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									             TITAN ROLLER SHUTTER DOORS
                                            Reg. No.: 200403645623

                                                  THE COMPANY:

       Titan Doors built its reputation manufacturing, installing & maintaining all types of industrial doors.

       We offer the highest standard, to suit any security application, with safety, reliability & cost-effectiveness
        in mind.

       Titan Doors has been manufacturing top quality industrial doors for 3 years now.

       The entire product is manufactured in our production plant. This ensures readily available spares parts &
        a commitment to timeous delivery.

       A consultant is available to you at no cost & will gladly assist you with your industrial door requirements
        at your office or on your site.

       Repair, servicing & installation teams are mobilized on a daily basis to meet deadlines & emergency
        repairs (Damaged Doors).

       All enquiries, large or small, will be attended to in a professional & speedy manner.


Roller shutter doors are one of the most popular types of doors. Roller shutter doors are a simple & effective
product to secure & weather proofs an opening, large or small. The doors are built to withstand the toughest
conditions. Suitable for warehouses, shop fronts, loading bays, etc.

Titan Roller Shutter Doors has a variety of operations:
Push–up                                                          Gear-operated
Chain-operated                                                   Electric-operated
Fire doors

There are 2 slat applications available:
    Solid
    Fenestra

The standard finish on a roller shutter door is galvanized i.e. Slats, Guides, T-Bars & Canopy.
Alternatively powder coatings (Epoxy coating) are also available.

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                                                   Push–Up Roller shutter Door:
                                                   A Push–Up door is an economic roller shutter door, which is
                                                   ideal for smaller openings. The curtain of the door is manually
                                                   operated (to push up or pull down) assisted by counter
                                                   balancing springs system within the barrel assembly.

                                                   Gear Operated Roller Shutter Door:

                                                   A Gear-operated door is a normal roller shutter door operated
                                                   by means of a crank handle, which consists of a gearbox with
                                                   handle at the bottom & with a down–rod (vertical pipe)
                                                   extending from the gearbox towards the shaft, which is on the
                                                   top (attached to the crown wheel & pinion).

Thru-Wall Gearbox:
It is a special designed gearbox, which is used
mostly on sites where a roller shutter door is fitted
on the outside of the building & the user wants to
open the door from the inside. The actual gearbox is
on the outside of the building with a special shaft
going through the wall to the inside of the building.

                         Chain Operated Roller Shutter Door:
                         The chain operation is mostly used when there is limited space available. The door is
                         operated by pulling the curtain up or down by means of an endless chain attached to a
                         chain gear at the top of the shaft.

                         Electric (motorized) roller shutter door:
                         Electric (motor) operation is recommended for large doors in
                         frequent operation, although this type of operation can be
                         specified for any fit with an emergency hand operated handle
                         for use in the event of power failure.

Fire Roller Shutter Door:
A Fire Roller Shutter Door is not to be operated on a daily bases. This kind of door is set
to be always open. The door is fitted with a fusible link release mechanism & 2 cables on
each end of the door. The fire door will only operate if there is a fire & will shut
automatically when it reaches a certain “HIGH” temperature. This automatically stops
the spreading of fires from one place to another.

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        Solid Steel Roller Shutter Door:

Solid steel shutter provide a high level of protection. The slats are made of an
interlocking device system that constitutes the curtain. Ideal for airport
hangers, factories, etc.

        Fenestra Roller Shutter Door:

Fenestra slats consist of machine-punched square holes (120mm wide).
Although the door offers an outstanding level of protection it also provides
excellent visual aspects. This variety of shutters is mostly used for shop fronts,
homes, etc.

Wicket gate (Pedestrian access door):
Installed on either side of the curtain; a wicket gate provides safe & secure pedestrian access through the roller
shutter door when lowered.

Barrel / Shaft:
- A horizontal steel pipe which carries the load of the curtain. It is loaded with a balance spring assembly, which
enables easy operation.

End Plates:
- Supports the roller barrel assembly.

- A box-like steel structure, which covers the barrel & prevents dust & grime from entering the spring-loaded
system. It also complements the finishing of the door.

(Slatted) Curtain:
- The curtain consists of galvanized steel interlocking slats, which is available in different styles & designs.
Complete with 137mm wide x 0.8mm or 1mm thick interlocking slats.

- Guides are positioned on either side of the opening forming a guide channel for the curtain to run in.

T-Bar (Bottom Brace):
- The bottom rail is manufactured from galvanized steel inverted “T” Section that interlocks with the lowest slat
to ensure accurate closing.

Weather Strip:
   - A weather strip can be provided for the bottom brace to ensure closing on uneven ground, or to keep out

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                    Titan Roller Shutter doors repair & service most types of industrial doors.

In the event that a door cannot be repaired the same day (due to parts having to be manufactured) the opening
can be secured by a work team to ensure overnight security & re-opened the following day until the repair has
been successfully completed.

It is important to note that all types of industrial doors require regular maintenance in the form of an annual

Industrial roller shutter doors require re-tensioning & lubrication of the centre balance assembly from time to
time to ensure ease of operation & eliminate excessive work load on the drive components; i.e. Gears,
Sprockets, Motor, Gearbox, etc.

A regular service will extend the life of your door & dramatically decrease the wear & tear of all components.

A nominal fee will be charged for servicing provided the door is not damaged or faulty.
Should this be the case; the problem will be brought to your attention for approval before any additional work is
carried out.


It is important to note that Titan Roller Shutter doors high standard of quality is not single handedly achieved on
our factory production floor, but is a culmination of installation quality, structural requirements, customers’
needs & timing.


       Width of opening between jambs.
       Height of opening from floor underside of lintel.
       Nature of building (Brick, Concrete, Steel, etc).
       Nature of construction of the lintel & the depth of the lintel.
       Thickness & construction of walls or steel framing in the case of steel buildings.
       Whether the doors are to be fitted on the inside, outside or within the opening.
       The side on which the operating mechanism is preferred (either on the
        Right-hand or Left–hand side) as viewed from the inside looking out.
       Whether Wicket doors are required & preferred handling, remembering that these should be opposite
        the operating mechanism.
       If gear operated, whether the gearbox is to be operated from the inside or outside the building (Thru-
       The preferred type of operation & electrical supply date in the case of electric operation.
       The preferred type of locking arrangements (inside or outside locks) on manual push–up doors.
       Any other special requirements such as galvanizing, double guides, and wind locks where high wind
        pressures are to be resisted, special painting finishes, etc.
       A sketch or drawing of the opening layout showing plan, section & elevation where a particular opening
        may present unusual problems. A door opening at, or near a corner may require special attention.

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Titan Roller Shutter Doors offers you a service whereby when you place an order and a consultant will measure
up the job on site to ensure that the product will fit & operate correctly at no additional cost.
The company will therefore assume responsibility for the fitting, provided that you have utilized this service.
All quotations must be duly priced, typed & authorized before any products will be manufactured.

All our products are purpose-made to suit your opening size, building requirements, or additional features i.e.
color, wicket gate, pattern, etc.
New doors, fencing and gates have an approximate lead-time of 1 week depending on the nature of the order
(quantity or special preferences).
Special arrangements can be made should time be limited.
Please make sure that sufficient lead-time is catered for to ensure well-made installed product.

All new products as well as the fitting thereof carry a 12-month guarantee.

                                             CONTACT DETAILS:
                                         Tel: (021) 905 87(92/81)
                                            Fax: (021) 905 8791
                                  General info: titanrsdoors@telkomsa.net
                                                                                           T. R. S. D.
                                 Quotes: titanindustrialdoors@telkomsa.net

                     Wimbledon Road, Unit 2 Blackheath Industrial, Cape Town 7581

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