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					                 Pulse      Concept Document     Braden Bahen

                             Braden Bahen

                                  Version 1.2
                                June 26 , 2009

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                    Pulse               Concept Document               Braden Bahen


Project: Pulse

Type of Game: 3rd person RPG/Stealth combat game

Platform: XBOX 360 and Playstation 3.

Target Market: Male, ages 14-30

        Players begin as an unidentified organism that has begun to mutate with the induction of
biohazardous waste into the sewer systems. As you live in total darkness you see with your ears and not
your eyes. This poses unique challenges to the player as they progress through the game encountering
other mutants, government agents, and sewer wildlife.

         Your avatar will start out as a small weak organism capable of only the most basic movements
such as running and jumping but as they begin to eat various mutated creatures and come into contact
with mutagenic nuclear waste they will begin to rapidly evolve and gain new abilities.

          Game play will be focused on stealth and avoiding detection as players are unable to fight large
groups of enemies and if you are swarmed they will be killed. Players should eliminate enemies quietly
utilizing your special vision and unique abilities.

         As the player begins to evolve and develop a more complex intellect they will begin to uncover
the truth behind the outbreak of mutations and what the government plans to do to contain and
eliminate this “accident”.



          Sound will play a huge part in this game as the player’s primary mode of sight. It will be a huge
advantage, as you will hear enemies coming long before they see you, giving you an almost x-ray like
sight. Anything that makes sound or gets hit by sound waves will be rendered out in front of you as
visuals. An enemy who stops moving will still be visible if there is something making noise near him.
However if he stops moving and there is nothing making noise he will be in effect “invisible” to the player
until sound is created around him. Anything that creates sound will define the area around it so the player
will not be dependent on enemies for sound as the environment will generate its own noise.

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                    Pulse              Concept Document              Braden Bahen

                                                                             Sound waves will be
                                                                             visualized as outlines of the
                                                                             object they reflect off of.
                                                                             Your footsteps, moving
                                                                             water and noises from
                                                                             outside the pipes create
                                                                             sound waves which reflect
                                                                             back to you like the image
                                                                             to the left.

         Sound waves will also be an obstacle to overcome at certain points of the game. As your hearing
is incredibly sensitive you will need to disable loud objects as they will overload your “sound vision”
causing you to become blind. Loud sudden noises will also disable you and cause you to become
disoriented so you will have to be cautious around enemies who have loud weapons.

         Sometimes you will
encounter silent or low noise
areas. You will need to utilize
your Roar ability by holding the
Square button. As you let loose a
bestial roar, sound waves will
echo around, allowing you to
temporarily see the area around
you. Once the Roar ability has
been used, you will be left with a
ghost image of the area that will
slowly fade out, allowing the
player to navigate for a
temporary amount of time. Silent
areas can also be used for traps;
as enemies will be very evident as
they are the only source of noise.

        Our revolutionary sonar navigation system will be a major selling point of the game. As
something never seen before, it will challenge gamers in ways they never have been.

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                     Pulse               Concept Document                Braden Bahen


          In Pulse a player’s actions affect and their diet how they will mutate. This leads to wide range of
play styles and replay-ability as the player explores different tech tress and abilities. The player will also
be rewarded for combining play styles.

          For example; a player who plays focused on stealth and ranged attacks but occasionally goes for
a melee kill might be given an ability that allows them to strike in melee range quietly. The player is thus
rewarded for trying a different part of gameplay and the reward might lead them to trying other types of
play styles.


          As you are just one mutant in a very dangerous world you will have to pick and choose your
battles. Your mutant will not be able to take on large groups of enemies at once, so sometimes flight will
be necessary. This is where your mutations come in handy. Certain mutants will gain a chameleon-esque
cloaking ability while others will be able to stretch their bodies to amazing limits and fit into the smallest
of cracks. Others will be able to disable enemies with blinding light and retreat. The stealth options in
Pulse will lead to unique play styles even on something as basic as stealth.


        Our story line will be an homage to the horror/sci-fi genre of film. It will have multiple endings
depending on how much information the player finds out from observing human characters and what
mutations you receive. Will you discover the reason the bio-waste was let into the sewer system? And
why are the organisms evolving and mutating? Why are they not dying instead of mutating? Who are
these government agents and what is their agenda?

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                 Pulse    Concept Document   Braden Bahen


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                     Pulse               Concept Document                Braden Bahen

Visual Styles
Pulse will draw its colour palette from the movie Tron utilizing the dark futuristic colours to inspire mood
and realize the unique sonar navigation. Important objects and areas of loud sound will be more brightly
coloured to help the play with gameplay. Level and character design will draw from the Resident Evil
series for inspiration.

Competitive Analysis
Deus Ex/Fable:                Both of these top selling titles are RPG/Action games that utilize a leveling
system similar to Pulse employs. The difference that will differentiate Pulse from them is the fact that
your advancement is gained in a much more natural and immersive experience. Player’s actions affect
how they will level instead of allocating points accumulated. If a player chooses to be aggressive and kill
many enemies they will gain combat mutations however if they avoid combat they will gain stealth
mutations. This immersion and natural feel will be much more enjoyable for the player.

Splinter Cell: Splinter Cell is the king of the hill in terms of 3       rd
                                                                              person stealth games. With over
17 million units sold and hordes of fans it is the premier competition. Its success becomes its
disadvantage after a while. When a series has continued on into the 5 iteration and beyond, it becomes
trapped in what makes it successful. It can never truly innovate or change. This is where we will compete
and take a portion of its market. As Pulse is a new IP it will have elements unlike anything Splinter Cell has
done. Our mutants will be able to morph and mold their bodies to do things Sam Fisher could never
accomplish. These new abilities and unlimited possibilities will allow Pulse to surpass Splinter Cell its

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