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					                           ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER
                                                                                      Editor: Roy L. Sanford           October 2009

                                            2010 Calendar of Events
Training Day – March 6 @ 8:30 a.m. –                                     Training Day – June 5 @ 8:30 a.m. –
Contact Ken Horner: 303-968-7230                                         Contact Ken Horner: 303-968-7230
Training Day – April 10 @ 8:30 a.m. --                                   Training Day – August 7 @ 8:30 a.m. –
Contact Ken Horner: 303-968-7230                                         Contact Ken Horner: 303-968-7230
Training Day – May 1 @ 8:30 a.m. –                                       August 28 and 29 – Fall Test –
Contact Ken Horner: 303-968-7230                                         Contact Bryan Johnson: 303-235-9757
May 22 and 23 – Spring Test –                                            And, more to come…..
Contact Bryan Johnson: 303-235-9757

Letter from the President
It looks like we had a fantastic year. We had some great training days. The fun hunt was cold. A big Bravo Zulu to everyone that
attended. The Pro-Trainer weekend with Blaine, Patti, and Jason Carter was very informative. I thought it was outstanding. I’m an
old hat and I learned and saw some new tricks to add to my training bag. Once again our test went off without a hitch. I can’t thank
all the volunteers and helpers enough. They made it look so easy. The lunches were sensational. The cooks deserve special thanks
for the time and hard work they put forth to make sure people were fed. Thanks to all the volunteers and helpers at training days. I
would especially like to thank them for all the hard work and effort they put forth to help you train your dog. These people
volunteer their time for free just so you can have a better bird dog. We are very fortunate to have people in this chapter with a
wealth of knowledge who will advise and help members train their hunting dogs. All you have to do is ask.

Well the time is finally here. It is hunting season. This is what we have been waiting for and dreaming of since that first spring
training day. Now we can take our hound afield. I would like to take this time to give some advice to those bird dog enthusiasts
taking their first bird dog out for its first season. At the training days I saw a lot of people with pups put a lot of time and effort into
their bird dogs. We all have an idea of what we want our pups to do during hunting season. Some of it is going to go off as planned.
Some of it might be the biggest debacle you have ever been a part of (but you will laugh later when reflecting on it). Here are some
opinions and years of observations that may help your pup during its first year.

    1.   When planning a hunt, even a day trip, KNOW WHERE VETS ARE IN THE AREA YOU ARE HUNTING. On the
         NAVHDA International web site I believe they have some vets listed but not all, so do your homework. They also have
         poison control listed. Have a basic first aid kit. It should contain at least the following:

         INSTUMENTS: Hemostat, Thumb forceps, Scissors/Bandage scissors, toenail clippers, Thermometer, Hair clippers
         CLEANSERS/DISINFECTANTS: 3% Hydrogen peroxide, Betadine-TM, Eye wash, Ear wash
         TOPICAL ANTIBIOTICS/DRESSINGS: EMT gel, Triple antibiotic ointment, Calamine lotion, Ophthalmic (eye)
         DRESSINGS/BANDAGES: Gauze pads (4x4), gauze roll, Adhesive tape (1‖and 2‖ rolls), Vet wrap, Elastic wrap,
         Waterproof wrap.
         OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS: Coated aspirin or Bufferin, Imodium-AD, Pepto-Bismol
                                                        O c t ob er        2 0 0 9                                       p g .   1
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         MISC.SUPPLIES: Surgical stapler, Suturing Materials (have your Vet show you proper use)

    2.   Make sure your pup is healthy; have a vet check the pup out. Feed it a quality dog food. With this in mind start feeding your
         pup at different times. I have seen pups that don’t eat very well because they are in a pattern. And when you show up at
         the motel at 11:30 pm and ask the pup to eat when used to being feed at 5 pm, this might because some problems. Also, if
         you can, start feeding them around other dogs. There is nothing worse than dogs fighting over food at midnight when
         everyone is tired.

    3.   Also try to bring as much water as you can from home. It is amazing how water is different from one area to the other and
         could cause you to have a sick pup.

    4.   If you let the pup ride in cab/car with you make sure that they don’t affect your driving. If you have them in a kennel make
         sure it is secured. If the kennel is exposed to the elements make sure the pup is cozy and safe from weather. But, do not
         make kennels air tight. Have some air flow. On long trips, stop and check on the pup. Let them do their business and

    5.   Try to stay at hotels that are pet friendly. Before you let the pup in the room check it out. Look for mouse traps, DECON,
         bathroom and/or kitchen cleaners that the pup might get into.

    6.   Hunt with people that understand young dogs. Because whether you are in a duck blind or pushing pheasants in corn, as
         soon as the blazing begins that young pup is going to become unnerved and may make mistakes like busting birds out of gun
         range. Some hunting partners may get upset and start yelling at your dog and you. So, during the first year pick your hunting
         buddies wisely.

I know we all want birds in the bag. Don’t worry! All that will come thru some work. Remember the first is about exposure, having
your pup gain confidence on its way to becoming a better birddog. So don’t expect too much, make it FUN and ENJOYABLE.
Hunting shouldn’t be a chore. Good luck and happy hunting.

Birddog One out,
Rob Castor-Ekwall
President – RMC NAVHDA

Rocky Mountain Chapter NAVHDA Annual Meeting Minutes
By Ken Horner, RMC NAVHDA Secretary, 2009
The 2009 Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAVHDA was held on September 22, 2009. In attendance were the
following Board Members: Rob Castor-Ekwall, Pete McIntosh, Bryan Johnson, Scott Wilkey, Ken Horner and Liz Dyer. Not in
attendance were: Tom Lund and Roy Sanford. Members attending: Phil Booghier, Amanda Johnson, Shirley Bauer, Brian Thoman,
Ron Oakleaf, Troy Beck, Tom Swezey and Matt Wagner.

    1.    Rob called the meeting to order. He thanked all for a good year for the chapter.
    2.   The Treasurers report was presented. From a fiscal perspective, the year went well. The chapter made $2000.00 or so for
         the year. The big money makers were the Carter Training Clinic and the Fun Hunt bringing in approximately $1500.00
         together. The Spring Test lost about $500.00—largely due to a high number of cancellations. The Fall Test made about
         $60.00. The chapter also made money on Silent Auction items. Presently, the chapter has approximately $8315.00 in cash
         including the CD.
    3.   A discussion occurred regarding shirts and pullovers for the chapter. Everyone agreed that it would be nice to look into
         finding new t-shirts/wind shirts/pullovers/fleeces for the chapter. Matt volunteered to spearhead the project as he has quite
         a few contacts in the advertising/marketing world. Liz will help as needed.
    4.   A general discussion about the year occurred…with a review of the various events held, tests, etc. All in attendance
         thought that the year went well overall.
                                                           J u n e   2 0 0 9                                         p g .   2
                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

    5.   Board of Directors and Officers for the next year were then elected. For 2010 the Board Members are:

         President: Rob Castor-Ekwall
         Vice President: Scott Wilkey
         Treasurer: Liz Dyer
         Secretary: Amanda Johnson
         Director of Training: Ken Horner
         Director of Judging: Pete McIntosh
         Director of Testing: Bryan Johnson
         Newsletter Editor: Roy Sanford
         Director of Promotions and Fund Raising: Matt Wagner

         Ron Oakleaf agreed to continue to act as the Chapter’s Bird Steward

         The Webmaster position was also discussed. Currently Joe Castinado makes all additions, changes, etc. to the chapter
         website. It was suggested that it would be a good idea to have a ―Webmaster Support‖ person available to make
         changes/additions should Joe not be available. Brian Thoman volunteered to do this and will contact Joe to coordinate.

    6.   A discussion regarding the bylaws occurred. It was agreed that the bylaws should be reviewed and updated. Amanda
         volunteered to work on this and present her proposed changes to the next Board meeting. It was also suggested that,
         when completed, the updated bylaws be added to the chapter website.
    7.   Training days for 2010 were discussed. The agreed upon schedule will be: March 6, 2010, April 10, 2010, May 1, 2010,
         June 5, 2010, and August 7, 2010. (Tom Swezey will try to get the Cheyenne Chapter to schedule their training days for
         alternate weekends so that people would be able to attend both.)
    8.   The Spring and Fall test dates were discussed. Tests will be held on May 22 and 23, 2010 and August 28 and 29, 2010.
    9.   Discussion occurred regarding additional events the chapter will hold in 2010. It was agreed to have a Handler Clinic
         (tentatively set for July 17 and 18) and a Snake Breaking Clinic (tentatively set for a day in June). Brian Thoman agreed to
         lead the Handler Clinic effort while Rob and Pete agreed to lead the Snake Breaking Clinic.

         Phil asked whether the chapter has ever held a RMC sponsored hunt at a hunt club such as Kiowa. It has been considered
         in the past, but has been cost prohibitive. Discussion occurred about the cost of birds for the Fun Hunt held at Great
         Guns—it is almost double what we normally pay. Phil said that it might be possible to hold a Fun Hunt on his family’s
         property, should the chapter decide to hold one next year.

        Matt suggested that we provide a checklist of all the upcoming 2010 events and dates on the Membership Renewal form
        that is sent out to all members. This would give the people the option to sign up for the events at the beginning of the year
        as well as pay for everything at once. This information will be added.
    10. The group discussed the insurance the RMC currently purchases through International NAVHDA. There are many
        questions about exactly what it covers, whether we need gap insurance, and if so, what type, etc. Thus far, no one has
        been able to get a copy of the policy. Ken volunteered to contact NAVHDA International regarding what the insurance
        covers and look into whether there is a need for gap insurance for the chapter. Once that information is obtained, the
        RMC may want to see if there is a less expensive insurance that we could get on our own.
    11. Discussion occurred regarding whether the chapter should have people who attend RMC events sign a waiver of liability. It
        was decided that this should be done. Ken will develop the appropriate language for a waiver as well as a suggested policy
        for its use by the RMC.
    12. Pete brought up the idea of raffling a shotgun next year to raise money. It has been quite successful in other chapters. Pete
        is able to get a good deal on a gun. The group thinks it is a good idea and will discuss it further at the next Board meeting.

Dates for 2010 Board meetings and the annual meeting were decided upon. Board meetings will occur on February 10, 2010 and
June 16, 2010. The Annual Meeting will be held September 22, 2010.

The Board would also like to thank Tom Lund for arranging a private room at Old Chicago as well as providing the food for chapter
meetings at a greatly reduced price.

                                                           J u n e   2 0 0 9                                         p g .   3
                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

Fall Test – August 29th and 30th
By Scott Wilkey, RMC NAVHDA Vice President, 2009

The Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Fall Test was another memorable weekend. This was a full test with 10 Natural Ability dogs on
Saturday and 6 Utility dogs on Sunday. Even though several handlers pulled their dogs in the two weeks prior to the test, we were
able to fill the spots that were left open because of a healthy waiting list. The judges for this test were Emil Rothlisberger from the
Rocky Mountain Chapter, Jeff Funke from Idaho, and George McMahon from Kansas. As usual, the chapter ran a great test and
everything went about as smooth as possible.

It’s important to thank the volunteers that made this test run so smoothly. Most importantly we need to thank our Test Secretary,
Bryan Johnson. He did an excellent job getting the test organized and taking all of the phone calls that go along with the job. Bird
planters on Saturday were Brian Thoman, Scott Wilkey and Tom Lund. Jerry Fitzpatrick was our NA gunner. Pete McIntosh
transported the birds to the judges for the pheasant track. On Sunday our gunners were Tom Swezey, Brian Thoman and Scott
Wilkey. Bird planters were Roy Sanford, Phil Booghier, Joe Barnthouse and Bryan Johnson. Brian Thoman and Scott Wilkey planted
ducks for the duck search in addition to helping with the water retrieve sequence by launching ducks and firing distraction shots. If
anyone has been missed please accept my apologies.

                                                           J u n e    2 0 0 9                                         p g .   4
                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

Once again, one of the highlights of the weekend was lunch. Chapter member Brian Johnson spent all day on Friday slaving over his
smoker cooking pork shoulders for our lunch both days. Brian did an awesome job on the meat and even though there was more
than enough for everyone, there wasn’t much left over! Roy and Mary Sanford contributed Bundt cakes both days that didn’t last
long either. Other chapter members contributed various side dishes that made for fantastic lunch both days! If you haven’t been to
a chapter test recently, you should come just to enjoy the food. Who knows, you might even enjoy the company!

Here are the test results:
                                                                                                             Total Score (112)

                                                                                                                                     Prize (I, II, III)
                                       Rocky Mountain Chapter

                                          Natural Ability Test

                                      Saturday, August 29, 2009
              Owner                                 Dog Name                     Breed     Sex    Yr-Mo
 Scott Doolittle                     Blue Moon's Doc Still                        SM        M      0-10     98                     3
 Raul Rodriguez                      Snowybrook's PR Pointing Boy Floyd           GR        M       0-9     60                    None
 William Hetzel                      Cedarwoods Wingman                            PP       M       0-9     102                    2
 Gordon Jennings                     Snowybrook's PR Wingman                      GR        M       0-9     108                    1
 Anthony Newton                      Snowybrook's PR Pointing Ruger               GR        M       0-9     98                     3
 Scott Littlewood                    Eagle Lake's AnnaLucia                       LM        F       0-8     97                     3
 Stephen Lehan                       Wolf Creek's Aina Kaltestrot                 SM        F       0-8     82                     3
 William Eustace                     Hanna III VD Jagerhutte                      GW        F       0-7     112                    1
 Roy Sanford                         Canine OH My Loving                           VI       F      0-10     101                    2
 Chris MacDondald                    I-80's Annie Brown                            PP       F       0-7     76                    None
 Judges: Emil Rothlisberger, Jeff Funke, George McMahon
                                                          J u n e   2 0 0 9                                                      p g .                5
                       RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

                                                                                                                    Total Score (204)
                                         Rocky Mountain Chapter

                                                                                                                                            Prize (I, II, III)
                                                 Utility Test

                                          Sunday, August 30, 2009

             Owner                                   Dog Name                         Breed     Sex     Yr-Mo
 Pete McIntosh                         Crazy Castor's Bluebill                         GW        F       2-4       172                    3
 Ron Oakleaf                           Crazy Castor's Buzzsaw                          GW        M       2-4       201                    1
 William Barnthouse                    Becasse's Atoufee vonBurliegh                    PP       M       1-7       167                   None
 Troy Beck                             Cedarwoods Annie Oakley                          PP       F       3-6       184                    2
 Ron Oakleaf                           Crazy Castor's Bombshell                        GW        F       2-4       186                    2
 Robert Castor-Ekwall                  Crazy Castor's Abby Normal                      GW        F       6-3       189                    1
 Judges: Emil Rothlisberger, Jeff Funke, George McMahon

RMC NAVHDA Pro Trainer Clinic July 18th and 19th
By Roy Sanford, RMC NAVHDA Newsletter Editor, 2009
Never having been to a Pro-Trainer Clinic, I did not know what to expect. I found the weekend to be very valuable. Blaine Carter
of Merry Meeting Kennels conducted the sessions with assistance from Patti, and Jason Carter. The session was advertised as a
hands-on clinic and it was just that. Blaine divided the group based on the age of the dogs. Puppies were trained separately from
older dogs. Keeping all the information Blaine shared was a challenge. I found myself jotting down notes during the day, and then
typing up my recollections each evening. Blaine certainly held the attention of the attendees.

Blaine demonstrated techniques for forced retrieve, steadiness, backing and duck search. Place boards were used in various drills to
teach steadiness, and also in more complicated drills that combined fetching with arm motion and body English. One concept I
found to be essential is the importance of yard work prior to force fetch and field work. Basic obedience is an essential prerequisite
for later success. In fact, Blaine encouraged us to work on fetching and expansion of a search on land before going to the water.
Through it all, Blaine emphasized the importance of praise to build a dog’s intensity. Eventually we did some drills in the water. One
technique Blaine used to expand a dog’s search involved placing three dummies in a line on the water. By gradually increasing the
distance between the dummies a dog can be trained to cross a body of water to locate a duck.
It is not possible to convey in this article all the useful information Blaine shared. When this seminar is offered again, you can bet I
will sign up for it. I’m sure I would learn as much a second time as I did the first.
                                                            J u n e   2 0 0 9                                                           p g .                6
                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

Paid Advertisements
In the past we have seen items like ads for litters of puppies, training equipment, and other services. Advertisements in the RMC
Newsletter are published for the information of all RMC members. Accuracy of all information is the responsibility of the
advertiser. A donation of $10 is asked for each submission to help offset the cost of mailing the newsletter. The editor reserves the
right to edit for length to fit into the newsletter’s format. Let us know if you have an advertisement to run in our newsletter!

Chapter Officers for 2010
Rob Castor-Ekwall, President                                   robert.castor-ekwall@modspace.com
Scott Wilkey, Vice-President                                   Swilkey02@yahoo.com
Amanda Johnson, Secretary                                      birdmtn@me.com
Liz Dyer, Treasurer                                            ecd515@aol.com
Ken Horner, Director of Training                               dyerl5769@msn.com
Bryan Johnson, Director of Testing                             birdmtn@earthlink.net
Pete McIntosh, Director of Judging                             vjm176@msn.com
Tom Lund, Director of Promotions and Fundraising               Tlund@RockBottom.com
Roy Sanford, Newsletter Editor                                 randmsanford@q.com
Joe Castanado, Web Master                                      jcastinado@comcast.net

Feel free to contact these people to ask questions, make suggestions or voice your opinion.

                                                           J u n e   2 0 0 9                                        p g .   7

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