                       Annette and Phil Garver in     Judy Abelman and Barry           Joan and Harold Feinbloom            birthday
                                  memory of Bernard Kozel          Goldfarb in memory of         Paulina and Larry Kovalsky         Enid and Lou Ryen in
Sharon and Dov Margolis
  and Lori and Daniella          Early Childhood                   Bernard Kozel                   in honor of Julian Lee’s           memory of Lois DeCoste,
  Apfel in memory of             Andrea Miller and Dennis       Judy and Fred Gregory in           birthday and the birth of          Fred Silverstein, Bernard
                                   Kessler in memory of            memory of Bernard Kozel         Pamela and Richard Kroll’s         Kozel, Jonathan Birnbaum
  Bernard Kozel
                                   Rachel Weiner’s mother       Marvin Groden                                                         and Ruth Handleman
Renee Rosenbloom and family                                                                        grandson
                                   and Rachel Rosner’s          Howard Grossman in
  in memory of Irv Starr                                                                         Markus Society                     United Way Designated
                                   grandfather                     memory of Bernard Kozel
Louise Spivack in memory of                                                                                                         Gifts
                                 Elaine J. and Sanford G.       Harriette and Jack Howitt in     Lillian Atkins
  Irv Starr                                                                                                                         Barbara Conklin and Ken
                                 Hoffman Fund for Education        honor of Elliott Lands-       Anne Berger
Joanne and Jerry Viener                                                                                                               Hoelperl
                                 Mark Hoffman in memory of         man’s Philanthropy Award      Terri and Harold Bobry
  in honor of Zachary                                                                                                               Winkler Campership Fund
                                   Jonathan Birnbaum            Merilyn and Robert Israel        Josephine and Simon Braitman
  Holtzman’s Bar Mitzvah                                                                                                            Sue, Michael and Megan
                                 Marian Meltzer and the            with healing wishes to Paul   Ginny and Irv Gordon
Betty Reeback Wachtel                                                                                                                 Lococo in memory of Sala
                                   Heffron Family in mem-                                        Annette Grau
Marcia Yaroslow in memory                                          Eisenstatt                                                         Biren, Eleanor Krass and
                                   ory of Elaine and Sanford                                     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klein
  of Irv Starr                                                  Daphne Futerman and Ira                                               Mel Gurell
                                   Hoffman and Abe Meltzer                                       Barbara Kozel
                                 Sandy and Wes Sapiro              Jevotovsky in memory of
Campership                                                                                       Deborah Kravetz                    Yiddish Cultural Center
                                   in memory of Rachel             Bernard Kozel
Ginny and Irv Gordon in                                                                          Michael Kravetz                    Donation
                                   Weiner’s mother              Rita and Nate Josephson in                                          Joyce and Ed Burg in honor
  memory of Bernard Kozel                                                                        Harriet and Jack Kurz
  and in honor of Julian Lee’s   Fitness, Wellness and             memory of Bernard Kozel                                            of the engagement of Lisa
                                                                Susan and Art Kaufman            Friederike and Joel Seligman
  special birthday               Recreation                                                                                           Kasdin and Martin Lubitz
Susan and Art Kaufman in         Irving Fine in memory of          in honor of Julie Lee’s       Membership Scholarships            Phyllis Kasdin in honor of
  memory of Bernard Kozel          Bernard Kozel                   birthday                      Carolyn and David Eisenman           Julian Lee’s birthday
14 | JCC Magazine
       hanu ah     h!
C                a
      December 25
      at the JCC!

 FAmily Fun                                  in Zone                   Geulah’s Cafe
     ChA    nukAh Arts                       10am-4pm                  12-2pm in the aud. a
          & CrAFts
             10am-4pm                  Family Swim                  JCC CoFFee shop
                                                                        open 8am-4pm
           Make a necklace!                    1-4pm
        design your own cards!
         Chanukah sand art!             Family Bingo                  BE A HERO
                                     1pm with dave rogachefsky
          decorate a dreidel!                                        Celebrate Safely
                                          ler sk
         PlayGym                     1:30-3pm in the auditoriums
                                                                     Learn with our firefighter
                                                                     friends from the Brighton
             10am-4pm                                                     fire department

                                     Adult Group Fitness
                                            Zumba                       Total Body Workout

                                            9-9:45am                           10-11:10am
                                     dance studio with Brenda             dance studio with Linda

  & Op N t   y!                     spinning with nancy                  Mixed Levels yoga
    c OmmUNitll
                                             9-10am                      10-11:15am with Wendy
     The JCn from
     be ope -6pm

Our thanks to rG&E for sponsoring the day’s events.
Jewish Family programs at the Jcc are made possible through the generosity of
the regina and Harry cornell Fund. Questions? call rachel at ext. 505.
                                                                                              JCCRochester.org | 15
                                                           for                            CONNECTIONS
Family Zumba at 2pm                                       EvErYoNE!
FREE! It’s a family dance party.
Move to great music, learn new
steps and challenge each other!

You’ll have a blast!
Dance Studio

Chanukah Cookie
Decorating at 2pm
A tasty treat for the whole
                                                                                          It happens when your kids go to Jewish
family! Decorate cookies with                                                               summer camp. When a Jewish family
professional pastry chefs from                  CoMING uP:                                    attends a Purim celebration at the
Malek’s Bakery. Eat in and take                 January 11 Family Boot Camp                   JCC. When 20-somethings flock
                                                January 25 Family Story Time                     to hear cutting-edge Israeli
some goodies home!
                                                                                                 musicians play in Rochester.
$10 per family                                  Did You Know: There’s a great                      It’s a Jewish connection. It’s
Space is limited. Register                      selection of board games avail-                    a celebration of Jewish life.
online at jccrochester.org by                                                                              It’s Federation.
                                                able for sign out from the JCC
December 5. Class held at the                   Coffee Shop.
JCC Coffee Shop
                                                For more information on Sunday
DECEMBEr 21                                     Family Time contact Michele Leve at
Family Yoga Stretch at 2pm                      461-2000, ext. 232.
FREE! pose and find your center                 Sunday Family Time is made possible
with your school age children                   through the generosity of the Harry and
Dance Studio                                    Regina Cornell Fund.

                                                                                                                                    Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                    Rochester, NY
 Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester

                                                                                                                                    Permit No. 965
 The William and Mildred Levine Building
 1200 Edgewood Avenue

  Rochester NY 14618

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