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 Requirements for admission to the University of Central Oklahoma have been established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher
 Education. In some cases, individual departments impose additional requirements for their programs. These qualifications are designed to
 assure that admitted students enjoy reasonable probability for success. Most students present credentials exceeding the minimum
 requirements, resulting in a more productive and stimulating academic environment. We welcome your application and your desire to
 contribute to UCO in its quest to remain one of the leading metropolitan universities in the southwest.

 Application Checklist

 □ APPLICATION FORM: COMPLETE FULLY all relevant elements.

 ▪ Beginning freshman with no transfer credits: Submit proof of completion of a level equivalent to 12 years of education in the U.S. by
 sending an original copy of your academic records with an official stamp or seal on the document(s) from your school or my sending an
 attested copy verified by an authorized agency.
 ▪ Transfer student with college/university credits: Submit official transcripts from ALL attended institutions (if less than 30 semester
 credit hours have been completed, submit high school transcripts as well).

 □ CERTIFICATE OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES: Must be completed by BOTH the applicant and his/her sponsor and submitted
 with the required supporting document(s) verifying the sponsor’s financial ability to cover at least the educational costs of 2 semesters –
 Fall and Spring (for student alone – show $17, 960; for spouse – add $6,000; for each child – add $4,000).
      (You may print from under “Future Undergraduate Students” tab)

 □ STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING: Read and understand all admission and enrollment requirements. Sign and submit with the
 application. (You may print from under “Future Undergraduate Students” tab. Please sign and submit)

 □ PROOF OF ENGLISH PROFICIENCY (For Non-Native English Speakers):
 Submit ONE of the following to satisfy the requirement:
 ▪ Official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score showing a minimum of 500 PBT or 173 CBT or 61 IBT; OR
 ▪ Official IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score showing a minimum of 5.5 overall band; OR
 ▪ Proof of 12 weeks of intensive English Language study at an approved language school in Oklahoma after achieving a minimum
 TOEFL score of 460 PBT or 140 CBT or 48 IBT or minimum IELTS score of 4.5; OR
 ▪ Official transcripts from a U.S. institution showing successful completion of at least 24 transferable semester credit hours.
 (UCO Institutional Code for TOEFL is 6091)
     (Note: Please refer to UCO International Services for list of approval ESL Program in the US. You may find out UCO on-campus ESL program at

 □ $25 APPLICATION FEE: A non-refundable payment in the form of a check/money order should be made out to the “University of
 Central Oklahoma” OR payment by credit card should submit below.

 □ $40 EXPRESS MAIL CHARGE (OPTIONAL): To be returned to you if you are not accepted. Express mail delivers 3-5 days –
 regular mail may take up to 5 weeks for delivery. You can pay by either check, money order, or by credit card.

 □ PASSPORT PHOTO PAGE: Submit a copy only, if available.

 □ TRANSFER – IN FORM: If you are a transfer student from another institution in the U.S., you will need to have your current
 International Office complete this form and submit to our office. Please download from “Future Undergraduate Students” tab)

In order to speed up your application, you may scan
your original or certified documents and send                               We required all original or certified documents prior to
them by email ( or fax                                enrollment.
(1-405-974-3842) before mailing it to:                       Payment by Credit Card
                                                             If you are paying by credit card, please complete the information below.
University of Central Oklahoma
Office of International Student Services                     1) Type of credit card:
                                                                                                       □ Visa □ Master □
                                                                                                  American Express □ Discover
100 North University Drive                                   2)    Full name of cardholder exactly as it appears on card:
Edmond, OK 73034
3) Credit card number, expiration date and 3 digit
security/pin number:

                Credit Card Number
Expiration: mm/yy       (3 digit verification #)
I authorize the following amount(s) to be charged to
the above credit card:
□ $25 APPLICATION FEE                         □ $ 40

 Signature of cardholder
UCO Identification #                                      Write your name below to match your
*                                                         name as it appears in your passport. Attach

                                                          a legible photocopy of the biographical

ATE                                                       page of your

APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION                                 passport showing your official name. If you

For Office Use Only                                       have not yet obtained a passport, write
                                                          your name below as it will appear in your
Date Received                                             passport.

                                                          Last (Family) Name
For Office Use Only                                       First Name
                                                          Middle Name

                                                          Gender:      Date-of-Birth
                                                          Country of Birth

   Male      Female
                                    month          day             year
Primary E-mail                                                                                                 Secondary E-mail (if available)

Mailing Address (Street) – No PO BOX for express mailing service

City, State/Province                                                                       Country      P ostal Code

Foreign Address (Street) – REQUIRED

City, State/Province                                                                       Country      P ostal Code

Primary Phone                 Secondary Phone

Are you a permanent resident of the U.S.?        Yes              No
(If yes, please complete the line to your right)

Date of Adjudication                            Alien #

       month            day              year

EMERGENCY (leave blank if the same as above)


    Have you ever been placed on probation, suspended or dismissed from any university/ college?           Yes      No
    (If yes, please attach a letter of explanation to this application)


           CONTINUE ON
           THE NEXT

    Name                                                          Relationship                                   Phone

    Address (Street)                               City, State/Province                    Country                       Postal Code

                                                                  Relationship                                   Phone
    Name (Street)
    Address                                                       Relationship
                                                   City, State/Province                    Country               Phone   Postal Code

    Address (Street)
    Institution Name                              City, State/Province
                                         City, State/Province, Country                      Country
                                                                             From(month/year)         To (month/year)    Postal Code of Studies

                                                                  Relationship                                   Phone
    Address (Street)                           City, State/Province                   Country                              Postal Code
    Name                                                      Relationship                                   Phone
                                 ___________________                                                                                __________________
    □ Education fair
    Institution Name                                        □ Internet From(month/year)
                                      City, State/Province, Country Search                         To     □ Representative
                                                                                   ___________________(month/year)                 Level of Studies
    Address (Street)             _             City, State/Province                   Country                              Postal Code
    □ UCO Alumni                 ___________________        □ Family member        ___________________    □ Other                   __________________
    Name                         _
    College Of Fine Arts         and Design                   Relationship              College of Education Phone
                                           Education • *Contemporary
    Art (Art History, Studio Art) • ArtCity, State/Province
    Address (Street)       ___________________                                  Organization Leadership • Postal Code Education/Health
                                                                             Country                               Physical
    □ Education fair
    Music (Performance, Production) • Dance□(Dance,Search
                                                          Internet Dance   ___________________ • □ Representative
                                                                                Psychology           Special Education (Mild-Moderate Disabilities,
    Institution Name
    □ UCO Alumni Design (Graphic Design, Interior Design)From(month/year) Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities) LevelSpeech/Language
    Education) •
                                 City, State/Province, Country member
                           ___________________          □ Family         •
                                                                                                   □ Other                •
                                                                                                                              of Studies
    Music (Music Theatre,  _ Percussion, Piano, Piano Performance
    College Of Fine Arts and Design • Music Education
    and Pedagogy, String, Vocal, Wind)                                          College of Education
                                           Education • *Contemporary
    Art (Art History, Studio Art) • Art Arts (Design and Technology,
    (Instrumental, Vocal) • Theatre                                             Organization Leadership •
                                                                                College of Liberal Arts            Physical Education/Health
    Music (Performance, Production) • DanceEducation
      Name                                                  Relationship
                                                         (Dance, Dance          Psychology •              •
                                                                                Applied Liberal Arts PhoneCriminal Justice (General Criminal
                                                                                                     Special Education (Mild-Moderate Disabilities,
    □ Education fair • Theatre/Communication □ Internet Search
    Performance)           ___________________                                                                            __________________
                                                                           ___________________ • □ Representative
                                                                                                     English (English, Creative Studies) • English
    Education) • Design (Graphic Design, Interior Design) •
      Address (Street)
                                            City, State/Province
                                                                                Justice, Police)                          •
                                                                                Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities) Code Speech/Language
                                                                               Country                            Postal
    □ UCO Alumni Theatre, Percussion, Piano, Piano Performance
    College Of Business Administration
    Music (Music                                        □ Family member    ___________________ Geography • History(General, Museum Studies) •
                                                                                Pathology          □ Other                __________________
    Accounting • String, _ Administration (General Business,
    and Pedagogy, Business
      Name                 Vocal, Wind) • Music Education                       History Education • Mass Communication (Brand
    College Of Fine Arts and Design                         Relationship                    Education Phone
                                                                                College of Liberal Arts
    International Business, Legal Studies) • Economics • Technology,
    (Instrumental, Vocal) • Theatre Arts (Design and Finance                    Communication/Advertising, Broadcasting, Interpersonal
    Art (Art(Street) Studio Art) • Art Education • *Contemporary
      Address   History, & Risk Management) • Information and
    Performance) • Theatre/Communication Education
    (Finance, Insurance                     City, State/Province                Communication, Arts • Criminal JusticeCommunication,
                                                                                Organization Leadership • Postal Code (General Criminal
                                                                                Applied Liberal Journalism, Organizational Education/Health
                                                                               Country                             Physical
    Music (Performance, Production) • Dance (Dance, Dance
    Operations Management (Management Information Systems,                      Psychology Arts, English Education (Mild-Moderate • English
                                                                                Justice, Police)• • Public Relations) • Creative Studies) Disabilities,
                                                                                Photographic         Special (English,      Modern Language
Name                                                 Relationship                                          Phone

Address (Street)                       City, State/Province                        Country                                 Postal Code

                                                     Relationship                                          Phone
Address (Street)                       City, State/Province                        Country                                 Postal Code

Institution Name               City, State/Province, Country       From(month/year)              To (month/year)                  Level of Studies

                          ___________________                                                                                       __________________
□ Education fair                                    □ Internet Search            ___________________    □ Representative
□ UCO Alumni              ___________________       □ Family member              ___________________    □ Other                     __________________
College Of Fine Arts and Design                                                       College of Education
Art (Art History, Studio Art) • Art Education • *Contemporary                         Organization Leadership •         Physical Education/Health
Music (Performance, Production) • Dance (Dance, Dance                                 Psychology •       Special Education (Mild-Moderate Disabilities,
Education) • Design (Graphic Design, Interior Design) •                               Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities) • Speech/Language
Music (Music Theatre, Percussion, Piano, Piano Performance                            Pathology
and Pedagogy, String, Vocal, Wind) • Music Education
                                                                                      College of Liberal Arts
(Instrumental, Vocal) • Theatre Arts (Design and Technology,
                                                                                      Applied Liberal Arts • Criminal Justice (General Criminal
Performance) • Theatre/Communication Education
                                                                                      Justice, Police) • English (English, Creative Studies) • English
College Of Business Administration                                                    Education       Geography • History(General, Museum Studies) •
Accounting • Business Administration (General Business,                               History Education • Mass Communication (Brand
International Business, Legal Studies) • Economics • Finance                          Communication/Advertising, Broadcasting, Interpersonal
(Finance, Insurance & Risk Management) • Information and                              Communication, Journalism, Organizational Communication,
Operations Management (Management Information Systems,                                Photographic Arts, Public Relations) •   Modern Language
Operations Management and Analysis) • Management                                      Education (French, German, Spanish) • Philosophy •
(Management, Human Resource Management, PGA Golf                                      Political Science (General, Public Administration) •   Sociology
Management) • Marketing (Marketing, Purchasing and Materials                          (Sociology, Human Services, Substances Abuse Studies) •
Management)                                                                           Technology Application Studies
College of Education                                                                 College of Mathematics and Science
Career and Technology Education (Allied Health Education,                            Actuarial Science • Biology • Biomedical Engineering •
Business and Information Technology Education/Marketing
                          academic and personal complete                           the university. (Chemistry, ACS Certificate,Plan to Enroll at •
                                                                                     Chemistry              disabilities        Health Sciences)
Education, Family and Consumer Science, Trade and Industrial
                          records. I agree to   forfeitures of                       Clinical Lab Science/Med-Tech • Computer Science
                                                                                                            *Associate         UCO:      □ Fall
                          submit all • Early
Education) • Community Health required Childhood further
      UNDERGRA                                  fees. I                                                                        (August) •
                                                                                     (Computer Science, Applied, Information Science) □ Engineering
                                                                                                            Degree only
Education • Elementary credentials; failure to
                          Education • Family Life Education
                                                agree as a                           Physics (Electrical Systems, Mechanical Systems, Physics) •
(Child Development, Gerontology, Marriage and Family)                                Funeral Service •      Mathematics (Mathematics, Applied
Fashion Marketing • General Studies • Industrial Safety                              Mathematics, Statistics)     • Mathematic Education • Nursing
• Kinesiology (Exercise/Fitness Management, Outdoor and                              • Science Education (Biology, Chemistry, General Science,
Community Recreation) • Nutrition, Dietetics and Food                                Physical Science, Physics)
                                                                                    Forensic Science Institute-Dual Degree Studies
                                                                                    Forensic Science (required to choose another major)
       DUATE                  do se will in my being           University of                              ENGLISH               Spring (January)
       MAJORS                 denied admission and             Central
                                                                                                          PROFICIE              □ Summer (June)
                              readmission and will             Oklahoma            Applicant’s                                  Year: 20____
                              restrict release of my           student to obey                            NCY
                                                                                   Signature                                    ADMISSION
       Major of               University of Central            all university
                                                                                   Date                   EDUCATI
       study – please         Oklahoma transcript              rules and                                    ON GOAL             STATEMENT
       circle one
                              until the missing                regulations
                                                                                                            Primary                 AND
                              credentials are                  made by             I am interested in
       only                                                                        receiving                Reason of               AGREEMEN
                              provided. Failure to             properly
                              list all colleges                constituted         information about:       Attending               T
                              previously attended,             authorities and                              UCO:
                              or falsification of this         realize             □ On-campus              Bachelor

                              application or any of            dishonesty is       housing options (I       Degree
       I authorize any        my academic records              unacceptable        understand I am          2nd Bachelor Degree
       educational            will result in my                behavior that       responsible for
       institution to         suspension for                   will not be                                  Other_________
                                                                                   making my own
       release to the         academic misconduct              tolerated and                                ___________
                              and lead to my                   may result in
       University of                                                               arrangements)            ___________
       Central Oklahoma       withdrawal from the              penalties up to                              ______
       any information        University of Central            and including
                              Oklahoma with                    expulsion from      □ Services for
       pertaining to my                                                                                     Semester You
                                                                                   students with

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