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					                  EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING
                                Monday, October 4, 2010

Board Members Present: Gill James, Pat McCarthy, Todd Franceschina, Joann Fukuma, Jeff
Lowell, Joe Thompson, Derek Tucci, Bill Bettinger, Tim Tubbs, Annette Duvall

Tom &Marilyn Doyle – District Directors

Board Members Absent: Gary Emslie, Bob Dowding, Chris Bigelow, Craig Olson

   1. Introduction of Guests: Mike Colbrese, WIAA; Jessica Secan, Newport HS Admin

   2. Approval of Monday, August 30, 2010 Executive Board Minutes. M/S/P

   3. Financial Report:       Checking:       $ 7,120.38
                              Savings:        $ 26,224.78

   4. Approval of Vouchers: Vouchers #16003 through #16041 for a total of $ 54,235.93

   5. WIAA Executive Board Report: Mike Colbrese
         Corrected the July minutes to make reasonable accommodations for Saturday
           Sabbath at the state volleyball tournament when the affected classification is
           played on Thu/Fri.
         Tabled action on legend drug handbook language.
         Passed to eliminate the Rep Assembly meeting. Will hold the Winter Coalition
           on Mar. 21 to discuss amendments and vote by mail in April.
         Passed more restrictive sanctions for boys’ soccer – setting limits on red cards for
           violent conduct and abusive language, a three game suspension for such a card,
           providing for probation for a team receiving two in a year and eliminating a team
           from post season play after a third such card. The Sea-King board asked Mike to
           help with a definition of “violent” conduct to help coaches to work with their
           athletes and to encourage timely reports from officials.
         Pam Veltri, Sup’t. of Medical Lake, and Leta Meyer, AD at Heritage HS, will fill
           the WIAA board positions vacated this summer.
         The board met with those schools that had 5 or more ejections last year to discuss
           their plan for improvement in this area.
         Passed the fall allocations for the next two year cycle.
         Predetermined the rotation for teams that advance to the second round of state
         Passed a draft regional wrestling allocations requiring pig tails prior to the meet,
           but then voted to reconsider that motion at the next board meeting.
         1B, 2B, 1A, and 2A baseball will be at Parker Field and County Stadium in
           Yakima. Softball – 4A/3A will return to SERA in Tacoma; 2A at Carlon Park in
           Selah; 1A at Merkel Sports Complex in Spokane; 1B and 2B at Gateway in
         Sign Issue: the WIAA Board is considering how to help fans to have more fun
           and be more creative at tournament time. WIAA is going to allow signs. Mike
           will get us a copy of the text of that decision so the District Board can consider
           our options.
          WIAA Board continues to discuss the Eligibility issue to determine whether to
           bring the process under direct WIAA control to maintain consistency and equity
           in decisions. Mike wants to thank Craig Bakken and Sam Jackson for all their
           hard work and wisdom as Eligibility Chairs.

6. Sea-King District 2 Executive Board: Pat McCarthy
       A. WIAA – Mike Colbrese
       B. Violations – Approved League Sanctions. None reported.
           0 Coach Ejections
           6 Player Ejections
           0 Coaching out of season
           5 Ineligibility
       C. League Reports.
          Kingco – The annual joint Kingco/Metro meeting was held today and we went
          through the district playoff formats. Bellevue SD hosted that.
          Metro – Seattle has hired a new district AD, Eric McCurdy, who will begin
          work in early November.
          Emerald City – The league will be hosting a “league retreat” this week.
          SeaTac – There are many new athletic directors in the league. The scope of
          experience is not strong at the moment, but the desire to work hard and do a good
          job is outstanding. There are two viable leagues with good numbers now.
          MS – No report.
       D. Official’s Corner – Joe Thompson. Joe went to the Kingco Soccer discussion
          and met with some soccer officials to get an official to come to their coaches’
          meeting and a coach/AD to come to the official’s meeting to discuss the new
          soccer guidelines. We all want to make sure that ejections are reported in a
          timely fashion. Should an AD believe there is an ejection that wasn’t reported,
          please contact Joe so he can follow through on it.
       E. Sea-King Director Evaluation. – Pat & Jeff will develop an evaluation form.
       F. Review of 2009-2010 Annual Financial Report. Jim Murphy provided the
          audit report in writing for the board to digest. Marilyn walked the board through
          the report, its findings, and it recommendations. Marilyn provided a copy for
          WIAA and secured Pat’s signature on the Tax Return. Jim did a complete audit,
          checking every single transaction to verify transactions.
       G. State Tournament Allocations. Allocations are now on the district website at
          www.seaking2.com. Please check that site for allocations and for tournament
          brackets and bulletins.
          Gill brought up the agreement between District 1 and 2 about our “sharing”
          agreement with them. In all team sports, D1#3 will play D2#3 for the 5th and
          final spot to the WIAA brackets. M/S/P. In Cross Country, there was an
          understanding that we would each send 8 teams to the Bi-District CC meet at
          South Whidbey. Kingco is reconsidering this and believes that we should not be
          sending that many teams, but that it may be too late this year to revisit this. We
          are still in the process of discussion the Track relationship. Kingco recommends
          that we run 16 when the meet is held in District 1, but only 12 when it is run in
          our district to be consistent with our district policy of doubling allocations and
          moving to the next “reasonably” sized tournament. We will discuss this when
          the agreement is finalized.
       H. Site Selection for Football/Soccer. The Board asked Tom to send a copy of the
       I. WIAA Insurance (L & I/Catastrophic). The WIAA is currently paying for the
          insurance – for which we are grateful!!!
       J. Move the April board meeting to Thursday, April 14 because of the conflict
          on Monday with the WSSAAA Conference.
       K. Marilyn will try to work the board meal into the meeting for next time to see
          how that works.

7. Sea-King District 2 Executive Director Report: Tom & Marilyn Doyle
      A. Correspondence. None.
      B. Web Site: www.seaking2.com.

8. Other Business-Agenda Items for Monday, November 8, 2010-3:30PM Samm. HS
      A. Fall Eligibility Report – Sam Jackson
      B. Review Fall Tournament/Play-Off Status
      C. Winter District Tournament Dates, Sites & Managers
      D. Proposed Amendments for Rep. Assembly
      E. Submit Amendments for Spring Rep. Assembly
      F. Fall District Tournament/Play-Off Financial Report
      G. Nominations for Sea-King District 2 Athletic Director of the Year
       H. Leagues Report A.D. of Year Nominees

9. The Executive Board meeting was adjourned at 5:20PM.

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