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             By: Vicki Gray

11/30/2011                    1
     Webvan Group, Inc. is
      headquartered in Foster City, CA
     Founded by Louis Borders
     User-friendly website
     State-of-the-art inventory management
     Decentralized delivery system

11/30/2011                               2
  How It All Started
     Louis Borders envisioned providing time-
      starved shoppers a way to purchase groceries
      and more via the Internet with personalized
      delivery to their doorsteps.
     Borders raised $429 million in venture
      capital—the largest for any E-tailer.
     The first little tan van rolled out of the
      Oakland, CA distribution center in June, 1999.

11/30/2011                                       3
  How Webvan Works
     Nearly 5 miles of conveyor belts tie the center’s three main
      packaging areas together.
     Computer system splits order into frozen, chilled and room-
     Workers fill the boxes with the order as they travel along the
      conveyor belts.
     The boxes travel along the conveyor belts and meet up at the
      loading dock to be assembled.
     The order is transferred to a station within 50 miles of a
      distribution center in climate-controlled trucks.
     From the station, the tan van delivers the order to the
      customer’s door.

11/30/2011                                                         4
  What Shoppers Can Expect
     Website offers shoppers an intuitive and
      friendly way to purchase an array of
     Products can be found by keyword or by
     Create convenient shopping lists.
     Pay via credit card using Secure Sockets
     Schedule a 30-minute delivery window up to
      7 days in advance.
11/30/2011                                     5
  Webvan’s Future
     Still in business, even though they’ve
      pulled out of the Georgia market.
     Redesigned website
     Continuing to form alliances to gain
      customer loyalty.
     $115 average order
     Stock prices continually declining

11/30/2011                                     6
  Webvan’s Stock Situation

11/30/2011                   7
     Whether the market will give Webvan
      enough time and capital to reach
      profitability is anyone’s guess.
     Depends on the paradigm shift in
      grocery shopping.

11/30/2011                                  8

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