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					Singapore Work Visa Information At Rikvin

Rikvin, a leading corporate solutions agent on company incorporation and Singapore work
visa application in Singapore explains the different types of Singapore work visa.

Rikvin has outlined and presented the following Singapore work visa descriptions for easy
identification of entrepreneurs.

          Employment Pass - is designed for foreign professionals employed by companies
           operating in Singapore. A foreign entrepreneur who has incorporated a
           Singapore private limited company is also eligible for an EP so as to operate the
           business in Singapore. All managing directors and shareholders of a company,
           who are not Singapore citizens or permanent residents, are also eligible for EP.
          Entrepreneur Pass - is a work visa designed for foreign entrepreneurs for whom
           may lack the appropriate educational or specialist skills qualification, but have
           proven track records of successful business ventures or possess innovative
           business ideas that have good economic prospects.
          S Pass - is designed for mid-level skilled foreign workers employed by companies
           operating in Singapore. The application is assessed based on a point system with
           consideration for each of the following factors: salary, education qualifications,
           skills, job type and work experience. The number of S Pass holders a Singapore
           company can employ is capped at a sub-quota of 25% of the company’s total
          Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) - is not tied to an employer for it is granted
           based on the applicant’s individual merits. The PEP holder can switch employers
           without affecting the status of his PEP, and has up to 6 months in between jobs
           to stay in Singapore to seek employment opportunities.
          Miscellaneous Work Pass - Foreigners working in Singapore on short-term
           assignments of up to 60 days are required to obtain a Miscellaneous Work Pass
           (MWS). Professional Visit Pass has been replaced by MWS.
          Training Employment Pass - is required for foreigners who are on practical
           training attachments for professional, managerial, executive or specialist jobs in
          Multiple-Journey Business Visa - facilitates the frequent entry of business
           executives from visa-requiring countries into Singapore. This will benefit the
           foreign investors or business people who visit Singapore frequently to attend to
           the business or investment needs.

About the Publisher:

Rikvin Group was founded in 1998 on the premise that entrepreneurs require a service that
empowers them to achieve their business incorporation goals in the most cost-effective and
expeditious way while maintaining the highest level of personal confidence in the quality of
the corporate services offered.

Rikvin provides a full spectrum of corporate services under one roof for Singapore company
incorporation, accounting, Singapore income tax, Singapore work visa and related
compliance services both for individuals and companies worldwide.
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