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                  1 - 3 March 2011
                  1 - 3 March 2011
                         Grand Dorsett Subang Hotell
                         Grand Dorsett Subang Hote
                      Subang Jaya, Sellangor Darull Ehsan
                      Subang Jaya, Se angor Daru Ehsan
                                   Ma ays a

                     Challenges in Sustainable Tunnelling
                     Challenges in Sustainable Tunnelling
                     and Underground Space Development
                     and Underground Space Development
                             & Safety and Risks Management
                             & Safety and Risks Management

Organized by:

                                                                                   CPD/PDP Hours
                                                                                  Conference: 13 Hrs
                                                                                   Ref. No.: (pending)
                                                                               Technical Site Visit: 4 Hrs.
                                                                                   Ref. No.: (pending)

Tunnelling & Underground Space Technical Division (TUSTD)
The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM)

Co-organized by:                          Supported by:

 Tunnelling & Underground Construction       International Tunnelling And
     Society (Singapore) (TUCSS)            Underground Space Association              Construction Industry
                                         (ITA-AITES) (Lausanne, Switzerland)        Development Board Malaysia

                                                                                         Association of
                                                                                       in Southeast Asia

Following the successful first international tunnelling and trenchless technology conference held in Malaysia
in 2006, Tunnelling & Underground Space Technical Division of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM)
has decided to organise the follow up conference in 1–3 March 2011.

Challenges in Sustainable Tunnelling and Underground Space Development & Safety and Risks
Management will enable all participants to gain an insight into the methodology and the application in
these areas as we move into the 21st century.

The IEM together with its co-organisers and supporters welcome you to register your interest and booking to
participate in the conference in any capacity such as: speaker(s), exhibitor(s), participant(s), sponsor(s) and
accompanying person(s).

  The Conference covers:

             Tunnelling projects – this includes past and present projects;
             Collaboration among researchers, governments, developers, consultants, contractors and
              specialist tunnel & trenchless contractors;
             Standards, legal, social, economic, safety & risk management and related topics on the use of
              underground space.

 Conference Theme
 Conference Theme

                 Challenges In Sustainable Tunnelling and Underground Space Development
                                       & Safety and Risk Management

This conference is aimed at providing a forum for practicing professionals – engineers, consultants,
contractors, technologists, researchers, academicians, manufacturers and suppliers to share their
experiences, research, studies and views so as to contribute to the advancement of Tunnelling and
Trenchless Technology in general and particularly in Asia.   A wide range of high quality scientific and
technical papers of International or Regional significance on Tunnelling and Trenchless Technology is
expected on the following topics:

           Tunnelling to include process, operation, ventilation and maintenance.
           Trenchless Technology such as micro-tunnelling, pipe jacking, directional drilling and rehabilitation.
           Related areas such as detection, inspection services, robotic development, sewer, services and
            structural aspects.
           Safety quality and legal aspects.
           Machine development and designs, latest models presentation from manufacturers of tunnelling and
            related machines.
           Geotechnical aspects with particular references to tunnelling and trenchless technology.
           Research and recent development and progress related to tunnelling & trenchless technology.

 Sociiall Programme
 Soc a Programme

Accompanying persons will enjoy a memorable experience with local tours, scenic sports, cultural delights,
shopping and gourmet.

 Techniicall Viisiits
 Techn ca V s ts

Technical site visits will be arranged for the following:-

1)     The interstate water transfer project is to convey raw water approximate at 1890 millions litre/day
from Pahang to Selangor via 46 km tunnel to meet the anticipated water demand in Klang Valey, Kuala
Lumpur & Putrajaya. The project is part finance through Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).
The total project cost is RM8.343 billion with 75% JICA fund & 25% Malaysia Government. The project
implementation is Pahang Selangor Raw Water Project Team from MEGTW, FICHTNER Gmbh & Co KG from
Germany as the checked Consultant and TEPSCO Co. Ltd (Japan) in association with SMEC International Pt
Ltd (Australia) and SMBHB Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) as the Engineering Consultant. The project components
comprise of Kelau Dam (30m high x 390m long), Semantan Intake & Pumping Station, 11.8km Twin Pipeline
and a 5.2m diameter by 44.6 km tunnel (34.4km by TBM). Currently the project progress is 22 %. The TBM
will bore through the Main Mountain Range of Titiwangsa at 1200m below the highest point and pass
through six major faults and 80% through granite bedrock. The Project is expected to be completed in May

2)        Bukit Berapit and Larut Tunnels – The tunnels are for the Electrified Double Track Project situated
between the towns of Padang Rengas and Taiping. The Larut Tunnel (390m long) and the Berapit twin-
tunnels (2.5 km long each), 10 km apart, respectively sits to the north and south gateways into this hilly
region of the state of Perak. Dubbed to be the longest rail tunnels in Southeast Asia, the Berapit twin-
tunnels will replace at least 4 tunnels and 2 bridges of the existing track while cutting across the old track
and the PLUS highway twice, the federal trunk road once and a 200m high hill. The twin-tunnels which will
served a single track each bore will be constructed by drill and blast method 80% with the balance using cut
and cover method. The 9m high x 9m wide horse shoe shaped twin tunnels, 20m apart in parallel, will be
fully concrete lined and connected to each other at 9 locations through cross passages and can support
electrified coach running at an operating speed of 160 km/h.

3)      Genting Highlands –

 Liist of Papers
 L st of Papers

      Title                                                                   Author(s)

      Opening Keynote
1.    Challenges in Tunnelling and Underground Structures                     Prof In-Mo Lee, ITA President

      Keynote Lectures
1.    Design for Safety of Tunnels and Underground Structures inclusive of    Felix Amberg, COSUFF Chairman
      Full scale Testing
2.    Tunnelling & Underground Development – Singapore Perspective            Er. Ow Chun Nam, TUCSS President
3.    Health and Safety in Tunnelling Construction                            Donald Lamont, Animateur ITA WG5

      Special Lectures
1.    Geotechnical Risk Analysis and Management in Urban Tunnelling Project   Zaw Zaw Aye
      – Bangkok Experience
2.    SMART Tunnel Safety, Operation and Maintenance                          Mok Wan Seng
3.    Challenges of Tunnelling Activities in Thailand                         Dr. Noppadol Phienwej
4.                                                                            Dr. Richard Pang

      Technical Papers
1.    3m Diameter Triple Cell Drainage Culvert Crossing                       Don Hall
2.    A case history of two TBM tunnels                                       Mogana Sundaram
3.    Analysis of Shotcrete Lining of Underground Tunnels-An Overview         Vahed Ghiasi, Husaini Omar
4.    Berapit & Larut Railway Tunnels                                         Don Hall
5.    Challenges of Pahang-Selangor Interstate Water Tranfer through the      Ir. Dr. Zullkefle Bin Nordin
      Main Mountain Range in Malaysia"
6.    Corrosion Detection in Pipelines Utilizing Microwave Nondestructive     Dr. Wael Mouin Saleh
      Testing Techniques
7.    Design and Construction of Bukit Berapit & Larut                        Ricardo Perlo, Andrew Yeow
8.    Design, Construction and Architectural Aspects of Underwater Tunnels    Hamed Niroumand
9.    Development of Real-Time Soil Deformation                               M.A Mohd Din, Z Harun & L Kang Wei
10.   Faster Data Transfer & Processing for Portable Inclinometer reading     Dr. GH Tan & YK Poh
      Using Machine to Machine Technology
11.   Fibre Optic Distributed Sensor In Tunnelling Application                Hisham Mohamad
12.   Field Results for High Quality and Accuracy for Strain Gage                Dr. GH Tan, YK Poh Nick Osborrne &
      Measurements for Real Time Monitoring and Alert Systems                    CC Ng
13.   Geotechnical And Structural Design for Spiling Bolts, using FLAC3D         Dr. Trinh
14.   Geotechnical Design and Construction considerations for the Deep Shaft     Alexander Mackay
      Excavations for the sub-surface Adelaide De-salination Plant, Australia.
15.   Ground Support for the Inner Northern Busway Project, Brisbane,            Dr Jay Ameratunga
16.   Herrenknecht TBM for Mixed Face Ground Condition in South East Asia        Yang Hong Qiang, Nicolas Zuber, Ng
17.   Herrenknecht TBM Technology Application in Chengdu Metro Projects          Yang Hong Qiang, Nicolas Zuber, Ng
18.   Hung Hom Freight Yard Cable Tunnel Design and Construction                 Alexander Mackay
19.   Improvements In Excavation of Coarse Soils                                 Carla L. Zenti, Donatella Sterpi,
                                                                                 Cristiano Bonomi, Ralf Winterberg
20.   Lighting Design in Tunnels                                                 Hamed Niroumand
21.   M4, Metro Line 4 - Phase 1, the Past and the Future of Metro               Klados Gusztav
      Construction in Budapest
22.   Modern and effective data management for underground construction to       Henning Roch
      avoid critical events during construction of tunnels by selected project
23.   Overview of Electrified Double Tracking Project between Ipoh-Padang        Don Hall
24.   Parametric Study of Pile-Tunnel Interaction                                M. Hajihassani, E. Namazi, A.Marto,
25.   Performance Improvements of Concrete with Fiber Reinforcement              Ralf Winterberg
26.   Performance of Soil Nailed Wall and Ground Anchor as Retaining             Peir-Tien Lee And Kuan-Seng Koo,
      Structure for a Drill & Blast Tunnel Portal                                Yean-Chin Tan & Andrew Yeow
27.   Performance of Tunnelling Works and Settlement Control of Delhi Metro      Marcus S. Y. Tong, W.L. Chow, S.K.
      Project                                                                    Tang
28.   Pipe Arch Railway Tunnel Crossing                                          Don Hall
29.   Pipe Roof Construction for Tanglin Halt Outlet Drain at North Buona        Or T W, Yeung CK, Trisha Sun
      Vista, Singapore
30.   Recent Advances in Specialise Injection For Tunnelling and Underground     Willie Kay, Nick Shirlaw
31.   Risk Management Overview Of Tunnels Using Numerical Modeling               Vahed Ghiasi, Husaini Omar, Bujang
                                                                                 Kim Huat, Ratnasamy Muniandy
32.   Safety and Health in Tunnelling and Underground Construction in            L. J. Pakianathan, S.McChesney, M.
      Singapore                                                                  Mannot-Russell
33.   Safety Concept Design in a New Railroad Tunnel Design, A Challenging       Bontempi F, Canfora A, Ruga N.
      Application in Southeast Asia (Bukit Berapit & Bukit Larut Tunnels)
34.   Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation-Malaysia Experience                          Shankar
35.   Soil Anchors in Tunnels                                                    Hamed Niroumand, Khairul Anuar
                                                                                 Kassim, Ramli Nazir
36.   Special Design Aspects in SFRC Tunnel Segments                             Ralf Winterberg, Giovanni A. Plizzari,
                                                                                 Giuseppe Tiberti
37.   Structural Monitoring of Meru and Menora Tunnels at the North South        Mohd Farid Ahmad, M. Yazid Mohd
      Expressway                                                                 Yunus, Zahari Ibrahaim, M. Taufiq
                                                                                 Mohd Kamal, Sabri M. Tahir, M. Imran
38.   The 3.5m diameter Triang Water Transfer Tunnel Experience in Jelebu,       Lee Long Tat & Sarabjit
      Negeri Sembilan
39.   The Effects of Faulting on Tunnelling in Hong Kong                         Alexander Mackay
40.   The Influence Of Subsurface Structure To Tunnel Construction               Eshagh Namazi & Hisham Mohamad
41.   The Life Cycle Philosophy of Underground Traffic Infrastructure –          Prof.Dr.Ing Markus Thewes, Dipl.Ing
      Approaches for a Sustainable Accounting and The Visualization of Costs     Peter Vogt
42.   The Use of Double Head Drilling Machines to Install Anchors In Difficult   Andre Mazur
43.   Three-Dimensional Analysis of Tunnel Face Stability in Non-                Nima Khezri & Hisham Mohamad
      homogeneous Soil
44.   Tunnel Infrastructures Role to Improve Urban Transportation Systems        Vahed. Ghiasi, Samad. Ghiasi,
                                                                                 Husaini.Omar, Sina.Kazemian,
                                                                                 Seyed.Ghavamoddin Hosaini
45.   Tunnel Support Design of Partial Excavation using Convergence              F. Bawadi, Z. Mohamed, K.I.Song
      Confinement Method
46.   Urban Tunneling Challenges and Risk Management                             Vahed Ghiasi, Husaini Omar, Bujang
                                                                                 Kim Huat, Ratnasamy Muniandy
47.   Zones Evaluation of Analytical Solution for Predicting Ground              Chat Chaiwonglek
 Organiisiing Commiittee
 Organ s ng Comm ttee

 Ir. Dr. Ooi Teik Aun               Chairman
 Ir. Dr. Mohd Farid Ahmad           Secretary
 Ir. Ong Sang Woh                   Treasurer
 Mr. Tan Boon Kong                  Committee Member
 Ir. Jagjeet Singh Sidhu            Committee Member
 Ir. Neo Boon Kheng                 Committee Member
 Ir. Dennis Nga Diong Hin           Committee Member
 Ir. Andrew Yeow Pow Kwei           Committee Member
 Er. Tang Sek Kwan (S’pore)         Committee Member
 Ir. Chan Yee Yan                   Committee Member
 Ir. Lok Chuan Ming                 Committee Member
 Ir. David Parks                    Committee Member
 Ir. Shankar Sthipam                Committee Member

 Internatiionall & Natiionall Adviisors
 Internat ona & Nat ona Adv sors

International Advisors

Prof. In-Mo Lee – ITA President
Olivier Vion – ITA
Claude Berenguier – ITA
Felix Amberg – COSUFF Chairman
Er. Ow Chun Nam – TUCSS President
Zaw Zaw Aye - TUTG

National Advisors

Dato’ Ir. Haji Keizrul Abdullah
Ir. Paul Ha
Ir. Anuar Mohd Aris
Datuk Teo Choo Boo
Mr. Keith Cowling

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