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 RTV Silicones
 Do you have an RTV Silicone that cures very quickly?

 We get requests everyday for an RTV Silicone that cures fast. We also get                                          RTV230 Curing Performance
 requests for a two-component RTV Silicone without the hassle of mixing.
 The wait is over! We now have a two-component RTV Silicone in a patented
 cartridge with a special nozzle that mixes itself as it is being dispensed.

 Introducing SnapSil* RTV230 Adhesive                                                                                                   60
                                                                                                                                  55            5
 A thixotropic, two component, room temperature curing silicone adhesive                                                     50                     10
 offering faster cure (a tack free time of approximately six minutes), a cure
 through time of 30 minutes, and primerless adhesion to a wide variety of                                                 45                         15
 substrates.                                                                                                                40                      20
                                                                                                                                  35           25
  Cure Through Time
 Cure through time is the time it takes a 0.25” thick cross section of dispensed
 material to be tack free throughout. To measure cure through time, cut                                                  Tack Free in 6 minutes
 through the dispensed bead and feel the cross section to see if it is tack free.
                                                                                                                         Cure through in 30 minutes

 Ideal for applications where:                                   Two component cartridge - How it works
 A faster cure speed is needed
 Thermal curing of an adhesive can damage components                       A Component                                         Conventional sealing pistons
                                                                                                 Inner tube
 Greater productivity is needed

 Key Performance Properties
 Fast cure time at room temperature; no heat required to cure
 Fast property build
 Fast cure through time (approximately 30 minutes)
 Easy to dispense; convenient 10:1 mix ratio.                               B Component                        Peeler            Dispensing Gun Plunger
 Special dispensing cartridge that mixes as it is being
                                                                                           Cartridge Body
  dispensed also available.
 Extended room temperature storage prior to mixing
                                                                  When dispensing, the peeler cuts and bends the inner tube around the peeler
 UL94/FDA compliance pending
                                                                  The “peeled” inner tube is fed between the outer tube and the dispensing gun plunger;
 Designed to offer high levels of productivity
                                                                   creates space allow for the forward movement of the plunger
 No cure inhibition concerns
                                                                  A specified static mixer is attached to completely mix both components

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