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									                                  [Your School Letterhead]

[Date (Month, Day, Year)]

Dear [SCHOOL NAME] school staff:

This letter is to inform you of a new safety and wellness program we will be implementing
with your assistance and support. This program will develop a coordinated school-
community action plan on how to identify and support students exposed to domestic

The effects of domestic violence on elementary school children can be devastating
physically and emotionally. Exposure to domestic violence among family members, including
hearing about the abuse after it has happened, can lead to the same negative outcomes as
experiencing violence directly. Students exposed to domestic violence can have trouble
learning and being positive participants in the classroom.

Schools, however, can make a difference. This program adopts a collaborative and
coordinated approach between school staff and community agencies—such as law
enforcement, domestic violence advocacy agencies, and mental health agencies—and
parents. Our Coordinated Action Plan will outline what signs to look for in children and what
you can do if you suspect or hear about domestic violence.

Further information on how you can help and what training opportunities will be available to
you to assist in implementing this program will follow shortly.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.



[Your name]

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