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					                     BATTLE OF BOTHELL APPLICATION
                                                         (Please Print)

Team Name:___________________________________________________________
DIVISION: GIRLS                           5/6     7/8 Select               Club
          BOYS                            5/6     7/8 Select               Club

State Team Is From: _______________________                                City Team Is From: _________________

Head Coach: Name:_________________________________                          Home #:__________________________________

                     Cell #:________________________________                 E-Mail:___________________________________

Team Parent: Name:________________________________                          Home #:__________________________________

                     Cell#:_________________________________                 E-Mail:___________________________________

Players are: US Lacrosse Members:___________                              (Canadian players must conform to NFHS equipment rules
but are not required to be USL members)

Tournament Fee: $375 per Team if Registration received before April 30, 2010;
$425/ team May 1 through June 4, 2010. Registration is first come first served.
There are limited spaces available.
                    {Please make checks payable to Battle of Bothell}
              Mail Tournament Fee, Completed Application, and Team Roster to:

                                                    Stan Kosick
                                                  11413 23rd Dr SE
                                                 Everett, WA 98208

Questions: Call or E-mail Stan Kosick @ 425-750-4945 or

                                                Hold Harmless Clause
I, the undersigned, parent/ guardian/ coach, assume all risks and hazards incidental to participating in lacrosse and do
hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the organizer, WALOA, the City of Bothell, other
participants and coaches for any claim arising out of any injury to myself/ player/ child. I am fully aware of the potential
dangers and risks inherent in lacrosse, including physical injury, death or other consequences that may arise or result
directly from participation in this activity.

Signature: __________________________                                                   Date: __________________

 *Only completed Registrations accompanied with appropriate fee will be guaranteed
                            a spot in the Tournament*
               *2011 Battle of Bothell Rules*

All games governed by 2011 NFHS rules. Exceptions and additions to these
rules are listed herein.

1. If ejected from a game, player or coach must sit out team’s next game. NO
2. Boys’ Games will be 10 vs. 10, 20 Minute running halves with 5 minute half. Clock
   does not stop on time-outs. No time outs can be called during last 5 minutes of each
3. Girls’ games will be 12 v12, 20 Minute running halves with 5 minute half. Clock
   does not stop on time-outs. No time outs can be called during last 5 minutes of each
4. TIE GAMES. If at the end of regulation the game is tied, a 3v3 Braveheart will be
   conducted. Each team will field two middies (attack, defense) and a goalie. First to
   score wins the game. In the event of a penalty, the offending player must go to the
   midfield wingline opposite the bench side. Play will begin with ball in the stick of
   offended team’s player at the corner of the box near the bench side.
5. Each team is guaranteed 3 games. Best records go to playoffs. In event of equal
   record, head to head will determine who goes to playoffs. If teams did not play each
   other, Goals AGAINST will be reviewed; team with fewest Goals Against moves on.
6. Each team is required to have a Parent Volunteer. That Parent Volunteer shall
   keep time and score at each team game and report team scores to Tournament
   Director at the end of each game. Tournament director will NOT seek scores and will
   NOT be responsible if team parent volunteer does not report scores.
7. Where NFHS and above stated rules are not addressed, Tournament Director has
   final say.

Please sign and date that you have read and agree with the above statements.
Return with team registration.

Name:___________________________________________ Date:______/_______/_________
Jersey   Name                       Grade   US Lacrosse Member
Number                                      Number

77       PUBLIC, John Q (Example)   8th     1123456

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