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									A “Zero Waste” Approach
at the Del Mar Fairgrounds

            Nancy Strauss
 Resource Conservation Coordinator
Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA, USA
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           Program Ideas

   Introduction
   Zero Waste as a Goal
   Fairgrounds Recycling Program
   Other resource conservation
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 Fairgrounds Recycling Program
       Began in 1985 with office paper recycling
        & now recycles, participates in the local
        alternative daily cover program or sends
        to compost over 21,400 tons of material
        representing 92% of our solid waste.
       With support of the Board of Directors,
        Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Premier
        Foods, Management, Recycling Staff,
        and others, the recycling program grew
        in leaps and bounds
       The Fairgrounds adopted a goal of “Zero
        Waste or Darn Close”
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             in Container

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      Materials Recycled, Re-used,
     Composted or used in the local
    Alternative Daily Cover Program:

Aluminum, Appliances, Antifreeze, Asphalt, Batteries,
Cardboard, Carpet, Carpet Padding, Ceiling Tiles, Clothing,
Compost, Concrete, Dirt, Drywall, Electronics, Fluorescent
Lamps, Food Scraps, Glass, Greens, Mixed Paper,
Newsprint, Oil, Paint, Plastics, Metals, Rail Road Ties,
Shavings, Straw, Telephone poles, Wire, and Wood
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  Straw removal during the races
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Financial Benefit of Recycling

                In 2009, the combined
                 Financial Benefit saved
                 over $1.1 million.
                Financial Benefit =
                 Revenue earned + landfill
                 diversion savings – tipping

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             VermiTech Worm Bin

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     Vermicomposting Partnership
         with Solana Center

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   One of our hungry little critters

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              Our Other Resource
             Conservation Programs

   The Fairgrounds saves $45,000
    annually on our sewer bill by keeping
    food out of the kitchen drains
   The Fairgrounds has developed an
    Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
    and Practices Policy

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             Other Conservation Efforts
   The Fairgrounds uses 75 acre feet of
    reclaimed water annually for landscape
    purposes, including the grass race track
   Staff created The Annual Enviro Fair for
    public education now held during the Annual
    San Diego County Fair one day, June 19th.
   Formed a “Green Team” to oversee Source
    Reduction, Energy Conservation, Recycling
    and buying recycled content products in
    each department.
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             Poly Track

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                       Solar Array

Installed 1 megawatt
of solar energy on
the roof tops of 11
horse barns

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   Del Mar Fairgrounds Board of Directors
   Tim Fennell – CEO – for his support and
   Ric Anthony – Ric Anthony & Assoc. –
    numerous projects and mentoring
   Larry Baumann – Solar Project
   Dave Wilbur – Recycling Manager
   Fairgrounds Management, Staff &
    Recycling Crew
   Fairtime and year-round contractors, Del
    Mar Thoroughbred Club, Premier Food
    Service and other contractors and other
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