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									   Tech-Prep at SBHS
“Pathways to Business”
                Our “Pathways to
                Business” Program
   Model features articulation agreements with both two-
    year and four-year postsecondary institutions.
   Program allows students to begin their college career
    while still in high school by earning dual credit.
   Tech-Prep offers a seamless transition from secondary
    school to entry into associate and baccalaureate degree
    programs at the post-secondary level.
                 Course Offerings
   College Accounting I                   College Calculus (4 cr.)
    (Financial Accounting, 4 cr.)          English IV College
   College Accounting II                   Composition (3 cr.)
    (Managerial Accounting, 4 cr.)         Fundamentals of Public
   Advanced Computer                       Speaking (3 cr.)
    Applications for Business (3 cr.)
   Business Organization &
    Management (3 cr.)
   Concepts of Business                    SBHS students have the
    Management (3 cr.)                      possibility to earn up to
   Small Business Management               30 college credits in
    (3 cr.)                                 grades 10-12!
           Curriculum Alignment
   The consortium has been working together to align the
    curriculum of each course to meet district, state, and college
    standards and ensure a seamless transition from high school
    to college.
   Teachers received training in UbD curriculum writing
    through grant funding and developed course outlines and
    unit plans.
   Credits are transferable from SBHS to Middlesex County
    College and Kean University with potential transfer to many
    other postsecondary institutions.
   Students who complete Tech-Prep courses receive a college
    transcript from MCC noting their “portable credits.”
          Instructional Assistance
   Avoid need for remediation at college level
   Tech-Prep students are able to take the
    Accuplacer® College Placement Exam
       If a student fails to pass in English or
        Math, tutoring is offered at no charge
        to prepare them to pass.
   Special Education Program
       Common Study Skills section
       Tutoring
       Assistive Technology
   Services also provided for Economically Disadvantaged
    and students with Section 504 Plans
          Professional Development
   “Preparing Today’s Students       MCC workshops (teachers
    for a Transforming Economy”        and guidance counselors)
    (CORD, 10/2007)                   Kean workshops (teachers
   “Achieving Excellence in the       and guidance counselors)
    Context of Equity for All”        “Best Practices” sessions
    (Dr. Mary Bacon, 11/2008)            Integrating technology
   “The Millennial Generation”          Contextual teaching
    (Dr. Terri Manning, 11/2008)         Marketing & recruitment
   Understanding by Design for          Career exploration
    curriculum writing (Tech-         Book studies
    Prep and other elective
                                      Teacher observations
            Instructional Resources
   Additional PCs in business      Color printers, video
    labs to accommodate              cameras, and digital
    increased class sizes            cameras for project work
   Laptops for school store        Software
    management and curriculum       New textbooks (Tech-Prep
    writing                          and academic courses)
   Desktop PC and 2 laptops        Videos and publications
    for Special Education           Accuplacer testing and
    assistive technology             study resources
                                    Summer Career Institute
   LCD projectors
                                    Model Schools Conference
   SmartBoards
            Exclusive Tech-Prep
            Learning Experiences
   Visits to business sites      School Store Operations
   Visits to Middlesex CC        Presentations by
    and Kean University            business executives
   Career days                    including CPAs, a
                                   securities trader, and
   Job shadowing                  corporate executives.
   Interdisciplinary
           Pathways to Business
   Provides students with access to a small learning
    community and a variety of field experiences.
   Offers resources to help students succeed in high
    school and beyond.
   Allows students to jump start their college career.
   Challenges students to meet the rigors of college study
    to better prepare them for the transition to post-
    secondary education.
   Enables students to explore multiple business careers
    before committing to a specific major.
Pathways to Business
Off-site Learning Experiences
        Commerce Bank
Provides excellent job opportunities for many
people and gives workers the chance to excel in
           a variety of departments.
     Our Commerce University
   They taught us about
    important skills we need
    to succeed in any aspect of
    business we might wish to
   Plus Keyana (on left)
    graduated from South
    Brunswick High School!
   Welcome to the

   Regency Hotel
Princeton, New Jersey
 From Job
To pretending we
actually work at
  the Hyatt…
  We actually felt
 like we were part
of the Hyatt Team!
 Dow Chemical Company
     April 23, 2008

 Sponsored by Bob Long
Hosted by Mike Stephenson
Students see what’s cooking in the Foods Lab.
 Cal taught us about business-to-business marketing
and exactly what’s in some beauty and hair products.
Six students, some of
the top earners in the
     Stock Market
   Simulation, had a
  rare opportunity to
 visit the floor of the
    New York Stock
 Exchange with their
teachers, Ms. Galaro
 and Ms. Bogert, and
our wise and fearless
  leader, Ms. Laskin.
Learning more about the NYSE in the Visitor’s
  Gallery before going down onto the Floor.
Students lunched at “The Daily Grind”
     (a.k.a. the NYSE cafeteria)
 Later that week,
another group of
business students
    visited the
Federal Reserve
Bank of NY and
 the Museum of
sponsored by the
   Pathways to
  program and
Students learn about Alexander Hamilton and
   the start of central banking in the U.S.
and discover ways to detect counterfeit money.
Stay tuned for more to come….
Pathways to Business

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