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					Resolco International
 Resolco International introduces the new generation of phenolic
 foam insulation for mechanical / HVAC systems

 Insul-Phen is the world’s only closed cell, low k factor foam
 insulation that is 100% CFC and HCFC free producing a zero
 ozone depleting material that complies with world wide protocols
 AND North American fire standards
 Manufactures a quality assured foam block in a state of the art
 process controlled facility in the Netherlands

 Resolco’s personnel have decades of experience in the
 devolopment, manufacture and marketing of rigid foam insulation
 and are dedicated to improving insulation standards worldwide
A brief history of Phenolic foam
 Insul-phen is a rigid phenolic insulation.
 Phenolic was invented in 1907 by Leo Hendrick Baekeland, who
 is regarded as the father of today’s plastics industry.
 He developed Bakelite - the world’s first synthetic plastic.
 In the decades that followed, Bakelite was widely used for many
 everyday objects
Resolco are proud to present the latest
generation of phenolic foams

 CFC & HCFC free-zero ozone depletion

 Zero Ozone Depleting Materials Will Achieve 1 Leed Point For
 Green Buildings

 To date millions of linear feet of phenolic pipe insulation have
 been installed in North America
Phenolic foam has been used worldwide
since 1983

  It is the standard specification in the U.K. and Hong Kong

  Many prestigious projects worldwide have used phenolic foam

  Installations include commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and
  universities, food processing and governmental buildings

  MD Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston, TX, a part of the
  University of Texas system, has had over 360,000 linear feet of insulation
  installed in the building since its 1st construction phase in 1992
Phenolic foam has been used worldwide
since 1983

  The National Institute of Standards and Technology has over 200,000
  Square feet in its latest building

  The Pentagon, wedge 1

  Labbatt breweries

  Houston Independent School District buildings
North America
  Camp Elmore Navy Station, Norfolk, Virginia
  Pentagon, Washington DC
  MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, Houston, Texas
World Wide - France
  Channel Tunnel
  Orly Airport
World Wide – Middle East
  Burj Al Arab Hotel
  Shangri-la Hotel – Dubai
  Burjuman Centre – Dubai
  National Bank of Bahrain
World Wide - UK
  Heathrow Terminal 5
  Lewisham Hospital
  Morrisons supermarkets HQ
What does the engineering sector
consider when specifying insulation materials?

Thermal Insulation Value

   Insul-Phen phenolic foam has a k factor of 0.13 Btu-in/ft2 F

   This is the most thermally efficient product on the market
   compared to competing materials for mechanical systems

   When designing a green building, this will provide 1 Leed point
Thermal Insulation Value

  Reduced thickness for tight locations such as concealed areas, pipe
  chase and racks
  Reduced surface area reduces the quantity of covering material such as
  metal jacketing, PVC or coatings which in turn reduces overall costs

                               Typical ‘K’ Factors

                           Insul-Phen phenolic foam insulation is the world’s
                       Only phenolic to meet all flame and smoke requirements of
                            North America and be a ZERO OZONE Depleter
What does the engineering sector
consider when specifying insulation materials?

  In hot and humid climates, chilled water insulation must be
  closed-cell to avoid moisture and water vapour penetration

   These problems lead to loss of insulation, dripping, building fabric
   damage, mould growth, corrosion and increased energy costs.

   Resolco Insul-Phen is a 97% closed cell content which reduces
   moisture ingress. Insul-Phen is provided with a factory applied
   vapor barrier jacket such as ASJ or Venture 1555U will prevent
   moisture vapor intrusion
Humidity and Condensation
  If pipework is insulated with an open cell structure material, such
  as fiberglass, the material will become saturated with water.
  The water will then start to drip from the material.

 Steel pipe        Fiberglass         Water saturation        Excess water
What does the engineering sector
consider when specifying insulation materials?

Flame and Smoke

  Fire safe low / smoke emission materials must be used in occupied

  Insul-Phen has Underwriters Laboratories test approvals,
  according to ASTM E-84 protocol for flame and smoke.
  The results include composite testing, up to and including 3” with
  the ASJ and Venture 1555U jacketing systems.

  Insul-Phen also meets requirements of S102 and S127 Canadian fire
Fire & Smoke Risks

   In high occupancy buildings, people must have clear sight of
   exit signs to be able to escape.

   Inhalation of toxic fumes will kill more people than the fire itself

   Therefore, materials with low smoke and toxic gas
   emission should always be used.

In many fires, more people are killed by smoke than flames
Burn testing of insulation materials

                     Click to play
Running Cost Comparison

Product               K     Thickness   Hg     Energy Saving

Insul-Phen           0.13      1”       5.45         -

Fiberglass           0.26     1.5”      6.6        17%

Elastomeric Rubber   0.30     1.5”      8.3        32%

Foamglas             0.34     1.5”      9.4        42%
Example - Installed Cost Comparison

500 LF Renovate with 50 fittings

   6x1 Insul-Phen = $8.32/LF + $34.92/fitting = $5,905.

   6x2 Fiberglass = $8.56/LF + $46.53/fitting = $6,610.

   6x3 FoamGlas = $19.27/LF + $69.63/fitting = $13,114.
A Fully Integrated System?


  Resolco offers heavy density material that will support pipes of all

  The 3.75lb density will support a fully
  loaded pipe up to and
  including 10” in diameter,
  for 12” pipe and beyond the
  5lb density will be specified
Fabrication Network for North America

 FGH – Houston, TX

 Insul-Therm – Los Angeles, CA

 SPI – TX, IL, PA, NC & FL

 Extol of Ohio – Norwalk, OH

 Belform – London, ON Canada

 Newcon Carribbean – PR
Let Us Recap

Insul-Phen can help to….

…Save lives
…Save energy
…Save costs
…Save the environment
Insul-Phen is Available With Local Support

   Insul-Phen is fabricated and available in all of North America

   Specify standard density – 2.5lb for pipe covering, curved wall
   segments and fittings and 3.75lb – 5.0lb for load bearing pipe

   Resolco provides local technical support

   Resolco offers specification re-write service

Contact: Mike Butera on 412 915 6062

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