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Management & Staffing Structure

This contract will be managed by Angela McLachlan who joined Orchard & Shipman
as Director of Operations - Scotland in 2006. With 8 years experience in social and
private housing, Angela has a comprehensive understanding of the housing market
and is experienced in strategy and policy development. Angela has lead operating
responsibility for the management of the PSL contracts with City of Edinburgh, East
Lothian, Midlothian and Scottish Borders Councils.

After graduating from Edinburgh University in 2000, Angela attended Heriot Watt
University and attained the Postgraduate Diploma in Housing in 2002. Thereafter,
Angela worked as a Housing Officer for Castle Rock Housing Association (now
Castle Rock Edinvar), moving to the City of Edinburgh Council in 2003 where she
was responsible for the development of Edinburgh’s Private Sector Leasing scheme
and the Letwise training programme which provides information and training to over
3,500 of Edinburgh’s private landlords and letting agents. Angela has also worked for
Shelter (Scotland) where she had responsibility for the first piece of primary research
on HMO licensing and its impact in Scotland.

We will appoint staff with the necessary skills to make a success of all aspects of this
contract. In some cases, these staff will come from our existing workforce. We
envisage the following staff for the contract:

                      Job Role                        FTE
                      Negotiator                      0.5
                      Tenancy Manager                 2.0
                      Welfare & Advice Worker         1.0
                      Administrator                   1.0
                      Accounting                      0.5
                      Total                           5.0

Service Delivery

If appointed, we will begin operating the services within this contract from 1st April
2009. We will use the time following contract award to put all necessary
arrangements in place e.g. office premises; staffing; referral arrangements, etc to
ensure that services can run effectively from April 2009.

Transition arrangements


   Orchard & Shipman understand that an important element to this contract is the
   ability to assume contractual responsibility for existing service provision from any
   current providers. As an experienced property services provider the company has
   prior successful knowledge of both implementing new contracts as well as novating
   contractual responsibilities.

   Please see our TUPE Policy at Appendix O.

   Delivering Service Objectives

Service Objective                   Proposals
Provide households who are          Orchard & Shipman will have an office presence in the
homeless or threatened by           Council’s Cockburn Street offices from 3rd November. We
homelessness with access to         anticipate establishing a city centre office to run this
private rented accommodation        contract from. We also have our offices at Anderson
by assisting them to raise          House, Leith.
deposits (e.g. through personal
savings, loans, including Capital   We will aim to set up a referral agreement with Capital
Credit Union loans) or by use of    Credit Union to assist tenants to save for a deposit and all
Rent Deposit Guarantees where       such protocols would be incorporated within a Housing
personal savings and loans are      Advice & Information Strategy for those seeking to access
unavailable    or     by   other    the private rented market. This service will also be made
appropriate means                   available to existing PSL tenants.
Give priority to maximising the We would like to establish Key Performance Indicators
numbers       of     households with the Council with specific targets on:
accessing      private    sector    - Direct access; and
housing as quickly as possible      - Move On accommodation from PSL tenancies
Assist people to locate suitable     Experienced in HB administration – staff already
private sector properties, to         working to the Verification Framework
negotiate with landlords and to      Experienced in private sector landlord negotiation
arrange Housing Benefit
                                     Existing landlord database in Edinburgh, all accredited
                                      locally or nationally
                                     Existing pipeline of potential properties
                                     We would provide full tenancy management services to
                                      landlords paying for this option
                                     We would provide viewing and sign-up to tenants
                                     We would manage neighbour nuisance issues for
                                      landlords and provide access to preferred contractors
                                     Incentive for Landlords would be a 100% rent
                                      guarantee for the first 6 months of any tenancy.
                                     We will also look at Rent Deposit Guarantees for
                                      tenants if existing schemes do not have sufficient funds
Service Objective                   Proposals


Encourage people to save for We would aim to do this in partnership with Capital Credit
rent deposits                Union, Dunfermline Building Society and/or Lloyds TSB,
                             expanding on existing working relationships.
Assess and match flat sharing We would assess tenant’s suitability for PRS at our
tenants and properties which offices, to ensure households were suitably shared in
maintain existing positive social order to maintain existing positive social networks

Provide mediation between flat Our existing in-house mediators would provide mediation
sharers                        where required.
Provide follow up visits to We already provide this service on our existing PSL
tenants during the first six contract with CEC. This would be replicated within this
months of their tenancy to contract.
ensure they are managing their
home successfully
Share information with the We already have good links with CEC departments and
Council’s   Private     Sector share information as part of our existing PSL contract.
Services Team (PSST) about These would be replicated within this contract.
tenancies and landlords where
there are concerns about the
standard   and    quality   of
Work closely with the Council’s We already have good links with CEC departments and
PSST to minimise duplication of share information as part of the existing PSL contract.
work in areas such as referrals These would be replicated within this contract.
and      references,       sharing
property information, property
inspection and certification (gas,
electric and furnishings) and
housing benefit processing.
Obtain support for vulnerable We would create links with appropriate support agencies
tenants in establishing and to refer vulnerable tenants to, in the event that support
maintaining their home        needs were identified.
Promote best use of the benefit Our holistic Welfare & Benefits Team would meet this
system       and       income requirement.
maximisation to help people
avoid or address housing debt
that may lead to them losing
their home
Ensure people get advice and As above
information on energy efficiency
so they do not become
homeless due to debt caused
by fuel poverty

Service Objective               Proposals


Assist people to take up As above.
training,    education     and
volunteering opportunities
Ensure access to employment As above.
for    people     who     have
experienced or are experiencing
homelessness by linking with
mainstream         employment
Provide advice on benefits Our holistic Welfare & Benefits Team would meet this
when       people     take      up requirement.
employment so that they can
access all the benefits they are
entitled to and do not lose out
Provide housing advice and We would build on our existing in-house expertise by
information to an accredited putting staff through HomePoint training.
standard (e.g. HomePoint)
Promote the Young Person’s We would promote this resource at our offices, or any
Housing Options Guide - a local location where we have a presence, at tenancy sign-ups
web based resource – that and through additional appropriate channels.
provides a range of advice and
information   appropriate    to
young person’s needs
Ensure information and advice We would ensure this requirement was met and are
is targeted appropriately at currently investigating recruiting through the Positive
people from BME communities   Action Training Highway (PATH) programme.
Ensure information and advice We would ensure this requirement was met.
is targeted appropriately at
people with learning disabilities.


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