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              October 2009 PHSA Monthly Update


Over 900 people will be attending The Early Childhood Summit, including many
Head Start parents, staff, administrators and friends! This is an outrageous
success! Pennsylvania’s Early Learning programs have been going through very
challenging times with the PHSA budget impasse, Early Head Start expansion and
an ongoing economic crisis. Despite these challenges many programs have found
a way to get to the Summit. This will be a much needed opportunity for
Pennsylvania’s Early Learning programs to recharge their batteries and plan for the

We also have a lot to celebrate:

    The Pennsylvania budget flat funded Head Start Supplement and PA Pre K
    The Expansion of Early Head Start Funding
    A new Director of the Office of Head Start and,
    A new Executive Director of the National Head Start Association

   The new Director of the Office of Head Start Yvette Sanchez-Fuentes will be
  visiting Cen-Clear Child Services’ Head Start program and participating in the
   Early Learning Forum on Tuesday. We are very proud to have her attend the
                   Summit and to benefit from her leadership!

          PHSA sends out a warm welcome to Yvette Sanchez-Fuentes.
      Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update

In addition to Yvette Sanchez Fuentes we have other Head Start guests. Also
coming to the Summit is Nancy Elmore, the OHS Manager for Pennsylvania from
the regional office! In addition members of the Pennsylvania State Base TA
System will be attending. We welcome Doug Kovach and his staff! Susan
Mitchell and Tracey Campanini from the Head Start State Collaboration Office
will be offering a breakout session for Head Start leadership also!

There are excellent learning opportunities for Head Start programs at the Summit:

The Early Learning Forum Panels:

The Early Learning Forum panels and discussion on Tuesday will be a unique
opportunity to learn and discuss the future of the Pennsylvania’s Early Learning
Continuum as we are going through an economic crisis and will be having a newly
elected Governor and administration in 14 months (January 2011). Don’t miss this
high powered in-depth discussion opportunity! After the Early Learning Forum,
there is an invitation only wine and cheese reception for people who would like to
continue the dialogue. If you are going to the Early Learning Forum and would
like to attend the reception see Blair Hyatt or Karen Grimm-Thomas. There are a
limited number of invitations but we may have a few extra.

There are over 160 breakout sessions, many of which have direct application to the
needs of Head Start programs! Please be sure to look for the Head Start specific
leadership sessions (see below).

PHSA, PACCA and OCDEL have been working together effectively to make the
Summit a success. We hope the people attending the Summit have a great time,
learn lots and have lots of fun.
        Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update

       The Future of Early Learning in PA Forum
                                Tuesday, October 27, 2009
                                 1:10 - 5:00 p.m. in Dean’s Hall

                    Hostess: Harriet Dichter Deputy Secretary, OCDEL

The Early Learning Forum Panels will provide attendees with a greater understanding of the
early childhood policies from a national and state perspective in order to gain an appreciation
of the policy vision for early care and education for young children. The series will provide an
overview of the current strengths, challenges and opportunities in the development of the -9
to 9 early learning continuum as well as future challenges and opportunities.

                           Session: 7:12 - Tuesday, Oct. 27, 1:10 p.m.

                                         National Panelists:

Shannon Rudisill, Assoc. Dir. of the Child Care Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services;
Helen Blank, Director of Leadership and Public Policy, National Women’s Law Center;
Eric Karolak, Ph.D., Executive Director, Early Care and Education Consortium; and
Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, Director of the Office of Head Start.

                           Session: 8:21 - Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2:40 p.m.

                                          State Panelists:

Kristin A Burns, Program Officer, The Grable Foundation;
Kent Chrisman, Professor, Department of Teacher Education, Shippensburg University;
Harriet Dichter, Deputy Secretary, the Office of Child Development and Early Learning;
Diana Dixon, Executive Director, Danville Child Development Center, Board Chair, PACCA;
Barbara Minzenburg, Senior Program Director, Early Childhood Education Programs, Allegheny IU #3.
        Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update


                                     Tuesday, October 27th
11:40 – 12:40                                                                       Room 106
6.11 Head Start Administrators Networking Lunch
This session will provide Head Start Administrators with an opportunity to network with one
another over lunch. Administrators should bring their lunch from the Buffet in Presidents Hall.
A drink cart will be set up in the room.

                                 Wednesday, October 28th
Session #9, 9:50 – 11:20 a.m.
9.15 PHSA HS Leadership Report, K8C1 91                                               Room 206
Blair Hyatt, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Head Start Association
This session will provide Head Start directors and other leaders with up to date information
regarding Head Start in Pennsylvania. This session is open to all.

Session #10, 11:40 a.m. – 1:10 p.m.
10.08 Region III Office of Head Start Report, K8C1 91                                 Room 206
Nancy Elmore, Program Manager, Region III Office of Head Start
This session will provide Head Start administrators and other leaders with up to date information
regarding Head Start from the Regional office. This session is open to all.

Session #11, 1:10 – 2:40 p.m.
11.01A Head Start Administrators TA System Networking Lunch                          Room 206
Head Start administrators and leaders will have the opportunity to eat lunch with staff from the
new Pennsylvania State Based Head Start T/TA system, and the newly re-designed GPSS staff.
This will be an opportunity to learn how the new system will work, to ask questions, and to see
how these changes to Head Start T/TA might impact your program. Lunch will be provided in the
room. .

12.07 HSSCO Report, K8C1 91                                                          Room 206
Sue Mitchell, Chief, Office of Child Development and Early Learning
Tracey Campanini, Early Childhood Project Manager, Head Start State Collaboration Office
This session will provide Head Start administrators and other leaders with up to date information
on State funded Head Start and other Pennsylvania Early Learning Initiatives the impact the Head
Start Community. This session is open to all.


PHSA welcomes our new State TA System Manager S. Doug Kovach and our new Infant and
Toddler specialist Tracey Burchfield. They are already working closely with PHSA. Doug works
for ICF International and Tracey works or Zero to Three.
        Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update



This paper provides new evidence on the long-term benefits of Head Start using the National
Longitudinal Survey of Youth. David Deming compared siblings who differ in their participation
in the program, controlling for a variety of pre-treatment covariates. He estimated that Head Start
participants gain 0.23 standard deviations on a summary index of young adult outcomes. This
closes one-third of the gap between children with median and bottom quartile family income, and
is about 80 percent as large as model programs such as Perry Preschool. The long-term impact for
disadvantaged children is large despite "fade-out" of test score gains.
    Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update

October 21, 2009

Dear Pennsylvania Head Start Association Membership:

Please be advised that at a special meeting of the Board of            PHSA Web Site
Directors on Monday, October 19, 2009, the PHSA Board
removed the President from the PHSA Board, and Barbara
Mahaney was elected to the position of PHSA Board

With this election, the position of Vice President becomes
vacant. This position will remain vacant until the regularly
scheduled membership meeting in the spring.
                                                                     Summit Web Site Click
 As always, the management, staff and Board of the PHSA
appreciate your involvement and support throughout the                     Here
year. Be assured that the Board will continue to represent
your issues and interests. Please feel free to communicate
with your representatives on the Board to provide input and


Board of Directors,
Pennsylvania Head Start Association

Milton Hershey School is a proud sponsor of the Pennsylvania Head Start Association.
Learn how you can open new doors for children
        Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update

NHSA is seeking an experienced, energetic, and reform-minded leader to serve as its Director
Membership Development and Services. Download the full position description here. Or go the
NHSA web site www.nhsa.org.


Carmen Nazario Confirmed as Assistant Secretary for Children and Families !

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently announced that the Senate unanimously confirmed
Carmen Nazario as Assistant Secretary for Children and Families. In this role, she oversees the
Administration for Children and Families (“ACF”) within HHS. Prior to her recent confirmation,
Carmen Nazario was an Assistant Professor at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico,
where she taught social policy and coordinated the Social Work Practicum at the School of
Social Work. NHSA congratulates Assistant Secretary Nazario and we look forward to working
with her on issues of importance to the Head Start community.

Stay tuned for Assistant Secretary Nazario’s announcement for the Director of the Office of
Head Start (this position does not need to undergo Senate confirmation), so we expect this to
happen in the near future.

Yvette Sanchez Fuentes is the new Director of the Office of Head Start !

Yvette Sanchez Fuentes has been appointed as Director of the Office of Head Start. Upon
learning of her appointment, National Head Start Association Executive Director Yasmina Vinci
stated, “Yvette is a dedicated Head Start professional who sees a bright future for the program.
The National Head Start Association congratulates Yvette and we look forward to a wonderful
working relationship with her and the Office of Head Start.”

Prior to her appointment, Yvette Sanchez-Fuentes served as the Executive Director of the
National Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Association and served as an Early Childhood
Development Consultant for the Education Development Center, Inc., Washington DC
International Education Systems Division. She is a graduate of California Polytechnic University
and began working with children and families even before her graduation, when she served as a
Head Start Teacher with the Associated Students Inc., Children’s Center at California
Polytechnic University while earning her degree.

Click here for the full press release.
          Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update

Pennsylvania to Recognize
October as Parent Involvement
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
10:00 a.m.
Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg
Governor Edward G. Rendell is once again proclaiming October as “Parent Involvement Month”
in Pennsylvania. PA PIRC invites you to join us for the proclamation event to celebrate the
importance of parent engagement in their children’s academic achievement. The Pennsylvania
House and Senate will introduce Resolutions that honor parent and family involvement. Many
other states will also observe Parent Involvement Month this fall.

The proclamation will be announced at a press conference being held on October 6 at 10 a.m.
in the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg. Prior to the proclamation, parents, educators and family-
school-community partnerships from Pennsylvania will be applauded.

For more information, email mlewis@csc.csiu.org, call 717-763-1661 extension 137 or check
the web: www.center-school.org/pa-pirc.
We hope to see you there to help celebrate this significant event acknowledging the vital
importance of family involvement with each child’s learning and education.


 PHSA upgraded our email list manager. Please be sure to encourage Head Start
 parents, staff and friends to join the PHSA email lists. It’s free and anyone can
 join. It’s a great way to keep up with the many things that are happening that
 involve Head Start and Pennsylvania’s Early Learning community. The link is on
 the left side of the PHSA web site.


 Join Our Email List
      Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update

                          CLASP Launches DataFinder!

                                Create Custom Tables with Select Programmatic
                                            and Demographic Data

                                  To complement our research, analyses and
                                 advocacy, today we are launching the CLASP
                                     DataFinder. This easy-to-use tool allows
                                policymakers, advocates and others to download
                               and synthesize information about various programs
                                 and trends that affect low-income people and

                                   The DataFinder currently includes state and
                                 national data on: child care assistance spending
                                  and participation; Head State and Early Start
  participation; Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) expenditures;
 young child demographics; and poverty. The tool also provides community-level
statistics on education, demographics and youth violence. Examples of questions
                 that can be answered with the DataFinder include:

      What share of TANF spending goes to basic assistance in each state - and
       how has this changed in recent years?
      How many children are served by Head Start, Early Head Start, and child
       care subsidies?
      How many children are in extreme poverty in each state, and in selected
      What percent of students in distressed communities drop out of high school
       in ninth grade or complete high school on time?

          CLASP will add more data to this evolving tool over time. Go to
         www.clasp.org/data to create custom tables and explore this tool.
          Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update

Office of Child Development and Early Learning | Departments of Education and Public Welfare |
333 Market Street, 6th Floor | Harrisburg, PA 17126 | 717-346-9320 | www.pde.state.pa.us | www.dpw.state.pa.us

September 21, 2009

Re: Head Start/Early Head Start Centers of Excellence Competition

Dear Head Start/Early Head Start Grantee,

The Centers of Excellence Program is offering Head Start and Early Head Start grantees the
opportunity to be designated as Center of Excellence and receive an award of $200,000 for five
years. Ten Centers of Excellence will be awarded nationally through a competitive process. I am
writing to let you know that Pennsylvania is taking the opportunity to run a competitive process,
as required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, so that Pennsylvania Head
Start and Early Head Start may be eligible to compete in this national award.

The Centers of Excellence Program is designed to recognize Head Start and Early Head Start
grantees that are performing at the highest levels of quality. Excellent and effective programs are
those that have achieved and are actively building upon full compliance with the Program
Performance Standards. These programs are implementing comprehensive, innovative, and
targeted approaches to enhance program services and are producing positive, measurable
outcomes for children’s school success, families supporting children’s learning, and increased
staff competency.

As a Head Start or Early Head Start grantee in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you are
invited to compete in this process by completing the following application and submitting it by
November 7, 2009 to our office. Grantees designated by Governor Rendell will compete on
behalf of Pennsylvania for the Center of Excellence award.

We look forward to having Pennsylvania Head Start and Early Head Start programs compete for
these national awards and hope you will consider completing the application, which is attached.
Your application is due on November 7, 2009 and should be sent electronically to Michele
Messinger at mimessinge@state.pa.us. If you have any questions, please contact Gail Nourse at
gainou@berksiu.org or (717) 213-2065.


Harriet Dichter
Deputy Secretary
        Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update

       OCDEL Announces Funding Opportunity for Early Head Start

As part of the federal recovery program, new opportunities for Early Head Start are becoming
available in Pennsylvania. The Office of Child Development and Early Learning, as part of its
work to promote a unified and comprehensive approach to early learning, applied to
participate in the new federal Early Head Start funding available through the Department of
Health & Human Services. OCDEL, has proposed to provide 128 Early Head Start slots through
Center-based and Home-based service delivery options to pregnant women, infants and
toddlers from low income families for a two year period.

Early Head Start (EHS) is a comprehensive program model with the following mission:

      To promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women,
      To enhance the development of very young children, and
      To promote healthy family functioning.

OCDEL is soliciting applications to potentially deliver these Early Head Start Services.

Eligible Providers: Eligible providers for OCDEL’s Early Head Start program are Keystone
STARS 3 and 4, existing federal Head Start/Early Head Start Grantees, OCDEL sponsored Nurse
Family Partnership Programs and Parent Child Home Programs.

PA Early Head Start will allow eligible providers to request funding for center-based groups of
8 infants and/or toddlers and/or home-based groups of 11 infants, toddlers or pregnant
women. PA EHS will target at-risk families that are 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
and prioritize services to communities addressing English Language Learners. Additional
consideration must be given to assure a minimum of 10% of a program’s enrollment in each
center-based and home-based group who are eligible for Early Intervention services.

Eligible Geographic Areas of Service: This opportunity will be available only in selected,
targeted geographic areas. OCDEL is accepting applications from eligible providers for the
following counties: Armstrong, Berks, Lancaster, Lawrence, Perry, Philadelphia and Warren.

Center-Based Conditions: Center-based programs will operate Early Head Start a minimum of
8 hours daily, 250 days a year, with an option to increase hours or days based on
demonstrated need of families. In the center-based model, programs will offer 2 teacher
home visits annually with a fall and spring parent conference.

Home-Based Conditions: Home based groups are groups of 11 infants, toddlers or pregnant
women, receiving monthly socialization and weekly, 90 minute home visits. A minimum of
one monthly socialization gathering must be offered to enrolled families to attend.

PA Early Head Start Guidance and Application were posted on the PA Key website as of
October 15, 2009 with an Initial Application deadline of October 28th, 2009 and a final
application deadline of November 20, 2009.
         Pennsylvania Head Start Association October 2009 Update


 The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) is currently seeking parents to
 volunteer as participants in the Parent Advisory Council (pdf). Wanted are interested parents
 who have at least one child under the age of 8, and who are not professionals in the early care
 and education field. Parents living in the Southeast, Northeast and Central regions of
 Pennsylvania, and whose children are enrolled in Keystone STARS providers, PA Pre-K Counts,
 Nurse-Family Partnership, Parent-Child Home Program, and/or Child Care Works are invited to

 OCDEL is committed to strengthening our partnership with families as we move forward to
 ensure that young children have access to high quality early care and education opportunities.
 Previous experience with committee or council work is not necessary for participation. Levels of
 participation are flexible and can include attendance at council meetings, or participation in
 conference calls and work groups. Travel expenses to meetings will be reimbursed; however,
 this is a volunteer position and no compensation (other than travel expenses) will be provided for

 Those interested in this opportunity, or for have additional information, please contact Sarah
 Holland at: 717-787-8691 or saholland@state.pa.us. Providers are strongly encouraged to
 inform parents of this opportunity and encourage their participation.

Early Childhood Education Summit
October 26-28th 2009
Penn State, PA

PHSA Leadership Meeting
December 1-2
Holliday Inn East Harrisburg – Hershey

PHSA Board Meeting
December 2-3
Holliday Inn East Harrisburg - Hershey

PHSA Spring Conference
April 21-22, 2010
Holliday Inn East Harrisburg - Hershey

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