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									Over the last two decades plotter printers were the hot topics in the electronics industry and this is due its high quality printing. These types of plotter printers are used for printing a PDF, CAD, maps and all types of images. It can also print images which have more than 10MB as its size. These types of plotters are manufactured by many companies and one such company is HP. HP Design jet 4000PS Plotter is one of the product of HP and it is rocking the market with its speed and quality output. Nowadays many companies are switching their printers to this model as it can print more plots i.e. it can even print 10 in a day. This plotter comes with inbuilt memory and the size of the memory is 256MB. Generally plotter printers impress people by its speed and HP Design jet 4000PS Plotter is not an exception. It will take less than 5 minutes to load a 50MB file or image and to print it. No need to worry even if you have a 100MB file as this printer can print that file in 10minutes. Weight of this printer is 250lbs and other specifications are: Width: 76” Depth: 31.5” Height: 53.2” You need to concentrate on the ink quality as well. The ink quality determines the output clarity of a print. Spooling is also made easy in this version and we must thank the HP technical panel for this. It is also easy to feed paper to this printer and the best thing is that you can feed papers in large volume too. HP is selling this product for $5,450. However this may vary depending upon the resellers as you can avail discount offers these days with many sellers. There is no doubt in the fact that: “plotter printers made work easy. “

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