THE FOUR LEGACY FUNDS                                                                                                                   19

Table 2.4: Sample of Projects Appropriated Outdoor Heritage Fund
Money, Fiscal Year 2012
Recipient                                 (In thousands)      Purpose
Pheasants Forever via DNR                     $9,815          To accelerate the acquisition of wetlands and grasslands to be
                                                              added to the waterfowl production area system in Minnesota in
                                                              cooperation with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Pheasants Forever via DNR                       5,500         To acquire prairie and other habitat areas for wildlife management
                                                              area purposes
The Nature Conservancy via DNR                  4,500         To acquire native prairie and savanna, and restore and enhance
                                                              grasslands and savanna
DNR                                             3,931         To acquire land in fee for wildlife management area purposes and
                                                              scientific and natural area purposes, and to acquire native prairie
                                                              bank easements
Pheasants Forever via BWSR                      2,249         To acquire permanent conservation easements to enhance habitat
                                                              by expanding riparian wildlife buffers on private land
The Trust for Public Land via DNR               1,533         To acquire and restore lands in the Cannon River watershed for
                                                              wildlife management area purposes…or aquatic management
DNR                                           $5,409          To acquire forest and wetland habitat through working forest
                                                              easements and fee acquisition under the Minnesota forests for the
                                                              future program
The Trust for Public Land via DNR               4,632         To acquire land adjacent to LaSalle Lake in Hubbard County
DNR                                             1,205         To acquire land in fee and permanent management access
                                                              easements for state forests
DNR                                               826         To restore and enhance lands in state forests
Cass County via DNR                               604         To acquire land in fee for forest wildlife habitat
BWSR                                         $13,000          To acquire permanent conservation easements and restore
                                                              wetlands and associated upland habitat in cooperation with the
                                                              United States Department of Agriculture Wetlands Reserve
Ducks Unlimited via BWSR                        1,891         To acquire wild rice lake shoreland habitat in fee and as permanent
                                                              conservation easements
DNR                                               936         To develop engineering designs for shallow lakes and wetlands,
                                                              and restore and enhance shallow lakes
DNR                                           $6,500          To acquire interests in land in fee or permanent conservation
                                                              easements for aquatic management areas
DNR                                             5,629         To provide competitive, matching grants…for enhancement,
                                                              restoration, or protection of forests, wetlands, prairies, and habitat
                                                              for fish, game, or wildlife in Minnesota
Trout Unlimited via DNR                         1,533         To restore, enhance, and protect coldwater river and stream
                                                              habitats in Minnesota

NOTES: “DNR” is the Department of Natural Resources and “BWSR” is the Board of Water and Soil Resources. When funding is
designated for a nonprofit organization, the appropriation is made to the state agency “for an agreement with” the nonprofit organization
identified. Projects were selected to illustrate a variety of recipients and purposes.

SOURCES: Laws of Minnesota 2011, First Special Session, chapter 6, art. 1; and Office of the Legislative Auditor.

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