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					United High School

 “Longhorn Band”

Student Handbook

    2009 – 2010
I       Participation Expectations                  3
II      Rehearsal Expectations                      3-4
III     Band Courses & Performing Ensembles         4-6
IV      Academic Eligibility                        7
V       Competitions                                7-8
VI      Auditions, Challenges, & Chair Promotions   8
VII     Band Hall/Practice Room Rules               8-9
VIII    Public Appearances                          9 - 10
IX      Uniforms                                    10 - 11
X       Dress Code                                  11
XI      School Owned Instruments                    12
XII     Band Grades                                 13
XIII    Band Jackets                                13
XIV     Band Awards                                 13 - 14
XV      Band Booster Scholarship Guidelines         14 - 15
XVI     Band Officers                               16 - 17
XVII    UISD Drug Testing Policy                    17 - 22
XVIII   Cellular Phone Usage Policy                 23
XIX     Travel/Bus Rules                            23 - 24
XX      Procedures for Discipline                   25

XXI          Conclusion                                                                25
XXII         UHS Band items needed letter                                              26
XXIII        2009-2010 Band Calendar                                                   27 - 28

       Many times during the busy summer season, or during the mostly frantic school year, things
go unsaid or are said quickly and forgotten. Therefore, we feel that by establishing some basic
guidelines and placing them on paper, many questions can be answered.

       The band’s purpose is not only to serve the school and community through marching at
football games and playing in concerts, thus providing entertainment and enhancing school and
community spirit, but also to furnish the student with an invaluable experience. The disciplines of
a good marching band are similar to those required in athletics. Both develop coordination,
cooperation, teamwork, and self-discipline to a degree not possible in academic subjects. The
band is no haven for a lazy student. It demands and develops concentration so essential to success
in any field of endeavor.

        By accepting membership in the United High School Band, you agree to perform to the best
of your abilities and work together with the band staff in making this year’s band the finest musical
organization that our combined efforts can produce. We do not expect every person in the band to
be a virtuoso musician or performer. We do expect mature, responsible attitudes and actions - and
lots of hard work! Report promptly to all rehearsals, classes and performances. Practice
sufficiently to be able to perform your part well, and give it your “best shot” - every time, all the
time! The success of any organization is dependent on the spirit, pride, leadership, teamwork,
dedication and cooperation of its members. Certain rules, policies and procedures are necessary so
that the overall goals of the group are met and the welfare of each individual
Member is best served.

       The band directors and band members have developed this handbook through the years. Its
purpose is to familiarize each band member with: (1) the general operation and procedures of the
Longhorn Band, and (2) the standards by which all band members are expected to conduct
themselves. The handbook is not intended to be all-inclusive, as every possible situation and
question cannot be predicted in advance; however, a thorough knowledge of these materials is
essential to the smooth operation and success of the band this year.

                          UNITED HIGH SCHOOL BAND DIRECTOR’S

            John J. Mallon, Director of Bands, Wind Ensemble Conductor
 Jose M. Castro, Symphonic Band Conductor, Woodwinds Instructor, Director of Jazz
                               and Mariachi instructor
               Abel Vergara, Concert Band Conductor, Brass Instructor
                        Mr. Jason Dye, Percussion Instructor
                       Ms. Daniela Bermudez, Color Guard Instructor
                        Mr. Guillermo Sandoval, Guard Technician

                             UNITED HIGH SCHOOL BAND PHONE:
                               Mr. Mallon’s Office #473-5753
                                Mr. Castro’s Office #473-5752

                STUDENT HANDBOOK


       A yearly band calendar is enclosed for your use in planning your family schedule for the
2009-2010 school year. Each band student is important to the success of our many activities. We
must be able to count on 100% attendance at these performances. If a family emergency occurs
unexpectedly, PARENTS, please call the band office at 473-5753. Occasionally, there may be family
commitments (weddings, graduations, etc.); in which case, we will try to be flexible and work with
you on an individual basis. This must be discussed in detail well in advance (a month or more!).
Student job commitments are NOT reasons for an excused absence from band performances or
rehearsals! Many band students work and participate successfully in band. We suggest that all
working band students take a copy of the “Yearly Band Calendar” to his/her employer and clear all
band performances and rehearsals. Ninety-nine percent of employers are very understanding and
are flexible if they know of band commitments well in advance, and they understand that band
performances are a required and vital part of the course work. Work with employers to clear the
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night rehearsals from 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. These extra rehearsals
do not last all year. (We are glad to talk to employers to validate student commitment.) If a band
student has an unexcused absence from a performance/required function, they are subject to
immediate removal from the band program.

       In band rehearsals, we not only deal with a creative process, but also with a great deal more
students at one time than do other classroom teachers. Because of this, it is imperative that band
students be organized and prepared for every rehearsal. When an individual is not able to play his
musical instrument during a rehearsal, it hurts the GROUP as well as the individual. It is important
that the student’s musical instrument is in good working condition, that (s)he has a pencil to mark
his music, and that (s)he has important accessories such as drill books, mutes, reeds, and valve oil
for EVERY rehearsal. It is also obvious that the creative process that we are involved in cannot
take place unless there is a quiet, attentive atmosphere in the classroom. Students who do not live

up to the high rehearsal expectations of the United “Longhorn Band” will be counseled, and, if
necessary, moved to a lower level band or be removed from the band program completely.

       The success of a band depends on how it rehearses. How a band rehearses depends on the
conduct and cooperation of the students. Rehearsals are where learning takes place. Be patient,
attentive, and cooperative in observing these rehearsal rules.

1.    Be on time for all rehearsals. Attendance will always be taken at the beginning of each
      rehearsal. Tardiness will count against a band member and disciplinary action will be taken.
      The director will determine which tardies are to be excused.

2.    The bulletin board or chalkboard should be read when entering the rehearsal room.

3.    Take out your instrument and begin warming up. Warm-up should consist of playing long
      tones and scales softly. There should be no blasting of instruments or unnecessary loud
      playing in any section.

4.    Stop the warm-up and tuning when the director or an officer steps on the podium. Raise your
      hand for recognition if you wish to ask questions.

5.    There is to be NO TALKING or unnecessary moving around at any time during rehearsal. All
      members will be at CONCERT ATTENTION. When the director is off the podium, band
      members will be at CONCERT REST position but may not talk. When the Directors arms are
      raised in the conducting position all instruments should be raised to playing position

6.    Do not leave your seat at ANY TIME during a rehearsal unless you have the director’s
      permission or you have a personal emergency. Also, the director, and NOT the school bell,
      will dismiss you from all rehearsals.

7.    The rehearsal room will be kept orderly with music and instruments in their designated
      places. Keep all cases in your locker.

8.    Music folders and music are issued for your use. You are responsible for taking care of both.
      You will be responsible to pay for the folder or flip flop if lost.

9.    Gum chewing or eating of any kind is not permitted during rehearsals, performances, or any
      time that you are in uniform. Food, drinks, gum and candy will not be tolerated in the
      music building at any time.

10.   A student who misses a marching band rehearsal will not be allowed to participate in that
      weekends band activities, football game or marching contest. If this occurs twice the
      student will be permanently removed for the marching band show.


III   BAND COURSES (All Students must be enrolled in both semesters of band each year
      in order to be eligible for any awards and Senior Jackets.)
MARCHING BAND (Fall Semester Only)

       The marching band will not meet as one class due to the size of the band and will be divided
into three bands as described on the following page. The Full Marching band will meet after school
for the duration of the marching season. With an annual membership of over 190, the marching
band performs at football games, marching contests, parades, pep rallies, and other events. In
order to be a member of the U.I.L. Marching Band, a student must be enrolled in one of the 3 band
courses held during the school day, attend the summer band sessions, and attend all after school
rehearsals. This will not necessarily assure each student of an active position in the band but will
help determine who is most qualified to play and march in the competing group. Most
performances are evenings or weekends. This means that a band member must attend all
rehearsals and performances. The band directors will determine what constitutes a valid excuse for
missing a rehearsal or performance. The summer band sessions are extremely important for the
student to attend. As these rehearsals determine who will be given a marching spot on the field.


       The Color-Guard class will be held during 3rd block for 10th, 11th, and 12th grader at the main
campus, and 4th block for freshman at the freshman campus for both the fall and spring semester.
The guard is open to any interested and qualified students who may want to participate. Training
sessions will be given to new members. Instrumentalist will not be allowed to be a member of the
flag corp. Color guard members will be required to purchase items necessary for their uniform and
practice attire. All performing guard members must be enrolled ion the class in order to
participate in the guard for marching season or Winter-guard season.


       The Wind Ensemble is the top performance and competing group. Membership for this group
is obtained by attending the District band auditions in November. Chair placement is based on the
district, region, and area audition results. Those students in the Wind Ensemble must be enrolled
in the 4th block class for the spring and fall semesters. This band performs at school functions,
concerts, band festivals and U.I.L. Concert & Sight-Reading Contest. Members of this group must
attend all after school rehearsals, all performances, and competitions.


       The Symphonic Band is the second of three competing band at United High School. The
Symphonic band will meet 2nd block all year. Membership for this group is obtained by attending
the District band auditions in November. Chair placement is based on the district, region, and area
audition results. This band performs at selected school functions, concerts, local band festivals
and U.I.L. Concert & Sight-Reading Contest. Members of this group will be required to attend all
after school rehearsals, all performances, and competitions.


       The Concert band is the third of three competing bands at United High School. This band is
geared towards those students who need a little more preparation before they move up to one of
the other two band art United High School. It is comprised of only freshman and will meet 1st
period all year at the Freshman campus. This band performs at certain school functions, concerts,
local band festivals and possibly U.I.L. Concert & Sight-Reading Contest depending upon the
eligibility factor.


       The percussion ensemble/Indoor drum line is a performance group that will perform a wide
variety of percussion ensemble literature and arrangements. This experience will enable the
students to receive instruction and perform on many different types of percussion instruments,
perform in other than an accompaniment role, learn to listen to the instruments of their own
family, and familiarize them with this ever-growing genre. The Percussion Ensemble/Indoor drum
line performs for school functions, festivals, and other community events. The Percussion
Ensemble/Indoor drum line may rehearse before or after school if needed. The director will
determine instrumentation in each section. Membership is gained through audition with the
ensemble director. The percussion ensemble classis held for all9th thru 12 th graders during 1st block
in the fall semester, and 1st, 2nd, or 4th block in the spring semester when the students will be
divided into the three other band classes.


       The Jazz Ensemble offers the student the opportunity to play in the different styles and
periods of Jazz, Latin Jazz, and Rock. Students have the chance to express themselves through
improvisation on their instruments. The Jazz Ensemble performs for school functions, festivals,
and other community events. The Jazz Ensemble may rehearse before or after school if needed.
The director will determine instrumentation in each section. Membership is gained through audition
with the jazz ensemble director. In order to participate in the Jazz ensemble a students must be an
active and participating member of the band.


       Membership in the Mariachi band is gained by approval or by audition with the director. This
group will have many performances throughout the year. In most cases you will be notified at least
one week before any performance, but sometimes a performance may come up that does not give
us one week to prepare. The Mariachi will meet at the discretion of the director. In order to
participate in the mariachi students must be an active and participating member of the band. This
ensemble performs for community related events as well as U.I.S.D. functions. The Mariachi band
is not for hire for Birthdays, quinceneras or parties.


       Membership in the basketball band is open to any member who wishes to participate. The
basketball band begins playing at the games starting in December; the music that is played is
usually the same as during the marching season. Members who consistently perform with the
basketball band will be considered to accompany the team to the playoff games out of town


       Membership is by audition only, and you must be enrolled in the 3rd block class to
participate. Eligibility in accordance with UIL/TEA rules; all interested students may try out.
Winter guard season begins in January and concludes in April. Students will be required to
purchase their uniform for performances and practices. The winter guard will meet 3rd block and
after school. Only those students enrolled in the class will be allowed to participate in the winter


       All music organizations adhere to the eligibility rules and regulation as stated by TEA and
UISD. For more information and answers to specific questions you may refer to the TEA UIL Side by
side at http://www.uil.utexas.edu/policy/pdf/06_07sidebyside.pdf
To be eligible at the high school level at the beginning of the school year, students must have
earned the accumulated number of credits in the state-approved courses indicated below.

Beginning of 10th grade year – 5 or more credits toward graduation
Beginning of 11th grade year – 10 or more credits toward graduation
Beginning of 12th grade year – 15 or more credits toward graduation

Any student whose recorded grade average in any course is lower than 70 at the end of a nine
weeks period shall be suspended from participation during the next Nine week period. However, a
student may regain eligibility seven calendar days after the three-week evaluation period if the
student is passing all courses on the last day of the three-school-week period. Students enrolled in
certain upper-level courses may apply for a waiver from the eligibility requirements. The district
provides a list of these courses and policies associated with waivers.

       The Longhorn Band Staff will enforce all eligibility rules and regulations. Students who are
ineligible will continue to rehearse during his/her band classes and before and after school and
participate in curricular performances to earn his/her band grade. Ineligible students may not
travel with the band or participate in extracurricular performances. An example of a curricular
performance would be a spring concert and an extracurricular performance would be a football
halftime, parade, pep rally or any type of contest. Be advised that excessive absences from school
may also result in a student being declared ineligible.

       The band staff and United High School staff work hard to assist and encourage band students
to perform up to their potential in ALL classes. Since both Marching Band and Concert Band are
group activities, each individual band student plays an important part in the success of the group.
The band staff consults both with teachers and students for strategies for improving individual
student performance. Obviously, we cannot be successful as a band unless our students are
successfully passing ALL classes.


       All band members are required to participate in the UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest, which is
held on February 6th and 7th, 2009 with United H.S. as the Host. This contest allows the individual
to perform for a judge and possibly qualify for a medal. All students will need to pay for their
entry fee for this contest. Each event that they are entered in will cost $6.00. This fee is due
by Friday December 12th in order for the student to be signed up for this event

       Solos help develop and improve individual performance while ensembles help a student
develop ensemble techniques, which will help in band performance. Students are encouraged to
participate in two events (one solo and one ensemble). Due to scheduling and shortage of
accompanists for U.I.L., the band directors may limit and control who will be allowed to perform a
solo at U.I.L.


      Band members are REQUIRED to try out for these competitive bands. This contest is where
the chair order will be determined for the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic, and Concert Band’s

Only those students deemed qualified by the band director will be allowed to try out for the
Region, and All-State Jazz competitions.

A student may participate in the All Region Orchestra tryouts if its does not conflict with band
events. The director will allow only qualified students to attend this tryout. Students who wish to
participate in this event may be asked to provide their own transportation.

       Chair placement into the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic and Concert bands is determined by
the students ranking at the District/Region/Area tryouts. If a students wishes to challenge another
student they must first fill out the form and take it to the director. Then the director will assign
the tryout material. The challenge will usually take place one week after the form was turned in
to the band office. Students may challenge only one chair higher than his/her position in the band
at any one time. A cut off date set by the band directors will be announced and all challenges will

      By participating in these tryouts, students improve their overall playing ability, and get a
chance to experience performances with other fine musicians in our city and region. If these
competitions are held in Laredo, students are asked to provide their own transportation.

1.      Absolutely no food or drink, gum or candy is allowed in the band hall or practice rooms
        unless authorized by a director.

2.    Practice rooms are for musical practices only, not for studying or talking.

3.    In most cases, it is best to practice alone.

4.    Please help keep your rehearsal areas clean!

5.    Use a combination lock on all band hall lockers, Key Locks will be cut!

6.    The placement of permanent stickers and/or writing on the lockers is not allowed. The
      penalty for this may be an after school detention for defamation of school property.

7.    For the protection of all band equipment and other reasons, non-band members are NOT
      allowed in the band hall at any time.

      ANY REASON. The music building MUST be kept locked at all times to protect our equipment
      and our students. Students found leaving doors propped open will be dealt with severely.



       Normal school policy dictates that band students ride to, and return from all off-campus
performances as a group using transportation provided by the district. On rare occasions, an
emergency or conflict with other school-sponsored events necessitates that parents provide
transportation to or from an off-campus performance. In such a situation a note signed by the
parent should be presented to a director, and one of the directors must physically see the parent
take the student. This protects both the parents and the school. Any other types of releases from a
performance must be cleared in advance With Mr. Mallon.

       Football games are fun, and we are there to support the team. However, we must maintain
a class act at all times. Band members can stand up and YELL and SCREAM in support of the team
throughout the game, but should always remain in his/her “spot.” It is important to remain alert
concerning all of the expensive equipment around you as well as the need to be ready to play at a
moment’s notice.

      Only band students are allowed in the band section... Alumni, parents, and family
members of the band students usually sit in an area adjacent to where the band sits at all football

       The culmination of all the work that has gone into tryouts, challenges, and rehearsals,
comes about in public appearances of the Longhorn Band. Public appearances are the single
greatest factor that influence the community’s and school’s perception of our organization. In
order to present the best possible image to our community, and school “Longhorn Band” members
are required to observe the following rules.

1.    Band members are required to attend all public appearances of the Longhorn Band,
      Mariachi, Jazz, and winter guard the ONLY acceptable exceptions are those cleared with a
      director at least two weeks in advance. Weddings and quincaneras are acceptable excuses
      ONLY if a family member is the person being married or presented.

2.    Except in cases of extreme emergency or illness, band members will not be excused from
      rehearsals. During the marching season, absences may result in the student placed on an
      alternate status or not being permitted to attend the football game or performance. The
      director will decide when an absence will count as excused.

3.    For pre-arranged absences, a written excuse from a parent or guardian must be presented to
      the director at least 5 days before the absence is to occur. For unexpected absences, the
      student is to bring a written excuse from a parent or guardian.

4.    Any band member missing a performance without a legitimate written excuse, will be
      subject to a chair demotion and either the grade will be lowered or he/she will not be
      allowed to participate or travel with the band on certain designated events.

5.    Approach performances with enthusiasm and determination to make each appearance a
      success for our band, yourself, and your school. All performances are an extension of the
      classroom and therefore will be given the credit of one exam grade per performance.

6.    All information concerning public appearances will be announced by your director as early as

       The Longhorn Band received brand new marching uniforms fromthat are valued at over
$350.00 each. Any part of the uniform garments that are destroyed or damaged in any way must be
replaced by the student to whom the uniform is issued. The concert uniform lists for $150.00. All
U.H.S. band uniforms are to be treated with proper care and attention. The uniforms must always
be hung properly on the provided hanger, inside the garment bag. Shoes must not be placed inside
the garment bag at any time. The student is responsible to dry clean the uniform when asked to do
so by the director, usually 5 time a year for the marching uniform and 2 for the concert uniform.

Each band member must furnish the following parts of the uniform:
MARCHING: Black marching shoes, band shirt, Black socks, and gloves

CONCERT(for Wind Ensemble members ONLY): Boys will need to purchase a white tuxedo shirt,
bow tie, black dress shoes and black dress socks. Girls will need to get fitted for their dress and
may wear appropriate jewelry which compliments the uniform and dress shoes.

The color guard uniform may vary from year to year and members may be asked to furnish parts of
this uniform. When possible, band fund raising will help pay for this uniform.

Mariachi uniforms will be issued to the performing ensemble. Each member must provide a white
button down shirt and dark brown boots to match the uniform.

The following uniform rules will be observed:

1.   Uniforms must be dry cleaned and brought on time with receipt.
     -Failure to do so will result in receiving uniform last for next event or not being able to
     perform at next band event.
     * Receipt must have NAME, INSTRUMENT, and GRADE.
2.   Shoes and miscellaneous items cannot be left in bag.
     -Failure to remove them will result in a $5.00 fee to receive them back.
3.   Uniforms not folded correctly must be folded again or you will be fined a quarter and you
     must have the exact amount.
4.   Failure to properly store gauntlets will result in being fined a quarter and receive uniform
5.   You must wear shorts band shirt or a plain white t-shirt underneath the new marching
     uniform. If you plan on wearing Under Armor it can’t come in contact with uniform. Long
     Sleeve under Armor-Long Sleeve Shirt Short Sleeve Under Armor-Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

6.   The Uniform must be hemmed an inch above ankle bone.
7.   Must have a towel in order to sit down on bleachers.
8.   Black Shoes and Knee high socks need to be worn with uniform. No show sox are not
9.   No jewelry or Make-up!!!

1.   If hat is stained you must pay to have it cleaned.
2.   Any items left in the hat box, will result in a fee of $5.00 to receive it back. Gloves,
     flip folder etc…
3.   Hats must be held properly at ALL TIMES!
4.   Plumes must be held from bottom wire loop, not the feathers.
5.   When returning from an event, hat boxes must be stacked neatly in their
     designated area which is against the quartermaster room wall, and stored in the
     box properly.
6.   Make sure when returning from an event that your hat box has latches.
7.   When attending an out-of-town event you must retrieve your hat box from
     underneath the bus and stack it outside the quartermaster room against the wall.

1.   Band members are expected to maintain a neat appearance at all performances.

2.   When wearing the marching band uniform the following rules apply:

     a.    Girls must pin up their hair or, if it is too long, keep it
           under the collar.
     b.    Boys must maintain a hair length that does not go beyond the collar of the uniform.
           The hair should be kept well groomed and neat in appearance.

     c.    Earrings and other jewelry are not allowed to be worn during any performance unless
           pre-approved by the band director.


1.   Students using school owned instruments are responsible for keeping them cleaned, oiled
     and polished. Oil valves at least once a week and clean the inside of your brass instrument
     once a month during marching, and every other month during concert season.

2.   Damages to an instrument due to carelessness or lack of maintenance will be paid for by the
     student’s parents and the student may lose the privilege of using the instrument.

3.   Cases must be taken care of and no stickers or writing are permitted on them. Again, any
     damages to the case will be your responsibility.

4.   Always take good care of all school owned or personal instruments.

5.   Students are responsible for the care and maintenance of all accessories issued with the
     instrument and listed on the band instrument loan agreement card.

6.   Students who have checked out a school owned instrument must return the instrument in
     proper condition at the end of the school year.

7.   Some band instruments may be checked out over the summer vacation, at the director’s
     discretion only.

8.   The U.I.S.D. /U.H.S. Band Loan Agreement of School Owned Band Instruments signed by the
     student and the parent is a binding contract between U.I.S.D. and the band student. This
     agreement will be the final authority on all band instruments on loan to students, and the
     student and the parent who signs the card is responsible for each item listed therein. The
     parent’s in signing the handbook agreement form are also responsible for the instrument in
     case the student cannot replace or repair the instrument.

9.   Students are at no time allowed to switch an instrument with another student unless the
     approval of the director has been granted. The student’s must also fill out the Band Loan
     Agreement of School Owned Band Instruments, and return it to the director.

9.          Students will be required to purchase their own mouthpieces for brass, and woodwind
     instruments and all reeds, valve oil, and other materials needed ensure the instruments
     proper care and maintenance.

The United High School band will follow the following grading guidelines this year.

Band grades will be determined by each individual director and explained to the student
the first day of classes.

Please remember that ALL rehearsals and performances are mandatory and a students grade
will be affected by their absences from these events

       Band Jackets are awarded to Senior band members, and those students who make the 1st
region band. In almost all cases, a student at United High School can only qualify for one school
jacket. A student that is not enrolled in the band class for 4 consecutive years to include 8
semesters will not be eligible to receive a jacket paid for by the band.

Transfer students may qualify for a jacket providing they were an active member of     his/her high
school band for the correct amount of years to meet our requirement.

All members of the Longhorn Band will have the opportunity to compete for the following awards:

John Philip Sousa Award - This award is presented each year to the most outstanding senior band
member who displays superior musicianship, merit, leadership, dependability, loyalty, cooperation,
and other positive qualities of conduct. The directors select the recipient.

Arion Award - This award is presented to an outstanding musician that also displays a high
academic standing. The band directors make selection.

Patrick S. Gilmore Award- This award is may be presented when the
Need arises to recognize an outstanding Junior or Senior that has
Shown much dedication towards the Longhorn Band.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award - This award is presented to the outstanding jazz musician who has
contributed the most to our jazz ensemble program. The director will make the selection.

Woody Herman Jazz Award- This award is presented an exceptional musician who has made great
contributions to the Jazz ensemble. The director will make the selection.

Outstanding Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior band member. A trophy is given to the most
outstanding band members in each classification and will include a runner-up. Selection is made on
the basis of total accomplishment points for the year. A student may not receive the class award if
he/she has previously been selected for the Sousa Band Award, Arion Award, Gilmore, or Armstrong


Raymond Bostick Band Booster Scholarship GUIDELINES
In order for the applicant to be eligible for the scholarship, the following must be adhered to:
Applicant must be an active graduating senior of the band
Applicant must have plans to got to college, technical school or vocational school

Scholarships will be awarded according to the point rating that they receive on their applications.
The amounts will be decided by the booster club.


1.    Why Applicant deserves a scholarship = 5 points
      The student must write an essay describing why they feel they are the most qualified to
      receive one of the scholarships that the band boosters are offering.

2.    Participation in band activities = 20 points
      List the ensemble that you have participated in over the last 4 years in the band program.

3.    Student participation in band booster fundraisers = 15
      The student will give a detailed description of all fundraising activities sponsored by the
      booster club that he or she has sold ticket to, and or volunteered their time for within the
      past 4 years.

4.    Accomplishments with the band = 20
      The student will list all of the tryouts and or competitions that they have participated in
      within the past 4 years.

5.    Parental Involvement = 20
      The student will collaborate with their parent and give a detailed list of all fund-raisers,
      volunteering, and additional support that the parent has participated in within the last 4

6.    Grade Point Average = 10
      The applicant must have a GPA of 80 or better in order to apply for a scholarship. Their GPA
      will be a combination of their Freshman through Senior years. They will be scored as follows:
      80 - 85 = 4 points

       86 – 90 = 6 points
       91 – 95 points = 8 points
       96 – 100 = 10 points

7.     The applicant must have been a member of the United High School band for a minimum
       of 3 years. The years will be scored as follows
              3 years in band = 6 points
              4 years in band = 10 points

     1 -7 = 100 Total Points Maximum

      Each of the seven categories listed above will be worth from 0 to 25 points. The more
       activities in each category, the higher the points. The fewer the activities, the lower
       the points. Maximum total points will be 100.

      In the event of a tie, the GPA will be used to break the tie.

      Three independent judges having no ties or relationships to United High School, or the
       band students will judge the applications.

      The judges will have no knowledge whose application they are judging, as there will be
       no names on the application. Just a number.

      The scholarship committee will select the judges.

      No senior scholarship committee member will be allowed to nominate a judge.

      Scholarship applications will be the property of the UHS band booster’s scholarship

      Scholarship application will not be returned to the owner.

      The scholarship committee will verify information regarding parental & student
       involvement in band booster activities.

      The band director’s will verify the student’s accomplishments.

      All decisions of the scholarship committee and the judges will be final.
      There will be no appeals.

      Do not use your name or your parent’s name anywhere on the application, except where
       your name should go.

      All Scholarship application must be typed.

      No application will be accepted after the specified deadline has occurs.

     Applications will be given out in the spring semester and will the deadline for submission
      will be decided in the spring semester.

The Longhorn Band Directors rely on assistance of student officers to help govern the band
program. Listed below are different officers along with a brief description of the duties of each
office. All head officers, Section leaders, Drum Major and Guard Captain Candidates must apply
for the office that they wish to be appointed to.

DRUM MAJOR – This person must be a Junior or Senior. The drum major should display strong
leadership and motivational qualities and have knowledge of conducting music and teaching drill or
marching fundamentals. He or she will assist the band directors at marching functions and is
responsible to the directors. For the 2009-2010 school year all students must try-out.

ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR - This person must be a junior, or a senior and is selected by a tryout. He
or she assists the band directors during rehearsals and takes charge in the absence of the drum
major. Those students interested in trying out for assistant drum major must audition every year
for that position. The number of assistants will vary year to year depending on the demands of the

Drum Major & Assistant Drum Major are required to attend a summer leadership camp to
prepare them for their duties the following year.

COLOR GUARD CAPTAIN - This individual is selected by tryouts. This person must have had at least
one year of experience in color guard. The captain must show strong leadership qualities and
demonstrate extensive knowledge of flag maneuvers and marching fundamentals. The captain will
have to make up certain routines to some songs. The person selected to color guard captain or co-
captain must be able to attend summer color guard camp.

COLOR GUARD CO-CAPTAIN - The co-captain will assist the captain in carrying out her duties. The
co-captain will be in charge in the absence of the captain. The co-captain will be selected by
tryouts and must have at least one year of experience in a color guard. Co-Captains will vary year
to year depending on the demands of the show.

SECTION LEADERS - These individuals are selected by the band directors and assist in teaching and
rehearsing music or drill in marching shows. They should have a thorough knowledge of marching
fundamentals, drill teaching techniques and rehearsal methods. Section leaders must display a high
level of musicianship and have the ability to lead their section while maintaining a positive
rapport. They work under the supervision of the band director and may need to run music section
rehearsals, checking off music, instrument and uniform inspections. It is recommended that all
section leaders attend a summer music camp in order to benefit the educational growth of the

HEAD LIBRARIAN - The head librarian is appointed by the directors. He or she supervises and
manages all library operations including distributing, collecting, and cataloging of all band music.
Duties include keeping the library clean and in order, repairing torn music, passing out music, and
assigning folders.

ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS - The duties of the assistant librarians are similar to the head librarian.
Students volunteer for the position of librarian.

QUARTERMASTER - The head quartermaster is appointed by the band director’s and will be
charged with making sure that every student has a uniform and keeping a good inventory of those
uniforms and informing the band director when a uniform is in disrepair.

LOADING CREW - This individual should be a senior or a junior and is appointed by the band
director. He or she is responsible for the care of all equipment and supervises/assists with the
loading of equipment on all band trips. The equipment manager will supervise and organize a work
crew that will assist him in all work. This person also checks the set up for concerts and
performances. The equipment manager will solicit the assistance of other band officers when

HISTORIAN - This person must keep a scrapbook of all band events. Newspaper clippings, pictures,
and other information need to be kept in an organized way. The historian may be called upon to
assist other officers.

Note: Any of the band officer positions may be revoked by the director of bands if the officer
in question fails to perform his/her duties satisfactorily, or through improper actions causes
any detrimental situation within the band.

The United Independent School district has implemented a random drug testing policy for all extra-
curricular events for all band students from grades 7th thru 12th. The policy is described below.

  RATIONALE          The District has determined that the use of illegal drugs and alcohol among
                     students in grades 7-12 is a problem of increasing proportions. Disciplinary
                     incidents and information gathered from students and other reliable sources
                     within the schools and community indicate that such use is prevalent within
                     this segment of the student population. The District has attempted other,
                     less intrusive methods than drug and alcohol testing to prevent and deter
                     drug and alcohol use, but these methods have been shown to be mostly
                     ineffective. Consequently, based on the disciplinary incidents involving drugs
                     or alcohol, the information gathered on the prevalent use of illegal drugs and
                     alcohol by students, the failure of other methods to prevent and deter drug
                     and alcohol use, the threat to student health and safety, and the District's
                     continued desire to prevent and deter drug use among its students, the
                     District has determined that a random testing program should be
                     implemented for the 2004-05 school year. Continuation of the program after
                     the 2004-05 school year shall be determined by the Board after consideration
                  of the effectiveness of the program, including but not limited to achievement
                  of objectives; reliability of testing; input from students, faculty, and parents;
                  and the costs involved.
OBJECTIVES        The drug testing program shall not be designed as a punitive measure with
                  the intent of identifying and criminally or academically punishing those who
                  may use illegal drugs and alcohol. Rather, the following objectives shall serve
                  as the basis for implementing the program:
                     1. To prevent and deter the use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol among the
                        student body.

                     2. To offer students a credible means for resisting peer pressure as it
                        relates to the use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol.

                     3. To protect the health and safety of students.
                     4. To provide a ready resource for support and assistance to any student
                        who may be using illegal drugs and/or alcohol.

APPLICABILITY     The random drug testing program shall apply to all District students
                  ("participants") in grades 7-12 as a condition of participation in a competitive
                  extracurricular activity. For purposes of this policy, "competitive
                  extracurricular activity" shall mean an activity that:
                     1. Is sanctioned by the UIL; or

                     2. Otherwise has its own rules and requirements for participating
                        students that do not apply to the student body as a whole, has a
                        faculty sponsor or coach monitoring the students for compliance with
                        various rules dictated by the clubs and activities, and, in relation to
                        competition with other schools or districts, involves occasional off-
                        campus travel and communal undress.

VOLUNTARY         Any student in grades 7-12 to whom the random drug testing program does
PARTICIPATION     not apply, as specified above, shall be allowed to participate voluntarily in
                  the program.
STUDENT CODE      The random drug testing program is not intended to abridge or interfere with
OF CONDUCT        the application of the Student Code of Conduct (SCOC). However, the
                  consequences set forth in the SCOC for the possession, use, selling,
                  delivering, giving, or being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol
                  shall not be invoked on the basis of a positive test result under this program.
STUDENT AND    Before a student may be allowed to become a participant, the student and
PARENT CONSENT the parent and/or person having lawful control of the student ("parent") must
               consent in writing to the testing. Refusal to submit written consent to testing
               shall render the student ineligible for participation.
TESTING        The District shall contract for drug-screening services through an independent
PROCEDURES AND laboratory that has met all standards for certification as established by the
PROTOCOL       Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and all
               testing shall be conducted by qualified laboratory personnel and/or District
               designee in accordance with accepted practices and procedures as may be

                  established by the contracted laboratory. Testing shall be accomplished by
                  urinalysis using accepted immunological screening procedures. Chain of
                  custody documentation shall be maintained throughout the collection and
                  testing processes.
                  Specimen samples shall be collected under conditions that are not more
                  intrusive to students than the conditions experienced in a public restroom.
                  The Superintendent, with the cooperation of the testing laboratory, shall
                  develop procedures for the collection and testing of specimens. The
                  procedures shall be approved by the Board.
                  The laboratory providing drug screening services shall also provide the
                  services of a medical review officer (MRO) who is certified by the Medical
                  Review Officer Certification Council or by the American Association of
                  Medical Review Officers as having proven by examination to have the
                  appropriate medical training to properly interpret and evaluate the results of
                  any drug testing authorized by the District. The MRO shall agree to abide by
                  the procedures established by the District for the evaluation and timely
                  reporting of any positive test results.

                  In the event of a positive test result, the MRO or an authorized representative
                  shall attempt to contact the parent within one school day of having received
                  the result. Should the MRO be unsuccessful in initial attempts to contact the
                  parent within the time specified, the District shall provide assistance in
                  locating the parent. Such contact shall be for the sole purpose of responding
                  to routine questions associated with the follow-up of a positive test result
                  and inquiring about any medication ingested by the student. Verification of
                  the positive result shall be done by a second test of the original specimen.
                  Upon verification of a positive test result, the MRO or representative shall
                  report the result to the Superintendent or designee within one school day
                  after contacting the parent.

CONFIDENTIALITY The collection and coding of specimen samples shall be executed in a manner
                that ensures proper identification and confidentiality.
                  Test results shall be reported to the Superintendent or designee, the
                  participant, and the parent. Other District personnel shall be notified only on
                  a need-to-know basis.

                  Test results shall be kept in confidential files separate from the student's
                  other education records. Such files shall be released or disclosed to District
                  personnel only on a need-to-know basis as determined by the Superintendent
                  or designee.
                  Test results shall be released to persons outside the District only upon written
                  request of a parent, of a participant who is 18 years of age or older, or as
                  required by law or court order. Test results and files related to drug testing
                  and consequences shall be destroyed when the participant is no longer of
                  school age or as otherwise permitted by applicable law.
                  The contracted laboratory and MRO shall be prohibited from disclosing or
                  releasing any information relating to the testing or results unless specifically

             permitted herein. The contracted laboratory and MRO shall be prohibited
             from releasing any information, including statistical information, relating to
             the testing without the express written consent of the District. The
             contracted laboratory and/or MRO shall, however, provide the
             Superintendent with a report, at least quarterly, that includes the number of
             tests performed during the specified period, the rate of both positive and
             negative results, and a list of the substances identified from any positive

SCREENING    For the purpose of this policy, the term "drug" shall be defined as any
PARAMETERS   substance prohibited by either federal or Texas law, including but not limited
             to the following:
                1. Amphetamines/methamphetamines (e.g., speed, uppers, diet pills)
                2. Barbiturates (e.g., downers, sleeping pills)

                3. Benzodiazepines (Rohypnol)
                4. Cannabinoid (marijuana)

                5. Cocaine metabolite
                6. Ethanol (alcohol)
                7. Ecstasy

                8. Methadone
                9. Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine)

                10. Phencyclidine (e.g., PCP, angel dust)
                11. Propoxyphene (Darvon)

                12. Steroids

FAILURE OR   A participant identified for random testing who leaves school during the day
REFUSAL      the test is performed because of illness or any other legitimate reason shall
             be included in the next random screening. Refusal by a participant to provide
             a specimen in accordance with collection and testing protocol, or intentional
             submission of a specimen not in accordance with collection and testing
             protocol, shall be considered to have a positive test result.
STUDENT      The District shall support and assist any student who may be required to
SUPPORT      participate in a substance abuse education and/or counseling program with
SERVICES     identification of, and referral to, reputable social service agencies, as may be
             appropriate. The District shall provide students a list of free drug counseling
             services in the area. Any cost of such services, however, shall be the
             responsibility of the participant and/or parent unless the participant is
             "educationally disadvantaged" as defined by the Education Code. The District
             shall provide, or otherwise arrange, appropriate substance abuse education
             and/or counseling to such students.

RETESTING         Within 48 hours of receiving a second confirming test result, a participant or
                  parent may request a third test of the specimen by a laboratory mutually
                  agreed upon by the District and the participant or parent. All fees related to
                  the third test shall be the responsibility of the participant or parent unless
                  the participant is educationally disadvantaged as defined by the Education
                  Code; the District shall pay the fee in such cases.
CONSEQUENCES      Consequences for positive test results shall be cumulative throughout the
                  extracurricular career of the student.
 FIRST POSITIVE   The first positive test result shall require:
 TEST RESULT         1. Notification: The participant or parent shall be promptly notified of
                        the test result, and a conference shall be scheduled to discuss the test

                     2. Conference: A conference with the participant, parent, principal or
                        designee, and any coaches or activity sponsors as may be deemed
                        necessary shall be held to discuss the conditions for continued
                        participation in extracurricular activities.

                     3. Counseling: The student shall be required to participate in an
                        appropriate substance abuse/counseling program and present proof of
                        participation and/or completion.

                     4. Additional testing: The student shall be required to submit to testing
                        on the next three random testing dates.

 SECOND           The second positive test result shall require:
 POSITIVE TEST       1. Notification: The participant or parent shall be promptly notified of
 RESULT                 the test result, and a conference shall be scheduled to discuss the test

                     2. Conference: A conference shall be held with the participant, parent,
                        principal or designee, and any coaches or activity sponsors as may be
                        deemed necessary to discuss the conditions for participation and full
                        reinstatement in extracurricular activities.

                     3. Counseling: The student shall be required to participate in an
                        appropriate substance abuse/counseling program and present proof of
                        participation and/or completion.

                     4. Suspension: The student shall be suspended from all extracurricular
                        performances and competitions for a period of not less than 30 days
                        from the date of the second positive test result; however, the student
                        may attend all regularly scheduled practices and meetings.

                     5. Additional testing: The student shall be required to submit to testing
                        on the next six random testing dates.

 THIRD POSITIVE The third positive test result shall require:
 TEST RESULT       1. Notification: The participant or parent shall be promptly notified of

                       the test result, and a conference shall be scheduled to discuss the test

                    2. Conference: A conference shall be held with the participant, parent,
                       principal or designee, and any coaches or activity sponsors as may be
                       deemed necessary to discuss the conditions for reinstatement in
                       extracurricular activities.
                    3. Counseling: The student shall be required to participate in an
                       appropriate substance abuse/counseling program and present proof of
                       participation and/or completion.

                    4. Suspension: The student shall be suspended from all extracurricular
                       activities for a period of one calendar year from the date of the third
                       positive test result.

                    5. Additional testing: The student shall be required to submit to testing
                       on all random testing dates for the remainder of the participants
                       extracurricular career in the District.

 FOURTH          The fourth positive test result shall require:
 POSITIVE TEST      1. Notification: The participant or parent shall be promptly notified of
 RESULT                the test result, and a conference shall be scheduled to discuss the test

                    2. Conference: A conference shall be held with the participant, parent,
                       principal or designee, and any coaches or activity sponsors as may be
                       deemed necessary to discuss the conditions for reinstatement in
                       extracurricular activities.

                    3. Counseling: The student shall be required to participate in an
                       appropriate substance abuse/ counseling program.

                    4. Suspension: The student shall be suspended from all extracurricular
                       activities for the remainder of his or her enrollment in the District.
                    5. Additional testing: The student shall be required to submit to testing
                       on all random testing dates for the remainder of the participants
                       extracurricular career in the District.

                 After one calendar year of suspension, a participant may petition the
                 Superintendent for consideration of reinstatement. Reinstatement shall be
                 contingent on substantiated rehabilitation and other conditions deemed
APPEALS          A participant and/or parent may appeal a decision made under this policy by
                 filing a written complaint in accordance with FNG(LOCAL), beginning at Level
                 Two. The consequences of a positive test result shall remain in force in the


       The United High School Band has established an Electronic communication device usage
policy. This policy will be in effect or all band activities before and after school.

       The use of cellular phones, two-way radios, paging devices/ or text messaging will be
prohibited during all band rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals include before or after school
sectionals, marching band, jazz ensemble mariachi, percussion ensemble, color-guard, and all
concert band rehearsals.

       Cellular phones, two-way radios, paging devices/ or text messaging devices must be turned
off and cannot be visible at any time during rehearsals or performances as mentioned above.
Violation of this policy will result in confiscation of the electronic device by a band director. In
order to get the electronic device returned to you a parent must accompany the student to the
band office after the performance or rehearsal.

      Cellular phones, two-way radios, paging devices/ or text messaging will be allowed before
and after rehearsals these devices may also be used while in transit to and from performances, for
example while on the bus to local and out of town performances they may be used.

Student Travel Policies

       The United Longhorn Band members travel not only to out-of-town football games, but also
make many other trips throughout the year. Therefore, it is necessary to spell out a few common
sense rules that will be observed: In addition to these rules the U.I.S.D. Student travel agreement
of conduct form will need to be read and signed by each student and parent.

       All students will travel to and from football games and contests by bus. Students sign up for
buses at the beginning of the school year and will retain this seating assignment for the entire
football season. Students will not be allowed to sit with a member of the opposite gender while
on any bus trip. Only in rare cases will a student be allowed to travel by private car driven by a
parent. Travel by private car must be discussed with a band director in advance so that
arrangements can be made. Any student who misses a departure may not travel to a performance
or event in a personal vehicle unless accompanied by a parent. Upon arrival, the student and
parent must report to a director and state the reason for missing the departure. If a parent is not
available to drive the student to the performance then the student will have to miss that
performance. Under no circumstance should a student drive him or herself to an event.

       We are responsible for over 200 students and a great deal of work and preparation must be
done ahead of any trip to ensure that every student is accounted for before a departure.
Attendance will be checked promptly before each departure. Students must remain quiet while roll
is being checked so that an accurate accounting of each student may be recorded. Students should
be in their assigned places on the bus no later than the scheduled time. Students will not be
allowed to change busses. Any student who fails to report for roll check may be denied
participation in that event. Students are expected to follow all rules for bus travel as stated by the
UISD transportation office. The rules will be given to the students before the first trip and will be
reviewed thoroughly. Students who do not adhere to these rules or who treat chaperons
disrespectfully will not be allowed to travel as a member of the “Longhorn Band”. We expect each
member of the “Longhorn Band”. to conduct themselves properly and follow all rules for bus

       Under NO circumstances shall a band member extend the head, hands, arms, or any part of
the body through the bus windows or doors. Report any damage such as a loose or torn bus seat to
the director/sponsor and or the bus driver. No foul or abusive language will be permitted while in
attendance at a band event. Under no circumstances should any band member play an instrument
while on a bus.

       Students will be responsible for loading all of their own personal equipment onto the busses
and/or trailers. Procedures for loading the band trailer will be covered during the first part of the
school year. Loading crew members are assigned to assist with the loading process, but they are
not there to load all of your equipment. Please report any illness or emergency to a chaperone

       Earphones will be required for personal music systems (radios, CD players, etc.) Objects of
any kind must never be thrown inside or out of the bus. Use trash bags at all times NO Tobacco in
any form, alcoholic beverage or drugs is prohibited on all band functions. If found, Situations
involving these substances will be dealt with according to U.I.S.D. /U.H.S. Rules.

       There is a time and a place for showing affection. School, band trips and bus rides are
neither the time nor the place. Anything other than holding hands will be considered an
unnecessary display of affection, and disciplinary action will result. As per UISD Code of Conduct
2009-2010. Repeated violation of this rule will result in those students involved losing their travel

       Students will be responsible for properly disposing of their trash upon the return to United
High School. Before leaving the bus, the chaperones will check for trash, and students will not be
allowed to get off of the bus until it is cleaned to the satisfaction of the chaperones. Great bands
do not leave trash behind. The bus driver is the final authority in giving safety instructions while
students are on the bus. Please follow any instructions given by the bus driver immediately and
without question. Students unable to follow safe and orderly procedures while using the busses
will loose the privilege of riding with the band. All rules described in the student code of conduct,
and student travel agreement will be enforced.

                        **** PARENTS PLEASE NOTE ****
        Students will be given departure times and the projected time of arrival for out of town
trips. It is only fair to your child and the directors to be here to pick them up at the arrival
time. Please allow a ten minute window either side of the given arrival time. This will ensure
that you should not have to wait anymore than about 20 minutes. We have had to wait up to
two hours after our arrival time for a student to be picked up. We feel this is asking too much.
Please do not instruct your child to call you when they get in, but do ask them for the arrival
time, and please have someone here to pick them up. If every student had to call, we would
have over 200 students lined up to use the phone! We greatly appreciate your cooperation on
this matter so that we can all look forward to going home on time.

Repeated violation of this request may result in that student being suspended from all out of
town trips with the band and that student being placed on alternate status.

     Parents and band members are reminded that regulations and disciplinary measures in this
Handbook are for the protection of all students. Parents as well as students are urged to cooperate
whenever disciplinary action is necessary.

      The violation of any of the above rules will place the band member in a position where
he/she may not be able to attend band functions that involve traveling of any kind.

      All school and district policies as stated in the student code of conduct manual will be
followed in the event of other violations.


      The United High School Longhorn Band has established a reputation of excellence both
musically and in the attitudes of its members. Each year we excel and there is no limit to the
things that can be accomplished by our band. Our goal is to create the highest quality of
musicianship possible. This in turn will lead towards the development of a superior band. In

pursuing this goal, however, a student will be encouraged and expected to maintain a good
academic standing. Remember, an organization is no better than its leaders! Our leaders will be
the students who have learned to follow the rules found in this HANDBOOK. Once a student has
learned to function within these rules, then, and only then, can he or she become leadership
material and give his/her best to the United High School Mighty “Longhorn Band”!!!!!


These items can be purchased in the band hall: (these items are needed prior to our first performance).

       Band Activity fee: $80.00
       Shoes: $35.00
       Shirt: $15.00
       Section Shirt: $10.00 to $15.00 this item is paid to the students section leader
       Gloves: $2.00
       Flip Folder with 5 windows: $5.00
       Extra windows: $.50

The following items must be purchased on your own:

       Water Jug: $ 5.00-10.00, or a
       Camel Pack: $20.00-40.00 can be purchased at Wal-Mart, or Academy

       The following Items can be purchased at any music store locally or online
       *Please note that these prices are just an estimate, and can be higher or lower*
       Mouthpiece: $35.00-150.00
       Woodwind Ligature: $3.00-18.00
       BERP: $15.00 - $20.00
       Valve Oil:
       Reeds: 5.00 to 10.00
       Percussion items: sticks, mallets, etude books.

                                2009-2010 AUDITION FEES
              Each student will be responsible for the following fees in order to participate

       Region Jazz audition fees are due by September 4th 2009
      Region Jazz Audition fee $20.00
       Region Orchestra audition fees are due by October 16th 2009
      Region Orchestra Audition fee $10.00 ( STUDENT NEEEDS DIRECTOR APPROVAL TO TRYOUT AT
       District band audition Fees are due by October 30th 2009

   District Audition fee $5.00
    Solo & Ensemble contest fees are due by December 4th, 2009
   Solo and Ensemble fee $5.00 per event
    9th Grade Region band audition fees are due by December 11th, 2009
   9th Grade Region Audition fee $5.00
    Region Mariachi audition fees are due by December 12th, 2009
   Region Mariachi Audition fee $10.00


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