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									      Adoption Success Toolbox: Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

      This quick reference guide template is designed to provide travelers and travel arrangers with a tri -fold
      reference tool. You can send a copy by email, post it on your company intranet or print in tri -fold for distributing
      at orientation sessions.

To customize the reference template, follow these steps:

      1.     Replace all TEXT PLACEHOLDERS with company-specific information
      2.     Use the existing screen shots or replace with screen shots from your own booking site
      3.     Copy the screen using the Print Screen command and then Paste into PowerPoint
      4.     Right-click on the picture and display the Picture Toolbar, then use the Cropping Tool to remove
             unwanted images and text from the edges of the picture
      5.     Resize the picture to fit the guidelines of the box on the page using the Corner Resize Handles while
             pressing the Shift key to keep the image clear. If necessary, move the picture behind the text boxes by
             using the Draw-Order-Send To Back command.
      6.     Delete the original screen shot
      7.     Avoid adding lines and arrows that connect the text boxes to the screen shots since they are time -
             consuming to create and maintain and can actually confuse your audience
      8.     Delete this slide of instructions

      By keeping the reference guide simple, clean and consistent, your audience will be able to clearly understand
      the information you are presenting. Consult your internal marketing resources for assistance and on issues of
      company style and format. And, contact your CSM if you need assistance.
                                             BOOKING FLIGHTS                                            BOOKING HOTEL ROOMS
                                             Have you noticed the new look of the                       The new visual display of hotels on
INSERT CORPORATE OR SITE                     Begin Search page? Check out the                           SITE make it easy to f ind the
       LOGO HERE                             enhanced design today – it‟s easier to book                most convenient hotel f or your trip.
                                             f lights, f ind low f ares and make better
                                             business decisions online.

Quick Reference Guide

SITE is COMPANY‟s corporate
online booking site designed especially
f or our employee‟s business travel needs.

Backed by the world‟s leading
technology, SITE provides you
with access to the inf ormation you need
to plan and book your next business trip.
                                             Tips For Booking Flights:
                                             • Select „Flight‟ under Trip Requirements AND car
• Easy To Use – More leisure-like look          or hotel if needed to automatically guide you thru
  and f eel makes it easy to book               the booking process
  business trips online                      • Use multiple destinations if you are visiting more
• Convenient – Book air, car and hotel          than one city on your trip                              Tips For Booking Hotels:
  reservations online, 24 X 7                • Search by Schedule allows you to select the
                                                                                                        • To create a hotel-only booking, select only
• Control – Choose f rom the widest             flights you prefer if date/time is most important -       hotel on the Begin Search page
  selection of travel options available         SITE will price your itinerary then offer lower fare
                                                                                                        • You can reserve up to 3 rooms on a booking
• Savings – Reduces COMPANY‟s travel            options to consider (Note alternate airports might
                                                be shown in options)                                    • NEW Search capabilities - Search for hotels
  costs and improves negotiations with                                                                    by Address, Zip Code, Hotel Name, Chain,
                                             IF INSTANT ITINERARIES ACTIVATED
  our pref erred suppliers                   • Search by Price will return both of your outbound          Reference Points, Preferred Properties and
                                                and return flight options on the same page with           Airport or Downtown Locations
                                                the price for the entire trip. There will be up to 10   • NEW Search for hotels by proximity to a
                                                options displayed for your consideration                  reference point to find the closest hotel to a
                                             • IF FARE-LED SEGMENTS ACTIVATED                             specific locations
• Click on TRAVEL on INTRANET to             • Search by Price will return both your outbound           • Reference Point searches include
  automatically sign into SITE                  and return flight options on the same page with           COMPANY locations for hotels near our
• The home page is called the Begin             the price AND a matrix for you to see lower fare          offices
                                                options on specific carriers quickly
  Search page                                                                                           • Choose a hotel and click Check Rates to see
                                             • IF FARE-LED ITINERARIES ACTIVATED
• Verif y your personal inf ormation and                                                                  more hotel information and rates available for
                                             • Search by Price will return both your outbound
  pref erences in My Account                                                                              your visit
                                                and return flight options on the same page with
                                                                                                        • Always select the lowest rate and take
                                                price for the entire trip with up to # OF OPTIONS
                                                options displayed for your consideration                  advantage of our corporate preferred rates
                                                                                                          when offered
                                                                                                     CONFIRMING BOOKINGS
BOOKING RENTAL CARS                               DO YOU BOOK TRAVEL FOR OTHER                       • Modify, Remove or Add any itinerary options on
The new visual display of car company             EMPLOYEES?                                           the Review Trip page
  inf ormation on SITE makes booking cars         Tips For Travel Arrangers:                         • Complete the Policy Compliance section if
  the easiest part of booking online.                                                                  required to provide a reason for going out of
                                                  • Go to My Account and click “People I               policy and complete the Reason for Travel
                                                    Arrange Travel For” under Travel Arranger        • Verify Passenger Information page is correct
                                                    Settings                                           (profile in My Account is used here)
                                                  • Click Add, enter the traveler‟s name and click   • Select a “Purpose of Trip” from the drop-dow n
                                                    Search                                             on the Purchasing Information Page
                                                  • Click Add by the traveler‟s name and their       • Click Purchase Trip on the Purchasing
                                                    name will appear on the Begin Search Page          Information page to send the reservation to the
                                                    under the Arrange Travel For menu                  agency for review and ticketing

                                                  • Set up e-mail settings to receive booking
                                                  • Exit My Account to save settings

Tips For Bookings Cars
• To create a car-only booking, select only car
  on the Begin Search page
• Click Express Booking to quickly book
  COMPANY‟s preferred rental car vendor
• Search to pick-up/drop-off cars at airport or
  non-airport locations
• Choose a car by clicking on the total price
  shown                                                                                               MORE REASONS TO USE SITE
                                                  Tips For Travelers:
• The total price shown includes all applicable                                                       • Online Help and Tutorial on every page
                                                  • Go to My Account and click “People Allowed
  taxes and fees and is based on information                                                          • Maps, Directions, Weather, City Guides,
                                                    to Arrange My Travel”
  available at the time of booking. Charges for                                                         World Clock, etc. can be found under
  optional services, fuel, insurance waivers,     • Complete the Travel Arranger Permissions
                                                                                                        Travel tools
  etc., are not included                            section to allow/deny changes to your
                                                    account, or arranger self designation             • Receive the latest flight information in the
• View the car rental company's policy after                                                            Arrival & Departure section
  you select a car for additional information     • To give access to other employees to book         • Save any trip as a Trip Template to quickly
  and restrictions                                  your travel, enter the name, Search and             re-book repeat trips – access Trip
                                                    when the arranger name appears, click Add           Templates in the My Trips section
                                                                                                      • You can access all previously made
                                                                                                        bookings in the My Trips section
                                                                                                      • To cancel or modify a reservation online,
                                                                                                        view the trip in My Trips

                                                                                                         Contact CONTACT at EMAIL with
                                                                                                         questions or suggestions about

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