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Mass Schedule at Sacred Heart Church


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									                                                               October 16, 2011
    Mass Schedule at Sacred Heart Church                                   A warm and beautiful Fall welcome to all who worship
 And Intentions for Week of October 17th                                   in our Sacred Heart Catholic Church! May the Word of God
Monday        Virginia Muscara                                               bring you peace and joy. May the beautiful weather and
8:00am        req: Mickey & Neil Onofrietto and Carol Duff                  autumn scenery leave you refreshed and invigorated! If
                                                                            you are visiting here, please consider us your parish away
Wednesday Lucille Asullo                                                                             from home.
8:00am    Vincent & Anne Verlezza
                                                                                                       Scripture Readings
Friday         Virginia Muscara                                                  This Sunday                                   Next Sunday
8:00am         req: Dick Butler                                                  29th Sun Ordinary                          30th Sun Ordinary Time
                                                                                 Isaiah 45: 1, 4-6                          Exodus 22: 20-26
Saturday       Marlene Montemurro (1st Anniversary) req: Family                  1Thessalonians 1: 1-5b                     1Thessalonians 1: 5c-10
4:00pm         For the health of Jacquie Friehofer                               Matthew 2: 15-21                           Matthew 22: 32-40
               req: Labruzzo/Cutro Family
                                                                                 Monday        Romans 4: 20-25                   Luke 12: 13-21
                                                                                 Tuesday       2 Timothy 4: 10-17b                Luke 10: 1-9
Sunday         James Behrmann (1st Anniversary) Luigi Trunzi                     Wednesday Romans 6: 12-18                       Luke 12: 39-48
9:00am         and Vincent Perrotta req: Family                                  Thursday       Romans 6: 19-23                   Luke 12: 49-53
               William P. Igoe      req: John & Donna Acker                      Friday         Romans 7: 18-25a                  Luke 12: 54-59
               Darryl DeCrescenzo req: Family
               William Wilkins       req: Tim & Maryann Seeley               Please pray for the sick and homebound, as well as the men and
                                                                             women in service and Pray for all priests, deacons, religious
                                                                             brothers and sisters, lay ministers and seminarians of our
                      Liturgical Ministers - October 15 & 16                 Albany diocese. Please check our online prayer list for the sick of
   Saturday 4:00 p.m.                                                        our parish at: www.sacredheartcatholiccommunity.com
   Lector: D. Tyler        Server:
   E.M: J. Murphy, P. Synnott, D. Murphy, E. Gardiner, P. Oates
   Sunday 8:00 a.m.                                                                    Your Stewardship of Treasure:
   Lector: Faith Formation         Server:
   E.M: M. Onofrietto, J. Collins, J. Loonan, I. Filippelli, J. Johnson,                   Regular Offertory Collection
   T. Arnold, P. Zylowski                                                             Last Week: $4,430 Last Year: $4,827
                                                                                            Maintenance of Parish Properties
 Liturgical Ministers – October 8 & 9
                                                                                     Last Week: $1,576                Last Year: $1,681
 Saturday 4:00 p.m.                                                                      Thank you for your generosity
 Lector: L. & A. Smith               Server                                  Next weekend…Second Collection for the National
 E.M: P. Synnott, M. Thomas, E. Gardiner, M. Sandora, S. Beattie
 Sunday 8:00 a.m.                                                            Diocesan Mission Sunday collection.
 Lector: J. Taibe                   Server:                                  Each year when our Holy Father proclaims World Mission
 E.M.: J. Abrahams, L. Abrahams, J. McDonnell, K. McDonnell, K. Smith,       Sunday, he calls us to share in Christ’s great commission to
 A. Verlezza Sunday 10:00a.m.
 Lector: K. & D. Redpath             Server:                                 make disciples of all nations. The financial gifts that you
 E.M.: S. Bailey, K. Brewer, G. Vaughan                                      offer are essential resources for our Holy Father as he cares
                                                                             for the fledgling churches throughout the Mission World.
           Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament…                               Thank you for your generosity and for your prayers for the
             Every Wednesday, 8:30am – 9pm                                   Missions.
                Committed Adorers needed:
         10am-11am and 4pm-5pm and 5pm-6pm.
                Please call Jack at 668-3163                                 Join the Music Ministry! Rehearsals beginning on
    Chaplet of Divine Mercy - Every Wednesday at 3pm.                        Wednesday, October 5th at 6:15pm in the new Church.
                                                                             New friends are always welcome! Come Pray, Play &
                                                                             Sing! Questions? Call our Music Director Regina Newell
  Marriage Encounter Weekend… Don’t let the
                                                                             at 747-3453
  name “trick” you. On November 19-20th, let Marriage
  Encounter “treat” your marriage to an unforgettable
  adventure. For info, call 518-279-3243 or go to                            Marian Devotion….Many thanks to our Music Ministry
  YouTube section 20wwme information.                                        for their wonderful role in last Thursday s Marian
                                                                             Devotion Mass. It was a beautiful service and the music
                                                                             was PERFECT!
                     Entertainment Books are                                 And thank you to the Knights of Columbus for doing
                     here! In the Parish Center                              such a wonderful job organizing this beautiful event. It
                          Office $30 each                                    was a spiritual evening of prayer and devotion.

                 Don’t forget…our Weekend Mass schedule changes this week….
                     Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
                                                                Knights Corner….
The Social Teachings of the Church                                Check out our bulletin sponsor! Be sure to
This year we will be looking at the "principles" of               mention you saw them in the Sacred Heart
Catholic Social Teachings and how to apply them to the                        Church Bulletin!
political, economic and social issues challenging us.             Welcome to our newest Bulletin Sponsor….
Special inserts and presentations at Faith Formation will
take place for the whole parish throughout the year.
                                                                              Regina’s Hair Salon
This year's Parish Faith Formation will explore and                  2199B Canada Street ~ Lake George, NY
discuss the social teachings. It will be the theme for our                  (across from the Lake George Forum)
Faith Formation program and for all parishioners.                                (518) 668-9131
All families and adults are welcome to attend the sessions               Stop by the salon and see Sarah!
that follow Sunday Mass in the Parish Center. We will         Check out our bulletin sponsors. Some of the ads
have guest speakers throughout the year as well. Next         have been changed for the winter. Thank you to all
session, October 16th following the 9:00 a.m. Mass.           or our sponsors for supporting our bulletin!

 Winter Mass Schedule begins October 15-16th                  Seminarian Dinner…for Bryan Zielenieski…
Saturday - 4:00 p.m. Vigil at Sacred Heart                    Saturday, November 5th after the 4pm Mass. Adults:
Sunday - 9:00 a.m. Mass at Sacred Heart                       $10, Children under 12: $5. Chicken, Rice, Salad,
(at Blessed Sacrament in Bolton Landing - 10:45 a.m.)         Deserts. Can’t join us? Donations cheerfully accepted!

                                                                                Sarah O’Connor-Filippelli was
The New Roman Missal…                                                           inducted into the National Society of
The Roman Missal, which contains the order and prayers                          Collegiate Scholars on October 9.
of Mass, has been revised. Use of the new Missal will
begin on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27th,                    WINE, FOOD AND A MOVIE
around the world in the Catholic Church.                      Friday, November 11, 2011 - 6 PM at the Parish
Information and explanation will be forthcoming over the                             Center
next two months. Pew cards will be used to enable             Come and learn about the health benefits of wine
everyone to learn the words and singing the new               and diet, see the movie Bottle Shock, enjoy some fine
translation of the prayers and responses for Mass.             wine and food and discover how to pair food with
                                                              wine. Bulletin insert next weeks bulletin. It will have
Craft Fair Update…                                                 lots of details and information. Mark your
Many thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who            calendars…we are going to have a great time and
helped with the Craft Fair this year. We had a great                    you won’t want to miss the fun!
turnout and lots of good responses. We raised
approximately $1,500 for our Building Fund! Many
                                                              Community Dinner…starts this week, Wednesday,
thanks to our good friends at the Lake George Baking
Company for their donation of the delicious cider
                                                              October 19th. Team 1 is serving pork chops! 5-6pm.
donuts; From Bagels to Burgers for their donation of          Join us for this FREE weekly dinner.
the fabulous bagels; McWhorter’s orchards & Margaret
Sandora for the donation of baskets of freshly picked         Upcoming Opportunities for Adult Faith Formation in
apples. But our biggest thanks go to all of our               the North Country….sponsored by the NC Café….
VOLUNTEERS who worked so hard and so cheerfully!              World Youth Day…October 23rd 3-7pm, (for youth 9th –
                                                              12th grade) @ St. Michaels’s in So. Glens Falls. Includes 6pm
Communications Committee: We are looking for a                Mass to which ALL are welcome.
public relations/public information volunteer to be part of   Annulment Seminar…Thursday, November 17,
our new Communications Committee. The volunteer               6:30pm @ Sacred Heart in Lake George. Do you or
would be responsible for press and media contacts and         anyone you know have questions about the annulment process?
                                                              Fr. Jim Donlon from the Tribunal will be the speaker. Also
for composing press releases about on going and up
                                                              invited are those who have annulments to share their
coming events at Sacred Heart. If interested please           experiences.
contact John McDonnell at 518-538-9501 or by e-mail at
Getting to Know the Advent Readings…Sunday,                      retreatant. Contact Rosemarie Tobin at the Diocesan
November 27th, 2-4pm @ St. Cecilia’s in Warrensburg.             Office of Evangelization 453-6630
Presented by Sr. Kitty Hanley
                         Sacred Heart Catholic Community
                                                                 Family Faith Formation …
                                                               2 . Session for Family Faith Formation is
  Next Weekend…Stewardship Fair…                               this Sunday, October 16th beginning with 9am
  Saturday, October 22nd after the 4pm Mass and                Mass. Topic: Our Brother’s Keepers: Social
  Sunday, October 23rd after the 9am Mass, in the              Sin & Social Responsibility” (don’t forget…Mass is at
  Cloister. There will be representatives with                 9am!) (Confirmation information below)
  information about the various ministries of your             If you have NOT registered your family, it’s not too late!
  church where you can become involved, and become             Pick up your Registration Forms in Church, at the Parish
  an important, vital part of our church life. Please          Center or through our web site.
  prayerfully consider what Ministry you would like to         Mark the Dates for your Family calendar: October
  become a part of. There will be people to talk to from       30, November 13, December 4
  Prayer & Worship Ministries + Faith Formation
  Ministries + Christian Service Ministries +
  Administration Ministries. Please, plan on stopping by       Confirmation Information…the date of Confirmation is
  and signing up for the ministry that you would like to       Friday, November 4th, here at Sacred Heart Parish.
  become a part of. Thank you.                                 Confirmation Class Schedule:
  Coffee Hour…Sunday, October 23rd after the 9am Mass.         Sunday, October 16th, Rite of Calling at 9am Mass and
  During our Stewardship Fair!                                 class at 4 - 7pm
                                                               Sunday, October 23rd, 4-7pm
  October 23rd… Autumn Diocesan Gathering                      Sunday, October 30th. 4-7pm
  (formerly “Parish Convening”) – “We are Children of          Confirmation Retreat TBA
  Hope, We are the Amazement of God” at the
  Christian Brothers Academy, Albany, (8:15am-2:30pm)            Weekend Mass Time Change…tell your friends
  $25 per person. Check out the classes offered at                   and neighbors…starting THIS week…
  www.rcda.org. Click Autumn Diocesan Gathering.                      AUTUMN/WINTER MASS SCHEDULE
  Or, there is information and registration forms in the
                                                                              Saturday Vigil at 4:00pm
  back of church or in the parish office. A great
  opportunity for everyone to help strengthen their
                                                                                  Sunday 9:00am
  ministry and faith.                                          Blessed Sacrament in Bolton: Sunday at 10:45am

                                                               Have you heard about the new book that Fr. Ken
                                                               McGuire, CSP has written about the history of the
                                                               Paulists at Lake George? It’s called Holy Ground for
  Time Capsule Committee: We are planning a Time               Generations. It is a beautiful, informative book, 144
  Capsule project at Sacred Heart for the Spring of 2012.      pages are full color photos! A wonderful coffee table book
   The Time Capsule will be a Sacred Heart Community           telling all about the history of the Paulists, Lake George
  effort in commemoration of the re-dedication of our newly    and St. Mary’s on the Lake. Price is $40 + shipping.
  renovated church and will be an opportunity to involve all   Contact Fr. Ken directly if you would like to purchase a
  of the parishioners, young and old, alike! If you would      book. Kennethmcguire777@gmail.com or (760) 322-6563.
  like to be on the Time Capsule Committee please contact      If you would like to see a copy, stop by the office and take
  Committee Chairperson Terry Mooney via the Parish            a look at ours. Would make a terrific gift!
  Office or by emailing John McDonnell at
  jjmcdonn@juno.com or by calling 518 538 9501
                                                               Please be aware of where you are parking…the
                                                               south side of Mohican Street, in front of the Parish
  Fall Retreat for Adults with Developmental Disabilities…     Center, where the curbs are painted yellow, is a NO
  will be held on Sunday, Nov. 6th, 1:30-5pm at St. Mary’s     PARKING ZONE. Please DO NOT PARK THERE,
  Church in Ballston Spa. The retreat will include prayer,     even if you are only ‘running in for a minute’. We have
  creative activities, social time and will conclude with
  Mass. Registration is due by Oct. 28th and is $20 per
3 parking lots for you to choose from, please park in
one of those.

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