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                                A POLICY STATEMENT

                    The Council of Graduate Schools in the United States
                                           This statement was printed originally in
                                      1975. It is one of several policy statements
                                     which the Council of Graduate Schools in
                                     the United States has developed as a service
                                     to its membership as well as to others who
                                     have an interest in graduate education. Ad-
                                     ditional policy statements have been pre-
Hardy Edwards                        pared by the Council which address such
  University of Georgia              topics as the Doctor of Philosophy Degree,
E. Philip Bollier                    the Doctor's Degree in Professional Fields,
  Tulane University                  Requirements for the Ph.D., Graduate Cre-
Dale Cornstock, Chairman             dit: Its Recognition and Transfer, and
  Central Washington State College
                                          The Master's Degree policy statement is
in consultation with the
CGS PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE           intended to set forth the quality standards by
Wendell Bragonier                    which graduate programs leading to Mas-
 Colorado State University           ter's degrees may be judged.
W. Dexter Whitehead                       The major emphasis is on Master of Art
 University of Virginia              (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degree
Jacob E. Cobb, Chairman              programs. A few of the more widely used
   Indiana State University          professional degrees, such as Master of Bus-
                                     iness Administration (M.B.A.), Master of
                                     Education (M.Ed.), and Master of Fine Arts
                                     (M.F.A.) are also discussed.
                                          This statement is endorsed by the Board
                                     of Directors of the Council of Graduate
                                     Schools in the US. Additional copies are
                                     available for purchase from the Washington
                                                             Michael J. Pelczar, Jr.
                                                            April 1981

                                                                                             The Master's degree has a long and interesting history
                                                                                          that stretches back for nearly a thousand years. The degree
                                                                                          conveyed the right to teach from early in the thirteenth
                                                                                          century, and in the Middle Ages the titles of doctor, master,
                                                                                          and professor were synonymous. The title master and doctor
                                                                                          became degrees in time and became honorary distinctions.
                                                                                             In early America, the degree of Master was highly re-
                                                                                          spected as a measure of academic achievement. It lost pres-
                                                                                          tige, however, as over the years it ceased to be an earned
                                                                                          degree and was awarded to anyone who applied even two
                                                                                          or three years after the baccalaureate.
                                                                                             In the latter half of the nineteenth century, education
                                                                                          reformers laid the ground work for graduate study as it is
                                                                                          known today. The degree in cwsa was replaced by the degree
                                                                                          pro meritas and the Master's degree once again was rec-
                                                                                          ognized as a prestigious academic award for the successful
                                                                                          completion of substantial post-baccalaureate study in a
                                                                                          chosen branch of knowledge.
                                                                                             In recent years, the number of Master's degrees awarded
                                                                                          in the United States has increased at a rate even faster than
                                                                                          the increase in the number of Bachelor's degrees awarded.
                                                                                          The variety of Master's degrees has proliferated so rapidly
                                                                                          it is difficult to generalize about the level of achievement
                                                                                          represented or the needs they are designed to serve. Never-
                                                                                          theless, some guidelines can be drawn to assist institutions
                                                                                          beginning or developing graduate schools and to inform the
                                                                                          public interested in the continued well-being of higher
                                                                                             Master's programs are intended to answer the personal
                                                                                          needs of the student and the special needs of society that are
                                                                                          not satisfied by a Baccalaureate program - needs that can
                                                                                          only be met by more advanced and specialized study in a
                                                                                          particular field. Candidates need such programs to prepare
                                                                                          for scholarly or professional careers o r perhaps merely to
                                                                                          slake a thirst for further knowledge. Society, in turn, has a
                                                                                          need for scholars, scientists, teachers, and professionals in a
                                                                                          multitude of fields, and for generally well-educated men and
                                                                                          women whatever their walks of life.
                                                                                             Broadly speaking, the Master's degree indicates that the
                                                                                          holder has mastered a program in a particular field suffi-
                                                                                          ciently to pursue creative projects in that specialty. In some
                                                                                          areas, it may be a prerequisite for further study toward a
                                                                                          more advanced degree such as the doctorate. The degree
                                                                                          should be awarded for completion of a coherent program
                                                                                          designed to assure the mastery of specified knowledge and

T h e Council of G r a d u a t e Schools in t h e United States   April 1981
             T H E COUNCIL OF                                                                        THE
    G R A D U A T E SCHOOLS IN                                                                   MASTER 5
.       T H E U N I T E D STATES                                                                  DEGREE
                            skills, rather than for the random accumulation of a certain                       The graduate dean must be administratively responsible
                            number of course credits after attaining the baccalaureate.                     for: 1) approval of new degree programs, 2) admission of
                                                                                                            students, and 3 ) recommendation of degree recipients.
                            T h e Responsibility for Quality                                                Other functions normally the responsibility of the graduate
                                                                                                            dean are promotion of program quality and monitoring of
                               The institution offering the Master's degree assumes a                       student progress, maintenance of academic records, alloca-
                            responsibility to the public to establish and maintain excel-                   tion of student financial aid, and support of faculty research.
                            lence in the education of its students. Programs recognized                     Frequently, the dean also is active in administrative super-
                            for their eminence exist in all fields and may serve as guides                  vision of sponsored research where this is supportive of
                            for those newly proposed.                                                       graduate education.
                              Graduate schools of high quality demand the investment
                            of additional resources beyond those normally required for                      Nature of Master's Degrees
                            the undergraduate curriculum. Although the investment an
                            institution makes in establishing and maintaining eminent                          The Master's degree is customarily awarded to an aspirant
                            programs is substantial, the costs can be justified by the                      who achieves a level of academic accomplishment substan-
                            great potential benefits accruing to students and society.                      tially beyond that required for the Baccalaureate degree.
                               A college or university should initiate a Master's degree                    The Master's program should consist of a coherent pattern
                            program only when demonstrable need exists and when the                         of courses frequently capped by comprehensive examinations
                            institution's resources and special traditions insure it can                    and a thesis or its equivalent in a creative project. Ideally,
                            provide a program of merit.                                                     all Master's programs should include an opportunity for the
                                                                                                            student to learn to present information in written and oral
                            T h e Organization of Graduate W o r k                                          form to a variety of audiences. Whatever their career objec-
                                                                                                            tives may be, students are certain to be called upon to com-
                              Introduction of even a few Master's programs requires                         municate effectively. A carefully supervised teaching
                           the establishment of a separate organization within the                          experience can be invaluable preparation for those who will
                           university to handle effectively the new academic respon-                        engage in programs of instruction, formal o r informal.
                           sibilities and the new administrative procedures required and                       The scope of knowledge today is so complex and is grow-
                           to insure the maintenance of reasonably uniform standards.                       ing so rapidly that the mature scholar as well as the graduate
                           A pattern which has developed in this country and which                          student must select a particular field and, almost certainly,
                           now prevails at many institutions is based upon the appoint-                     a specialty within that field in order to make an effective
                           ment of a graduate faculty, academically responsible for all                     contribution. Thus for example, Master's programs are
                           graduate programs, chosen from within the total faculty,                         offered in a wide variety and large number of fields such as
                           led by and responsible to a graduate dean.                                       anthropology, botany, business administration, chemistry,
                              At most institutions with a substantial number of grad-                       English, history, mathematics, physics, sociology, and a
                           uate programs, new members are usually elected by the                            number of sub-specialties within many disciplines. A pro-
                           graduate faculty o r appointed by the graduate dean upon                         gram may be offered by a department specializing in the
                           recommendation by committees of the graduate faculty.                            particular field, or sometimes, if the program is interdis-
                           Professors normally hold appointments in undergraduate                           ciplinary, by a specifically authorized committee o r group of
                           colleges and schools, but usually only those engaged in grad-                    professors, each of whom is competent in the particular
                           uate instruction and research are eligible for membership                        field or closely related ones.
                           in the graduate faculty. Through appropriate committees,
                           the graduate faculty and the graduate dean develop general                       Types of Master's Degrees
                           policies and administrative procedures for the graduate
                           programs. As the principal executive officer, the graduate                         There are two principal types of Master's programs. One
                           dean should be a recognized scholar o r expert in a specific                     type leads to the academic degrees Master of Arts fM.A.1 or
                           field, have experience in graduate education, and be accepted                    Master of Science (MS.). These programs provide an intro-
                           as a peer by the graduate faculty.
     THE COUNCIL OF                                                                    THE
GRADUATE SCHOOLS IN                                                                MASTER'S
  THE UNITED STATES                                                                 DEGREE

                duction to scholarly activities and research and often serve                    T h e Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) and Other Art Degrees
                as preparation for teaching careers in public schools, com-                        National Association of Schools of Art (NASA), The
                munity colleges, and in some disciplines in colleges and                          Bulletin, Revised August, 1973, 11250 Roger Bacon
                universities. Study at this level is often an intermediate step                   Drive, Reston, Virginia 22090.
                for those seeking the Doctor of Philosophy degree. The
                M.A. and the M.S. degrees make up over half the Master's                        T h e Master of Music (M.M.) and Other Music Degrees
                conferred in the United States. Programs leading to these                          National Association of Schools of Music: STAN-
                two degrees are very similar in their objectives and their                         DARDS for Undergraduate Degrees and RECOM-
                nature; traditionally, the M.A. is awarded in all fields but                       MENDATIONS for Graduate Programs, November,
                especially in the arts, letters, and humanities, while the MS.                     1973, 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, No. 5, Reston, Vir-
                is generally awarded in the sciences, engineering and                              ginia 22090.
                                                                                                T h e Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)
                   The second type of programs leads to professional Mas-                         Council on Social Work Education: Manual of Standards
                ter's degrees. These provide instruction in professional                          of Commission on Accreditation, November, 1968
                affairs and often serve as preparation for careers in those                        345 East 46th Street, New York, New York 10017.
                professions. The names used to designate the professional
                degree are often stated as "Master of                                           T h e Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)
                (Professional Field)."                                                            Guidelines and Standards for Professional Master's
                                                                                                  Degree Programs in Public AffairslPublic Administra-
                   The Master of Education is the most frequently awarded
                                                                                                  tion, National Association of Schools of Public Affairs
                degree of this type. Similar degrees awarded by institutions
                in this country include the Master of Business Administra-                        and Administration, 1225 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.,
                tion, Master of Music, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Music                       Washington, D.C. 20036.
                Education, Master of Theology, Master of Laws, Master of                        T h e Master of Education (M.Ed.)
                Architecture, Master of Engineering, and Master of Public                       and Other Education Degrees
                Health. These more commonly awarded professional Mas-                             National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Educa-
                ter's degrees together with the M.A. and MS. degrees                              tion, 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington,
                account for most of the Master's degrees awarded each year.                       D.C. 20036.
                Programs leading to the degree of Master in professional
                fields are generally similar to those leading to the degree of
                Master of Arts or Master of Science except that they empha-                   In addition, regional and state accreditation standards and
                size professional affairs and practice. In a few fields, the                   reviews must be observed.
                professional degree is a prerequisite for a license.                             Some institutions have developed innovative Master's
                                                                                              degree programs specifically designed to satisfy the needs
                 Although not available for all professional Master's pro-                    or desires of individual students or occasionally groups of
               grams, some descriptions which provide standards for                           students. These programs are often interdepartmental in
               program accreditation by professional organizations are                        nature and are supervised by faculty groups cutting across
               available from such organizations as the following:                            the normal lines of institutional academic structure.
                                                                                                 Finally, a few institutions award a Master's degree which
                                                                                              is not a Master's degree at all in the sense defined above.
                  T h e Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)                            This is the Master of Philosophy degree which is awarded
                  and Other Degrees                                                           to an official candidate for the Ph.D. who has satisfied all
                    American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business                       requirements for the doctorate except writing and defend-
                    (AACSB) Accreditation Council: Policies, Procedures                       ing an acceptable dissertation. The M. Phil. represents at
                    and Standards, 1974, 1 1500 Olive Street Rd., Suite 142, St.              least two years of full-time course work plus comprehen-
                    Louis, Missouri 63 14 1.                                                  sive examinations much more intensive and extensive than
     T H E COUNCIL OF                                                                     THE
GRADUATE SCHOOL5 IN                                                                   MASTER'S
  THE UNITED STATES                                                                    DEGREE

                 those normally required for any Master's degree. Informally,                    quate, i.e., significantly beyond the needs of the baccalaureate
                 the equivalent level of study and achievement is often re-                      program? As part of this determination of need, considera-
                 ferred to as "A.B.D." (All But Dissertation).                                   tion must be given to the existence of similar programs at
                                                                                                 neighboring institutions. Substantial, preferably unique,
                 Master's Degree Titles                                                          reasons should exist for establishing a new program; other-
                                                                                                 wise, consortia o r cooperative arrangements should be
                    In addition to the titles previously mentioned, the more                     sought as possible alternatives.
                 common variations are modifications of the M.A. and the                            Before embarking on a program, a clear need should be
                 MS. - e.g., Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Science                       recognized by all concerned. A program of high quality can
                 in Electrical Engineering. More than three hundred differ-                      exist only if the faculty, administration, and governing boards
                 ent titles are used for Master's degrees which fall essentially                 believe in it wholeheartedly and provide adequately for its
                 into these categories.                                                          success. New positions should be created if needed. Support
                    In an attempt to reduce the number of these degrees and                      should be provided for graduate students and staff, and the
                 to avoid confusion as to the level of academic achievement                      necessary academic facilities provided.
                 attained, it is highly recommended that:
                      ( i ) the M.A. and the M.S. WITHOUT FURTHER                                Goals and Objectives
                      DESIGNATION be the degrees awarded for comple-
                      tion of scholarly research and subject-teaching oriented                      After the need has been established, the goals and objec-
                                                                                                 tives of the proposed program should be written in specific
                      Master's programs; and that the Master of Education,
                                                                                                 terms mindful of the general role and plans for long-term
                      the Master of Business Administration, the Master of
                                                                                                 development of the institution as a whole. If the proposed
                      Music, etc., be the degrees for completion of profes-
                                                                                                 program is initiated, the statement of goals and objectives
                      sionally oriented programs;
                                                                                                 should be included in the graduate bulletin o r catalogsand
                         (ii) for Master's degrees otherwise titled, the transcript              in departmental brochures.
                         of a graduate student's record be consulted to determine                   The statement is useful in a reassessment of a program;
                        the exact nature of the program completed, and whether.                  a procedure recommended after a period of three to five
                        the graduate is qualified for more advanced work or                      years of operation. Questions that should be asked are:
                        for employment;                                                          a) does the program meet the intended objectives, b) are
                        (iii) the number of names used for Master's degrees and                  changed objectives in response to new conditions in order,
                        specialty designations be held to an absolute minimum.                   C) are enrollments and other goals being reasonably attained?
                                                                                                 Answers to these and similar questions will influence deci-
                 Guidelines for the Evaluation of Programs                                       sions about the continuation o r elimination of the program
                                                                                                 and about the level of support needed in the future.
                    The following guidelines are provided to aid institutions
                 in assessing existing programs and evaluating proposals for                     Program Characteristics
                 new ones. There are many factors that must be considered,
                 but only the most important will be discussed here.                                The proposed program should encompass a reasonably
                    The first step is to determine why the degree program                        well-defined and recognized area of advanced study for which
                 should be initiated or continued. The academic unit respon-                     there exist library and laboratory facilities to enable the
                 sible should submit a detailed proposal outlining the evi-                      student to do substantive research.
                 dent need and answering such questions as: Is the faculty                          The Master's program consists of a pre-planned and
                 adequate? Are there enough potential students interested                        coherent sequence of lectures, seminars, discussions, and
                 in the program? Is there a need for more personnel trained                      independent studies or investigations, designed to give the
                 in the field as researchers, teachers, or practitioners? Is                     student the opportunity to learn from original sources in
                 there a valid intellectual need for the program? Are re-                        the library, from studies conducted in the laboratory, through
                 sources, such as full-time faculty and library facilities ade-                  creative scholarship (whether research or professionally
         T H E COUNCIL OF                                                                    THE
G R A D U A T E SCHOOLS IN                                                               MASTER'S
    T H E U N I T E D STATES                                                              DEGREE

                       oriented), and through research o r professional practice in                    The student should have command of the appropriate
                        the field. Courses offered for credit toward a graduate degree              scholarly tools o r basic skills needed prior to entry into the
                       program must have the approval of the faculty body vested                    program or should obtain them during the initial term of
                       with that authority. Experience has shown that to maintain                   study. Faculty supervision and monitoring of these matters
                       these program characteristics, most of the course work                       is essential during admission and advising procedures.
                       should be offered by resident graduate faculty. Recognizing                  Academic credits in the program should not be given for
                        that individual students at the beginning graduate level will.              courses which are remedial o r designed to fulfill prerequi-
                       have had various occupational and educational experiences,                   sites for admission.
                       it is reasonable tha7 there be different course and seminar                     A thesis has been a requirement for the Master's degree
                       requirements for different students in the program. Admis-                   since its inception and has traditionally been a modest con-
                       sion is normally limited to baccalaureate degree holders                     tribution to knowledge, certainly original to the student, and
                       from accredited institution3 who have maintained a specified                 it may be original to the field. Although the thesis is not
                       grade-point average. For other criteria see the section on                   now a requirement in many Master's programs, a component
                       "The Graduate Students" which follows. It is essential that                  demonstrating creativity should be required in quality pro-
                       admission application materials be screened as early as                      grams. A thesis or its equivalent, a report of an internship,
                       possible and an admission decision be formally communi-                      a case study, the organization and conduction of an advanced
                       cated to the applicant. Completion of the program should                     seminar, a music recital, a gallery showing of the student's
                       require one to two years of full-time study or its equivalent                works of art, the presentation of a play, and the reading of
                       beyond the Bachelor's degree.                                                original poetry all contain elements desired in quality
                          Many of the benefits to a student in graduate education                   Master's degree programs.
                       come from day-to-day informal exchanges of ideas, opin-                         The student's progress should be monitored periodically
                       ions, and information between faculty and students and                       to insure that satisfactory work is being done and to give
                      among students themselves. These benefits are enhanced by                     the faculty an opportunity to provide guidance. A compre-
                      a period of study on campus as a student in full-time resi-                   hensive examination, which covers the field to be mastered,
                      dence. Many institutions thus have a stated residence require-                is required by many institutions. In those programs in which
                       ment to ensure that all students are exposed to this aspect                  a thesis or a series of written reports is required, there
                      of graduate education.                                                        should be an oral presentation and defense of the work
                          Master's degree programs which are offered more or less
                      exclusively through extension or off-campus instruction do
                      not have some of the advantages of study on campus unless                     The Faculty
                      departments carefully supervise the work done to assure                          The quality of the faculty is of central importance in the
                      that it is of equivalent quality to that done in residence. Even
                                                                                                    establishment of a sound program. Each participating faculty
                      so, that personal contact and interchange within the depart-                  member should have a command of the field and have
                      ment o r program which provides the other intangible                          demonstrated a capacity for teaching and research o r pro-
                      dimension characteristic of quality graduate education is                     fessional practice. Such a teacher has usually earned the
                      lost; and this can be compensated for only by providing                       highest degree in the field o r has its equivalent in schol-
                      special characteristics as a part of the program. Although                    arly achievement.
                      serving many useful purposes, correspondence study should                        It is important that professors have different specializa-
                      not constitute a significant part of Master's degree programs.                tions in order to expose the student to several points of view
                          Most colleges or universities require completion of a                     and to staff the committees which supervise o r examine the
                      Master's degree program within four to five years after the
                                                                                                    student. Generally, several related Master's programs should
                      first post-baccalaureate enrollment. Course work beyond
                                                                                                    be offered so that faculty of each may contribute to and gain
                      five years should not normally be accepted without clear
                                                                                                    strength and stimulation from the others.
                      evidence of the candidate's maintenance of reasonably cur-
                                                                                                       Before relying on visiting o r adjunct faculty, careful atten-
                      rent knowledge of the material covered in the out-of-date
                                                                                                    tion must be given to their familiarization with the objectives
         T H E COUNCIL OF                                                                      THE
G R A D U A T E SCHOOLS IN                                                                 MASTER 5
    T H E U N I T E D STATES                                                                DEGREE

                        and requirements of the university as well as the specific                    academic work, faculty recommendations, a portfolio of
                        program. Ready accessibility of such faculty to the,student                   previous professional work, personal statements of the
                        at certain critical points should be assured.                                 students o r interviewers. Ordinarily such measures will be
                           Provision must be made for the needs of the professional                   used in combination and final judgment arrived at accord-
                        staff. Faculty should receive salaries commensurate with                      ingly, rather than on the basis of a single criterion (e.g., test
                        the importance of their contributions. Faculty also should                    scores). The student should be given official notification of
                        carry only a moderate load of formal courses to allow more                    the admission decision as soon as possible.
                        preparation time for graduate seminars and laboratories                          Early in each student's studies, a faculty adviser should be
                        and the more frequent one-to-one student-faculty contacts                     assigned who is active in the program. Later, a small com-
                        characteristic of graduate, as opposed to undergraduate,                      mittee of faculty (three o r four members) should be
                        instruction. The number of graduate students being directed                   appointed to supervise the research and certify the success-
                        by an individual faculty member should be kept small. Ade-                    ful completion of program requirements to the dean and
                        quate time must be allowed to permit professors to keep                       graduate faculty.
                        informed and current with developments of their disciplines.                     To assure adequate opportunity for highly qualified stu-
                                                                                                      dents, a Master's program should have available a sufficient
                        Other Faculty Resources                                                       number of scholarship, fellowship, assistantship and loan-
                                                                                                      fund awards. A graduate scholarship o r fellowship is a grant
                          Each faculty member also needs adequate office space for                    made to aid a student in carrying forward a program of grad-
                       study, for research, and for individual conferences with                       uate study. The teaching assistantship, whereby the Master's
                       students. Special funds for scholarly activity or research                     student provides part-time assistance to a professor in
                       should be made available. Funds may be needed for such                         teaching a class, is often a very useful arrangement since a
                       purposes as the purchase of microfilm, secretarial or technical                stipend is provided as well as valuable experience in rela-
                       skills, computer time, special travel, etc. Sabbatical and pro-                tion to college and university teaching. All teaching assis-
                       fessional leave programs are particularly important for                        tants should be given advice, guidance, and close supervision
                       faculty to maintain scholarly interests and develop re-                        by experienced professors. The extent of their service should
                       search programs.                                                               be limited so that it does not substantially retard their
                                                                                                      progress toward completion of their Master's degrees. T h e
                       The Graduate Students                                                          research assistantship permits the Master's student to give
                                                                                                      part-time assistance to or act in collaboration with a pro-
                          Students admitted into programs leading to the Master's                     fessor in the conduct of research which may be used as a
                       degree, whether research or practice oriented, should show                     basis for thesis research.
                       evidence of superior ability, achievement, and motivation.
                       Admission should generally be limited to holders of bacca-                     The Physical Facilities
                       laureate degrees from accredited institutions.                                    All Master's degree programs require adequate classrooms,
                          For students from non-U.S. universities, great care should
                                                                                                      seminar rooms, offices, and library study carrels. The library
                       be exercised to insure that previous study has been of such                    should, of course, contain more extensive materials than are
                       quality and scope as to insure adequate preparation for the
                                                                                                      usually present in a n undergraduate library. Computer
                       study to be undertaken. Language competency and facility                       facilities should be available as well as scientific labora-
                       should be demonstrated before admission is granted.                            tories, art o r music studios, theatres, operating facilities for
                       Usually an acceptable TOEFL* or equivalenr score is the                        practicums, and adequate supplies for operation of all such
                       minimum requirement. Various measures of ability should                        facilities.
                       be considered in the screening process. They could include
                       the Graduate Record Examinations o r other tests, previous
                       *TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, administered
                       frequently, world wide, by the Educational Testing Service.
                                                                                                        This statement has been designed to encourage an im-
                                                                                                      provement in the quality of Master's degree programs

                 through greater understanding of the nature of such pro-
                 grams. The Council of Graduate Schools in the United States      1
                 offers a consultation service through which academic persons     I
                 with wide knowledge of and experience with Master's pro-         I
                 grams may be identified and invited to visit a college or
                 university to provide assistance on a confidential basis with    /
                 the development of programs or other matters pertaining
                 to Master's work.
                    For information concerning this publication or other assis-   /
                 tance available, write to the Council of Graduate Schools in
                 the United States, One Dupont Circle, N.W., Suite 430,           I
                 Washington, D.C. 20036-1 173 or telephone (202) 223-

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