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Profitable customer
                                                                        CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing
relationships are the lifeblood                                         Systems                                           Management Briefings
of any commercial enterprise.                                           Market Overview & Analysis                                                    4
Yet many of us know from                                                Most organisations understand that CRM software is only effective if part of
personal experience that                                                an overall customer management strategy. But how many companies
organisations often fall short                                          achieve this? Cliff Mills gets the answer from our latest research.
in treating their customers as                                          Expert Opinion                                                                7
                                                                        Experienced CRM consultant Richard Boardman of Mareeba sees little
they would expect.                                                      progress over the years in the value offered by software vendors.
  Companies can be tempted                                              View from the Top                                                             8
to think that they have                                                 Insurance firm BLP has replaced its CRM software to get better systems
addressed the issue by                                                  integration, says chief operating officer Kim Vernau.
installing a CRM system. But                                            Towards SRM                                                                  14
                                                                        Customer relationship management has moved a step further to become
technology is simply an                                                 ‘stakeholder’ relationship management, reports Tim Haigh of Cirquent.
enabler, not a replacement for                                          Technology is Not Enough                                                     16
a well-thought through                                                  To sell your way out of the recession, every person in the organisation
customer management                                                     needs to understand they have a role in the sales process, says David
strategy.                                                               Freedman of Huthwaite.
  So what’s the secret of                                               Beating the Recession                                                        18
                                                                        Derek Bishop of Abeo Consulting shows how to profit from customer-based
successful customer                                                     management information during the downturn.
management? How do you                                                  Keeping your Contact Centre Happy                                            24
build customer and brand                                                With customers demanding faster and more efficient service, it is contact
loyalty?                                                                centre staff who are feeling the heat of the increased expectation, says
                                                                        David Bennett of Siemens Enterprise Communications.
  The consensus is that it
                                                                        Passives or Promoters?                                                       26
demands continuous hard                                                 Do your customers praise you, damn you or don’t care? Andrew Broome of
work, re-appraisal of the                                               Axactia reports on ‘customer advocacy’, an increasingly popular measure of
outcomes and analysis of                                                CRM effectiveness.
feedback from customers. It                                             What Web 2.0 Means for You                                                   30
also requires co-ordinated                                              Marketing professionals ignore Web 2.0 at their peril, warns Jeffrey Peel of
                                                                        Quadriga Consulting, as he looks at what the concept has to offer.
action by sales, marketing                                              Why Killer Products Don’t Sell                                               32
and the supporting customer                                             Regardless of a strong track record of sales success, there is still no
contact centres.                                                        guarantee that a ground-breaking product will sell to a new market. Ian
  The consultant authors in                                             Gotts and Dominic Rowsell explain what goes wrong.
this Conspectus offer help
and advice across all these                                             CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing
areas.                                                                  Systems                                                    Supplier Profiles
                                                                        Throughout this issue, we feature profiles of leading CRM, contact centre &
                                                                        marketing systems suppliers. This information, supplied by the companies, has
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     Market Overview & Analysis CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

                                    Software is
provide good service and
understand the requirements of
their customers are the ones that
generally survive and prosper
over the long term.
   In the past, successful
companies looked after their

                                    just the start
customers instinctively – it just
made common sense.
Nowadays it’s called customer
relationship management or
CRM for short and you can buy
a software package to do it for
   Of course, a CRM                 How many companies combine CRM technology and a good customer strategy? Cliff
application only provides the       Mills reports on this and other findings from our latest user survey.
mechanistic means for
automating the processes a                                                                                       Organisations have realised that
                                    FIGURE 1: Importance of customer strategy
company uses to track and keep                                                                                   by ensuring their customers are
information on its current and                Is having an effective customer management strategy                happy, they will keep them for
prospective customers. Just                         more important now than three years ago?                     much longer and therefore
installing a software package on                                                                                 derive increased value from
its own is not sufficient to                                                                                     them.
develop and provide a                 Much more
                                                                                                                    Providing better customer
comprehensive customer service        important                                                                  information to functional areas
environment (see our Expert                                                                                      of the business, such as sales
Opinion article on page 7).                                 62%                                                  and marketing, is also a key
   Success depends not on the                                                                                    objective (3.9). Meanwhile,
software implementation, but                                                                                     understanding the customer’s
on building a philosophy and                                                                                     requirements better and
clear strategy for customer                                                        18%                           targeting offers more effectively
                                                                                              Slightly more
service and management. A                                                                                        provides more opportunities for
company needs to provide the                                                                                     cross-sell and upsell (3.8) and
context, support, training and                                          17%                                      improves lead quality and
correct business environment                              3%                                                     conversion rates (3.7).
for employees to take full                                                                                          Given that improving
advantage of the information                         important      About the same        Source: NCC Research   customer satisfaction levels is
systems provided.                                                                                                the number one objective for
   Developing good customer                                                                                      CRM systems, it is not
service and management is not a        As our latest Conspectus              Only 20% say they have no           surprising that the majority of
one-off job, it is a continuing     survey shows, 62% of                  clear customer strategy.               organisations (65%) actively
journey as the demands of the       companies think that having an           Many organisations have             measure this on a regular basis.
customer and the way they can       effective customer management         implemented an integrated              Yet a substantial minority
interact with an organisation       strategy is now much more             CRM system to assist in                (30%) do so only occasionally.
are constantly changing.            important than three years ago        delivering their customer                 The most popular method for
   From the outside, a customer     (see Figure 1). A further 18%         management strategy.                   collecting customer opinion is
perceives a company as a single     say it is slightly more important        We asked our respondents to         via a periodic satisfaction survey
entity, even though they may        and 17% think it is about the         rate their drivers for deploying       sent to clients (63%) or by using
deal with a number of different     same.                                 CRM applications, using a scale        customer feedback forms
employees in different roles and       Just under half the                of 1 to 5 where 1 stands for ‘not      (53%).
departments.                        respondents (48%) say their           important’ and 5 for ‘very                Other popular ways are to
   In addition, a customer can      organisation has an existing          important’.                            make a random ‘satisfaction
potentially have contact with an    overall customer management              Improving customer                  call’ to the client after the
organisation through an ever-       strategy that is independent of       satisfaction (4.3) is the most         product or service has been
expanding number of different       any technology solutions              important reason given, as             delivered (39%) or to use a
channels. Having a single           implemented.                          companies seek to enhance their        third party to undertake
consistent view of all the             However, 27% are in the            service levels and meet customer       research (29%).
customer’s interactions across      process of developing one –           demands.                                  Information is also collected
the organisation therefore          which may indicate that                  In doing this, they hope to         through the company website
presents an ongoing challenge –     companies are trying to become        maximise the customer lifetime         (18%), anecdotally from the
and one that is seen as             more customer aware in the            value (4.2) and retain their           salesforce (18%) and by sending
increasingly important.             current economic climate.             existing customer base (4.1).          an email to a customer after a

4 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                                 
                                                        Market Overview & Analysis CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

completed transaction (13%).                                                                                                           Being able to easily share
                                           FIGURE 2: Significance of customer feedback
    The essential point is that                                                                                                     information across the
customer feedback is used to                       Is customer feedback used to drive change in your organisation?                  company’s core computer
drive change in the                                                                                                                 systems allows the value of
organisation.                                                                                                                       information to be enhanced. So
    The results show that 29% of                                                                            Significant             exchanging information
companies use this ‘extensively’                 Yes, a great                                                amount                 between the CRM system and,
to improve customer service and                      deal                                                                           say, the finance or ERP
34% use it a ‘significant                                                                      34%                                  application can bring many
amount’ (see Figure 2). This                                            29%                                                         benefits.
leaves 21% who only make a                                                                                                             However, only a quarter of
‘moderate amount’ of use of                                                                                                         respondents (25%) say that
feedback and 11% who take                                                                                                           integration with other systems
‘little’ notice of their customers’                                                                                                 can be achieved easily, while
views.                                                             5%                       21%                                     40% can integrate their
    Customer analytics –                          Don’t know                  11%                                                   applications but not very easily.
including insights into need,                                                                                                          Integration is not possible for
wants, lifestyles, behavioural                                                                       Moderate                       5% of companies even though
                                                     Not at all                                       amount
trends, transactional histories                        0%                A little                                                   they would like to, whereas
and purchasing patterns – can                                                                              Source: NCC Research     10% say they have no
improve the relevance and                                                                                                           requirement to integrate with
perceived value of offers to                                                                                                        other systems.
clients.                                  organisation has modified its                  15% ‘moderately difficult’.                   Employees nowadays are
    Providing good intelligence at        CRM system to meet its exact                      The budget for CRM                      becoming increasingly mobile
the front end can greatly assist          requirements varies greatly, with              activities appears to be holding           and with the sophistication of
in the formulation of more                10% having to make ‘very                       up well in the current economic            mobile devices they expect to be
targeted products and services,           significant’ changes and 35% a                 climate with 18% of                        able to access very nearly the
thereby greatly assisting upsell          ‘significant’ amount. A quarter                organisations expecting to                 same information when they are
and cross-sell opportunities.             (25%) needed only ‘moderate                    spend more than they did last              out of the office as when they
    But only 8% of respondents            changes’, 10% ‘little change’                  year and 50% keeping                       are at their desk.
think they are using customer             and a further 10% none at all.                 expenditure the same (see Figure              However, only 25% of
analytics to a ‘great extent’,               Once the software has been                  4). Only 12% of companies                  companies say they can access
with a further 28% using them             installed, there will always be a              expect to see a reduction in               CRM information when out of
to a ‘significant extent’ (see            need to alter it to reflect                    spending.                                  the office with a further 20%
Figure 3). Another 22% only               changing business requirements.                   Half the organisations                  planning to provide this
use them a ‘moderate’ amount,             Only 10% of companies found                    interviewed (50%) are currently            capability. This leaves 45% of
with 14% making ‘very little’             this ‘very easy’ to do, with a                 making changes or additions to             companies offering no mobile
use and 10% making no use at              further 25% seeing it as ‘easy’.               their CRM implementation,                  access to their employees.
all.                                         Conversely, 5% found it ‘very               with a further 30% planning to                The internet provides many
    The amount that an                    difficult’, 25% ‘difficult’ and                do so in the future.                       and varied means of

FIGURE 3: Use of customer analytics                                                      FIGURE 4: Impact of recession
             To what extent are customer analytics being used                                     How will spending on CRM systems change in the light
                  to determine customer requirements?                                                     of the current economic environment?
                            Significant extent

                                                                                             Will spend
                                                                                                                                                           will remain
                                                                                                                                                            the same
   extent                                                                                                                                  50%
                 8%                                                     Moderate


                                                 14%                                          Don’t know                          12%
    Don’t know
                                                          Little extent
                                                                                                                              Will spend
                              No extent                           Source: NCC Research                                           less                Source: NCC Research                                                                                                                             JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 5
      Market Overview & Analysis CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

communicating with an                                                                                               and another 23% as
                                       SURVEY STATISTICS
organisation’s target audience,                                                                                     ‘moderately successful’ (see
both for delivering information        We spoke to a broad cross-section of organisations for this                  Figure 5).
and collecting customers’ views.       year’s survey into CRM applications and trends. The public                      On the other hand, 28% are
   Half the respondents (50%)          sector accounts for 20% of the sample, as both local                         experiencing ‘little success’ and
say they make use of business          government and national agencies have made significant IT                    8% ‘no success’ at all.
network sites for interacting          investments in this area.                                                       With the introduction of
with clients and 38% provide              Of the remainder, 20% are drawn from business services,                   CRM systems and the use of a
an online feedback capability          13% from IT & telecoms industry, 10% from banking & finance,                 range of different technologies
for customers to express their         10% from retail and 10% from manufacturing.                                  to interact with customers, it is
opinions.                                 The companies vary in size, with 6% having in excess of                   interesting to see whether
   Online communities have             £5 billion turnover, 10% in the £1 billion to £5 billion bracket and         respondents feel new technology
been created by 21% of                 15% in the £250 million to £1 billion range.                                 has improved the level of
organisations and social                  In the mid-market, 13% have between £100 million and                      customer service now provided.
network sites are used by 21%          £250 million turnover and 21% from £50 million to £100 million.                 The biggest proportion (45%)
for marketing purposes. Perhaps        At the smaller end 12% have a turnover of between £10 million                ‘strongly agree’ that technology
surprisingly, only 18% say they        and £50 million and 18% £5 million to £10 million.                           has improved the quality of
are using SMS messaging and                                                                                         customer service, with a further
just 15% make use of blogs to                                                                                       20% ‘somewhat agreeing’ and
communicate with their                                                                                              15% ‘neutral’ (see Figure 6).
                                       FIGURE 5: Channel integration
customers.                                                                                                          Just 3% ‘somewhat disagree’
   An alternative option to                             How successful do you feel you have been at                 and 7% ‘strongly disagree’.
maintaining your own CRM                                  integrating different customer channels?                     CRM solutions have had a
system is to use a hosted                                            Successful                                     mixed press over the years and
solution (often referred to as                                                                                      have not always been as
Software as a Service), which is                                                                                    successful as companies would
available from a number of                                                                                          have wished.
suppliers.                                                                 23%                         success         From the research, no
   The benefits of this approach                                                                                    respondent thought their system
are that you avoid upfront                Very                                              23%                     had been ‘very successful’ and
                                       successful             8%
investment in hardware and                                                                                          delivered all the expected
software, as well as ongoing                                                                                        benefits while 50% think their
support and maintenance                                                                                             implementation has been
charges, in return for paying a                               10%                                                   ‘successful’ and that the
fixed price per user per month.              know                                                                   business is seeing some real
   To date, 10% of the                                                                28%                           benefits.
companies surveyed have                                                                                                This leaves 45% who see it as
adopted this approach with                        No success                                                        only ‘partially successful’ and
another 26% saying they would                                                                Little success         providing only limited benefits
                                       Source: NCC Research
consider this option. However,                                                                                      to the business.
41% of companies would not                                                                                             In summary, having a clear
consider a hosted solution and                                                                                      understanding of your
                                       FIGURE 6: Benefit of CRM technology
21% remain undecided.                                                                                               customers and their
   Customers now have a                 How strongly would you agree that the increased use of technology has       requirements is now more
number of different ways to                improved your level of customer service in the past five years?          important than ever and those
access and interact with a                                                                                          companies who have always
supplier – via the telephone, the                                                                                   had this ethos will be more
internet, face-to-face or several                                                                                   likely to survive and even
                                       Strongly agree
other methods.                                                                                                      prosper in the current economic
   With this variety of options, it                                                                                 climate.
is becoming increasingly                                             45%                                   agree       While CRM software can
difficult for any organisation to                                                           20%                     greatly help in developing this
keep track of all customer                                                                                          approach, it is still only a tool
interactions, but it is essential to                                                                                and cannot be a substitute for
do this so they fully understand                                                                                    developing a clear customer-
the customer’s requirements and                                                                                     centred business strategy.
present a seamless and                                                                      15%
consistent interface.                                               10%                                             l Cliff Mills is research
   Clearly this is a challenge as                                                                  Neutral          manager for Conspectus
only 8% of companies feel they                       Don’t know                                                     publisher NCC. If you are
have been ‘very successful’ in                                             Strongly    Somewhat disagree            interested in this study, please
achieving this, although 23%           Source: NCC Research                disagree                                 contact Cliff on 0870 908 8767.
see themselves as ‘successful’                                                                                      Email

6 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                                   
                                                    Market Overview & Analysis CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

     EXPERT OPINION: RICHARD BOARDMAN of Mareeba provides a pessimistic progress report on the CRM market.

                     Could do (a lot) better
   During the 14 years I’ve worked in the                                                            and those who do come in at widely
   CRM industry, while a lot of things have                                                          differing levels – sufficient at least to
   moved forward, some of what I would                                                               confirm that there is very little knowledge
   consider to be the fundamentals of                                                                in the vendor community about what
   success seem barely to have budged at                                                             actually happens downstream from the
   all.                                                                                              initial sale.
      If we look at CRM technology, there’s                                                          l Lack of resource. Finally, as a result of
   no doubt enormous strides have been                                                               their technology-oriented approach and,
   made. The breadth of functionality has                                                            I suspect, a desire not to add complexity
   increased, systems readily support                                                                and length to the sales cycle, the CRM
   remote access, and there have been                                                                vendor community have largely elected
   massive strides forwards in their flexibility                                                     not to clutter up their product and
   and ease of configuration.                                                                        service portfolio with the analysts,
      There are a wealth of architecture and                                                         strategists and experienced consultants
   deployment options, and with the advent                                                           who can effectively apply the power of
   of open-source options, never has the                                                             the technology.
   power of CRM technology been available                                                                Perhaps in this respect they are
   to so many people.                                                                                victims of their own marketing hype. For
      From an implementation perspective,             Richard Boardman: organisations seem to be     years, the CRM suppliers have sought to
   we’re largely past the era of high-profile         using CRM technology in its most basic way     ‘educate’ their clients that CRM initiatives
   failures, partly as a result of better                                                            are simple and cheap, on the basis that
   implementation practices and partly                suggest there aren’t many conversations        this will best encourage software
   because the technology is easier to                along the lines of, “Hey boss, I know we       purchases. Having suitably established
   deploy.                                            could get the sale closed this month, but      their clients’ budgetary expectations, the
      But while this is all good news, if you         I think it might be an idea if they mapped     market for the services their clients really
   examine the rather more core issue of              out their requirements a bit more to           need just isn’t there.
   whether CRM technology is adding real              check whether our software is the right            So in terms of generating value from
   operational value, the picture looks               fit for them”.                                 CRM technology, I’d suggest we’ve
   considerably less promising. In the main,          l Lack of real-world knowledge. For            made very little progress in the last 14
   the bulk of organisations seem to be               many involved in the industry, there is        years. Where progress has been made,
   using CRM technology in its most basic             very little appreciation of the real-world     it’s been through pioneering users or
   way, and are consistently failing to               practicalities of successfully applying        consultancies, rather than instigated by
   achieve its potential.                             technology.                                    the CRM vendors themselves… and I
      A lot of the responsibility for this, in my         Take user adoption – from the early        don’t believe it should be that way.
   opinion, can be laid at the door of the            days of the CRM industry, getting people           Perhaps what surprises me most is
   software vendors. The knowledge is out             to use CRM technology consistently and         that vendors have been able to get away
   there about the importance of strategic            systematically has been a challenge.           with delivering so little real return for so
   vision, sound supporting processes and                 The vendors have tried to address this     long. Maybe the tougher trading
   effective user adoption as being critical          issue by positioning their products as         environment will initiate a sea-change.
   to success, but the vendors are not                ‘easy-to-use’, but from a personal             After all, we now understand there’s
   choosing to apply it – and worse, their            viewpoint I don’t believe there’s been any     something fundamentally wrong with
   approach is far from conducive to                  real progress in actually making CRM           lending money to people who can’t
   success in a number of other respects:             software more accessible in the last 10        afford to pay it back and labelling it risk-
   l A sales-obsessed culture. As a                   years. Instead, the vendors might have         free debt.
   poacher turned gamekeeper I’ve seen                been better off devoting their energies to         Perhaps a time is dawning where
   the pressure salespeople are under to              non-technology based solutions such as         clients will realise that the august
   deliver results. The commissions they              honing implementation strategies and           institutions of the CRM world need to do
   receive for making a sale can be                   best practices.                                more to deliver on CRM’s remarkable
   extremely high and the penalties for                   As another example, when I issue           potential.
   failure painful.                                   requests for proposals for clients, I’ll
      If you’re a salesperson struggling to           always ask vendors for an assessment of        l Richard Boardman is founder of
   make your quarterly numbers, then                  the client administration resources            Mareeba CRM Consulting. Tel: 01494
   what’s good for the customer is unlikely           required to run their systems effectively.     582062. Email: richard.boardman@
   to be first and foremost in your mind. I’d         Strangely, many will fail to respond at all,                                                                                                           JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 7
      CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

View from the top
                                                                                                             Q: HOW DID THE IMPLEMENTATION GO?
 Organisation: BLP.                                                                                          A: Our IT department has a
 Interviewee:     Kim Vernau.                                                                                standard project methodology,
                                                                                                             which requires a project
 Job Title:       Chief operating officer.
                                                                                                             definition report to be produced
 The Subject:     Property insurance firm BLP has battled through data migration problems                    for each project.
                  to replace its system with Microsoft CRM software, to get                      In this case Crimson wrote
                                                                                                             the project definition report and
                  better integration between its core business applications.                                 worked alongside us to develop
                                                                                                             and implement the system.
                                                                                                                We decided to replicate, in
                                                                                                             Dynamics CRM, the
Q: WHAT WERE YOUR REASONS FOR MOVING   prevent the re-keying of data        The objective of the IT group    functionality we were familiar
TO A NEW CRM SOLUTION?                 and inconsistency of               was to implement a solution        with in This
A: We were previously using            information that was occurring     that could sit over existing       required a lot of customisation, which is very          between them.                      applications and be able to talk   work and in hindsight it might
much a sales orientated                                                   with them.                         have been better to have spent
customer relationship                  Q: HOW DID YOU SELECT YOUR NEW       As this suited our               more time understanding the
management system. This held           SOFTWARE?                          requirements at the time and       capabilities of the new system
information on all of our              A: The IT group in Thomas          would deliver a tangible           rather than say, “We want it to
contacts, sales opportunities,         Miller were already working        business benefit, we decided to    do this because this is what we
as well as follow-up                   with Crimson Systems on using      proceed with the                   are used to”.
information.                           a CRM system in another part       implementation of Microsoft’s         However, our major problem
   This was used by our sales          of the business.                   Dynamics CRM.                      was in migrating the existing
team to send out pre-quotes to                                                                               data across to the new system,
prospects, giving an                                                                                         as much of the data was
                                       ORGANISATION FILE
approximation of what a                                                                                      inconsistent and there was a
particular policy would cost.           BLP provides new building and refurbishment defects                  great deal of duplicate
Once this translated into               insurance and technical expertise for residential, commercial        information.
business, an account would be           and mixed-use schemes.                                                  Crimson helped us, as far as
created.                                   The insurance covers the property, not the developer, and         possible, with automating the suited us             BLP carries out a quality assessment on every risk – whether it      data conversion process but
reasonably well but the main            is residential or commercial.                                        there was still a lot of manual
driver for change was the need             It also offers ‘durability’ assessments for clients who need to   work required to ensure an
to integrate with our other core        fast-track the adoption of innovative systems; and it is the         accurate reflection of what had
systems.                                premier consultancy resource for whole-life cost data and            been in
   We operate our own inhouse           methodology in the UK construction industry.                            By the time we got to the end
underwriting system, called                The company was first incorporated as Building LifePlans          of the project, it was a general
BLUR, developed by our parent           Ltd in 1999 and is now known under its trading name of BLP.          view that data migration had
company Thomas Miller for use           Headquartered in the City of London, it is a subsidiary of           probably taken 70% of the
across the group.                       Thomas Miller.                                                       whole effort.
   In addition, we have a system,          BLP is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)           One area that caused us
CACTUS, that handles all of             and is backed by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty AG (UK         difficulty was the sales
our technical work. This allows         branch), with an insurer financial strength rating of AA.            reporting. In we
our auditors to do a technical             BLP has established relationships with a range of customers       produced reports to show our
buildings survey onsite, note           including architects, designers, contractors, builders, housing      sales pipeline at any given stage
down whether the construction           associations, landlords, tenants, property developers, property      and how much work the
is sound, if improvements are           consultants, property lawyers, investment bankers and pension        salespeople had undertaken.
required and then load this             fund managers.                                                          We found this more difficult
information into the CACTUS                Its customer list includes Scottish Widows Investment             to do in the new system for
system when they return to the          Partnership, Catalyst Housing Group, Newlon Housing Trust,           although the reporting tools in
office.                                 McCabe Builders, Highgrange Homes, JLP Homes, Oakdene                Dynamics CRM are very
   We needed these three                Homes and The Elegant Group.                                         powerful, for the average user
systems to talk to each other to                                                                             getting to the underlying data

8 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                             
                                                                                              CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

and producing a report is quite                                                                                     However, this is still some way
difficult. You need to spend a                                                                                      off and at the moment we are
lot of time getting used to the                                                                                     concentrating on improving the
system to do it efficiently.                                                                                        overall performance of our
   Ideally we would have liked                                                                                      processes.
to have run the two systems in
parallel for a period of time but                                                                                   Q: WHAT BENEFITS HAVE YOU SEEN FROM
due to the data migration taking                                                                                    THE SYSTEM?
longer than expected, this was                                                                                      A: The integration with our
not possible.                                                                                                       underwriting system has been a
   Our licences                                                                                      big benefit and has saved us a
were due to expire imminently,                                                                                      considerable amount of time. It
and it would have been too                                                                                          is now much easier to see where
expensive to renew them,                                                                                            our clients are in the business
therefore we decided to go live                                                                                     process.
on the new system. This wasn’t                                                                                         Previously we would have
ideal but as we had undertaken                                                                                      had to check three separate
thorough acceptance testing we                                                                                      systems but now we know
thought the risk was worth it.                                                                                      exactly their current position,
   In the end, the move to the                                                                                      both in the sales and technical
new system was very                                                                                                 processes.
straightforward. Our customer                                                                                          It has made our operations
                                        PERSONAL FILE
support team took to it easily, as                                                                                  more efficient, documents are
they had not used the previous           NAME: Kim Vernau, chief operating officer.                                 processed more rapidly and
system, whereas the sales team           BACKGROUND: Kim joined BLP in 2008 to take responsibility for              cannot be left unattended. This
and underwriters took a little           managing the customer support function and all operational                 together with other initiatives
longer to adjust to the new look         processes, including the IT that supports the delivery of BLP’s            has resulted in an overall
and feel and way of working.             services and products.                                                     improvement in our customer
   But now that everyone has               She is also responsible for implementing the legal,                      service.
got used to it, the new system is        compliance and audit requirements of the business.
running well. The Crimson                  Kim has accumulated over 22 years’ experience within the                 Q: IS THERE ANY ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE
support people were                      Thomas Miller Group in claims management, operational                      OTHERS CONTEMPLATING A SIMILAR
tremendous, in terms of how              management, project management, investment management                      SYSTEM?
much help they gave us, which            and has held the position of group internal auditor and                    A: You need to be very alive to
made the implementation far              commercial director for the investments business.                          the issues of data migration; this
easier than it would otherwise             Kim is a barrister and holds an LLM, a PIIA qualification from           took us much longer and
have been.                               the Institute of Internal Auditors, and the Markets and                    required much more effort than
                                         Regulations qualification from the Institute of Investment                 we had anticipated.
Q: HOW DID YOU PREPARE YOUR STAFF FOR    Management in London.                                                         In hindsight we probably
THE NEW SYSTEM?                                                                                                     should have looked at other
A: From the business side, six                                                                                      CRM options to ensure
people were involved in system             Those staff that had been           Q: ARE YOU PLANNING ANY FURTHER      Dynamics CRM was the best
acceptance testing. Detailed            involved in the acceptance             DEVELOPMENT OF THE SYSTEM?           solution for our business.
acceptance testing scripts were         testing were also able to help         A: Our next step is to look at          That’s not to say that it isn’t.
created to check the system             their colleagues, which proved         what we call our ‘contract           But the best way of persuading
thoroughly and these scripts            very beneficial.                       certainty process’ to allow us to    people that it was the best
were later used to produce the                                                 track customer transactions          solution would have been to go
end-user training manual.               Q. HOW DID THE INTEGRATION WITH YOUR   through from start to finish.        through a more detailed
   We held training courses, in a       OTHER SYSTEMS PROGRESS?                   This will provide an              evaluation process.
dedicated training room, over a         A: Our underwriting system,            automatic system of flags, traffic      We found having a dedicated
two-and-a-half week period for          BLUR, is fully integrated and          lights and actions from the start    project manager is essential. As
six people at a time. They all          we can now raise a quote in the        to completion of a transaction,      a small business there is a
had access to the system on             CRM system and have it                 to give us a much clearer idea of    limited amount of time you can
their own monitor and basically         automatically passed across to         exactly what we are doing for a      devote to a project and having a
it was show-and-tell – we               BLUR, eradicating the necessity        customer at any given time. This     project manager for the last
showed them what to do and              for double entry of the                is scheduled for completion in       three months made our lives a
then they did it.                       information.                           August 2009.                         lot easier.
   I have found that this is the           Integration to our technical           The ultimate objective is to         He was able to bring
most effective way to train             system, CACTUS, is an ongoing          make all our clients’                everyone together and get them
people. If you send out a               project that will allow                documentation available to           focused on exactly what had to
training manual and ask them            information to be passed               them over the internet so that       be done and ensure deadlines
to go through it, then they never       transparently from the CRM             they can check where they are in     were met. I would say this was
will.                                   system.                                a process at any given time.         crucial to the project’s success.                                                                                                                JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 9
                         CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

                  Crimson Systems
Crimson Systems

                  Established in 2000 by three                      focus on aligning IT
                                                                                                              COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
                  founding directors, Crimson                       expenditure/strategy against
                  Ltd comprises two sister                          defined business goals and                 Turnover (UK)                      £11m            Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                                  Crimson Systems Limited, Queen Anne
                  companies, Crimson Systems                        functional requirements.                   Turnover (W)                       £11m
                                                                                                                                                                  House, 131 High Street, Coleshill,
                  and Crimson Skills. Individually                                                             Profit Before Tax (UK)             AOR             Warks B46 3BP
                  and as a group, Crimson has                       Services provided                          Profit Before Tax (W)              AOR             Telephone
                  grown significantly since its                     Its services consist of the                Number of Employees (UK)           75              01675 466477
                  inception, recording 63%                          following elements:                        Number of Employees (W)            75              Fax
                  growth for 2007-08.                               l Consultancy – including                  Software Marketed (UK)             D/I             01675 430110
                     Crimson Systems started out                    business process and IT                    End User Support by                D/I             Contact name
                                                                                                                                                                  Dominic Clayden
                  as a software (.NET/Java)                         assessments; ‘more for less’               End User Training by               D/I
                                                                                                                                                                  Email address
                  development and support house                     assessment; objective IT                   Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
                  servicing companies’                              consultancy; change                        applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available
                                                                                                               on request                                         Website address
                  application and software                          programme management;                                                               
                  requirements.                                     solutions design; strategy and                                                                User Group Chairman/Contact Point
                     Since 2004 it has seen its core                planning; project management;             solutions; legacy, interim and                      N/A
                  business evolve into IT                           vendor management and                     new build.
                  consultancy, building on its                      procurement; technology                   l Business intelligence –                          providing objective consultancy
                  experience in offering ‘best of                   strategy and migration.                   Crimson Systems has Microsoft                      services coupled with the
                  breed’ IT services.                               l Application development –               Gold Partner, Business Objects                     capability to deliver on large-
                     Crimson Systems aims to be a                   .NET; Java; Lotus Notes;                  Partner and Cognos Partner                         scale IT projects. Its change
                  client-focused organisation and                   bespoke solutions; legacy                 status. It provides enterprise                     programme consultants
                  claims a high growth and                          migration; onshore, offshore              data warehousing and report                        specialise in providing business
                  retention rate throughout its                     and nearshore team                        design and implementation.                         and IT analysis services,
                  customer base. It provides                        management.                               l Workflow enabler solutions –                     underpinned by vertical market
                  specialist business and IT                        l Application support – .NET;             Lotus Notes, MS SharePoint                         knowledge in the insurance and
                  consultancy skills, with a main                   Java; Lotus Notes; bespoke                (MOSS/WSS) and CRM                                 brokerage sectors.
                                                                                                              Dynamics and                                  Crimson Systems has found
                                                                                                                                                                 its services are suited to
                                                                                                              Expertise                                          businesses experiencing any of
                   Name                                             Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (Crimson
                                                                                                              Crimson Systems’ expertise                         the following scenarios:
                                                                                                              within workflow solutions is                       l Migration from/replacement
                   First installed (year)                           2008
                                                                                                              centred on managing complex                        of legacy systems.
                   No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months       N/A
                                                                                                              IT change programmes                               l Planned co-existence of
                   No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months    14,000 – 4,000
                                                                                                              combining both high-level and                      applications.
                   Key markets                                      Manufacturing, banking, insurance &
                                                                    financial services, retail & wholesale,
                                                                                                              hands-on strategic IT                              l Poor internal communication
                                                                    CPG, distribution & logistics             consultancy, and in delivering                     between existing application
                   Current version – date of release                v4.0 – Jan 08                             ‘enabling’ technology                              suites.
                   Operating system(s) supported                    Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2008      solutions’(MOSS 2007 and                           l Unoptimised core business
                   Min/max no. of users supported                   50-9,999                                  CRM Dynamics 4.0) to UK                            processes.
                   Application types provided:                                                                companies.                                         l Inefficient inter-departmental
                   Customer relationship management?                Yes                                          Building on its experience in                   workflow.
                   Salesforce automation?                           Yes
                                                                                                              application development and                        l Lack of management
                   Contact centre management?                       Yes
                                                                                                              support over the last four years,                  awareness of key business
                   Service organisation management?                 Yes
                                                                                                              it has established a growing                       processes.
                                                                                                              Enabling Technologies practice                     l Over-budget or over-deadline
                   Supplier/partner management?                     Yes
                                                                                                              and holds Microsoft Gold                           IT projects/IT budget cutbacks.
                   Channel management?                              Yes
                                                                                                              Partner status. This means it                      l Acquisitions/mergers.
                   Marketing databases?                             Yes
                                                                                                              adheres to the highest standards                   l Expansion of service/product
                   Sales analysis & reporting?                      Yes
                                                                                                              of compliance with best-                           offerings.
                   Customer analytics?                              Yes
                                                                                                              practice guidelines for                            l Upscaling, downscaling or
                   Competitor tracking?                             Yes
                                                                                                              Microsoft solution                                 restructuring of business.
                   Lead management?                                 Yes
                                                                                                              implementations.                                   l Considerable remote working
                   Do you provide the software on a hosted or on-   Both – on-premise and Microsoft-
                                                                                                                 Crimson Systems’ approach                       (local copy).
                   demand basis?                                    hosted versions are available. Crimson
                                                                    Systems does not currently supply a       is to directly link IT expenditure                 l Interaction with third parties
                                                                    vendor-hosted solution                    to strategic business goals by                     and partners.
                   Is your software integrated with: business       Yes – Dynamics CRM can be integrated                         See a full Crimson Systems Evaluation Report.
                   intelligence/financial & accounting/             with any platform that consumes its                          Visit and click on
                   manufacturing/supply chain/other software?       web services                                                 ‘View all Vendors’.

                  10 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                             CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Epicor is a leading global                         The solutions offer scalability

                                                                                          COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
provider of integrated                           and adaptability, designed to
enterprise resource planning                     address current and future                Turnover (UK)                      N/A             Name and Address
                                                                                                                                              Epicor Software UK Ltd, No 1 The
(ERP), customer relationship                     business challenges.                      Turnover (W)                       $495.6m
                                                                                                                              (FY 2008)       Arena, Downshire Way, Bracknell,
management (CRM), supply                           Epicor offers a range of                                                                   Berkshire RG12 1PU
chain management (SCM) and                       services with its solutions,              Profit Before Tax (UK)             N/A
professional service automation                  providing a single point of               Profit Before Tax (W)              N/A             0800 316 1155
(PSA) software solutions to                      accountability in order to                Number of Employees (UK)           160             Fax
mid-market companies and                         support rapid return on                   Number of Employees (W)            3,000           N/A
divisions of the Global 1000.                    investment and low total cost             Software Marketed (UK)             D/I             Contact name
                                                                                                                                              Rachel Barber-Kebby
   Founded in 1984, it has over                  of ownership.                             End User Support by                D/I
                                                                                                                                              Email address
20,000 customer organisations                                                              End User Training by               D/I
in more than 140 countries,                      CRM                                       Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
                                                                                                                                              Website address
providing solutions in over 30                   Epicor recognises that customer           applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available
                                                                                           on request                               
languages.                                       relationship management                                                                      User Group Chairman/Contact Point
                                                 strategies are as important to                                                               Keith Hammond/AOR
Approach                                         business today as they have              supplier or partner relationship,
Epicor provides end-to-end,                      ever been.                               regardless of position in the                      include:
industry-specific and scalable                      Epicor says it has designed its       customer lifecycle.                                l Campaign management tools
solutions for manufacturing,                     CRM solutions to help                       The company’s CRM                               help users understand
distribution, retail, hospitality                organisations stay ahead of the          solutions broaden the scope of                     marketing effectiveness.
and services companies, using                    curve and meet the challenges            customer information to                            l The package’s email
service oriented architecture                    that the market brings, helping          everyone within an                                 marketing solution manages
(SOA) and web services                           users to manage their customer           organisation and external                          communications with
technology.                                      lifecycle from prospect to cash          stakeholders, through                              customers, prospects and
   Its solutions are designed to                 to care, improve operational             contextual delivery of customer                    partners.
help organisations increase                      efficiency and accelerate growth         data to the company’s                              l Clientele Sales Force
efficiency, improve performance                  – both internally and externally.        information workers.                               Automation (SFA) enables users
and build competitive                               Epicor CRM provides a 360-                                                               to manage the lifecycle of a
advantage.                                       degree view of the customer,             Epicor Clientele                                   sales opportunity.
                                                                                          Epicor Clientele is a software                     l The software solution
PRODUCT                                                                                   solution for managing                              provides global customer
 Name                                            Epicor CRM                               customer-centric processes and                     support capabilities.
 First installed (year)                          1994                                     CRM initiatives.                                   l Case management
 No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months      300 – 40                                    It includes modules for                         functionality enables users to
 No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months   5,000 – 773                              support, sales, marketing and                      provide timely and clear
 Key markets                                     Manufacturing, distribution, retail,     self-service, providing a single                   information to their
                                                 hospitality, services companies          source for managing customer                       customers.
 Current version – date of release               Epicor CRM.NET v8.5 – June 07            interactions and supporting a                      l Clientele’s AnswerBook
 Operating system(s) supported                   Windows 2000, 2003, CE/Mobile, NT, XP,   smoother transition from sales                     feature and self-service portal
                                                 Server 2000, 2003
                                                                                          to support.                                        helps users proactively resolve
 Min/max no. of users supported                  1-1,000                                     Epicor Clientele provides                       customer issues.
 Application types provided:                                                              integrated sales and customer                      l Users can determine
 Customer relationship management?               Yes                                      support functionality that helps                   support’s contributions to the
 Salesforce automation?                          Yes                                      organisations acquire and                          bottom line, resulting in both
 Contact centre management?                      No                                       retain long-term customer                          greater profitability and
 Service organisation management?                Yes                                      relationships.                                     predictability.
 Supplier/partner management?                    Yes                                         It is a multi-award-winning                     l Provides a more productive
 Channel management?                             Yes                                      Microsoft .NET and web                             user experience with Clientele’s
 Marketing databases?                            Yes                                      services-based CRM solution,                       ‘smart client’.
 Sales analysis & reporting?                     Yes                                      with over 20 years of features                     l Designed to be easy to
 Customer analytics?                             Yes                                      development and functionality                      personalise and customise.
 Competitor tracking?                            Yes                                      behind it.                                         l Designed for the web –
 Lead management?                                Yes                                                                                         architected using the Microsoft
 Do you provide the software on a hosted or      Yes                                      Functionality                                      .NET Framework and Visual
 on-demand basis?                                                                         Epicor Clientele’s key features                    Studio.
 Is your software integrated with: business      Yes
                                                                                                             See a full Epicor Evaluation Report.
 intelligence/financial & accounting/
                                                                                                             Visit and click on
 manufacturing/supply chain/other software?                                                                  ‘View all Vendors’.                                                                                                                                       JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 11
                      CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

               Exact Abacus
Exact Abacus

               Exact Abacus is a privately                        Exact Abacus claims to have
                                                                                                         COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
               owned family business                            been early to market with
               employing over 80 people at its                  products such as integrated               Turnover (UK)                      £3m             Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                             Exact Abacus Ltd, Western Avenue,
               headquarters in Chorley, UK.                     payment and carrier systems               Turnover (W)                       £3m
                                                                                                                                                             Matrix Park, Chorley PR7 7NB
               The company has over 24                          and Software as a Service.                Profit Before Tax (UK)             £0.18m
               years’ experience in providing                     For non-core functionality, it          Profit Before Tax (W)              £0.18m          01772 455052
               software solutions for mail                      partners with a range of third-           Number of Employees (UK)           80+             Fax
               order and e-commerce                             party specialists who provide             Number of Employees (W)            80+             01772 622376
               companies. More than 200                         solutions in their respective             Software Marketed (UK)             D               Contact name
               European home shopping                           areas. It is a Microsoft Gold             End User Support by                D               Sylvia Gregson or Lee Thompson
               brands run Exact Abacus                          Partner.                                  End User Training by               D               Email address
               solutions, which are designed to                                                           Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
               be functional, scalable and cost-                Products                                  applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available
                                                                                                                                                             Website address
               effective.                                       l 3EX.NET. Launched in                    on request
                  The company’s core                            October 2007, 3EX.NET is an                                                                  User Group Chairman/Contact Point
               competency is developing sales                   enterprise-level software                to connect processes and reduce                     N/A
               order processing and stock                       application designed for mail            costs. It works like familiar
               control solutions that can                       order, multi-channel and                 Microsoft software such as                         workflow tool and response
               handle complex process                           e-commerce businesses. In                Office, and is based on                            analysis.
               requirements within a single                     development since 2002, the              Microsoft SQL Server, enabling                     l TOTAL SaaS. Exact Abacus’
               development stream. It does this                 product builds on Exact                  users to utilise assets that their                 Software as a Service model
               by embedding ‘rules engines’                     Abacus’ experience from over             company might already have.                        enables companies to outsource
               into its products which are used                 24 years of developing business             3EX.NET comprises six                           all software licensing, support
               to configure and automate any                    software applications.                   modules, each designed to work                     and hosting for a monthly fee
               logical task, without bespoke                       3EX.NET is a business                 as a standalone application                        based on usage. Other services
               programming.                                     management solution designed             alongside existing systems, or as                  include:
                                                                                                         an integrated suite:                                  – Contact centre. Exact
               PRODUCT                                                                                      1. Supply Chain Management                      Abacus provides out-of-hours,
                Name                                            3EX.NET                                  – covering merchandising,                          overspill and full-time contact
                First installed (year)                          2007                                     supplier management,                               centre services to companies.
                No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months      5–5                                      campaign planning, forecasting                        – Fulfilment services. Exact
                No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months   6–6                                      and purchasing.                                    Abacus uses its own system to
                Key markets                                     Retail & wholesale, distribution &          2. Stock Control – location                     run mail order businesses. It
                                                                logistics, CPG, healthcare & medicine    management, put away,                              provides advanced technology-
                Current version – date of release               v2.0 – June 08                           replenishment, pick, pack and                      based logistics, dispatching over
                Operating system(s) supported                   Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, XP, Server    dispatch, and wireless                             500 parcels a day from its
                                                                2003, 2008                               warehouse management.                              modern warehouse.
                Min/max no. of users supported                  2-250                                       3. Demand Management –                             Since 1984, Exact Abacus has
                Application types provided:                                                              customer relationship                              actively participated in the
                Customer relationship management?               Yes                                      management, sales order                            development of the UK mail
                Salesforce automation?                          No                                       processing, returns                                order industry, working with
                Contact centre management?                      No                                       management, promotions and                         companies to provide advanced
                Service organisation management?                No                                       pricing, payment handling and                      software and service solutions.
                Supplier/partner management?                    Yes                                      carrier integration.                               Customers include
                Channel management?                             No                                          4. Financials – general ledger,                 Ironmongery Direct, The Royal
                Marketing databases?                            Yes                                      sales ledger and purchase ledger.                  Mint, Rapid Racking, WCF
                Sales analysis & reporting?                     Yes                                         5. eCommerce – web service                      and Suttons Consumer
                Customer analytics?                             No                                       library for dynamic integration,                   Products.
                Competitor tracking?                            No                                       shopping cart, secure card                            Exact Abacus was voted IT
                Lead management?                                Yes                                      payment portal, parcel and                         Supplier of the Year in the
                Do you provide the software on a hosted or      Yes – both                               carriage optimisation engine,                      ECMOD 2007 supplier awards.
                on-demand basis?                                                                         and content management.                            The ECMOD is an annual
                Is your software integrated with: business      Yes – proprietary BI models available       6. Marketing – database                         conference and exhibition for
                intelligence/financial & accounting/            within SQL Analysis Services +           selections, message                                executives engaged in the
                manufacturing/supply chain/other software?      integration with third-party apps.
                                                                                                         management, questionnaires,                        catalogue and home shopping
                                                                Financials – 3EX.NET Financials module
                                                                or third-party apps including Sage, MS   customer profiler, visual                          sector.
                                                                Dynamics. SCM – 3EX.NET Supply Chain
                                                                                                                            See a full Exact Abacus Evaluation Report.
                                                                Management. Other – Planet Press for                        Visit and click on
                                                                print management                                            ‘View all Vendors’.

               12 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                 CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is                           Microsoft customer research

                                                                                              COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
designed to help people and                      has shown that increasing
companies achieve their goals; it                employee productivity helps                   Turnover (UK)                      N/A             Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                  Microsoft, Microsoft Campus, Thames
encourages rapid employee                        drive overall company                         Turnover (W)                       $55bn
                                                                                                                                                  Valley Park, Reading, Berkshire
adoption, supporting a broad                     efficiency.                                   Profit Before Tax (UK)             N/A             RG6 1WG
range of specific business                          Microsoft’s idea is to                     Profit Before Tax (W)              $23bn           Telephone
requirements.                                    integrate the user experience of              Number of Employees (UK)           2,000           0845 671 1078
   Until now, Microsoft says                     MS Office with the user                       Number of Employees (W)            72,000          Fax
that organisations have had to                   experience of business process                Software Marketed (UK)             D/I             0845 671 1078
deal with two distinct worlds of                 applications in a way that is                 End User Support by                D/I             Contact name
                                                                                                                                                  Diane Owen-Hart
software applications: business                  familiar and easy-to-use for the              End User Training by               D/I
                                                                                                                                                  Email address
process automation software                      end user and built around the                 Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
which automates processes in                     way people in the company                     applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available
                                                                                               on request                                         Website address
areas like accounting, sales and                 work (or ‘roles-based’).                                                               
production, and which has                           Microsoft believes that                                                                       User Group Chairman/Contact Point
proven to be very good at                        software which is roles-based                financial, customer relationship                    N/A
automating specific tasks, but is                and targeted around the specific             and supply chain processes,
rigid and hard to change; and                    jobs people do can provide                   Dynamics brings together                           Microsoft technologies that
personal productivity software                   insight and help drive company-              people, processes and                              companies may already use.
tools, which many people use                     wide productivity.                           technologies, helping to increase                  This helps bring data together
daily – Microsoft Word,                                                                       companies’ productivity and                        so that salespeople can answer
Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft                     Dynamics                                     effectiveness.                                     customer questions more
Excel and the web.                               By automating and streamlining                  Microsoft claims that with                      quickly.
                                                                                              the assets it offers, its partners’                   Marketing planners can
PRODUCT                                                                                       industry focus, and an in-depth                    review the results of marketing
 Name                                            Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0                   connection with users, it can                      campaigns, from customer
 First installed (year)                          2002                                         help change the way that                           enquiries to sales and services
 No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months      1,350 approx – 350 approx                    businesses and their employees                     delivered.
 No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months   14,500 approx – N/A                          work.                                                 Managers can use business
 Key markets                                     Banking, insurance & financial services,        Microsoft Dynamics is                           data to assess the value of
                                                 high-tech, government & public sector,       designed to work with and like                     customer relationships for the
                                                 recreation & leisure, construction & civil
                                                                                              familiar software, so employees                    organisation and make them
                                                                                              can use their current skills.                      more productive.
 Current version – date of release               v4.0 – Dec 07
                                                                                                 It can work with existing                          In the design process,
 Operating system(s) supported                   Windows Vista, XP, Server 2000, 2003,
                                                 2008                                         systems, so companies can                          Microsoft conducts research
 Min/max no. of users supported                  5-10,000                                     make information available                         with thousands of customers so
 Application types provided:                                                                  within other software for more                     that the technology can do
 Customer relationship management?               Yes
                                                                                              efficient business processes. It                   what people want it to do.
 Salesforce automation?                          Yes
                                                                                              automates business processes –                        For example, users can access
                                                                                              from inventory control and                         customer and business
 Contact centre management?                      Yes
                                                                                              payroll through to accounts                        information and manage
 Service organisation management?                Yes
                                                                                              receivable – to help employees                     customer communications
 Supplier/partner management?                    Yes
                                                                                              reduce routine work, gain and                      through Outlook; or they can
 Channel management?                             Yes
                                                                                              share insights, and collaborate                    analyse data and create reports
 Marketing databases?                            No
                                                                                              better and more quickly.                           in Excel.
 Sales analysis & reporting?                     Yes
                                                                                                 Microsoft Dynamics includes                        Microsoft Dynamics for field
 Customer analytics?                             No
                                                                                              reporting and analytical tools to                  service management enables
 Competitor tracking?                            Yes
                                                                                              help increase business                             companies to track the activity
 Lead management?                                Yes
                                                                                              intelligence.                                      and results of individual field
 Do you provide the software on a hosted or      Both
                                                                                                 It enables users to access                      representatives or teams and
 on-demand basis?
                                                                                              information when and how                           identify any issues in order to
 Is your software integrated with: business      BI – standard BI is included as SQL
 intelligence/financial & accounting/            reporting services. Financials – MS          they need it to drive better-                      increase performance.
 manufacturing/supply chain/other software?      Dynamics CRM has connectors for large        informed decisions.                                   The field service applications
                                                 range of solutions inc. Dynamics GP,            The CRM solutions and                           can help users understand
                                                 Sage Line 50 and others. SCM –
                                                                                              capabilities within Microsoft                      which customers, services and
                                                 connectors for large range of solutions
                                                 inc. Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, SAP,         Dynamics connect to other                          products create most revenue.
                                                 Siebel and others. Other – Microsoft
                                                                                                                 See a full Microsoft Evaluation Report.
                                                 Office Outlook, Office Word, Office Excel,                      Visit and click on
                                                 SQL Server 2005                                                 ‘View all Vendors’.                                                                                                                                           JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 13
     CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Cirquent’s Tim Haigh
explains why customer
relationship management is
evolving to become
‘stakeholder’ relationship
                             Towards SRM
                             RELATIVELY FEW companies             efficiencies. And this has           Broad use
                             have incorporated customer           recently moved a significant step    Like many management tools,
                             relationship management              further, as organisations have       CRM started at a large
                             technologies effectively, even       begun to recognise that these        enterprise level, though more
                             though the concept has been          benefits can be extended to          recently it has expanded to
                             around for a long time now.          other third-party relationships,     make a positive contribution to
                                Many early adopters failed to     including suppliers, partners        smaller businesses.
                             implement often highly complex       and intermediaries.                     Indeed, CRM applications
                             and costly systems successfully,        This is because the way in        have arguably been especially
                             with poor-quality data. The          which an organisation reacts to      successful at SME level – where
                             result? Little user take-up.         all these contacts is broadly        staff are often more used to
                                In some instances, the            similar.                             information sharing across the
                             problems related to the chosen          The concept of CRM as a           organisation than those in more
                             technology. Frequently,              central repository for all           siloed larger enterprises, where
                             however, the shortfall of            information relating to an           this can be challenging.
                             delivery against expectation can     individual person or                    Even among those businesses
                             be traced to a lack of training,     organisation remains the same,       who may have had a less-than-
                             resulting in a fundamental lack      irrespective of whether they are     happy initial experience with
                             of understanding among end           a customer or not; and the           CRM, the concept can still
                             users as to how to get the best      processes necessary to transact      appear attractive and worth
                             from the CRM system.                 with that third party are again      pursuing.
                                Likewise, companies have          similar.                                Often this is because, in
                             failed to address cultural issues       The result is that an advanced    looking to understand and get
                             around transparency of process,      CRM system becomes a                 closer to their customers
                             which demands a very different       ‘stakeholder’ relationship           through improved service,
                             way of working.                      management, or SRM, tool,            companies realise CRM can
                                Yet there are also many best-     with the concept of customer         also support the management
                             practice examples of how CRM,        management applicable to any         control of internal processes –
                             properly implemented, can            department managing the              central to improving operational
                             deliver powerful benefits in both    company’s external interactions      effectiveness.
                             customer service and internal        and relationships.                      This process has increasingly
                                                                                                       extended to other stakeholders,
                                                                                                       as businesses seeking to improve
                                                                                                       the customer experience have
                                                                                                       started to recognise the parallel
                                                                                                       gains to be had across all third
                                                                                                       parties with whom they have an
                                                                                                       ongoing relationship.
                                                                                                          However, effective change
                                                                                                       management in CRM projects,
                                                                                                       as elsewhere, requires a highly
                                                                                                       integrated, collaborative and
                                                                                                       proactive approach, working
                                                                                                       with all relevant stakeholders
                                                                                                       from day one in order to realise
                                                                                                       the anticipated business benefits
                                                                                                       at all levels – strategic,
                                                                                                       operational and financial.
                                                                                                          So let’s review the
                                                                                                       opportunities available and
                                                                                                       what you need to do to realise
                                                                                                       l The strategic benefits of
                             Tim Haigh: without integration, the view of the customer or stakeholder   CRM include:
                             will be incomplete                                                           – Improves the organisation’s

14 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                     
                                                                                        CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

capacity to change, by                                                                                          the business and, critically,
                                      CASE STUDY: BMW GROUP
establishing a learning                                                                                         integrate with other existing
organisation. Planning is the key      BMW Group needed to manage a constantly increasing volume                systems.
here. If a programme is not            of contact between its customers, its dealer network and BMW                Once this is complete, the
planned, understood and                itself more efficiently – at the same time presenting the same           development/build phase can be
implemented effectively, it is         look-and-feel across all countries while ensuring that every             undertaken by the technical
likely doomed to failure, as staff     individual customer and dealer was treated as a valuable contact.        team, followed by deployment.
become indifferent to the                 The company defined its business requirements, processes                 Note that in many
prospect of change and cynical         and strategic goals and these became encapsulated in its                 companies, the CRM solution is
about its likely implementation.       proposed CaRMen CRM system.                                              introduced on a phased basis –
   – Increases employee                   The solution was rolled out in just five days and integrated with     by country or by function, for
motivation and commitment.             the existing BMW Group and dealer network systems. The rollout           example. This helps to identify
The key here is to align               began in 2005 in Italy and the Netherlands, with the whole               areas for improvement or
organisational goals to specific       programme completed across the international network three               further development in light of
individuals, ensuring that staff       years later.                                                             experience and evolving
are motivated and focused in              CaRMen provides standardised business processes together              requirements.
the right direction and that they      with a localised solution which caters for country-specific                 Again, companies embarking
are clear about the likely             requirements in multiple languages – enabling BMW to offer a             on CRM development recognise
benefits to them personally of         consistent and intelligent level of ‘premium’ service to both            that this is not a one-off project
the proposed change.                   customers and its highly valued dealer network.                          with a defined start and finish
   – Lowers resistance to                                                                                       date.
change and increases                                                                                               In summary, in today’s tough
motivation.                           basis thereafter. This enables the   appropriate rewards or               economic environment, it is
l The operational benefits of         business to track what the real      incentives.                          more important than ever to
CRM are:                              improvement is.                         This is essential in order to     ensure that your business
   – Identifies key performance          In addition, companies often      identify the real business need at   secures and retains its customer
indicators. Critically, at an         fail to identify problems until it   the outset as part of the initial    base, at the same time driving
operational level many                is too late.                         diagnostic phase, which is           customer acquisition and
businesses do not have a clear           The result of ineffective         typically undertaken with the        becoming more efficient.
understanding of what their           change management will               internal business sponsor.              A well-targeted and designed
KPIs actually are. As a result,       typically be that staff leave the       You need to get ‘under the        CRM solution, properly
KPIs are not clearly                  business, productivity is            skin’ of the whole business to       implemented, can deliver these
communicated and staff are not        reduced, people stop using the       get the right perspective on the     seemingly irreconcilable goals.
empowered with the right kind         systems and fail to follow           problem. This can only be done          The ideal CRM solution will
of skills to meet them.               processes, eventually impacting      via an open and honest dialogue      have the customer, or
   – Increases the quality and        negatively on the bottom line.       across all levels of the             stakeholder, at its centre –
transparency of the change                                                 organisation – board,                supported by effective sales,
process.                              Understanding                        departmental and individual –        marketing and customer service
   – Maximises user acceptance        Any business looking to              with any resistance tackled          processes, using a broad range
and adoption of change                improve its CRM capability           through informal one-to-one          of communication channels and
initiatives.                          needs to understand upfront the      discussions.                         integrated with other business
l The financial benefits of           precise nature of the user              This applies just as much in      support systems to provide a
CRM are:                              adoption risks.                      ensuring realistic goals and         complete customer view.
   – Minimises consequential             To do that, it is important to    timescales for the roadmap, as it       And it is this latter form of
costs (eg, eliminating rework         undertake initial staff              does in establishing where the       integration that is often the
and lowering support costs).          workshops that do not focus          business is today at the start of    greatest challenge, because
   – Projects are completed more      just on process, but also explore    the journey.                         many businesses underestimate
rapidly, with faster realisation of   the often-overlooked cultural           This will typically be a multi-   its importance.
ROI.                                  aspects of change, such as           phase process, ideally involving        Put simply, without
   – Minimises hidden                 mindset, rewards, incentives and     as many people as possible, in       integration, the view of the
transformation costs (eg,             procedures.                          order to get broad buy-in to a       customer or stakeholder will be
reduced productivity).                   It is equally important to        communal vision.                     incomplete – leading to
   In truth, it is often hard to      undertake this at various levels        The initial diagnostic phase      frustration on the part of
pinpoint what specific financial      across the business.                 should result in agreement on        individual users who will cease
benefits CRM change                      For example, process              the way forward. Next, more          to use the system to its full
management will bring an              transparency may appear a            in-depth analysis needs to be        advantage as a result.
organisation.                         highly desirable goal from a         done to define the requirements
   The best practice is for your      management perspective, but at       for the chosen solution.             l Tim Haigh is a business
company to baseline its current       an operational level it could           You can then move to a            consultant in the customer
financial performance and then        appear as intrusive monitoring.      detailed design phase which          management group at strategy
compare that to the position             It is then important to address   determines how the system has        and IT consulting firm
after changes have been               implementing the right               to work in order to support the      Cirquent. Tel: 0121 788 5400.
implemented and on an ongoing         behaviours, perhaps through          various functions throughout         Website:                                                                                                        JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 15
     CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

                                      Technology is
tougher. Across many industries,
products are becoming more
commoditised – a development
that has been accelerated by
customers’ greater knowledge
about the options available to
them as a result of new channels

                                      not enough
of information such as the
   And, of course, the ability of
the buyer to use
commoditisation as a
bargaining tool to drive down
price is increased at a time of
general economic downturn.
   The result is that vendors         David Freedman of Huthwaite International has advice for companies trying to sell their
must focus on other aspects of        way out of the recession.
service support and delivery in
order to achieve the necessary
level of differentiation to ‘stand       First, the individual             through to accounts, technical       experience to guide their sales
out from the crowd’.                  salesperson needs an especially      support and even the post-           team through it?
   In order to put forward an         high level of inter-personal sales   room.                                  In the absence of training or
all-round proposition which           and negotiating skill to cope                                             experience, most just hope for
best meets the individual             with the additional commercial       Practical approach                   the best. But what they should
customer’s requirements, it is        pressures that businesses face       With businesses looking to cut       be doing is planning for the
essential to understand – and         during a recession.                  spending throughout the              worst.
better still agree – precisely what      Yet even this is unlikely to      organisation, the axe often falls      Many managers revert to
that customer’s challenges and        prove the crucial differentiator     on staff training.                   pressing the ‘more’ button –
needs are.                            in an environment where the             But while this may look like a    more pressure, tougher targets –
   At one level, CRM tools and        winner will be the company that      simple way of reducing costs, it     but in all the sales studies we
technologies have a key role to       can proactively create, rather       can be a flawed economy. As          have conducted over the last 30
play in helping the sales and         than simply add, value for its       highlighted recently by the UK       years, none of them have found
marketing team understand the         customers.                           Commission for Employment            that this approach works.
customer better, in putting              To achieve this, a second         and Skills, research shows that        In a recession, customers pay
together the most appropriate         element is needed.                   firms who don’t train their staff    more attention to their
solution.                                Sales can no longer remain in     are more than twice as likely to     purchasing decisions. Budgets
   The old adage ‘information is      a departmental silo. It must sit     fail as those that do.               are tighter, priorities change and
power’ holds good for the seller      at the very heart of the business.      Chief among the reasons for       more people are involved in the
just as it does for the purchaser.    For most businesses this             this is that front-line staff,       decision-making process,
   CRM’s ability to                   concept, which at Huthwaite we       especially salespeople, need         resulting in decisions that take
automatically assimilate and          define as ‘living sales’, will       higher levels of skills to succeed   longer to arrive at.
make available all the                require a company-wide cultural      when times are hard.                   No good can come of
information that the vendor           shift which in effect restores the      After all, if salespeople are     salespeople putting pressure on
company has on the commercial         central value of selling.            given training when times are        customers to close a deal in
relationship with each customer          So whilst the process of          good, surely their need for          these circumstances.
– and making that available in        selling remains the domain of        training is even greater when          Asking a sales team to make
real time at the point of             the professional team, under this    times are hard?                      more calls, to chase up every
customer contact – is invaluable      new approach, each and every            How many of your sales team       scrap of potential business and
in improving both the quality of      member of staff learns to            have ever experienced working        put pressure on them to close
decision making and the               appreciate the role they play        in a recession before? How           sales can only work in low-
customer experience.                  within the sales process and the     many of them have ever had to        value sales. It might create a lot
   However, such technologies         impact their behaviour can have      think through the different ways     of activity but in most cases, it
can only go so far in enabling        on the business’s bottom line.       they must operate to                 simply diverts salespeople from
salespeople to create the                Such sales and supporting         differentiate themselves – and       the actions that might help them
necessary level of differentiation    behaviours can be trained, so        their company – from the             win sound quality business.
for their company and its             that while the main focus must       competition?                           In a recession, sales staff need
product and service offering.         remain on the sales function,           And what about their              higher skills in almost every
   In order to fully get ‘under the   positive behaviours can be           managers – how many are              aspect of the process; in
skin’ of the customer or              learned, retained and applied at     experienced in developing            particular, they need to become
prospect in identifying their         every level and every customer       recessionary strategies or have      better negotiators to deal with
business needs, two further           touchpoint – from the way            the strength to implement them?      the price pressure customers will
elements are required.                incoming calls are handled,          Do they have the skills and          inevitably apply.

16 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                               
                                                                                             CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

    Many companies make the             focus on their best prospects          recession. In one customer                4. Teach salespeople to
mistake of believing that price is      and spend time planning how to         study, sales increased by 17% in       handle customer concerns about
the only issue. If this were true,      win that business, whether             a trained group, while their           risk.
only the cheapest suppliers             through tailored sales strategies      untrained counterparts                    Since customers are more
would survive, yet time after           or call plans.                         experienced a concurrent fall of       risk-averse when times are hard,
time, organisations who charge             Instead of focusing on what         13%.                                   they are more likely to buy safe
a premium for their products            they’re going to sell the                 If a survival strategy is to win    solutions they can trust.
and services continue to win            customer, they focus on                more new client business, then         Salespeople need to identify
business and survive through            exploring what that customer           training the sales team to adopt       potential areas of risk for the
even the most difficult                 needs and build up a                   established sales improvement          customer and help to eliminate
conditions.                             relationship with them.                techniques might prove a sound         them. Research shows the
    It’s not that price isn’t an           That sales skills are critical to   investment.                            ability to handle customer
issue: on the contrary, when            a firm’s success was borne out in         2. Train sellers to develop         concerns is a key skill in
things are tough, price is              a survey of 244 senior                 competitive advantage.                 winning high-value sales.
another weapon in customers’            executives conducted by                   In tough times, there is a             5. Develop sellers’ negotiating
armoury and they will use it.           Accenture in 2004 which                greater need to win business at        skills.
    But in a competitive position,      showed that a lack of selling          the expense of the competition.           Price pressure is inevitable in
all suppliers are forced to cut         skills, not difficult trading             Sellers need to understand the      a recession, often leading to
prices and the result is simply         conditions, was the most likely        strengths and weaknesses of            salespeople making unilateral
lower margins and price parity.         cause of under-performance.            their offerings and focus on           concessions to try to win or
    Cutting costs only buys time,          Two-thirds of the respondents       where they are strong.                 retain business. Where margins
it’s not a solution and it isn’t a      saw the sales team as the most            3. Develop stronger                 are already tight, this can mean
strategy for survival. So what is?      important factor in achieving          perceptions of value.                  taking on unprofitable business.
    The answer is finding               company growth and yet half               Customers are more                     Salespeople need the skills to
innovative and creative ways to         considered their own salesforce        concerned about costs during a         trade concessions for value-
differentiate the business in a         to be no better than their             recession, so salespeople need to      adding and seek ways of
‘me-too’ environment. Research          competitors.                           demonstrate the value of the           expanding the deal to create a
shows that in a downturn, firms            So which sales skills should        solutions they bring.                  mutually beneficial agreement.
are extremely risk-averse and           you be addressing in a                    Too often, they do this by             Developing effective
more likely to opt for the safest,      recessionary environment?              telling the customer about the         negotiation skills is one of the
rather than the cheapest option.           1. Improve sellers’ ability to      benefits they can deliver. A more      fastest and most cost-effective
    In tough times, firms can’t         identify and develop customer          effective strategy is to help the      ways of helping deal with price
afford to make mistakes so they         needs.                                 customer to think through the          pressures.
play it safe, which often means            The most important skill            savings and benefits that will
they’re willing to pay a                needed in a downturn is that of        accrue from adopting the               Beating recession
premium for that low-risk               exploring, identifying and             solution.                              So to increase your chances of
solution.                               developing customer needs.                Helping the customer to             survival and success in a
    To succeed, therefore, the             Independent research suggests       explore the savings and benefits       recession:
supplier needs salespeople with         that training salespeople to use       themselves means they’re more          l Don’t focus all your efforts
the skills to convince the              selling skills can actually            likely to identify the full value of   on cost and price-cutting.
customer that they have the best        increase sales, even in a              the solution.                          l Don’t dissipate your efforts
and safest option.                                                                                                    by chasing every sales
    It’s vital to remember that the                                                                                   opportunity.
quality of the salesforce is the                                                                                      l Focus your sales effort on the
crucial factor: you can cut                                                                                           best prospects and address their
production costs, or design and                                                                                       needs.
manufacture solutions more                                                                                            l Develop your sales teams’
cheaply, but ultimately if your                                                                                       skills to deal with this new
salesforce isn’t selling it, all that                                                                                 market situation.
product is worthless.                                                                                                   Armed in this way, and
    Properly skilled salespeople                                                                                      making full use of CRM and
are the key to staying in                                                                                             other supporting technologies,
business.                                                                                                             the business should be well-
    Less effective salespeople –                                                                                      equipped to compete for sales
and certainly those who haven’t                                                                                       and even grow at the expense of
experienced a recession or been                                                                                       your competitors.
trained for it – pursue every
sales opportunity and become                                                                                          l David Freedman is business
embroiled in time-consuming                                                                                           director for IT with behavioural
small sales. That eats up a lot of                                                                                    change consultancy Huthwaite
time and often results in small                                                                                       International. Tel: 01709
revenue and low margins.                                                                                              710081. Email: info@
    More successful salespeople         David Freedman: the ability to handle customer concerns is a key skill                                                                                                              JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 17
     CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Beating the                                                              FIGURE 1: Management hierarchy

recession with                                                                                          Strategic


CRM specialist consultant Derek Bishop offers insight into
how to make best use of customer management
information during the downturn.
BACK IN 2007, industry               given it the ammunition to live     is that they do not have the         something out”.
analyst Gartner reported that        up to a top dog title that had      information they need to run            This is a dangerous approach
nine out of 10 organisations         gone back almost 100 years?         the business effectively.            as data can often be used
would fail within their first year                                          One manager described the         incorrectly and multiple data
unless they approached               Lack of insight                     situation to me as “driving at       sources are used to report the
information management in a          CRM systems are among the           full speed at night with the         same point.
co-ordinated, enterprise manner.     core technologies available to      headlights switched off”.               In both cases, this builds a
   “In order to survive,             support information                    Too many organisations are        potentially fraught scenario of
organisations must exploit their     management – and certainly          therefore forced to make             inconsistencies and inaccuracies
information assets and address       today’s CRM systems make it         instinctive decisions. The lack of   in the management information,
issues surrounding data              practical to store almost           information is generally             which will lead to poor decision
overload to achieve their            unlimited data and report this      reflected throughout the             making.
efficiency, transparency and         in a vast array of tables, charts   organisation and efforts to
differentiation objectives,” the     and diagrams.                       resolve this in many companies       Blame game
firm said.                              However, for many                are focused on the technology        There has been much media
   Fast forward to 2009 and the      organisations, sorting this data    and not the business problem.        attention in recent times on
situation is no better. In fact,     into meaningful information            This is particularly true when    ‘poor’ decisions taken by top
given the current economic           that can be used to run the         it comes to CRM solutions,           executives within large
climate, the need to use             business can be a major             because of the vast amount of        corporations, but is it solely
management information to its        challenge.                          data which is stored within          their fault?
full potential has never been           Many executives and              them and users’ ability to              The purpose of management
more critical to business            managers will be used to            explore this data.                   information is to guide decision
survival.                            receiving very smart-looking,          This naturally draws people       making and if the information is
   And this time, it won’t only      comprehensive and detailed          into more detail and they can        inaccurate or incomplete, then it
be infant businesses that fail due   daily, weekly and monthly           lose sight of the overall purpose    is highly likely that the final
to poor management                   information packs in paper or       and objectives of the reporting      decisions made on this
information, but long-standing,      online form – but for most          they are providing.                  information will also be flawed.
global organisations too.            users, these information packs         The key problem is that many         Some responsibility does
   Just think about some of the      are seldom aligned to their role    CRM implementation projects          therefore need to be taken by
household names that have            and needs and so require a great    do not fully and appropriately       those who produce the
fallen victim to the recession in    deal of effort to gain any          define management information        management information
the last year. For example, I        understanding.                      requirements. This is either         reports in the first place – and
believe that one of the main            Often the information has        because it hasn’t been               they must ensure that reports
causes of Woolworths’ demise         been prepared without any real      considered, or the particular        are able to deliver a true and
was its level of customer service    insight into who needs it and       requirements phase is left so late   concise picture of reality.
and poor positioning in the          how it will be used by compilers    in the project that there isn’t
marketplace alongside newer          who, freed of any technology        enough time to build the right       Finding the pulse
concepts such as Wilkinsons.         constraint, take a ‘more (data)     reporting solution.                  Successful business intelligence
   Could more effective use of       the merrier’ approach.                 The latter scenario often then    is about providing the right
management information have             As a consequence, the            drives a request from the            information to support users’
helped Woolies draw up a             common complaint of                 business to “provide us with all     key decisions – and in many
competitive analysis plan and        executives across organisations     the data and we’ll work              cases, less (data) is often more.

18 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                             
                                                                                        CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

   But how do you decide what         centre it will be volume and         internal information to             presentation of management
information is required? There        types of queries, transactions       executives simply invites them      information. But to cut out all
are three key elements:               and complaints. In contrast the      to micro-manage operational         unnecessary information,
l The right content.                  executive management should          aspects of the business, rather     analysts need to have true
   The information provided           be focused (but often aren’t) on     than focus on the development       insight into the role, objectives
must be fully aligned to the key      changes to the external              and implementation of strategy.     and decisions of each user.
decisions, by providing insight       environment, such as                    Their internal information           Using this approach, analysts
into the aspects that truly           competitors’ performance,            must be highly aggregated,          are able to present information
influence decisions for the           economic forecasts, technology       showing the achievement of key      tailored to each key decision
organisation or business              developments and social              measures and information that       and avoid the need for the user
function.                             changes.                             monitors specific risk areas.       to calculate ratios, relative
   For example, many                    In the same way, the nature of        Finally, CRM technology          trends, etc before they can use
organisations’ board reporting        the management environment           now allows large volumes of         it.
is focused on internal                defines the information required     data to be processed to provide         One last question to face
operational rather than external      (Figure 3).                          almost real-time information        when implementing CRM
information. This avoids the                                               (Figure 5).                         solutions is: who has
temptation to provide                                                                                          responsibility for ensuring the
                                      FIGURE 3
‘interesting’ information that                                                                                 management information is fit
                                                                           FIGURE 5
tends to distract.                        Moment               Time
                                                                                                               for purpose – the business or
l The right level of detail.              in time              trend                                           IT?
   The information must be                                                     Timely            Periodic          Clearly, management
concise and provided at the                                                                                    information requirements
level of detail such that its users     For an operational manager,                                            should be driven by the business
can quickly interpret it.             knowing exactly what is                 This can offer a great           areas, but all too often it is not
l At-a-glance interpretation.         happening right now is crucial,      advantage to the management         thought through in a structured
   The information should be          whereas understanding trends         of operational processes where      way.
presented so that the users can       over longer periods is vital to      the immediate detection of              Meanwhile IT can get overly
immediately understand it. Too        the strategic decisions that         problems and swift intervention     excited about demonstrating the
often, managers are faced with        executives have to make.             can be crucial.                     vast amount of data that the
calculating ratios and                                                        In contrast, the periodic        business will have and how easy
percentages in their heads to         Right detail                         reporting (weekly, monthly) of      it is.
understand the data provided.         Too often, executives are faced      internal information to                 Both carry responsibility for
   The pyramid shaped                 with information that is too         executives provides the right       defining, designing and building
management hierarchy model            detailed, making it difficult to     input into their strategic          the appropriate management
shown in Figure 1 demonstrates        interpret and almost impossible      decisions.                          information.
the widely differing needs of the     to see important issues                 Although it’s very tempting to       Whilst there is no one-size-
managers through an                   emerging.                            look at such information,           fits-all approach to designing
organisation.                            Operational managers’ key         executives should be asking if      the right management
   Whilst the efforts of              decisions are about effectiveness    their time is best spent checking   information systems, every
managers at the base of the           and efficiency and so they need      the daily figures – haven’t they    organisation needs to start by
pyramid are concentrated on           detailed information to identify     employed a middle manager to        taking a step back, reviewing its
achieving operational                 and resolve issues immediately       do this?                            current practices and revising
effectiveness and efficiency,         (Figure 4).                                                              them as appropriate to ensure
those at the apex are focused on                                           Interpretation                      the right content is delivered to
strategic planning and                                                     The advance in CRM                  the right people and in the right
                                      FIGURE 4
monitoring the implementation                                              technology and the extensive        level of detail.
of the strategy.                                              Highly
                                                                           nature of data available from           Good, solid and relevant
                                          Detailed                         these solutions has been a          customer information will help
Right content                                                              mixed blessing.                     guide an organisation through
The pyramid shown in Figure 1                                                 On the one hand it has           the difficult times ahead. Poor
provides us with some simple             Given the pace of changing        provided the ability to process,    information will almost
models of differing content.          demands from customers,              merge, analyse and present the      certainly send it down the
  The operational management          operational managers will need       organisation’s transactional        wrong path and will put the
will rely on information that is      to change the day-to-day             data; on the other, it has          very survival of the business in
almost entirely internal (see         operational delivery to match        encouraged analysts to              jeopardy.
Figure 2).                            these constantly changing            overwhelm managers with vast
  For example, within a contact       demands.                             numbers using the smallest          l Derek Bishop is director of
                                         Having the right information      fonts, three-dimensional charts     performance management
                                      to enable this is critical – which   and gauges which either require     consultancy Abeo Consulting
                                      might involve monitoring the         real effort to interpret or are     and was formerly a head of
                                      transactional activity at a          simply misleading.                  customer service at AXA.
    Internal            External      different level.                        The motto ‘less is more’ is      Website: www.
                                         Providing similarly detailed      one to follow in the                                                                                                             JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 19
                         CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

                  Nolan Computers
Nolan Computers

                  Established in 1988, Nolan                        front-office CRM, back-office
                                                                                                                COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
                  Computers plc is a specialist in                  ERP and e-commerce
                  corporate and business                            functionality in one application,            Turnover (UK)                      N/P             Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                                    Nolan Computers plc, Vernon Yard,
                  solutions, involved in thousands                  offering a modular and                       Turnover (W)                       N/P
                                                                                                                                                                    96 Clarence Road, Fleet, Hampshire
                  of business systems installations                 adaptable structure.                         Profit Before Tax (UK)             N/P             GU51 3XU
                  worldwide and covering a range                       NetSuite CRM solutions and                Profit Before Tax (W)              N/P             Telephone
                  of industries, including IT,                      applications provide real-time               Number of Employees (UK)           N/P             01252 811663
                  financial and distribution. The                   business intelligence to all major           Number of Employees (W)            N/P             Fax
                  company has offices in the UK,                    company departments,                         Software Marketed (UK)             D/I             01252 811644
                  US and Australia.                                 automate business processes                  End User Support by                D/I             Contact name
                                                                                                                                                                    Karen Steggles
                     Nolan Computers is a major                     across the business, and reduce              End User Training by               D/I
                                                                                                                                                                    Email address
                  reseller and development                          IT costs and complexity.                     Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
                  partner of the NetSuite solution                     NetSuite products include                 applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available
                                                                                                                 on request                                         Website address
                  and a Microsoft Gold Partner.                     NetSuite CRM+ Limited                                                                 
                     NetSuite provides small and                    Edition, NetSuite CRM+ Mid                                                                      User Group Chairman/Contact Point
                  mid-sized businesses with on-                     Market Edition and NetSuite                 only hosted CRM application                         N/P
                  demand web-based business                         CRM+ Enterprise Edition, as                 that integrates order, partner
                  applications designed to run                      well as NetSuite Limited, Mid               and incentive management and                       employee profile; reminders;
                  their entire company. NetSuite                    Market and Enterprise Editions.             project tracking, as well as                       employee intranet; employee
                  has thousands of customers                        The solutions give companies                website hosting and analytics.                     phone list.
                  worldwide and has won a                           CRM capabilities to manage the              Features include:                                  l Real-time dashboards –
                  number of awards for market                       sales and customer management               l Salesforce automation –                          executive and role dashboards;
                  leadership and innovation.                        process.                                    offering territory tracking &                      publishable layouts; drag-and-
                     NetSuite provides integrated                      NetSuite is claimed to be the            assignment; lead routing;                          drop personalisation; key
                                                                                                                opportunity management;                            performance indicators; graph
                                                                                                                forecast and quota                                 and list report snapshots;
                   Name                                             NetSuite
                                                                                                                management; mail merge                             custom form scratch snapshots;
                   First installed (year)                           1998
                                                                                                                email/mail; sales tools                            scheduled and on-demand
                   No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months       1,800 – 850                                 publishing; probability tracking;                  dashboard alerts; quick search.
                   No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months    N/A – 1,800                                 deal expiration notification;                      l Productivity tools – group
                   Key markets                                      Computers & high technology,                competitor tracking; and                           calendaring; import/export of
                                                                    distribution & logistics, telecoms,
                                                                    business services, not-for-profit
                                                                                                                support history.                                   records; Outlook and Palm
                                                                    organisations                               l Marketing automation – bulk                      sync; customisable reporting;
                   Current version – date of release                v2008 release 2 – 2008                      email; telemarketing                               reminders; any time/anywhere
                   Operating system(s) supported                    AIX, Citrix MetaFrame, HP MPE/ix,           management; print                                  access; executive dashboard and
                                                                    HP-UX, IBM z/OS, Linux, Mac OS, MVS,        management; direct mail                            key indicators; NetBase custom
                                                                    Novell Netware, OpenVMS, OS/390             management; coupon and cross-                      records; file cabinet.
                                                                    (MVS), OS/400, Palm, Proprietary, Silicon
                                                                    Graphics IRIX, Solaris/Sun OS,
                                                                                                                selling; referral/promotion code                   l Partner relationship
                                                                    Tandem/HP Non-Stop, Tru64, Unix, VM,        tracking; lead source                              management – order entry;
                                                                    VME, Win32, Windows 2000, 2003,             management; campaign creative                      partner activity reporting; view
                                                                    CE/Mobile, NT, XP, Server 2000, 2003
                                                                                                                file cabinet; message                              customer cases; joint lead
                   Min/max no. of users supported                   1-4,500                                     personalisation; campaign                          management; real-time
                   Application types provided:                                                                  scheduling; customisation of                       inventory access; promotional
                   Customer relationship management?                Yes                                         online lead forms; campaign                        discounts; marketing campaign
                   Salesforce automation?                           Yes                                         tracking; email campaign                           publishing.
                   Contact centre management?                       Yes                                         marketing management.                              l Website – website hosting;
                   Service organisation management?                 Yes                                         l Customer support                                 domain name; multi-domain
                   Supplier/partner management?                     Yes                                         management – case message                          name routing; online forms;
                   Channel management?                              Yes                                         centre; case by product tracking;                  multi-domain hosting; publish
                   Marketing databases?                             Yes                                         priority tracking; flexible queue                  dynamic list; advanced site
                   Sales analysis & reporting?                      Yes                                         management; email case capture                     building; appearance themes.
                   Customer analytics?                              Yes                                         and creation; escalation and                       l Forms and publishing – case;
                   Competitor tracking?                             Yes                                         notification; auto-escalation;                     lead; intranets; extranets.
                   Lead management?                                 Yes                                         online customer centre; case                       l Fixed assets and electronic
                   Do you provide the software on a hosted or on-   Yes                                         assignment.                                        payments modules for NetSuite
                   demand basis?                                                                                l Employee management –                            developed by Nolan Computers.
                   Is your software integrated with: business       Business intelligence, financial &
                                                                                                                                   See a full Nolan Computers Evaluation Report.
                   intelligence/financial & accounting/             accounting + employee management &
                                                                                                                                   Visit and click on
                   manufacturing/supply chain/other software?       productivity, website hosting, web store                       ‘View all Vendors’.

                  20 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                 CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Sage is a leading supplier of                    well as over 40,000 accountants

                                                                                             COMPANY                                             CONTACT POINTS
business management software                     in practice.
and services to 5.8 million                         Sage’s local focus enables it to           Turnover (UK)                      N/P             Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                  Sage (UK) Limited, North Park,
customers worldwide, from                        develop products tailored to the              Turnover (W)                       N/P
                                                                                                                                                  Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE13 9AA
small start-ups to larger                        local market.                                 Profit Before Tax (UK)             N/P
organisations.                                      In its established markets –               Profit Before Tax (W)              N/P             0845 111 9988
   Formed in 1981, the group                     such as the UK, mainland                      Number of Employees (UK)           2,500           Fax
was floated on the Stock                         Europe and North America –                    Number of Employees (W)            14,500+         0845 245 0297
Exchange in 1989 and now                         much of the growth in the                     Software Marketed (UK)             D/I             Contact name
employs over 14,500 staff                        software sector is currently                  End User Support by                D/I             Customer Development Team
worldwide.                                       being driven by SMEs extending                End User Training by               D/I             Email address
   Sage aims to make it easier                   their business process                        Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
for companies to manage their                    automation. Sage aims to meet                 applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available        Website address
                                                                                               on request                               
business processes. It provides                  SMEs’ changing needs by
                                                                                                                                                  User Group Chairman/Contact Point
local understanding and insight,                 offering complementary                                                                           N/A
and offers software and services                 products for sales and customer             local businesses.
that are relevant to the demands                 service, industry-specific                    Sage helps its new                                l Payroll.
of small and medium-sized                        production processes and                    acquisitions introduce models                       l Customer relationship
enterprises (SMEs).                              management reporting.                       to manage their customer                            management.
   Sage handles, on average,                        In emerging markets such as              service and support-related                         l Financial forecasting.
30,000 customer calls a day,                     Africa and Asia, growth is being            activities more effectively. It                     l Job costing.
which helps it to form a solid                   driven by small businesses                  says this approach has been                         l Human resources.
understanding of customer                        computerising their business                shown to deliver consistent                         l Business intelligence.
needs.                                           processes for the first time.               growth in its established                           l Taxation and other products
   Sage Group says it offers a                   Sage’s approach of expanding                markets over the past decade.                       for accountants.
customer-centric approach                        by acquiring a leading local                  The core of Sage’s products                       l Business stationery.
designed to build and                            player in accounting or payroll             cover accounting, but its                           l Development platforms.
strengthen customer loyalty. Its                 software helps it to choose                 product range encompasses a                         l E-business.
products and services are                        when to enter these markets,                number of areas, including:
recommended by customers as                      while addressing the needs of               l Accounting.                                       Payment processing
                                                                                                                                                 Sage also offers tailored
PRODUCTS                                                                                                                                         software for businesses in a
 Name                                            Sage SalesLogix                             Sage CRM                                            number of specific industries to
 First installed (year)                          1997                                        2000                                                further enhance its core
 No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months      N/P                                         1,200 plus – 220                                    products, including:
 No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months   N/P                                         5,000 plus – 700                                    l Construction/real estate.
 Key markets                                     All major                                   All major                                           l Retail.
 Current version – date of release               v7.5 – Oct 08                               v6.2 – Nov 08                                       l Manufacturing.
 Operating system(s) supported                   BlackBerry, Citrix MetaFrame, Web-based,    BlackBerry, Web-based, Windows 2000,                l Not-for-profit/government.
                                                 Windows 2000, 2003, CE/Mobile, Vista, XP,   2003, NT, Vista, XP, Server 2000, 2003,             l Accountancy.
                                                 Server 2000, 2003, 2008                     2008                                                l Distribution.
 Min/max no. of users supported                  1-2,000                                     1-2,000                                                The support service and
 Application types provided:                                                                                                                     aftercare Sage provides includes:
 Customer relationship management?               Yes                                         Yes                                                 l A support contract to enable
 Salesforce automation?                          Yes                                         Yes                                                 a rapid response to queries,
 Contact centre management?                      Yes                                         No                                                  from a trained technical
 Service organisation management?                Yes                                         Yes                                                 product specialist.
 Supplier/partner management?                    Yes                                         Yes                                                 l Advice lines on business
 Channel management?                             Yes                                         No                                                  topics such as HR and health &
 Marketing databases?                            Yes                                         No                                                  safety (only available in some
 Sales analysis & reporting?                     Yes                                         Yes                                                 countries).
 Customer analytics?                             Yes                                         Yes                                                 l Training on Sage products to
 Competitor tracking?                            Yes                                         Yes                                                 help users get the most out of
 Lead management?                                Yes                                         Yes                                                 their software.
 Do you provide the software on a hosted or      Yes                                         Yes
                                                                                                                                                               See a full Sage Evaluation
 on-demand basis?
                                                                                                                                                               Report. Visit www.
 Is your software integrated with: business      Yes – Sage and third-party solutions        Yes – Sage and third-party solutions                    
 intelligence/financial & accounting/                                                                                                             crm-suppliers.go and click on ‘View all
 manufacturing/supply chain/other software?                                                                                                       Vendors’.                                                                                                                                           JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 21
             CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems


      Founded in 1972, SAP is a                         NetWeaver platform. The
                                                                                                 COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
      leading provider of collaborative                 software offers users real-time
      business solutions for a range of                 information and analysis to help          Turnover (UK)                      N/P             Name and Address
                                                                                                                                     €10.2bn         SAP (UK) Ltd, Clockhouse Place,
      industries and markets. It                        them gain customer insight,               Turnover (W)
                                                                                                                                                     Bedfont Road, Feltham, Middlesex
      employs over 58,000 people in                     acquire customers, improve                Profit Before Tax (UK)             N/P             TW14 8HD
      more than 50 countries.                           customer loyalty and build                Profit Before Tax (W)              €2.7bn          Telephone
         SAP is headquartered in                        relationships.                            Number of Employees (UK)           N/P             0870 608 4000
      Walldorf, Germany and is listed                      SAP CRM is designed to help            Number of Employees (W)            58,000+         Fax
      on several stock exchanges,                       companies achieve a 360-degree            Software Marketed (UK)             D/I             0870 608 4050
      including the Frankfurt Stock                     view of customers.                        End User Support by                D/I             Contact name
                                                                                                                                                     Marketing Department
      Exchange and the New York                            SAP CRM 2007 features a                End User Training by               D/I
                                                                                                                                                     Email address
      Stock Exchange (under the                         new user interface (UI) that              Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
      symbol SAP). It has over 47,800                   enables business users to access          applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available
                                                                                                  on request                                         Website address
      customers in around 120                           all relevant customer                                                              
      countries, and 75% of the                         information. SAP says it evolves                                                             User Group Chairman/Contact Point
      Fortune Global 1,000 companies                    CRM beyond traditional task              location.                                           N/A
      run SAP software.                                 automation to a user-driven,             l Optimising the value of
         In early 2008 the company                      end-to-end business process              interactions – SAP’s Real-Time                     practices. These solutions are:
      acquired business intelligence                    execution platform.                      Offer Management software                          l SAP Business One – a business
      software provider Business                           Other new capabilities                helps bring ‘intelligence’ to                      and operational management
      Objects for approximately                         include:                                 customer interactions.                             solution for businesses ranging in
      $6.8 billion.                                     l Multi-channel customer                 l Optimising marketing and                         size from 10 to several hundred
         SAP offers CRM solutions                       service – SAP Business                   promotional spend – SAP has                        employees. The solution
      based on an enterprise service                    Communications Management                enhanced its trade promotions                      provides an immediate view of
      oriented architecture (SOA),                      software brings together                 management (TPM) and                               both business operations and
      designed to help companies                        communications technologies              marketing development funds                        customer activities.
      maintain customer-centric                         and SAP CRM to expand                    (MDF) solutions to help users                      l SAP Business ByDesign – an
      processes.                                        traditional call centre-based            manage their promotional spend,                    adaptable on-demand solution
         SAP CRM is one of the core                     processes across the                     while securing greater visibility                  designed to be quick to deploy
      applications in the SAP Business                  organisation, including field-           and control of end-to-end funds                    and easy to use. It enables users
      Suite which is built on the SAP                   based staff and experts in any           and claims processes.                              to streamline processes and
                                                                                                                                                    reduce departmental silos to
                                                                                                 SAP CRM on-demand                                  improve effectiveness, adapt
       Name                                             SAP CRM                                  SAP has expanded its CRM                           more quickly to changing market
       First installed (year)                           N/A                                      application to include on-                         requirements, and gain control
       No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months       N/A                                      demand options – web-based                         and visibility over the business.
       No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months    N/A                                      solutions available on a                           l SAP Business All-in-One – a
       Key markets                                      High-tech, retail, financial services,   subscription basis.                                configurable business
                                                        healthcare, public sector
                                                                                                    SAP offers tools designed to                    management solution designed
       Current version – date of release                SAP CRM 2007 – Dec 07                    improve sales, service and                         to scale with the business.
       Operating system(s) supported                    Web-based                                marketing effectiveness, while                     Companies can choose from
       Min/max no. of users supported                   1-9,999                                  still providing a smooth                           industry-specific solutions,
       Application types provided:                                                               migration from on-demand to                        qualified SAP partner solutions,
       Customer relationship management?                Yes                                      on-premise SAP CRM.                                or solutions created under SAP’s
       Salesforce automation?                           No                                       Companies can move to on-                          fast-start programme.
       Contact centre management?                       Yes                                      premise when they are ready,
       Service organisation management?                 Yes                                      without disrupting user                            Customer focus
       Supplier/partner management?                     Yes                                      adoption, system performance or                    SAP’s solutions support the
       Channel management?                              Yes                                      continuous operations.                             business processes of over 25
       Marketing databases?                             Yes                                         SAP also provides solutions                     industries, including high-tech,
       Sales analysis & reporting?                      Yes                                      for small and mid-sized                            retail, financial services,
       Customer analytics?                              No                                       businesses. These are intended to                  healthcare and the public sector.
       Competitor tracking?                             No                                       be affordable, pre-packaged                           Its customers include Adobe,
       Lead management?                                 Yes                                      solutions, designed specifically                   BMW, American Express,
       Do you provide the software on a hosted or on-   Yes                                      for SMBs and offering SAP                          Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and
       demand basis?                                                                             functionality and industry best                    Wal-Mart.
       Is your software integrated with: business       N/A
                                                                                                                    See a full SAP Evaluation Report.
       intelligence/financial & accounting/                                                                         Visit and click on
       manufacturing/supply chain/other software?                                                                   ‘View all Vendors’.

      22 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                 
                                                                                                          CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Sapphire Systems
Sapphire Systems is EMEA’s                        to accommodate both ‘best of

                                                                                                                                                                                Sapphire Systems
                                                                                       COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
leading reseller of SAP Business                  breed’ and ERP strategies,
One – an ERP solution that                        niche and specialist industry         Turnover (UK)                      £14m            Name and Address
                                                                                                                                           Sapphire Systems plc, 10 Lower
offers integrated CRM support                     requirements, together with           Turnover (W)                       AOR
                                                                                                                                           Thames Street, London EC3R 6AF
for medium-sized companies                        bespoke software integration          Profit Before Tax (UK)             AOR
and subsidiaries of large                         and custom development                Profit Before Tax (W)              AOR             020 7648 2000
multinational operations.                         solutions as required.                Number of Employees (UK)           95              Fax
   Sapphire was voted ‘CRM                           Sapphire says this range           Number of Employees (W)            AOR             020 7648 2001
Reseller of the Year’ in the                      enables it to create solutions        Software Marketed (UK)             D               Contact name
Software Satisfaction Awards                      tailored to the requirements of       End User Support by                D               Victoria Park
2008 for its implementation,                      each individual organisation,         End User Training by               D               Email address
service and support offerings                     large and small, domestic and         Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
based on the SAP Business One                     international.                        applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available
                                                                                        on request                                         Website address
CRM solution.                                        Sapphire’s team of technical                                                
   Sapphire has over 600                          and application consultants                                                              User Group Chairman/Contact Point
customers, ranging from large                     between them have experience         Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA                              N/A
multinational organisations to                    of 2,500 system                      Technology Provider Rankings
local UK-based businesses. It                     implementations. Sapphire is         in 2005.                                           manage all aspects of their
has a 20-year track record that                   increasing its presence                                                                 business within one
includes single-site                              worldwide; it now has global         Financial background                               application.
implementations through to                        rollout capabilities across all      The company is wholly owned                           It uses a single data source
global ERP solutions.                             continents, supported by a           by people actively involved in                     and is customisable so it can
                                                  team of multi-lingual support        the business on a day-to-day                       more precisely fit a company’s
Business approach                                 and business application             basis.                                             business processes.
Sapphire recognises that when                     specialists.                            Sapphire says it has stable                        SAP Business One is
it comes to software, one size                       Sapphire has recorded             financials and no outside                          designed to provide everything
does not fit all.                                 consistent, double-digit growth      interests, enabling the business                   needed to manage a business:
   By forging partnerships with                   over the last several years and      to pursue the best interests of                    customer relationship
a range of leading software                       joined the Deloitte Fast 50          its users, not shareholders.                       management, sales and
vendors, it provides solutions                    Southern Region and the                 Sapphire works with a range                     opportunity management,
                                                                                       of leading technology                              financials, inventory,
                                                                                       providers, holding certified                       production, service
                                                                                       status as a SAP Gold Business                      management, human resources
 Name                                             SAP Business One                     Partner, a Microsoft Solution                      and reporting are all included
 First installed (year)                           AOR                                  Provider, an Oracle Business                       in the core solution.
 No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months       10,000 plus – AOR                    Partner and a Citrix Certified                        Because it is an integrated
 No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months    AOR                                  Partner.                                           business management system,
 Key markets                                      All major                               The Sapphire group of                           SAP Business One not only
 Current version – date of release                AOR                                  companies operates from                            offers access to all customer
 Operating system(s) supported                    Windows 2000, 2003, NT, XP, Server   offices in London, Manchester,                     and operational information, it
                                                  2000, 2003                           Edinburgh, Los Angeles and                         also provides reports and
 Min/max no. of users supported                   1-250                                New York, and has training                         documents for decision making
 Application types provided:                                                           centres in London, Manchester                      across a company.
 Customer relationship management?                Yes                                  and the Isle of Man.                                  Users have an instrument for
 Salesforce automation?                           Yes                                     Sapphire is also a founder                      the support of daily operations
 Contact centre management?                       No                                   member of the British                              in customer management, sales,
 Service organisation management?                 No                                   Application Software                               purchasing, accounting and
 Supplier/partner management?                     Yes                                  Developers Association and                         other areas.
 Channel management?                              Yes                                  was one of the first companies
 Marketing databases?                             Yes                                  to sign up to the BASDA Green                      Market focus
 Sales analysis & reporting?                      Yes                                  Charter.                                           Companies that use SAP
 Customer analytics?                              Yes                                                                                     Business One solutions from
 Competitor tracking?                             Yes                                  Solutions                                          Sapphire include National
 Lead management?                                 Yes                                  SAP Business One is designed                       Geographic, Rodial Skincare,
 Do you provide the software on a hosted or on-   Hosted                               for medium-sized enterprises                       Conran Holdings and
 demand basis?                                                                         and enables users to view and                      Chestertons Residential.
 Is your software integrated with: business       Yes
                                                                                                          See a full Sapphire Systems Evaluation Report.
 intelligence/financial & accounting/                                                                     Visit and click on
 manufacturing/supply chain/other software?                                                               ‘View all Vendors’.                                                                                                                                    JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 23
     CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Keeping your contact
centre happy
                                                                                              David Bennett of Siemens Enterprise
                                                                                              Communications reports on research
                                                                                              into why call centre staff are still

CUSTOMERS ARE demanding            majority (85%) of respondents        and personalised customer            issues with customers and 13%
faster and more efficient          have made a significant IT           service capabilities without         building rapport/general
responses from customer            upgrade to their contact centre      impacting on ease of use or          conversation – the ‘listening’
service, and with technological    working environment in the last      speed of call resolution.            component.
developments, these demands        two years and over two-thirds           This isn’t an imaginary              Clearly, then, traditional
are coming through multiple        (68%) report an IT upgrade in        scenario, it’s a day-to-day          bricks-and-mortar call centres
contact channels.                  the last 12 months.                  reality.                             face challenges with
   The knock-on effect is that        Such IT upgrades and changes         Call centres are delivering the   productivity.
contact centre agents are          are seen as an integral part of      positive experiences customers          A typical centre may be under
experiencing increased work        the modernisation and                expect, but are spending more        or overstaffed at any one time
demands and expectations. The      continued improvement of UK          time with the IT department          depending on customer
key question remains – is the IT   contact centres. But the survey      trying to get the systems to         demand, while working with
system supporting them             results reveal that technology in    work together.                       full-time employees presents
delivering results without         call centres appears to be              And when a call centre can’t      scheduling challenges.
impacting on the speed of call     struggling with these challenges.    focus on maximising the                 In addition, there is an
resolution or ease of use?            Are all IT systems delivering     solutions it has, agent              historically high turnover rate in
   A recent poll by Siemens        the right results? It is apparent    productivity can suffer,             these bricks-and-mortar call
Enterprise Communications          that in some cases technology is     customer experiences become          centres. Companies are also
addressed this issue by            not delivering expected              worse and the company’s              looking for a less contentious,
examining the service delivery     efficiency benefits.                 bottom line may take a direct        more satisfactory alternative to
challenges faced by contact           Today’s agents are struggling     hit as a result.                     offshoring call centres to
centre professionals and their     to manage a plethora of                 One answer to this contact        developing nations.
impact on customer satisfaction.   customer relationship                centre puzzle and its many              In contrast to these
   The report, which is based on   management systems, computer         different pieces is a unified        challenges, home-shoring –
responses from over 500 contact    telephony integration (CTI)          solution.                            where workers are based in
centre workers in the UK, has      screen pops, call scripts,              By administering, managing        their own homes as part of a
highlighted two key challenges     knowledge bases, email and           and monitoring the performance       virtual call centre – provides the
faced by contact centre agents –   chat, as well as a growing           of the contact centre – inbound      flexibility of scheduling any
the technology threat to           number of business applications      and outbound calls, emails, chat     number of agents in as little as
performance, and agent             required to retrieve and input       sessions, faxes, staffing and        30-minute increments.
attrition.                         customer data.                       productivity – from a single            Home-based agents on
   The research also offers           According to the survey,          unified platform, companies can      average tend to be more mature,
insight into contact centre best   nearly one in four calls (22%)       gain increased flexibility,          productive, and are less likely to
practice, and how businesses       are slowed down because of IT        reduced complexity, lower costs,     leave since they have chosen
can use new technologies to        issues.                              increased customer loyalty and       their own clients and hours.
deliver a more effective service      The problem is that               enhanced productivity.                  Our research reflects the
to customers.                      customers, quite rightly, are                                             attractiveness from an agent’s
                                   demanding faster, more efficient     Agent retention                      perspective of home-shoring – in
Efficiency                         and more personalised                The survey identifies high levels    this environment, agent
The report shows that IT issues    interaction across multiple          of dissatisfaction and               flexibility, retention, motivation
are considered the biggest drain   contact channels. And the            inefficiency among call centre       and ultimately the quality of
on contact centre productivity,    solution is to unify, simplify and   staff.                               interaction with customers all
with 61% of respondents saying     automate these critical                 For example, 77% of non-          improve dramatically.
that better IT systems for         processes.                           home workers would like to              But while a number of key
managing calls would have the         Companies should be aiming        either combine home working          industries have been quick to
most notable impact on             to transform the contact centre      and office working or work           capitalise on the synonymous
productivity in contact centre     into a more customer-focused         from home. And on average,           relationship between contact
environments.                      business that delivers the new-      contact centre staff spend just      centres and flexible working,
  In line with this, the vast      range collaborative, multimedia      16% of call time exploring           some employers don’t appear to

24 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                            
                                                                                       CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

be engaging home working en           and motivated agents who are,       supplement and not replacement      virtual, location-independent
masse – only 17% of                   in the main, ‘first-language’       for customer care, the overall      agent groups by making Voice
respondents work from home,           English speakers.                   use of resources is reduced.        over IP and unified
despite the preference cited             Which is not to say there is        There are many other             communications accessible and
above for working at home or          no economic upside. Thanks to       business benefits that go along     affordable to all.
combining office and home             the adoption of IP-based SIP        with ‘green’ contact centre            Central to such solutions is
working.                              communications, very                initiatives.                        the ability to deliver Session
   This is an area that will have     significant operational savings        Not only will companies          Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based
to almost definitely change, with     are now possible and operations     become more attractive to work      contact centre virtualisation –
the focus of work patterns            can also be made more ‘green’.      for, but home-shoring provides      turning every agent into a
shifting towards a more                  Telephony costs are slashed      a more diverse workforce.           unified communications user.
equitable work/life balance and       and home-based agents can use       Companies are no longer                This allows agents to work in
with new technology and               pre-existing resources (home        limited to hiring within a          any location equipped with only
contact centre systems coming         offices, computers, phone lines,    specific radius; talent can be      a headset and minimally
on stream, that encourage more        etc).                               recruited from all over the         configured desktop.
flexible approaches to service           By creating virtual call         country.                               The result is a dramatic
delivery.                             centres, companies can                 Also, since home-based agents    opportunity for companies to
   Of course, such home-based         eliminate both the energy and       tend to be happier with their job   utilise their distributed resources
call centres cannot hope to           financial costs of running a        because they are in control of      across multiple sites, branch
compete on labour costs with          physical bricks-and-mortar call     when and how much they work,        offices, remote or home-based
offshoring. But nor should they.      centre (with no need to invest in   companies see an overall            locations using secure IP
   As the survey confirms, the        thousands of square feet of         increase in customer                network access.
value of this new breed of            premium office space).              satisfaction.                          In summary, it’s clear that
virtual contact centre lies in the       And even if virtual                 As a result, it’s now more       although contact centres are
quality of their highly trained       professionals are used as a         important than ever to support      embracing new technologies to
                                                                                                              provide the best services to their
                                                                                                              customers, there are still cases
                                                                                                              where this is not necessarily
                                                                                                              having the desired productivity
                                                                                                              gains and even cases where it is
                                                                                                              actually slowing people down.
                                                                                                                 One way to tackle this is to
                                                                                                              simplify and automate the
                                                                                                              system. It is also clear that home
                                                                                                              working is one of the most
                                                                                                              important ways that contact
                                                                                                              centres can support their agents
                                                                                                              – and this can become a very
                                                                                                              cost-effective way of running a
                                                                                                              call centre.
                                                                                                                 In particular, embracing
                                                                                                              unified communications across
                                                                                                              the entire organisation can not
                                                                                                              only empower agents but can
                                                                                                              improve customer service.
                                                                                                                 Simplicity is key: people are
                                                                                                              buying technology without
                                                                                                              truly understanding how it
                                                                                                              works. It is therefore important
                                                                                                              to invest in software that can
                                                                                                              operate across the whole

                                                                                                              l David Bennett is customer
                                                                                                              interaction solutions business
                                                                                                              manager at enterprise
                                                                                                              communications and data
                                                                                                              networking solutions provider
                                                                                                              Siemens Enterprise
                                                                                                              Communications. Email:
One answer to the contact centre puzzle is a unified solution                                                 open.                                                                                                      JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 25
     CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Passives or promoters?
Do your customers tend to             there are different kinds of        business with them, trust them,     will increased revenues from
                                      profit:                             and therefore want to buy more      customers accrue in the future,
praise you, damn you or
                                      l ‘Good’ profits are those          from them.                          but in our experience the cost to
ignore you? Andrew                    earnings that also create value                                         serve them will often fall as
Broome reports on an                  for the customer, hence             Role of IT                          well.
increasingly popular                  increasing the probability that     Technology is becoming an              Some key questions when
                                      they will be more loyal and buy     increasingly important element      designing the technology
measure of CRM
                                      more from you, and that they        of the customer experience, be it   implementation should
effectiveness.                        will become promoters and           your website or how you handle      therefore be:
                                      recommend you to others.            telephone calls.                    l What will this do for the
                                      l ‘Bad’ profits are those earned       How your employees interact      customer?
MORE AND MORE                         at the customer’s expense, so       with customers through the use      l What will the customer
companies are focusing on             increasing the chances that they    of CRM systems is also              actually experience in practice?
‘customer advocacy’ as a driver       will become detractors.             becoming more important as          l Does it add to the customer
of sustainable profitability.            Bad profits tend to come         customers’ expectations of what     experience if we implement it in
Customer advocacy measures            from force-selling products or      you know about them grow.           this way?
your focus on predicting future       services, or through cost-cutting      For example, in the past         l How would I feel if I had this
customer behaviour – in               changes that adversely affect the   customers would understand          experience?
contrast to traditional customer      customer experience and so                                                 Here are some examples of
satisfaction measures which           make customers feel short-                                              where these questions had
focus on service delivered in the     changed.                             Good profits                       clearly not been asked:
   It is this ability to understand
                                         Good profits are based on
                                      providing value to the customer
                                                                           are based on                          1. The credit card company
                                                                                                              which is using IVR to identify
your customers’ future                as well as finding opportunities     providing value                    each customer by collecting the
intentions that provides insights     to reduce costs that do not                                             card number in order to decide
into what actions you need to         adversely impact the customer
                                                                           to the customer                    whether to route them to an
take to enable sustainable profit     experience. They come from                                              onshore or offshore contact
growth.                               meeting or exceeding the                                                centre. So when the agent
   One measure of customer            customer’s expectations (based                                          answers the phone, the first
advocacy that is growing in           on your brand values and                                                thing they ask for is the card
popularity is the ‘net promoter       proposition) at every touchpoint                                        number – but hasn’t the
score’ or NPS (see                    through their journey with you.     that the information from           customer just provided that? NPS is             A topical example is the         paper-based interactions was           2. The bank that has invested
based on identifying which            banking sector, where the           not always available to the call    in advanced technology at a
customers are:                        fallout from the credit crunch is   centre agent. Now the customer      central site to process standing
l ‘Promoters’ – those people          leading to changes in the way       expects that the agent will have    order requests. Instead of
who are so enthusiastic about         that banks sell products.           access to and can act upon all      branch staff entering the
your company that they                   Many of the banks’ recent        the information they have           customer’s request directly into
increase their own purchases          problems have resulted from         previously provided to you in       a computer in the branch, they
and recommend you to their            hard-selling products, often to     whatever form.                      complete a form and fax it to
friends or colleagues.                customers who didn’t need or           Technology that’s introduced     the central unit.
l ‘Detractors’ – those who feel       couldn’t afford them. The           to cut costs, without regard to        The form-filling takes longer
so badly treated that they cut        profits from this selling effort    the impact on the customer          than actually entering the
back on purchases, switch to          could be viewed as bad profits.     experience, may well increase       request directly, and the
the competition, and warn                We believe that banks will       your short-term profits – but at    customer does not know when
others to stay away from the          move more towards a                 what cost to future profits?        or whether their request has
company.                              relationship sell, where               We would contend that many       actually been actioned.
l ‘Passives’ – those who are          advocacy will be critical – and     technology implementation              3. The telephone company
neither promoters nor                 already some senior executives      projects designed solely to cut     with too many IVR options and
detractors.                           in the retail banking sector are    costs will generate bad profits.    levels. By the time the customer
   A company’s NPS is the             talking about this return to        But technology implementations      has heard all the options, they
percentage of customers who           traditional banking.                that are driven by the desire to    have forgotten what they are, so
are promoters minus the                  This will be reflected in        improve the customer                they just select anything.
percentage who are detractors.        different sales priorities and      experience to the point of             Calls get routed to the wrong
   All companies are in business      enhanced customer service, so       building advocacy will generate     place and the cost savings from
to make a profit, but strangely       that customers enjoy doing          good profits – because not only     the IVR are offset by higher

26 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                            
                                                                                        CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

costs dealing with misdirected        designed and implemented, and        implementations?                    any associated process and
calls.                                how it supports the customer            Our recommended approach         people changes.
   These examples underline the       experience, that determines          is relatively simple and if            The validity of your customer
point that focusing on only one       whether the business is more         maintained throughout a             outcome measures should be
part of the customer process          customer-centric at the end.         technology implementation will      verified through customer
(through silo thinking) can              What a waste if a business        help ensure that you focus on       research, because even the most
create unintended consequences        invests in the premium for           the right type of profits.          experienced managers can
and produce detractors. And           CRM but then never takes full           The approach, in its simplest    occasionally convince
focusing on your internal needs       advantage of it and doesn’t          form, is:                           themselves that a particular
is even more likely to create the     exploit its full potential.             1. Define the experiences that   outcome is important to the
undesirable, unintended                  It is critical that the design    your customers have with your       customer when it is not (and
consequences.                         and implementation of such           business. For a particular          vice versa).
                                      systems is always focused on the     product/service, there are             These customer outcome
New CRM growth                        customer experience:                 usually a limited number of         measures provide you with a
Traditionally, CRM systems            l If the CRM system focuses          experiences. For example, for       customer-focused basis against
have been considered as               just on efficiency, then yes you     the mortgage process shown in       which all technology initiatives
customer-facing technologies,         will end up with lower costs,        Figure 1, there are just four:      can be evaluated (similarly any
but CRM suites are becoming           but the process will often result       – When a customer wishes to      process or people-related
increasingly used as core             in an inferior customer              obtain a mortgage (the              changes can be evaluated in the
business systems – managing           experience which eventually          acquisition experience).            same way).
end-to-end business processes         costs more.                             – When a customer has an            Every change or enhancement
from customer interaction                You will end up with fewer        enquiry about their mortgage        can be challenged against each
through to fulfilment.                promoters and more detractors,       (the servicing experience).         of these measures – ie, if we did
   This is generally a good           and as a result the profits             – When a customer’s              X, what would be the impact
trend, although the danger is         achieved through the lower           mortgage product period             (positive or negative) on each
that the ‘C’ in CRM is                costs will eventually be offset by   expires (the retention              customer outcome measure?
forgotten; the implementation         lower revenues – they will be        experience).                           Hence the full impact of any
focuses on cost reduction at the      bad profits.                            – When a customer’s              changes – including unintended
expense of the customer               l If CRM focuses on the              mortgage is in arrears (the         consequences, even on areas
experience, and consequently          customer outcomes, then the          collections experience).            that would not normally be
bad profits are generated.            implementation will increase            2. Define the key moments        considered – can be fully
   The risk is that executives        customer advocacy and                within each experience that         evaluated. This approach will
satisfy themselves that their         consequently revenues, as well       either builds or destroys           put you well on the way to
business will become more             as often reducing costs – all in     advocacy.                           producing promoters and good
customer-centric simply because       all, good profits.                      3. Define the customer           profits.
their processes are built on                                               outcome measures for the key
CRM technology.                       Right approach                       moments that need to be             Conclusion
   But this is not necessarily so –   So how do you generate good          focused on throughout the           Technology implementations
it is how the technology is           profits from technology              technology implementation and       play an increasingly important
                                                                                                               role in creating customer
                                                                                                               advocacy, particularly as CRM
FIGURE 1: Customer experience example – the mortgage process
                                                                                                               solutions are being deployed
                                                                                                               more frequently as end-to-end
                                                                               Customer outcome
                                                                                                               customer process management
      Experiences                           Key moments                            measures                    solutions.
                                                                                                                  By guiding the
                                                                                                               implementation using a
      Acquisition                             First enquiry                                                    customer experience
                                                                                                               framework, you significantly
                                                                                                               increase the chance that good
                                              Agreement in
                                                                                                               profits will be produced from
        Servicing                                                                                              customers who are promoters –
                                                                                                               so providing the foundations for
                                                                                   Percentage of offers        sustainable profit growth over
                                                                                    sent within target         the medium to long term.

        Retention                                                                  Percentage of offers        l Andrew Broome is a director
                                                   Offer                                                       of Axactia, an independent
                                                                                     sent with errors
                                                                                                               business consultancy
                                                                                                               specialising in the area of
       Collections                                                                         Etc                 customer advocacy. Email:
                                                                                                               Website:                                                                                                       JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 27
                   CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems


            Founded in 1998, Serversys is a                  at supporting multi-site business
                                                                                                           COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
            leading UK CRM solution                          models with operations at up to
            provider. It specialises in                      250 locations. It has over 350                 Turnover (UK)                      N/P             Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                               Serversys Ltd, Hobbs Boat House,
            providing integrated sales,                      customers.                                     Turnover (W)                       N/P
                                                                                                                                                               Goring High Street, Goring Bridge,
            marketing and customer service                      Serversys has expanded its                  Profit Before Tax (UK)             N/P             Goring RG8 9AB
            solutions to mid-sized                           product offering to include                    Profit Before Tax (W)              N/P             Telephone
            enterprises.                                     integrated back and front-office               Number of Employees (UK)           15              01491 870100
               Serversys’ approach is to                     solutions which cover financial,               Number of Employees (W)            15              Fax
            ensure the building blocks of                    commercial and CRM software,                   Software Marketed (UK)             D               01491 870101
            CRM are in place to deliver                      giving organisations a ‘single                 End User Support by                D               Contact name
                                                                                                                                                               Maria Sadler
            ‘joined-up’ business value. It                   view’ of the customer.                         End User Training by               D
                                                                                                                                                               Email address
            offers expertise in CRM                             Sage CRM can be phased into                 Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
            implementation and an                            any organisation simply by                     applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available
                                                                                                            on request                                         Website address
            understanding of CRM as a                        selecting the functionality that                                                        
            business strategy. Its business                  fits immediate business priorities                                                                User Group Chairman/Contact Point
            consultancy ensures the CRM                      – the system can then be                     diary management, together                           N/A
            frameworks it develops are                       expanded with additional                     with integration to corporate
            approached in a strategic,                       modules as required.                         systems as well as an                               This module enables users to
            balanced and integrated manner.                     The core of the Sage CRM                  organisation’s email and                            integrate Sage CRM to their
               Serversys is established as a                 solution is Contact Manager,                 websites.                                           website or extranet to undertake
            leading Sage CRM and                             which provides the basis for                    A number of options are                          lead registration, information
            FrontRange GoldMine solution                     business development,                        available within Sage CRM:                          requests, issue tracking and
            provider. It was awarded the                     marketing and customer service               l Sage CRM – ReportsPlus.                           create personalised portals.
            Sage CRM MME Business                            functionality. It holds records of           Enables users to design and                         l Sage CRM – CTI. Provides
            Partner of the Year 2005.                        individuals, companies and                   integrate Crystal Reports from a                    call centre telephony switch
               Serversys has worked with a                   business contacts within the                 central CRM server.                                 integration.
            range of organisations, from 10                  same solution. It provides built-            l Sage CRM – ResourcePlus. A                        l Sage CRM – Solo. Provides
            users operating from a single                    in reporting, workflow,                      resource planner that enables                       mobile synchronisation for
            site, through to enterprises with                opportunity management,                      users to schedule activities.                       deploying standalone
            500 users. It is also experienced                complaint management and                     l Sage CRM – Web Self-Service.                      disconnected laptops.
                                                                                                                                                              l Sage CRM MME – PDA.
            PRODUCTS                                                                                                                                          Delivers wireless (GPRS) access,
             Name                                            Sage CRM (Serversys)                         GoldMine                                            supporting Microsoft Pocket PC
             First installed (year)                          N/P                                          N/P                                                 PDA devices such as iPaq.
             No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months      N/P                                          N/P                                                    GoldMine Premium Edition
             No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months   6,500 – N/A                                  N/P                                                 enables users to manage many
             Key markets                                     Banking, insurance & financial services, automotive, computers & high technology,                facets of their business
                                                             pharmaceutical & life sciences, telecoms                                                         relationships. Opportunities to
             Current version – date of release               v6.1 – 2008                                  GoldMine Premium – July 07                          win and retain customers occur
             Operating system(s) supported                   Citrix MetaFrame, Symbian, Web-based, Win32, Windows CE/Mobile, NT, Server 2000,                 at every phase of the customer
                                                             2008 (Sage CRM) + BlackBerry, Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, XP, Server 2003 (both)
                                                                                                                                                              relationship lifecycle, and
             Min/max no. of users supported                  1-1,000                                      1-1,000                                             GoldMine Premium enables
             Application types provided:                                                                                                                      users to address more of these
             Customer relationship management?               Yes                                          Yes                                                 opportunities by using data
             Salesforce automation?                          Yes                                          Yes                                                 already collected.
             Contact centre management?                      No                                           Yes                                                    It adds an advanced service
             Service organisation management?                Yes                                          No                                                  and support module and a newly
             Supplier/partner management?                    Yes                                          No                                                  developed intuitive interface to
             Channel management?                             Yes                                          No                                                  the CRM functionality in
             Marketing databases?                            Yes                                          No                                                  GoldMine Corporate Edition.
             Sales analysis & reporting?                     Yes                                          Yes                                                    GoldMine Premium’s Support
             Customer analytics?                             Yes                                          No                                                  Module is designed to help
             Competitor tracking?                            Yes                                          No                                                  companies reduce their customer
             Lead management?                                Yes                                          Yes                                                 service costs.
             Do you provide the software on a hosted or      On-demand                                    N/A
                                                                                                                                                                              See a full Serversys
             on-demand basis?
                                                                                                                                                                              Evaluation Report.
             Is your software integrated with: business      Yes                                          All except manufacturing/supply chain                               Visit www.
             intelligence/financial & accounting/                                                                                                    
             manufacturing/supply chain/other software?                                                                                                        and click on ‘View all Vendors’.

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                                                                                                                 CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Teradata Corporation                              Manager combines advanced

                                                                                              COMPANY                                            CONTACT POINTS
(NYSE:TDC) is the world’s                         analytics and marketing
largest company focused solely                    communication features, with                 Turnover (UK)                      N/P             Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                  Teradata, 206 Marylebone Road,
on raising intelligence through                   the aim of providing more                    Turnover (W)                       $1.7bn
                                                                                                                                                  London NW1 6LY
data warehousing and business                     relevant conversations with                  Profit Before Tax (UK)             N/P
analytics.                                        customers only when there is a               Profit Before Tax (W)              $338m           020 7723 7070
   Teradata is recognised by                      significant reason to do so,                 Number of Employees (UK)           N/P             Fax
Gartner as a leading provider of                  when the content and means of                Number of Employees (W)            6,400           N/P
active data warehousing                           communication is relevant to                 Software Marketed (UK)             D               Contact name
technology that provides a                        that particular customer, and                End User Support by                D               Kevin Long
single view of the enterprise in                  when it’s the right time.                    End User Training by               D               Email address
real time, and of business                           Ensuring significance,                    Key: D Direct, I Indirect N/A Not available/not
intelligence analytics that help                  relevance and timeliness                     applicable, N/P Not provided, AOR Available        Website address
                                                                                               on request                               
companies use data in new                         depends on having a single, in-
                                                                                                                                                  User Group Chairman/Contact Point
ways. It has around 940                           depth and up-to-date view of                                                                    AOR
customers and more than 2,400                     customers.                                  experience, customisable for a
implementations, including                           Since most companies                     variety of roles. Commonly                         l Interaction management –
Barclays, British Airways,                        already have elements of a                  used objects can be shared and                     connects the analytic
Continental Airlines, Grupo                       customer management solution                re-used.                                           environment to all
Cortefiel, National Australia                     in place, Teradata Relationship               Teradata Relationship                            communication channels,
Bank, Telefonica Argentina and                    Manager plugs into existing                 Manager can scale to handle                        integrating traditional and new
Travelocity.                                      systems. Its JEE platform and               hundreds of users and manage                       channels, especially web and
   Teradata is a global                           web service-based infrastructure            daily, personalised                                email, into a single solution.
organisation with 6,400                           connects to other applications              communications with millions                       l Communication optimisation
associates in over 60 countries                   using industry-standard                     of customers without slowing.                      – manages customer
across the Americas, EMEA                         interfaces.                                   Teradata says it offers the                      communications across
and Asia-Pacific Japan.                              The product’s user interface             following critical components                      channels, using customer needs
   Teradata Relationship                          provides an intuitive                       of marketing effectiveness:                        and preferences to limit
                                                                                              l Actionable analytics –                           customer contacts and so
PRODUCT                                                                                       provides an understanding of                       increasing marketing efficiency
 Name                                             Teradata Relationship Manager
                                                                                              customers that helps users to                      and effectiveness.
 First installed (year)                           July 1999 (under previous name of NCR
                                                                                              uncover contact opportunities,                     l Marketing resource
                                                  Relationship Optimizer)                     make informed decisions, create                    management – provides an
 No. of UK sites – new sites last 12 months       AOR                                         targeted value propositions, and                   overall framework for
 No. of World sites – new sites last 12 months    AOR                                         manage customers within                            improving the efficiency and
 Key markets                                      Financial services, banking & insurance,    segments and as individuals.                       productivity of the end-to-end
                                                  telecoms, retail (traditional and online-   l Campaign management –                            marketing process, including
                                                  only), airlines, manufacturing/sourcing     enables marketers to design and                    planning and budgeting, digital
 Current version – date of release                v6.1 – March 09                             execute customised campaigns,                      asset management, calendaring,
 Operating system(s) supported                    Application Server: Windows 2003            using any combination of                           reporting and workflow.
                                                  Server or AIX
                                                                                              communication channels.                            l Inbound marketing – draws
 Min/max no. of users supported                   1-200+                                      Campaigns can range from                           from real-time customer
 Application types provided:                                                                  simple outbound                                    transaction and profile data to
 Customer relationship management?                Yes                                         communications to                                  feed an in-line decisioning
 Salesforce automation?                           No                                          personalised, multi-step                           engine for ‘best offer’
 Contact centre management?                       No                                          dialogues, automatically                           calculations and lead execution
 Service organisation management?                 No                                          incorporating customer                             for inbound customer
 Supplier/partner management?                     No                                          responses into the next step.                      channels.
 Channel management?                              No                                          l Offer management –                                  Overall, Teradata
 Marketing databases?                             Yes                                         optimises the value of each                        Relationship Manager
 Sales analysis & reporting?                      Yes                                         customer interaction, presenting                   combines ‘best-of-breed’
 Customer analytics?                              Yes                                         the best offer or message to an                    functionality with advanced
 Competitor tracking?                             No                                          individual customer, contacting                    technology to help companies
 Lead management?                                 Yes                                         them at the right time, and                        in all sectors communicate with
 Do you provide the software on a hosted or on-   No                                          ensuring messages are tailored                     customers, across traditional
 demand basis?                                                                                to their individual needs.                         and emerging channels.
 Is your software integrated with: business       Business intelligence + marketing
                                                                                                                 See a full Teradata Evaluation Report.
 intelligence/financial & accounting/             resource management
                                                                                                                 Visit and click on
 manufacturing/supply chain/other software?                                                                      ‘View all Vendors’.                                                                                                                                           JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 29
     CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

WEB 2.0 IS vastly over-hyped.
To some extent this is because         Jeffrey Peel highlights the
the person who coined the term,
                                       major impact of Web 2.0 on
Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media,
has built a huge business around       the marketing role.
the concept.
   Seminars, conferences and
websites extol the virtues of
Web 2.0 and all the IT players
want to jump on to the Web 2.0
   This kind of thing happens
again and again in the world of
information technology.
   However, in the case of Web
2.0, a whole new bubble has
developed around the concept –
to some extent egged on and
hyped by the O’Reilly empire.
But the consequence is that,
once again, we’re seeing big
acquisitions of Web 2.0 players.

                                    What Web 2.0
   However, this bubble is a bit
different. O’Reilly correctly
stumbled upon a new web
phenomenon that is truly
fascinating and revolutionary at
the same time – especially for
   For one thing, the Web 2.0
revolution is creating genuinely
interesting marketing
technologies and useable
solutions very, very quickly.
   So what is Web 2.0? Well,
simply put, it is about
                                    means to you
                                    out of imagination.                  enabled. Therefore vast swathes       especially the latest Web 2.0
interactivity – not just between       Mashup tools like Ruby on         of consumer audiences can be          tools – just isn’t doing its job.
people and the web but also         Rails allow new-breed                reached using connected devices.         Yet, amazingly, there are
between web-based                   developers who have relatively          In the B2B world everyone is       many, many marketing
applications.                       basic web-centric skills to carve    connected. Even in markets            departments that are not
   Let me explain. A few years      out new niches. And many of          where consumer broadband              embracing new tools fast
back we were all bombarded          these niches are inhabited by        penetration is relatively low, it’s   enough.
with stuff about web services. I,   marketers.                           pretty much a given that just            Let’s look at the 4Ps of
for one, didn’t quite ‘get’ what       Marketing has been                about every business, these days,     marketing and consider how
web services was all about.         transformed by these new             has email and web access.             Web 2.0 tools are changing
   In the Web 2.0 world of          ready-made tools. Web 2.0 is            Doing business without such        what they stand for. (I’ve used a
geekdom the term ‘web services’     transforming the marketing           tools is next to impossible.          little creative licence in terms of
is rarely used. What Web2-ies       process. But it’s also an idea          Consumers are also driving         one of the Ps – replacing ‘price’
talk about instead is mashups.      whose time has come.                 investment by all businesses in       with ‘people’.)
   Web services and SOAP and           The reason for this is that the   technology. There is an
XML emerged from the tech           internet itself has achieved         expectation that any business         People
world. In the Web 2.0 world,        critical mass in target audiences.   worth its salt has to be able to      Marketing starts and stops with
developers think less about the     In the main developed                communicate via email and             people. People are the ones who
underlying protocols and just       economies, just about all            have a decent, interactive and        make purchasing decisions.
get on with the business of         addressable audiences are            e-commerce enabled website.           Marketing departments have the
creating applications with truly    connected. If they are not              In terms of medium to large        challenge of determining which
novel functionality.                connected via the traditional        business, there is an even higher     people make what decisions to
   A bit of this is crunched        broadband-enabled PC at home,        consumer expectation.                 influence the purchase or make
together with a bit of that and,    they are almost certainly               Therefore, in a world where        the purchase.
hey presto, a new application is    connected via phone.                 just about all businesses and            Many marketing functions
born.                                  Nearly all phones that are        most consumers are connected,         have to work with channels to
   In the past apps emerged out     shipped these days have internet     a marketing function that fails       market. But again channels –
of coding. Today they emerge        connectivity. Most are 3G-           to embrace web tools –                distributors, resellers,

30 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                               
                                                                                         CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

wholesalers, agents, merchants –       of people, we also need to           partners) via RSS feeds. RSS        marketing processes to be
are populated by people that           consider other Web 2.0 places        feeds are also a very convenient    embedded.
need to be influenced.                 where target audiences               means of getting data to other         In addition, new all web-
   Marketers need to engage            congregate.                          sites.                              based suites are emerging that
with a host of people and they            These days, just about               I’m also an advocate of          are fully integrated but can be
need to understand what makes          everyone uses some type of           moving the entire corporate         made pervasive because of web
them tick.                             social networking site. Business     website to a blog-based content     access.
   If these people – channels and      people, managers and other           management system (CMS).               As well as the host of
end customers and market               professional types hang out in          CMSs like Wordpress or           e-marketing tools, other key
influencers – make use of the          LinkedIn. Young people –             Movable Type are becoming           elements of the marketing
internet (and they nearly all do)      especially students – prefer         more and more powerful. They        promotion process can be taken
the process of understanding           Facebook or Bebo. Geeks              allow multiple authors – with       care of using Web 2.0 tools.
and engaging has, by definition,       choose micro-blogging sites like     different permission levels – to       Given the importance of
to embrace the internet. It’s a        Twitter.                             feed into the site and they can     search engines, public relations
key knowledge source and                  Marketers need to consider        also be heavily skinned and         processes are migrating to the
communication conduit.                 how they create presence in          branded and self-hosted.            web and search engine-
   Therefore marketers are faced       these virtual spaces. They also         Other Web 2.0 technologies       optimised newswire services
with very fundamental                  need to consider how to              worth considering in this           from companies such as PRWeb
challenges as to how to use the        research them.                       context include tools that make     and WebITPR are becoming key
internet as a medium and                  But thankfully, there are         the process of marketing or         elements in the PR mix.
information exchange. And              amazing new web survey tools         engaging with a site easier.
often they fall at the first hurdle.   from companies like                     Salesforce automation            Product
Many marketers have no                 SurveyMonkey, Zommerang              solutions like       Product marketing is an
understanding of how their             and ConstantContact to take          can now be embedded into a          elemental part of the marketing
brand or brands are performing         care of that.                        website.                            process.
on the web.                                                                                                        From a Web 2.0 point of
   Just about all purchases are        Place                                                                    view, product management can
performed or influenced, these         The place to do business, these       Just about                         be transformed using latest-
days, by the web.
   Marketers need to understand
                                       days, is the web.
                                          OK the transaction may not
                                                                             all purchases                      generation collaborative project
                                                                                                                management tools to get key
how effective their websites are       actually occur on the web.            are influenced                     people together – marketing
in getting critical information        However, you can bet your                                                agencies, product management
and messages to key audiences.         bottom dollar that all your
                                                                             by the web                         teams and creative teams.
And, to do so, they must ensure        customers are visiting your                                                 The most switched-on
that their sites are optimised to      website often.                                                           marketing services agencies
make messages easy to find by             They are checking your latest                                         these days couldn’t live without
the main search engines.               news. They are expecting your                                            Basecamp. This product is one
   Increasingly this means totally     site to be fresh. They will have                                         of a suite of products from 37
redefining how web information         an expectation that you can    can generate      Signals. But for internal
is managed and optimised, and          keep your site up-to-date. They      code that allows site visitors to   marketing teams too, Basecamp
that words and phrases are             may also have an expectation         register via the site and this      defines internal projects through
carefully chosen and researched.       that they can transact or            ensures that they immediately       milestones and to-do lists. It also
   Getting messages to the right       communicate with you via your        become prospects in the             makes the process of copy
people at the right time is,           site.                       system – in effect   development a doddle.
increasingly, about search engine         Static, non-interactive sites     the marketing and sales systems        Therefore, Web 2.0
optimisation.                          that are impossible to find on       can become one.      technologies are touching
   If a marketer is not constantly     search engines are not exactly       also allows marketing               marketing processes at just
monitoring Google Page Rank,           the best way forward for             campaigns to be conducted           about every level. Marketing
Technorati Authority and site          marketing-centric companies.         outbound.                           people will ignore them at their
performance on social                     And there are two great Web          Similarly there are a host of    peril.
networking bookmarking sites,          2.0 technologies that marketers      e-marketing tools that are easily      But in this brave new world
they are not doing their job           need to embrace sooner rather        embedded, including free tools      they might just find that while
properly.                              than later if they are to do their   from Google via its Feedburner      Web 2.0 presents new
   Oh, and all of these sites –        brands justice. Enter blogs and      subsidiary and low-cost tools       challenges, it also can provide
Google, Technorati and social          RSS.                                 from           the toolkits for marketers to do
bookmarking sites like Digg –             I know that blogs have been       Similar higher-end solutions are    their jobs more easily and more
are all examples of Web 2.0-           over-hyped. But they are a sure      available for larger companies.     intuitively.
defined sites that marketers need      way to get your messages to
to fixate on. And to do so they        your audiences easily via search     Promotion                           l Jeffrey Peel runs Web 2.0-
will need to consider what tools       engines or directly.                 As hinted above, there is a         centric marketing consultancy
they use to optimise their                Blogs also do all the work for    proliferation of new marketing      Quadriga Consulting. Website:
performance on them.                   marketers in terms of taking         technologies that enable more
   But while we’re on the subject      third-party content (eg, from        end-to-end, ‘closed-loop’           blog.                                                                                                        JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 31
     CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

Why your killer
products don’t sell
Your unique, innovative       WHETHER OR NOT your                  that there are different buyers       sales technique or a detailed
                              corporation has a strong track       with very different buying            sales methodology. But be
product should have flown
                              record of sales success, there is    habits.                               prepared for a shock. This turns
out of the door, but sales    no guarantee that your                  But despite these insights,        most hardened sales
have tanked and the sales     experience can help you to take      relatively little has been written    professionals’ ideas and
team’s morale is at an all-   a ground-breaking product to a       to help companies understand          prejudices on their head, and
                              new market.                          how to transform their                buries them forever.
time low. Ian Gotts and
                                 Yet there is nothing more         innovative ideas into products           Some people think ‘sales is
Dominic Rowsell explain       soul destroying for an               or services that customers want       sales is sales’, and that any good
what’s gone wrong and         evangelist, an investor or, most     to buy and are able to buy.           salesperson can simply change
why.                          of all, for a founder than a truly      What is missing is an              or morph their technique to suit
                              innovative product which never       understanding from the buyer’s        the particular circumstance.
                              fulfils its revenue promise. A       perspective of what they go              But more than 15 years of
                              little bit of you dies as every      through when they make                research into business-to-
                              week the sales quotas are not        decisions about buying                business sales has shown that
                              met until the product is             innovative and disruptive             this type of thinking is fatally
                              relegated to the skip.               technology. Only then can the         flawed.
                                 And success is measured in        supplier understand how to               There are sales techniques,
                              £££, so selling is job number 1,     align itself and support the          but these are fine-tuning. What
                              2 and 3.                             buyer.                                really make the difference are
                                 Crossing the Chasm by                What we are talking about is       four very clearly defined
                              Geoffrey Moore clearly showed        fundamental. It is not about          ‘buying cultures’.
                                                                                                            Killer products don’t sell
                                                                                                         simply because the wrong
                                                                                                         buying culture is used. So what
                                                                                                         are the cultures?
                                                                                                                Value Captured.
                                                                                                                Why Hearts? Because
                                                                                                         you’re worth it…the
                                                                                                         relationship between supplier
                                                                                                         and customer is interdependent.
                                                                                                            The ‘Value Captured’ buying
                                                                                                         culture occurs when the
                                                                                                         customer is willing to put
                                                                                                         themselves in the hands of a
                                                                                                         supplier in order to generate
                                                                                                         change or value.
                                                                                                            An example here would be an
                                                                                                         organisation that is hoping to
                                                                                                         increase its flexibility and
                                                                                                         reduce costs through
                                                                                                            The customer will ultimately
                                                                                                         share responsibility with the
                                                                                                         supplier to get the value in their
                              Ian Gotts: turning the most hardened sales professionals’ ideas on their   co-operation.
                              head                                                                          Example: Accenture used

32 CONSPECTUS JUNE 2009                                                                                        
                                                                                             CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

eBay to sell excess inventory for                                                                                         The buyer will conduct their
corporates on a commission-                                                                                            own research and make a
only basis. eBay, the customer,                                                                                        decision about which model or
became the supplier as                                                                                                 version. They will then use the
Accenture took all the risks                                                                                           internet to identify the lowest
developing the market but                                                                                              price or go back to their
reaped the rewards when the                                                                                            preferred supplier list.
‘service’ gained momentum.                                                                                                For the supplier, it’s about
         Value Created.                                                                                                establishing a brand and having
         Why Diamonds? There                                                                                           the lowest friction sales and
are diamonds in the rough, but                                                                                         delivery channel.
they are difficult for the                                                                                                Example: Dell laptops are
customer to find.                                                                                                      ordered and delivered over the
   The Value Created buying                                                                                            web and the customer decision
culture occurs when the                                                                                                is based on Dell’s brand, the
customer senses there is an                                                                                            price and availability. Dell needs
opportunity but can’t describe                                                                                         to optimise its supply chain to
it. It takes the supplier to bring                                                                                     maintain margins.
it into clear focus and suggest a
solution.                                                                                                              Level of maturity
   An example here might be an                                                                                         The maturity of the product in
organisation that has recognised                                                                                       the customer’s mind determines
it needs to drive operational                                                                                          which of the four buying
effectiveness and improvement;       Dominic Rowsell: understand where your product is on maturity curve               cultures is appropriate, and this
but it takes a supplier to show                                                                                        is most stark in the purchase of
how the company can engage           technology, for example, is sold                   Value Offered.                 new technology or software.
its employees in adopting            in this way.                                       Why Clubs? You need a             It is not surprising therefore
shared processes, how they will         That is why it is usually               club to beat the customer and          that there is a clear parallel
deliver it, and what a solution      delegated to the IT department             the competition into submission        between the four buying
might look like.                     to make the purchase.                      – it’s a commodity/price thing.        cultures and the technology
   Example: Nimbus has been          (Alternatively, the business has              The Value Offered buying            adoption lifecycle (shown in
selling its process management       abdicated responsibility!)                 culture occurs when the                Figure 1).
software, Control 2007, to              Example: SAP competes in                customer knows what they                  So to transform your sales
manage corporate processes as        the established and understood             want and all that’s left to do is      performance, you first need to
a valuable asset (as opposed to      ERP enterprise software                    decide what colour it will be.         understand where your
drawing boxes and lines in           application market. Winning                   An example is an                    product is on the maturity
Visio).                              requires better functionality and          organisation that is looking to        curve.
   This requires educating           a lower per seat price in                  procure a number of laptops as            If your product is disruptive
customers about its existence        comparison with the other                  part of an initiative to mobilise      or innovative, it probably
and the benefits of the approach     credible competitors.                      the workforce.                         requires a Value Created sales
and Nimbus Control 2007.
         Value Added.
                                     FIGURE 1: Technology lifecycle mirrors buying cultures
         Why Spades? This is all
about hard work and digging
in. Calls multiplied by Demos =
Orders! You win two out of five
bids. You negotiate hard and                                                              Tornado        Main Street
fight your corner.
   The Value Added buying
culture occurs when the
customer recognises they need
to find a solution to a pain or
opportunity, and they are
looking for options.
   An example is a customer
looking for a CRM system.                                                                  Bowling
CRM systems are known to
exist and the benefits are
understood, but it requires the
supplier to explain the value of
its product over those of its           Innovation/early adopters                     Early majority   Late majority              Laggards
                                       Source: Geoffrey Moore, ‘Crossing the Chasm’
   The majority of new                                                                                                               JUNE 2009 CONSPECTUS 33
     CRM, Contact Centre & Marketing Systems

TABLE 1: Different sales characteristics
                                       Value Added                                  Value Created

   What they say                       “Let me demo you the product. It’s           “Let’s discuss what you are trying to achieve.
                                       awesome”                                     Do you have a pen/whiteboard?”

   Every meeting              a planned step towards a PO   a ‘conversation of possibilities’

   Previous track record               Top-performing salesperson                   Partner or senior-level consultant

   Sales & delivery approach           Sell, collect commission and move on         Work with the customer to deliver results

   Commissioned                        OTE on product gross margin                  On total project value

   Most valuable attributes            Hungry, driven and materialistic             Trusted, patient and persistent

   Greatest achievement                Exceeded OTE last 20 quarters                Sitting on the board or project steering committee of their
                                       running                                      main customer

   How customer sees them              A supplier selling a product                 Trusted advisor with a supporting product

   Where they hang out                 Company reception waiting for                Executive suite and business sponsor’s office
                                       procurement and IT managers

   How to get a deal in quicker        Drop their trousers! Discount,               Political leverage. Discounts don’t work. Support and
                                       discount, discount                           coaching for project manager might help

   Title on business card              VP sales                                     Nothing very often, or perhaps partner

approach to mirror the              up or division is put together, or     recruited into a new division          performance, you first need to
customer’s buying culture.          a new company and its                  with an innovative product or          assess your current product
   And this will have a knock-      products are acquired, the             lured into a start-up as the           positioning, analyse the market
on effect in terms of the way       difference between Value               ‘sales god’.”                          maturity and then migrate your
the rest of the company             Created and Value Added is                These sales heavies are not         organisation to the correct
functions, because the entire       never known.                           going to question themselves,          business model.
organisation needs to be aligned       So the entire business model        their proven track record or              Not easy or painless – but
to that culture: executive          is geared around Value Added           their approach. ‘Sack me or            critical.
leadership, R&D, sales              selling, based on:                     back me’ is their threat to the           The end result is an
management and                      l Salespeople aim for big sales        executive team.                        organisational culture which is
compensation, the ‘sales            from the start – just like the            High-testosterone Value             aligned with the customers’
animal’, delivery and support.      other products in maturing             Added sales guys see Value             buying culture, and positioned
                                    markets.                               Created as simply a sales              for major sales growth.
Biggest problem                     l Big sales guys with strong           technique they should apply.              Get this right and results can
The biggest issue that we see       track records are hired, and           They may accept they should be         be staggering.
time and time again is that the     their incentives force the wrong       more consultative in their
‘big-ticket hotshot sales guy’      behaviours.                            approach. But they don’t or            l Ian Gotts is CEO of
you have just hired comes out       l The sales support                    can’t see that there is a very         consultancy Nimbus Partners
of the traditional Value Added      infrastructure – helpdesk, pre-        different underlying process           and Dominic Rowsell is a
world of enterprise sales. But      sales and professional services –      they need to apply.                    change management CEO.
your innovative product             are not in place.                         Often, the only change              They are co-authors of ‘Why
requires a Value Created sales      l The metrics inside the               management technique that will         Killer Products Don’t Sell –
culture.                            company and from the                   work with these people is              How to run your company to a
   The different personality        shareholders are driving the           humour: ‘Knock, knock. Who’s           new set of rules’, published by
types, objectives and therefore     wrong operational culture.             there? Not you any more’…you           Wiley, ISBN 1906465266,
motivations are diametrically          Yet the biggest reason for          fire them!                             £14.99. For more information,
opposed, as can be seen in          failure is the view that ‘Value           Some readers may already            to download a summary of the
Table 1.                            Created is a myth’.                    accept that alignment to your          book or order a copy, visit
   So if this is so obvious, why       The perspective of the              customers’ buying culture is 
do so many companies get it         salesperson is: “I’ve built a 20-      pretty fundamental to corporate        Email:
wrong?                              year career in successful sales        strategy.                              and dominic@killer-
   Simple. When the new start-      (ie, Value Added). I’ve been              So to transform sales     

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