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									Coaching Tactics

Every coach has their own set of rules to make sure that the players understand the game and continuously
improve. If you are trying to make sure that your players are receiving the best, you will want to make sure
to find the best ways for you to give them the advice that they need. By doing this, everyone will enjoy the
game more without complications.

The most important part of coaching that you will always need to have at the front of your mind is to give
every player the individual attention that they deserve. The best way to shape skills and to mold the players
with strengths is to give them positive reinforcement. By first telling them what they are doing right, their
confidence and self-esteem will stay boosted, which will lead them to better understanding of what they
need to improve.

Of course, you can't just offer encouragement to all of the kids. You need to make sure that mistakes are
corrected by the individual players. When you do this, make sure that you don't approach it by criticizing
the player. Instead, show them techniques that they may not be familiar with, and work with them
continuously in order to help develop their weak points. Usually, children and youth will be open to
learning the new skills, as long as it is not pushing them or discouraging them from the sport.

The next part of coaching that you will need to constantly have in mind is with the overall functioning of the
team. If you have a weak link, it can cause a problem. The majority of the time, this weak link will be from
children who are misbehaving and are unable to pay attention and be a part of the activity. If this happens,
you will need to put on a strict face and meet the player by first calling them on the behavior, then making
them correct it. If they decide not to straighten up, it is acceptable to take them out of the game.

No matter what you are coaching, it is always important to meet all of the players needs. Sometimes, this is
related to helping them with improving and enhancing their skills, while others it is related to making sure
that the team can work together without any problems. Taking a leadership role with all of the children that
you have will ensure that the game they are playing keeps them active and healthy through continuous

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